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Unfortunately, there are people in this society that will not allow individuals to evolve and grow, but we are gonna counter act that position.  We understand that all men sin and fall short of the glory of God and deserve second chances.  We, the supporters of this petition stand with the NFL's selection to have Michael Vic be one of the captains at the 2020 Pro Bowl.  It is amazing how some people in society can somehow be forgiven for their crimes and be allowed to move forward with their lives while others fall prey to constant and continuous condemnation and scrutiny.  WE ARE NOT HAVING IT!  Just like he has individuals or groups that are against him, he has an ENTIRE VILLAGE that supports and stands with him!  For every action there is a reaction and this is ours. These collected signatures are evidence that HE IS NOT ALONE.   We will not sit back and continuously stand on the sidelines while we see these injustices play out before our eyes.  We have a voice, we have a position and this is our stand.  Read more

Arhonda HendersonHAMPTON, NC, United States
National Football League
September 11, 2001 is the deadliest terrorist attack in human history. A day that has forever changed the landscape of the United States of America and the world. In the hours following the attack, President George W. Bush said:  “Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and freedom will be defended.” The call to defend our nations freedom was answered by many.  As the 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001 has passed, it is my goal to attempt to honor one specific American who answered this call.  Patrick Daniel Tillman Jr., Pat Tillman,  was a player in National Football League (NFL), playing for the Arizona Cardinals from 1998-2001 and left his football career and enlisted in the United States Army in May 2002 in the wake of the September 11th attacks.  ‘On the evening of April 22, 2004, Pat’s unit was ambushed as it traveled through the rugged, canyon terrain of eastern Afghanistan. His heroic efforts to provide cover for fellow soldiers as they escaped from the canyon led to his untimely and tragic death via fratricide.’ **It is my goal to have the NFL retire Pat Tillman’s jersey No. 40 league wide to honor Pat Tillman’s ultimate sacrifice he made as a result of 09/11/2001.  They say ‘a man is not dead while his name is still spoken.’  It is my hope that for the rest of time, anytime an unknown person enters an NFL stadium, they will see TILLMAN 40 hanging from the rafters and his story will have to be told and his name will continue to be spoken.**Read more

Sean WilsonNew York, NY, United States
National Football League, PepsiCo, CBS
For nearly 38 years Metallica has broken down walls and led from the front in the heavy metal/hard rock genre. They are the undisputed kings of heavy metal and responsible for bringing the art form into the homes of millions around the world. Nobody sought them out, they forced their way in and continue to be an unstoppable monster of sound and energy to this day. Their songs are anthems in NFL and major sports stadiums across the country.  They've won Grammy's, they've headlined every festival around the globe from Glastonbury to Lollapalooza. They've sold over 115 million records worldwide and have a consecutive streak of #1 chart debuting albums that spans their last six full length releases. They were first ballot Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Quite frankly, there's nothing they haven't done or accomplished which is why it is with zero trepidation that I make the bold statement that it is absolutely stupefying that these American pioneers of rock have not been involved with a Super Bowl halftime to date and it is time for that to change. "The Night Before" for Super Bowl 50 was great, but now it's time to headline halftime and it needs to happen at Super Bowl 55! It's time. It's time for the sugar-pop and candy artists to step aside in favor of real American metal. It's time to put a band (you know, one that actually plays instruments and does it well) on the field and let them plug in and do their thing. We don't need pop-tarts on mechanical tigers giving us flash and no substance, we need amps and drums cranked up and played with power and emotion. We don't need wannabe "rockers" ripping of their shirts. It's time. Give America what it wants and needs. Metallica will not let you down. I guarantee it.  Read more

Jason LongColumbus, OH, United States
NFL Players Association
Wealthy NFL owners passed -- without any input from players -- a sweeping new policy that clamps down on NFL players being able to kneel during the performance of the national anthem. If a player wishes to raise awareness about a social justice issue -- which was what pushed players like Colin Kaepernick and others to "take a knee" during the national anthem -- they will be forced to stay in the locker room. The new policy, vote on by owners and in many ways a response to criticism the NFL faced by President Donald Trump, takes effect immediately. For any player who refuses to stand for the national anthem, their team will be fined and punished by NFL leaders.  The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) has expressed disappointment in the new policy, saying that "The NFL chose to not consult the union in the development of this new 'policy.' NFL players have shown their patriotism through their social activism, their community service, in support of our military and law enforcement and yes, through their protests to raise awareness about the issues they care about." The NFLPA says they may challenge the new policy. Please sign this petition to encourage them to do just that, and send a message that NFL owners should listen to their players, rather than the rantings of the President on Twitter. Other critics of the policy say that the NFL is trying to force players who want to draw attention to racial violence or racial injustice into hiding. "In a nutshell, the NFL is essentially 'hiding' those who want to show a symbolic gesture for what Kaepernick originally took a knee for: the killing of unarmed people of color by police & their tactics -- in a league that's 70% black," said the organizers of a #BoycottNFL pledge.  That's why the NFLPA needs to stand up for players, and demand a review of this policy and take a firm stand that no player should be forced to hide in a locker room or fined for peacefully drawing attention to social justice issues. Read more

