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Uganda is set for general elections early next year. After 35 years of ruling, the incumbent President Museveni is contesting for a 5th term in office. President Museveni took power in 1986 in a military coup. Since then Uganda has been under military rule and besides everything else wrong going on in Uganda, the government has been using the police and army to arrest, kidnap, torture and kill its citizen especially those with opposing views to the President. In the coming elections, the level of violence has increased immensely, Ugandans demand the brutality to end and allow a free and fair general election. The world will never respect Africa. Our brothers and sisters are being killed all because they want their basic human rights. The government cannot get away with this. All of this because people want change?? It’s not fair but we are not powerless. We have the power to change this! Every little helps! So even if its just sharing the hashtag or spreading awareness, use your power to help someone who needs you. Please don’t be silent, all this pain and suffering our people are experiencing should not be for nothing. #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITYINUGANDA.                  Read more

1Kakembo .London, United Kingdom
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The goal of this petition is for legal actions to be taken against Godwin Emefiele (The CBN Governor) for attempts to sabotage money donated by Nigerians in our Fight against Police Brutality. #SarsMustEnd #BadBoyBuhariMustGoRead more

Gideon .P LegendaryLagos, Nigeria
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  In Libya, African migrants are being sold as slaves. This has been infamously confirmed by a CNN undercover investigation in November 2017. The migrants undergo horrible conditions. Sanogo, a 22-year-old migrant from Ivory Coast, said, “we were captured and locked in a small room with 60 other people." He added that they were "not able to wash." He recounted, "they hit you all the time, especially if you're big like me, until the blood flows—with sticks, metal, the butt of a gun." Maxime Ndong, a Cameroonian migrant who spent eight months in Libya, reported, "if you resist, they shoot at you. There have been deaths." Slavery is contrary to human decency. This must cease immediately and we are calling out to all of humanity to sign this petition in hopes that those in positions of authority, power, or influence will do everything they can to put an end to this barbaric practice. Aside from signing, please share this petition with your family, friends and followers. And kindly include the following hashtags: #StopSlaveryinLibya #AbolishSlavery  Read more

Sandra NyanchokaLos Angeles, CA, United States
International Monetary Fund
The loans are burdening Already over taxed Kenyans. The money will not meet the intended purpose. Read more

Janet AmbiKenya
Donald J. Trump
WhatsApp was the most attractive app in the world to communicate but we have a problem you can't use it without Internet for this reason we to develop Whatsapp to use it without internet to increase the number of users and to use whatsapp more Read more

Youssef EL KHOURYLiban
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We live in the Bahamas where we rely on tourist year after year for our economy to grow. While our economy is growing, everything we use on a daily basis, those price our far a lot higher then any where esle due to imports fees. Our minimum wage is very low compares to prices of goods. This causes the citizens of Bahamas to live as a 3rd world country,  when the Bahamas is a beautiful place to visit and live. The Bahamian people cannot use their A/C on a daily basis. Affordable housing cannot be purchased. If all this is past minimum wage law to $8.00 for Security Guard to $10.00 for construction. We will see a better Bahamas in the future.     A.F.MRead more

Anthony F MottNassau, Bahamas
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The government of Kenya has since the onset of the Covid pandemic in March, 2020. Received various grants and loans to help the country mitigate the situation arising from the pandemic, economic, health and social. Unfortunately we witnessed mismanagement and huge scams that have led to the country being unable to deal with any health crisis. No one as yet, has been arrested, no cent recovered.  IMF has recently approved another loan without confirming that previous funds were used well in line with intended needs to be addressed. We, the Kenyan Citizens request they cancel any other loans and demand for proper accounting.  Otherwise, the IMF is complicit in the deliberate mismanagement and subsequent loss of lives witnessed so far due to poor health and healthcare public management.  We demand to be heard, our Constitution gives us this right!Read more

