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Michelle Obama

  • First Lady of the United States

Michelle Obama, an American lawyer and writer, is the wife of the 44th and current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the first African-American First Lady of the United States.

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Petitioning John Kerry (Secretary of State)

End Child Marriage, Sign the Executive Order!

When I was 14 years old, I was kidnapped for a marriage to a much older man, as depicted in the film Difret. On the day I was abducted, I was raped by my would be "husband." I knew I had to fight back and escape the first chance I got. I was taken to a hut and locked up. When I received another visit from my abductor I saw my chance. When he was suddenly called away, he left his gun leaning against the wall and the door unlocked. My father had taught me how to fire a gun, so I took it and ran. When he and his friends chased me, I shot him. It was the most terrifying, horrible ordeal of my entire life -- and I'm one of the lucky ones. I was accused of murder and after 2 years in the courts, the judge ruled that it was, in fact, self-defense.  My trial led to a re-examination of this tradition and the Ethiopian government is now working to end child marriage and female genital cutting by 2025.  In addition, the African Union recently launched a campaign to end child marriage across the continent. I am now dedicating my life to working on this issue and to give voice to the screams of unheard rural women and girls. I don’t want to see the same story happen to any more girls. And yet, it still is. You can help. Please join me in ending child marriage around the world by signing this petition, asking President Obama to sign the executive order that would help prevent an estimated 39,000 child marriages every day. This petition is supported by Global Fund for Women, Ms Magazine, Equality Now and Truth Aid. The Call to Action We need the Obama Administration and the State Department to deliver what was promised: a comprehensive strategy for ending child marriage. In March 2013, President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) that included a commitment to ending child marriage worldwide. The law requires the State Department to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to end child marriage and to direct U.S. foreign assistance to programs in countries where child marriage is prevalent. We are asking that this strategy be created and announced in 2015, and that it include the following whole-of government strategy: +      Our foreign assistance agency, the U.S. Agency for International Development, would be directed to craft evidence-based, stand-alone programs to delay the age of marriage, foster girls’ agency and choice and promote equitable and rights-based societies that give girls the tools they need to thrive, while also leveraging our considerable investments in such areas as health, education and food security to ensure these programs are being fully utilized to address related elements of the practice. +      State Department diplomats on the world stage and in bilateral talks with countries that have high rates of child marriage would be directed to raise the issue of child marriage as a U.S. foreign policy priority, and would work to ensure that carrots—and, where necessary, sticks—are deployed to encourage meaningful action by all countries to end this global scourge. Such a strategy would recognize and institutionalize the fact that child, early and forced marriage impacts the whole life of the girl and that holistic, rights-based approaches are therefore necessary to end it. +      A draft Strategy is sitting at the Department of State. While the President and the First Lady have recently launched an important effort to provide education for at-risk girls globally, until the President signs an Executive Order giving these efforts the full force of law, we cannot be certain that these efforts will be fully implemented and funded. And thus they will not make any real difference in the lives of girls all over the world. Every day that we wait for the implementation of the new law to become reality, another 39,000 girls are married. This is unacceptable. When girls are forced into marriage early, entire communities miss out on their potential as change makers, economic drivers, and leaders. We must end child marriage to allow girls to realize their full potential in order to achieve the world we want. We need a coordinated, whole-of government strategy immediately. You can help. Tell President Obama to issue an Executive Order directing the U.S. government to use its full force to protect and empower the world’s girls and end child marriage once and for all. In U.S. Theaters October 23rd, 2015. Get tickets here: 

Aberash Bekele with Truth Aid
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Petitioning Michelle Obama

From the grassroots women leaders of Congo to the women leaders of the White House

“We have had enough. We call upon our global sisterhood to take action. We will not be quiet until REAL Peace is upon us.” On November 20, 2012, M23 rebels seized Goma, a major city in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, reigniting a war that has ravaged the region for 16 years. Neema Namadamu and a group of grassroots women leaders who call themselves the Maman Shujaa ('Hero Women' in Swahili) are calling on you and US woman leaders Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, and Michelle Obama to take immediate action in solidarity with the women of the Congo. I was born in a very remote village in South Kivu Province, eastern Congo. I belong to a marginalized tribe and I am crippled from Polio. But none of those things characterize me. I have a vision for my country—a new and peaceful Congo—that compels me, and its destiny is driving me. War has ravaged my homeland for 16 years. Today, eastern Congo is labeled the worst place on earth to be a woman. We have been brutalized by our brothers who perpetrate violence on the bodies of their sisters, daughters, and mothers in the worst imaginable ways.  A woman is 134 times more likely to be raped in my region than a woman in the United States. Several months ago, soldiers indiscriminately beat my own daughter. Congo is home to the second largest rain forest in the world, behind Brazil, and 60% of all Africa’s forests. It has enough hydropower potential to power all of Africa. It has an estimated 24 trillion dollars of mineral wealth, far greater un-monetized wealth than any other nation in the world. But the mothers of its children live in poverty, in fear of being raped, daily losing their sons and husbands to endless wars. We are brutalized in unconscionable ways by monsters wearing military uniforms. We are tired of this. We have had enough. We know that we can create peaceful, sustainable communities in Congo through a holistic new model that ends violence, poverty, and the destruction of nature altogether. This July I set up a women’s internet café and media center and gathered grassroots women leaders across my region to discuss the future of our country. Within two months we had nearly 200 women activists reporting about life in war-torn DRC through the action media network World Pulse. We began speaking out—demanding the Congo we hold in our hearts to manifest all around us. As women, our solutions are inclusive, as they are rooted in family and community. But last week rebels took hold of Goma, inflicting more horrors upon its women and children—even pregnant women—and threatened to advance to our area. The region has been destabilized by this deadly power play and 140,000 people have been displaced.  We as women must join together now because WE CAN. Even in remote Congo we have become connected to our global sisterhood. We who are One with the 35 million+ women of the DRC, who are One with the 3.5 billion+ women of the world, are standing for an end to all violence and aggression in Eastern DRC. We will not be quiet until real peace is upon us.   We, the grassroots women leaders of eastern DRC, call upon our female counterparts in the White House—our sisters Secretary Hillary Clinton, Ambassador Susan Rice, Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett, and First Lady Michelle Obama—to speak with your President on our behalf and ensure a true peace process begins in our homeland. We ask for the immediate appointment of a special presidential envoy to work with the African Union and United Nations to forge a peace process that addresses both the immediate crisis and the underlying longer-term economic and political interests of the parties involved. Only through a mediation of this level can we hope to establish resolution among the numerous states, rebel armies, and special interests who have long fueled this conflict and humanitarian crisis. And, it is essential that any action ensures Congolese women—who are uniquely positioned to act on behalf of family and community—have a voice in the peace process and a seat at the table. STAND WITH US! Sincerely, Neema Namadamu and the Maman Shujaa (‘Hero Women’) of the Democratic Republic of Congo  

