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John Kerry

  • United States Secretary of State

John Forbes Kerry is an American politician who is the 68th and current United States Secretary of State. He has served in the United States Senate, and was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Petitioning John Kerry

Release U.S.M.C. Sgt. Tahmooressi imprisoned in Mexico.

My son Andrew Tahmooressi is a Marine veteran fighting for his life and freedom in a Mexico jail after being wrongfully imprisoned for over a month after he accidentally crossed the border with three legal US purchased firearms in his truck. Andrew suffers from PTSD and had just traveled from Florida to San Diego to seek V.A. evaluation where he was diagnosed in March and started his treatment plan. He had all of his belongs in his car with him, including three firearms as he was searching housing and hoping to secure employment.   On March 31 he got lost while driving, made a wrong turn in the border town of San Ysidro, CA and within yards of that wrong turn, found himself approaching the Mexican Customs lane with no obvious way to turn around. Stopping, he states immediately,  “I got lost, made a wrong turn.  I do not want to be here. May I go back to the border (USA)? I have 3 weapons in my vehicle." Instead he was arrested and imprisoned on weapons charges even though the ATF traced the firearms back to him within days. Andrew's tours took place in (2010 & 2012) Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Marine, and he is currently a Reservist until 8/24/2016 in the Individual Ready Reserve. His experiences left him with PTSD and this situation is making things so much worse. Since in prison, his life has been threatened, he sustained a neck laceration and has been restrained by handcuffs to bed for 35 days. Our family is calling on Mexico's Attorney General to realize a mistake has been made and release Andrew immediately. So far more than 21 members of Congress have called for my son's release. Officials here in the U.S., including Secretary John Kerry and President Obama should join these calls so this veteran can be reunited with his family.

Jill Tahmooressi
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Petitioning John Kerry

Free Matt and Grace: Innocent Americans Imprisoned in Qatar.

My sister and her husband, Grace and Matt Huang, are an American couple from Los Angeles who are being wrongfully imprisoned by the judicial system of Qatar in the Middle East. In 2012, Matt relocated to Qatar, with his wife and their three adopted children, to work on a 2022 World Cup infrastructure project for his American engineering firm. On January 15, 2013, my 8-year-old niece, Gloria, tragically and unexpectedly died. Matt and Grace were almost immediately imprisoned by Qatari officials under suspicion of human trafficking and intentionally starving Gloria to death. My two nephews were taken into custody and forced to live in a government orphanage. Due to a poorly done autopsy by the Qatari government, the actual cause of Gloria's death remains unknown. However, racial bias and the lack of understanding of the challenges associated with high-needs adopted children led officials to charge Matt and Grace with murdering Gloria. The prosecutor told the judge, “The adoption process consists of searching for children who are good-looking and well-behaved, and who have hereditary features that are similar to those of the parents.  But the children connected to this incident are all from Africa and most of the families there are indigent.”  They tried to convince the judge that the murder may have been done in order to harvest her organs or to conduct medical experiments on her. Needless to say, all of these claims are completely false.  Matt and Grace truly believe in the purpose and need of adoption. They had even specifically requested placement with high-needs children, who often have difficulty finding families. In the case of each adoption, Matt and Grace utilized a respected adoption agency and obtained all the proper visas and the kids were given U.S. Passports. They also received specialized training on adoption and how to care for high-needs children. They saw living in Qatar as an opportunity for their children to have an enriching cross-cultural experience. In court, defense witnesses testified how exceptionally Matt and Grace cared for all their children. Additionally, expert testimony explained that it was scientifically and medically impossible that Gloria died of starvation. Not one single piece of evidence was presented showing that my sister and her husband harmed Gloria in any way. After a 9 months of tireless effort, my nephews were finally released from the orphanage and allowed to return to the U.S., under the custody of my mom. One month later, Matt and Grace were released from prison on their own recognizance, but banned from traveling outside the country. On March 27, 2014, Matt and Grace were sentenced by the court to three years in prison despite overwhelming evidence that they are innocent of the accusations against them. Inexplicably, the court did not render a verdict of any kind; it did not declare Matt and Grace guilty or not guilty of murder or any other crimes. They remain banned from leaving the country. The imprisonment of Matt and Grace is only half of the injustice. There are also two children, their sons, who were ripped away from their parents. By placing them in an orphanage, Qatari officials demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding about international adoption and the needs of adopted children. Upon returning to the U.S., my nephews were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of being re-institutionalized and having their parents taken from them. Matt and Grace are innocent, and their continued detention in Qatar is a gross violation of their basic human rights.  There is growing international support for Matt and Grace. Innocents experts like The California Innocence Project and The David House Agency are working on their behalf. Even the United Nations has called for the travel ban to be lifted.   Enough is enough. Please sign this petition for Matt and Grace to IMMEDIATELY be allowed to be reunited with their sons in the U.S. so that they can finally mourn the loss of Gloria and begin rebuilding their lives. For more information and to donate for their freedom, please visit:

