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End soft sentencing for child abuse and domestic violence

End the judicial system's sympathetic attitudes and questionable soft sentencing of child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence perpetrators. In the most recent Australian case, Matthew Lee Williamson was given just nine years for the murdering Kyhesha-Lee his three year old daughter. He could be out on parole in just seven years.  "Your treatment of your daughter was occasionally loving but mostly cruel and callous,” Justice Atkinson said. “You should have put her welfare above all else.” Kyhesha-Lee HAD MEDICALLY VERIFIED SEXUAL ABUSE INJURIES IDENTIFIED AT HER AUTOPSY…  and her short life was characterised by repeated violence and sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is not loving and not the behaviour of anyone who should have access to children, even if the children are their own. Matthew’s behaviour towards his daughter was abhorrent and Judges must be called to account and dismissed for their soft sentencing on all forms of child abuse and domestic violence.  One punch legislation has a mandatory minimum sentence for violent assaults fuelled by drugs and alcohol of eight years, with a max. of 25 years. Legislation must be changed to address the overwhelming levels of violence in homes and towards children. Kyhesha-Lee was delivered one fatal punch. One fatal punch from her own father, along with a life of sexual abuse. Violence to children, especially by the their parents or family members is not okay.  Legislative changes must be brought in to protect and address the epidemic crisis of domestic, child and sexual violence in our country.  Innocent children and vulnerable people deserve our support as a community. Perpetrators need to know the community is outraged and will no longer tolerate domestic violence.  Send the message loud and clear to politicians, violence against children and vulnerable people is not okay. Our judicial system is not reflective of community attitudes.  Swift legislative change is demanded by your constituents to correct the judicial system in criminal AND family courts to ensure every officer, judge and member of the legal system recognise that child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence are fundamental breaches of humanity that should be taken seriously and punished harshly. Your action is required now.

Jane A
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Amend Tanilla's Murderer Warren Ross' Sentence to "Never to Be Released"

