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Petitioning National Football League, NBC

Never have Cris Collinsworth commentate on another Philadelphia Eagles game

Cris Collinsworth is the most biased and horrible commentator ever. Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan and having to listen to him constantly talk about the Patriots and hardly ever the Eagles during the game made it almost unbearable. As a professional he has a duty to if not be unbiased at least try to make the game enjoyable for all viewers. His constant fawning over Tom Brady and the Patriots the entire game was disgusting, making it sound like he was a local Boston radio personality and not a commentator for a nationally syndicated football game. His performance brought back recent memories of the horrible job Pete Morelli and his officiating crew did against the Panthers earlier in the year. Please NBC discipline him or at the very least keep him to only commentating on Patriot games who he so very much loves.   

Damien Loatman
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Petitioning National Football League, Roger Goodell

Boycott NFL

The NFL must make it a league rule that you must stand during our national anthem if the players dont wanna stand then stay in the locker room till its over.....This is a disgrace to all our men and women who died for that flag... To use it to gain personal satisfaction or to make a statement is clearly wrong.. Please boycott all NFL games live and on TV,radio this has got to stop.... Our country and military deserve better..... NFL must stand ground against these player's and get a backbone .... But yet NFL players cant hit a certain way without getting kicked out of the game... Or even celebrate a touchdown without penalty... BUT THE NFL ALLOWS PLAYERS TO DISRESPECT OUR COUNTRY with no penalties.

Christopher D'Auria
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Petitioning Electronic Arts, NFL, Nintendo, National Football League, EA Games

Madden NFL 19 For Nintendo Switch

Since We Have Never Seen An NFL Game On Nintendo Console Since Madden NFL 13 Which Was On Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, And Wii U, But Since After Then NFL Games Haven't Been On Nintendo Consoles, The Games Only Came Out On Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, And Playstation 3. So I Decided To Make This Petition To Have Madden NFL 19 And Future Games On Switch.

Mason Carr
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Petitioning National Football League, Roger Goodell

Appeal Juju Smith-Schuster’s unjust suspension

Juju Smith-Schuster has been suspended for one game for a vicious, but fair, peel back block. The NFL has suspensed Rob Gronkowski the same length of time for deliberately jumping on a player after the play ended, for actually no justifiable reason. Then in retaliation to Juju’s block, a Bengals defender, Iloka, targeted a Steelers star, Antonio Brown, by hitting him head to head while he was in the air. Iloka wasn’t even making a football play, just a clear attempt to get back at the Steelers. Either way, his suspension was revoked and he just has to pay a fine. What kind of behavior is the NFL condoning anymore? Help save Juju and the Steelers for being mistreated!!!

Noah Bentivegna
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Chicago Bears Go Green for Cholangiocarcinoma during October Cancer Awareness Month

