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Petitioning Josh Frydenberg - Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten, Chris Bowen - Shadow Treasurer

Save the Mortgage Broking Industry!

We are calling on the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to ignore the recommendation made by the Banking Royal Commission to change Mortgage Broker remuneration.  We also call upon the Opposition Leader and Shadow Treasurer to pledge that they will ignore this recommendation, should they win government. Owning a home is the great Australian dream that has become increasingly out of reach for many Australians in the past decade. The proposed changes to the mortgage broking industry, recommended this week by the Royal Commission, will place that dream even further out of reach for many people. We ask both the government and opposition to thoroughly consider the implications of enacting the recommendations made regarding the mortgage broking industry, and ensure that the outcome is fair to the average Australian. We support keeping mortgage broking free to consumers, and we support the ‘paid-the-same’ commission model employed by most brokerages that has ensured impartial decision making for almost 30 years. We completely reject the assertion by Commissioner Hayne and Matt Comyn, CBA CEO, that trailing commission is “money for nothing”. Mortgage Brokers are available 24/7 to answer clients questions, undertake loan variations, provide support and education, review their loans and make sure they aren’t getting ripped off by the banks by negotiating better rates on their behalf, as well as many other services.  This is what they receive trailing commission for, and we stress actually provides for better customer outcomes.  Without Mortgage Brokers being constantly being in contact with clients, banks use ‘rate creep’ to gouge more and more interest from clients due to new and bigger discounts becoming available to NEW clients, while existing clients effectively pay more. We strongly believe that customers will end up paying more. Home buyers will be penalised in one of two ways: either they will be unable to afford the proposed fee-for-service structure, resulting in a reduced ability to access the funding that is right for them; or, those that can afford the proposed fee-for-service structure will be forced to absorb significant costs that the banking sector were previously responsible for. Removing the commission structure that is paid by banks to mortgage brokers is estimated to put billions of dollars back into the Big 4 Banks, while implementing a fee-for-service structure transfers the responsibility of those costs to aspiring property buyers already making the most expensive purchase of their life. The Royal Commission uncovered misconduct and even criminal activity at some of the highest levels of Australian banking, and yet mortgage brokers and their customers are the key group likely to suffer significant penalties in the wake of the report.  Smaller banks without a large branch network who currently rely on brokers to introduce customers will also suffer a significant loss of marketshare. The Big 4 banks, meanwhile, have had some of their best days on the share market since the report was made publicly available. Mortgage Brokers are mostly small business owners who potentially could lose their businesses and their staff could lose their jobs. In almost three decades, the mortgage broking industry has brought competition to the Australian finance market, and today more than half of all home loans in Australia originate with a mortgage broker. If you're part of that statistic, or if you just value choice and competition in the finance sector, please pledge your support for this petition to ensure it is noticed by our Federal Government. Update:  Over 50,000 have signed this petition - that's potentially 50,000 votes for any party or Senator who supports us.

Rob McFadden
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Petitioning Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg

Increase the Newstart payment by $75 per week

Please increase the Newstart unemployment benefit for single mothers and fathers by at least $75 per week. The Newstart allowance has not increased in real terms since 1997 when John Howard put a freeze on it. Now even he is calling for an increase. Currently the National unemployment rate is 5.2% but is 6.8% in Tasmania, and the underemployment rate 8.3%. As you well know we will never have full employment no matter how many times you say the answer is to get a job. You are struggling to bring the unemployment rate  below 5% so there will always be a percentage that is unable or simply not capable of getting a paid job. Why don’t you just accept the reality and show some compassion for those people in our society who, through no fault of their own, have ended up in the too-hard basket and are really doing it tough. There has been a lot of talk about homelessness and how to fix that problem, but if you were paying enough benefit for people to afford to rent a home, be able to heat it and clothe themselves they would be more able to face the world and possibly find a job. I know they can apply for rent assistance but in today’s market that is a mere drop in the ocean. Bob Hawke famously said back in 1987 that no child in Australia would be living in poverty by 1990.  It is now 2019 and it is estimated over 731,000 children in Australia are living in poverty. This is simply unacceptable. So maybe instead of waking up each day thinking up ways to make these poor people’s lives more difficult, you could think about the children that are suffering because of your choices. It has been proven that poverty impacts negatively on mental health and increases the risk of suicide. Please  increase the Newstart/Jobsearch Allowance by $75 per week now! Yours sincerely Linda Hannah    

Linda Hannah
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Petitioning Leeanne Enoch, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Josh Frydenberg, Melissa Price


