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Petitioning Google, Microsoft, Facebook

Tell Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to stop supporting child sex trafficking.

I was waiting to pick up my 15-year old daughter from track practice on an afternoon like any other. Minutes passed and then hours. I wondered where she was. Panic began to set in. My husband and I called the police, filed a missing person report, and started frantically searching for our baby girl. Only she was nowhere to be found. We were living every parent’s nightmare.  When we recovered her 108 days later, we were so thankful to have found her alive. But then we found out the details. Our sweet girl had been bought and sold on the classified ads site, She was repeatedly raped up to 15 times a day, all while hidden in plain sight on A website making hundreds of millions of dollars a year off of human trafficking and exploitation of young girls. After her ordeal, my daughter and I sued Backpage to determine its role in her harm. The biggest surprise? Two special interest groups, the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) — funded by tech industry giants Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others — actually intervened to file briefs supporting Backpage.  These tech groups were actually defending Backpage’s right to host ads selling children.  Amazingly, the CDT and EFF have also jumped into other Backpage cases around the country filed by children. Support of Backpage by the tech industry has not wavered, even though a 21-month Senate investigation revealed that Backpage facilitated the crimes by coaching pimps on how to post ads to evade law enforcement. And still today, Backpage hosts ads selling children on its dating site and on other sites it owns and operates here in the US and around the world. Raking in hundreds of millions of dollars -- and it does this shockingly, under the protection of the law. Backpage has been protected by an outdated internet law, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which protects websites from being sued for content posted by a third party. Thanks to the efforts of these special interest groups supported by Google and Facebook, federal judges have expanded this law to protect websites that facilitate child sex trafficking. Will you sign my petition telling Google, Facebook, and Microsoft that defending child sex trafficking is unacceptable? Sadly, my daughter’s experience is not unique. We are not alone. It’s estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of child sex trafficked victims annually in the United States. And we need your help. We need your voices to reach Google, Facebook, and Microsoft so that they, in turn, are persuaded to stop supporting Backpage. They can no longer allow the special interest groups to jump into these cases. My daughter and I have been fighting to change the law that protects Backpage since 2010 and because Backpage has won at every turn, we recently told our story to Dr. Oz and in the new movie, I Am Jane Doe, to try to bring our experience to a larger audience, all in an effort to prevent others from going through what my family has gone through. It's time for this to stop. No one else's daughter should be sold on Backpage. Please sign this petition to let Google, Facebook, and Microsoft know that financing the defense of Backpage is indefensible.  Nicole S., mother of child who was trafficked through

Nacole S., The Dr. Oz Show
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Petitioning Naheed Nenshi, John Tory, Jim Watson, Barack Obama, Amnesty International Australia, Human Rights Campaign, United Nations Security Council, Human Rights Watch, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, ...

