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Do Not Release Dante Arthurs

On the 26th of June 2006, Dante Arthurs changed forever the life of a wonderful Perth family and shocked the close knit community of the Mater Christi School and Parish in Yangebup. The murder of Sofia Rodriguez sent shockwaves across this country. She was only 8 years old. This year she would have turned 21 and would be enjoying her life and family. But she is not! That was brutally and deliberately taken from her. The 26th of June 2018, also marks 1 specific event. It marks 365 days until Dante Arthurs will be eligible for release back into our community. He was sentenced to Life Imprisonment (which was only 20 years), with a non-parole period of just 13 years! Over the next 12 months, the Western Australian Attorney General John Quigley will receive a statutory report from the Western Australian Prisons Review Board on the status of Dante Arthurs and the recommendation for his release. The public of Western Australia do not want this person sneaking out of prison under the radar, after closed meetings and after documents are secretly signed. Upon sentencing in 2007, then Attorney General Michael Mischin assured the Western Australia public that, 'it would be unlikely he would be released on parole'. However, we have a new Government now and assurances rarely mean anything in office, especially 13 years later. Dante Arthurs must not be released and I hope I can count on your signature to support this petition.

Paul Litherland
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“Praying the Gay Away” nearly killed me - outlaw ‘LGBTQA+ Conversion’ practices now!

Trying to “Pray the Gay Away” nearly killed me. I’m not the only one. An investigation in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald revealed LGBTQA+ conversion ‘therapy’ has not disappeared in Australia, but has simply gone more underground. According to the article, even children have been subjected to LGBTQA+ conversion practices.I was only 16 when my own ‘conversion therapy’ began. I came out to a church leader who wanted me to be ‘cured’ and I began sessions with a counsellor aimed at changing my sexuality. At 17 my church introduced me to the leader of an actual program designed to turn me straight. Eventually, I was desperate enough to try it. Every week, members spoke about their ‘sins’ and we learned about the spiritual and experiential reasons that we had ‘turned gay’. I was so ashamed and guilt-ridden that I remained completely celibate for years. LGBTQA+ conversion practices cause depression, self-loathing and even suicide. I prayed to God asking him to either heal me, or kill me. I was so depressed, I wanted to die. The trauma associated with that part of my life still affects me - how could it not? How is this legal? I don’t want to see a single person harmed by an ideology that tells them that something that is innate in them is evil or demonic or needs to be ‘healed’. Please, sign this petition calling for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Health Minister Greg Hunt to work with each state to protect the most vulnerable and outlaw LGBTQA+ conversion practices and their advocacy nationwide. It has no place in Australia and certainly not in the lives of minors. *UPDATE* This petition focuses on legislation/regulation to prevent LGBTQA+ conversion practices. This is a good start, however to effectively curtail the LGBTQA+ conversion movement, a much broader response is needed. After signing this petition, please read the recommendations in the survivor statement at

Chris Csabs
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Petitioning City of Vincent, City of Perth, Patrick Gorman, Michael Mischin, Mark McGowan, Mike Nahan, Department of Racing Gaming and Liquor WA, John Carey, John Quigley

Turn Rapture Nightclub into a Homeless Shelter or Women's Refuge

When a young woman recently contacted the Owner/Manager of the Rapture Night Club after suspecting she was the victim of drink spiking, she received a horrendously poor response, as detailed in the images. We live in 2019, a time when violence against women, including sexual assault, is at epidemic proportions. To create change, we have to stand up for women and give them respect. Misogyny, victim blaming and shaming cannot go unnoticed and it cannot be tolerated. With recent social media scrutiny of Rapture Nightclub's extremely poor response to reports of drink spiking within their venue, further investigation has found the club's owner, Neil Scott, to also publicly shame homeless people on his personal Facebook page. This blatant lack of respect for individuals experiencing disadvantage and for the safety of women is unacceptable. The role of being an owner of a licensed venue should be to demonstrate respect for customers and the community and to ensure a safe environment, at the top of their priorities. We believe that this venue has failed to represent the values or the interests of the people of Perth. We are asking for this venue to be closed down and turned into either a shelter for the homeless or a Women's refuge. We also seek for the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor WA to revoke Mr Scott's rights to own, manage or serve alcohol in or at any venue in Western Australia.