We acknowledge photo by Gary Taylor Photographer K'Gari (Fraser Island) listed under the World Heritage Convention, adopted by General Assembly of UNESCO in 1972. The Fraser Island World Heritage Area was included in 1992 on the World Heritage List kept under Article 11 of the Convention for the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage and remains on the list. This was because K'Gari represents an outstanding example of significant ongoing biological processes (UNESCO) It is  is the World's largest sand island, featuring 40 kms of coloured sandcliffs, tall rainforests on sand, the development of rare and biogeographically significant species of plants and animals. One such animal species is the FRASER ISLAND DINGO believed to be the purest strain of dingo on the east coast of Australia (UNESCO, 2013), The Fraser Island Dingo  is an icon of the island’s wildlife. On-ground management of Fraser Island is the responsibility of the  State of Queensland  administered by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, (QPWS)  Department of Environment and Resource Management, guided by the Great Sandy Region Management plan (UNESCO) "QPWS is fully aware of its obligations under Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act 1992 to protect the dingoes on Fraser Island as a native species, and the service is committed to conserving the island's dingo population." (Queensland Government website - Department of National Parks Sport and Racing) Protection of the Dingoes At this time the population numbers of Fraser Island Dingoes is unknown. After the death of Clinton Gage in May 2001 when a dingo bit him puncturing an artery, causing his death,  the Fraser Island Dingo was  "culled" at direction of the then Premier of Queensland. Exactly how many dingoes were killed is unknown  Ongoing "management" of the Island by QPWS has brought about significant deaths of Fraser Island dingoes since 2001. Numbers seem to be a factor that QPWS are loathe to disclose.   It has been conservatively estimated that between 2001 to 2012,  117 dingoes were euthenased by QPWS, (50 males) and that each year thereafter dingo deaths are "expected". Another dingo was killed recently in July 2018 and there have been several deaths in 2019 with a recent incident in which negligent people camped with a toddler in an open camper trailer on Eurong Beach. No Rangers asked these people to move to a fenced area or asked them to leave the beach on Eurong, where it is common knowledge there is a dingo den. This is irresponsible behaviour all round. The dingoes that are being killed by the State of Queensland are resident within the Fraser Island World Heritage Area; and contribute to the biodiversity, ecological function and ongoing evolutionary processes of the Fraser Island World Heritage Area.  The world heritage values of the Fraser Island World Heritage Area are summarised as follows: (a)  an outstanding example representing significant ongoing geological processes, biological evolution and man’s interaction with his natural environment; and  (b)    containing unique or superlative natural phenomena, formations or features of exceptional natural beauty The dingoes that have been killed by the State of Queensland are a part of, and contribute to, the world heritage values of the Fraser Island World Heritage Area, including through the dingoes’ ecological and evolutionary role as a high level predator within the Fraser Island World Heritage Area.  The ongoing killing of dingoes has, will have or is likely to have a significant impact on the world heritage values of the Fraser Island World Heritage Area. It is likely the ongoing killing will bring about the extinction of the Fraser Island Dingo unless something is done to stop the killing. The killing is in contravention of section 12 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth); and (b)  is not authorised under any approval, exemption or other provision of section 12(2) of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth). In 2017 research concerning Fraser Island Dingoes showed that there was significant risk of extinction due to genetic inbreeding. This can only be directly linked to the ongoing killing of dingoes since 2001, the destruction of pack structures and interference caused by management practices on the Island.            THE EXTINCTION OF FRASER ISLAND DINGOES CAN BE AVOIDED It has been predicted that the Fraser Island Dingo is likely to become EXTINCT caused directly by the present practices of QPWS of killing and culling. This was first predicted in 2009, nearly 10 years later the same management practices continue and the numbers are unknown, AND DINGOES CONTINUE TO BE KILLED. THIS CANNOT GO ON. The Australian Dingo is a much loved ICON of Australia, the Fraser Island Dingo more so because it is  captive, landlocked on an Island exposed to uncontrolled Tourism and left to management practices that pay lip service to "conserving the Island's dingo population". The Community has been abhorred by the recurring deaths of dingoes, and IT IS NOW TIME FOR CHANGE. THIS MUST CHANGE AND IT MUST OCCUR NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE AND THE FRASER ISLAND DINGO BECOMES EXTINCT. 1.We demand the Minister for the Environment, Minister Leeanne Enoch take charge of her Department, she MUST  intervene and RESTRAIN any further killing of our precious Fraser Island Dingoes; 2 We demand an immediate investigation of the management and conservation practices on Fraser Island to include allegations of dingoes being surreptitiously removed from the island to reduce numbers and of pups being killed in dens; 3. We demand no further killing of Fraser Island Dingoes for the reasons stated in this Petition, and that acceptable alternative arrangements and a new management plan is devised for Fraser Island Dingoes are implemented. This must include a clear and concise plan to control tourist interference with dingoes. 

