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#JusticeForBuddy: मासूम पिल्ले के साथ बर्बरता की हदें पार करने वालों के खिलाफ़ कार्रवाई हो

बडी। एक छोटा सा, मासूम कुत्ते का पिल्ला, जिसको आए दिन बुरी तरह मारा-पीटा जाता था। उसके साथ बर्बरता की हदें इतनी पार की गईं कि उसकी जाँघों पर गहरी चोट पहुँचाकर तोड़ा गया और उसके गुप्तांग को भी चोट पहुँचाई गई। वो शायद दुबारा ठीक से ना चल पाए।जानते हैं उसकी गलती क्या थी? उसकी गलती ये थी कि वो एक बेज़ुबान जानवर है, जो एक ऐसे घर में है, जिसके मालिकों के दिल में दया और करुणा नाम की चीज़ नहीं। इस मामले में पुलिस ने नोएडा के निवासी ऋषभ मेहरा के खिलाफ़ मामला दर्ज किया है, जो बडी का मालिक है। लेकिन मीडिया रिपोर्टों के अनुसार उसने कथित रूप से पुलिस को घूस देने की कोशिश की। आरोपी अभी भी सलाखों के पीछे नहीं हैं।मैंने ये पेटीशन सिर्फ़ दो मकसद के लिए शुरू की है: 1. बडी के साथ बर्बरता की हदें पार करने वालों के खिलाफ़ सख्त से सख्त कार्रवाई की जाए ताकि ये घटना एक सबक बने उनके लिए जो बेज़ुबान जानवरों को नुकसान पहुँचाते हैं।2. जानवरों के प्रति क्रूरता के लिए लगाया जाने वाले अधिकतम जुर्माने की रकम को बढ़ाया जाए। अभी हाल ये है कि आप किसी भी कुत्ते, बिल्ली या किसी भी जानवर को तड़पा सकते हैं और महज़ 10-50 रुपया देकर बच सकते हैं। अभी पशुओं के प्रति क्रूरता रोकथाम अधिनियम, 1960 (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960) के तहत पशुओं को नुकसान पहुँचाने का जुर्माना 10-50 रुपये के बीच ही है। क्या इसी को इंसाफ़ कहते हैं? प्लीज़ मेरी पेटीशन साइन और शेयर करें, इसे अपने सोशल मीडिया में पोस्ट करें ताकि मासूम बडी को इंसाफ़ मिले और किसी जानवर के साथ ऐसी बर्बरता ना हो, ऐसी हिंसा ना हो जो बडी के साथ हुई।

Sukriti Chauhan
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Petitioning Maneka Gandhi, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Animal Welfare Board of India, P M narendramodi, Forest department kerala

Justice for Ambalapuzha Vijaya Krishnan who has been killed by his mahouts

Tusker Ambalappuzha Vijayakrishnan, owned by the Travancore Devaswom Board (TDB), has been killed at the Sree Krishna Swami temple premises here on Thursday morning(08/04/2021). According to devaswom officials, the 51-year-old elephant had been suffering from various health issues for the past few days. That poor elephant underwent severe torture at the hands of his mahouts for several months from January 2020( completely swollen legs, injury near his eyes and various parts of the body) but none of the authority took any action against this cruelty even though few animal activists requested. Devaswom officials continuously paraded him in various temples of Kollam and Pathanamthitta districtsof kerala, which caused further deterioration of its health . Without proper food and water he he has been illtreated and tortured continuously along with the prolonged parades. The devaswom allowed the elephant’s parading at Thevalakkara last month in spite of the severe injuries allegedly inflicted on its body by the mahout. Surprisingly, the devaswom veterinarian also issued a certificate claiming the tusker was fit to be paraded. After the issue was raised with forest officials, they intervened and put a stop to the parading. The elephant was shifted back, but it was probably too late according to an activist #copied . devaswom president A Padmakumar, veterinarians who gave him fitness, his mahouts are the culprits. I am sure that Govt. of Kerala and wild life department will not take any action on this incident and  kindly join together and raise voice to give justice to the departed soul of our beloved " ambalappuzha vijayakrishnan". thanks in advance   References  1. 2. 3.

