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Catherine Ashton: Publicly Support Saudi Women's Right to Drive

Dear High Representative Ashton We are leading Saudi Women’s rights activists and we write this open letter - endorsed by citizens throughout the EU - to express our deep concern over the EU's public silence on the issue of Saudi women's right to drive. Saudi Arabia is also the only country on earth where women are not allowed to drive, or even ride a bicycle, often dubbed ‘the world's largest women's prison’. As Saudi women our lack of freedom of movement places an extreme burden on our lives. We lack a public transportation system and the most basic errands and medical appointments are missed due to the difficulty and expenses of arranging transportation, notwithstanding educational and work opportunities. Many from our religious establishment openly state that the reason they prohibit women from driving is to keep women at home and in need of men. Our lack of this basic right to drive our own cars has been repeatedly exploited by abusive fathers, brothers, husbands and even hired drivers. Just this week a Saudi woman reported she was raped by her driver.  On May 22, 2011, a Saudi technology consultant and mother named Manal al-Sharif was arrested for driving her own car. Unable to find a safe and reliable driver, she was fed up and decided to take a stand not just for herself but for Saudi women across this country. Over the past few days, more than 50,000 people from 156 countries around the world have joined our campaigns calling for Manal to be released and acquitted of all charges. Manal's activism has also led to copycat incidents, with women all over the country posting videos of themselves driving. As momentum grows, we are calling for women across Saudi Arabia to begin driving openly and en masse on June 17. In the context of the Arab Spring and US commitments to support nonviolent movements for democracy, now is the time for EU leaders to show their support for Saudi women's rights. We were encouraged to see media reports that EU diplomats have quietly pressured the Saudi government over women's rights issues... But given the recent arrests of women trying to drive, now is the time for the EU to show its muscle and make that pressure public. We write to ask that you make a public statement supporting Saudi women's right to drive. We do not make this request lightly, but we believe that you making a public statement of support for Saudi Arabia opening the country's roads to women would be a game changing moment. High Representative Ashton, you are a friend. Indeed, some of us have met you personally during your decades-long journey as a champion of women’s rights all over the world.  Now, as we build the largest Saudi women's protest movement in decades, we need your help. God bless you. Saudi Women for Driving (سعوديات يطالبن بالقيادة)  

Saudi Women for Driving سعوديات يطالبن بالقيادة
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No More Plastic Straws in McDonalds

Plastic pollution is a growing problem in the world. By 2050 it is estimated that, by weight, there is going to be more plastic than fish in the world. And, in recent years it has also started to make its way into the food-chain. Whales are known to have eaten plastic bags, so too have Sea Turtles. Whilst, fish have succumbed to eating polyethyelene microplastics. However, in recent years a new problem has come to the attention of the public: Plastic Straws. They are known to have caused the drowning of turtles  as they get stuck in their nostrils. This is needless and inhumane. Especially when an easy alternative is already readily available worldwide. Paper straws do exactly the same, except when they have been used they biodegrade. McDonalds, one of the largest Transnational Corporations in every country is one of the front-runners in their production of plastic straws, if they can stop, why can't many others follow their lead?! When we, as a nation, signed up to the UN Sustainable Development Goals we pledged to help life under water- this could be one of the biggest steps in helping us achieve this. Please sign...#PlasticStrawsSuck 

Sam Street
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Increase the sentence for Ronnie's killer

A disgusting specimen has received a paltry 21 weeks in one of her Majesty's holiday camps for brutally killing a defenceless animal 'for his own safety. I suggest a year.

Jason Kane
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changes for special needs children

Hi all i am from the westmidlands UK and im a mother  to a 5 year old sweet boy with complex learning difficulties, We need loads more funding and understanding for children with all different special needs. More time in mainstream schools & more teachers training on special needs kids! We need more special school opening and time spent on our children just like the rest do, im so saddened by this it breaks my heart to know our children are suffering how about in 5-10 years time the next generation of children are going to suffer immensly due to this something has to be done NOW. Nevermind trying to pass our children off as naughty or cant be bothered to teach them so they end up in limbo like a pru with no formal education again due to no special school placement for children with no formal diagnosis, i am a mother of a special 5 year old boy whos going through hell with himself trying to get him where he needs to be! Like many others we need extra funding in order for our children to get the education they all deserve. Its been going on too long now something needs to be done i want to get as many signatures as i can to forward to the SEN department and above goverment for there understanding that us as parents simply cant keep going through hell all at the mercy of endless paperwork. We need them to listen to us parents as we know what's best for OUR CHILDREN not them! We need more special schools opening and training as theres a big rise in new cases and nowhere to place our children, please help by signing lets get our childrens voices heard Thankyou

sarah brownhill
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Stop Scotland having another referendum against the will of the majority

Sturgeon will not accept the majority of voters in Scotland wish to stay part of the U.K. Help stop us being dragged against the will of the majority into another referendum. We voted 55% to 45% to remain in the UK. The debate is settled. It was a once in a lifetime referendum.