Marilyn Nuske
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Petitioning Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP Minister for the Environment & Energy

STOP the sale of live Dogs and Cats in Pet Shops Australia Wide

RSPCA NSW REMOVE 98 DOGS AND PUPPIES FROM BREEDER NEAR GOULBURN, NSW. RSPCA NSW can confirm that inspectors and a veterinarian attended a property on Wednesday 7 June 2017 near Goulburn in response to a report detailing concern for the welfare of dogs at the property. The NSW RSPCA receives hundreds of complaints every year just like this, and sadly the number of reports are growing every year with public recognition of the problem. Some “Puppy Mills” are very lucrative mass breeding operations and are all across the country. It is impossible for authorities to keep track of them all. Once they are found out, they set up their operation in a new remote location and seldom stay in one place. They may be closed down in one state only to cross the border and open in another. Where do pet shop dogs come from? In many cases, from puppy mills... where their mother is locked in a concrete cell, continually impregnated, and deprived of company, affection, exercise, and proper veterinary care — until the last day of her life. These dogs have no ability to exercise, socialise, play or interact with humans. In many cases puppies from such facilities have already developed long-term behavioural or health problems as a result of the poor conditions they are bred in before they find a home. Mother dogs may suffer years in isolation, with their babies taken away from them when they are only a few weeks old. They are kept in a cycle of breeding until they can no longer produce enough puppies to be profitable. Only few are lucky enough to be offered to a good home, with breeders legally allowed to shoot their dogs. These dogs are bred commercially for profit. Literally factory farms for dogs, puppy factories can be 'home' to dozens or sometimes hundreds of breeding dogs Puppy farmers often focus on breeding popular or 'designer' breeds, Tragically, It's not only dogs who can be cruelly confined in intensive breeding facilities. Investigations have also uncovered shocking treatment of cats in 'kitten factories' across the country. What can you do Mr Frydenberg?Please fight for us to implement Federal Laws to prohibit the sale of live animals in Pet Shops around the entire country. We should only be supporting the sale of de-sexed animals from animal shelters

Diane Becker
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Petitioning Josh Frydenberg, Michael McCormack, Michael Keenan MP

Change Guidelines For TSV Flood Crisis Payments

UPDATE: The PM has announced a change to the 25% damage guideline, however it is not enough. Continue sharing. Townsville was stricken with disastrous floods this month (still ongoing) which destroyed homes and business around the city. The floods were increased by release of the dams at 8pm on 3/2/2019. People are still coming to terms with the horrors that became in front of their eyes, and now they are dealing with another obstacle. Despite the Townsville Floods being compared a natural disaster and catastrophe, The Department of Human Services has announced a crisis payment that only allows people with 25% damage to their homes, to be eligible for financial assistance. This completely ignores the struggles of those who still have major damages to their homes, despite the little amount of flooding they got compared to the others.   All residents regardless of flooding or level of risk to their homes are dealing with: - loss of work due to not being able to travel through flooded waters - throwing out everything they own due to mold invasion. Many residents are experiencing worries for their health due to the mold, many having young children at risk. They are throwing away car seats, blankets, couches, furniture, mattresses, pillows etc. Some residents have nowhere to sleep except the floorboards.  - power surges have knocked out all their white goods, including their fridge which inevitably causes all their food to go off. Not to mention again, the mold destroying food in the cupboard. The people of Magnetic Island, Palm Island and surrounding small towns are also not eligible despite suffering the same consequences: mold, loss of food, loss of everything they own.  Put yourself in the shoes of just one resident who has been experiencing hardship during this disaster. True Story (location names changed) "Hi Aidan, thank you for creating this petition. This is my story.Location name changed. Imagine this. You are pregnant, you are at your home with 3 young children (1, 7 and teen) and your husband. You were just in the middle of moving house. You are told The Area will soon be affected by the recent disaster in Townsville. You exasperate, but believe everything will be fine. You were meant to be in your new house by now, but you have 3 days emergency food so all should be fine. It starts pouring down with torrential rain and there are reports of landslides, rock slides, and damaged roads in the area. You now realise that you don't have any funds left after using during the packing stages of moving house, and you start to worry that your husband can't go to work. Now imagine this, the next day you awake and find that a power surge had fried your refrigerator. All fresh or frozen foods have been ruined and all is left to eat is porridge, rice and pancakes mix. You cannot eat these, you are allergic, not to mention pregnant. It is not sustainable. You finally walk around the house, and you realise everything you own is covered in mould. You have had to throw out blankets, pillows, mattresses and your couch. Now, you and your 3 young children and husband have nowhere to sleep but the floorboards. You are in an extremely tough spot and to make it worse, noone can reach you because you're in the most damaged part of The Area and everyone else is trying to stay safe inside their homes. Even when the water recedes - your husbands work is closed, the road is still damaged and the The Area is still experiencing the land and rock falls. Finally its safe to leave. By this point its been 9 days and you are feeling quite ill and your children are extremely restless. You decide you will go to the mainland or the nearest shops to get what you need. Because you have no money, you go to apply for emergency assistance with the government. Maybe you can buy something to sleep on and stock back up on fresh foods, at the bare minimum. But no. Sorry, the government says they can't help you. You're not eligible. No water came into the house, therefore you did not really suffer. What do we do now, Mr ScoMo? What now? Can we wait weeks for a Newstart claim to be approved, do we have that time? No, we don't Please share this."  