Neema Namadamu
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Save Aysha and Her Family from Being Executed by the Taliban

Aysha and her family are in critical danger because Aysha's father is a heroic Afghan interpreter who worked for the US military for seven years. Aysha's father, Muhammad, directly saved American soldiers' lives, including one time he dashed into an ambushed vehicle under Taliban fire. His military supervisors praised his work ethic, dedication, and trustworthiness, and his incredible skill of fluently speaking six languages made him indispensable on Special Forces night raids on Taliban insurgents. But the Taliban considers him a criminal and is working hard to find and kill Muhammad, his wife, and his four young daughters. The whole family has been living in hiding for four years. They are living in daily fear of being discovered and killed by the Taliban. Even the children are unable to leave their apartment. Leaks in the roof have made the young girls sick on several occasions from getting infections from bacteria in the water or getting cold in the winter. Meet Aysha, Muhammad, and the rest of their family in our 2-min video and help us by sharing the video (especially with your representatives in Congress) with hashtags #SaveAysha and #SaveOurAllies. My family and I tried to sponsor Aysha and her family for humanitarian parole to save their lives, but the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) denied the cases. Aysha's aunt and uncle in the United States offered to care for her and her sisters, but USCIS refused to even save the kids, making the ridiculous claim that Aysha and her sisters are “security concerns.” Tell the director of the Humanitarian Affairs Branch at USCIS, John Bird, to re-open and approve Muhammad and his family's humanitarian parole cases to save them from the Taliban before it is too late. USCIS doesn't question that leaving this family behind is a death sentence. They just don't care enough about refugees to even save a toddler from the Taliban. When the US military mostly pulled out of Afghanistan in 2014, the Taliban gained strength in Afghanistan and killed many interpreters or their family members in revenge. One of Muhammad's brothers and a nephew, Sahil, who was also an interpreter, were shot and left for dead in an assassination attempt on Muhammad and his family. After the Taliban ambush, Muhammad fled his home district, just in time to escape a second Taliban attack that destroyed their family home. Consequently, Muhammad lost all contact with US military personnel who could have helped him apply for an SIV visa. When I learned about Muhammad and his family's plight over a year ago, I was determined to do everything possible to save their lives. Muhammad had tried to apply to the US as a refugee on his own, but he was denied for “discretionary security reasons,” a very common problem for former military interpreters and their families. When Muhammad's refugee case was denied, he was devastated and lost all hope for saving his life and his family's lives. He said the only option left for him was to surrender to the Taliban, thinking that after the Taliban tortured and killed him, they would stop looking for his children. I told him not to give up and promised him to find a way to save their lives. Please help me keep my promise to Muhammad to save his life and his family's lives. They do not deserve to suffer and die because of Muhammad's service to the US military. My family hired a lawyer and filed a humanitarian parole case to sponsor Muhammad and his family to come live in the US while he works to get permanent, legal status in the US. Our humanitarian parole case for them may be our last chance to save their lives. In what our lawyer says is the most egregious case she has ever seen, USCIS denied Muhammad and his family's humanitarian parole cases because his refugee case had been denied and without even bothering to figure out why the refugee case had been denied. Thus, they denied Muhammad's humanitarian parole case for “discretionary reasons” without even knowing what those discretionary reasons were. This is effectively a death sentence for the entire family. When our lawyer pleaded with USCIS to at least let Muhammad's young daughters come live with their aunt and uncle in the US, the director of the Humanitarian Affairs Branch of USCIS, John Bird, refused to approve any of the family's cases and made the absurd claim that granting a one-year visa to anyone in the family, including Muhammad's 2- and 4-year-old daughters, is a security concern. Because of USCIS's policy and Muhammad's service to the US military, Muhammad's children were literally born with a death sentence. Mr. Bird acknowledges that Muhammad and his family meet all the criteria for humanitarian parole, and he does not question that they will be killed if left in their current situation. He just does not care enough about Muslim refugees to even save a toddler from the Taliban.  Worse yet, last October USCIS granted humanitarian parole to family members of Las Zetas drug cartel members who murdered US ICE agents in Mexico, so that the family members of the murderers could attend a trial in Washington, D.C. Thus, USCIS is literally treating Muhammad and his family worse than criminals. Sign the petition to tell USCIS to re-open and approve Muhammad's and his family's cases quickly. Muhammad is a hero who faithfully served the US military for over 9 years and is now in grave danger because the Taliban is determined to get revenge. He has already lost everything except his and his family's lives because of his service to America, but he is still proud of his choice to work for the US military. All he wants in return is the chance to bring his daughters to safety and to give them a future. If USCIS does not re-open and approve his case, he will be left behind to be killed by the same terrorists that he risked his life to fight for so many years. The Sacramento Bee wrote a story about USCIS's recent denial of Muhammad and his entire family for humanitarian parole and my family's efforts to save them. The Ithaca Voice recently published a story highlighting the absurdity of USCIS blacklisting a toddler. For more background information, The Ithaca Voice published a detailed story over the summer about Muhammad and his career with the US military: No One Left Behind, the non-profit fighting to save Afghan and Iraqi interpreters, also published a blog post highlighting Muhammad's case Please call your Congressional representatives and ask them to join our bipartisan sign-on letter asking DHS for information on why they denied Muhammad's case. If you need contact information on your Congressional representatives, use this link to look them up: Email me (Kristy Perano) at to find out how you can help or for more information on Muhammad's case. Please also email me if you know Muhammad personally or if you know any government officials or reporters who may be able to help raise public awareness of Muhammad's case.

