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Linda Burney

  • Shadow Minister for Families, Social Services and Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians

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Decriminalize the herb known as Cannabis/Marijuana for medical treatment.

At present the government is making cannabis/marijuana oil legal for medical treatment of very sick people but not making it possible for them to get the oil they need in Australia. Doctors don't seem to support the treatment even when it helps people who are dying. I have a brother and sister who both have cancer and I lost a son recently to cancer and I have had a hysterectomy to remove cancer myself, which can return at any time. I would like to be able to take a natural herb preventative approach like cannabis oil as my treatment. Our government has a duty of care for the well being of Australian people and it's not hard to decriminalize a herb so people can purchase it from their local health shop like other herbs. I have lost many friends and have many currently suffering from cancer/leukemia. The medical treatment given for cancer at the moment is a short life extension with terrible pain for the patient and long term pain for the family, who only remember the pain their loved ones went through for the last part of their life. The oil seems to treat the cancer without all the pain. So why would we not want to use cannabis oil to treat the illness without pain for the patient and their family. The legal medical cannabis arrangement cannot work the way it has been set up and people need it now before it is too late. You only get one life and it's important to the owner of that life. Cannabis and its oil can be used as treatment for a variety of health issues ranging from: Cancer, Leukemia, Epilepsy, Respiratory Assistance(Lung Disease), and any issue that causes small to debilitating amounts of pain. I would like the support of the Government and the Australian people to change the laws classifying the herbal plant cannabis from a drug to a natural herb.   

Isobel Madeo
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Save the Alexandra Canal Cycleway

What is the Alexandra Canal cycleway? The Alexandra Canal cycleway is a calm, safe and protected shared path cycleway that connects Tempe and the southern suburbs, to Sydney's CBD and eastern suburbs.  It is a much-loved facility, frequently used by many local Sydney Airport staff and commuters to get to work every day, as well as recreational users of all ages. What is happening to the Alexandra Canal cycleway? Video: The State Government (RMS) Sydney Gateway motorway project was designed to connect the Airport terminals to the Sydney Ports, and will require the space to the north of Sydney Airport. Due to Sydney Airport airspace height restrictions, the project plans to remove the existing shared cycling and walking connection along the Alexandra Canal adjacent to Airport Drive. Amongst the many known benefits of active travel, decreasing congestion is important, as the City of Sydney writes in 'Growing Sydney’s congestion-busting bike network'.  A protected, separated cycling network is important to reduce and minimise disruption to motor traffic, improve safety for all and free up space for truck freight movements. There is some provision for the replacement and installation of equivalent cycling and walking infrastructure as part of these road projects.  However, from history, we know when projects run over budget, walking and cycling facilities are often the first to be removed from the plans. It is also important that safe access is provided for the community during the construction period. What do we want? The surrounding cycling and walking advocacy groups have joined together and agreed on 3 important asks for people cycling in the community: A cycling and walking route along Alexandra Canal from Tempe Reserve to Coward St (equivalent to the existing facility, if not improved) during and after construction. A cycling and walking route linking the Alexandra Canal pathway with the Sydney Airport Domestic Terminal and Bayside Council’s proposed Eastern cycling network (Wentworth Ave, Mill Pond greenway, Foreshore Drive). A bicycle route linking the Alexandra Canal pathway to Sydenham Station and to Sydney Park. Who is responsible? Asks 1-3: We call upon our state representatives to urge the State Government (RMS) to support and provide these important, vital active travel connections for our community. Ask 2: We call upon our federal representatives to urge the Federal Government to assist Sydney Airport Corporation Limited - SACL in negotiating and providing the land to assist the State Government in achieving these connections. What action is required? In addition to signing and sharing this petition, we urge all supporters to write letters to their state and federal representatives (and upcoming election candidates), outlining these 3 asks, and expressing what this cycling and walking facility means to you. Who is behind this campaign? BIKEast Bike Marrickville The Orbital ArtCycle Sydney Green Ring Bikes Botany Bay St George Bicycle Users Group Bicycle NSW BIKESydney Georges River Active Transport (GRAT) Sutherland Shire Environment Centre WalkSydney