Aidan Caddies
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4 Large Species of Kangaroos in Australia desperately need your help. Millions of Kangaroos each year are being slaughtered across Australia by the Commercial “Harvest” for export trade, not to mention animals that are killed by Farmers who shoot them when they come onto their properties, road kill, predation, disease from coming in contact with domestic animals, farm animals and humans, and illegal poaching.  Councils across the country are being granted permits to kill more of these stronger gene animals who have made it through a really tough drought only to be shot for trying to find food and water in the country towns. People in Australia are so intolerant of their native animals that even the town parks (which are CROWN LAND) and the very place where the animals should be living had man not built structures there, is not being tolerated where animals are found to be grazing.  These animals truly need your help. Of the 60 species of Macropods Australia HAD, 29 species are now threatened and 11 are extinct. The Commercial Harvest causes monumental destruction within these species with the cruelty alone which happens EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  Pouch Joeys are pulled out of the pouch by their legs and their tiny heads smashed up against a truck wheel or other hard object to kill them or they are clubbed to death, crushing their skulls and the smaller in pouch young are decapitated with a knife normally whilst still on their mothers teat. Approximately 855,000 ‘at foot’ joeys who are still dependant on their mum for milk, flee when their mother is shot, and these babies are left to die of starvation,stress & predation. It is estimated that an additional 300,000 'in pouch' joeys die as well. This equates to almost 11,000,000 joeys killed by this Industry over a 10yr period. The RSPCA considers decapitation & clubbing of baby joeys to be an inhumane method of euthanasia – but no-one is stopping this practice. The breeding & social structure of these species are also completely destroyed. Kangaroos have strong family bonds and are a SLOW breeding marsupial despite the myth they can double their population in 1 year. A female Kangaroo will breed for only 8 years of her life and twins are very rare despite incorrect information being reported otherwise.  Of these 8 joeys only 2 will reach adulthood, the other 6 are lost to drought, floods, predation, victims of road accidents, or the Commercial Harvest. The Commercial Harvest are taking animals as small as 13Kg carcass weight in Qld and 12Kg carcass weight in NSW. These animals would have only just been weaned from their mother and still need to grow out for another 12months or more before they too can breed themselves.  The long term survival of Kangaroos is GRIM and action needs to be taken now to save them. Kangaroos are NOT farmed but instead shooters kill whole wild populations, emptying rural landscapes. The Industry targets the largest animals, decimating the number of the biggest & strongest Kangaroos who ought to be breeding stock for strong healthy populations and this is causing the very real risk of affecting the Gene Pool.  Killing such high numbers of females can lead to population declines according to a population model published in Kangaroo Keepers edited by H J Lavery. And in some States where 97% of males are being taken, this also unbalances the species considerably as well.  There is nothing about the Commercial Harvest which is sound practice. The ‘Go Green’ push to eat Kangaroo in Australia by the Australian Government and other interested parties is a scientific sham.  Eating Kangaroo meat is not sustainable. Scientists at UTS found that to feed each Australian just 1 small portion of meat, 22 million Kangaroos would need to be killed each year. That would mean the total population would need to be 175 million to support this off-take (Dr Dan Ramp 2010).This is more than 5 times the 30yr average population of 27 million to provide 1 serving per week to Australians.  The total population of Kangaroos has been declining  with populations dropping to quasi-extinction levels of less than 5 animals per square kilometre over large areas.  The Commercial Harvest of Kangaroos is the largest land-based wildlife slaughter & massacre on earth and continues despite falling numbers. Eating Kangaroo meat causes Diseases to both humans and animals.  Because the meat needs to be cooked rare, or it is too tough to eat, this cooking method does not kill off many parasites, protozoa & bacteria. Diseases readily causing poisoning are Salmonella, E Coli, & Toxoplasmosis.  These diseases can result in foetal death or birth defects in pregnant women & leave other diners critically ill in hospital or even death. Pets who are consuming Kangaroo are being poisoned by dangerous levels of preservatives in commercial pet food and can leave dogs & cats with brain damage, Veterinarians have warned. Some pet food suppliers treat products with high levels of Sulphur dioxide to preserve the meat and to disguise signs of putrification. Dr Anne Fawcett of University of Sydney Faculty of Vet Science treated a thiamine deficient cat fed exclusively on supermarket bought Kangaroo meat. The food was tested and sulfur dioxide concentrations were found to be double that allowed for human consumption. Sulphur dioxide is known to cause thiamine deficiency in humans & animals. Canada & Russia have banned importing Kangaroo meat and California has recently denied the resumption of importing Kangaroo products.  The European Union is currently considering banning the importation of all Kangaroo products. Australia has the worst record of extinction of any country already having exterminated 40% of its wildlife in just 220yrs. To add to this disturbing situation is the amount of Damage Mitigation Permits which are issued by the Department of Environment & Heritage Protection & National Parks & Wildlife Services across Australia each year. These Departments are supposed to be protecting these PROTECTED SPECIES, but instead they are signing their death certificates with the stroke of a pen.  Councils, Land Owners & Military Bases to name a few are given permits to kill THOUSANDS more of these animals, all because Australians have become completely intolerant and greedy wanting to take up all of the land these animals live on, and not share and/or  find other non-lethal means to work with these animals. Kangaroos are an extremely important part of the Environment.  They are soft on the ground not causing erosion like livestock do, and eating 1/5 of what a sheep will eat and 1/60 of what a cow eats. The Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE) is 0.2 (Grigg 2002, Olsen & Low 2006). Many studies have been done on the DSE and Professor Grigg commented that kangaroos could be a little as 0.15. Livestock consume as much as 98.4% of pasture across Australia. Kangaroos rely on a wide range of plants as their diet and grass makes up only a small part of this diet. The Total Grazing Pressure (TGP) indicates that kangaroos attributite to only 1.6% of pasture which is share with other herbivores eg rabbits, deer, goats etc.  Wildlife Carers across Australia are fighting a losing battle trying to save Orphaned & Injured joeys to return to the wild, only to read on the news or internet, that yet another Permit has been granted to kill a few more thousand Kangaroos.  Please help us STOP THIS SENSELESS BEHAVIOUR and hold the Australian Government responsible for allowing millions of these animals to continue to die each year.  No country should have an Industry that profits from the death of their Native Wildlife.  Demand this practice stops. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION and call for the Australian Government to place a moratorium on the Shooting of Kangaroos for the Commercial Harvest.  Kangaroo numbers are declining across Australia and action needs to be taken NOW. Thank-you for your help and support.