"No person with any modicum of humanity could not be moved by the circumstances of this murder," Justice Rothman said.  On the 5th of December 2013 Warren James Ross was convicted of the murder of 2 year old Tanilla Opal Warrick-Deaves. He was later sentenced to 40 years with a non-parole period of 30 years. "During Ross's sentencing hearing on Friday, Justice Stephen Rothman told the court that Ross had whipped the child with a belt while joking to her mother that he could make Tanilla scream. Ross responded by rolling his eyes and shaking his head." "Noting that Ross had shown no remorse and that his prospects for rehabilitation were "poor", Justice Rothman sentenced him to a maximum of 40 years in jail, with a 30-year non-parole period" On 26th of July, 2015 Warren Ross appeared in the Supreme Court to appeal his sentence. Not citing any wrong-doing by the police in the investigation or an error's in prosecution. Citing only the fear for his own personal safety in jail. "Crown prosecutor Sally Dowling SC reminded the court of the terrifying conditions Tanilla endured before her murder, arguing that torture was the only way to described Ross' offending" Ross' defence believes that the sentence does not adequately fit the crime. WE AGREE! However!  We feel his sentence is not harsh enough and this petition is to reflect our opinion and the overall opinion on the majority of members in society that when it comes to the TORTURE and MURDER of a child that the file should be stamped NEVER TO BE RELEASED.We want Warren Ross' file to be stamped NEVER TO BE RELEASED!  Justice Clifton Hoeben told the appeal court that Ross' taunting of Tanilla with a belt to "show he could make her scream without even touching her" was one of the "most horrible" incidents he had read during his career. This will begin the road to the justice we are seeking for Tanilla and will set a precedent in our legal system and our society that these types of crimes WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Warren James Ross' sentence for the murder of Tanilla Warrick-Deaves MUST be amended to NEVER TO BE RELEASED!   Who is Tanilla Opal Warrick-Deaves? Tanilla; A bright, bubbly toddler - A delicate 2 year old girl. Tanilla loved pushing her dolls in a pram, coloring in, learning new things and seeing the ocean She was two years and eight months at the time of her murder. Tanilla is the daughter of Adrian, the step daughter of Brooke. She has sisters and brothers.  Tanilla is your child. My child. Tanilla could be anyone at any given time. That is the sad reality of child abuse. It doesn't choose people based on socio-economic factors, race or religion. It does not discriminate and there is not a person on earth who not susceptible to this world-wide epidemic. Who is Warren Ross and WHY should he remain behind bars for the remainder of his natural life? Warren Ross is the person who murdered Tanilla. The boyfriend of her mother. He had moved into Tanilla's home only 2 months prior to the day in August, 2011 that he beat Tanilla until he laid her unconscious body in a pram in the corner of a room and left her there to die. This was not the first instance of abuse that Ross made Tanilla endure, he routinely abused her and her two older sisters in the same manner Tanilla was abused (Or what he would refer to as "punishment"). Ross was particularly heinous and would brag and laugh about the abuse he made them endure, as evidence by the conversation in regards to 2 year old tanilla: "I can make her scream - Watch this" and at a later stage "Watch me make her scream. I'll tell her I'm getting the belt" At this point Ross told the child he was getting the belt and she screamed in fear. Tanilla, essentially, seemingly for the purpose of discipline & toilet training, was required to run laps of the lounge room, hit with objects, including an electric cord, and forced to stand in one place for extended periods. Tanilla was TWO YEARS OLD at the time of these punishments. 19 July 2011: The bruising from which Tanilla suffered was so significant that she was kept home from day care in order to prevent the abuse being reported. Tanilla did not again attend day care. 25 July 2011: While out, Tanilla complained that her legs were tired and she could no longer walk. Tanilla was taken by the hand, lifted from the ground and struck. This caused Tanilla to fly through the air, and land on the ground approximately two metres from where she was thrown. Tanilla held out her arms and said, “Pick me up; pick me up” She was not picked up - Instead, she was sworn at and dragged along the street. These events occurred in a public street. 25 August 2011: Tanilla was required to run laps of the living room, which she was unable to complete due, to exhaustion. She was hit with a hand while Deeves was sitting on the lounge and able to observe this event. Tanilla was hit on the head, back and backside. Tanilla was dragged across the lounge room floor while being kicked in the backside. The striking of Tanilla ceased and she was required, instead, to run more laps of the lounge room. During the course of this “punishment” she wet herself. At that point she was struck with an electric cord and hit numerous times in quick succession across the back and the legs for about three to four minutes. Tanilla was taken to the bathroom and put in a cold shower. She was spluttering and crying. Deaves took Tanilla’s siblings to the kitchen and returned to the bathroom, where she heard Tanilla’s head hitting the glass of the shower. She heard that twice before she actually arrived at the bathroom. Deaves alleged hearing Tanilla screaming, “No, no, no”.When Deaves arrived at the bathroom, Tanilla was being held by her wet hair. Her head was banged into the shower wall. Her mouth was bloody. Deaves reported that she sought to intervene to stop the deceased being hit further. Tanilla had the front of her head slammed into the shower screen; her body was flailing. Her body was shaking. “You don’t like cold water, do you? You don’t shit in my house. You’re an animal”. He continued to shout at Tanilla “you’re a black dog; you’re a black cunt!” Tanilla was taken to the toilet and held, by her feet, with her head above the bowl. Tanilla was naked, wet and shivering. Tanilla looked as if she was falling asleep. Deaves was told to wake her up. Tanilla was grabbed and shaken and told to wake up. Deaves noticed that something was “not right”. Tanilla fell to her knees and could not get up again. At that time, Tanilla was lying on her stomach on the floor outside the bathroom. Tanilla was then kicked in the lower back or backside, causing the deceased to slide across the wet floorboards, hitting the top of her head into the hall cupboards. This occurred twice. He told Deaves to wake Tanilla up. He grabbed Tanilla by the arm and leg and threw her onto the mattress. Deaves placed Tanilla in a double stroller and put her in the Deaves and Ross bedroom. Deaves considered that Tanilla was brain damaged due to the blows to her head, because she did not wake within a few hours. Deaves stayed up watching Tanilla until early morning. Tanilla's breathing was intense and rattly. Friday 26 August 2011, Tanilla failed to regain consciousness. That morning, Deaves took her other two children to deliver one of them to school and to make some purchases at a local shop. During the course of the day, people (family of Ross and Deaves and friends) attended the house, but Tanilla was hidden from them. Saturday 27 August 2011: emergency services were contacted. At 4.08am an ambulance arrived. Police also attended. The deceased was conveyed to Wyong Hospital, where her death was confirmed. An autopsy was conducted on 28 August 2011: It found extensive bruising at various stages of healing to Tanilla’s head, torso, arms and legs. These were recent and historic bruises. The findings were that there was clear and unequivocal medical evidence of sustained physical violence of a non-accidental type, possibly up to several weeks before death. Tanilla had previously been healthy, with no major medical issues. The direct cause of death was blunt force head trauma. The autopsy, while confirming that the cause of death was the traumatic head injuries as described earlier, also expressed the view that Tanilla may well have survived if she had received prompt medical treatment and the report indicated that the greater the delay in seeking medical attention, the greater the chance was that Tanilla would not survive. The failure to obtain medical treatment was a substantial cause of the death of the deceased. 

