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Change Indiana State Ordinance for domestic animals in extreme cold

Indiana's state laws for domestic animals in extreme weather are not sufficient. Certain counties have ordinances stating domestic animals must be brought inside if the outside temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Others do not. This needs to be a state-wide law punishable by law if not complied with. There also needs to be changes in laws regarding what is adequate shelter and housing for domestic animals outdoors. This law also needs to apply to breeders. Currently, in Arcadia, IN, there is a German Shepherd Dog breeder who has upwards of 20 or more dogs in kennels outside, with an Igloo dog house as a shelter. At this moment, the temperature in Indiana is -10 degrees Fahrenheit with wind chill of -45 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Indiana state laws for breeders, it is humane for dogs to be outside in this extreme cold. According to Indiana state laws, the breeder is compliant. While this may be sustainable for the German Shepherd Dog, it is not sustainable for all breeds. Therefore, the laws must be revisited. After the town became outraged, the people of Arcadia, IN feel a change needs to made. The animals, and all domestic animals, deserve a change in the state laws.  We ask that the ordinance Marion county holds become a LAW to bring animals inside when temperatures are below 20 degrees Fahrenheit and be constructed state-wide. Breeders MUST have an indoor kennel sufficient for all ages and breeds of domestic animals during times of extreme weather, if the animals cannot be in the home/business. If these laws are not followed the offender will be punished by law (to be decided by officials). State regulations/ordinances/laws can be found at (Indiana State Board of Animal Health) under the Commercial Dog Breeder Statute IC 15-21

Jordan Jamison Hawk
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Protect Our Children: Do Not Pass Senate Bill 500

On March 5th, 2013, my beautiful daughter Angel took her own life after being repeatedly bullied by classmates both in person on school grounds and over the internet. The pain of losing a child is indescribable -- she was the light of my life and I still can’t comprehend life without her. The only way I can move forward now is to dedicate myself to making sure that this never happens to another family. I have worked diligently to get anti-bullying legislation passed in my home state of Indiana, and when House Bill 1423 (The Anti-Bullying Bill) was passed in 2013, I was hopeful that we had made a turn for the better. The bill stated that disciplinary actions would be taken against bullies and that any and all bullying related incidences would be investigated and reported. But now a new bill could completely dismantle all of the progress made to stop bullying in Indiana. Senate Bill 500, which is currently in committee and set to be voted on in this legislative session, would remove the school’s ability to address bullying that takes place off school grounds that could impair the victims school environment. This means that cyberbullying, one of the most popular and insidious forms of bullying our kids deal with today -- the form of bullying my daughter Angel experienced -- would no longer be considered a form of bullying by schools. The bill also eliminates all disciplinary actions toward bullies as well as programs for victim support, and would eliminate teacher training on suicide, bullying prevention, and mental health awareness. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people ages 15-34 in Indiana. According to the 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, administered bi-annually by the Centers for Disease Control, Indiana ranks third worst in the nation in terms of incidences of bullying at school and cyberbullying. The idea that a bill could remove what are obviously desperately needed programs to prevent bullying in our schools is incomprehensible. Schools should be safe places where our children learn and grow into the unique individuals they are meant to be, not the places that convince them their lives are not worth living. 4,400 teens nationwide take their lives every year due to the hateful words and cruel actions of others. Please sign our petition to keep the kids of Indiana safe in school and at home. In her suicide note, Angel asked for us to get her justice, and I will never stop trying to fulfill her final wish. Losing one Angel was too many lost. No child should ever feel victimized by another to a point of suicide. Lets give these kids hope for a future. Please sign today. Thank you and God Bless.

Danielle Green
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Brian A Clark: Drop Charges against Connersville Police Officer and his wife

Jeff and Jennifer Counceller thought were doing the right thing when they saved the life of an injured baby deer they found near their home in Indiana. But because they didn't have a permit, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is prosecuting them and they could face up to 60 days in prison. The DNR should drop these charges now. When they found the fawn on a neighbor’s porch in 2010, she was badly injured with puncture wounds that were infected and had maggots in them. Jennifer, a registered nurse and wound caretaker for the couple’s dogs and horses took the deer home and named it Dani and began nursing the deer back to health. When they called the DNR they were told to return the deer to the wild and let nature take it’s course. That would have been a death sentence for the deer. Instead, they tried to find Dani a home at animal rescue operations, petting zoos and deer farms, but no one would take her. The Counceller's decided to keep caring for the deer until it was strong enough to make it on it’s own in the wild. This past summer the DNR started an investigation into the situation and a DNR official recommended they get a permit to rehabilitate Dani.  The DNR then denied the permit application and then said the deer would have to killed. Just before DNR officials arrived at the Counceller's house to kill Dani she escaped through a gate that was left open. Now, the DNR has assigned a special prosecutor to the case and they're charging both Jeff and Jennifer with illegal possession of a white-tailed deer.   Jeff is a police officer and Jennifer is a nurse - these are good people who were just trying to the right thing by saving an injured animal. They don't deserve to go to jail and the DNR should drop all charges against them. We're asking that you sign the petition and also join the fight on our facebook page at

John W
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Petitioning Indiana Governor

Protect Drivers from the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide: Pass Savannah's Law

