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Support Sainsbury's shop floor staff's working rights. We're NOT in the money

For over 20 years, I have been a dedicated and hardworking staff member at Sainsbury’s. I have always loved my job, worked with amazing colleagues and been a proud and loyal employee for a good employer. And that’s what why it is so hard to speak out.In March, Sainsbury’s announced wholesale contract changes across the organisation and spun them to the media as an ‘increase in basic pay’. But, because of these changes, I will be one of the thousands of long standing and loyal Sainsbury's staff who will see our wages plummet.Here is the reality for shopfloor staff like me: Those of us who work unsociable hours over weekends will see our earnings slashed. Those of us who work through the night will only receive nightshift pay between 12am and 5am. We’ll all lose our bonuses (although not our “we’re in the money” CEO). We’ll no longer be paid through our breaks. And if we don’t accept the changes by September, then Sainsbury’s will dismiss us from our jobs. I personally stand to lose over £1,000 per year. Some of my colleagues will lose as much as £3,000. And it is those of us who have been with the company the longest that will be hit the hardest. Against all Sainsbury’s values, I am being asked to ‘work well for less’ if I am to keep my job.The morale at Sainsbury’s is lower than ever before, especially with the new uncertainty of how the Sainsbury's/Asda merger will pan out. Many of us are wondering if we can afford to continue to work here, whilst the prospect of seeking new employment in our 40s, 50s and 60s is extremely frightening.I’m calling on Sainsbury’s to reconsider their position and to show a fraction of the loyalty to me and my colleagues that we have shown to them.I’ve written this petition under a pseudonym to protect myself at work.

Michelle Cooper
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"Not CURRENTLY Recycled" Not good enough.

Make ALL Sainsbury's food packaging recyclable.  I am tired of reading 'NOT CURRENTLY RECYCLED' on the packaging of my local Sainsbury's. I want to see that all packaging I buy can be recycled.  From vegetables and fruits to pasta, rice and legumes, to freshly cut flowers, ice-lollies and toilet rolls – you name it  – majority of the packaging of products that we use on a daily basis still says that it is not currently recycled.  How is this possible? Recycling systems differ across the UK and the not currently recycled symbol is used on products ‘when less than 20% of councils have household recycling collection facilities for that type of packaging in their area’.[1]However, it is ultimately up to the individual businesses to decide on the composition of their packaging.  While many consumers want to be responsible and recycle, large companies must allow their customers to do so by using materials that are currently recycled across the country.  Producing packaging that our society cannot deal with is completely unsustainable and extremely irresponsible. Giant companies that sell their own products wrapped in plastic packaging need to recognise their accountability and lead the way to a sustainable future. Let’s urge Sainsbury’s, and by doing so also Tesco and Waitrose and other major UK stores to change their packaging from [mostly] ‘not currently recycled’ materials to 100% recyclable or compostable packaging across their own ranges. Plastic should be recycled. Adults know it and kids are being taught so at schools. According to the British Plastic Federation, ‘the optimum recovery route for most plastic items at the ‘end-of-life’ is to be recycled, preferably back into a product that can then be recycled again and again and so on’. [2] Sainsbury's are a group that pride themselves on Corporate Responsibility. It is even in the description on their top Management's Job Titles. How great would it be if Sainsbury's set the bar by publically announcing that ALL their packaging would become recyclable? Let's let them know that we do not want pollutive non-recyclable plastics clogging up our landfills and oceans.  Please sign and make a difference. Thanks, Rob

Robert Sheehan
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Introduce high street refill stations for toiletries to reduce plastic waste

We are writing to a number of major cosmetics companies and retailers to ask that you consider installing refill stations for some of your most popular toiletry products such as shampoos, conditioners and shower gels, in the larger branches of high street retailers and supermarkets. As you must already be aware, molecules once made into plastic, will never fully biodegrade. Waste plastic is becoming a serious problem in our oceans and in landfill, and even the most ecologically conscious production of plastic bottles can only ensure a limited number of times for each item to be recycled before it inevitably becomes unusable. The recent Plastic Free July initiative shows a growing awareness and concern amongst the shopping public that plastic needs to be reduced, and we ask that you make further efforts to reduce the amount of plastic you are responsible for with the installation of a number of trial refill stations. A number of companies such as Ecover, already offer a refill service in some shops around the country, so it is possible to do, we would just like to see the idea trialled to see if it might reduce plastic production, after all, we don’t think anyone foresaw quite how significant the take up would be for reusable shopping bags until a small charge was introduced. Thank you for your time.

