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Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline By Pressuring The Investing Banks to Pull Their Money Out!

We ask that all banks and institutions that are currently providing the money to Energy Transfer Partners to make the Dakota Access Pipeline happen, IMMEDIATELY withdraw and terminate their investment and funds from this project. Complete list of banks found at We ask that these banks re-invest these funds into renewable and sustainable energy research, development, and installations that do not impact the environment in destructive ways. We the people are now taking action to close our accounts, mortgages, car loans, business loans, etc, with your banks and campaigning to get others to join in this movement. At Standing Rock, we have seen those that are gathering peaceably and prayerfully being met with unprecedented violence. Unarmed people including elders and children are being maced, beaten, shot, arrested, strip-searched and left unclothed in kennels meant for animals. To us that is elder and child abuse. As spiritual people we cannot sit and watch as those who claim to be upholding the law, repeatedly violate their own man-made laws. These contemptible actions must stop along with this Nations’ addiction to oil. The path to life and a healthy future requires this addiction to end. You can make a difference if you as an individual/business have accounts with a bank that is invested in this Dakota Access Pipeline project, we ask that you close your accounts, loans, mortgages, and find a more local credit union or bank that is investing directly back into the community you are in. This pipeline will contaminate the drinking water for millions of people as well as already desecrating the native indigenous peoples' sacred burial grounds, other sacred sites and cultural ways. This project and construction breaks the treaties that the United States made with indigenous peoples in 1868. We can make a major impact in this movement by pulling our money out of banks, sending emails and letters to the owners of these banks, organizing peaceful demonstrations at these banks to make locals aware, take ads out in your local newspaper, write a press release and distribute to your local media, get on the radio, get on TV, make yard signs and install throughout your area, print flyers and distribute at large events - parked cars are very receptive to flyers :  ), the possibilities are endless.... By signing this petition, you are committing to take action to Defund DAPL. You are committing to close your accounts if you have them with any of these banks and to spread the word to whatever extreme you feel most comfortable. List of Involved Banks: Chase BankBank of AmericaWells FargoCitibankUS BankPNC BankGoldman SachsMorgan StanleyTD SecuritiesRoyal Bank of Canada...and many others. Check out the full list on our website:

Defund DAPL
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HSBC and JP Morgan Chase: I have a right to breathe

My name is Julia Fish. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, in the shadow of the most polluting cluster of coal-fired power stations in the world. This year the dirty air caught up with me - I had breathing problems and sinus infections that led to life-threatening meningitis. After a hospital stay and months of recovery, I feel lucky just to be alive. But I still breathe in this pollution every day. Eskom, South Africa’s national power company, built and runs these poisonous coal stations. And unless we stop them, they are going to build their biggest ever polluting monster. But Eskom relies on backing from private banks like HSBC and JP Morgan Chase -- global banks that are selling my right to clean air for their own profit. Big banks are sensitive to public opinion and global pressure. We in South Africa haven’t been able to force them to change, but if we get support from people around the world, we can surely put a stop to this. My country now hosts the worst pollution hotspot for NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) on the planet - which the coal power plants produce. Nitrogen oxides are dangerous air pollutants that can “cause respiratory symptoms and lung damage on acute exposure, increasing the risk of chronic diseases in long-term exposure”. To be honest, this scares me, and it makes me feel even worse to think that there are children growing up breathing this filth. Many children will literally die because the air they breathe is full of toxins. People here are trying everything to get Eskom to listen and to switch to solar and wind energy -- which could work really well in South Africa, where both sun and wind are plentiful. But the company is ignoring us. We are hoping that with your help, we can put pressure on international banks to stop bankrolling poisonous air. We know there are better ways to produce the electricity we need. So it makes people here feel like their lives don’t matter, or their health doesn’t matter, when we hear that we need to sacrifice our right to breathe in order to make some bankers in another country get even richer. HSBC and Chase are funding yet another coal plant (called Kusile) which will be one of the largest of its kind in the world and one of the biggest industrial sources of climate-killing gases. This is just going to make the air even more unbreathable. And this isn’t happening just in South Africa -- I have heard from communities in Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh that HSBC is funding terrible projects that threaten people’s health there, too. Our constitution states that we have the right to “an environment that is not harmful to our health or wellbeing”, but Eskom, HSBC and Chase Bank are violating this right. All I want is to be able to breathe without worrying that the air is going to kill me. I need your help to stop bankers from getting rich off of dirty air and climate pollution. There is no reason they shouldn’t be funding clean, renewable energy projects instead. I’m calling on HSBC and JP Morgan Chase to cancel Kusile. Fund our future -- use your money to fund clean air and a safe climate.