Free Ahed Tamimi

My name is Nasri Akil from Toronto, Canada. I started this campaign to support" Ahed Tamimi", her mother "Mariam", her cousin "Nur" and the other kids detained by the evil hands of the Zionists of the fake state of Israel. In a desperate hope to get enough signature to put pressure on decision makers to do something about the constant twisted detention of Palestinian kids. In turn this will expose the evil of the zionists and pressure the international community. I would like to mention here that this petition has nothing to do with race or religion or ethnicity. It's pure right against wrong. Zionism is not Judaism. Judaism is a religion not a race. Many Jews are not Zionists. Most Zionists are not Jews. Many Zionists hate Jews. Opposition to Israel is NOT anti-Semitism. Ahed Tamimi, 16, was arrested ( kidnapped actually ) by Israeli forces in the middle of the night. Since she was a young child, she has been active in weekly demonstrations against Israel’s theft of her family’s land in occupied Nabi Saleh. But as Tamimi stands against Israeli occupation, she underscores: whenever a people face oppression, we must show solidarity. Israeli soldiers shot Ahed Tamimi's relative in the head, leaving the teenage boy in a coma, and then invaded her family home. She demanded that the occupying Israeli soldiers leave her property immediately, shouting "don't touch me" and "leave!" Now she's in Israeli military detention, where 75% of Palestinian children report assault. Ahed is a child, and like thousands of Palestinian children she could be humiliated and abused if we don't get her out fast. She has become another child statistic of the countless other children detained illegally in Israel. Her court date is December 25th, 2017. She was taken into question at the Moscobiyeh prison, notorious for it's dungeon cell, torture tactics fully utilized on children, and extensive harassment. She was put in isolation, left in an icy cell, without proper food. In fives days she was moved three times. Why? To exhaust and break her.  When her mother arrived to be there with her, she too was arrested.  We demand that Ahed and all Palestinian children are released from Israeli prisons now.  The international community must put an end to the ill-treatment and detention of Palestinian children. Enough is enough.  Ahed Tamimi represent all the innocent kids in the Isareli detention and represent the Palestinians struggle against the illegal occupation of Palestine. Since 1967, Palestinian children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory have been living under Israeli military law and prosecuted in military courts. Israeli military law, which fails to ensure and denies basic and fundamental rights, is applied to the whole Palestinian population. Israel is the only country in the world that automatically prosecutes children in military courts that lack basic and fundamental fair trial guarantees. Since 2000, at least 8,000 Palestinian children have been arrested and prosecuted in an Israeli military detention system notorious for the systematic ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children. Around 500-700 Palestinian children are arrested, detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system each year. The majority of Palestinian child detainees are charged with throwing stones, and three out of four experience physical violence during arrest, transfer or interrogation. Unlike Israeli children living in illegal settlements in the West Bank, Palestinian children are not accompanied by a parent and are generally interrogated without the benefit of legal advice, or being informed of their right. They are overwhelmingly accused of throwing stones, an offense that can lead to a potential maximum sentence of 10 to 20 years depending on a child’s age. AHED TAMIMI will go to trial on Christmas Day for slapping an Israeli soldier, illegally trespassing on her property, the day after her 15-year-old cousin was shot in the face. In December 2011, Mustafa Tamimi was killed during a protest in the village when an Israeli soldier shot him in the face with a tear gas canister. One year later, Israeli soldiers shot and killed Rashadi Tamimi in the village. One wonders why the "slap" is the Crime? I decided to do something about it and start with what I can. So that's why I am here asking you to help me help Ahed, her family and all the other kids. I also started a fund raising campaign on "GoFundMe" hoping to raise enough money to hire as many legal advisors to support Ahed and the others legaly in the court and get some justice. I mean enough is enough...I can't sleep I can't eat and these kids are experiencing all of that twist. Someone must do something. This is not right. This is not humanity. We cannot make this acceptable by doing nothing.  I earnestly ask that at the very least, we make some noise in support of Ahed Tamimi and the other children that are held prisoners with no charge, no defense, all in violation of international laws.   She is one, but we are many. It takes a united front to add pressure, to induce accountability and hopefully give freedom to the oppressed, weak and innocent.  To Ahed and all the children in Israeli jails: We stand by your side, and are holding you in our hearts. We will not give up until you are free. You are not alone. As a wise man ounce said: "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible" Sign. Support. Make Noise. Add Pressure. Be Human.  what if Ahed was your daughter, sister or just a friend? What would you do?

Nasri Akil
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Petitioning Microsoft

Release Halo Wars' Sequel [VICTORY]

Halo Wars took Halo fans out of the first person perspective, and allowed us to command factions we love in Halo. While it wasn't traditional, it still scored 9/10 on average, and sold millions of copies. Halo, and RTS fans want a follow up to this breathtaking, and astonishing Halo spin-off.

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Petitioning Google; , Google Maps, Sundar Pichai;, Microsoft

Google Maps changed the names of Tamil cities, roads or even buildings to Sinhala.

Sinhala Only 2.0 „Whenever you use Google Maps, road, place and now even names of famous buildings, are renderedin Sinhala. Search for Chunnakam, close to Jaffna, and Google Maps translates the place name, inSinhala, to ‘Hunugama’ – wrong on so many levels. There is no Tamil place marker either. Jaffna getsa Sinhala label as ‘Yapanaya’, but no Tamil place name…..“ (Hattotuwa S., 2018) Tamil is an ancient and one of the oldest languages in the world. After a military genocide, the Sri Lankan government continues to erase the Tamil people, the Tamil culture and the Tamil language on the island. And here comes Google Maps. Recently they changed the names of Tamil cities, roads or even buildings to Sinhala. Even its landing page is default in Sinhala. How is it possible that a region where the most spoken language is Tamil is labelled in Sinhala? In India for example, Google Maps cared enough to write Chennai in Tamil & English and Banglore in Kannada & English. This makes sense, but translating Yalpanam to "Yapanaya" and Chunnakam to "Hunugama" does not. Google is currently run by a American - Tamil, Sundar Pichai. And yet, this language is neglected. It seems that Google is working with a genocidal country and supporting its dragonic intention to cover up the genocide and wipe out the Tamil people behind closed doors. We demand that Google Maps changes the Tamil cities names back to Tamil as it is standard in other countries.