In 2015, My wife and I lost our daughter, Savannah. She was with her boyfriend, heading to the mall like a typical teenager when Savannah suddenly passed out. Her boyfriend tried to go to the hospital, but he too passed out. Only one of them ever woke up. Savannah had been overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning. In our grief, we struggled to understand how this could happen. We discovered that a simple emissions test would have detected the issue and prevented her death. It was a fact that was hard to come to terms with, and now we want to make sure such a tragic, preventable loss doesn’t happen to anyone else’s loved one. We are proposing Savannah’s Law to require all cars on the road to get a proper emissions test. Our first goal is to get the law passed in our home state of Indiana, where Savannah passed away. Emissions tests are needed to detect deterioration and rust, especially as a car gets older. The older the car, the higher the risk of there being an emissions issue that could lead to tragedy. This is what happened to Savannah. There were no warning signs. Without an emissions test, there was no way to know the car had become a ticking time bomb. Savannah’s Law would require all cars 10 years old or less, to get a biannual emissions test. Vehicles older than 10 years would have annual tests. Currently, only two counties in all of Indiana require any kind of emissions testing. These patchwork emissions testing requirements are an issue across the country, and it is costing lives. Please help us protect people from vehicles with deadly carbon monoxide leaks. Not only will we save lives, but we will improve air quality. Sign our petition asking the Indiana legislature and governor to pass Savannah’s Law.

John Bettis
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Change the Indiana state law in regards to the killing of a police K9.

On November 13th 2019 Harlej a 5-year-old Belgian Malinois with the Fishers Police Department died after he was shot when finding a man hiding in woods that was being chased by officers of the Fishers Police Department. Under current Indiana law the suspect can only be charged at the maximum with a level 6 felony. Level 6 felonies are punishable by at least six months in jail (a misdemeanor sentence) or as much as two and a half years in prison (a felony sentence), and a fine of up to $10,000. Indiana Code Title 35. Criminal Law and Procedure § 35-46-3-11 Sec. 11 . (a) A person who knowingly or intentionally:(1) strikes, torments, injures, or otherwise mistreats a law enforcement animal;  or(2) interferes with the actions of a law enforcement animal while the animal is engaged in assisting a law enforcement officer in the performance of the officer's duties; commits a Class A misdemeanor.(b) An offense under subsection (a)(1) is a Level 6 felony if the act results in: (1) serious permanent disfigurement; (2) unconsciousness; (3) permanent or protracted loss or impairment of the function of a bodily member or organ;  or (4) death of the law enforcement animal. (c) It is a defense that the accused person:(1) engaged in a reasonable act of training, handling, or discipline;  and (2) acted as an employee or agent of a law enforcement agency. (d) In addition to any sentence or fine imposed for a conviction of an offense under this section, the court: (1) may order the person convicted to make restitution to the person or law enforcement agency owning the animal for reimbursement of veterinary bills;  and (2) shall order the person convicted to make restitution to the person or law enforcement agency owning the animal for reimbursement of the cost of replacing the animal, which may include the cost of training the animal, if the animal is permanently disabled or killed.. This is unacceptable. Law Enforcement Canines are an extension of their human partners and put themselves in danger in place of their handlers, which sometimes leads to their death or serious injury. We need to be their voice and honor them in their ultimate sacrifice. For killing a K9 in the line of duty should be charged with the minimum of a level 2 felony. Level 2 FeloniesIn Indiana, Level 2 felonies are punishable by ten to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Voluntary manslaughter is a Level 2 felony in Indiana. (Ind. Code Ann. § 35-50-2-4.5

Dennis Stilts
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Que le devuelvan la Hacienda Santa Monica a los niños pobres de Panamá.

En Panamá hay medio millón de niños pobres, 200,000 niños viven en extrema pobreza. Muchos de estos niños solo tienen una madre que sirve como Madre y Padre a la vez. Estas guerreras Panameñas se levantan todos los días a las 4am con una sonrisa en cara para tomar un pésimo sistema de transporte y llegar a un trabajo donde les pagan mal. Ese es el Panamá que vivimos, el Panamá de dos países, el Panamá de los que tienen dinero y el Panamá de los que no tienen. Se acabo la clase media. Se acabo la justicia, y se acabo la solidaridad. Vivimos en un país donde las leyes se aplican para los pobres y no para los ricos. Pero de vez en cuando llega a Panamá un hombre rico, con un corazón grande. Esa es la historia del Sr. Charles Lucom, un hombre Norte Americano que hizo su plata con mucho esfuerzo y sudor en Panamá. Y cuando murió, decidió dejarle en su testamento a los Niños Pobres de Panamá un regalo. Les regaló la Hacienda Santa Mónica. La Hacienda Santa Mónica queda en Antón y colinda con Buenaventura y Juan Hombrón. La Hacienda tiene alrededor de 700 hectáreas de terreno (que valen más de $800 millones) y se le fue regalada a los niños pobres de Panamá por el Sr Lucom como dice su testamento. Como los niños pobres de Panamá no cuentan con un representante legal, el Sr Alberto Vallarino y su pandilla de abogados deciden asaltar a los 500,000 niños pobres de Panamá y robarles la Hacienda Santa Mónica. El Sr Vallarino con sus secuaces utilizaron el corrupto sistema Judicial Panameño y cambiaron el Testamento del Sr. Lucom y se quedaron con Hacienda Santa Mónica.  Queremos que se haga justicia y le devuelvan la Hacienda Santa Mónica a los niños pobres de Panamá como lo quiso el Sr. Lucom en su testamento. Gracias, Los niños pobres de Panamá.

Niños pobres De Panamá
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