lyn gynther
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SAVE AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS/MARINE LIFE IN DANGER. Revise harmful Invasive Animal Legislations

  To the Australian Politicians, Main Issue 1 a Your Environmental control systems are fragmented. See the big picture and have you ever witnessed so many animals get killed all over this country Australia! by Invasive Animals Australia. Is it not obvious that each territory is running a killing havoc with our precious animals and marine life.Its completely unnecessary and abnormal in forms of addressing these issues for farmers and their natural surroundings. Farmers can capture these animals in more humane ways, using traps then rangers taking these animals to zoos and sanctuaries, animal carers & WIRES. Main Issue 1 b. Can you please tidy up a reckless situation which includes MP Barnaby Joyce in the National Party for Australian Agriculture, (current update in December 2017...MP Barnaby is no longer in charge of the agriculture & water portfolio. Current update Feb 2018: Joyce have finally resigned to the back bench), KIAA. Kangaroo Industry, Primary Industry, Shooters Party, NPWS, NPWS rangers and shooters, OEH, Bio security legislations and Invasive animal legislation involving animal cruelty Marine life cruelty, Australians like their animals and marine life.These people have use excuses to protect farmers, but in reality, they are killing for a meat industry, skin sports industry. What is this NSW Environment, climate change & water ?, what is this National Parks? your 'Handbook for Kangaroo Harvesters'. (YourHandbook for Kangaroo Harvesters - · PDF file)4 Handbook for Kangaroo Harvesters Introduction DECCW has prepared this handbook to help kangaroo harvesters meet the NSW Government’s requirements Primary Industry cannot label all these animals as invasive species then use that as an excuse to market their dead meat for selling commercially. How dare your government mass murder our Native kangaroo species to grind into PET FOODS, fox baits, wild dog baits, export human consumption to 70 countries. This is downright wrong, its virtually stealing and robbing our wildlife native animals that belong to this COUNTRY ' AUSTRALIA'. These animals do not belong to politicians, or shooters, or pet food suppliers! Absolutely NOT! and this True Native Kangaroo Wildlife is not for export for 70 countries on your target list including Russia, Korea, China, USA, human consumption, skins for sporting accessories, you virtually stole WILDLIFE, you downgraded these special animals so you can treat them as invasive! then KILL! PROFIT. March 3rd 2018 update: Primary Industry and OEH under Liberal Party continues their slaughter on Kangaroos in NSW using excuses of drought. Meanwhile they are intentionally increasing the kangaroo industry targets.  May 2018 update: ACT Labour Party and Greens Party continue their slaughter on ACT Kangaroos increasing another 1000 from last year. Ring your local Labour MP's and Greens MP's complain how tragically ruthless they are exploiting your Tax payer funds. Hired Shooters can get paid huge sums of TAX PAYER FUNDS per DEAD KANGAROO! Its about MONEY!! and interconnected with people that approve the violence!  Dec 2018 update: I spoke to Kangaroos at Risk, I was alerted that things have become worst for the Native Kangaroos. Main Issue 1c. Have politicians tried to listen to comments made by Australians & an international community about animal cruelty. Politicians were voted in to represent all, not just Primary Industry, Bio-security and Invasive Animals Australia, using unending excuses to slaughter our animals. The Greens Party and National Parks NPWS, have also used unending excuses for vegetation damage and labelled all these animals including Brumbies (wild horses) FERAL! taking advantage of government grants/funding to eradicate Australian animals. This is so corrupt it needs an internal review. It was these same groups that oppose hunting when previous NSW Liberal Premier Barry O'Ferral reversed the conservation policies to allow hunting inside National Parks and Conservation Parks, Weirdly these groups have since joined INVASIVE ANIMALS AUSTRALIA to eradicate most of the animals by NPWS rangers and shooters. ALL EXTREMELY HYPOCRITICAL! Game hunting inside National Parks should be banned. As well as pouring poisonous chemicals into rivers!. Do you understand how bad the government has behaved by allowing mining in the nearby reefs! Knowing the Great Barrier corals are dying and climate change action is needed.The Governments supporting this mine reflects how desperate politicians are to cash in and prepared to destroy Australia's most famous REEF! Affecting tourism and marine life! As much as you use tax payer funds to do your government jobs, there are many more ways to resolve this form of culling other then downright murdering our animals, birdlife and murdering our marine life. 1. Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD), also known as rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) or viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD), is a highly infectious and often fatal disease that affects wild and domestic rabbits of the species Oryctolagus cuniculus. The infectious agent responsible for the disease is rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV), or rabbit calicivirus (RCV), genus Lagovirus of the family Caliciviridae. Do you accept there will be lawsuits should pet rabbits die from politicians delegating to bio-security for allowing these viral disease to be spread by mosquitoes, fleas, flies? Our cities do not need these viruses RHDVK5, contain it in your farms! Provide an adequate vaccine by vets for the defence of these human spread viruses now. 2. Snowy Mountain Brumbies, How many horses are slaughtered! Why is the entire control especially Primary Industry NSW run by the Shooters Party? Their scientists are all game hunters! There is no fair votes inside these organizations! Hundreds of wild horses slaughtered in abattoirs! Shame again on Invasive Animals Australia, for passing policies that allow them to label wild brumbies as pests!. Have you politicians wondered it could be more financially viable to build dams or ponds for these Brumbies to drink water from, There are endless reserves to relocate these Brumbies. Public land belongs to all taxpayers! Public land is not owned by politicians! Update: March 2018, Hundreds of Brumbies in Victoria are in danger of being culled soon. Please ring your Labour Party MP's to stop this cruelty and please re home ASAP! Update: May 21st 2018, Snowy Mountain Brumbies will be saved by NSW Liberal Government.You can read updates on latest news. Update: Dec 20th 2018, Hunter Valley Brumbies have been targeted by shooters via aerial culling, the NSW govt have been pressured by their so called top scientists to cull them. Wild Horse numbers also suffered losses in Clinton Island, dead rotting carcases left lying from aerial culling. Be watchful for every brumby in the wild throughout every state,  they are not safe no matter what these creepy corrupt politicians say. They are locked in with primary industry and shooters. Australia's shame! I saw hunters/shooters advertising their game hunting on their utes driving around the streets of Sydney in the NSW premiers electorate. I went to her electorate's council to complain. They said they are not responsible for organisations advertising wildlife hunting on their cars. So what the HELL is going on?,  Brumbies dead, hunting inside our National Parks! Elections are in March.....please be very careful with your votes, I don't trust the politicians when they team up with animal shooters/hunters. Update: Jan 10th 2019, mass brumby cull found near Santa Teresa, Northern Territory, further culling plan to continue using excuses of starvation and heat stress. Basically, the Northern Territory is an area that is subjected to extreme heat, why have these animals survived previously then ?. This rotten excuse to continue aerial culling is a LIE. (They can truck livestock but they refuse to help wildlife horse relocations). Australian regional landholders with adequate fencing can seriously help adopt Brumbies Australia wide. Information is provided here how to adopt your Brumbies The Australian Brumby Alliance has registered members country wide that are volunteer groups rehoming these beautiful animals. Save a brumby, adopt a brumby, sponsor a brumby 3. How many Koalas are still being culled, (they culled over 900 Koalas in Victoria under Liberals, now under Labour, they stated they would continue to cull). Have they planted more eucalyptus trees to feed the Koala population? Reference to Great Ocean Road in Victoria. Currently approved in NSW, Why are you politicians from NSW Liberal party allowing the Koala Habitat clearance to make way for the NSW RMS project when there were alternate routes?. Currently approved in NSW, why are you Liberal politicians allowing the logging in Port Macquarie?. You are harming most Koalas inside these habitats. Currently there is an emergency volunteer Koala hospital and a volunteer Koala Ambulance in Port Macquarie from the destruction and harm. 4.  Is Eco tourism important to politicians?,  Australian Primary Industry is now making Australia FAMOUS for SLAUGHTERING AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS, MARINE LIFE, BIRDLIFE.  Read the petition comments from a world wide audience please. Your Environmental policies which labelled most animals feral, invasive, pests is wiping out this sector. Governments policies are not only harmful, many Territory and State government policies in this category are damaging to the extremes. Governments are ever changing and each will alter policies and whilst in government, why not make a difference to a healthy environment! History will always be around to remind. What is the responsibility/role of an 'Environment Minister' and 'Tourism Minister'?  