Kristy Perano
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Petitioning Theresa May MP, David Cameron MP, Environmental Protection Agency, Michelle Obama, Conservation International

Leave your plastic in the supermarkets you shop in

The Facts: The proliferation of plastic products in the last 70 years or so has been extraordinary. We are now producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic every year, half of which is for single use. More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year. Plastic is cheap and incredibly versatile with properties that make it ideal for many applications. However, these qualities have also resulted in it becoming an environmental issue so TOGETHER let's make a change - instead of carrying your shopping out of the supermarkets in plastic  lets try to get back to putting your veg, fish and meat in brown paper bags. However if you find that a challenge keep it simple to start, when you leave the supermarket leave your plastic with them for example : four baked bean cans have a plastic wrapper holding them together take it of and give it back to the supermarket. Anything your comfortable with removing just do it!! You will help the planet!  We need to save this planet before it's to late. The ocean, the future generations and the wild life of the world.  Lastly all I say sign the petition and get the ball rolling and hopefully the government will listen. Plastic is not key to our life's so please for the future of this planet & environment please come together and support this.  Thank you & get signing 

Emma Bysouth
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Petitioning U.S. House of Representatives, Sylvia Garcia, Michael McCaul, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Mark Keough

Protection for abuse victims of Narcissistic Personality Disordered individuals.

