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Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer founded in 1886.

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save their lives, stop animal testing on medicine!

Animals shouldn't be treated this way to satisfy our results, they're vulnerable, unprotected under the needles. There's are so many alternative ways of testing medical products, they're more accurate, affordable and environmental friendly such as vitro methods. We believe animals are not born to be tested in laboratories with unknown disease they already had. Let's make a change not only for the animals but US! Save more lives.

Jessica Lu
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Petitioning Procter & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Unilever

Sign a signature, save an animal

We are a group of Year 5 students who want big companies to stop using animal product testing. Animals are suffering for products being tested on them and we want YOU to help us stop that NOW. There are other alternatives for animal product testing that don't harm any living creatures, such as cell culture and human simulators. If we collect enough signatures and enough people boycott these companies that test on animals, the companies will need stop animal product testing. Once we have collected signatures, we will send them to companies and follow up to see if they have stopped animal product testing.

Leanne Nguyen
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Reduce plastic by asking retailers to switch cotton bud stem from plastic to paper

Plastic cotton bud stems are one of the top 10 item of plastic, sewage-related debris on our beaches and rivers - yet retailers could help prevent this by switching the stick from plastic to paper. In the marine environment, plastics can be eaten by marine life, often with fatal consequences. Plastic is found in the stomachs of Loggerhead Turtles, Seabirds and many species of caught fish. And pieces that don't get eaten break down into microplastics, forming part of a dangerous plastic smog in our seas. Now we need to make sure the cotton bud manufacturers in India change the stem from plastic to paper... which is why we need to show them how many of us support the switch to paper! Even paper stem cotton buds shouldn’t be flushed down the loo. But if they are, they're less likely to pass through sewage filters and will quickly biodegrade if they escape. So please sign and share our petition to ask the Indian retailers to Switch the Stick from plastic to paper. This campaign is inspired by successful drive in UK led by Special mention to Rob Greenfield via whom I got to know about CityToSea's inspirational story. Picture credit: Justin Hofman Your voice will be heard! Thanks

Prakriti Agrawal
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Petitioning Makers of Children's Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products

Remove petroleum-based FD&C colors from all children's antibiotics, ADHD medications, allergy medications, cold remedies, pain relievers, vitamins, and toothpastes.