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Water and food security is being placed at risk here in Australia because governments continue to industrialise our agricultural land and allow the resources sector to pollute our surface and groundwater.  It is time to demand action not just on climate change, as action to protect our food bowls is also urgently needed.  We need a national food and water security policy.  Fracking gas and CSG projects are the biggest threat to a sustainable Australia because these projects pollute all surrounding water sources, including aquifers, contaminate air quality, soil and compromise the ability of landowners to produce clean food, as does conventional gas on prime agriculture land. With over 50% of prime production land in the NT and 2% in WA equating to a land mass the size of Tasmania, approved for fracking, as well as, CSG projects being approved in Queensland and NSW, along with conventional gas wells being drilled in the middle of prime agricultural land in SA, our national food and water security is being placed at risk.  One shale or tight gas well requires between 15 to 30 million litres of clean water over the life time of the well.  With 100s and 1000s of wells being planned for Australia, we simply don't have that kind of water to spare in the direst inhabited continent on the planet.  Well casing failure leads to water contamination, making water undrinkable and unsuitable for food production.  We simply can't afford this industry our water is too precious because all wells fail eventually.  A gas company in WA contaminated a water source with radiation and the recommended resolution from the gas company, was to feed the contaminated drinking water to livestock.  This is livestock that would have entered our food chain.  In Queensland CSG projects are compromising a farmer's ability to produce clean food for Australians because their water bores have either dried up or have been contaminated by nearby CSG projects. The UN Resolution 64/292....states, the United Nations General Assembly explicitly recognised the human right to water and sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realisation of all human rights. The United Nations Charter defines democracy as “ a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives” Our request is also supported by the United Nations Human Rights International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. PART I  Article 1 1.  “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”. PART III  Article 21. 3.  “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government”.

Water Defenders Australian Alliance WDAA
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The hiring of specialist trained Gender Surgeons in each Australian State and Territory

To the honourable members of the Australian Parliament,  I, Elizabeth Kazon, an Intersex Transgender Female, and my fellow LGBTQIA+ individuals, allies and supporters, call upon you to without delay hire surgeons within the Medicare public health system to perform sex reassignment surgeries, thus making these certified Life Saving Surgeries, affordable for all Transgender and Intersex Australians. Within Australia, Medicare pays a rebate for some Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgeries and some Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgeries, however as there isn’t the possibility to have these surgeries performed in the public health system, private surgeons have a virtual monopoly, making these necessary surgeries unaffordable for a majority of Transgender and Intersex individuals. Furthermore, advancements are being made in these surgeries, however there is no opportunity for the private surgeons to learn and use these new techniques as they are constantly backlogged with patients who have no alternatives. The approximate cost in Australia to have a Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty is $18’000 excluding aftercare, fights and accommodation. A new surgery, the Peritoneum Pull-Through Vaginoplasty has been pioneered and is being performed oversees for approximately $20’000-$40’000 USD. This cost is relatively affordable when compared to the $100’000+ payable to have Phalloplasty performed in Australia. These prices are unaffordable, and it should be offered within the public system. In addition, it is with great conviction that we also believe that breast enhancement, breast reduction, Buttocks enhancement and buttocks reduction should also be performed for those holding a valid Intersex or Transgender Diagnosis as such procedures have been proven to greatly improve Transgender and Intersex individuals’ mental health.  We the undersigned call upon you, the Australian Parliament, to without delay, put pressure on the individual states and territories to hire and train 1 specialist surgeon per capital city in Australia plus at least 4 specialist nurses to assist them. These surgeons collectively should be proficient in the following new and older techniques to meet the needs of the Transgender and Intersex Individuals of Australia: ·         Peritoneum Pull-Through Vaginoplasty, ·         Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty, ·         Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty, ·         Facial Feminization Surgery, ·         Voice Feminization Surgery, ·         Tracheal Shave, ·         Breast and Buttock Augmentation, ·         Mastectomy, ·         Hysterectomy, ·         Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy, ·         Metoidplasty, ·         Phalloplasty. Yours with hope, 