Joanne Chin
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Petitioning John Kerry (Secretary of State)

End Child Marriage, Sign the Executive Order!

When I was 14 years old, I was kidnapped for a marriage to a much older man, as depicted in the film Difret. On the day I was abducted, I was raped by my would be "husband." I knew I had to fight back and escape the first chance I got. I was taken to a hut and locked up. When I received another visit from my abductor I saw my chance. When he was suddenly called away, he left his gun leaning against the wall and the door unlocked. My father had taught me how to fire a gun, so I took it and ran. When he and his friends chased me, I shot him. It was the most terrifying, horrible ordeal of my entire life -- and I'm one of the lucky ones. I was accused of murder and after 2 years in the courts, the judge ruled that it was, in fact, self-defense.  My trial led to a re-examination of this tradition and the Ethiopian government is now working to end child marriage and female genital cutting by 2025.  In addition, the African Union recently launched a campaign to end child marriage across the continent. I am now dedicating my life to working on this issue and to give voice to the screams of unheard rural women and girls. I don’t want to see the same story happen to any more girls. And yet, it still is. You can help. Please join me in ending child marriage around the world by signing this petition, asking President Obama to sign the executive order that would help prevent an estimated 39,000 child marriages every day. This petition is supported by Global Fund for Women, Ms Magazine, Equality Now and Truth Aid. The Call to Action We need the Obama Administration and the State Department to deliver what was promised: a comprehensive strategy for ending child marriage. In March 2013, President Obama signed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) that included a commitment to ending child marriage worldwide. The law requires the State Department to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to end child marriage and to direct U.S. foreign assistance to programs in countries where child marriage is prevalent. We are asking that this strategy be created and announced in 2015, and that it include the following whole-of government strategy: +      Our foreign assistance agency, the U.S. Agency for International Development, would be directed to craft evidence-based, stand-alone programs to delay the age of marriage, foster girls’ agency and choice and promote equitable and rights-based societies that give girls the tools they need to thrive, while also leveraging our considerable investments in such areas as health, education and food security to ensure these programs are being fully utilized to address related elements of the practice. +      State Department diplomats on the world stage and in bilateral talks with countries that have high rates of child marriage would be directed to raise the issue of child marriage as a U.S. foreign policy priority, and would work to ensure that carrots—and, where necessary, sticks—are deployed to encourage meaningful action by all countries to end this global scourge. Such a strategy would recognize and institutionalize the fact that child, early and forced marriage impacts the whole life of the girl and that holistic, rights-based approaches are therefore necessary to end it. +      A draft Strategy is sitting at the Department of State. While the President and the First Lady have recently launched an important effort to provide education for at-risk girls globally, until the President signs an Executive Order giving these efforts the full force of law, we cannot be certain that these efforts will be fully implemented and funded. And thus they will not make any real difference in the lives of girls all over the world. Every day that we wait for the implementation of the new law to become reality, another 39,000 girls are married. This is unacceptable. When girls are forced into marriage early, entire communities miss out on their potential as change makers, economic drivers, and leaders. We must end child marriage to allow girls to realize their full potential in order to achieve the world we want. We need a coordinated, whole-of government strategy immediately. You can help. Tell President Obama to issue an Executive Order directing the U.S. government to use its full force to protect and empower the world’s girls and end child marriage once and for all. In U.S. Theaters October 23rd, 2015. Get tickets here: 

Aberash Bekele with Truth Aid
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Petitioning John Kerry

Free Dr. Stacey Addison!