The #shaneslaw committee had originally included the identity of the victims on this petition.  So, for no reasons other than to protect the identity of the surviving widow  we removed personal identifying information except what the widow of the victim allows.        Any and all communications by State and Local Representatives, Media, Mental Health Organizations, Legal Support and Supporters and contacting the victims widow can be made directly to this email:  ** If you need immediate help PLEASE go to your local domestic abuse shelter or go to family or if you have the means, just get as far from your abuser as possible.     Blog:  NPDAWARENESS ORG --------------------------------- On March 14, 2016, a Spring, Texas resident resident, and United States Air Force Veteran, took his life after suffering over a decade of abuse from a Narcissistic Personality disordered individual (determined by specific patterns of behavior exhibited by those with this disorder) that continued even after that relationship ended in fall of 2013.  Both the victim and his new wife became targets, being harassed only to make their lives as difficult as possible.  When the abuser could no longer get a response from the target, the harassement was then directed to another closest to the victim.... his wife.  The victims fought hard within the legal system to end the harassment, but were repeatedly told nothing could be done unless there was a threat of death involved. They suffered through smear campaigning, stalking, online harassment, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, displaying of personal, medical, and financial information on blogs online, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, intimidation, job loss, hacking, credit monitoring, accessing of credit/auto accounts, and so much more.  The victims relocated twice within one year to "hide" their location, but the abuser would somehow find their whereabouts.  The abuser hacked into a personal cloud acct while the victims were vacationing, accessed a folder labeled with the abusers name containing all incriminating evidence against them and deleted it, then wiped devices and password protected them.  The abuser actually even made their actions known on a blog publicly.  Fortunately the missing information was backed up through an Apple time capsule device and all was retrieved intact.  The abuser constantly made threats of litigation of defamation and harassment against the victims, but the victims were never worried about the latter.  The abuser could never provide one shred of evidence of reported harassment.  The worst part is that the abuser claimed to be the victim of stalking and harassment in order to gain attention, support, and sympathy from their followers (which is a typical behavior of Narcissistic Personality disordered individuals).   Despite the mounting evidence collected by the victims, neither the law nor the courts would or could help, including the civil suit filed by the victims against their abuser.  Even with standing legal documentation in place, the harasser continued their behavior.  The victims were told to "continue documenting, collecting, and make reports."  Even during this time, the victim had been threatened by his abuser that his long time career in IT with a large government financial entity would be in jeopardy as well as his financial well being for his refusal to communicate in anyways with his abuser.  The abuser followed through with their threat.  A "complaint" was made to his employer just 5 days after his decision to go "No Contact" with his abuser.  (The abuser was a former employee of the same company).  He felt he was wrongly terminated based on information based on "half truths" and private medical information by his abuser.  The victim became even more anxious and agitated from the loss of his longterm career.  The victim, an Air Force Veteran, diagnosed with PTSD, became even more depressed and mentally stressed from the continued harassment and smear campaigning of his personal and professional reputation as well as his wife's.  The abuser taking advantage of his already mentally fragile state knew what buttons to push to agitate the victim making the victim look unstable, a tactic commonly used by by these type of abusers.  With the victims wife having never met the abuser, she also became a victim of smear campaigning of her personal and professional life by the abuser as well.  All this, while the abuser wore the mask of innocence.  The constant onslaught, psychological toll, with absolutely no relief from law enforcement or litigation for over three years was more than they could bear.  The victim felt the only thing he could do to be at peace and to protect his wife from further harassment was to take his life.     "People need to become aware that this type of evil lurks among us. It is very real! In fact 1 in 20 are Narcissistic Personality disordered. They are your neighbor, your parent, step parent, sibling, coworker, friend, and even your spouse. This type of abuse exists right under everyones noses.  The abuse by NPD disordered individuals needs to stop!  The law needs to recognize this horrid form of abuse and hold these individuals accountable for their actions, the law needs to do something to protect the victims now!  Law enforcement, lawyers, judges need to be educated on identifying abusers, their abuse, and the life-long lasting and devastating effects on the victims. No one should have to feel that ending their life is the only way to escape their abuser! Ever! Lets not let the lives of the many victims that have also lost hope of getting help from the legal system, be in vain. We must speak for them and let their stories be heard! We must protect and save those that are suffering now and the future victims of these disordered, destructive individuals before its too late."   ~Mrs. S, Widow of Victim/Survivor   The Victims: Victims suffer through smear campaigns, stalking, having to relocate many times, online harassment, cyberbullying, intimidation, job loss, cloud/email hacking, credit monitoring, accessing of credit/auto/financial accounts, and much more. The worst part is that the abuser claims to be the victim (which is a typical behavior of Narcissistic Sociopaths). Victims suffer depression, anxiety, ptsd, and sadly some take their lives because they cannot escape their abuser.   The Abusers:  Stay just borderline of the law to not get caught. They harass, torment, gaslight, project blame on victims, character assassination/smear campaigning, alienate victim from close friends, family, any possible support system, accuse victims of doing to them what they are in fact doing to the victim, false police reports, sets up victim and then accuses them of physical abuse, points the victim as crazy, bipolar, abusive, alcoholic to make the victim look as the bad guy.  Recruits "flying monkeys" which unknowingly take part and become enabler of the abusers behaviors, Utilizes the legal system to further harass their victims for no basis other than to continue harassing the victim, and keep the "drama" going. These individuals will do any and everything possible to keep their victims silenced so that they are not exposed for their horrid abuse.   Narcissistic Sociopaths are master manipulators and pathological liars, they will lie just to lie.  Law enforcement, Lawyers, Judges do not have the knowledge or understanding of Narcssistic Personality Disorder individuals  and are unable to recognize they are dealing with cases that involve the NPD disordered.  Therapists even find themself manipulated.  Because the NPD disordered believe their own lies, they are even known to pass lie detector tests.   There currently are no laws in place to protect victims of this type of abuse.  Laws need to be in place to hold these criminals accountable for their abusive and criminal actions.  Something needs to be done to prevent these predators from continuing their reign of terror on past, current, and future victims. The victims are helpless in this type of battle.  These individuals are disordered, cannot be fixed, and their only motive is to "Win" no matter what.  Things need to change!  NPD individuals should have to stand before a judge to face criminal charges for their actions. Victims must be heard, given their day in the justice system, and awarded  permanent protection so they can escape these abusive situations, and the right to live a life free from their tormentors, and recover from this type abuse.     ------------------------------ According to experts, Narcissistic Sociopaths comprise 3% to 5% of the population, or up to 1 in 20 people, much higher than one might realize.  This means that up to 15 million people in the United States display symptoms of these disorders, with millions more being affected negatively by Narcissistic Sociopaths. What is a Narcissistic Sociopath? A Narcissistic Sociopath is a person diagnosed with comorbidity (or simultaneous presence) of both Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASP) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).  Both disorders are described by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM V) as personality disorders with impairments in personality functioning with the presence of pathological personality traits.People displaying NPD are characterized by their excessive and persistent need for others’ admiration and positive reinforcement. They generally have grandiose opinions of themselves, and believe they are superior to other people. Narcissists are also frequently convinced that they are above the normal responsibilities and obligations of everyday life, so they usually have significant difficulties maintaining employment or relationships as a result.Narcissistic Sociopaths present a noticeable lack of regard for the rights of others, and a tendency to regularly violate those rights.The goal of the Narcissistic Sociopath is to see that their victims’ personal and professional lives are utterly destroyed and left psychologically damaged (most will suffer from PTSD).  Once the damage has been accomplished, they redirect their efforts to the next unknowing victim.  The Narcissistic Sociopath is cunning and conniving, and will work just inside of the law and even use the law to harass, hurt, and often destroy, their victim. Unfortunately, the victims are often unable to receive help or protection from any legal entity or law enforcement provider.  THIS INJUSTICE HAS TO BE CHANGED!  With your help, we would like to create new laws, giving protection for victims, and forcing abusers to face criminal charges.  No one should ever have to feel that taking their own life is the only option to be free of their abuser.To prevent this type of abuse happening to others, the following are proposed as Shanes's Law:  1. Immediate and Permanent No Contact restraining/protective orders in place to protect victim for life. (Abusers continue contact to reenter victims lives after 1, 5, 10 years or longer, for Narcissistic Supply).  Supervised child exchanges for those having to co-parent with an abuser. 2. Abusers to face criminal charges, up to and including jail time and limited to no access to online services. (To prevent hacking of personal/financial/credit accounts, cyberstalking, online smear campaigning, harassment, and attempts to locate and monitor the victim). 3. In the event that a victim's death/suicide is a result of NPD abuse, i.e. verbal, mental, physical, stalking, harassment. Abuser is to be held accountable and charged for murder/manslaughter.  The law below needs to apply for ALL states! (Example: ****An involuntary manslaughter charge can be brought in Massachusetts when someone causes the death of another person when engaging in reckless or wanton conduct that creates a high degree of likelihood of substantial harm.) 4. Inability for abuser to use the legal/court system for frivolous charges, false accusations, or using the legal system to further harass their victim/s.  Thorough investigations required. (Narcs accuse their victims of doing to them, what they are, in-fact actually doing to the victim. Narcs also tend to manipulate their own attorneys.) In the event abusers do not abide by standing legal agreements, stiffer punishments for not doing so.  (Narcs do not abide by rules or laws, because they truly believe laws do not apply to them. This is why they continue to harass, stalk, and abuse even with standing legal orders in place.) 5. When NPD abusers behavior contributed to loss of employment for victim; restitution to victim/surviving family for loss of income, potential income, and all that is included when employed. i.e. retirement, pension, etc.  Please, help save lives by signing and sharing this petition.     The petition is not for revenge against anyone. This very true, court documented case is used as an example to raise awareness of how evil and destructive the Narcissistic Personality disordered can be. There are thousands, if not millions out there suffering the same abuse. Victims are harassed, bullied, and stalked to such extremes that victims cannot live a normal life. This abuse continues on for years even long after the relationship has ended. Take a moment to read the comments. Almost ALL supporters have gone through or continue to go through this very same situation or have loved ones that have. Some survive, some don't. This has got to end! The UK and now Scotland have laws for this.... The USA should follow!   #shaneslaw #abuse #npdawareness #mentalabuse #emotionalabuse #gaslighting #ptsd #cptsd #narcissistic #personalitydisorder #sociopath #manipulation #stalking #cyberbullying #bullying #nocontact #protectvictims #criminalbehavior #flyingmonkeys #laws #stalkinglaws #harassmentlaws #smearcampaign #psychologicalmurder #manslaughter #hacking #restrainingorders #protectionorders #jailtime #intimidation #jobloss #lossofchildren #creditmonitoring #financialaccounthacking #tellyourstory #beheard #beasurvivor #beafighter #standupagainstnpdabuse #bestrong #dontbesilent #exposenarcissists #irvingpd #conroepd #hcso #montgomerycountytx #montgomerycountypd 