Some Australian MP's are given two, three portfolios with conflicting cases which has become counter productive in its planning. (Example: Environment & Energy, Tourism and Trade, Environment, Planning, gaming). Q. What is eco tourism? A. Tourism directed towards exotic natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife. Encouraging these activities does provide endless jobs for the communities. (Wildlife Science graduates coordinating research programs, wildlife educational activities for visitors and school children, the list is endless). 5. Should Australia be well known for slaughtering animals, birdlife and marine life? Animals/marine life/birdlife are part and parcel to our environment. 6. Australia has endless raging bushfires yearly during the summers, these native animals they label PESTS to be slaughtered inside our National parks using excuses for vegetation damage is false! The raging bushfires are from overgrown vegetation and these animals help trim the overgrown vegetation. Its time you politicians see the advantages of having animals inside National Parks and conservation Parks. Stop labelling animals PESTS so your partner political parties have access to shoot them dead! or poison them DEAD! 7. The Great Barrier Reef is Australia's most important natural asset and you all turned a blind eye to the problems facing this asset. Instead of saving it, you allow mining in this nearby reef. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS A SADISTIC INHUMANE CRUEL ACT OF IGNORANCE! THE GREEDY POLITICIANS QLD LABOUR PARTY NEED TO RISE ABOVE YOUR ILL MISTAKES AND REVERSE THE DAMAGE IMMEDIATELY and DO NOT ALLOW MINING NEARBY THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!  ITS AN UGLY HOLE, UGLY EYESORE OF A PROJECT THAT SHOULD NEVER EVEN HAVE BEEN GIVEN APPROVAL! THIS IS SO CORRUPT. Update: May 2018. The Liberal Federal Government will be allocating 500 Million Dollars to try save the Great Barrier Reef from polluted waterways pouring into this reef, including various activities. (Why not ban the mines?) There are more job prospects in tourism then digging in mines. More GST revenue collections from tourism!!! Update: Dec 2018: Adani protests across the country by school children, families, everywhere. CSIRO is finally disputing the use of water from one of its rivers and its back to the drawing board for Adani. 8. STOP POURING POISONOUS CHEMICALS INTO THE RIVERS! BARNABY JOYCE FROM THE NATIONALS PARTY WANTS TO MASS MURDER CARPS  Why don't you make way FOR FRIENDLIER ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE THAT DOES CARE for Australia's natural assets, animal, marine life & birdlife, natural land/marine environments without polluting it further with poison chemicals. Update: Dec 2018 In Western Sydney, dead perch fishes by the hundreds were found dead and floating, no known reasons for their death. These marine life fish were poisoned. Update: 10th Jan 2019 Environmental Disaster occurred in the Menindee Darling River/Lakes whereby millions of 100 year old cods, native fish, fish found floating and dead.  Update: 14th Jan 2019 Further additional millions of fish deaths Update: 27th Jan 2019 Further additional millions of fish deaths Update: 31st Jan 2019 In regards to the millions of fish death in the Murry-Darling rivers & lakes, the SA royal commission outcome states a maladministration, negligence by the MDBA authority creating an environmental and ecological disaster. 9. STOP THE KANGAROO CULL AUSTRALIA WIDE and Canberra by SHOOTERS and territory government councils,  STOP IMMEDIATELY, you people that shoot innocent animals are so disgustingly barbaric its out of control in NSW, Canberra, OLD, WA, VIC. STOP IMMEDIATELY! The reasons for this slaughter in not justified! its a dated program that should be immediately terminated. These KANGAROOS are not on private pastures, its public land and they are living innocently in their own habitats. These animals belong to Australia, they belong to our natural environment, Primary Industry and Invasive animals Australia do not own our animals! Therefore have no right to do as they please towards our animals! Update: Dec 2018, I spoke to Kangaroos at Risk and was alerted that things have become worst for our native roos. Please keep up the fight for these animals because they have NO VOICE.  10. Why is Tasmania culling native Wombats, issuing culling licences to kill these animals! Has this COUNTRY GONE ABSOLUTELY MAD? STOP LISTEN to the PEOPLE! 11. Looking for more animals to kill, NPWS,  Invasive Animals Australia, Invasive Animals NSW, next review is the DEER on their pest list pushed by the GREENS!, sweet innocent harmless DEERS Yes BAMBI, they now want to murder our DEERS! Shooters and farmers don't listen to INVASIVE ANIMALS AUSTRALIA! Shooters and farmers, don't listen to the GREENS PARTY! (Under Greens party, over 50,000 Deers are eradicated, culled by hunters in Victoria), using excuses of trampling, the road dirt trampling's are from your four wheel drives digging into the mud, yet blaming the innocent Deers. Update: Primary Industry NSW has decided to not label Deers Invasive leaving it to be hunted for game shooters in NSW, GREENS PARTY ARE ANGRY because they want 'Deer' to be labelled PEST! what is right with you people? sick?, Humans have become the pest in society wanting to label every animal a pest, shameful humans, shameful politicians. Update: Dec 2018, I saw hunters/shooters advertising hunting deer's on their utes and driving around Sydney. 