Phoenix TNG
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Petitioning Satya Nadella (, Microsoft

What Computer users want changed in Windows 10

To effectively implement and use Windows 10 in our homes and businesses, Microsoft must make changes to both the operating system and the policies the company put in place to support the new OS. Those changes fall into two categories: 1) Microsoft must give Windows 10 users more control over when updates are installed. We need the ability to delay or hide damaging updates that impact the computing experience, have undesirable side effects such as blue screens of death, or reduce the functionality to attached devices. Under the current system of mandated updates, we have been adversely impacted by forced driver and firmware updates plus other patches; we've wasted hours dealing with the unwanted side effects. As long-time Windows users, we understand the need to have quicker and more agile security updating. But this agility should not introduce additional risks to our systems. Windows 10 updates have already caused loss of system functionality, video and display issues, and other significant issues. [edit 11/5/2016:  The 1607 release has added active hours, but the release is still mandating nearly weekly reboots which is unacceptable.  We feel the updating process isn't getting better, but in fact worse.  Users (and Journalists) complain that " ... get a new update to Anniversary Update and some things aren't working like they worked before. I wonder which of the updates I just got did something to it" and have a difficult time determining if a bug has been fixed in a particular release.] 2) Microsoft should provide detailed information on what's in each update -- along with what system changes we should see with each cumulative-update release. We applaud the cumulative-update model, but the lack of documentation doesn't let us to perform the due diligence required for safely deploying and maintaining Windows 10 systems in our organizations. [edit 11/5/2016 - Microsoft is now providing more detail here however the ability to track when a bug in a prior release has been fixed is still difficult to do.  The Insider Feedback process doesn't provide an effective way to determine when reported bugs are resolved.] We have expressed our concerns on the Uservoice feedback platform here and here.  We now use's petition platform to express our concerns more broadly. We need control using our existing patching methodologies. We need communication. Sincerely, Your Windows customers

Susan Bradley
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Petitioning SONY, Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Capcom, Bandai Namco, 2K Games, Epic Games, Bethesda, High Moon Studios, maximum games, Warner Brothers, bungie, Irrational Games, Obsidian En...

New Evil Dead Game 2020

Its been years since we got a new game installment of the evil dead! Now with ash vs evil dead being done (and done right), the time is now to bring the franchise back to the virtual world of gaming! I believe with the tech the companies use these days they can make an amazing game on the ps4 and xbox1! the first game released was on ps1 then two more came out on ps2, at the time, sam and bruce didn't think their evil dead franchise would come back, with all the plans for a 4th film that never happened and the reboot that followed! let me tell u that during that time that the movies were in limbo, those 3 games were a perfect way to keep the franchise going... and when the reboot movie came, everyone still wanted ash, the reboot was good, but it was not like the original! What I'm saying is it took years, but in the end, a tv show emerged! And ash vs evil dead is almost a 3rd season in, and the fans are loving it! if there was a time to do this, its now! I've provided many company names to make this a reality. Plus I'm sure bruce would love to do the voice for his character in game, i know for a fact he is aware that people have been posting to him for a new video game. I am hoping that some of you will consider reading this and making it happen! We love the franchise, and we would love for ash to slice and dice his way through our consoles at least one more time! Please consider this idea! u can't bust with a franchise like this, and tech we have today! just do it, and do it right! Thanks!

Antoni Leretz
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Petitioning Everyone, Forza, Microsoft

Adding Big Country Labs Wings into The Forza Games

Every person who plays the Forza games has some kind of a track monster, a drift car, and a car they want to have in real life. Having body kits like the Varis Kits, Greddy Kits, and Rocket Bunny kits accentuates the body of the car. But where is the finishing touch? The Twerkstallion is coming to Forza Horizon 3 and to Forza Motorsports 7 But it's not the car we no without the Big Country Labs Wing. The wing/ spoiler selection makes the finishing touch. Big County Labs wings adds that drift car feel to all the cars you built to serve that purpose. Big County Labs wings accentuate the finalization of customization. People grow up to love motorsports. People build cars to there liking, and to explain themselves through what they builid. We want and Need Big County Labs Wings

Michael Storfa
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Petitioning Microsoft

Make it PC users possible too, to decide once again about Albions destiny.

Please release Fable Anniversary on PC. It is the best action role-playing game I ever played. Fable TLC has been for many people a very good game, which fascinated the gamer with his wonderful gameplay and story. The atmosphere was legendary. It would be a shame, if PC users couldn't get the enjoyment of a HD release of this masterpiece.