Walter Payton, David Glenn, Barb Dougherty, what do these three people have in common? They are the leaders of their families and taught them to demonstrate love and loyalty. What cannot be seen in their pictures is the three parents’s worlds collided in January 2016 because of a diagnosis; they were taken from their families and this world too soon by Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer).  Barb Dougherty, a Chicago native was a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, and friend.  She spent the majority of life living on the Southside of Chicago Beverly/Mt. Greenwood neighborhood.  She was a wife of Chicago police officer where she instilled the values of faith and family into her home. Her family was her only priority in life making sure they were always taken care of, even before her own needs and cancer treatment.   She was happiest in life when there was a grandchild sitting on her lap, or having her family over for dinner. Barb never met a stranger, she was the first person to help someone in need, and made everyone feel like they were the most important person in the world when she listened to them. She died on Christmas morning at the age of 63 after an 11 month battle. David Glenn, a selfless man, who spread love and kindness to all he met, whose legacy is love conquers all. He was a family man who loved “his girls”-his wife and 2 daughters, his siblings and his entire family more than anything. He lived every day happy and had a sense of humor like no other. Everyone he crossed paths with he wanted to know their story, their life. He was a musician, a true American, and was an intelligent  man with a love for knowledge. Dave was a true businessman, owning a sporting goods store (The SportStation, Pro-Am Team Sports) for over 45 years that served the Chicagoland area. He never wanted to leave us; especially since days before his diagnosis he was told he was going to be a grandpa to twins. He was one month short of their blessed arrival; he passed May 20th after only 5 months since diagnosis and the twins were born on June 29th. Research and treatment options for this disease may have given him a chance to see their births and their lives. He taught us to be Bears fans. We have an autographed Wheaties box of Sweetness on our wall, some of the players came to sign autographs at his store, Sunday afternoons were meant for watching Bears games, and we have many memories at Soldier Field. Our parents are just two faces but there are thousands of others who need a chance, like our friends that we know because of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation-a charity that supports awareness and research and brings patients, caregivers, and medical professionals together to find a cure. How can you help?  Sign our petition and ask the Chicago Bears to accept Cholangiocarcinoma as their cancer to support during the NFL’s October Cancer Awareness Month.  Here are some facts about Cholangiocarcinoma: ·Rare (5,000+ new cases each year) ·Aggressive (spreads to other parts of the body very quickly and can cause liver failure; recurring) ·Poor Prognosis (2%-24% 5-year survival rate) ·Limited effective treatments (there is only 1 standard of care regimen as of now and only works for a few and for a short period of time) ·Causes (unknown) ·No detection (found at advanced stages) ·Various Complications (cholangitis, septic, infections, etc., this list can go on and on)

Daughters of CC Warriors
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Petitioning Roger Goodell, National Football League

Send the Chargers Back to San Diego before it's too late

After 56 years in San Diego, Dean Spanos decided to relocate the Chargers to Los Angeles. While this move was not totally unexpected, it did comes as a surprise given the fact that the city and county of San Diego, as well as San Diego State University, recently offered $375 million dollars to help build a new, state of the art stadium in San Diego. The Chargers should have stayed until a vote for those funds could be taken during the 2018 election cycle at 50% plus 1. Had the vote failed, a county wide vote this time, then we could all agree it would be time to move on. But the Chargers refused to give San Diegans that chance. The measure they did put on the ballot in 2016 (Measure C) had zero chance of passing with a 2/3 requirement, and they knew it. Mark Fabiani, special council to Dean Spanos, said for years publicly that a vote requiring 2/3 approval for a new stadium would never pass in San Diego. He was correct. But for some reason that is exactly what they decided to put forth. Yes, they spent $10 million dollars (they say) trying to get the vote passed but anyone who understands how an election is run knows they ran a horrific, very hasty campaign. But even after receiving nearly 44% of the vote for a failed measure, the Chargers used that as a main reason they had to bolt for LA. And it's frustrating to note that they had publicaly stated that a winning record by the team would be worth at least 5 percentage points. With even their own logic they could have gotten nearly 50% of the vote by simply putting a better product on the field.  Dean Spanos and the Chargers have been in LA for less than a week (at the drafting of this petition) and have been received with an unbelievable amount of vitriol, a "who cares" attitude from the city, and even hate. Booed at sporting events, ripped in the local LA paper with "WE DON'T WANT YOU", destroyed on national radio by Jim Rome, Colin Cowherd, among others. San Diego radio the last few days have had grown men calling in weeping on the air. This is not a team of 20 years or so leaving a community. This is a team, who was the community. 56 years is an eternity in sports. When the Rams relocated to LA last year they were greeted with cheers and sold tens of thousands of season tickets within the first 72 hours. They had a public rally upon their arrival. The Chargers, having blundered the new "logo" decided to pull it, have also pulled their "public rally" scheduled for Wednesday to a mere presser. The public are not even invited now. What does his tell you? Even playing the the tiny 30,000 seat StubHub center it is not guaranteed the Chargers will sell out this year. They have been reluctant to report how many people have plopped down the $100 deposit for season tickets except to say that they are "pleased". I doubt that. How can a league allow this to happen? The Chargers are literally a laughing stock. It seems like every reputable news organization is destroying them. It's a total embarrassment to the league.  So NFL, we are asking that in light of this disasterous, short sited move by Dean Spanos that you step in and ask him to reverse course and head back to San Diego. Encourage him to fight for a real solution in the city that has adored them for more than a half century. Again, how do you allow a team to scorn a city of 56 years to go to a city that literally wants nothing to do with them? How is that a smart business move? It's a TERRIBLE look.  Its not too late. The moving trucks have not left yet. In fact there are dozens (22) of San Diego moving companies who have refused to help them move. And 5 LA moving companies who have also committed to not move them. They literally will not give them their service. Please step in and implore Spanos to stay in the city that has been his home. Believe me, if he turns back now San Diegans will forgive. But it has to happen now.  We. Will. Forgive.  