Tanilla's Law
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NSW Government - Stop the Slaughter of the Snowy Mountains Brumbies!

I’m sure I don’t need to highlight the national symbolism of the Australian Brumby in particular those the roam the high country and have done for over 180 years they were immortalised in The Man From Snowy River, they helped us to build (and defend) the nation we call home, they carried us through wars and are the last symbolism of freedom in Australia. However, there are a minority in this country with extreme views that they should be eradicated from the Kosciusko National Park (KNP) by all means necessary including helicopter culling these groups are headed mainly by the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and are supported by the ALP, the Greens, the Colong Foundation, the ANU, Fenner School and the Wilderness society and various national parks associations (ACT, NSW and VIC). I don’t need to remind you of the (very justified) public outcry of the events in 2000 in the Guy Fawkes National Park, when the NPWS under the Australian Labour Party (ALP) at the time butchered 600+ horses (and at the behest of the Colong Foundation in particular whose patrons have been and are Neville Wran and Bob Carr). Sickening footage of this event can be located easily on the internet, showing horses with their teeth blown out, mares shot dead while foaling and other horses with bullet riddle bodies, it was nothing less than a massacre and an event of international embarrassment and disgrace at the time when Australia had just again immortalised the Man From Snowy River and the Brumbies to an international audience at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. These wild horses are now an essential part of the ecosystem of the high country, they are not predators and have little to no negative environmental impacts as opposed to the wild dog and pig populations of which seem to get little attention from the NPWS. They have become a massive tourist attraction for those from the city and internationally that watched movies such as the Man from Snowy River and read books such as the silver brumby series when they were kids. We hold Banjo Patterson in the highest regard in this country for his literary work and skills in putting into poetry the world he lived in and the places he saw. It’s a shame we don’t hold such places and iconic symbols in the same regard to protect the culture of European Australia, as I fear in years to come all that the great achievements of the settlers of this country and the horses that took them there will be completely forgotten and a way of life reduced to another poem in a library or a video on “youtube” to show the next generation what it was once like.  Please help stop this disastrous program and allow the brumbies to live, it’s now our turn to protect them, as they carried on their backs 3 generations of proud Australians during 3 different wars and built this nation we love, don’t allow them to be sent to slaughter because of some extreme left green views, stand up for what is Australian and the brumby is certainly that, before we lose the little things we have left that tie us to those that were here before us.  