Fund Our Future
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Chase Bank: Give Kim Cassidy a Permanent Loan Modification

Chase Bank is attempting to force me and my husband out of our home of Powell, Missouri.   In 2007, we fell victim to a "mortgage rate swap" scheme. When we were in the market to buy, our home dealer told us that our monthly payments would be $548/mo. There was even a contract that laid out the numbers, in black and white. However, the day of the signing, we were informed that our loan had just been bought by JP Morgan Chase, and that the actual monthly payment was going to be $848/mo—$300 more than what was originally agreed upon. We were shocked and confused, to say the least, but didn’t want our dream of owning a home to die.  So, we signed.   Almost immediately after the signing, the company that built our home called and told us that there were a number of things that needed to be updated on the property--install a new septic tank, a foundation block, new carpet, etc. The maintenance costs started adding up, and we foresaw some tight financial times, so we contacted Chase bank for relief. After months of back and forth, Chase told us that they were unwilling to lower our payments to help us stay in our home. To make matters worse, in January of this year, my husband suffered from an Atrial fibrillation heart attack and was placed on disability.  Almost overnight, we were forced to live on a fixed income of $1131/mo through Social Security, and we soon fell behind on our mortgage payments. We contacted Chase again, knowing that we qualified for a permanent loan modification under HAMP.  The "best" solution the bank would offer was an $1171/mo payment--$40 more than our entire monthly income.  Chase is aware of our financial constraints and the original agreement, but they refuse to provide any type of real relief. We need a reasonable loan modification, and for the bank to recognize the original agreement that was made with the home dealer company before Chase bought the loan. JP Morgan Chase has the opportunity to do the right thing for Louis and me, but we need your help to put public pressure on the bank.  Will you please sign my petition?  

Kim cassidy
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Ataxia Awareness for Research

Ataxia is a rare neuro-muscular degenerative condition that does not stop at a stage but continues to increase. Ataxia mainly affects limbs, movements and slowly it captures the whole body and becomes totally dependent. The other problems associated with the progress of ataxia are slurred speech, involuntary eye movements, vision problem, swallowing problems, cardiomyopathy, diabetes; etc Ataxia patients are mentally sound but will become physically dependent. The sufferer clearly knows and experiences the darkening future but cannot do anything because there is no cure of ataxia. This is extremely miserable situation which leads most to sufferer in deep frustration, anxiety and depression.  So it is very necessary to take steps to bring them out of this frustration and depression. Ataxia is not a common disease and the society is not well aware about ataxia. Therefore, ataxia patients are often misguided. Ataxia patients have formed self help groups and gathered many patients through Internet. These self help groups tried to spread awareness through different camps and put patient views in international conferences. But these efforts are not enough. We need support from society. There are different types of ataxia. Out of which Freidreich’s Ataxia (FA), Cerebellar Ataxia (CA), Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) are some most common . The type of ataxia can be known through DNA test or it can be acquired (after birth). The condition of ataxia can be diagnosed by clumsiness, loss of coordination in arms or legs, unsteady or swaying gait, slurred speech, jerky limb movements.  All these are clinical symptoms by which a doctor can say that person has ataxia. But these symptoms are not enough to know the type of ataxia. We are trying so hard so others will have better options that are diagnosed later.  So that you (it does wait to show signs sometimes), our children or grandchildren do not have to suffer as much or perhaps not at all!  All we are asking for here is your signature to allow the research to be funded by the right source(s).   Unfortunately, we are finding out that somehow via (accidents [head injury],  stroke, brain tumors and other head trauma affecting Cerebellum) also sometimes Ataxia appears.  Although obviously non-genetic the exact same symptoms occur and some are even progressive. If you need more information or wish to make a personal contribution please visit The National Ataxia Foundation here:(NAF)   I ask on behalf of many of my Ataxian friends! Thank you in advance, we appreciate your concern and time!