Alex Townley
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Petitioning Mike Coupe

Boycott Russian Vodka & Russian consumer goods until Putin's army leaves Ukraine & Crimea

(To C.E.O.s of  ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco) Dear Mr Clarke, Mr Coupe, and Mr Lewis  Please could you stop selling Russian Vodka and any other products from Russia until Putin completely ceases his occupation of Crimea and Donbas in Eastern Ukraine. By selling Russian vodka you’re supporting a regime That invaded East Ukraine and shot down MH17. I’ve asked you all to stop it but you haven’t yet replied As your Russian Vodka profits help to pay for Putin’s crimes. You want to take our money but you have no sense of shame. By selling Russian Vodka can’t you see you share the blame? You say you’re non-political - you need to understand That selling Russian Vodka means there’s war blood on your hands. Boycott Russian Vodka .  Boycott Russia now to send a message loud and clear Boycott Russian Vodka.  Boycott Russia. Do it for Ukraine and for Crimea. I’m sure amongst the victims there were some who used your stores So show them some respect, my message asks for nothing more, But if you choose to keep the Russian Vodka on your shelves Your insult to the victims will bring shame upon yourselves. Some morals in consumerism must see light of day, I’ll shout this from the rooftops, as you hope I go away. Your supermarket names will be read out and heard and seen As those who turned a blind eye to flight MH17. Boycott Russian Vodka . Boycott Russia now to send a message loud and clear Boycott Russian Vodka. Boycott Russia. Do it for Ukraine and for Crimea. (To Petition signatories) So everyone who hears me write to them and ask them why They’re selling it despite a plane being blown out of the sky A plane that carried innocents just flying on vacation, Russian occupied Ukraine to be its final destination. And while I’m on the subject write to FIFA asking they - Take the next World Cup from the invaders of Ukraine And give it to the Netherlands - a global way to say That murderers must lose the right to host the global game. Boycott Russian Vodka . Boycott Russia now to send a message loud and clear Boycott Russian Vodka. Boycott Russia. Do it for Ukraine and for Crimea. (To C.E.O.s of ASDA, Sainsburys, Tesco) And as I’ve got your ear this is another good idea Boycott everything from Russia , and the produce from Crimea. It was never Russia’s in the first place to reclaim They stole it from The Tatars – caused a nation so much pain . Russia’s lying to the world as it just carries on pretending That they were always there without the act of “ethnic cleansing” Exactly as they did in 1933 Ukraine A Genocide in nature and a Genocide in name Boycott Russian Vodka . Boycott Russian Vodka. Boycott Russia now to send a message loud and clear. Boycott Russian Vodka. Boycott Russian Vodka. Boycott Russia. Do it for Ukraine and for Crimea. (To Russian aggression  apologists) Apologists for Russia in the West you are so blind The Kremlin has a name for you. To them you are defined As “all the useful idiots”, they laugh at how you try To justify a system that was built upon a lie. The Marxists who believed that there was true equality The Leninists who said they represent democracy And now we’ve got the new lot on the Left and on the Right Still blinded by the lie that Russia never starts the fight. Boycott Russian Vodka . Boycott Russia now to send a message loud and clear Boycott Russian Vodka. Boycott Russia. Do it for Ukraine and for Crimea. The more I think about it there is just one explanation You must be really stupid - or you’re on a Moscow pension Whichever one it is I’m telling you your time will come When you’ll go down or we’ll make sure you’re always on the run Your lies are thin as we keep getting faster information Of what is really happening – the current situation Technology has changed the world and there is no escaping The lie you chose is dead and History is in the making. Boycott Russian Vodka . Boycott Russia now to send a message loud and clear Boycott Russian Vodka. Boycott Russia. Do it for Ukraine and for Crimea. (To Everyone) So if you think they had a fair Crimean referendum Remember the minorities had no one to defend them The joining Russia vote came up to just 15 percent They accidentally published it around the world it went. All empires have to die and Russia’s isn’t an exception It doesn’t matter what they try as masters of deception The truth will win the truth is strong, again the truth survives Ukraine has fought so long to live that it will never die. Boycott Russian Vodka . Boycott Russia now to send a message loud and clear Boycott Russian Vodka. Boycott Russia. Do it for Ukraine and for Crimea. Thank you. Stepan Pasicznyk        

