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Julie Collins

  • Shadow Minister for Women and Shadow Minister for Ageing and Seniors

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All Aged Care Workers should be trained in Mental Health.

You put your mother or father in an Aged Care to be looked after, but what happens when a resident that has Mental Health issues gets put into a nursing home? Well the truth is, 90% of the time, the staff caring for your loved ones are too busy to look after your mother or father and are too focused on this Resident who has severe Mental Health issues. Not only is it taking time away from the Elderly who came here for a place to call home, but it's also a serious risk to the staff and other Residents having a resident that is capable of extreme things, wandering in and out of rooms and around the facility where we are not able to keep a full eye on them to keep the Resident safe. Staff are not trained to deal with Mental Health Residents and it puts our lives at risk, along with the Residents who now feel uncomfortable to even leave their room because of this resident who is threatening them in their own home. Why are Aged Cares allowed to accept residents with extreme mental health issues? The facilities aren't designed for those residents and we don't have the correct training, nor the correct facilities to look after them. If Aged Care are going to keep accepting Mental Health residents, then us staff need the correct training to look after them. The Elderly should feel comfortable in their home, not be scared and hide away in their room all day...

Tiff Wil
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Save our NRS

Save our NRS I am a National Relay Service (NRS) user and I use this service regularly to make calls to make appointments, clients, services, family members and so on.  The NRS is an important service because it offers me the equivalency to telephony that cannot be replicated with 'cheap other options' mainstream communications. The current Request for Tender (RFT) only requires Emergency Services to be 24/7. Other services such as captioned relay, text relay, SMS relay, IP relay and Video Relay are not guaranteed full service and is subjected to bidder's capacity to deliver at a 'Value for Money' which is capped at $22m per annum. In 2016-17, the total operating cost for increasing demand for NRS was at $32m. With capped funding, this means my access to NRS may be limited or restricted. What's more, the Outreach Program is no longer offered. We need the Outreach Program because I see many people who needs NRS are unaware of this important service.  I am worried. What happen if I am driving and my car breaks down in the middle of the road at 10PM and I cannot make calls because the service is unavailable? Or if I need personal support and I need to call a hotline but I cannot because the service is unavailable? Or if I need to urgently contact my family members to let them know of an immediate issue but I cannot because the service is unavailable? This lack of assurance is worrying and is not comforting to me, my family, and to my community. I need assurance. I need to feel safe in my community. I need to be seen as equal member of the community. Can you help me? Please stop the tender process undertaking by Department of Communications and the Arts so the requirements can be reviewed so our assurances can be met.  I ask for NRS to:  ensure that all services are operating 24/7, everyday of the year.  restore Outreach Program so other can learn about how to use the NRS; and ensure that the NRS are appropriately funded.  NRS is my equivalency for telephony service, I need them everyday for 24 hours a day.  Please. stop. this. tender. 

Deaf Australia
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The 2015 Review of the Australian Government Rebate on Natural Therapies for Private Health Insurance concluded that the effects of Pilates as a treatment for a number of conditions (including low back pain) was uncertain. Since the Review, there has been a significant increase in the body of evidence (randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews) supporting the efficacy of Pilates as an effective Method for health. The removal of Pilates means that Health Funds are legislated against being able to provide rebates for Pilates services. This Rule could have a devastating affect on your studio, be it your business, place of work, or place of participation in Pilates. The adverse impacts of the change include:·      individuals no longer being able to access Pilates services·      potential increase in individuals accessing other allied health services with un-trained practitioners·      will affect the economics of Pilates businesses (possible closure of studios)·      could lead to increased and unnecessary medical and surgical interventions·      could result in an increase of pain medications being prescribed unnecessarily·      may lead to increased injury rates for older people ·      a lower quality of life and health for people who currently benefit from Pilates and may not be able to continue doing so·      will result in the loss of GST revenue for GovernmentWhat do we want? The Rule to be amended to allow benefits to be paid for Pilates services when carried out by a trained Pilates practitioner with accreditation from a recognised Pilates industry body. What can you do? Sign the petition! What else? You could also help by writing to your local member of parliament, the Health Minister or your Health Fund, your GP and anyone of influence – let them know how this will affect you, how Pilates has helped you, what your business means to the community.