Vivek K viswanath
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Petitioning Maneka Gandhi, Dilip Agasty, Puspendu Mitra

Arrest ''Ashish Banerjee'' from R​.​R-65, ABL Township, Durgapur

I dont understand, why people like ''Ashish Banerjee'' still exists in our society. How come people don't raise their voice after knowing about such cruelty. It's so unfortunate that I am having to create a petition in order to get this man arrested after what he has done. Residents of ABL Township, Durgapur should have taken some immidiate action on this criminal by now. Ashish Banerjee, from R.R-65, ABL Township, Durgapur killed 5 puppies by drowning them in Tarr. He kept drowning these poor souls till their last breath. Please refer to the link below. Link - No action has been taken on this man yet. It is my earnest request to all those whoever will sign this petition, kindly share and tag it to 'Maneka Gandhi'. She is an animal rights activist, and environmentalist. She is a member of the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian parliament and a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Thanks, Update : This Man was released by Local Authorities within an hour at a fine of just Rs.1000. To, Honorable Prime Minister ''Narendra Modi'' Is this the level of Justice in India?? This man brutally took 5 innocent lives and in return it costed him just Rs.1000 and an hour of his rotten life. Kindly take strictest of actions against this person and please set an example, so that no one could ever think of harming any other animal. As animals are also an essential part of our society and they co-exists with us.

Romi Tandon
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Petitioning Chairman VCI, President Kennel Club of India, FSAPAI , Chairman AWBI, Secretary AWBI, Maneka Gandhi