Dr. Stacey Addison, a Portland, Oregon veterinarian is unjustly imprisoned in the South East Asian country of East Timor. While living her dream of an around the world trip Dr. Addison had the extremely bad luck to share a hired vehicle with a stranger who committed a crime. She has been imprisoned, denied due process and can be held with no charge against her for one year. What should have been a trip of a lifetime has turned into a nightmare. I've known Stacey for 15 years and I'm helping her mother bring her home with this petition. Our government and the government of East Timor must take action immediately to release Dr. Stacey Addison from her illegal imprisonment.   On September 5th Stacey entered East Timor and shared a hired taxi from the border to the capital city of Dili with a stranger. This practice is very commonplace and usually safe. It’s like Lyft or Uber, but other people can share the car if it’s on the same route. Unknown to Stacey, the other passenger in the car was a criminal. En route he asked the driver to stop so he could pick up a package. The police were waiting, tipped off that the package contained illegal drugs. The car was surrounded by the police and everyone arrested. After her belongings were searched, her drug test came up negative, and statements by everyone declaring they didn’t know her beyond sharing the cab were acquired, Stacey was still held for 5 days before being brought before a judge. She was given a conditional release, but told that her passport could be held for up to one year pending an investigation. Stacey found herself trapped and unable to travel back home to Portland, Oregon. For nearly 2 months, waiting in agony and willing to cooperate, Stacey and her lawyer heard nothing from the authorities. Suddenly, on October 28th she was rearrested without a charge and taken to a women's prison.  She was told that the prosecutor had filed an appeal to have her conditional release rescinded without notifying Stacey or her lawyer. This is a violation of her Human Rights and illegal under Timorese and International law. Stacey is not a criminal. She is a dedicated and caring veterinarian, often volunteering for causes close to her heart. Even on this trip, before these horrifying turn of events, Stacey volunteered as a vet in Peru and Ecuador. This is who Stacey is and the last place she deserves to be is in prison. We are sharing her story in hopes you will join our friends and family in calling for her to be released and for her passport to be returned. We already have the support of both US Senators from Oregon and the media is starting to pay attention. Your support could create the momentum needed to ensure Stacey gets home. Please take a moment to sign and share our petition calling on the East Timor government to free Stacey now and return her passport. You can also go to the Facebook page Help Stacey for more info and "like" it to show your support: 

Angelina Brouillette
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Petitioning United Nations, António Guterres, Joseph R. Biden, Wladimir Wladimirowitsch Putin, Europäische Kommission, Greenpeace USA, Greta Thunberg, Luisa Neubauer, Amnesty International Australia, Recep Tay...

UN: Rettet die Erde – Globaler Geburtenstopp! * Save the Earth – Global Birth Stop!