Krystal Schulze
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Civil Law USA needs your help - Update "SPOUSAL MAINTENANCE" statute. SIGN & SHARE

LIKE & SHARE    The current statute for review - The story behind the statute:       In the past, most alimony awards provided for payments to former wives by breadwinning former husbands. As the culture has changed, so that now most marriages include two wage earners, women are viewed as less dependent, and yet the courts have failed to update outdated laws and merely rule based on "suggested formulas" and "statutes" that actually do more harm then good, for both parties and the family as a whole.                  If you are seeking a divorce in Colorado or another "statute" state and you are going for "spousal maintenance" the court webpage provides you and your legal council with calculators to help prove your need in numbers prior to trial.  With our courts taking 9 - 18 months to even go to trial or before a judge you will have plenty of time to secure your "calculated financial revenge".  Both men and women fall victim to these court rulings. (Although more often then not it's men who receive the order to pay)  This suggested statute leaves no recourse when the ex-spouse decides to move forward in cohabitation, or conceals income  from the courts.  Even with proof the courts in Colorado turn a blind eye and default to the "original order".   - Cohabitation is a living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage. Couples cohabit, rather than marry, for a variety of reasons.  Top reason to keep their ex-spouse making payments. -  Great Article that aligns with others having the same opinion, and what they did to create change and equal rights- Here are the stats-        Re-marriage after divorce has declined more then 40% across all states and the rate is even higher in Colorado since this statue has been introduced. Reason for the decline is because this is only one of two ways that the payer can stop "payments".  This proves that is not just a personal problem, this is becoming an epidemic that many people and families face.         The increase in self inflected death, more commonly known as suicide has increased more then 25% among male payers that have high dollar payments and long term payment obligation.   Leaving the "receiver" without any support and many children fatherless.  This has to be stopped.           The children of divorce already suffer the most as they are the innocent parties, often caught in the middle of it all.  Studies show where there are long term payments (beyond 3 years) ordered,  the division amongst one parent and the child actually occurs.  Children are often caught in the middle of a "never ending" divorce/financial war.  Generally,  it is the payer who also suffers this loss. The receiver is known to play the victim and the payer is painted as the bully.   The resentment caused for the long term financial punishment awarded by the courts aids in painting this picture of the payer.  Children tend to err to the side of the protecting the "victim" parent that paints themselves always in need, ultimately  cutting ties with the payer "bully" parent.  This is not putting "families" first.  About Me -     Myself, the author of this petition am a woman. I have suffered through divorce, like many others in this country.  I was a single mom of two for almost four years. During that time, I never asked for "spousal maintenance" and rarely received ordered child support from my ex-husband to support our kids. I personally struggled through every level of heartache one can imagine.  I could not afford and attorney and had to do all my filings, pleading etc on my own. Walking through those first few years I thought somedays I would literally die from a broken heart or stress. Looking back, I would not have changed a thing. It made me stronger, a better mother, and a better wife now to my current husband.  I want to make one thing very clear on my position.  I am not arguing or minimizing that support when needed should be ordered. There are many situations that this does apply and is fair.  Families that choose for one spouse or the other to stay home recognize that it is a job often more challenging than going to work outside the home daily, and that the need to provide updated training or work skills should be awarded.  Or the spouse that is disabled.  I am speaking to a much larger problem in my home state of Colorado and across our country.  Our Personal Story-   My husband was ordered and pays his ex-wife 40% of his income for 12 years, (some get this order for life). In addition, he is also paying 33% of military retirement to for life.   During marriage ex-wife worked full time and was the primary bread winner.  Ex-husband was active duty Army. Both always worked full time, and had only one minor child together.  This spouse while active duty having served 20 years, did less then 2 years deployed. They were married 13 years of his military career, and only one year during the marriage was he deployed.  Ex-wife had an affair, which lead to the separation/ then ultimately divorce. In 2011, the couple separated. Neither party filed for legal separation. The reason for divorce is not accounted for in Colorado, because it is a no-fault state.   During the 4-year separation ex-husband left ex-wife all assets (cars, 401K, furniture, house) ex-husband voluntarily paid bills for the ex-wife and minor child without a court order. Little did he know he was committing financial suicide. He also worked diligently to paid off all joint marital debts totaling close to $80,000.00. While making his own major lifestyle sacrifices, living in a friend’s basement driving a 21-year-old car. During this time, his ex-wife manipulated the child and played the victim, refused to work to her full potential.   Ex-husband filed for divorce in the mid-year of 2014.  This was the year that the court adopted the new "statue/guidelines" for all spousal maintenance as a formula. So, the above facts, including the reason for divorce were all ignored during the hearing and "suggested statute formula" is now in place.     The court systems made it very easy for her to calculate her new. "spousal maintenance" income prior to the hearing. At the time of hearing the ex-wife made sure to be unemployed "but looking” claiming to be in a destitute financial situation, stating she should be able to work and be on her feet within the year”. During the trial and months prior her boyfriend at the time and "now fiancé" was contributing more than $5,000.00 per month into her bank account. That money along with her ex-husbands total debt payoff, his asset relinquishment, and payments made for 4 years of separation were NOT accounted as income but as “gifts” to the ex-wife.  