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China: Release the 1 Million Uyghurs Detained in Nazi-Style Concentration Camps

China: Release The 1 Million Uyghur Detainees Held Illegally In Nazi-Style Concentration Camps   By  Torchlight Uyghur Group  ( This Petition Is Also Available In The Following Languages: Turkish (Turkçe), German (Deutsch), Japanese (日本語),  Chinese (中文), Traditional Chinese (繁体字), French (Français), Arabic (عربى), Uyghur (ئۇيغۇرچە), Slawyan (Kiril), Russian(Pусский) January 20th, 2018        Many media organizations around the world have recently reported that a large portion of the Uyghur population is being detained either in jails or in so-called “re-education camps” ( while their children are being kept in countless orphanages in the East Turkestan.   Recently, we have learned from official sources inside East Turkestan that the number of the Uyghurs currently being held in these Nazi-style political “re-education” concentration camps is more than 800,000.  That is a number known officially inside East Turkestan, but all the unofficial numbers we obtained from various sources exceed one million. According to the 2010 Chinese census, the Uyghur population in East Turkestan was 10,000,370 ( This means that about 10% of the current Uyghur population is locked up.  The conditions of the concentration camps are horrific because of the fact that such a large number of Uyghurs are locked up in relatively small and crowded spaces. We were told by several people who fled China recently that people even cannot lie down during the night with their backs on the floor; instead, they have to sleep sideways with all the adjacent bodies touching one another. We have also learned from some Uyghurs who recently lost their close relatives in the concentration camps that a significant number of Uyghurs are losing their lives in those camps every day. The families of the victims are just receiving their dead bodies from those overcrowded concentration camps. The local authorities are not giving back the bodies of the younger Uyghurs died, instead, just burying them in the nearby empty fields. These are just a few of the many examples of the horrible conditions in these concentration camps.   How did those more than one million people end up in jails, concentration camps and orphanages?  It is extremely difficult to obtain such information in China, but we have managed to get information on some individual cases from the relatives of those victims’ living outside China (The report titled “Political persecution of the Uyghurs – Brief description of some individual cases” at The Uyghurs are one of the ancient peoples living in the heart of Asia. They have a long and proud history, and a rich culture. Throughout the history, the Uyghurs have been a great contributor to the world peace and prosperity.  Due  to their geographical location along the famous Silk Road, they have been a major force in the cultural exchange between the East and the West. We strongly believe that the Uyghurs are an indispensable part of the wider international community and will continue such contribution to the world’s ethnic and cultural diversities in the future. Similarly, the Uyghurs will contribute to the world's peace and prosperity, just as they have done in the past. Therefore, the Uyghurs have every right to live in peace with dignity, and to continuously prosper, as any other nations on the surface of our mother Earth. However, in the recent decades, the Chinese government has banned the Uyghur language from its use at all levels of education in East Turkestan, outlawed Uyghur literature (by banning and burning historical and literature books written in the Uyghur language), restricted, criminalized and attempted to eliminate Uyghurs’ religious belief and practice, and has systematically flooded East Turkestan with Han Chinese migrants in the name of “developing the West”, and thereby marginalized the Uyghurs in their own homeland.  And now the Chinese government is openly killing the Uyghur people, too, in those Nazi-style Chinese concentration camps by implementing a state-sponsored ethnic cleansing policy.  If we don’t get help immediately from the United Nations and from the international community to stop the Chinese government from what they are doing towards the Uyghurs in East Turkestan, the Uyghurs will keep dying and disappearing in large numbers in those Chinese concentration camps ( and will soon face an unprecedented threat to their very existence. Therefore, we appeal to all the international communities and human rights organizations not to ignore the Chinese government’s crimes against humanity – the crimes currently being committed against the innocent Uyghur people.  