Scott W and Campaigns LabUnited States
National Football League
Michael Vick was recently selected to be a captain in the upcoming 2020 pro bowl along with several other NFL greats , Michael Vick has served his time in prison for his role in the dog fighting scandal, He has paid his debt to society and should be allowed to live his life in peace and able to pursue what ever dreams he chooses.  In a nation that claims to be built on Christian principles, I don't see the Christ in the people that continue to speak out against him and his ability to enjoy his life to the fullest, I and many others are tired of these racists disguised as animal lovers trying to control this mans every move, if they could, they would deny him the ability to simply breathe. Enough is enough, the NFL should in no way shape or form, bend the knee to these people. Stand with Vick as I am. It's time for certain members of society to stand and face the mirror and admit what they're hate for this man is truly based on, it's more than just a dog, it's the hate that this country was founded on for a race of people that simply want to live in peace and not constantly be harassed for wanting to simply be.  There are many white athletes that have done a lot worse , Ben Roethlisberger, is one that comes to mind that these same petitioners still stand and cheer for , He is a man that was accused of sexual assault not once but twice and he has never been vilified the way that Vick has been and continues to be, Enough is enough ! Read more

roger duncanCharlotte, NC, United States
Justin Trudeau, Facebook, National Football League, Roger Goodell, Samsung
In 1974, the House of Commons passed a motion of no confidence and brought down Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Liberal government. It is time to stand up to the current Liberal Government and vote Justin Trudeau out of office. Since he has taken office he has only shown the Canadian people that the only province he cares about is Quebec. He attacked the idea of a protest heading from all parts of Canada to Ottawa to bring the dissatisfaction of the people to his door step. Calling them a "fringe minority with unacceptable views". It is far from a minority, the majority of Canada wants him out and now we can show this fact by joining this petition to make our voices be heard.Read more

Kevin BorthwickEdmonton, Canada
Roger Goodell, FOX Broadcasting Company, National Football League, PepsiCo
All across the country, friends and families gather to watch the biggest sporting event of the year on Super Bowl Sunday. There are so many that look forward to the halftime show at local high school and college games...but Super Bowl halftime ALWAYS results in parents either taking their kids out of the room or exposing them to more than their little eyes should see. Sign the petition to let Fox, the NFL, and Roger Goodell know that we should NOT have to ask our children to leave the room during halftime. Let’s clean up halftime, NFL!Read more

Whitney GladdenUnited States
National Football League
We the undersigned declare that Michael Vick has duly paid his debt to society and is a shining example of rehabilitation and reconciliation and should therefore remain as a Team Captain in the NFL Pro Bowl. We further believe that there is an underbelly of this society who exhibits and attempts to undermine the reconciliatory spirit that has made this country great. We are calling on all Americans of good will to make a stand against the spirit of hatred and division and to replace it with love and unity. We demand that Michael Vick STAYS!Read more

Clifford SandersDouglasville, GA, United States
National Football League
There is too much inconsistency in the interpretations of the rules of the NFL and players safety. NFL referees have too much power over the outcomes of games and coach’s should have the opportunity to challenge official calls or missed calls. This is the only way to ensure all calls are valid and fair calls are made throughout the course of the game. Read more

Rebecca TitleNew Orleans, LA, United States
National Football League
In November 2018, NFL QB Alex Smith suffered a broken leg in 2 places. Repairing this required 17 surgeries, he nearly lost his life and nearly had his leg amputated. He sat out the entire 2019 season recuperating. The fact he survived was a miracle and even more miraculous and inspiring is the fact he has returned to the NFL and is 3-1 since becoming the starting QB of the Washington Football Team (3 straight wins). He also led them to a thrilling road victory over the only undefeated team remaining in the 2020 NFL season, the 11-0 Pittsburgh Steelers. This is arguably the most miraculous and impressive individual return to the field in NFL history. To honor this miracle, his perseverance and courage, the below signed request the NFL rename the Comeback Player of the Year to the “Alex Smith Comeback Player of the Year Award”.Read more

Brett FitzKansas City, MO, United States