Richard Roberts
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Stop clear-felling in Bellingen's Tarkeeth State Forest

LOCATION Bellingen is surrounded by thousands of hectares of beautiful rich and diverse forests and three main rivers: the Kalang, the Bellinger and the Never Never. These rivers meet the sea at Urunga. Local residents rely on the quality of this water for their lifestyles and livelihoods, including: tourism, irrigation for local farms (cropping, dairy, livestock, oyster farms). 
THREATENED SPECIESThese forests are home to a rich and diverse range of flora and fauna including wildlife on the threatened species list such as: Koala, Quoll, Giant Barred Frog, Powerful Owl, Sooty Owl, Black Necked Stork (Jabiru), Glossy Black Cockatoo, Red-tailed Cockatoo, Wompoo Fruit Dove, Rose Crowned Fruit Dove and Superb Fruit Dove. 
INDIGENOUS SIGNIFICANCE Tarkeeth Forest contains areas of significant indigenous culture of the Gumbaynggirr people – the traditional landowners, who have identified scar trees, artefacts and sacred sites, and stand to lose this precious history if this forest is destroyed. 
FORESTRY CORPORATION'S METHODSForestry Corporation has commenced a five year operation in Tarkeeth Forest. Their method involves extensive clearfelling using massive machine harvesters, to be followed by the burning of the remains in windrows and widespread spraying using a cocktail of herbicides. 
PLANTATION HISTORYThis forest is registered as a ‘plantation’ however over the forty eight years since planting took place, the Flooded Gum crop has failed to flourish due to the rigorous grow back of the native species, and now has a rich and diverse lower story of native trees that supports threatened wildlife. The plantations in Bellingen were originally owned by Australian Paper Mills (APM), who planted the Flooded Gum trees for paper production. The land was acquired by the Crown and dedicated as State forest in 1984, and is now managed by Forestry Corporation which came into being on 1 January 2013, when Forests NSW was corporatised. There was no community consultation about the land management practices they were going to use for their business. Forestry Corporation has a twenty year exemption that prevents it from being sued by anyone for any wrong doing.
Forestry Corporation is currently harvesting Blackbutt, which they claim was planted by APM, however APM planted Flooded Gum for use in paper production. Why did they lie about this in their plantation plan? 
NO PROFITS!Forestry Corporation has admitted there will be no profits made from this harvest. Flooded Gum is unsuitable for construction purposes, and as such will be sold off to make pallets and to offshore pulp markets. 
FORESTRY'S UNSUSTAINABLE METHODSForestry Corporation’s methodology and practises are unsustainable and unsafe for our community and environment. The Tarkeeth plantations are situated on steep slopes, too close to our main waterways and farms. Our region has a very high rainfall and is subject to severe flooding. Clearfelling is a complete desecration of our forest, everything is destroyed in the process ­– unlike selective logging. The fallout of this methodology is three fold; there is enormous destruction of native flora and lower under-story natives trees and shrubs, loss of vital habitat for threatened wildlife and birds, and exposure of thousands of tonnes of top soil which could potentially wash into our river system when heavy rains come, as was the case last year in the Never Never River, which resulted in an environmental disaster for our river system and a $15,000 fine from the EPA.
Forestry Corporation claims to use sustainable methods (however this term only refers to the fact they will replant the clearfelled area with seedlings for the next harvest). It does not refer to methodology. Forestry Corporation plans to apply a chemical cocktail including Glyphosate and Metsulfurin, and two accelerants, Liaise and Pulse Penetrant, to manage weeds over several applications. Several of these chemicals have been banned in Europe, and no one has done any research anywhere in the world to determine the impact of using these chemicals in their proposed combination. Forestry Corporation plans to use synthetic fertilisers with each replant. Our steep slopes and high rainfall make this a recipe for disaster, as these chemicals will move off site and wash into our main two waterways. Contamination of our waterways and impact on our threatened native wildlife is a serious concern for our community. 
BETRAYAL OF COMMUNITY CONSULTATION Forestry Corporation has betrayed our community consultation process, and has rejected all of the concerns and requests put forward. The community asked for no clearfelling, to use selective logging methods to preserve the delicate ecosystem. They requested bigger buffer zones for our waterways, and additional wildlife corridors to protect habitat for threatened native wildlife. They asked for buffer zones to protect neighbouring families from clearfelling. They asked for no chemicals to manage weeds, knowing that if they replanted the Blackbutt crop promptly after harvesting, chemicals would not be needed. Blackbutt is the dominant tree in the Tarkeeth plantations. It is extremely fast growing and does not require fertiliser.All of these requests were denied. Clear felling itself, creates a weed problem, adding to the non-sustainable chemical dependent monoculture plantations that are currently being managed. ETHICAL PLANTATIONS Our community understands and supports the need for responsibly managed plantations as a means of protecting our native forests, and being able to provide for our own timber needs here in Australia. We support sustainable selective harvesting to provide a permanent supply of quality timber to local mills and small businesses, to support and create local jobs. However, we do not believe that Forestry Corporation is engaging in best practise. They are operating within the state-wide minimum standards. This is not good enough for our community or environment, and particularly on the steep slopes these plantations are situated on. Privately owned plantations require far greater scrutiny and conditions then our governments forestry corporation...why should there be two standards? Why does Forestry Corporation not have to provide an environmental Impact assessment nor a threatened species assessment for their plantations? Whilst everyone else has to? 
Whilst Forestry Corporation refuses to listen to our community and adopt more ethical standards for its plantations, we are asking our government to put a stop to all plantations in Bellingen (Gladstone, Kalang, Newry, Tuckers Nob and Tarkeeth) and to relocate this business to a safer, more suitable location. 
A BETTER FUTURE FOR BELLINGEN The Bellingen community wants these forests preserved and to be used for our thriving tourism industry – a mainstay of our local economy. We believe there will be far more consistent jobs and income via soft eco-tourism from walking trails, hiking, camping and adventure sports. We believe that the community stands to benefit far more from the sustainable management and preservation of these forests than from timber plantations. 
STOP DESTROYING OUR HOMEWe are asking our government for a complete stop to clearfelling in Bellingen. The aggressive nature of this methodology, along with the use of chemicals, is too destructive for our threatened native wildlife, waterways and community’s health. Our community wants a full enquiry and assessment in consultation with our key stakeholders, to develop more sustainable and ethical methodologies to be adopted if business is to continue in this region.
Concerned citizens of Bellingen