Pilates Alliance Australasia PAA
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Water and food security is being placed at risk here in Australia because governments continue to industrialise our agricultural land and allow the resources sector to pollute our surface and groundwater.  It is time to demand action not just on climate change, as action to protect our food bowls is also urgently needed.  We need a national food and water security policy.  Fracking gas and CSG projects are the biggest threat to a sustainable Australia because these projects pollute all surrounding water sources, including aquifers, contaminate air quality, soil and compromise the ability of landowners to produce clean food, as does conventional gas on prime agriculture land. With over 50% of prime production land in the NT and 2% in WA equating to a land mass the size of Tasmania, approved for fracking, as well as, CSG projects being approved in Queensland and NSW, along with conventional gas wells being drilled in the middle of prime agricultural land in SA, our national food and water security is being placed at risk.  One shale or tight gas well requires between 15 to 30 million litres of clean water over the life time of the well.  With 100s and 1000s of wells being planned for Australia, we simply don't have that kind of water to spare in the direst inhabited continent on the planet.  Well casing failure leads to water contamination, making water undrinkable and unsuitable for food production.  We simply can't afford this industry our water is too precious because all wells fail eventually.  A gas company in WA contaminated a water source with radiation and the recommended resolution from the gas company, was to feed the contaminated drinking water to livestock.  This is livestock that would have entered our food chain.  In Queensland CSG projects are compromising a farmer's ability to produce clean food for Australians because their water bores have either dried up or have been contaminated by nearby CSG projects. The UN Resolution 64/292....states, the United Nations General Assembly explicitly recognised the human right to water and sanitation and acknowledged that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realisation of all human rights. The United Nations Charter defines democracy as “ a universal value based on the freely expressed will of people to determine their own political, economic, social and cultural systems and their full participation in all aspects of their lives” Our request is also supported by the United Nations Human Rights International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. PART I  Article 1 1.  “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”. PART III  Article 21. 3.  “The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government”.

Water Defenders Australian Alliance WDAA
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The hiring of specialist trained Gender Surgeons in each Australian State and Territory

To the honourable members of the Australian Parliament,  I, Elizabeth Kazon, an Intersex Transgender Female, and my fellow LGBTQIA+ individuals, allies and supporters, call upon you to without delay hire surgeons within the Medicare public health system to perform sex reassignment surgeries, thus making these certified Life Saving Surgeries, affordable for all Transgender and Intersex Australians. Within Australia, Medicare pays a rebate for some Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgeries and some Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgeries, however as there isn’t the possibility to have these surgeries performed in the public health system, private surgeons have a virtual monopoly, making these necessary surgeries unaffordable for a majority of Transgender and Intersex individuals. Furthermore, advancements are being made in these surgeries, however there is no opportunity for the private surgeons to learn and use these new techniques as they are constantly backlogged with patients who have no alternatives. The approximate cost in Australia to have a Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty is $18’000 excluding aftercare, fights and accommodation. A new surgery, the Peritoneum Pull-Through Vaginoplasty has been pioneered and is being performed oversees for approximately $20’000-$40’000 USD. This cost is relatively affordable when compared to the $100’000+ payable to have Phalloplasty performed in Australia. These prices are unaffordable, and it should be offered within the public system. In addition, it is with great conviction that we also believe that breast enhancement, breast reduction, Buttocks enhancement and buttocks reduction should also be performed for those holding a valid Intersex or Transgender Diagnosis as such procedures have been proven to greatly improve Transgender and Intersex individuals’ mental health.  We the undersigned call upon you, the Australian Parliament, to without delay, put pressure on the individual states and territories to hire and train 1 specialist surgeon per capital city in Australia plus at least 4 specialist nurses to assist them. These surgeons collectively should be proficient in the following new and older techniques to meet the needs of the Transgender and Intersex Individuals of Australia: ·         Peritoneum Pull-Through Vaginoplasty, ·         Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty, ·         Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty, ·         Facial Feminization Surgery, ·         Voice Feminization Surgery, ·         Tracheal Shave, ·         Breast and Buttock Augmentation, ·         Mastectomy, ·         Hysterectomy, ·         Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy, ·         Metoidplasty, ·         Phalloplasty. Yours with hope, 