As of today, (almost 3 years later) she does co-habituate in TX. To friends, family and her ex-husband claiming to be "engaged" To the court "single and in need".  She stated to the ex-husband that she would continue to do so until the money runs out, at which time then she will remarry.  Unfortunately, this is the case for many families in Colorado and across the USA.       Fast forward today Oct 16th, 2017. Ex-husband filed modification for spousal maintenance based on the, lack of need for support and co habitation in Feb 2017.  The ex-wife waited more than 6.5 months to comply with supplying documents required by the court, (she has an attorney, and docs were to be completed within 30days) thus allowing her time to paint the picture of "single/ in need" again. Although, nothing she submitted is worth any value of actual bills, etc. The court has failed in holding its own deadline dates / discovery documentation seriously for accurate and fair trials.        In August of 2017, 7 months after filed for modification, (has yet to see a judge or have a trial) he is now been diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer,  and is undergoing treatment. The ex-wife has been relentless through this process filing after filing.   The most recent filing she stated, " from what she has been told, his cancer is not that serious".   He is undergoing chemo weekly and radiation daily.  Has lost over 30 lbs and has not been able to eat even soft foods in over 35days. She is also filing to "rebuttal" any and all documentation of his caner, the severity. Trying to minimize the long term impact this will have on is health and ability to earn "her money".      Per the current statute and court order, the ex-husband has no relief to this continued abuse from what spousal support is causing. Even if he fully recovers he has to suffer 10 more years working a high stress job,  he does not have the same rights and privileges as the ex-wife.  Unable to move on with his life, he is bound by earning potential, not quality of life.   This is so far from that which maintenance was designed to do.  Help the spouse in need, allowing them time to get on their feet. He has now paying ex-spouse (already 8 years,  10 more to go), has been stripped of the rights to focus on his own health, right to privacy without fighting the ex-spouse for relief from monies he is not currently earning, and is unable to pay. While racking up major medical bills now suffers hefty attorney fees along this already difficult journey.  Adding more financial stress and harm to the payer.      The ex-wife has had more than enough time and money to get back on her feet, she is also in good health. In fact, she travels regularly, despite being so destitute.  Their child is now grown, no longer a minor and ex-wife has been engaged and living with her significant other for last 2 years.  The ex-wife has made no effort to support herself or earn more money, because when she does the "payments stop". Thus holding the payer financially hostage.  UNEMPLOYMENT DOES NOT ALLOW THIS TO TAKE PLACE. TO RECEIVE PAYMENT BENEFITS YOU MUST BE ACTIVELY SEARCHING FOR A JOB, DOCUMENT PROOF AND BENEFITS ARE TIME RESTRICTIVE.            I am petitioning the court change the, "suggested statute “surrounding spousal maintenance to align with the intent for which is was designed.  To help families dissolve the marriage and give both parties a chance to recover, and to rise to each parties’ full potential for being self-supporting.  To be held harmless of the marriage obligations to a party they are no longer married too.                                       The current laws "statutes" are limiting and harmful at best.    THE SOLUTION-   - There should be a short-term limit on which a one ex-spouse is obligated to pay the other ex-spouse.  Three-year max payable term, is enough time for any persons to receive skills and training necessary to support one’s self.  This should be based on case by case, not a "one size fits all statute" Taking into consideration documented facts, joint debt, physical health, child support, ability to work, division of marital assets, skills needed to obtain more or current training to aid in full earning potential.  One former spouse should not be a financial slave to the other. Three year term stops the abuse.  - The "lifestyle of the marriage" should be removed and not considered, when ruling. It is divorce, each party should be held responsible and accountable to adjust as necessary to becoming a single person. Working towards self-sufficiency in meeting their own needs, holding the other party harmless for their needs.  No one should be forced to support a former spouse for long term. Dissolution by definition is the act of officially ending a marriage, organization, or agreement. The process of making something end or disappear.    - The "until death or remarriage" clause be removed. The traditional institution of marriage has changed drastically over the last 5 years.  We need to protect ALL parties through divorce and separation.  If the parties in the case are deemed in need of support they should not lose support for cohabitation or remarriage.  This will also aid in the ability of all parties to move forward freely in their own lives.  This will solve the problem within the civil courts being "bogged down" by filings trying to prove cohabitation in order to terminate maintenance. Allowing the court spend its time being more effective in its use of time.  *** The receiver should not be punished for getting remarried because the ruling was based on true need, not a standard formula of "one size fits all". Likewise, the payer should not be punished for long term payments when the receiver is co-habituating, and the courts continue to fail to recognize this as the “new way around", termination of maintenance.  This statue is simply outdated, bias and harmful to all parties.  With a max term of 3 years the court can rule in favor of what support was deigned to do, enable all parties to recover from divorce and become self-sufficient.       Thank you for taking the time to read this, share this and sign this... It takes all of us to make a change.  It's time to stop the injustice, stop allowing people to take advantage of the system. Let's help create laws that support Equal rights for all!      