Stepan Pasicznyk
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Support Sainsbury's shop floor staff's working rights. We're NOT in the money

Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition - I understand why you signed given how our proposals were presented - and appreciate the opportunity to respond and explain what we are trying to do. Our proposals represent an investment of more than £100 million in our Sainsbury’s store colleagues. They would take our hourly rate of pay from £8.00 an hour to £9.20 an hour and would make us the highest paying retailer in the country. This means that more than 90% of Sainsbury’s store colleagues would get a pay rise. This follows four years of annual pay rises that mean we would pay colleagues 30% more in September 2018 than we did in September 2014. I am proud to have increased our base rate of pay by 30% during my time as Chief Executive. The aim of these changes is to make pay fair and consistent for everyone. At the moment we have colleagues working side-by-side in store, doing exactly the same job, but being paid different amounts, depending on when they started working for us. That doesn’t seem fair. So we are proposing to move everyone onto the same contract, with the same terms and conditions and an increased hourly rate – which means that the vast majority of colleagues get a pay rise. So why the backlash? I do appreciate that, while most colleagues will get a pay rise, there are some who won’t. Let me reassure you that we have thought very carefully about what to do about that. We have proposed top-up payments for an 18 month period to make sure that no colleague earns less than they do today. And at the end of that 18 months – in March 2020, we will review the hourly rate again. We are in the middle of consultation on these proposals with all of our colleagues – and we have made significant changes to our proposals as a result of feedback from our colleagues. For example, all London boroughs will now receive a location pay premium; we’ve increased the proposed pay for online drivers and increased the proposed pay for everyone who works between midnight – 5am. These are meaningful changes that will have a real impact on our colleagues’ pay and that will cost Sainsbury’s millions of pounds a year. But it’s been important to us that we listen throughout this process and respond to concerns along the way. The retail industry is changing quickly and every business is having to adapt, including Sainsbury’s. Ensuring our contracts are fair and consistent and paying our colleagues an industry-leading rate of pay so that they can give the best possible customer service is just one part of our plan. I hope this provides you with the reassurance that we are trying to do the right thing. Thank you again for taking the time to write to me.

11 months ago
Ban Disposable Plastic Straws in Sainsbury's

Thank you for contacting us to share your concerns about the impact plastics straws can have on the environment. We share your view that plastic is sometimes used unnecessarily in our industry, and we’ve been working to reduce our impact on the environment in a range of different ways for years – from reducing the amount of packaging we use and increasing our use of recycled materials, to investing in more recycling facilities at our supermarkets. We currently offer both plastic and paper straws but I can confirm we will be moving away from plastic, single use straws and looking to expand the paper and reusable options available in store over the next year. We are also taking the same approach in our cafes and moving away from single use, plastic straws. However, we understand this action alone is not enough, which is why we’re constantly reviewing the range of packaging, products and services available to our customers. We look forward to continuing to play our part and working with Government and industry in delivering a long-term strategy to boost recycling, reduce plastic and protect the environment. Best wishes, Mike Coupe Sainsbury’s CEO

12 months ago