Lisa Simmons
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Stop au massacre, stop YULIN.

Aidez-nous a arrêté ce massacre. Chère citoyens le festival de la viande de chien et chat de Yulin est un festival ayant lieu le 21 juin dédié à la viande de chien et de chat, situé dans la ville de Yulin dans la province de Guangxi en Chine. Il date des années 90. Lors des préparations du festival, plusieurs milliers de chiens et de chat sont d'abord enlevé (contre le pleins grais de leurs familles) voir kidnappé à leur famille pour ensuite être enfermé dans de toute petite cages sans de nourriture ou eau, ils sont ensuite maltraités de façon attroce (tremper dans de l'eau bouillante, frappé avec des marteaux, ont leurs coupe les pattes, les pendres, les traîner par terre, les jeter, les frapper, les fouettés... et ceux tout en restant vivant), le sang, les pleure et les cris de ces animaux en détresse bourdonne dans ces endroits, puis ils sont ensuite abattus pour l'occasion, ces pauvres animaux souffre le martyre. En signant cette pétition vous vous engagez à soutenir cette cause et à la défendre, parlez-en autour de vous, sensibilisés les personnes autour de vous, plus nous serons nombreux plus cette cause fera parler d'elle et ils arrêteront ce massacre, s'il vous plaît signé  car en signant vous agissez. Le festival fait l'objet dans les années 2010 de plusieurs polémiques et actions des défenseurs de la cause animale, qui militent pour son annulation, notamment après l'arrêt d'un festival similaire à Jinhua Hutou.

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Help Save Our Home

We have been good customers for many years and didn't miss mortgage payments until Wells Fargo refused to accept payments after an unemployment deferment when my wife lost her job.  Wells Fargo employees never disclosed the program for deferred balance repayment until after it was too late for us to qualify for it. The bank has refused to accept any payment from us unless we pay the entire overdue amount, which has continued to grow because Wells Fargo won't accept our payments. If we'd had thousands of dollars to pay the deferred amount, we wouldn't have needed the deferment.  Mortgage attorneys have refused our case because we have equity in the home of over $100,000 and it is known that Wells Fargo refuses to modify loans for people with equity or that have completed more than half the term of the loan because the bank has no vested interest in the homeowner keeping their home. The bank will make more money by selling the home from under the homeowner so they refuse to modify the loan and simply wait out the appeals process until the homeowner has exhausted all their options. Then Wells Fargo makes a great profit and the homeowner is left with nothing. With all of our appeals to the bank and the State exhausted, we are left with wiping out our retirement savings to save our home and with the bank dragging their feet on giving us a catch-up amount for the loan we don't even know if we'll have enough doing that.  Federal programs enacted after the bank bailouts were supposed to be designed to keep hard working families in their homes. We need help and our calls to Representative Barbara Lee, Senator Barbara Boxer, and Senator Dianne Feinstein have resulted in no substantive action. Now we need help from the customers of Wells Fargo and community at large to keep our home. My wife, son, and aging mother all need a place to live. Please help!

Troy Wilson-Ripsom
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Postular a la Sra. Margarita Barrientos para premio Nobel de la Paz.