Niki Davis
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PROJECT TOTAL RECALLNOTICE OF INTENT TO CIRCULTATE PETITION TO REMOVE DIRTY JUDGES FROM OFFICE  -----   CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!!  Starting with this one.... - by signing this petition you will be notifying the Riverside Registry of Voters that you have read and acknowledged the petition above and that you are a registered voter whom does NOT approve of Governor Schwarzenegger's appointment without your voting consent.   Daniel A. Ottolia is the HEAD Supreme Court Judge in the Riverside County Courts. Mr. Ottolia (as there is nothing honorable about him) filed a California Form 700 Third party Graft benefits, which lists his Wife Liz Ottolia, a licensed Real Estate Sales Person , company First Team Real Estate 200 SOUTH MAIN STREET STE 100 CORONA, California Zip:92882 as income under this form. How they typically operate, is once a judge enters a ruling which benefits the bank, (i.e. a Unlawful Detainer court, denial for a restraining order, while the case is actually being heard in federal court under federal title issues that the state courts do not hold jurisdiction to rule upon, yet are ruling adversely regardless) They send out an agent before the home owners attorney is made aware of the ruling, in order to introduce themselves as a local agent randomly knocking on doors to hand out notepads. This particular agent was caught in the act the day after an adverse ruling, in order to scope out a $75k commission referral of a property illegally foreclosed upon without a mortgage. This court, denied a person holding a disability an ADA agent. This is a violation 12-203 of the American with Disabilities Act where this particular judge, RIGHT NOW, CANNOT HOLD IMMUNITY FOR BREAKING THE LAW and violating CIVIL, HUMAN and PROPERTY rights. BTW Mrs. Alverez, from Realtor to "Realtor" you make me sick. You may want to review this COE form you took oaths to (which does not including helping the head justice at the Riverside Superior Court rob homeowners from their homes so you can get paid a kickback) COE1950(1) This particular judge, has actually been observed asking the distressed homeowner about the features of the home, by making comments such as "wow, that really must be a nice home" and encouraging the distressed homeowner to explain to him the homes features, in an open court room to feel out if the home warrants an investment flip. The First Team Real Estate office at this address has several office identification numbers. Their Corporate office appears to be in Irvine and they have 1573 agents and 4 designated officers. They have 29 DBA’s and 36 franchise offices located in various cities: Anaheim, Arroyo Grande, Bakersfield, Beverly Hills, Big Bear, Cathedral City, Corona, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Long Beach, Palm Desert, Oceanside, Marina Del Ray, Mission Viejo, Newport Beach,Pasadena, Palm Springs, San Clemente, San Diego, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Temecula, Tustin, Yorba Linda, Valencia, and Westlake. If you were foreclosed after a battle with the courts, click here to see if your property was listed with this company. We have documented court cases which lead to illegal foreclosures of hundreds of properties, as far down as San Diego. The First Team office located at 200 S. Main Street STE 100, Corona CA 92882 has the following office codes where they upload this information into the Multiple Listing Services (MLS). They one with links are the office codes used to upload these REO bank real estate owned properties.  