Susan Weil
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Sack Salim Mehajer, Sack Auburn Council & Ban Developers/Real Estate Agents from Councils

 #SackSalimMehajer Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer has treated the community, law & council with great disrespect and his illegal activities sets a poor example for the community. The Auburn LGA community & residents call on the NSW Government & Paul Toole (Local Government Minister) to permanently sack Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer from local government. Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer has destroyed the credibility of Auburn Council to operate as a transparent and honest agency. Examples of his criminal activity, abuse of power and arrogance: Deputy mayor distributes fake flyer to residents, shuts down Sydney street for unauthorised over the top ceremony in western Sydney leaving locals and police fuming. Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer fined twice for not revealing election funding Auburn deputy mayor’s dark past and police rap sheet: maliciously damaging property, speeding, burnouts, using a mobile whilst driving, disobeying a stop sign, running a red or yellow light, illegal U-turn, drove “not being left of the dividing line”, did not comply with a P plate, refusing to produce a licence, director/secretary not make out statement of company’s affairs, officer not deliver books to liquidator ... Salim Mehajer guilty of driving without a licence Please add your voice to call for the dismissal of Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer by phoning Auburn Council on 02 9735 1222, email: & writing to/visiting: 1 Susan Street, Auburn, New South Wales 2144 Please write to the NSW Local Government Minister to urge him to work with Auburn Council to sack Salim Mehajer: The Hon. Paul Toole, MP52 Martin PlaceSYDNEY NSW 2000Phone: (02) 8574 7000 Fax: (02) 9339 5552 GPO Box 5341SYDNEY NSW 2001Email: Auburn City Council Public Inquiry Submissions:Office of the CommissionerEmail: 02 4428 4166Facsimile: 02 4428 4199Postal Address: Locked Bag 3004, NOWRA NSW 2541 Like Sack Salim Mehajer & Auburn Council on Facebook We are not affiliated with any organisation or individual. The reasons to sack Salim Mehajer are outlined above and have nothing to do with his ethnic background or religion. We condemn Salim Mehajer and his supporters for playing the 'race card' by claiming that calls for his sacking are ethnically/racially or religiously motivated. We also call on supporters of this petition to not to 'race to the bottom' against Salim Mehajer's supporters by replicating such poor behaviour. We also support Luke Foley's calls for reforms to Local Government in NSW: Section 451 of the Local Government Act to be scrapped. (Section 451 allows Councillors to vote on planning decisions from which they could benefit financially). Ban property developers and real estate agents from being Councillors Capping political donations and campaign spending in council elections Ending the 'horse-trading' for the mayoral position with a popularly elected mayor for the full 4 year term Auburn City Council, The Hon Paul Toole MP (Local Government Minister): Time to #SackSalimMehajer