German | English | Chinese | Japanese | French | Russian | Swedish | Czech | Dutch | Spanish | Italian | Hindi | Polish | Farsi | Arabic | Turkish Für unser Überleben ist ein weltweiter Geburtenstopp zum Schutz der Natur dringend erforderlich! Ein guter Arzt heilt seinen Patienten wirksam und nachhaltig, indem er die Ursache einer Krankheit korrekt diagnostiziert, dann das Leiden an der Wurzel bekämpft, um es möglichst dauerhaft zu beseitigen. Durch die Ausschaltung des krankheitsverursachenden Faktors wird der Patient geheilt und wieder gesund – der Arzt hat seine Arbeit richtig und gut gemacht. Ein Arzt jedoch, der die Ursache eines körperlichen oder psychischen Leidens eines Patienten kennt, aber trotz einer eindeutigen Diagnose nichts dagegen unternimmt, handelt fahrlässig, verantwortungslos und letzten Endes menschenverachtend, weil er wider besseres Wissen nur die Symptome des Leidens behandelt, wodurch er den Kranken von sich abhängig macht und sich an seinem Leiden bereichert. Ähnlich verhält es sich mit dem „Gesundheitszustand“ unserer Heimatwelt. Wir sind für die Erde, alles darauf existierende Leben und die gesamte Natur dieses wunderschönen Planeten verantwortlich. Unsere Erde leidet zunehmend an den Folgen der Überbevölkerung. Die dadurch hervorgerufenen Folgen beruhen auf dem durch vermehrten CO2-Ausstoss verursachten Treibhauseffekt. Die verheerenden Auswirkungen erleben wir nun in Form des Klimawandels, von zunehmenden Naturkatastrophen, Unwettern, Vulkanausbrüchen, Erdbeben, Hungersnöten, Kriegen, Völkerwanderungen usw. Im zwischenmenschlichen Bereich zeigen sich die Folgen der Überbevölkerung in Form einer allgemeinen Degeneration der Menschen, an Werteverlust, Zerstörung der zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen und vielem mehr an Übeln. Die Regierenden, Politiker und sonstig Verantwortlichen, wozu im Grunde genommen jeder einzelne Mensch gehört, handeln zumeist nicht als verantwortungsvoll denkender und mitfühlender „Arzt“ des Patienten Erde. Stattdessen wird weiterhin nur diskutiert und geredet, wie zuletzt auf dem Welt-Klimagipfel 2012 in Doha. Ein kluges und verantwortungsbewusstes Elternpaar ist darauf bedacht, seinen Kindern ein menschenwürdiges Leben zu bieten. Es ist darum besorgt, jedem einzelnen Nachkommen genug Nahrung, eine gesunde Umwelt und ein Leben in Harmonie, Liebe, Frieden und Freiheit zu bieten. Es ist den Eltern bewusst, dass sie nie mehr Kinder zeugen sollten, als es verantwortbar und vernünftig ist, ganz gemäss der Lebensweisheit „Allzuviel ist ungesund“. Die Weltgemeinschaft jedoch handelt wider besseres Wissen gegen alle Vernunft und zerstört ihren Lebensraum, die Nahrung und Umwelt, und damit die Menschenwürde, die Harmonie, den Frieden und das Leben selbst. Sie missachtet die Lebens- und Naturgesetze und treibt die weltweite Überbevölkerung in immer grössere Höhen. Alle Verantwortungsbewusste müssen daher erkennen und öffentlich darüber sprechen, dass die Hauptursache aller grossen Übel auf der Erde in der horrenden weltumspannenden Überbevölkerung liegt, an deren Folgen der Mensch zu ersticken droht – es sei denn, er greift zum einzig ursächlich wirkenden Gegenmittel, nämlich zu weltweit gültigen restriktiven, aber humanen Geburtenkontrollen! Die offensichtliche Ursache aller leben- und umweltzerstörenden Auswirkungen, nämlich die enorme Überbevölkerung der Erde durch den Menschen, wurde auch bei den zurückliegenden Klimakonferenzen nicht offen angesprochen, weshalb auch keine greifenden Massnahmen in Form von Geburtenregelungen beschlossen wurden, die die Folgen des Klimawandels noch abschwächen könnten. Ein Aufruf zum Handeln an alle Regierenden, Politiker und alle Verantwortlichen in allen Bereichen der Welt: Der Mensch trägt durch sein umweltzerstörendes Verhalten eine grosse Mitschuld an der drohenden Tragweite der Klimakatastrophe, die im schlimmsten Fall die gesamte Menschheit technisch und bewusstseinsmässig auf das Steinzeitniveau zurückschleudern oder gar völlig ausrotten kann. Alles Leben ist aufgebaut auf dem Naturgesetz von Ursache und Wirkung, nur will der Mensch in seiner Dummheit und Gleichgültigkeit dieses nicht erkennen und nicht danach handeln, wodurch er sehr viel Unheil von sich abwenden könnte. Dringend von Not sind jetzt Realitätssinn, Verstand, Vernunft und konsequentes Handeln zum Wohl der Umwelt und zum Schutz unseres Planeten, der unsere Heimatwelt ist. Die Zeit zum Handeln ist für die Regierenden sowie für die Politiker und Verantwortlichen in allen Bereichen längst gekommen. Sprechen Sie endlich öffentlich über die Notwendigkeit von weltweiten Geburtenregelungen und streben Sie danach, schnellstmöglich Gesetze zu beschliessen und zu erlassen, die das Bevölkerungswachstum nachhaltig einschränken und die Weltbevölkerung dauerhaft reduzieren.Der Appell an alle Verantwortlichen an allen Schalthebeln der Macht lautet:Bemühen Sie sich im Kampf gegen die drohende Klimakatastrophe nicht, einfach nur die Symptome der Klimakatastrophe zu bekämpfen, sondern nennen Sie endlich die Wurzel des Übels bei ihrem wirklichen Namen „Überbevölkerung“, und streben Sie weltweite und rigorose Geburtenregelungen an. Tatsächlich kann nur dadurch das Allerschlimmste der Klimakatastrophe vielleicht noch verhindert werden, wenn die Ursache derselben bekämpft wird, nämlich die weltweite Überbevölkerung.