IWGP (all 1) PB489 (all 6) KFTM02 (still sorting through 371) so far, we have not found one that did not come from these courts… Additional offices are being added and soon will have an excel list of ALL these companies REO downloadable at Because the Volume of these REO listings that are coming directly from the courts are so huge, we have had to separate them into different categories. Bank Defendants - Divorce - Child custody. While the last two might seem irrelevant they do establish that these banks are contracted to do business with the Judges Real Estate Company where his wife hangs her license. WHAT THIS MEANS is that ANY case naming a Bank Defendant will be in jeopardy of CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS of the 5th and 14th amendments. as it would appear these courts have an arrangement with the federalized banking system to filter third party graft benefits to this very Real Estate Company through Opposing councils Bank clients for each and every Bank client they are contracted with for their REO referral business. BANK DEFENDANTS -excel report coming soon. (This will include the judges involved as there is at least one with investment interest in a local lending firm) The referral banks seem to mostly be connected with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Countrywide, HSBC, Deutsch Bank - Additional banks to follow - Provident Savings Bank, Bank of NYPartial Excel Document of the properties being extorted in these courts side RICO gig. This was enough to establish a pattern of probable cause. Dirty Deeds This is the list for the city of Corona where this particular agent works corona reo and this is the list for the franchise, as you can see there are over 3000 names. REO Excell Report A petition link will be uploaded here shortly to DEMAND a recall of this judge and ANY JUDGE found to be in collaboration. Here is the petition draft in council review. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO CIRCULATE RECALL PETITION Here is a very powerful question for you to ask a judge in this town. Have them look at their own public access link…  It states right on there that the courts are run by Countrywide Family law. Now where is the thing..  Countrywide Family law stemmed as a "legal" insurance policy to homeowners by Countrywide Home Loans…    This would make it appear that the banks are actually controlling the courts from a coverage they initially offered the Homeowner as a form of "protection".   Your Honor… please explain how this is NOT a MASSIVE CONFLICT OF INTEREST! DO NOT ENTER THESE COURTS WITHOUT ADVOCATES / WITNESS by your side, and ALWAYS PAY FOR YOUR OWN COURT REPORTER… YOU WILL NEED TO REMAND THESE CASES TO FEDERAL. IF YOU WERE A VICTIM OF THESE COURTS, PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION AND INDICATE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE MADE A PART OF A CLASS ACTION AGAINST THESE COURTS.   Recall Petition Process HandbookJOIN THE MOVENT TO STOP JUDGES FROM AIDING AND ABETTING THE THEFTS OF OUR HOMES! LET THIS SERVE AS NOTICE, WE THE PEOPLE TO WHOM YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SERVE….. DO NOT WANT YOU OR YOUR DIRTY ACCOMPLICES IN OUR TOWN!!!!   WE DEMAND CLEAN HANDS!!!!  VOIR DIRE!!!! AND IF YOU WISH TO KNOW WHERE THEY LIVE, THE DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE MAKES THIS INFORMATION PUBLIC RECORD. MAKES YOU WONDER JUST HOW SAFE THEY ARE GOING TO BE SLEEPING WHEN THIS GETS OUT…  

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