We appeal to the United Nations and other international human rights organizations to demand the Chinese government to release those  1 million Uyghurs, and send investigation teams to East Turkestan and find out: ●      Where are those jails, concentration camps and orphanages? ●      Why and where those one million Uyghurs are being detained? ●      What are they eating and where and how are they sleeping? ●      What are they doing during the day? ●      What are their current health conditions? ●      What are the current death rates among the detainees? ●      What is happening to the children/siblings/parents of the people held in jails and concentration camps?  We, the Uyghurs, are powerless and helpless at the moment.  As such, we cannot defend ourselves against the Chinese government’s atrocities and cannot fight this battle for our survival alone.  We need the support of the global community.  If tens of thousands of people from around the world sign our petition, it may be possible that the United Nations will make a commitment and will act to stop the tragedy that the Uyghur people are facing today.  Please join us in our fight to end the appalling atrocities happening in East Turkestan. Please sign and share this petition. Thank you!  About the Uyghur People and East Turkestan:  East Turkestan is the homeland of the Uyghur people. It has been under the communist China' s occupation since 1949. East Turkestan is located in the Central Asia, and borders China and Mongolia to the east, Russia to the north, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to the west, and Tibet to the south. The landmass of East Turkestan is bigger than whole Western Europe. Its colonial name is “Xinjiang”, which means "the new territory" or "the new frontier" in Chinese. China officially designated the East Turkestan a Uyghur autonomous region in 1955, but in reality it has never become a genuine autonomous region. The Chinese government reported the number of the Uyghur population in East Turkestan as 10,000,370 (refer to the 2010 Chinese census), but some Uyghur sources estimate the real population of Uyghurs to be around 20 million.  

Torchlight Uyghur Group
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Ban Trump from Twitter

“This is my megaphone. This is who I am. This is how I communicate. It’s the reason I got elected. It’s the reason that I’m successful.” Trump said this about Twitter to an advisor in 2017 (quoted in Bob Woodward's Fear). Things only got worse after that, to the point where he threatened our very democracy and hinted at armed insurrection against Democratic governors, during a pandemic. Trump's 'success' at misusing your platform nearly destroyed this country, a lesson the current CEO somehow missed. And so... To the Chief Officers at Twitter: We the undersigned believe that Donald Trump abused his Twitter account in such a way as warrants permanent cancellation or suspension. We are grateful that you  banned neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Trump advisor Roger Stone, and others for violating Twitter rules, and ask that D.J. Trump not be allowed to continue violating those same rules. We also understand that tweeting is not a First Amendment right, as discussed in Salon, as explained clearly by CNN, the Guardian, and even addressed in a Twitter forum. Tweeting is speech conducted on a privately-run online platform governed by community standards and terms-of-service agreements. Even the ACLU said in August 2017 that it will no longer defend hate speech, particularly that of neo-Nazi, white supremacists. All of us recognize that Trump weaponized Twitter in an unfair and dangerous manner. In 2020 this danger was not only political but concerns matters of life and death since he also Tweeted misinformation and denial for two months about the coronavirus pandemic. Grave dangers remain, in public health and war. Twitter policy states that failure to adhere to their policies "may result in the temporary locking and/or permanent suspension of account(s)." Trump has demonstrably and continually violated the following rules. Unlawful purposes or  furtherance of illegal activities: His vindictive Dec. 6, 2016 Tweet aimed at Boeing led directly to significant drop in stock price. His Dec. 12 Tweet aimed at Lockheed Martin, precipitated a 4% drop in stock value. Abusive Behavior: You may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism. The cyberbullying of steelworker union chief Chuck Jones, directly leading to death threats, was reported Dec. 2016 in the NY Times. In 2019 Rep. Omar has been targeted similarly, and Trump actually used 9/11 in an April 13 tweet to incite violence against her. Trump has threatened entire populations in tweets, such as on 12/22/16 regarding North Korea and nuclear weapons. Targeted abuse or harassment of others: Trump not only attacked a female college student; his abuse of nearly 300 people was graphically summarized in the New York Times. He routinely targets the judiciary, senators, companies, and anybody that criticizes him, often using misinformation. Attacks on the Mueller investigation were relentless, with lawyers seeing in them an intent to obstruct justice.  