#LeadByExample on #AnimalCruelty Prevention - Vet Councils & Colleges et al

Time to #LeadByExample:We can ONLY enforce PCA rules if Vet Councils, KCI & other powerful aggregators inform, direct and implement them. The revised draft bill for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA) with higher fines and jail time shines the spotlight on prevention to avoid punishment , while it moots harsher penalties as a deterrent.  There has been excellent progress in animal cruelty laws in India, particularly on dog sale, marketing and pet shops,  but its impact is diluted as there is no push, penalty or enforcement from the primary stakeholders in the veterinarian space,  namely Veterinary Council of India, State  Veterinary Councils,  the Kennel Club of India as well as the Pet  Practitioners Associations across  India. Grey areas means clearly it is now time to do so.  Special significance and impact of this is seen specifically in the Dog Breeding and Marketing Rules 2017 (DBM)  and the Pet Shop Rules, (PS19)  gazetted in 2019. While these rules have been impeccably and painstakingly assembled and can largely mitigate cruelty in breeding and selling  of dogs, there remains a  large, palpable gap between the implementers and the enforcers; not just because of the seeming lack of information and awareness but  NO disciplinary action taken up by concerned Council or Association. Ownership and a strong message is needed. 1. Veterinary Council of India (VCI) The 1992  Veterinary Code of  Ethics & Conduct clearly states  that the State Veterinary  Councilsmust ensure the current statutes and laws are implemented and Veterinary Code of Ethics are adhered to . The PCA is a centre point for this and in deciding what constitutes cruelty. It is naturally assumed that the Veterinary profession, as gatekeepers to animal compassion and cruelty prevention , certainly cannot themselves  allow, enable or condone animal cruelty. In fact, as per their code of ethics they stand strongly as a voice for the animals. For e.g. the specific objectives of the Karnataka Veterinary Council  shows Point 7 as : Implement such other Acts & Rules promulgated from time to time by either Union or State Government and Point 4 as: Implement Veterinary Council of India (Standard of Professional Conduct, Etiquette & Code of Ethics for Veterinary Practitioner’s) Regulations 1992. In terms of relevance what this  means is:  if vets are fully informed that dogs cannot be bred without formal breeders licence, or sold without a pet shop license,  they are not just at liberty, but required by law,  to check the Breeders license at the time of pregnancy or whelping and in case of no license,  report it to the State Animal Welfare Board (SAWB). Similarly if they note that pups are being sold against the legal framework (under 2 months of age, unvaccinated or without records), they are ethically bound to action, counsel and report the same. This is not happening at all. Sadly, there have been many cases of illegal breeders, backyard puppy mills and home breeders using registered vets with impunity. The change of laws & its communication  must be on priority for the councils so that the state council vets are not inadvertently guilty of breaking the law, and engaging in cruelty. Presumably, breaking of the law by a registered veterinarian could result in legal action as well as disciplinary action like being disbarred from the council. There has not  been  a single case of disciplinary action taken on these or other matters, so there is no fear or penalty that impact the less informed or sometimes less reputable vets to continue this unfortunate practice. Therefore the State Veterinary Council MUST take their role as the primarily legal counsel for veterinary doctors very seriously to ensure highest standard of care AND legality. Since  Point 31 ie ‘Professional Conduct’ below is specified in the gazette, perhaps VCI must explicitly update that the adherence to PCA is considered ‘infamous conduct’. (1) The Council may, by regulations, specify standards of professional conduct and etiquette and a code of ethics for veterinary practitioners.(2) Regulations made by the Council under sub-section (1) may specify which violations thereof shall constitute infamous conduct in any professional respect, that is to say, professional misconduct, and such provisions shall have effect notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force.(Veterinary Colleges  which come under the VCI purview, play a huge impact on this as the vet students taught and shaped by them have a chance to understand the new methods if treatment and compassionate laws  but also be aware of the shift to welfare rather  than mere animal husbandry or a commercial profession) 2. Similarly the Kennel Club of India (KCI) specifically focuses on promotion of specific breeds and pedigrees, to champion shows and promoting hobby breeders,  pedigree pups for sale in addition to listing studs  or dams for meeting. In the AWBI sit DBM Rules Point 4(iv) states “The Kennel Club of India, and other kennel clubs, shall issue puppy registration certificates only to breeders that are licensed by the local authority, and registered with the Board.” As responsible council dealing with one of the largest interested groups of commercial or specialty dog owners,  the KCI do not stipulate the requirements of either a pet shop license as per the pet shop act of 2019 and the dog breeding and marketing rules of 2017. There is no mention in their dog transfer or litter registration form of instructing  their many breeders to seek breeders license registration by the  State Animal Welfare Board as per the rules. This creates a huge impact because the largest interface being passive or indifferent implementation of rules to protect the very animals that they are apparently devoted to, seems to convey a lack of concern for the voiceless companion animal or pet, the very group that the government is making all attempts to protect. 3. The 3rd category covers Pet Practitioners of India (FSAPAI) part of WSAVA which are organised across state and city lines and focus primarily on companion and small animals . Their informal space, knowledge exchange and direct exposure to and impact on pet owners make them a VERY important channel & influencer. Their PCA understanding and integrity in conveying the same to their patients is critical in ensuring that the animals are not cruelly treated as per the current laws of the land.  4. The fourth category is the Government Animal Husbandry (AHVS) departments where states veterinarians  also need to enable and support the incrementation of the PC Rules to companion and community animals under their purview. Another example is when government vets attached to the State Animal Welfare Board give licesnses for breeding or pet shops, slaughter & animal transportation  without fully checking and assuring themselves it is above board, will face legal consequences as well as  severe disciplinary action as per Civil Services guidelines. 5. The next category is that of Hobby Pet Owners and dog breed aficionados who do not believe in #AdoptDontShop. As they look at the pet dogs as largely show dogs, the care is limited as the entity is a commercial being and not a companion animal.  It also encourages them to carelessly or deliberately break the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act by buying from an unlicensed breeder, buying pups before 2 months of age, engaging in illegal home breeding etc.  6. The real crux lies in an effective, strong AWBI and SAWB in implementing these rules and laws. The poor implementation of excellent laws means that there is no real mitigation on animal cruelty prevention. All this lip service put a lot of pressure on the system including animal lovers, tax paying citizens, government and shelters, who see a high number of abandoned or badly treated companion animals. We lose lives and precious tax rupees. Systemic and sensible change needs to be done at both operational & strategic levels. What do we need to do? 1.     AWBI must formally write to & get a sign off all these categories informing them about the rules, necessary training, empathy and sensitivity required as well as the penalty for breaking the law. A written confirmation that the stakeholders will unequivocally follow & implement the laws must be taken. They in turn must officially, formally communicate to their members via website, collateral and formal circular. 2.     Associations to ensure online or hybrid training modules so that members are fully apprised of the laws as well as their own pivotal role in implementing the same to prevent cruelty.3.     The compulsory university course on Animal  Welfare, Ethics and Jurisprudence for vet students  must be updated at all veterinary colleges, and signed off by the SAWB as reflecting all laws, legal perspectives welfare for animals. Refresher courses every two years to be encouraged, as a prerequisite to practice.4.     To ensure ample caution and to avoid any bias, any veterinarian engaging in commercial animal activity like breeding, sales or slaughter of animals should be asked to give a declaration so as to ensure no medical conflict of interest or inadvertent impropriety in giving licenses, or prevention of cruelty.5.     In case of repeat offenders, as formally complained to the AWBI, District Magistrate, SPCA, Police the Vet Council (or Pet Practitioners Association) must consider disbarment of the vet, member or delisting for a period of time. In the case of Kennel Club, the members should be removed, and no pedigree certificates issued. 6.     Taking legal responsibility must come from the top. The owner of a large vet practice, a breeding facility etc. must be held accountable of any of his/her staff breaks any of the rules. In this way, the frequent excuse of a junior staff’s ignorance is no longer acceptable or usable. 7.     Create cross functional groups of NGOs, Council members, government (especially police) and animal lovers to ensure that laws are adhered to in letter and spirit and there is no cruelty, whether deliberate or inadvertent. 8.     Ignorance of the law is not an excuse to about punishment as most would know. It is the duty of the councils on behalf of the vets, breeders and pet owners they represent, to ensure that they are informed and follow the rules.9.     AWBI to write (get data/reports) to all SAWBs and stakeholders (cc: CSs, DGPs) holding then responsible for the adherence to cruelty laws, as well as implementation of penalties, license withdrawal, spaying breeder stock. By doing so, a strong message goes out on AWBI’s zero tolerance in enforcing PCA.10.   The Police should be an active part of this exercise as the largest enforcer and stakeholder. 11.   A safe Whistleblowers policy should be quickly implemented where anyone seeing cruelty in breeding and sale or lack of legal licenses or framework, can confidentially report and SPCA/SAWB has to act on information given. The powerful breeder lobby, has great influence and closes ranks quickly, making it difficult for an ordinary person to take up arms. 12.   A campaign to promote companion animals as family rather than mere property or commercial beings must be encouraged by the state and city government and judiciary. Indeed, it is the only way to prevent cruelty to dogs and other animals. 13.   Update the Vet Code of Ethics 1992, Council Act (and KCI rules) – they need an overhaul given some of the PCA changes, and they need more teeth & penalties. All of us in animal welfare space have the kindest of intentions, want to prevent cruelty, so it’s the need of the hour for the leaders and influencers to lead by example and walk the talk. 