# KeepCumberlandClean
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Save our Lady Northcott and Lady Herron ferries

We are lovers of these graceful ferries, the ride is exhilarating, comfortable and fun. There is plenty of room to enjoy the harbour from inside or on the deck. As famous Sydney artist Peter Kingston says when they pull up at the wharf there is a beautiful "Whoosh". Many of the rope throwers, captains, regular commuters, tourists and crew love these ferries and we must save them for the Sydney community. Be quick sign this petition to save them as we may only have weeks before they are lost. We have been reliably informed that the State Government intends to remove from service the remaining two Lady Class ferries (Lady Northcott and Lady Herron) . The first of those to be axed is the Lady Northcott. The Lady Nortcott has been missing from her regular run the past few weeks  and she will not be returning to her scheduled run this week. We must put the State Government on notice that we do not want these iconic reminders of the glory of harbour transport to be removed from service. The Lady Class ferries are not only timeless reminders of the joys of travelling across our famous harbour, but there are distinct practical reasons why they should be retained. They have large capacities (550 for Lady Herron and 700 for Lady Northcott) that make them ideal for the morning and evening commutes. They also have the unique ability to be operated from both ends such that they are more efficient than newer vessels when arriving at and departing from wharves. The Lady Class ferries also have plenty of outdoor space that make them appealing to commuters on tourist-friendly routes such as Taronga Zoo and Vivid. Sydney Ferries pays to charter additional vessels from private operators to ensure regular service for commuters. As taxpayers, how can we reconcile those payments with the decision to remove the Lady Class ferries from service? We must let the State Government know that we have a stake in our transport options. Vessels of equivalent class but much older are travelling in the public transport industry around the world and are a big tourist attraction as well as carrying locals to and from work. Hong Kong has the Star Ferry company that is historic as well as the Staten Island ferry company in the US. If you are a regular ferry commuter and wish to avoid being placed in a new and more modern salt-encrusted "sardine tin" at peak times then please sign the petition below. Even if you are not a regular commuter, but can recognise the value in saving two 40 year-old icons of our harbour then please sign the petition below. Before they are lost forever, let us work together to continue to enjoy the harbour from these ferries and savour the “whoosh” as they arrive at our wharves. Things to know about your Ferries before they are gone forever. Lady Vessels have the unique ability to be operated from both ends so it is excellent for berthing and turn around times. They can move 550 (Lady Herron) and 700 (Lady Northcott) passengers, on busy Taronga Zoo services, this includes sometimes up to 80 prams as well as wheelchairs. They can travel up river as far as Meadowbank Wharf and the Lady Northcott can back up the Manly service when the Manly Ferry breaks down. They have huge potential for festive times chartering, New Years Eve parade of lights, Cockatoo Island events and Vivid. They have been servicing the harbour for approximately 40 years. They are part of our harbour and our history.Daily commuters love these ferries and have expressed that they want to travel on them for many years to come.