Hateful conduct: You may not promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease. Trump's 11/30/16 Tweet threatening refugees is notable here as was his infamous rant against the American judge of Mexican descent. More recently we have the threatening of sports figures (whom he called "sons of bitches") exercising their freedom of speech, and the shameful attacks on the Mayor of San Juan while she deals with a catastrophe in Puerto Rico. Much more could be listed on just this topic. Most hypocritically, Twitter created a blatant double standard for normal vs high-volume users and public figures. So Trump's violations do not get him removed as you or I might be; instead they label the tweets,and in May 2020 began adding fact-checking statements to his Tweeted lies. Enough of these half-measures, which threaten to bring down his corrupt DOJ on all social media. Senator Kamala Harris has it right that his usage incites violence and threatens civil society. Ultimately it is up to the officers of Twitter whether users like Trump are allowed to continue abusing people, institutions, corporations, and the planet with your powerful technology. To be blunt, Twitter became complicit in everything Trump does and promises to continue doing. People are increasingly demanding an explanation for Twitter's failure to enforce its rules, and the justification offered so far--that his tweets are newsworthy--is nothing more than greed. Ask yourselves, do you want to be remembered as the corporation that helped start a civil war or World War III? Or helped Trump kill a few more thousand Americans with his disinformation regarding covid-19? Are you content to remain a fascist's megaphone, or does your company have any civic or global responsibility? We hope you make the right decision, and soon.  Thank you for your attention. To be delivered to: JACK DORSEYFounder, Former Chief Executive Officer@jack VIJAYA GADDEGeneral Counsel@vijaya LESLIE BERLANDChief Marketing Officer@leslieberland

Chris Monroe
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End Social Media Censorship

PERMANENTLY END CENSORSHIP ON SOCIAL MEDIAShare it on Twitter NOW, CLICK HERE!Share this petition on Facebook NOW CLICK HERE! Convince your friends - Share the link ! Use your social networks! Talk to the people in your personal environment. Contact five people directly with a call to action and to sign the petition. This way, everyone can contribute a lot. forwards directly to this petition.Donate to the Brittain for US Senate Craig R. Brittain (that's me) the main petition author - I'm a Republican running for US Senate in Arizona. You can donate from anywhere in the US. Some friends and I who have been permanently suspended from (and/or otherwise permanently censored by) Big Tech social media for over 2 years now created this petition. Some of them now work for my campaign, full disclosure. This petition/message is fully endorsed by me and my campaign. On Feb. 1, 2017, my VERIFIED Twitter account with over 150,000 followers, and my journalism account which had about 100,000 followers, were simultaneously permanently suspended. In March of 2018, my campaign staff (of Brittain for Senate '18) and their accounts with a combined following of over 250,000 were permanently banned from Twitter. I lost over 500,000 followers. Had I remained on Twitter until now, I would have over 3 million total followers at this point, based on Twitter's own projections for my extremely popular verified account. Twitter interfered with my election in 2018, or I would be addressing you as Senator Brittain already. But there's a chance to right the wrong of Twitter's election interference - donate to my campaign. You can also text me at any time - please do so - 6025025612. As long as I pay the bill, at least they can never censor my cell phone! Additionally, if you are in Arizona, I need 8,000 signatures to get on the ballot (you must be a registered Arizona voter.) You can sign at the eponymous (look it up)  ^^^ click here if you're an AZ voter. ^^^Explanation:The Courts in Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump and other Federal cases have ruled that you have the FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to access the PUBLIC FORUMS, which are the digital spaces (accounts, feeds, etc.) on Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. when