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Marks and Spencer plc (also known as M&S) is a major British multinational retailer headquartered in the City of Westminster, London.

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Supermarkets : BAN all palm oil from own brand products

My name is Bella Lack and I'm a 15 year old conservationist determined to help cease the large-scale decimation of the rain forests in Borneo and Sumatra- which are home to the Orangutan (who share 97% of our DNA). Palm Oil: a ubiquitous oil found in over 50% of all packaged products on the supermarket shelves. It is packed into pizza, makeup, chocolate, margarine, shampoo, noodles, bread, crisps, detergent, ice cream and many more products... With 5 football fields of rainforest being cut down EVERY second, we simply cannot continue in this reckless and egocentric fashion. This trail of rampant destruction that we leave in our wake is driving species such as the orang-utan, Asian elephant, tigers, leopards and many more to extinction. Orangutans have endured life, unchanged and consistent in their home of rich greens and exoticism for over a million years. While we have enrolled in brutal battles, created flying machines and populated the world, sprawling across the continents, they have settled in the rain forests, being representatives and stewards of their home, dispersing seeds and ensuring the continuation of the forest, procreating, fabricating their families and perfecting the art of survival. All of this effort done composedly, with slow deliberate movements and resourceful, inventive minds, only for us to bulldoze into their home with acrid smoke and burning flames because we want some oil to add texture to our snacks... With the Orangutan predicted to go extinct within the next 10 years, we have no time to procrastinate.  Moreover, cutting down such large swathes of rainforest is a great contributor to climate change. Furthermore, isn't it time we realise that once all the trees are cut down and the animals have been driven to extinction, the money derived from our greed will be of no use. We will also go extinct unless we hurriedly make a concerted effort to shift our unsustainable approach. Last month, Iceland became the first UK supermarket to ditch palm oil from its own brand products. This was a commendable leap towards greater sustainability and has proved to consumers and other retail brands alike, that it is possible to eradicate this substance from products. It is possible for sustainable Palm Oil to be produced, however, at the moment, the line defining sustainability is blurry and undefined. It is unclear whether organisations that are supposed to be promoting sustainability have had much influence on what actually has been happening in the field as 'forests continue to be torn down and local people shunted to jail for protesting the taking of their land.' It's time that we ensure our voices as consumers are not disregarded. This is not a problem that we can delay until we have the resources available, we need to act NOW otherwise we will be left staring at barren deserts devoid of life, wondering where the richly-biodiverse forest went. (Furthermore, Palm Oil is so high in saturated fats that it increases your chance of developing metabolic disease, liver disease, and cardiovascular disease.  'Appetite for Destruction features the filmmaker, Michael Dorgan, participating in a groundbreaking new experiment, led by a group of Swedish scientists, in which they compare eating muffins containing large amounts of palm oil to eating muffins with an equal amount of sunflower oil each day. The relative impact on human health is surprising. In the film, Michael has a healthy 4.6 percent body fat when he starts the experiment. Just a few weeks into the study, after eating palm oil every day, his body fat jumps to 7.4 percent (nearly doubled), which adds two kilograms of fat to his body and results in a kilo of muscle loss.')

Bella Lack
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Garment Workers on Hunger Strike in India!

We are workers at Avery Dennison India Pvt. Ltd in, and also members of Garment and Textile workers Union (GATWU) Bangalore, India, and we are now on a hunger strike to protest the inhumane behavior of our management, and also violation of various Indian labour laws!! It's a multimillion dollar operation which produces products for brand giants such as H&M, Adidas, Zara, Levi's, Gap, Marks & Spencer, Nike, and many others. For many years, Avery Dennison has been paying us differing wages for the same amount of work, through subcontracting out some of us but not others. They have used this as an excuse to pay UNDER the already-low minimum wage for the work we do! Several of our colleagues have been forced to work back-to-back short-term contracts for the same amount of work, with no stoppage, just like permanent employees, but with none of the benefits, some for over 10 years. This is completely unacceptable; we have the right to provide for our families just like any other worker. When we see the CEOs and owners of some of these firms making the list of richest billionaires in the world, we know that it is our labor that creates their profits, yet our factory refuses to respect our basic rights or the rule of law. This is why we decided to form a union. With the support of Garment and Textile Workers' Union, we organized to tell our employer that we deserve our basic rights. The employer, instead of respectfully negotiating with us, decided to retaliate. They illegally dismissed 44 of our colleagues for daring to stand up for our rights and to scare us into submission. But we will not be intimidated! We are now on our 5th day of our hunger strike to demand that they: Reinstate ALL terminated workers Make contract workers permanent Provide equal pay for equal work Stop worker discrimination Stop union busting! Join us to demand that Avery Dennison, and the brands that work with them, do the right thing!  Signed,  Avery Dennison Pvt. Ltd. Workers Bangalore, India

International Union League for Brand Responsibility
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M&S – Ditch Plastic Cutlery!

