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Justice For Our Girl - ASIFA

WE HAVE STARTED THIS CAMPAIGN TO DEMAND JUSTICE FOR OUR DAUGHTER ASIFA BANU AND A CAPITAL PUNISHMENT (DEATH BY HANGING) FOR ALL THE RAPIST AND MURDERERS INVOLVED WHICH INCLUDES SANJI RAM, SPO DEEPAK KHAJURIA,  Parvesh Kumar, Sanji Ram's son VISHAL JANGOTRA,THE ALLEGED TEEN,SPO Surinder Kumar, Sanji Ram AND TWO MORE ACCUSED POLICEMEN WHO KNEW OF THE HORRIFIC CRIME AND TRIED TO COVER IT UP FOR A HUGE BRIBE, SO THAT OTHERS WOULD TAKE A LESSON FROM THIS INCIDENT AND NEVER DARE TO DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN  We request the concerned authorities to give a capital punishment to rapists and murderers of 8 year old Aasifa Bano and set an example for other rapists like Deepak Khajuria. Here are the details about the whole incident as it happened, taken from multiple newspapers included is the links to the newspaper articles. The Men Accused In Kathua Rape And Murder, And The Evidence Against Them India outrage spreads over rape of eight-year-old girl In a gruesome incident Asifa Bano just an 8 year old, who had gone missing a week ago, was abducted, raped and murdered in Hiranagar tehsil of Hindu-dominated Kathua district on Wednesday 17th January. #JusticeForAsifa People in JK demand justice for 8-yr-old allegedly raped and murdered in Kathua On January 10, Asifa daughter of Mohammed Yousaf of Rasana in Hiranagar was taking her horses for drinking water when she was last seen by a local woman in the village at around 3:30 pm. The girl did not return home and the family feared that he she has been abducted and approached police station Hiranagar next morning. He said they were unable to understand where the girl has gone? The policemen never visited the village for investigation purpose to trade the abducted girl despite registering an FIR. The family members said on Wednesday morning a local made a phone call to one of the family members and informed them that he has seen body of Shifa. The family members along with police team rushed there and found the body of the girl. Police shifted body to the hospital for post mortem. It triggered protest demonstration. A Gujjar leader Talib Hussain told Rising Kashmir that had police acted on time, the life of the minor girl could have been saved. There were torture marks and human bites on her body. She was also allegedly given electric shocks. There are marks of human teeth on her cheeks and her arms and legs are broken. She was allegedly raped. We remember that night electricity went all of sudden after transformer developed mysterious snag and next morning, the body of the girl was found. The government then  formed Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the girl’s death. A police official said the SIT had started probe to identity and arrest the accused.The issue had repeatedly rocked the state Assembly with opposition parties raising questions and demanding action against the culprits. On January 23, the Mehbooba Mufti government had ordered a probe in the matter and handed over the case to the crime branch of the state police. Special police officer (SPO) Deepak Khujaria was later arrested by the Crime branch. Khajuria was also among those appointed to trace her when she went missing. Policeman Arrested For Rape And Murder Of 8-Year-Old Girl In Jammu   Kathua rape-murder case: Special police officer's arrest in Jammu and Kashmir takes ugly turn Led by Manch and BJP members, the protestors marched from Ghagwal to Hiranagar in Kathua, local newspaper Rising Kashmir reported. “We are against the murder of the minor girl but we don’t want our men to be framed. If such things continue, people will come out on the roads,” they threatened. A picture shows J&K personnel escorting the protestors. Vijay Sharma, who according to information on state BJP’s website is the party’s state secretary, shockingly defended the protest. “He (Khajuria) has been falsely implicated. More than 5,000 people participated in the rally,” Sharma claimed, talking to The Wire on phone. According to him, the Hindu Ekta Manch was formed last month to “defend people from police harassment”. Sharma said he heads the Manch in Hiranagar constituency of Kathua district which is represented by BJP MLA Kuldeep Raj. Kasana and its adjoining villages are part of Hiranagar constituency. “Members from BJP and other parties have come together under the banner of Ekta Manch,” asserted Sharma. The organisation has threatened to continue their agitation if the accused isn’t released. It has also demanded that the case be handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). “We are in touch with many incumbent and former MLAs and local leaders from different constituencies. We will continue with our demand…we want the case to be handed over to the CBI because we don’t trust investigation by the crime branch,” said Sharma. The police first arrested a minor boy for his involvement in the crime. But after it was alleged that the investigation had been botched up, the case was handed over to the crime branch which then set up an independent SIT. Led by BJP Leader, Hindu Ekta Manch Protests in Support of SPO Arrested for Raping 8-Year-Old in Jammu Some shocking details about rape-and-murder of 8-year-old girl Asifa Banu in Kathua, J&K 1. The poor girl was gang-raped for seven days in a village but police did nothing to rescue her till her body was finally found dumped in nearby forest.2. Her bones were broken with the heavy objects.3. Her upper body bore marks of bites and other torture.4. Her body was torn open and burnt before being dumped.5. While accused rapists/murderers enjoy impunity, a young lawyer Advocate Talib Hussain who was fighting for the justice for Asifa has been arrested by police. Talib Hussain released after third degree torture.6. Tragedy pertaining to poor Gujjar family is no concern for the so called civil society.7. Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industries didn’t issue any statement to condemn the gruesome incident and so didn’t Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries speak. KTMF President Yasin Khan equally observed silence.8. Ruling BJP remained silent and so did veteran separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani play mute. 9. The High Court Bar Association of Jammu remained silent and response of High Court Bar Association Kashmir was no different. Lawyers Club of Kashmir equally didnt seek probe, justice.10. Victimized Gujjar community, which staged protests to seek justice had to face batons of police. Bottomline: We all are silent because it wasn’t our daughter or sister or maybe she wasn’t from our community or tribe; she didn’t belong to the circle of influence that could awaken our souls. Let’s not communalize the spine shivering tragedy as being the case of a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christians; Unless we humans wake up against such crimes as one voice regardless of  religious or other beliefs, someone’s daughter will continue to fell prey. As of now, let our heads hang in collective shame. Sorry Asifa we did nothing for you because your rape and murder doesn’t serveour interests! (Kindly share for public awareness. Thanks)#JusticeForAsifa#MehboobaRegime#MJHPosts My Words: Some shocking details about rape-andmurder of 8-year-old girl Asifa Banu in Kathua Gaddam Foundations 