Save Our Ladies (SOL)
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Protect the headwaters of the Kalang river now

Sign this petition to create a Nature Reserve over Oakes and Roses Creek State Forests, protecting the head waters and tributaries of three important NSW rivers; the Kalang, Bellinger and Nambucca. Creating a wildlife corridor between Baalijin and Juugawaarri Nature Reserves and Gumbaynggirr National Park, ensuring biodiversity and clean water in the rivers for the families downstream. Recently residents of the Bellingen Shire community were notified that Logging is to commence in the headwaters of the Kalang River, Roses Creek State Forest Compartments 138-140 in May 2017, and Oakes State Forest Compartments 141-144, in January 2018 (more compartments adjacent were announced simultaneously after enquiry by concerned residents to Forestry Corporation NSW) These mature native forests provide a safety and buffer zone to old growth trees and rain forested areas at the head waters of the Kalang River and its tributaries, filtration to the river system, as well as habitat for a myriad of threatened and endangered flora and fauna such as Porsonsia dorigoensis, Koalas, Brush tailed phascogale, Rufous scrub bird, Glossy black cockatoo, Giant spiky crayfish, Giant barred frog, Sphagnum frog and many more. Logging in this steep fragile environment with a high annual rainfall will inevitably, as it has historically, result in heavy run off and sedimentation of the pristine Roses Creek and the Kalang River. This increased turbidity and associated sedimentation reduces water flows through siltation and smothers aquatic flora and fauna. It is detrimental to aquatic crustaceans, invertebrates, eels and fish including the larvae and crayfish that platypus feed on in the Kalang River system. Environment groups, community members, businesses and the residents of the Kalang valley, some of whom rely on the river’s clean water for drinking, cooking and the watering of organic crops and stock are united in their goal to have these areas so vital to preserving a healthy water supply protected from an inevitable damage.  In 1992 a Department of Land and Water Conservation (DLWC) report found the Forestry Commission and its contractors had repeatedly breached soil-erosion control guidelines, creating several major landslips on Catbird Road in Oakes State Forest. DLWC estimated that over 88,000 tonnes of soil had been mobilised towards the headwaters of the Bellinger River near Mt Killiekrankie on the NSW Mid North Coast.  In places, whole sections of land and vegetation moved en masse as the foundation rocks sheared. The river's tributary creeks downslope of roadworks and logging operations were choked with spoil and rubble six feet deep in places. Downstream the creeks ran red with sediments. Evidence of this is still visible today.  There is not necessarily any more protection from Forestry Corporation NSW breaches with modern equipment, as in February 2015 the community was horrified by a botched logging operation at Tuckers Nob followed by a high rainfall event which saw serious erosion again on a large scale resulting in 180,000 tonnes of soil being dumped into the Never Never River Catchment (Bellingen Shire) for which Forestry Corporation was fined a mere $15,000.  The public has lost faith in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to monitor and regulate continual and serious breaches by FC NSW.  The steep terrain and tone of the proposed logging operation in Oakes and Roses Creek SF, is again setting the scene for another possible mass erosion event. The Chairperson of the Bellingen Environment Centre (BEC) Ashley Love commented that, “Since the recent changes by the NSW Government to the Biodiversity laws including Land Clearing, Forestry Corporation is now able to log on steeper slopes, and buffer zones to fourth order streams have now been halved to get to the big, old trees so vital to our threatened species. Extensive forests of big trees are the seed banks for making rain and we need greater protection for our waterways, not less.” The proposed logging by Forestry Corporation in the Headwaters of the Kalang River (Rose’s Creek State Forest Compartments 138-140 and Oakes State Forest Cpts 141-144) is inconsistent with the protection and conservation of forest values, water quality, water quantity, guaranteed biodiversity and carbon storage required by the Bellingen community. We therefore call on the NSW Government to create a Nature Reserve over Oakes and Roses Creek State Forests to protect the head waters and tributaries of the Kalang, Bellinger and Nambucca rivers in perpetuity.  