Belal Sadjadi
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Petitioning Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, SONY, Microsoft

Stop microtransactions in full priced video games

These days, game companies and developers are monetizing their games to their full potential. It's not enough to sell a game just once: If you don't sell extra content, you could be leaving millions of dollars on the table. We're seeing this kind of upsell everywhere, including big name titles like "grand Theft auto 5", "Assassin's Creed" and most recently "Battlefront 2" So, why is this happening? Because it works. It's super effectiveMore likely than not, you've paid for an add-on in a video game. People do it all the time, for mobile games like "Candy Crush" and "Clash of Clans," two of the top grossing apps in the App Store. People love spending money on downloadable content because they want more from it, or want to be the best. But in some cases, it's a purchase to allow you to continue a game after losing lives or being stuck. In some cases, game companies create and sell extra downloadable content out of necessity: To keep the business running, and to give customers more content for the games they like to play. But in many cases, selling extra content has been twisted.   Today's video games have Hollywood-esque budgets - some of them, including "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Destiny," have hundred million-dollar budgets. But once these companies recoup their costs for making and marketing these games, they want to make a nice profit, too. But that's all they want, profit. There is no care for the satisfaction of the customer, for example, millions of people purchased Grand Theft Auto V and of those millions of people, most of them have been waiting for content to be available in single player campaign. This content never made its way to single player campaign because of Rockstar focusing solely on online content which requires a heavy grind to earn or subsequently you can purchase Shark cards with real currency for in-game currency. "Grand Theft Auto 5" was estimated to cost around $137 million all the way up to $265 million. But game publishers face a few constraints: Console game prices have been locked at $60 for awhile - it's been a longstanding fear that consumers won't be willing to pay more than $60 up front for a video game. And even if you sell millions of copies of your $60 game, not all of that money goes to the game company. These companies get even less money when the game is eventually retailed at a discount. And it certainly doesn't help that the world's largest game retailer, GameStop, makes more than half its profits on used game sales - sales that publishers see no money from. So, to be profitable, game companies need to milk their games for more money - but they can't raise the price of the game itself without risking backlash from consumers. That's where microtransactions and downloadable content come into play. Good for business, bad for customersIn recent years, we've seen companies take content they've already developed for their games and put it behind a paywall, asking for $20-$30 to access the "season pass." This is even happening with the newest "Star Wars" game coming later this year, "Star Wars: Battlefront 2." People are criticizing Electronic Arts for removing content from the original game only to sell it back later as downloadable content you have to pay for. The problem with microtransactions and DLCs is that it makes the initial standalone game feel incomplete by default. It forces people to constantly shell out money just to play the full game they wanted to play. So while these practices work, they also hurt consumer confidence, and games in general. BIg game makers NEED TO STOP microtransactions now! Or people will vote with their wallets and stop paying for them entirely. 

Morgan vaughn
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Petitioning Microsoft

No mas discriminación de DLC's a Old Gen de GTA V

Bueno esto ya viene desde Octubre de 2015, Rockstar games mostró un trailer de un Dlc para Grand Theft Auto V (GTA) de Lowriders, Todo bien hasta que al finalizar el trailer abajo se muestra "PS4,XBOX ONE & PC" y fue donde se creo el escándalo de porque no lo metían en las antiguas generaciones "PS3 y XBOX360". Bien logramos superarlo pero el hace 5 días 11/DIC/15 anuncian un nuevo Dlc llamado Executive and Criminals que trae todo lo que un jugador de 3 años de antigüedad o 1 mes espera: Ropa exclusiva y Lujosa,Departamentos actualizados , MANSIONES y por lo ultimo YATES, Todo eso iva bien hasta que de nuevo "PS4,XBOX ONE & PC" ahi la gota rebalso el vaso. Este DLC ha sido más esperado por PS3 y Xbox 360 que cualquier otra plataforma. Nosotros fuimos los que le dimos el presupuesto para que este juego surgiera en las demás plataformas, fuimos los que establecieron los record en Ventas, fuimos los que vimos nacer este juego y luego los que vimos la adaptación emulada a la nueva generación de consolas. ¿Donde quedó esa visión de Rockstar hace ya 3 años?. Dando a conocer que a la "actual generación de consolas" (En aquel entonces PS3 y Xbox 360) aun le quedaba mucho más por ofrecer. ¿Donde quedó eso?.  Ya sea como lo tomen : Mala manera o Buena manera Hablo por todos los de la old Gen y les pido a Rockstar que  consideren a la antigua generación Por favor. Gracias  

Benjamín Dominguez
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