an agency or official uses them in their official capacity.Logical Conclusion: The bans of social media accounts are thereby censorship. The question must permanently be settled and the social media companies must unban the accounts of everyone they've suspended, and verify (blue check) the accounts of all prominent people they have suspended. Over 50,000 US Government officials and agencies use Twitter, Facebook and Google/YouTube in their official capacity. Just assume this means NO ONE SHOULD BE SUSPENDED PERMANENTLY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ANY REASON, as that interferes with your Constitutional Rights to follow government agencies and officials. You're paying for social media with your tax dollars. You pay for government operation of those public Twitter/Facebook/YouTube accounts with your tax dollars. Additionally, many lobbyist groups like CAIR are using your tax dollars to censor your social media accounts, as they sit on the boards of these social media companies. Imagine paying tax dollars for something, only to have the very organizations receiving your tax money spend it to subsidize your own suspension. We must mobilize. Enough is enough. Sign, sign, sign, sign now, share with everyone you know.When you sign, Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube will see your signature! Sign now! Let's get our speech back!Here is a list of some of the names of people and groups whose accounts must be fully restored (more will be added):Alex Jones, Craig R. Brittain, Laura Loomer, Martin Shkreli, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Liz Crokin, Wael Abbas, Occupy Wall Street members (including Dan Veidt and Vladimir Teichberg), Owen Benjamin, Mike Ma, Pax Dickinson, Anthony Cumia, Roger Stone, Meghan Murphy, Tommy Robinson, Baked Alaska, Jared Wyand, Imperator Rex, Charlie Poet, Flying Shadows, Thomas Wictor, Jamal Khashoggi, Azealia Banks, Robert Stacy McCain, Tila Tequila, Paul Nehlen, Chuck Johnson, Sabo, Michael Moates, Jared Beck, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), Vox Day, Pizza Party Ben, Jacob Engels, Jacob Wohl, James Woods, David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, Joe Biggs, Mary Ann Mendoza, Katie Hopkins.30 Alternative News Outlets including: The Anti-Media, Police the Police, Cop Block, Press for Truth, Nation in Distress, and many more.A special thank you to everyone who signs:As you may know, being deplatformed and losing anywhere from thousands of dollars worth of value to even millions for larger accounts is extremely painful.You are fighting for people who have had large sums of money as well as personal value and historical/personal record (in the form of their tweets which stand as an accurate record of their personal history) stolen from them. You are fighting against digital book burners and thieves. Deplatforming is an act of theft. Supporters of deplatforming say it is effective against its target - but sure, so is theft. If you steal all of someone's money, indeed, that's "effective" - it's also criminal.  Twitter states a value of $2.50-$5 per follower on their service. Facebook states a value of $2-$10 per like/friend on their serviceYouTube states a value of $3-10 per subscriber on their service.The suspension of any account is an act of conversion. (What does that mean?) When Twitter suspends an account with 150,000 followers, it has effectively converted those followers back to their dollar value ($375,000-750,000 USD) and that money must be immediately paid to the individual who owns those followers, i.e. the account-holder. Yet Twitter has refused to return this stolen money to the holder of any account it has suspended. Courts have also held repeatedly that any company which refuses an arbitration process regarding a contract is in breach of contract. (A company need not include an arbitration clause, however, they must submit to and comply with binding arbitration, which is heavily weighted on the behalf of the individual requesting arbitration, not the corporation complying with said arbitration, in terms of case law.) Yet Twitter, Facebook and Google have not consented to a single arbitration hearing, and have actively avoided arbitration hearings, and courts which have upheld arbitration hearings for similar corporations under similar circumstances have dropped the ball on these companies. Is it coincidence or accident?  No, there are no coincidences or accidents. And that is why we must circulate this petition and raise mass awareness of censorship. Only when there are millions of witnesses to these crimes can justice truly belong to The People. You are a hero. Everyone who signs - you are a hero. Never forget that you are a hero and a fighter for free speech for all. 