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The definition of "bullying" by Bully Zero Australia "is when an individual or group uses its power and strength to repeatedly, deliberately and intentionally use words or actions against another or a group that hurts, threatens, harasses, humilates verbally, psychologically or electronically making the victim feel oppressed, traumatized and powerless". Centrelink has consistently demonstrated deceptive and dishonest practices throughout the years. Contrary to its promises and claims, Centrelink has repeatedly failed to provide me with the help that I have been needing. Further to their obvious and deliberate stonewalling of my attempts to apply for Disability Support Payments since a near fatal workplace accident, Centrelink has repeatedly disregarded serious concerns regarding their referred job network agencies. I am finally in receipt of Disability Support Payment with the support of an independent support group that has expressed shock and alarm at the fact that Centrelink and its referred job network agencies had repeatedly denied me of the help that I urgently needed, and that I was instead simply forced to look for work without any thought or regard for my debilitating condition (substantial evidence provided to the Offices of Federal MP David Littleproud) However, Centrelink continues to treat me with disrespect and disregard of my condition:  Approximately two (2 years) ago, Centrelink had approved an online self-paced course that I had queried about, and Centrelink advised me of my elegibility for Pensioner Education Supplement and Mobility Allowance. After I paid for my course in full, at the discounted fee of just under $2,000, I lodged my applications for Pensioner Education Supplement and Mobility Allowance - however, I was repeatedly requested to provide "further information" which were merely repeats of the very same information that I had already provided in my application forms - ie. my course start date, proof of enrolment, how many hours of study intended per week, estimated end date of my course. My applications were rejected. My Appeal was also rejected and I was thanked for pointing out obvious factors stated in their information handbook that were in my favour - however, I was advised that Centrelink would be changing this information so that no self-paced courses will be approved. As a result of Centrelink's misinformation and false promises, and needless drawing out of the processes, I have now suffered a loss of approximately $2,000 which I need to make necessary repairs to my vehicle so that I can attend my medical and specialists appointments, as well as further emotional distress. Out of desperation, I contacted the Offices of Federal MP David Littleproud, and I was immediately contacted by their referred Centrelink Liaison Officers who urgently referred my case to the Centrelink Legal Team for compensation on the grounds that I "have been detrimented due to Centrelink's defective administration" . Despite confirmation from the Centrelink Legal Team that my case is being handled as a priority, the Legal Team continues to disregard repeated intervention from the Offices of David Littleproud and their Centrelink Liaison Officers and their repeated requests for urgent action, and continues to needlessly draw out this process, with full knowledge of my further deteriorating health resulted from their actions. The case manager of the Customer Compensation Team has acknowledged receipt of my claim on 14th September (2017) and been fully aware of my inability to attend medical and specislists appointments without having necessary repairs to my vehicle, and that I also could not attend my appointment for an ultrasound. It is not acceptable to me that the Centrelink Legal Team also continues to disrespect and disregard the state of my health which has already been directly resulted from Centrelink's defective administration which has been consistently demonstrated throughout the years. It is abundantly clear, the Legal Team has the capacity and ability to make an immediate decision due to the fact that I have already presented glaringly obvious facts in my favour. However, the simple fact is that the Legal Team instead chooses to needlessly drag on my case, with full knowledge that their actions are preventing me from obtaining the medical and specialists treatments that I have been desperately needing, and of their further adverse impact on my health.  Upon my emailed request for this matter to be pushed to the forefront as matter of public interest, the Legal Team has promised to have my claim processed by the 6th October (2017). As expected however, the Legal Team has failed to honour this promise, in spite of serious concerns ecpressed from the Centrelink Liaison Officers who had made an urgent referral for a social worker to contact me. I was not OK on R U OK day, and I was not OK today on Mental Health Day. My treatment from Centrelink has been so violent and so brutal and unconscionable, and this treatment continues. Centrelink also continues to show me that I do not deserve respect and dignity. I note that Hank Jongen, Centrelink CEO has remained shamelessly silent throughout my ordeal with his staff. However, I look forward to the opportunity to discuss these and other issues our meeting with my Federal MP David Littleproud, as matter of public interest. 

Montana Kenelley
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