12. Mass shootings by the Shooters Party in conjunction with Victorian Labour Party, how dare you wipe out waterbirds and wild ducks in your full weekend of shooting in the wetlands!. You destroyed beautiful natural wildlife to the extremes leaving thousands of birds mass buried. UGLY sight!       Farms need to build safer greenhouses for their crops and seedlings. In Bio-diversity every animal co-exist. Foxes attack their cattle if the rabbit population is non existent. Farmers can protect their private farms! Why bring viruses into the city park reserves, we don't breed herds in the city to feed the population. Brumbies are part of the Snowy Mountains environment, they have been living there well over 180 years. Its turning into a Wild Horse Meat Industry by Primary Industry. Primary Industry should support farmers by subsidizing adequate fencing for predators instead of pouring a constant amount of their tax paid funds into repetitive pesticides and poisons. What are you doing for farmers?     Koalas were brought into Great Ocean Road to become a tourist hotspot, then its all very hypocritical to cull them using excuses of starvation. Why have the rangers and environmental conservationists not replant eucalyptus trees for these Koalas! Why have you allowed the RMS to clear massive native vegetation to make way for the Pacific Hwy Road Extension when there were alternate routes available that doesn't require logging of eucalyptus tree habitats! Did you sell the timber from all this logging ? The public needs all the details! its public environment!.  25th June 2017, In Australia Wide ABC with Yasmin, Phillipa McDonald reported the NSW government is logging in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour. You should not be harming the Koalas in Port Macquarie. You are logging right in the Koala Territory. STOP THIS HABITAT DESTRUCTION NOW!. This is contradictory to your protection policy for Koalas. Due to Koalas endangered status, you allow the habitat destruction and place new plans to allocate millions of dollars funding to map new Koala habitats for conservation therefore why destroy in the first place.    Government run agencies, NPWS, Invasive Animals Australia call themselves environmentalists, scientists, their excuses about saving bio diversity: save mosses, native plants, cattle pasture competing with tiny rabbits eating few pieces of grass!  What are you doing to the environment! Your actions are hypocritical! These agencies should retreat and make way for new agencies/councils that co-ordinate Australia wide re-homing of animals that farmers trap, remove humanely, transfer alive to local zoos, wildlife carers, wildlife organisations.    National parks NPWS, can't even tidy up the overgrown shrubs inside their reserves, its the tiny rabbits, deers and native animals that are helping them lawn their overgrown national park reserve shrub, weeds!. Animals help reduce bushfires from trimming vegetation.     Its a national disgrace! 'Dead bunny rabbits', 'Dead Waterbirds & dead Wild Ducks',  'murdered Kangaroos', 'murdered Brumbies', 'murdered Koalas', 'murdered Wombats', 'murdered Ponies', 'murdered Donkeys', Deer slaughters and other affected wildlife/birdlife/marine life poisoning and blowflies spreading RHDVK5, spreading Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 into lakes and rivers. several millions of dead fish floating in the rivers and lakes. Mining pollution from future mining operations near the Great Barrier Reef!. Update: Dec 20th 2018, hundreds of birds including parrots, galahs have fallen off trees in South Australia, cause not known, they appear to have suffered poisoning, reports by ABC news. The birds guts were exposed, this appears to be internal haemorrhage. STOP clearing Habitats destroying all the trees, Koalas are hanging on roads and fences, birds have no more flight paths to land they are flying on road highways. Wallaby's hopping around road underground tunnels and suburbia because their natural environments were stolen by the greedy humans.  # The country is going backwards in 2017  # STOP KILLING OUR WILDLIFE  in 2018  # The World is watching and they are alarmed!  # The spotlight is shining on those that commit violence on innocent defenseless animals   # ENOUGH IS ENOUGH # Politicians are more interested in getting back into POWER to USE and ABUSE. # VOTE CAREFULLY in your NSW March elections in 2019 #  STOP THIS USE OF 1080. Many local councils have been exposing 1080 baits in our local parks and National Parks.This poison is banned in most countries except New Zealand and Australia.  1080 poisonous pesticide is manufactured in NZ.

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