Kemunto MigiroNairobi, Kenya
International Monetary Fund
Dear IMF President International Monetary Fund In the past 12 months, the Kenya Government has received about 700 Billion (7.0 Billion USD) for COVID-19 Response in either loans or grants from external partners, IMF inclusive! However, as of today, the Kenyan hospitals don't have any space currently for covid patients, ICUs are full, testing is low with only about 8,000 tests per day, no oxygen in our hospitals, no safety net programs for the vulnerable. Mr. IMF President, please kindly note that Millions of Kenyans can't even afford to be tested for COVID-19 since the Government is charging about 30 USD, while those in hospitals for COVID-19 treatment are paying about 100 USD per day, and those in severe condition are paying about 1,000 USD per day. Mr. IMF President, our national hospital insurance known as National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is not catering for any COVID-19 treatment, and poor Kenyans have to dig into their pockets for treatment, otherwise, they are dying for lack of proper medication despite all the aid given to the government. As I pen this Mr. IMF President, Millions of Kenyans have lost their livelihood especially in the hospitality, tourism, entertainment sectors among others; yet, no intervention has been put by the Government. Mr. IMF President, between June and August year, our country was shocked to hear that Billions of USD Shillings donated for COVID-19 Response had been looted, while in January 2021, the President of the Republic of Kenya confessed that nearly 20 Million USD is stolen everyday in Kenya. Kindly reconsider your approval of the 2.34 Billion USD since 80% of this money is likely to end up in the pocket of the few power brokers in Kenya.Read more

Korir F. Morgan KipsNairobi, Kenya
International Monetary Fund
We the people of Kenya sign this petition in protest of the IMF giving any loans to Kenya without public approval. The conditions of living are becoming more unbearable with every dollar you hand to the Kenyan Government as a loan. Article 1 of the Constitution of Kenya vests All sovereign powers on the people of Kenya only to be exercised in accordance with the constitution. Since our democratically elected leaders no longer serve our interest especially in loan terms with your institution, we therefore invoke Article 2 of the Kenyan Constitution and choose to exercise the powers directly through this petition. Article 10 of the Kenyan Constitution imposes national values and principles of leadership especially in exercising sovereign powers through democratically elected leader on behalf of we the people. These principles are supposed to be the guiding force to anyone that we choose to exercise the sovereign powers on our behalf. Most important are the values of public participation, good governance, integrity, transparency and accountability. These lack severely from the democratically elected leaders we imposed on ourselves and in clear violation of the Constitution of Kenya. We therefore sign this petition to defend our constitution and the sovereignty of our nation as Article 3 of the same Constitution of Kenya demands. Since none of the terms of the loans that you give to Kenya are subjected to public participation and we the people of Kenya having chosen to exercise the sovereign powers directly, we demand that you no longer give anymore loans to the government of Kenya. These loans are taken in our name and we are no longer interested in them.Read more

Ker OttisKenya
International Monetary Fund, World Bank
The Government of Kenya has Continually taken Loans from International  organizations and these kind of loans never benefit an ordinary Kenyan.These funds end up being Miss-appropriated with so many  Corruption scandals after scandal,and yet the authorities concerned do not take action on those responsible.Kenya is now in a heavy debt and the Burden is now being transferred on to Kenyans through heavy taxation and unnecessary levies to cover up the gap.This has highly pushed the standard of living high and majority of Kenyans are not only struggling,but depressed and jobless.After Covid pandemic ,Jack Ma donated PPEs meant to be given  for free to the general public but they  went missing while others were hoarded by those in authority.Another grant to help handle the COVID pandemic saw the  funds go missing as well, unscrupulous tenders by Kenya Medical Supplies Authority once again saw a chain of one of the biggest corruption scandals in this country.No one has be Prosecuted up-to date.We understand there is another loan that is to be advanced to our country by IMF.As Kenyans of Goodwill ,we are requesting IMF To halt the process until the government comes clean on lost funds.In short ,all we need is Accountability and Transparency from the Kenya government.Read more

Dennis NjauKenya