Trent Young
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Life For Rapist Murderers

I am calling for law reform for mandatory life sentencing with no parole for rapist murderers because they should never be given another chance to repeat their crimes. I am calling on the Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter to put on the agenda of the next Council of Attorneys-General (CAG) meeting, a law reform to create a new offence "murder with sexual assault" with a mandatory sentence of life without parole.  I am also calling on all the state and territory Attorneys-General to work together on this law reform to ensure uniform sentencing across the nation. I am calling for this law reform as the sister of murdered rape victim Anne-Marie Culleton. In the 32 years since her rape and murder I have experienced the entire spectrum of political and judicial decisions relating to this crime, and I am appalled at how broken the justice system of Australia has become with its weak sentencing and its failure to protect the community. Today there is rarely true justice for murdered rape victims and their loved ones and the community is not being protected with rapist murderers being released on parole and attacking again. My sister Anne-Marie Culleton was only 20 when she was raped and murdered by Jonathan Bakewell who broke down her back door in the middle of the night in 1988 to rape and murder her in her bed. This crime is every woman’s worst nightmare. Justice was initially done, with Bakewell being given a life sentence with no parole and the community was protected. However in 2004 the laws were changed to grant life sentence prisoners parole and Bakewell was released in 2016 at the age of 55. Since his release Bakewell has breached parole four times for taking drugs, the same drugs he took the night he raped and murdered my sister, yet despite my pleas to cancel Bakewell’s parole, the parole board keeps releasing him. Bakewell is a sadistic rapist murderer. Drugs or no drugs, I believe Bakewell is as dangerous today as the day he committed his crimes and I am living in perpetual fear that he will strike again. We need life sentencing without parole because prison rehabilitation programs do not work for rapist murderers. Jill Meagher’s rapist murderer Adrian Bayley admitted faking his way through a sex offenders program to get parole release before murdering Jill. Daniel Morcombe’s killer, child rapist and murderer Brett Peter Cowan, had completed a sex offenders program while in prison for violently sexually assaulting a 6 year old boy, yet upon release Cowan abducted and murdered Daniel who was 13. Rapist murderer Terrence Leary who murdered 17 year old Vanessa Hoson was considered a model prisoner who completed a sex offender program and even got a social work degree in prison, yet upon release he attempted to rape and murder a woman at a bus stop. And still he has been given another sentence with a non-parole period. The only way to guarantee community safety is to lock rapist murderers up for life. For the term of their natural life. Not the minimum of 15 or 20 years that is referred to currently as a ‘life sentence’ I am calling for mandatory life sentencing without parole because true life sentences are rarely given today. While murder carries a mandatory sentence of life in most states, judges have discretion to set a nonparole period of as little as 15 years in WA and 20 years in other states. 20 years is not a life sentence. A woman’s life must be valued equally to the life of the man who took her life so brutally and that must be reflected in a sentence for the term of the rapist murderer’s natural life. Sentencing for crimes of rape and murder are being reduced based on factors such as the principle of precedent. The crimes are being ranked according to a macabre hierarchy of depravity in which only those deemed the ‘worst of the category’ are given life sentences, such as those who have killed multiple times. How does this protect the community? It is this logic that was applied to Aiia Maasarwe and Eurydice Dixon’s brutal rape and murders finding they were not deemed ‘worst category’. Murders which shocked and outraged our nation and sparked vigils across the country. Which drew condemnation from our Prime Minister. Their rapist murderers Codey Herrmann and Jaymes Todd will be eligible for parole release when they are in their fifties. Young enough to strike again. This must stop. It is also an outrage that sentencing for crimes of rape and murder are being reduced based on ‘mitigating factors’ deemed to reduce culpability. How can anyone argue there are mitigating factors or excuses for raping and murdering someone? This is a crime which by its very nature is deliberate. Rape and murder is primarily a gender based hate crime. Rape has nothing to do with desire or sexual attraction. It is a hate crime enacted to terrorise, torture and degrade the victim and is about the offender exerting power, control and dominance over their victim. The crime of rape and murder also needs to be a separate offence because currently the crime is charged and tried as a murder. The rape is treated as secondary and just categorised as an “aggravating factor” of the murder. This crime needs to be tried as its own offence to reflect the true character of the crime. And it means the crime can have its own sentence of mandatory life with no parole. We have a national crisis of violence against women. One in five women in Australia are sexually assaulted and one woman a week is murdered. A national crisis demands a national response. We need national laws to send a strong message in society and help to reduce all violent crimes against women. The United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) Committee 2018 Report recommends Australia adopt federal legislation to address violence against women. This is why I am calling on the Federal Attorney-General to put on the agenda of the next Council of Attorneys-General (CAG) meeting, this law reform to create a new offence "murder with sexual assault", carrying a mandatory sentence of life without parole.  I am also calling on all the state and territory Attorneys-General to work together on this law reform to ensure uniform sentencing across the nation. If you agree with me that we need this law reform, please sign this petition and share widely to your family, friends and networks using the hashtag #LifeForRapistMurderers. Together we can make law reform a reality. Together we can make our nation safer for women and children. For more information on the petition campaign please see my website Yours sincerely, Eileen Culleton Sister of murdered rape victim Anne-Marie Culleton