Lizzy K
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Tell Vulcan Materials to stop enveloping families with their hazardous, noxious fumes!!!

Lehi Crossing, a residential subdivision located in Mesa, AZ, is home to over 900 families, many with children and pets.  The home builder, William Lyon Homes, failed to properly disclose to its customers that there was a hot mix asphalt plant located 200 ft. below the ground in a mine adjacent to the community.  In fact, many homeowners report being told that the mine was closing.  This was not the case.  The builder continues to sell homes today using the same disclosures that were given to current residents.Vulcan Materials Company attended zoning hearing meetings for the community between 2004 and 2006, stating that their "highly industrial operation [was] incompatible with a residential community" and "living in close proximity to the operation could degrade the health and safety of the residents."   Nevertheless, the City of Mesa zoned the property for residential living and William Lyon Homes built on the land.  Shortly after moving into their new homes, residents noticed a pungent asphalt odor.  After realizing there was a plant in the bottom of the mine, they began to take action, only to learn that Vulcan's permit is only enforceable by the county.  The residents are unable to enjoy their properties, as remaining outside for longer than a few minutes on most mornings is intolerable.   In August of 2006, Vulcan Materials Company was found to be in major violation of their air quality permit, as they had greatly been exceeding their carbon monoxide emissions for at least the prior year.  Maricopa County Air Quality responded by increasing Vulcan's allowed emissions and removing their daily limits.  Vulcan had previously addressed the county, stating that not being allowed to violate their permit would impact the production economically and a removal of the daily limits would allow Vulcan to operate more profitably.  Lehi Crossing residents are stuck.  If they wish to move, they must disclose the plant and odors that were not disclosed to them, causing an inability to sell or requiring residents to lose their hard-earned equity in order to leave the neighborhood.  Failure to disclose sets up residents for the potential of lawsuits brought on by their buyers. In a meeting with Vulcan Materials Company representatives, Lehi Crossing residents were told that as long as the asphalt plant remained, so would the noxious fumes.  Tell Vulcan Materials Company to stop potentially poisoning families with their hazardous and noxious fumes by moving their asphalt plant!!!  

Lehi Residents for Clean Air
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Increased Parental Leave for both parents

Giving young children emotional and physical safety and security is one of the most important things any of us can do for the future. The bonds created between parents and their children in the early years lay the foundation for that child to grow up resilient, confident and intelligent. Yet as work hours increase, this becomes an impossibility for many parents. Parents are forced back to work, leaving their children in the care of others, even if they want to stay home and do the tiring, valuable work of caring for their own children. It is the right and the responsibility of both or all parents to care for a baby. A family should be able to bond together and children should have the care of all their parents. The stress caused by the current lack of paid parental leave provisions often places an unfair burden on one parent, as their partner returns to work to cover the bills, while they are left without an income or career advancement, and have to manage the hard work of raising children on their own. This is not the best environment for raising the next generation.  We therefore ask the Parliament of Australia to make it mandatory in Australia for organisations to provide both male and female employees with a minimum of 12 weeks' parental leave (which can be accessed any time within 1 year of child’s birth) paid at the national average income rate. This will help Australia move closer to shared parenting and flexible workplace model adopted in most other developed nations. Also, it will be a testament to the Australian value of equality. Parental leave is not a luxury. Most cultures throughout history have understood the incredible importance of dedicating time to raising children. What could be more important in any of our lives than this issue?

Romony Rogers
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