Kalang River Forest Alliance
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Restore Inner West Line - reinstate Liverpool (and Bankstown) via Regents Park train services

Restore Inner West Line - Liverpool (& Bankstown) via Regents ParkSydney Trains' new timetable (20 October 2013) is the worst downgrade in a generation.Terminating the Inner West Line at Homebush station and the introduction of the new train timetable on October 20, 2013 has resulted in:*Over 80% of Train Services Cut between Lidcombe and Liverpool via Regents Park*Up to 3 Additional Interchanges at Birrong, Lidcombe & Strathfield*Increased Travel & Wait Times*Increased Overcrowding*Lack of Access to the Inner West (disconnection between Lidcombe & Homebush)*Lack of Frequent Train Services (only 2 per hour)*No direct Liverpool to City via Regents Park*No direct Bankstown to City via Regents Park*Increased Traffic Congestion (especially for Arthur St/Centennial Drive, Flemington) The commuters of the the Inner West, West and South Western Sydney suburbs request the restoration of the Inner West Line for all stations between Homebush and Liverpool. The restoration of the Inner West Line with services to pre-October 20, 2013 levels such as a direct train from Liverpool (and Bankstown) via Regents Park/Lidcombe to the City Circle.A guarantee that Bansktown Line trains west (to Cabramatta/Liverpool) and north (to Lidcombe) will be operated by Sydney Trains during and after the Sydney Metro construction. Please support the Restore Inner West Line campaign by signing and sharing this petition.Like Restore Inner West Line on FacebookFollow SydneyCampaigns #RestoreInnerWestLine on Twitter Contact: Phone: 0426500330 (Roydon Ng)Mail: PO BOX 470 LIDCOMBE NSW 1825 Please contact us if you require a hard copy (printed) version of the petition. We are an independent community action group organised by local residents. We do not receive any funding from any political party or institution.

Roydon Ng
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Keep NSW Land Titles Registry Government Owned

The NSW Government wants to sell the NSW Land and Property Information  Registry Service.  This information is sensitive and should be kept by the government and not foreign entities.  The state government, for the sake of a one off payment of 2 Billion dollars, will forgo an annual revenue of $190 million a year.  Revenues which could be used by the government  to improve NSW infrastructure and services.    

Elizabeth Lees
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Petitioning NSW Labor, Luke Foley, NSW Parliament

NSW Labor: Don't support the Greyhound Racing Industry. Vote with Baird to close it down.

The NSW State Opposition Leader, Luke Foley (Labor), has expressed support for the Greyhound Racing industry in face of Mike Baird's decision to ban the sport and is trying to rally groups in NSW state parliament to prevent the ban as per - The reason Mike Baird has chosen to proceed with a ban on Greyhound Racing is due to the results of a Special Commission of Enquiry conducted by former High Court Justice, Michael McHugh. A summary of the results are as follows: • The mass killing of greyhounds. The report found, “In NSW in the last 12 years ... somewhere between 48,891 and 68,448 dogs were killed because they were considered too slow to pay their way or were unsuitable for racing.” In the industry, they call this “wastage”. It’s not wastage: it is the unnecessary slaughtering of tens of thousands of healthy dogs. • The widespread practice of “live baiting”. This is where live animals, like rabbits, are used as bait to be chased by dogs in training sessions. The report found that, even though this is already illegal and carries heavy penalties, “a trainer, who admitted to engaging in live baiting, testified that about 10-20% of trainers engaged in live baiting.” • The systemic deception of the public concerning the numbers of deaths and injuries of dogs. It is estimated that 180 greyhounds per year sustain catastrophic injuries during races such as skull fractures or broken backs that result in their immediate death. But the commission found that “Greyhound Racing NSW had adopted a policy of deliberately misreporting the extent of injuries suffered by greyhounds at racetracks.” • The industry is not capable, in the short or medium term, of reforming. The report found that “it appears unlikely that the issue of the large scale killing of healthy greyhounds by the industry can be addressed successfully in the future.” In fact, the report found that, “such is the culture of the industry and some of its leaders that it is no longer, if it ever was, entitled to the trust of the community.” Clearly this industry needs to be shut down. Let's call on NSW Labor to do the right thing and support the ban.

JJ Fiasson
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