Achim Wolf
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Petitioning FIFA

Support for Josip Šimunić

We want to support the dignity of Josip Simunic, of the Croatian National Football Team and Croatian People against untruthful attacks by newspapers and small groups of pro-Communists’ in Croatia that Josip Simunic used alleged 'pro-Nazi' and "Fascist" chants, language and gestures after the Croatia v. Iceland football game.    The chants in question ('Za Dom Spremni'- eng. 'For Homeland ready' and 'U boj'-eng. 'To fight') has been used since the 16th century by the Croatian people; by Count Nikola Subic Zrinjski in 1566. when leading the Croatian army to defend against Ottoman Empire invasion. It has since been used in literature, history and the performing arts.  These chants are deeply patriotic and symbolize Croatian unity and love for country, nation and Homeland.    Josip Simunic just gave a patriotic greeting to the fans on the stadium and led the fans into traditional Croatian chants. He wanted to show his respect and love for Croatia and her people. Josip Simunic has been attacked in the past few days from various newspapers and pro-communist political groups, taking certain elements of the event out of context. He now faces a possible punishment from FIFA.   We strongly condemn any connections to associations of these historical Croatian chants and any ideologies and totalitarian Nazi regimes in the past!   Show your support by signing this petition that will go to FIFA and her President Joseph Blatter!   Podrzimo Josipa Simunica pred FIFOM!­ Podrzimo dignitet Joe Simunica, Hrvatske Nogometne Reprezentacije i Hrvatskog Naroda pred neutemeljenim napadima novina i pro-komunistickih stranaka i grupa u Hrvatskoj i svijetu!   Potpisite peticiju koja se salje FIFI i koja objasnjava da je navijanje koje je vodio Simunic izraz njegovog domoljublja i nema politickih konotacija niti ikakve veze sa ideologijama i rezimima u proslosti! Peticija je na engleskom jeziku i objasnjava povijest navijackih izraza. Molimo da link peticije stavite na Facebook, Twitter i javite prijateljima!

Jelena Soldo
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Petitioning John Kerry (United States Secretary of State)