La Sra. Margarita Barrientos desde condiciones personales/sociales adversas y de carencias extremas ha dedicado su vida a dar de comer, y asistir en salud y educación a una inmensa cantidad de niños y madres en situación de pobreza y vulnerabilidad. Consideramos que es un verdadero ejemplo de solidaridad y actitud ciudadana. Solicitamos al Sr. Presidente de la Nación, al Honorable Congreso Nacional, a las Universidades Nacionales, provinciales, públicas y privadas, a proponer a la Sra. Margarita Barrientos como candidata a Premio Nobel de la Paz frente al Comité Nobel Noruego

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Stop the EPA from allowing dumping in the Long Island Sound!

A federal decision to allow the dumping of treated sewage into the Long Island Sound.  We need to protect our Home. Polluted runoff and untreated sewage released into the water can expose swimmers to harmful microorganisms called “pathogens.” These pathogens can be present at or near the site where polluted discharges enter the water. Pollution can also come from high concentrations of farm animals like pigs and chickens that can contaminate local waterways with runoff, which is then carried to beaches and swimming areas. In addition, pollution is created by people who leave trash or animal wastes at beaches. Children, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems are the most likely populations to develop illnesses or infections after coming into contact with polluted water, usually while swimming. Fortunately, while swimming-related illnesses are unpleasant, they are usually not very serious - they require little or no treatment or get better quickly upon treatment, and they have no long-term health effects. The most common illness associated with swimming in water polluted by sewage is gastroenteritis. It occurs in a variety of forms that can have one or more of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, stomachache, diarrhea, headache or fever. Other minor illnesses associated with swimming include ear, eye, nose and throat infections. In highly polluted water, swimmers may occasionally be exposed to more serious diseases. Most swimmers are exposed to waterborne pathogens when they swallow the water. People can get some infections simply from getting polluted water on their skin or in their eyes. In rare cases, swimmers can develop illnesses or infections if an open wound is exposed to polluted water. Exerpt from the EPA website.  Let's make them heed their own advice!!!!!

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International recognition and mediation for Catalonia.

