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Stop Channel 7 Australia from broadcasting the opinions of criminally convicted Neo-Nazis.

On Sunday 14th January 2018, Channel 7 broadcast an interview with a convicted criminal and self-admitted Adolf Hitler fan, trussed up as an alternative right-wing opinion: According to numerous news publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald, Seven News Melbourne aired an "exclusive" story about "right-wing activists" meeting in response to a series of recent crimes carried out by young men. Journalist Jodi Lee said she had been given exclusive access to the meeting, before crossing to a pre-recorded interview with United Patriots leader Blair Cottrell. Cottrell has previously spent time in prison for property damage and last year became one of the first Victorians to be convicted under the state's new racial vilification laws. The United Patriots leader has previously called for a picture of Hitler to be hung in every classroom. The Seven News report did not disclose Cottrell's past convictions. In a statement, Seven News director Simon Pristel said he stood by the story. Given the unacceptable response, it seems the only way remaining to let Channel 7 know that broadcasting interviews with criminal neo-nazis is to encourage its international sponsors to speak out against it and withdraw support for Channel 7. Clearly, for Channel 7, money talks. This petition is a chance for Channel 7 sponsors to show they reject racism and neo-naziism and will not allow their money to support organisations which broadcast the opinions of such. Channel 7's current sponsors, including those advertising for its all-important Australian Open, can show that they wish to stand up against racism by withdrawing or suspending advertising on Channel 7 until it admits its wrongdoing and places appropriate penalties on those who allowed (indeed, continue to stand by) publication of the story.

Sam Murray
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Petitioning Visa

Demand Visa, MasterCard, AMEX & Discover Reduce/Waive Certain Fees during COVID 19

COVID 19 is here and small businesses, who employ 47% of the nation’s workforce are doing everything they can to keep their businesses from failing in the face of lost income.  This means they are doing what small businesses do best – pivoting -  to make their businesses SAFE for their customers and their staff.  For some this means Online Ordering, Curbside Pickup and/or Delivery, for others, deemed non-essential, this means closing down and laying off their employees.  Given people’s fear of cash carrying and spreading COVID19, most consumers are relying heavily on their credit cards these days.  This of course is causing the businesses still open to be offered significantly less cash, and more credit cards than ever.  This in itself is hurting the small businesses because of credit card fees. Did you know that every time you use a credit card online or over the phone that the vendor is charged an ADDITIONAL FEE?  This is called a CARD NOT PRESENT fee (CNP).  And the card companies like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover do it to cover their increased risk.  This why many small businesses avoid taking cards over the phone, or have transaction fees for online purchases – to cover those added fees.  Most companies pay close to 3% in fees to take your credit card INSIDE their store or restaurant.  The CNP fees for a phone or online order can add an additional 2-3% to each transaction depending on the card type.  That means the fee on a $10 transaction goes from $0.30 to $0.60.  While not a lot of money during regular times, during COVID19 times when every penny counts, these fees are real money being lost by small businesses. Other small businesses, who are not deemed essential, are being forced to close, and yet they are STILL being charged their monthly fees by the credit card companies regardless of whether they are making sales or not.  Sadly these fees are literally sucked from the bank accounts of small businesses without them being able to stop them! Right now Small Businesses in America are in the fight of their life, literally and figuratively.  And these added CNP fees and monthly flat fees on closed businesses are not helping.  This means that a larger percentage of sales is going to credit card fees than ever.  This means less money is going towards small business payroll at a time when literally every dollar counts. We are petitioning to have Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover to waive the added CNP fees for businesses who do not typically take CNP transactions.  We are also asking for waiving of flat monthly fees on businesses not currently open.  And if they can’t do that – what can they do?! We are asking people to sign our petition and spread it around social media to pressure the major card companies: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to take notice and do something – anything – to help the people who bring them money day in day out – when we really need it. Beth MarcusBusiness ManagerCape Cod Beer, IncHyannis MA Donna Kutil RossScenic RootsSandwich MA Linda Dantonio Seaporium Hyannis MA Kristen BoardleyCenterville Pie CompanyCenterville MA Graham SillimanSiena – MashpeeMashpee MA John MillerJ Miller Picture Framer & GalleryMashpee MA Steve SwainFrying Pan GalleryOrleans and Wellfleet MA Elisa Jennings SullivanSwirls JewelrySandwich MA LouAnne ColomboBee & Blossom FloristHyannis MA Aaron WebbThe Daily PaperHyannis MA Todd PavaoLuke’s LiquorsCape Cod MA Mike FerreiraThomas Michaels KitchensWareham MA Adam KatzHaul N’ AxesFairhaven MA Brian CareyDepaola Begg Hyannis MA Andrea PendergastCape Cod Package StoreCenterville MA Jamie LeeBagel Haven Mashpee MA Margaret ElizabethCape Cod Fitness CoOsterville Fitness CoBarnstable MA Ian Sullivan & Laurie DeCostUnderground BakeryDennis MA

Beth Marcus
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Petitioning Visa, Mastercard, CEO Stephen J. Squeri, CEO David Nelms

Major Credit Cards: Stop doing business with assault weapons retailers

Tiny coffins in Newtown. Innocent young lives violently ended at Stoneman Douglas, Virginia Tech, Columbine and dozens of other American schools, churches, concerts and nightclubs over the last 19 years. When will we collectively decide that enough is enough? The Second Amendment is as obsolete in the age of nuclear weapons technology as the Three-Fifths Compromise after the Emancipation Proclamation, but it, combined with the Mafia-style tactics of the National Rifle Association, ensures that cowardly, self-interested Washington politicians will not make meaningful change to existing gun laws. The only hope for change lies with the corporations that enable firearms and ammunition manufacturers to sell weapons of war to unscreened, untrained and, all too often, unhinged people.   We call on the finance industry, including credit card companies Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, to take a stand and establish new rules for the sale of guns in America.  We ask these companies to change their terms of service to state that they will no longer do business with retailers that sell assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, which make semiautomatic rifles fire faster. This would effectively ban the sale of weapons of war at sporting goods stores across the United States, as these retailers would be cut off from the credit card system.  Please sign this petition today to encourage Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover to take corporate responsibility for their role in assault weapon sales and wield their collective power against the powerful gun lobby today. 

Anne Reiffsteck
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