Free Scott McMahon: Innocent American Imprisoned in the Philippines

My son, Scott McMahon, is a United States citizen from Seattle who has been wrongfully imprisoned in the Philippines without being convicted of any crime for almost 4 years. Scott is a victim of retaliation and attempted blackmail and the U.S. government must bring him home. Scott was falsely accused of sexual assault by a woman who, shortly after Scott’s arrest, offered to drop the charges in exchange for $125,000 and for Scott withdrawing an unrelated case against her that he filed first. Scott repeatedly rejected her attempt at blackmail but his accuser continued to make offers.  Scott is being accused of a horrible crime but the accusations are nothing more than an attempt to blackmail and retaliate against him. Scott has several witnesses that place him on a family vacation with his children and their mother in a different city, 10 hours away from the scene of the alleged crime. And there is no evidence that his accuser was ever raped or had any sexual contact with Scott whatsoever. It’s time for the US government to step in and help Scott. Please sign my petition asking Secretary John Kerry to bring Scott home. It hurts to know that my son is separated from his two children, and their mother, Marnelli, a Filipino woman whom Scott had hoped to one day marry. Scott is supported by Human Rights Watch and represented by The David House Agency and their affiliates at The California Innocence Project and Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP. Yet despite the weight of evidence supporting he did not commit this crime, Scott has been held without bail since his arrest on April 7, 2011. The deplorable conditions within the prison have deteriorated Scott’s mental and physical health. Without being convicted of any crime, Scott is housed in a maximum security section of a prison that is only 880 square feet, yet it houses up to 250 prisoners. Scott’s cell has only 1 toilet for approximately 50 inmates. The prison system does not provide even basic hygiene necessities like soap or any medical treatment without a court order (which is rare), and as a result the prison population as a whole suffers from highly preventable illnesses, such as tuberculosis. During the time Scott has been detained, he has witnessed numerous inmates die from these and other conditions. This has gone long enough. Please sign this petition for Secretary Kerry and officials in the Philippines to bring Scott home to his family. Please join our fight to Bring Scott Home.  For more information and to donate, please visit

Shelley Campanella
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On November 29, 2018 My Brother NATHANIEL PITTS JR. BKA POOKIE, Was Murdered By Cowards. On December 2, 2018 My Niece His Daughter Called Me To Help Clean Out My Brother's Condo. It Was Many People There To Clean It Out, I Was Sending Out Boxes Of Shoes And Clothing To The Car And When We Was Upstairs Cleaning And Throwing Things Away. My Nephew Happen To Find A Small Bag It Contained 3 Small Pills And He Stated (I'm Sell These)... I Snatched Them Out His Hand And Stated (No Your Not I'm Throwing Them Away Because You're Already In Anuff Trouble)... He Said You Right,  I Put The Pills In My Pocket With All The Attention Of Throwing Them Away. (Now Remind You My Brother Was Killed)... My Mind And Everyone Else Minds Not In There Right State Of Mind BecauseOf Our Lost!! I Was And A Friend SUV And So When We All Left, I Went To Put Some Clothes Up For My Brother That's Incarcerated So He'll Have When Released. And I Took Some My Brother Clothing To Our Dad House To Put Up. My Niece Them Dropped Things Off There As Well My Brother And Cousin All Was There. Family And  Friends Also Was There Eating Food And Drinking. My Brother Was Drinking So Much That We Took Th he Bottle In It Was Placed In The SUV I Was Driving Because, I Don't Drink Nor Smoke. Now, I Left My Dad House Around About 11:45P.M. To Stop By Friend House To Get Paper Plates And Napkins And Stuff To Take Around To My Dad House For The Next Day. And As I Was Coming Down Ballard Road And Turned On Marsh Avenue I Noticed A Car Speeding Up Behind Me As I Was On The Phone With Jay, He Told Me I'm Sorry About POOKIE And He Was Heading Out To Work. As Soon As I Turned My Blinker On To Turn On Arlington Avenue Police Officer Had Lights On. On