español más abajo The nation of Catalonia is claiming its place and statehood. The purpose of this letter is to condemn the violation of human rights, the denial of freedom of expression and of the right of assembly and self-governance by the Spanish state in Catalonia. Catalonia is one of the nations with the oldest parliament in the world (Generalitat 1359), with its own language (Catalan) derived from Latin which nowadays is spoken by 10 million people. Catalonia has seen the birth of celebrities as Dalí, Miró, Ramon Llull, Pau Casals, Albéniz, Granados, Joan Maragall, Miquel Martí i Pol, Manuel de Pedrolo, Vicent Ferrer, Neus Català, Ferran Adrià, Joan Roca and the admired Antoni Gaudí. Catalonia is a European and peaceful nation, its capital is Barcelona. This city is the European Union’s 4th largest metropolitan area. In Catalonia, more than 161 different nationalities coexist, with more than 264 languages spoken. The Catalan people hold this diversity very dear, to the point that it is in Barcelona that the largest demonstration in Europe... has taken place: the demonstration Casa nostra, casa vostra, which brought to the streets 500,000 people. Solidarity is another fundamental value in Catalonia: "La Marató de TV3", an annual social fundraising event, has raised 164,000,000 euros in total from 1992 to the present to increase public awareness and boost biomedical research on different diseases. During the 20th century, Catalonia was bombarded by the Spanish nationalist forces in collaboration with German and Italian fascism. Thousands of Catalans were killed or exiled for political and cultural reasons. The Catalan language was forbidden, Catalan institutions were abolished and the democratically elected president of Catalonia (Lluís Companys) was condemned by Spanish dictatorship and executed. Since the late 19th century most Catalan presidents have been executed, jailed or banned from office by Spanish legislators. When Franco died, Catalans decided to be forward looking. Forty years of massive crimes and repression were never judged. Catalans vouched for a plurinational Spanish state that cherished its own diversity, Catalans have since then contributed to making of Spain a modern and European state; Catalonia being one of the economic engines of Spain, In spite of this, the claim of Catalans as a nation has always been ignored. Furthermore, Spanish nationalists never wanted to recognise Catalonia as a nation. Catalonia's financial deficit is of 18,500,000 euros (2012) per year due to the tax distribution system in Spain (2,5 more times that the richest Länder in Germany), which is being used to centralise the Spanish economy into Madrid. The Spanish government continues to invest to convert Spain into a centralised country. Spanish government invests 8,2% of its budget to Catalonia, but only 71% is executed (2015). Because of this deficit Catalans had to cut back in social aid, education and health services. The important policies cannot be controlled from the Catalan government. A new statute of autonomy was agreed with the Spanish socialist government of 2006. It recognised Catalonia as a nation with more financial and policy-making powers. Despite being approved by a referendum, and observing all the legal procedures, the Spanish government filed objection to the constitutional court and edited most of the text. Acting against the democratic will of the Catalans as expressed in the Referendum de l'Estatut on the premise of very narrow and partial interpretations of the Constitution of 1978. Over the past decade, the Catalan Parliament has unanimously approved laws to protect the most vulnerable citizens, a law seeking gender equality, a nuclear energy tax, a law to prevent evictions, the decree on taxation on banks, the law on social security, the law against fracking, the law to fund cultural production, all of them repealed by Spanish constitutional court at the request of Rajoy's government. As alledged violations of the Constitution. As many as 25 essential laws for the welfare of citizens have been repealed. From 2011 the Partido Popular (Conservatives) is ruling Spain, being the most corrupted party in Europe. Between 2010 and 2016 a total of 11,500 people have been investigated or detained in the context of corruption-related cases. In global figures, corruption costs Spaniards 87,000 million euros per year, according to a joint report by several universities and the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC). Spanish Police and Spanish politicians created an operation against Catalonia, making up false evidence, with the goal to destroy pro-independence politicians. The political colour of the Spanish Government has proved irrelevant over the years to find a dialog. Millions of citizens demonstrate every year to claim the independence of Catalonia. One of the largest in the modern history of Europe mobilized 1.600.000 people holding hands and making a 400km human chain (2013). For years, Catalans have held some of the largest demonstrations in Europe, consecutively (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). The response from the Spanish government was to ignore them for 7 years in a row. Today the 2 leaders of social organizations that organised those peaceful organisations are in jail accused of sedition: Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart. Claims of the successive Catalan Governments for a finantial treatment similar to those enjoyed by the Basque Country and Navarra (sole regions that dispose of their own taxes) have always been ignored and declined on the grounds of a supposed inequality that such deal would generate amongst the different Spanish regions, inequality which is already present in the same differential treatment enjoyed by the Basque Country and Navarra. Such mistreatment brought Catalans to move forward from the requirement of better finantial treatment to the celebration of a referendum (2017) of self-determination like in Scotland, and several times the answer was no. In the face of the indifference of the Spanish government, the Catalan Government moved forward in the organization of a referendum, despite the will of the Spanish government, 10,000 Spanish police forces were deployed in Catalonia, hundreds of websites were closed, media offices raided, high ranking officials arrested and millions of ballots were seized in a desperate attempt to stop Catalans from voting. Of a total of 700 Catalan mayors have been called by the public prosecutor's office for signing a decree of political support to the referendum. Yet at dawn of October 1st 2017, somehow Catalans had skipped Spanish intelligence agencies and distributed 10,000 ballot boxes in more than 2,315 polling stations across Catalonia for citizens to vote. At 9am Spanish police charged against voters all across Catalonia, causing 1065 injured, 106 of them older than 65 years old. Yet more than 2,266,498 citizens managed to vote, in fear of Spanish police, with 2,044,038 voting yes, 770,000 votes were confiscated by the Spanish police. Instead of allowing a peaceful population to practise the self-determination right, Catalans have been denied their say at every turn. So Catalonia chose the only path that remains, to declare independence, backed by the citizens and approved by the majority of the democratically elected parliament the 10th november 2017. Two days after the independence declaration, half of the Catalan government were locked jail judged by irregular procedure. After being called by judges, they only had 24h to prepare the defence. Specialists in criminal and constitutional law have reported the charges as a political persecution, showing the political and not juridical nor legally nature of this judgement. The other half of Catalan government with president Carles Puigdemont is in exile reporting that the Spanish democracy is over and that Catalonia needs international recognition and mediation. Catalonia needs to have its democratically elected government back. Democracy is being violated, and human rights are too. Europe was born as a union for peace, foundational value which this physical and judicial violence most certainly violate. Historically Catalonia has tried to become a state on several occasions but has always been repressed with the use of violence. Please sign in and share the request for recognition and mediation of the international