The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore
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Petitioning Maneka Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Animal Husbandry Officer

Stop The Ongoing Witch-Hunt Of Street Dogs In Koramangala (By Dog-Hating Cynophobics)

Cynophobic (Dog-hating folk) in Koramangala, Bengaluru are ganging up to try and "relocate" the street dogs after having threatened to poison them. This needs your urgent attention and involvement. These dogs are innocent, harmless, and have as much right to live and breathe as any human being.  I am a resident of Koramangala 6th Block, Bengaluru since 2019. Prior to this, I've stayed in 1st block, 5th block, and ST Bed Layout, Koramangala since 2011, and for the last ten years, I've never had any trouble with the street dogs of Koramangala. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I took some dogs into my home, and started feeding some of them regularly on the streets - and a few kind souls in the neighborhood started doing the same, because their regular food sources (Meat shops, Biryani outlets, etc) had been closed for a very long time. In the process, I - someone who has never kept a dog in their life prior to 2019, not only became attached to the dogs, but started caring for them as a parent. I was lucky enough to be aided by some kindred spirits along the way such as Mrs Prema Prasad, involved with the Cartman Animal Trust, who helped me and many others like me get the dogs vaccinated, report the ones that were hurt in street accidents and to get them basic care. All of this has not gone down with a group of people in the same locality who are by definition, cynophobic. Cynophobia is an irrational fear of dogs and is a recognized medical condition. They have issues with the dogs merely walking around and living and breathing the same air as them, and in an outrageous move, they have launched an "internal petition" that accuses these dogs of being dangerous, and goes on to accuse these dogs of laughably inaccurate crimes, extending to bag-snatching too. If given an opportunity, they would probably accuse the dogs of the Kennedy assassination. Nevertheless, Mrs Prasad and I and a few others are concerned because this is the same group of people that has, on and off threatened to poison or "euthanize" the dogs from time to time, and their latest step seems directed at "relocating" the dogs, another fancy term for picking them up and hurting them. These dogs are not just harmless and innocent.  To many like me in Koramangala, they are FAMILY.  And more than that, they are creatures of this planet with the same right to breathe and roam free as any other citizen and no human being has the right to relocate them without THEIR consent. This area is home to them, and the presence of Cartman Animal Hospital ensures that none of the dogs are at rabies risk. All of them are vaccinated, and neutered periodically by the Cartman Association. Unbeknownst to the cynophobics of the city, a lot of people here who actually care for the dogs, put money out of their own pockets to give food on a daily basis, to provide basic care to these dogs whenever needed. And none of us have ever been hurt by the dogs. The people signing the "relocation" petition are people who encourage their children to torture these dogs during Diwali, the people who fail to impart basic human/civic lessons to their own children and teach them to be afraid of dogs.  It is my request to the recipient of this petition, Smt Maneka Gandhi, and to everyone reading this petition or signing it, to become an active voice of change in the process and help in taking formal action against those who are trying to torture these innocent souls. They deserve to live free, just like you and me. Anyone who thinks otherwise, is by definition, a racist, a bigot, and a coward. 