Chris Ritchie
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Keep the Chief, "Relief" of Rob Manfred

Throughout Rob Manfreds stent as commissioner of Major League Baseball he has "changed" the pace of the game, took away the intentional walk, put a time limit in between innings, and much more to come. The newest development by Manfred is limiting the number of relief pitchers per inning, taking away from the strategy of the game. Here is manfriend on relief pitchers, "Manfred feels like relievers “slow the game down” and “rob action out of the end of the game.” He suggested a potential rule change that would limit the amount of pitchers a manager can use in one inning." As a ex-college baseball player and a fan of the game this is just appalling to hear. That you do not want pitchers to do what they are trained to do...get outs?! Being from Cleveland and an avid Chief Wahoo supporter (biased on this topic) the chief must stay. This is a part of the culture in Cleveland. The Chief has gone through changes so it seems "not as offensive" but now they want rid of him all together. This is as important to Tribe fans in Cleveland! The fans will always wear the Chief and support our beloved Indians! So if you agree that Manfred is changing the game for the worse this is for you! Support us hear and let our voice be heard!

Tyler Jones
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Petitioning Jimmy Haslam, Bill Haslam, Cleveland Browns, National Football League

Jimmy Haslam, Please Sell The Browns

Dear Mr. Haslam, Your ownership of the Cleveland Browns has been an unrelenting, historic disaster. We, the loyal fans of the Cleveland Browns, ask that you sell the team to an individual or group with more competence and integrity.  Thank you.

Shawn Starr
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Make it illegal to hit a cat with your vehicle including the failure to help and report it

I believe animals have the right to be here, just as we do. I believe one individuals life shouldn't be over looked by their face value. This conveys to me that if dogs deserve a law that makes it illegal to hit and not help and report the accident in 24hours - which is vital to the animals survival, so should our cats. I believe cats, who are mans best friends as well as dogs, but also mothers most cherished baby, a bundle of joy after a long day and finally, to me my cat is part of me. I am terrified his life could be taken away just because he isn't valued enough to be considered worth losing. So, I am writing to you to ask for your support in making a small change in comparison to animals rights, but a huge difference to hundreds of thousands of nurtured and loved cats, including mine - Colin. And this is for all the cats we have lost in the past due to hit and runs: Monty, Frankie, Sebestian, Kitcat, Colin-black, Arthur. I just pray to god that no more have to leave this earth due to something we could help stop.   Please help make a change.   Thank you.   Zoe Lloyd      

Zoe Lloyd
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Petitioning National Football League

NFL Go Gold For Childhood Cancer Awareness

16,000 children a year are diagnosed with some form of childhood cancer. Of those, 2,000 will die. During the month of September, families of childhood cancer victims and children battling cancer would love to see professional football players wearing gold to honor their battles, much like they wear pink in October. Gold covers many different childhood cancers, Leukemia, brain cancers and tumors, sarcomas, melanomas, and more. This would give these kids something to look forward to, seeing their heroes wear something supporting them! 

Emily Brown
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