community for Catalonia. Get involved for democracy and freedom. Marc Pérez and Collective -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Reconocimiento y mediación internacional para Cataluña. La nación catalana está reivindicando su lugar, su condición de Estado y su autogobierno. El objetivo de esta carta es condenar la violación de los derechos humanos, la negación de la libertad de expresión y el derecho de reunión por parte del Estado español contra Cataluña. Cataluña es una de las naciones con el parlamento más antiguo del mundo (la Generalitat, 1359), con su propio idioma (el catalán) derivado del latín que hoy en día es hablado por 10 millones de personas. Cataluña ha visto nacer celebridades como Dalí, Miró, Ramón Llull, Pau Casals, Albéniz, Granados, Joan Maragall, Miquel Martí i Pol, Manuel de Pedrolo, Vicents Ferrer, Neus Català, Ferran Adrià, Joan Roca y el admirado Antoni Gaudí. Cataluña es una nación europea y pacífica cuya capital es Barcelona. La ciudad condal es la cuarta área metropolitana más grande de la Unión Europea. En Cataluña, coexisten más de 161 nacionalidades y 264 idiomas hablados. Esta diversidad es un valor para la cultura catalana. Barcelona celebró la manifestación más grande de Europa reivindicando el derecho a emigrar y al asilo con 500,000 personas (Casa nostra, casa vostra). La solidaridad es otro valor fundamental de Cataluña: "La Marató de TV3", un evento anual de recaudación de fondos sociales,  ha recaudado desde su creación 164 millones de euros para aumentar la conciencia pública y fomentar la investigación biomédica de las enfermedades. Durante el siglo XX, Cataluña fue bombardeada por las fuerzas nacionalistas españolas en colaboración con el fascismo alemán e italiano. Miles de catalanes fueron asesinados o exiliados por razones políticas y culturales. La lengua catalana fue prohibida, las instituciones catalanas fueron abolidas y el presidente de Cataluña elegido democráticamente (Lluís Companys) fue condenado por la dictadura española y ejecutado. Desde finales del siglo XIX, la mayoría de los presidentes catalanes han sido ejecutados, encarcelados o prohibidos por los legisladores españoles. Cuando Franco murió, los catalanes decidieron mirar hacia adelante. Cuarenta años de crímenes masivos y represión nunca fueron juzgados. Los catalanes creyeron en un estado plurinacional español que apreciaba su diversidad, los catalanes contribuyeron a hacer de España un estado moderno y europeo; Cataluña ha sido uno de los motores económico de España, sin embargo, el reclamo de los catalanes como nación siempre ha sido ignorado. Además, ningún gobierno español quiso reconocer a Cataluña como una nación. Cataluña tiene un déficit fiscal de 18.500.000.000 euros (2012) por año debido al systema de dsitribución economico español (2,5 veces más que los Länder más ricos de Alemania), que se está utilizando para centralizar la economía española en Madrid. El gobierno español continúa invirtiendo para convertir a España en un país centralizado. El gobierno español invierte el 8,2% de su presupuesto en Cataluña, pero solo el 71% se ejecuta (2015). Debido a este déficit, los catalanes tuvieron que recortar los servicios de asistencia social, educación y salud. Las deciciones políticas mas importantes no pueden ser controladas por el gobierno catalán. Se acordó un nuevo estatuto de autonomía con el gobierno socialista español de 2006. Reconociendo a Cataluña como una nación con más poderes financieros y políticos. A pesar de ser aprobado por un referéndum y observar todos los procedimientos legales, el gobierno español presentó una objeción al tribunal constitucional y recortó la mayor parte del texto. El Parlamento catalán aprobó por unanimidad leyes para proteger a los ciudadanos más vulnerables como la ley que busca la igualdad de género, un impuesto sobre la energía nuclear, una ley para evitar desalojos, el decreto sobre los impuestos a los bancos, la ley de seguridad social, la ley contra el fracking... todas ellas derogadas por el Tribunal Constitucional español a petición del gobierno de Rajoy. Se derogaron hasta 25 leyes esenciales para el bienestar de los ciudadanos. Independientemente del color político del gobierno español, el diálogo ha resultado ser casi imposible. Desde 2011, el Partido Popular (conservadores) está gobernando España, siendo el partido más corrupto de Europa. Entre 2010 y 2016, un total de 11.500 personas han sido investigadas o detenidas en el contexto de casos relacionados con la corrupción. En cifras globales, la corrupción cuesta a los españoles 87.000 millones de euros anuales, según un informe conjunto de varias universidades y la Comisión Nacional de Mercados y Competencia (CNMC). La policía española y los políticos españoles crearon una operación contra Cataluña, inventando pruebas falsas, con el objetivo de destruir a los políticos independentistas. Millones de ciudadanos se manifiestan cada año para reclamar la independencia de Cataluña. Una de las más grandes en la historia moderna de Europa movilizó a 1,600,000 personas formando una cadena humana de 400km (2013). Durante años, los catalanes han celebrado las mayores manifestaciones en Europa, de forma consecutiva (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). La respuesta del gobierno español ha sido siempre la ignorancia. Hoy los 2 líderes de las organizaciones sociales que organizaron esas manifestaciones pacíficas están en la cárcel acusados ​​de sedición: Jordi Sànchez y Jordi Cuixart. Los catalanes han intentado negociar un acuerdo fiscal como el del País Vasco y Navarra. El gobierno español siempre se negó a hablar de eso. Los catalanes pidieron en 2017 la celebración de un referéndum acordado sobre la autodeterminación como en Escocia o el Quebec, en todas las ocasiones la respuesta fue siempre que no. Entonces, cuando el gobierno catalán decidió seguir adelante y organizar el voto a pesar de la voluntad del gobierno español, se desplegaron 10.000 policías españoles en Cataluña, se cerraron cientos de sitios web, se registraron oficinas de medios de comunicación, se arrestaron a altos funcionarios y se incautaron millones de votos, en un intento desesperado por evitar que los catalanes votaran. 700 alcaldes catalanes fueron citados por la fiscalía para firmar un decreto de apoyo político al referéndum. Sin embargo, en la madrugada del 1 de octubre de 2017, los catalanes lograron esquivar la inteligencia española y distribuyeron 10.000 urnas en más de 2.315 colegios electorales en toda Cataluña para que los ciudadanos pudieran votar. A las 9 de la mañana, la policía española cargó contra los votantes de toda Cataluña  causando 1065 heridos, 106 de ellos mayores de 65 años. Sin embargo, más de 2.266.498 ciudadanos lograron votar con 2.044.038 de votos a favor del sí. 770.000 votos fueros requisados. En lugar de permitir que una población pacífica usara el derecho de autodeterminación, el gobierno español y el Tribunal constitucional bloquearon y negaron en todo momento las opciones catalanas. Entonces, Cataluña eligió el único camino que quedaba para declarar la independencia, respaldado por los ciudadanos y aprobado por la mayoría del parlamento democráticamente elegido. Dos días después de la declaración de independencia, la mitad del gobierno catalán fue encerrado en la cárcel con un procedimiento irregular. Después de ser llamados por la fiscalía, solo tuvieron 24 horas para preparar la defensa. Especialistas en derecho penal y constitucional han denunciado los cargos como una persecución política, mostrando la naturaleza política y no jurídica y legal de este juicio. La otra mitad del gobierno catalán con el presidente Carles Puigdemont están en el exilio denunciando el fin de la democracia española y que Cataluña necesita reconocimiento internacional y mediación. Cataluña necesita recuperar su gobierno elegido democráticamente. Se está violando la democracia y los derechos humanos. Europa nació con la voluntad de pacificar y esta violencia física y judicial viola sus valores fundamentales. Históricamente, Cataluña ha tratado de erigirse en estado en varias ocasiones, pero siempre ha sido reprimida con el uso de la violencia. Por favor firmen y compartan la petición de reconocimiento y mediación de la comunidad internacional para Cataluña. Involúcrense por la democracia y la libertad. Marc Pérez y Colectivo

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