Chloe Davies
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Not a ‘Happy Ending’ for All. Call for Action to Recognise Legitimate Massage Businesses.

Stop Sexual Harassment of Massage Therapists & Better Regulations for All To stop this confusion and the constant harassment of legitimate therapists providing Health and Beauty services, there needs to be a clear distinction as to which businesses provide therapeutic massage and others which provide massage with the end goal of sexual gratification. We, in the Health and Beauty industry find this extremely important as everyone should have the right to feel safe in the workplace. This is not the case however, as massage therapists are propositioned daily to provide ‘Happy Endings.’  In the industry, we often have to deal with people expecting an entirely different service to the professional Health and Beauty services we are qualified and insured for. The fact that there is an abundance of sexual services provided by illegal businesses masquerading as spas and beauty salons, and they are actually brothels and parlours, indicates that the Government is not doing enough to combat this issue. If there are laws in place to prevent this, why isn’t this being regulated and enforced? Many men & women (especially women) that start out in the Health and Beauty industry at a very young age, find being asked for sexual services as extras a fear for their safety. Many therapists are subject to sexual harassment and leave the industry because of this. Receptionist's also find it a daily battle with seedy phone calls and perverse e-Mails.  As humans, we have a right to work without fearing for our safety. Suggested call for action is: 1.      Better licensing of legitimate Health and Beauty Providers and a certification for such businesses, so that they are easily recognised by potential customers as legitimate. This would confirm to customers that they are have a team of qualified, insured & fully certified therapists. 2.      legalese the sex work that goes on in some ‘Massage Parlours,’ which could possibly increase safety for vulnerable sex workers and decrease modern slavery and trafficking. This legalisation would make the industry more transparent and less ambiguous as to which businesses provide therapeutic massage and which provide massage with the end goal of sexual gratification.

Spa Satori
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AwAiting update     

Nicolette Organici Maroc
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Stop Social Services tearing innocent families apart and taking the wrong children

Children are being taken away by the Local Authority for all the wrong reasons! And I'm some cases, no reason at all! They should be putting the child's best interest at heart. Are they really doing this? The answer is simply NO, they're FAILING. All they seem to do is tear families, INNOCENT families apart, and Social Services seem to find more concerns with Families who are doing their very best for their children etc and they automatically think they have a right to take a child from its mother and father for no reason. Yet what about all the people who take drugs in front of their children. Who drink in front of their children! Who abuse them etc. Think it's disgusting the way the go about things it really is! And what's worse is the fact they get a "BONUS" for every child that is fostered or adopted, to me that's absolutely heartless. Why should they get paid a "bonus" for tearing innocent families apart? They Should be prioritising children and families that are in need AND NEED the local authorities help. BUT DID YOU KNOW THAT THERES MORE THAN 1,000 children taken by Social Services every monthMORE THAN 100,000 children currently in foster ‘care’MORE THAN 50 children dying a year, whilst in ‘care’MORE THAN 10,000 children running away from care and / or go missingAN AVERAGE OF 200 parents imprisoned a year in the privacy and secrecy of the family courtsAll we are asking for is the system to start supporting parents rather than ripping the families apart, this will allow a BETTER country and a BETTER government. This country is supposed to stand for fairness and the care system is not currently showing this, these poor children are suffering as a result! It is estimated that since the Baby P case the number of children taken by social services has risen by up to 50%, instead of stopping the abusers from keeping their children they have been taking children from innocent parents and innocent families! The social services system takes advantage of these people and even in some cases takes the children illegally, however saying this it’s the children we care about more not us parents ourselves! Its happening more and more around the U.K alone. So please, help raise awareness and sign the petition

Sophie Calvert
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Friends of Howley Grange is a community group which has been formed to highlight the problem with speeding motorists, even buses on Howley Grange Road.  We are calling on Dudley Council to introduce traffic calming measures to slow motorists down, the fear is that someone (possible a school child) is going to be killed or seriously injured if nothing is done. There has been several incidents recently which include car accidents, cars veering off the road nearly running pedestrians over. Howley Grange Road is used as a cut through route to either get from Bartley Green to Spies Lane or vise versa. We would encourage all residents, parents and carers to help in the fight and to show the Council that we are not going let it drop until something is done. 

Friends of Howley Grange
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