Craig R. Brittain
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¡Suspende Díaz-Canel de Twitter! #SOSCuba

I. Español En el momento de redactar esta petición (julio 13, 2021) el pueblo cubano sigue protestando pacíficamente por el tercer día, provocado por la escasez de alimentos, el colapso del sistema sanitario, la mala gestión de la pandemia de COVID-19 y la violación de los derechos humanos. Desdichadamente, el gobierno respondió con cortarle el internet a la isla entera y movilizar tropas antimotines para represar los manifestantes de manera violenta. El gobierno cubano se responsabiliza directamente de disparar en contra de y matar sus propios ciudadanos, hasta secuestrando adolescentes para reclutarlos y forzarlos a contribuir a las represalias (ADN Cuba). El presidente de la República de Cuba y primer secretario del Partido Comunista de Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, exacerbó la situación con sus llamadas al combate, declarando que "tienen que pasar por encima de nuestros cadáveres [y] estamos dispuestos a todo" (Infobae). Luego publicó en Twitter: "La #RevoluciónCubana no va a poner la otra mejilla a quienes la atacan en espacios virtuales y reales. Evitaremos la violencia revolucionaria, pero reprimiremos la violencia contrarrevolucionaria. Quien ataca a los agentes del orden ataca al país #SomosCuba" (Twitter). Según las Reglas y políticas de Twitter, es prohibido "expresar el deseo, esperar o pedir que una persona o un grupo de personas sufran un daño grave" (Reglas y políticas de Twitter). Dado el contexto de los eventos recién ocurridos, es indudable que sus tuits contribuyeron a la violencia e ignominia mortal en la isla, ya que los manifestantes son pacíficos. Le exigimos al director ejecutivo de Twitter, Jack Dorsey, y a cualquier otro empleado responsable que suspenda la cuenta de Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, @DiazCanelB, por incitación a la violencia.   II. English At the time of writing this petition (July 13, 2021), the Cuban people keep protesting peacefully for the third day, provoked by the lack of food, the collapse of the healthcare system, the mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic, and human rights violations. Unfortunately, the government responded by shutting off the internet throughout the island and mobilizing antiriot troops to violently repress the protesters. The Cuban government is directly responsible for shooting and killing their own citizens, even kidnapping teenagers to recruit them and force them to contribute to the oppression (ADN Cuba). The president of the Republic of Cuba and the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, exacerbated the situation with his calls to combat, declaring, "they must get past our corpses [and] we are open to doing anything" (Infobae). He later posted on Twitter: "The #CubanRevolution will not turn the other cheek to those who attack it in virtual and real places. We will avoid revolutionary violence, but we will suppress any counterrevolutionary violence. Those who attack agents of order attack the country #WeAreCuba" (Twitter). According to the Rules and Policies of Twitter, "you may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people" (Rules and Policies of Twitter). Given the context of recent events, it is undoubtable that his tweets contributed to the lethal violence and disgrace on the island, considering that the protesters are peaceful. We ask the chief executive officer of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, and whichever other employee is responsible, to suspend the account of Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, @DiazCanelB, for incitement to violence.

Matt Jiménez
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Twitter: Address Your Pedophilia Problem And Change Your Policies

My first message is to Twitter users. Twitter has a serious problem with both pedophilia and child porn (or "Child Exploitative Sexual Material" - CSEM, for short). You might not know this, but you're sharing a platform with at least a few thousand self admitted pedophiles, and possibly hundreds of thousands of accounts sharing CSEM. I certainly didn't until a couple months ago, when I was opposing the idea of integrating them into "acceptable" society, for fear of "prosecuting thought crime". When I made that clear, an account going by the name "Pedonymous1" tried to convince me otherwise, which honestly doesn't surprise me. Twitter's big, and it's gonna have some deviants. Some.  So I checked their profile, and was immediately struck by how much positive feedback they got, and their hundreds of followers, along with having been there since November of 2014. That means for five years, an active group of pedophiles had been gaining traction, trying to give it a happy, smiling face! So I tried to finish the arguments I was in, and really hammer down that they aren't acceptable, and thought I'd succeeded. That is, until the same argument resurfaced almost a month later, and plagued my mentions with how bigoted I was. For opposing the normalization of pedophilia. So I started to look into these people harder, and found out they have a whole community of pedophiles trying to normalize it - and much bigger than Pedonymous's follower list. Here's a brief glossary of the terms they use, for your perusal: #MAP - Minor Attracted Person#NOMAP - Non-Offending MAPMAP "ally" - a non-MAP ally of MAPsAoA - Age of AttractionAoC - Age Of ConsentPro-C - Pro-Contact (offense)#ACMAP - Anti-Contact MAPCSEM - Child Sexual Exploitation Material/Media"Pedosexual" - an attempt to normalize the above#YouthRights/#YouthLiberation - attempt to hijack civil rights to justify MAP"Age-Gapped" - attempts to call adult/child sex okay And there's more. Suffice it to say, this is already bad enough. I also found networks of these people on other platforms, but this petition will focus on Twitter, and we'll see if they're willing to act appropriately on this matter. However, it gets worse.  