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Waive your service fees to help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal

Every cent counts when people donate money to help the victims of a natural disaster. I am from Nepal, and I need your help to make sure every dollar donated to Nepalese earthquake victims actually gets to the people who need it. Thousands of well-wishers are opening their pocketbooks in solidarity with the overseas Nepalese community to help raise funds for the victims of this weeks devastating earthquake in Nepal. Most of the fundraising efforts have been through crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo, GoFundMe and Crowdrise which have helped raise thousands of dollars to date. Yet, not every dollar is going to the victims. While these platforms are convenient, they levy processing fees that vary between 3 and 9%. In this time of dire need, we request Indiegogo and Crowdrise to show support and let 100% of donations directly benefit the earthquake victims in Nepal. The Nepalese government has declared a state of emergency after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck central the country this week. The earthquake has caused extensive damage and the number of people confirmed dead has topped 4,000 and is steadily rising as officials get information from the rugged countryside that makes up most of Nepal. The survivors and relief organizations need every dollar donated to help aid in the relief efforts, take care of the wounded and begin to rebuild a country whose major cities have been left in ruin.   That’s why the global community is requesting Indiegogo and Crowdrise to stand in solidarity  with the victims of this natural disaster so that all donations can directly benefit the earthquake victims in Nepal. The international support for earthquake relief in Nepal has been overwhelming and we are very grateful for the assistance from foreign nations, organizations and businesses. Several foreign businesses such as Google, Facebook, Viber, Skype, AT&T and T-Mobile have showed support by providing tools to locate missing individuals, mark missing individuals as safe and make telephone calls to and from Nepal for free. Help us request Indiegogo and Crowdrise to chip in too. Join me and thousands of Nepalese living overseas and request they waive their service fees for donations towards the earthquake victims in Nepal. Thank You.

Puru Shah
1,647 supporters
Waive your service fees to help the victims of the earthquake in Nepal

To the Community, Thank you for highlighting the need to easily support each other without fees in times of need. We at Indiegogo agree with you. This philosophy and commitment to serving our global community led us to launch Indiegogo Life last December. Indiegogo Life enables people from all over the world to come together and support the causes that they care about the most, without ever having to pay platform fees. Indiegogo Life has never charged platform fees, and we're very proud of this! To ensure all donations are securely processed and in real-time, our third-party payment processor charges a 3% fee per transaction. At this time it's not within our power to waive this fee, but we will let you know if anything changes. What makes us most proud is the fact that in five days more than 400 people have raised more than $1,400,000 on Indiegogo and Indiegogo Life from more than 17,500 donors across 100 countries and territories to support the relief efforts in Nepal. The breadth of the impact enabled by these fundraisers is astounding and a testament to the human spirit. If you would like to support the aid workers, volunteers and the people of Nepal, please visit our Nepal Relief Collection Thank you for continued support of Indiegogo Life and the people of Nepal.

5 years ago