WHY do ADHD medications contain FD&C dyes that, according to the FDA, exacerbate ADHD symptoms? More American parents are demanding higher quality and affordable foods, medicines, and healthcare for their children. Mothers, in particular, control most household budgets, and our decisions make a major impact on food and medication sales around the world. As a mother of a dye-sensitive child, I'd like to see the major players in this scenario improve upon a few of the greatest health discoveries of modern times: I am challenging all American pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers to remove petroleum-based FD&C colors and flavors from all children's antibiotics, ADHD medications, allergy medications, cold remedies, pain relievers, vitamins, and toothpastes. "FD&C" (food, drug, and cosmetic) colors add no medicinal or nutritional value to children's medications, vitamins, and toothpaste. They are added for aesthetic purposes only, or to lure young consumers to their brightly-colored bottles of vitamins emblazoned with cartoon characters. But the real problem with non-nutritive additives such as synthetic colors and flavors is that they are made from petroleum, and are linked with a long list of health and behavioral problems in children. Synthetic food colorings such as Red 40, Red 3, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Blue 2, and Green 3 have been linked to cancer, behavioral disorders, hives, eczema, asthma, mood swings, bed-wetting, aggression, sleep disturbances, migraines, nausea, vomiting, lowered zinc levels, ADHD, hyperactivity, learning problems, and reproductive problems. Some children's toothpastes also contain D&C dyes such as Red 28 and Red 33 that are NOT approved for use in food, but are still absorbed through children's tongue and gums DAILY. Red 3, found in drugs and candy, was partially banned by the FDA at one time for being a known carcinogen, but is now approved again for use in food and drugs. Incidentally, it's also listed as an insecticide.  Imagine your child has a painful ear infection or pneumonia, or they need surgery, and the only antibiotics and pain relief available contain red or yellow dyes. Pink liquid antibiotics, red allergy tablets, and purple cough medicines are the standard offerings in the U.S. Even "off-white" capsules contain yellow dyes, which are contaminated with carcinogens. Synthetic flavorings are also petroleum-based and cause similar reactions to dyes, but are sometimes not even listed in the ingredients. Unfortunately, families with sick kids cannot simply reach for an alternative brand of antibiotics, like they can with macaroni and cheese or candies. Nor can they whip up their own recipe at home.  Pharmacies are limited in their ability to find dye-free medications such as amoxicillin, azithromycin, Tylenol, Zyrtec, Benadryl, and ADHD medications. Families whose children are severely reactive to synthetic colors must either pay up to ten times as much to have their antibiotic prescriptions filled without dyes at a compounding pharmacy, or opt for traditional medications out of desperation - and watch their child suffer with horrific and painful side effects for up to two weeks. Some children's medications are needed daily, like allergy tablets. But most children's medications are needed sporadically, as with fever or infections. However, the ADHD medications, gummy vitamins and toothpastes that our children are exposed to daily are no better for them than the petroleum-tainted antibiotics and cold medicines. In fact, synthetically-dyed and flavored vitamins are hardly better for children than candy in some respects. Children's vitamins and toothpastes contain sugars, synthetic petroleum-based dyes, synthetic petroleum-based flavorings, and synthetic preservatives.We may not let our children indulge in candy daily, but vitamins and brushing teeth are a different matter. The FDA has no idea what this type of daily exposure to dyes will do to a child over a lifetime. And the few dye-free alternative vitamins on the market are so expensive that most American families cannot afford them. The excuse of higher cost for substituting with natural dyes is even weaker when it comes to pharmaceuticals, compared with food manufacturers...Pharmaceutical companies need only to leave the antibiotics and ADHD medications an unadulterated white (no blue dye for brightness or yellow dye for creaminess, please).  Even for vitamins, clear liquids and white tablets or powders that can be mixed into a favorite beverage are more cost effective than synthetically dyed versions.  And of course, white toothpaste works just as well as blue sparkled paste.  If you need to differentiate the various doses, use an indented or dobossed code, as is already in popular use. We demand an affordable dye-free choice from pharmaceutical companies. We can make our own dye-free electrolyte drinks and comfort foods when our little ones are sick. But we can't make our own dye-free life-saving antibiotics and allergy medications.  And certainly not ADHD medications! For some kids like Rylie, two weeks seems like a short time to suffer the effects of dyed medications. Read her mother's heart-wrenching story of how they solved the mystery of her ongoing neurological and health problems by ditching the dyes.  See my list of Scientific Research On Food Dyes for studies dating from recent years all the way back to the 1970s.  In that list you will find a comprehensive collection of studies performed on each FDA-certified synthetic food color, published by the Center For Science In The Public Interest. I envision a day when the cure is better than the disease. A day when parents don't have to choose between cheap yet agonizing convenience, or budget-busting peace of mind.  You have a choice, Big Pharma:  Either #DitchTheDyes or lose your market share as more families demand dye-free healthcare!

Rebecca Evans
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Petitioning HSBC, AT&T, Walmart, McDonald's, Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks, General Motors

Boycott companies "Boycotting" YouTube's advertisment program

We vow to boycott the purchasing of any products from any company boycotting YouTube's Adsense program on supposed "moral" grounds.  This will take effect immediately until your YouTube ad revenue is turned on.  We also request a statement from your company expressing allegiance to the spirit of our Bill of Rights and Constitution specifically the 1st Amendment.  And an acknowledgement that like every citizen of this great country your company has a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to honor the 1st Amendment and Bill of Rights. Simply stated we believe that this move to "demonetize" content creators is thinly veiled CENSORSHIP.  As your companies "supposed moral stance" on "racist rhetoric" or "violent content" is not reflected in "mainstream media advertising" where countless movies, television shows, news casts, music etc display images, concepts, acts and verbiage dealing in racism, sexism, materialism, greed,  violence, profane language, explicit sex acts, innuendos of pedophilia, endorsements of war and countless other hideous, insidious, profane and immoral acts. Furthermore the companies mentioned have histories of engaging in scandals and illegal activities themselves.  HSBC for example laundering money for drug cartels and terrorists groups.  GSK China bribery scandal.  AT&T spying scandal and the 100 million dollar fine it paid for "misleading consumers"  These are but a few examples in a LONG LIST OF CORRUPT AND IMMORAL activities engaged in by said companies.    The hypocrisy is palpable. The timing questionable.  The and the end result is an ANTI AMERICAN, anti freedom, anti free market, anti human result.  We see this as nothing more then "globalist, fascist" power grab.  With the intention of quashing the ever growing independent media and entertainment complex.  As you companies political, social and economic interests lie in the preservation of the "Corporate Media Establishment" aka "State sponsored media" We request that the following companies reinstate their Revenues to Youtube in order to lift out "peoples boycott" on your products.  Simple steps can be taken in order to reduce ads being displayed next to "unethical" content.  This does not have to include punishing whole segments of the YouTube community and CENSORING unpopular opinions.  ArgosAudiAvivaHavas Group UK froze all of its spend. The agency manages major brands including Dominos Pizza, O2, Royal Mail, BBC, and Hyundai Kia.HeinzHondaHSBCITVL'OrealLloyd's BankMarks & SpencerMcDonald'sRBSSainsbury'sTescoThe GuardianToyotaTransport for LondonUK GovernmentVolkswagenIn the United States: AT&TBeam Suntory Inc.Dish NetworkEnterpriseFX NetworksGeneral MotorsGSKJohnson & JohnsonPepisCoStarbucksVerizonWalmart