Eileen Culleton
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Petitioning Minister for Police, Michelle Roberts, John Quigley, Western Australia Police Force

Allow Western Australians to continue using radar detectors in their vehicle.

On Wednesday proposed laws have been introduced to parliments to ban the use of speed camera detectors.  If this law is passed, drivers will face hefty fines: $3200 for a first offence, $4800 for offences after that. We believe that speed camera radars should remain legal as they assist drivers to locate speed cameras and to correct their speed if they need to, without incurring a speeding fine. It is in the interest of road safety to allow road users to use speed camera radars, as this tool does not interfere with the speed camera vehicle or devices, it simply alerts a driver of a speed camera ahead. We would also like to mention that there are many local businesses in WA that stock these radars. Making these devices illegal would severely impact these small businesses, especially after the financial hardship many small businesses are facing after Coronavirus this could be detrimental to the survival of aforementioned businesses. Road safety is the key concern and with the use of this radar, road users are correcting their speed whilst keeping their hard-earned money in their pockets.  Furthermore, the proposed fines of $3200 for a first offence and $4800 for offences after that, is an astronomical amount when compared to the monetary fines given to motorists for driving under the influence/impaired, distracted driving, etc. These are the real killers on our roads and it simply does not make sense for road users who have a radar installed in their vehicle to be so heavily fined upon. We strongly urge you to sign this petition to ensure that road users have the freedom to use radar detectors in their vehicles.

Revenue Raiser Resistance
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Petitioning John Quigley, Roger Cook, Michael Mischin

An Open Letter to Hon. Mark McGowan, Premier of WA & Government Elected Members

Dear Honourable Mark McGowan (Premier of Western Australia), Honourable Paul Papalia (Minister for Tourism) and Western Australian Members of Parliament, We are writing to you regarding the significance of the impact of the current pandemic on the Western Australian tourism industry. The State and Federal stimulus packages, whilst welcomed, are doing little to directly support Western Australia’s tourism industry, with approximately 94% of tourism businesses ineligible for the State Government’s payroll cash grant. Due to the seasonality of our industry, many businesses (in particular regional businesses) have not seen any income for many months up to the present. Businesses are on the brink of collapse, and with the upcoming 2020 tourism season on hold, some are facing a total of up to 18 months with no income. It is unlikely that many will survive. The tourism industry has a direct impact on the economy of all regional centres and towns. The industry has lost an estimated 30,500 jobs, of which 16,230 are in regional areas. Given the high level of casualisation of the workforce in the sector, actual job losses could in fact be up to 30% higher than reported. Support is needed now to ensure the survival of the tourism industry. We are urging the State Government to ‘fast-track’ an immediate financial survival package for those tourism businesses most affected. We are seeking transparency regarding support for the tourism industry in the State’s recovery plan, and we request a voice and a tourism-specific working group (inclusive of industry) to work with Government on these issues now and into the future. This is not the time to go slow. Our industry’s future, and the economic future of our regions, depend on appropriate support actioned quickly.