Gaddam Foundations
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Are they cleaning or Inhaling dust?

How do you feel when you're surrounded by filth and dust while taking a morning walk? Not right. Won't you feel suffocated? - Definitely. If we can't bear the dust for a short while, think of those who spend day in and out in cleaning the dust and filth on the roads. Hours and hours, kilometers and kilometers, they clean and that's like 24/7 JOB for them. Ideally, Job enables a common man sustainability and stability in life. But unfortunately, this Job doesn’t enable them for the same. Our research has left us with surprising stories of people in these jobs cleaning lanes/ streets stretching over 2-3 kms everyday. Typically each day starts around 5 a.m and ends around 7 a.m. Human Street sweepers play a very important role in promoting hygienic environment while they themselves are surrounded with dirt and diseases. With average compensation staggering below 10k and with current pollution level, their job makes them vulnerable because of their certain occupational hazards. They're constantly exposed to fine particles, commonly referred to as particulate matter(PM), ranges from PM 2.5 to 10 which are extremely harmful for human beings. When inhaled over a long period it can cause medical conditions such as skin and heart diseases and even lung cancer. With low income and no Medical benefit available as they are hired on contract basis, their life has become everyday struggle. Sadly, 1.2K workers are prone to these infections in the year 2015-2016. It is an appeal to the Govt of Telangana to look into the matter as many lives are at stake. As part of what could be done, Periodic Health Checkup camps Entitlement to basic benefits which should include Health Coverage, Medical allowances. Changes in Supplies - Sweeping Boots An air purifier mask

Oneness Organisation
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Pedestrian Problems and Road safety in madinaguda and Chandanagar

Dear sir,  We are the residents of madinaguda, Hyderabad. This area has seen phenomenal growth In last five years. The proximity to all the amenities makes this area one of the most promising area.  However,  in the last couple of years,  systematically, this has become a nightmare for the residents due to existing road conditions. I Will now explain below how good Roads have systematically become curse for the pedestrians 1. There use to exist a service lane which is merged into main carriageway in violation of national road standard ( 2. All the traffic lights are closed from Allwyn Cross road to Bhel Cross road thereby all the vehicle going in each direction pick up speed from both the side when they reach madhinaguda. 3. The "U" turns are placed in more than 2 KM's range which also makes vehicle speed up and all the vehicle tend of go in wrong lane 4. Not a single Zebra Cross or Pedestrian crossing lights are in place. One Pedestrian crossing light opposite bajaj electronic is not in Operations.   5. The Median height is very low which makes pedestrian dare the incoming vehicle. 6. A Lot of school are nearby (Genesis Public School, St. Ann, Chetanya etc.) and we are putting hundreds of thousands of students at risk every day.    In Light of all of this, I have following recommendation to solve this menace. 1. Traffic Light become functional near R S Brothers (Which is already there but traffic police has made is  non functional) 2. Footpath for Pedestrian is constructed with a Zebra Crossing every 500 mts. 3. A Foot over bridge is already approved near Madhinaguda but work has not yet started. Request GHMC to expedite. 4. Median of the Roads to be increased so that pedestrian also do not cross road from everywhere.   I hope together we can build Bangaru Telangana    Rohit Kumar Samar

Rohit Samar
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Hyderabad lakes on SOS

It was Bengaluru and the toxicity is visible in Hyderabad. Hyderabad lakes are swifting away into the clutches of pollution. We need to immediately act in protecting and preserving them. Dear Sri K T Rama Rao, Sri Laxma Reddy and Sri Jogu Ramanna, environment plays a vital role in each one of our lives and we urge you to take stern measures towards this. By having the lakes (RK Puram, Safilguda and others) cleaned on priority By strictly monitoring garbage/sewage transfers into these lakes  By immediately taking action against pollution caused by old concrete rubble dumped into water bodies to make them sellable By withholding any sort of encroachment by builders hereafter and if possible correcting the damage already done By stopping ganesh (made with POP and harmful colours) immersion or the likes and banning the making of idols with harmful chemicals. We all love lord Ganesh but our lakes seem to no longer absorb the chemicals with increasing size and number of idols. Let people only buy idols made of mud and immerse them at homes. As the size of an idol grows year by year so does the pollution in lakes which is a serious menace all living beings! Please save my city by initiating stringent and immediate measures to stop polluting them in future. 

Bhavani Gudidhena
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