My name is Oscar, I’m 15 years old and I’m passionate about saving our environment from plastic waste which is destroying our marine life. We must reduce our plastic footprint - this is why I want Marks and Spencers to stop handing out plastic cutlery and switch to compostable alternatives. When I’m not at school, I’m an environmental blogger and I have social media accounts ( on Instagram and @justice4earth on Twitter) dedicated to raising awareness about environmental issues. This petition is about helping to bring about a small but important change. Plastic often ends up in the countryside, in waterways and eventually in the ocean where it can go on to be ingested by marine animals and fish or break down into tiny pieces small enough to enter our bodies and even our bloodstreams! Plastic cutlery is one of the top 10 items that washes up on beaches, and every minute over a lorry-full of plastic enters the ocean, or 10 million tonnes a year. 2018 has seen a plastic revolution in the UK with huge victories, promises by massive companies and even a proposed ban on plastic straws. However, we still have lots to do and the fight is far from over. We need to replicate these successes with plastic cutlery and other plastics. M&S has an opportunity to set an example to other supermarkets as a eco-friendly leader. They should switch their plastic cutlery and the wrapper they come in to compostable alternatives like agar, yucca or starch extract. It is not enough to make the cutlery recyclable - we need to reduce our use of plastic not just make it recyclable. The more people that sign this, the more likely we are to succeed. M&S will be forced to take action when they see how many of us – their daily shoppers which they depend on – want change now and they won’t want to risk ruining their reputation. Sign and share this petition and join the global fight against plastic 

Oscar Glancy
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Supermarkets should use British eggs for foods made in Britain and STOP IMPORTING EGGS

Importing foreign eggs to produce foods like quiche in Britain for British supermarkets is morally wrong, and supermarkets should use British eggs produced on British farms for food that is being produced here. As shoppers we put our trust in British supermarkets to sell safe products and be transparent with their sourcing but they continue to use a significant number of imported eggs in pre-prepared foods, such as quiche or egg sandwiches, that don’t meet the same food safety standards as British Lion eggs. Shoppers are unaware of what they’re being sold because there is little or no information on the pack*. With boxes of shell eggs on sale at supermarkets produced to British Lion quality standards, research shows consumers assume the eggs in the food they buy are also British but in many cases they are imported. In recent years there have been a number of food safety issues associated with egg products produced in Europe and further afield. Using them also adds unnecessary food miles, and does not meet the guaranteed, high standards provided by the Code of Practice for the Production of Lion Quality Egg Products. British shoppers deserve to eat foods made with egg that meets the highest food safety standards. They also deserve to be told where the eggs in the food they buy comes from so they are free to make informed purchasing decisions. Please sign and share this petition. Together we can show our support for British farming and stop British supermarkets using imported eggs in British produced food. This petition has been raised on behalf of the British egg industry. * Meat, milk and boxes of shell eggs all display country of origin information 

British Lion egg processors
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Say NO to M&S's new animal farming propaganda book for children

M&S has launched its first ever children's book entitled "Farm to Foodhall, The Magic Ingredient". They have hailed it as an "educational tool" but that is clearly far from the case, as it grossly misrepresents the realities for farm animals and positions animal produce as "sustainable" when meat, dairy and eggs are amongst the most resource intensive foods we can buy and the huge harm animal agriculture is causing to the planet is already well documented. Farm animals are referred to as “The magic ingredient” - making it sound like it is wonderful and exciting! On the front cover the cows are smiling and inside depicted taking showers. This book makes light of the harsh reality for farm animals. It paints a rosy picture of animals living out their lives in peace which is as far from the truth as it can be. Farm animal themed jokes are also throw in - how distasteful. These exploited animals are definitely not laughing and especially when they get inside the slaughterhouse where they all end up. No mention of that. It could not be anymore misleading. It is WRONG to teach children LIES. A few "FUN FACTS" M&S have missed out: Dairy cows: no mention that they are forcibly impregnated, their babies taken within hours so we can consume their milk, that male calves are killed on site or sold for veal/meat. No mention of the fact that once dairy cows are used up at a fraction of their natural lifespan they are sent off to slaughter to be made into cheap meat. No mention that all plant milks are significantly less resource intensive then cows milk. Surely a missed opportunity from a book that is supposed to be educating children and families on sustainable food choices.  Chickens: Over 1.2 billion chickens are slaughtered every single year. Almost all of these poor birds never see the outside of the disgusting, crammed barns they are kept in except on the way to the slaughterhouse. And yes, that includes "free range". Chickens have been genetically manipulated to grow so fast that by four weeks old their legs cannot carry their body weight. They are slaughtered at six weeks old. Chickens are one of the most abused animals on the planet and the list of standard cruel practices  inflicted on them is long. None mentioned in this so called "educational" book. Salmon: they admit that it is farmed as the majority of salmon is. What they do not mention is the appalling conditions farmed fish are subjected to where they spend their short, miserable lives swimming in cramped waters where disease and parasites thrive. Not to mention the cruel way fish are killed off, which there are no welfare laws whatsoever. Fish feel pain. The ‘fun’ facts tell children nothing of the unsustainable animal agriculture industry and do not give a balanced view. Why would any parent want to feed their child lies?  We are asking M&S to make a statement correcting the record and accepting that the book they have printed is not educational. As well as signing and sharing this petition please send an email to M&S giving your feedback:

Olivia Caraian
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Supermarkets to provide paper bags in place of plastic bags

At present plastic bags are being sold in all supermarkets in the UK. Its known that the plastic bags that are thrown in our rubbish don't break down for years. This causes pollution to our lands and seas. We saw the introduction of a 5 pence charge for plastic bags. We even pay 10 pence for life time bags. I believe the majority of shoppers         ( including me) still continually buy plastic bags. This can be through forgetting to take them with you or just convenience. It seems the system to prevent and lower the use of plastic bags isn't working. In fact our daily news informs us of the thousands of tonnes of plastic still being dumped into our oceans. This causes devastation to marine life and our environment. Did you know that tiny particles of plastic are ate by fish. We later catch the fish and eat them. So in actual fact we are eating tiny particles of plastic. Just think of how harmful this is. We are all affected by this crisis in some way. So how can this be stopped. Simply by signing this petition so that our supermarkets provide paper bags. They could cover their costs with a similar minimum charge. Plastic bags should still be available, however the smaller plastic bags should now carry a fee of 50p and the bags for life should cost £1. This way reaching for a plastic bag will be a last resort for all of us. This will hopefully be backed by our supermarkets and government. That way we can stop a large portion of the plastic pollution. Thank you. Now pass the word and share to as many people you know.

George Mccutcheon
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Make vegetarian / vegan food more accessible in supermarkets. #AnimalsAreFriendsNotFood

Over a billion farm animals are slaughtered each year for human consumption. These animals are reared in terrible conditions to be slaughtered and sold to supermarkets. We are brought up from a young age to be conditioned and desensitised towards cows, pigs, chicken and sheep etc, to view them as inferior beings whose existence is purely to provide us with meat, eggs and milk. We understand it is very difficult to fully convert to a vegetarian / vegan if you are a meat lover but this campaign is here to encourage you to change and improve your diet by removing just ONE animal product from your diet a day by choosing the vegetarian / vegan alternatives. You are not only improving your health but the cruel, torturous food industry – how difficult is it to change just one food product?  However.. In some supermarkets the vegetarian food section can be rather small with restricted choices. To make this change even easier for you we need to encourage supermarkets to improve their vegetarian / vegan sections and make them more accessible – SIGN this PETITION to raise awareness of the campaign and to encourage this change in supermarkets. #AnimalsAreFriendsNotFood For more information please visit our website Facebook - Animals Are Friends Not Food Twitter - @AnimalsNotFood - please use our hashtag to show your support! Instagram - @AnimalsAreFriends_NotFood  

Lydia O'Dowd
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Don't make staff cuts to pay living wage

I am posting to give the details of our pay and premium proposals and assure colleagues, customers and other stakeholders that we are listening carefully during the consultation period. We have proposed a significant base rate pay increase for our Customer Assistants from £7.41 to £8.50 outside London and £9.65 in Greater London. As you can see, we already pay above the National Living Wage of £7.20 and the proposed rate is also above the Living Wage Foundation’s £8.25 outside London and £9.40 for Greater London. It would give us one of the highest hourly rates in UK retail which would complement one of the most competitive benefits packages. There’s also proposed pay rises for our Section Coordinators and Section Managers. We need to do this in a way that our business can afford, so we’re also proposing to simplify our approach to premium payments. This includes removing Sunday premiums, introducing one standard, premium payment for working on Bank Holidays and one time window for unsociable hours. The savings would be invested in the proposed higher hourly rates along with a significant contribution from the company. We believe this proposed new approach would reward our people in a fair and consistent way and help us to attract and retain the best talent so we can continue to provide great service for our customers. The vast majority of our people would be better off under the proposals. However a small but significant number of people, some of whom have worked for M&S for a long time, would be affected financially by the proposals and we understand that they are disappointed. We have proposed measures that would ensure that nobody would be worse off in the first two years and we are listening carefully to their feedback. The consultation is ongoing. I want to be clear that we are considering all the counter proposals that have been put to us and we will continue to talk and listen to colleagues across the UK. The consultation plays a crucial role in finalising our plans. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Sacha Berendji Director of Retail Marks & Spencer

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