While looking through these profiles, analyzing their networks, etc, I found accounts with material nobody should have to see. ACTUAL child porn accounts. Everything from stolen pics of your kids to videos of kids stripping and having sex with each other and adults. Sometimes tens of thousands of followers an account! With many of those followers being the same sorts of accounts! Want to make it worse? Twitter allows people as young as THIRTEEN to use the platform, which means guess what - it's basically a huge talent show from which the worst kind of people can recruit "talent", and there's a group of people trying to make pedophilia socially acceptable, using cartoons much of the time to increase the appeal, and almost nobody knows about it! So I started an awareness and action group, and called it "Anti Pedophile Action". I figured if I kept it neutral and decentralized, giving people info, and telling them to "do with it what they wanted", I could remain within Twitter's TOS, and help push some of these exploiters offline. Together with what is now 80+ other people, we've exposed a wide network of them, thousands wide, and millions of interconnected CP accounts, most of whom have a randomly generated name - showing they set it up quickly and easily. We've had some significant victories ever since, and for that, I'm glad. But it's not enough - not by a longshot. These accounts are like maggots, and playing whack-a-mole with accounts that can just spring back up to spread their exploitation and worse is just a way for people who care to go mad. So I have some solutions in mind. I'm talking to you now, Twitter. The state of disrepair into which you've let your platform fall is despicable, and I'm sure many people here can agree to that. Always trying to "innovate" the surface features of your platform, children are being more and more exploited the deeper one dares to go, and it's clear that something must be done. So here are some options, all of which would be dramatically helpful: Enhance your reporting feature to include - by default - an option to report child exploitation, and the promotion thereof. It's not there! People actually have to GOOGLE how to report CSEM and pedos on your platform, because your reporting feature DOESN'T MAKE IT CLEAR. We can quickly report someone for being mean, but not for being a pedo around kids? How could you mess this up? Alright, next. Make a rule against MAPs on your platform! That'd be easy. It would mean they couldn't groom kids, or be out in their literal advocacy of this sort of thing, and it would mean these ACTIVE COMMUNITIES of people who admit they want to have sex with minors, couldn't try to make that okay... around minors. Which brings me to my next point. IF YOU WON'T DO EITHER OR BOTH OF THE ABOVE, don't let children use your platform. Raise the minimum age of accounts to 18, so at least while adults are talking about how okay it is to either want to, or act on a desire to, have sex with children, there won't be any kids around to be their "allies", or accounts that get to look like children when they're run by adults for grooming purposes. I posted a thing written by the FBI in 2011 which already shows that the problem is real, and real bad, even in 2006. Part of it said this: "The Internet has dramatically increased the access of the preferential sex offenders to the population they seek to victimize and provides them greater access to a community of people who validate their sexual preferences. For example, NCMEC reports that one-third of child pornography possessors were known to also distribute child pornography. The United States Postal Inspection Service estimates that at least 80 percent of purchasers of child pornography are also actively abusing children." It continues:"The Internet has become the most prevalent technique used by child predators to network with one another, to produce, purchase and share child sexual exploitation material (CSEM), and to lure children into sexual relationships. It also has dramatically increased the preferential child predator's access to the population they seek to victimize and also provides them with greater access to a like-community of people who validate their sexual preferences." Yeah. It was obvious well over a decade ago. Twitter, you're well over a decade late in adapting to this. As a result, a huge community of offenders, papered over by a thin veneer of non-offenders, has sprung up, and it's time you do something about it. When I started APA, I came into a community known as "Pedo Hunters", and was generally well-received, but they've been doing your job for you for years. Meanwhile, pedophiles and apologists have accused me of a wide variety of distasteful things, and even called for my arrest, and the harassment of my associates, including the revelation of my personal information! Imagine that. But it's clear there's a problem here. And not just on Twitter, but everywhere else too. If they don't see the light and make good decisions going forward, I'll have to make similar petitions for their platforms. But with all the support for APA, this one will probably see significant success. So to you, Twitter, we ask - while you watch the amount of signatures go up on this petition, what will your platform be known for from now on? The one which took a stand and did something about a problem, or the one which stood by and watched as children were exploited in front of you? This act scars millions of children for life, and causes irreparable damage to the social fabric holding things together, and every second you waste is another innocent exploited, in one way or another. So are you ready to finally do something about this? Clock's ticking.

Jeremiah Harding
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