Sonia Beckwith
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Petitioning John Quigley

Keep Anthony Lauritsen (my cousin) behind Bars, He Murdered His Own Grandma! Link above is the interview I did with 7 news!  Do you want a Monster living next door to you? I am sure as Hell I don’t want him ever to be released! Please help keep the Monster Anthony Lauritsen (my cousin) behind bars, we don’t want him in our community, do you want him in your neighbourhood? This man brutally murdered my grandma, and they think he is now ready for release, what a joke! I want him in jail for the remainder of his life, he took the life of his own grandma, and I believe he should never be released, I need your help to show the powers to be that this is not something that should be taken lightly! You can’t rehabilitate evil!  This horrible crime has affected so many people not just our family members but our friends and the service men and women and everyone involved along with the bystanders, the primary school (Calista) as the principle found him in the car park and our family friends that cleaned the house in the aftermath, it’s not a thing we as a family like to relive but unfortunately we have to, My dad (Johnnyboy) is back in Hollywood as it affects him really bad so his is in the best place with all the support and medical help he needs, it has shattered our hearts! I just don’t want any other family to have to go through this ever it’s just totally horrible, and I think if a crime like this is committed the victims should have more rights and the criminal so be held responsible for the remainder of their life, conditions to parole in this case need to be addressed, as its not like he has any family support! So it’s unbelievable that he should even be able to be involved in the rehabilitation process, this is why we need to have our voice heard �

Helene Farrell
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Petitioning Premier of Western Australia, Mark Mcgowan, Scott Morrison, United Nations, John Quigley, World Wildlife Fund, Australian Government

Establish a KOALA Sanctuary Colony in the South West Australian Forrests

Koalas have nowhere to go. Right now they're losing their homes and their lives to excessive tree-clearing and Fire. We need to protect the homes of koalas before they’re gone forever. It's up to us to ensure future generations get to see these iconic Aussie animals in the wild. Scientists say that although koalas have evolved to survive bushfires, numbers of the species have declined by 80 per cent between 1995 and 2009 due to urban development and the destruction of natural habitat. The Australian bushfires which have ravaged the country since September are having a devastating impact on wildlife populations. Ecologists from the University of Sydney estimate 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles have died due to the fires. Among these, 8000 koalas are believed to have burnt to death - nearly one third of the entire koala population in New South Wales (NSW).Koala numbers are believed to have declined across a number of states, but the figures remain unclear. Help petition the Australian Government and Western Australian Governments to look into opening up gazetted national Parks to introduce a koala population and breeding program in the Vast South West Corner Highly unpopulated Western Australia to help boost and breed these iconic animals to help their survival and extinction threat with aims for introduction back to the Eastern States before its too late !! I

paul difrancesco
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Reformation of Parole laws in Australia

Thank you for making your voice heard on this important issue of parole reform for those serving life for mass murder or serial killing. Kate Moir, the surviving victim of the serial killers – David and Catherine Birnie, came to see Mr McGowan, the Opposition leader and myself, Shadow Attorney-General to explain that every three years when Catherine Birnie comes up for parole she is forced to relive the most horrific night of her life all over again. WA Labor is pleased to take a new policy to this election. Labor’s policy is to amend the Sentencing Administration Act which governs parole and provide that an AG during their time of service can issue a notice to the Prisoners Review Board ordering them not to conduct a parole hearing for a mass murderer or a serial killer. As there is no intention of ever releasing these people to parole – because for these prisoners life should mean life as a Labor AG I would have no hesitation in directing the Prisoners Review Board not to consider Catherine Birnie in 2019 and thereby save Kate Moir from the trauma of having to relive the whole experience. For mass murderers, those who murder two or more people on the same day or serial killers, those who murder two or more people on different days. There should be a hard and fast rule LIFE MEANS LIFE and under a WA Labor Government that will be the rule. John Quigley MLA Member for Butler, Shadow Attorney General

4 years ago