Random RantsofRyan
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Petitioning Estee Lauder, L'Oreal , Johnson & Johnson, Pantone inc

Demand Brands Recognize That Nude Is Not Just One Color

Help Nude Against Nude’s voice grow stronger by tweeting at these major brands on October 4, 2017 with the tweet below: I disagree with @esteelauder @loreal @JNJCares use of ‘nude’. Nude is many colors, not just white. #NudeAgainstNude   NUDE AGAINST NUDE It is 2017. Some brands still describe their cream or beige products as ‘nude’. They still cater to only bare white skin. As long as ‘nude’ is used interchangeably with beige, we alienate millions of people of color in a casual instance of racism.Nude Against Nude demands that these brands change any products labeled as nude to beige or cream.Through Instagram and wild postings in New York, Nude Against Nude is getting the word out there. Through this petition, we are getting it to the right people. When you sign the petition you join us in confronting brands that still propagate ‘nude’ as one color. You demand they include the millions they have ignored. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @nudeagainstnudeFind out more:

Jackie Moran
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Petitioning Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, Colgate-Palmolive


Deforestation is clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale, often resulting in damage to the quality of the land. As a result millions of species are deprived of a habitat, and larger amounts of carbon dioxide enter the atmosphere increasing the speed and severity of global warming. The main contributors to deforestation are companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Nestlé and Colgate-Palmolive.

Isabel Pacheco-Nunes
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Petitioning Johnson & Johnson

Bring Back Acuvue 2 Colours Enhancers

Do you miss Acuvue 2 Colours Enhancers as much as I do? How devasted were you when you learned that you couldn't get them anymore? How angry were you when you realized that there are ZERO comparable alternatives? SIGN THIS PETITION to make Johnson & Johnson bring back the Acuvue 2 Colour Enhancers contact lenses! For many of us, these contact lenses were the only good thing about needing vision correction. Not only could we see again, but our eyes looked fantastic! Get your vision back. Get your style back. Get those compliments again. Thank you Johnson & Johnson for taking the time to listen to your loyal customers and give them back what they want in a great product! Thank you for signing this petition. When we win this, I'm going to order the long lost Emerald Green. Which color will you get?

Lacyn Barton
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Stop dcs help return april williams kids dont let curruption traffick kids

My life as well as millions of families state and nationwide have been ruined forever scars that dont heal seperation from loved ones homes and thrown into strangers hands of little requirement but sorted by amount of funding and foster eligibility help stop this from continueing in supporti g governments crime of trafficking children to endorse their funding for protection we think is for our own safety really is weapons and scandals of kidnapping children greed taking lives not deserved for wrongful laws broken in pur world take back our rights give a mother and mothers after her to never hav to go through this again save us dry the tears of children nobody wants heard mothers lost into a dark drug abused world change how dcs handles future cases 

Return children stop curruption change lives
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Petitioning PAMI, Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & johnson autorize las prótesis de Pami

Luego de dos años de espera de mi pedido de prótesis de cadera, el PAMI autorizó la misma el día 12 de Junio del corriente año. Con este trámite, para mi, resuelto, me acerco a la Clínica ADOS, para acordar una fecha de operación lo más pronto posible, allí me informan que no pueden indicarme una, dado que me encuentro en lista de espera, siendo la número 51. Grande es mi sorpresa!! cuando me dicen que hay personas postradas esperando, algunas desde hace 7 meses, que la empresa proveedora Johnson & Johnson, que debería entregarlas a la Clínica, al día 20/07 no las ha provisto. Tengo MIELOMA MULTIPLE y esto me produjo una NECROSIS DE CADERA, la cual me dificulta y a veces hasta impide caminar, NECESITO LA PROTESIS CON URGENCIA. Quisiera que se hagan eco, de esta situación, los Señores políticos, y nos resuelvan esta problema, ya que somos 51 personas que estamos esperando prótesis desde hace mucho tiempo y necesitamos nos gestionen ante Johnson & Johnson(empresa contratada por el Estado), la entrega de las mismas, dado que PAMI ya las autorizó. Esto significaría una mejor calidad de vida para todos los que estamos en este estado. 

Angelica Montenegro
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