Shomprakash Sinha Roy
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#JusticeForBuddy: मासूम पिल्ले के साथ बर्बरता की हदें पार करने वालों के खिलाफ़ कार्रवाई हो

प्रिय नागरिकों, जानवरों पर आए दिन बढ़ रही हिंसा एक चिंता का विषय है। हर दूसरे दिन भारत के कई हिस्सों से किसी बेज़ुबान के साथ बर्बरता की ख़बरें आती हैं। कुछ हफ्ते पहले सोशल मीडिया पर मुझे 6 महीने के लैब्राडोर पपी, बडी का एक भयावह वीडियो मिला, जिसमें उसे बेल्ट से मारा-पीटा जा रहा था। हम जानवरों पर इस प्रकार की हिंसा को सामान्य घटना कहकर अनदेखा नहीं कर सकते। पशुओं के प्रति क्रूरता रोकथाम अधिनियम, 1960 (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960) अंग्रेजों के कानून को बदलने और तब के समय में जानवरों को हिंसा से बचाने के लिए एक सार्थक प्रयास था। लेकिन तब से लेकर अब तक इसमें दिए सज़ा के प्रावधानों जैसे कि जानवरों पर हिंसा के लिए जुर्माने की रकम को नहीं बढ़ाया गया है। 6 दशक बाद भी ये जुर्माना 10 से 50 रुपये के बीच है। एक सांसद होने के नाते मैं 1.5 लाख से ज़्यादा लोगों द्वारा समर्थित सुकृति चौहान की पेटीशन के साथ खड़ी हूँ। मेरा मानना है कि उन्होंने एक बहुत गंभीर विषय को उठाया है। ये सही समय है जानवरों के खिलाफ हिंसा के जुर्माने को बढ़ाने का ताकि ऐसे अपराध में कमी आए। मैं हमारी केंद्र सरकार से विनम्र आग्रह करूँगी कि पशुओं के प्रति क्रूरता रोकथाम अधिनियम, 1960 (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960) में तुरंत संशोधन किया जाए ताकि जानवरों के खिलाफ हिंसा के लिए कड़ी सज़ा हो और अधिक जुर्माना लगाया जा सके। हम सबको मिलकर प्रयास करना होगा कि आगे से किसी बडी के साथ ऐसी निर्मम घटना ना हो। मेरा मानना है कि सरकार और हम जन प्रतिनिधियों को अपने हिस्से का काम करना ही होगा ताकि भारत में हर जानवर सुरक्षित हो। धन्यवाद, मेनका गाँधी सांसद, लोकसभा @Manekagandhibjp

5 months ago
#JusticeforBuddy - Punish the perpetrators and Increase Penalty for Animal Cruelty

Dear Citizens, The growing spate of atrocities against animals is great cause for concern. Every other day another horrific case comes to light in different parts of states in India. Just a few weeks ago I came across a horrifying video on the internet where a six-month-old Labrador puppy called Buddy was being brutally beaten with a belt. We cannot allow violence against any animal to be normalised. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 was enacted to replace a colonial legislation and sought to prevent infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering on animals. However, the quantum of punishment i.e. the penalties, has not been reviewed even once in the six decades. The existing law stipulates a penalty between Rs 10 and Rs 50 for any act of cruelty against animals, including beating, kicking, torturing, starving and mutilating the animal. As a Member of Parliament, I extend my full support to Sukriti Singh and the 1 lakh 50 thousand signatories of her petition. I believe that they have raised an important matter. It is time for the penalty for animal cruelty to be increased so that such crimes are deterred. I request our central government to urgently​ ​amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, to provide an effective deterrent and ensure stricter penalties and punishments are imposed. We cannot afford to have any more Buddys suffer. I truly believe that we in government need to do our bit to ensure that animals in India are safe. Thank you, Maneka Gandhi Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha @Manekagandhibjp

5 months ago