December  3rd, 2018 (I WAS ILLEGALLY PULLED OVER AND BEATEN)... This Officer Luke Walsh, Said He Pulled Me Over Because My Lights Were NOT WORKING In His Police Report! On His Body Cam Video Footage He Stated He Pulled Me Over Because MY LIGHTS WERE ON! This Officer Had No Reason, Nor Rights To Pull Me Over At All... This Officer Violated My Rights And 4th Amendment After  He Just Had Me Sitting There For No Reason And The House I Was Going To I Called Them Out And Let Them Know That I Was Pulled Over By Fort Myers Police And They Came Outside And Watched From The Beginning Of The Whole Thing. I Set There For Over 25 Minutes (YES I WAS AFRAID BECAUSE MY BROTHER WAS KILLED AND ALL THE POLICE KILLING OF INNOCENT BLACK MEN WORLDWIDE)... This Officer Luke Walsh,  Come Back To The SUV And Ask Me To Step Out Of The Vehicle And I Stated I Will, But I'm Locking The Door Because The Vehicle Not Mines. Officer Luke Walsh, Body Cam Show Where He Agreed. So As I Exit The Vehicle After Putting The Window Up Soon As I Was CLOSING THE DOOR OFFICER LUKE WALSH, GRABBED THE DOOR AND SNATCHED IT HARD TOWARD HIM AND PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE FOR NO REASON! And I (NEVER TOUCHED THIS OFFICER LUKE WALSH, NOR ATTEMPTED TO TOUCH THIS OFFICER AT ALL WHATSOEVER)!! Next Thing I Know I Was On The Ground Getting KNEED MULTIPLE TIMES, KICKED, TASERD MULTIPLE TIMES, I WAS BEING CHOKED WHILE HANDCUFFED AND COULDN'T WALK AND MOVED MY WHOLE LEFT SIDE OF MY BODY WAS NUMB. I WAS PUNCHED MULTIPLE TIMES WHILE HANDCUFFED INSIDE BACKSEAT OF THE POLICE CAR BY OFFICER LUKE WALSH,  ALL THIS IS ON VIDEO. And When I Was Taken To The Hospital, It Was A Nurse That Said To Officer Luke Walsh,  (Oh You Again I Told You Don't Be Doing This) As He Smiled. So He Must Be BEATING ON PEOPLE OTHER THAN ME! Witnesses At The Scene Called The Police On The Police Them Qgen They Was BEATING ME UP! And If They Wasn't Out There, I TRULY WOULD BE DEAD RIGHT NOW!! They're Trying To Send Me To Prison Cause Of My  Pass Record That I Done Put Behind Me. I Been CHANGE My Life For The Better So I Can Help Take Care Of My Mother Who's Mental Illness, My Kids And CONTINUE TO HELP FEED THE HOMELESS AND NEEDY AS WELL AS THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL KIDS... And I Try Hard To Achieve My Goals Of Building A Family Restaurant In Fort Myers Florida With A Kitchen To Teach All ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STUDENTS How To COOK For Free. And To Make All This Happen I TRULY Need Your Help World To Have All CHARGES AGAINST ME DROPPED AND DISMISSED AS WELL AS HAVE OFFICER LUKE WALSH AND OFFICER'S INVOLVED IN BEATING ME ARRESTED. PLEASE HELP BY SIGNING THIS PETITION... JUSTICE FOR ONE IS JUSTICE FOR ALL OF US... I DAVID RUFFIN, NEVER THOUGHT IN A MILLION YEARS I'LL BE BEATEN BY THE POLICE THAT SUPPOSED TO SERVE AND PROTECT US AND OUR COMMUNITY. I LIVE WITH BEING AFRAID TO GO ANYWHERE, AND WHEN I SEE A FORT MYERS POLICE CAR I'M REALLY SCARED... I Been Harassed By Fort Myers Police Officer FEBRUARY Of 2019... HELP ME OR FORWARD TO SOMEONE THAT CAN.... (I DAVID  RUFFIN, WILL TAKE A POLYGRAPH TEST AND OFFICER LUKE WALSH, WON'T)!!

David Ruffin
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I authorize The Ambassador of Sudan at USA to be Deputy Prime Minister (with Full Powers)

أفوض سفير السودان بالولايات المتحدة الأمريكية في منصب نائب رئيس الوزراء (بصلاحيات كاملة) من المواطن السوداني / .............................. إلى السفير السوداني/ نور الدين ساتي (سفير جمهورية السودان لدى الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية)، في ظل الظروف الاستثنائية التي تمر بها البلاد، أفوضك أن تكون نائب رئيس الوزراء (بصلاحيات كاملة) لاتخاذ كافة الإجراءات اللازمة لتنفيذ التحول الديمقراطي لجمهورية السودان في المحافل الدولية على جميع المستويات. I authorize The Ambassador of Sudan at USA to be Deputy Prime Minister (with Full Powers) From The Sudanese citizen\ .............................. To The Sudanese Ambassador\ Noureddin Sati (The Ambassador of the Republic of Sudan to the United States of America), in light of the exceptional circumstances the country is going through, I authorize you to be the Deputy Prime Minister (with Full Powers) to take All necessary measures to implement the democratic transformation of the Republic of Sudan in international forums at all levels.  

Aziz Abdalla
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