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Ban lion trophy hunting imports into the UK

The body parts of lions killed in gruesome hunts are being bought and imported into our country as ‘hunting trophies’. To hunt these beautiful animals for fun is inhumane and wrong - but it’s also contributing to the rapid decline of lion numbers. That’s why I’m calling on lion trophy hunting imports to be banned immediately. I lived and worked for two decades in several African countries to help the conservation of lions there and I’m now the director of Lion Aid. It pains me that their numbers continue to drop. The number of lions in Africa has decreased from over 200,000 to less than 15,000 within the past 50 years. Most of the ‘trophies’ are male lions. This has a disastrous knock on effect, pride structures are disrupted, reproduction almost grinds to a halt as cub survival is severely affected, and mortality among females increases as they attempt to protect their cubs during encounters with more and more displaced males. We must immediately stop our involvement in this cruel trade of lions killed for fun, like others around the world have. Australia, France and the Netherlands have already banned lion trophy imports. Why have we not yet joined them in doing so? In 2010 and 2015 promises were made by British MPs about introducing a ban, but years later nothing has happened. Every single day we delay makes it more and more likely that we push lions towards extinction. Please sign my petition calling on the UK to immediately ban imports of Lion trophies.

Pieter Kat
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UK Prime Minister: Protect your citizens abroad!

Did you know that the British Government doesn’t have a legal obligation to protect its citizens abroad? We  didn’t either, until we had our loved ones unjustly stripped of their freedom, and we found out there were no guarantees our Government would help.  As a British citizen, you or your loved one could be away on a holiday, studying, on a business trip, simply visiting friends and family, or even living a happy life of retirement. Suddenly, your life could take a 180 degree turn, your freedom taken away and your human rights violated – just because. Meanwhile, there is no law to make sure that your Government will protect you. They could instead decide to stand by because for example, they don’t want to upset the country where you are being detained.  Right now this is reality for more than 2,000 British citizens, like Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and Jagtar Singh Johal, who are currently detained abroad. Over 1,000 of them are being held without a trial. Many have been unfairly convicted; many have been tortured or kept in solitary confinement; many have been deprived of their fundamental human rights – with no access to lawyers, medical care or support from a British embassy.  We are the British Rights Abroad Group (BRAG), a coalition of families of people from across the UK who are currently being unfairly held overseas or who have recently been released.  Our families have had to discover the Government’s lack of commitment to its citizens the hard way.  When our family members were unfairly imprisoned the British government stood (and in some cases continues to stand) passively by, until we started speaking out and using public pressure to make them take action. In some countries, like Germany, there are laws that ensure the Government does everything it can to protect their citizens in cases like ours. A law like this could have been a life saver for our loved ones. So, we are asking Britain’s new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to lead an initiative in Parliament to make it a law for the British Government and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) – to defend and protect the human rights of Britons abroad. We want to make sure that you and your loved ones won’t have to live what we have been forced to endure.  Please, sign and share this petition to demand that your government does more than what it “can” do and starts doing what it “must” do for your rights to be protected – regardless of who you are or where you are. From: Richard Ratcliffe, husband of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and father of Gabriella Ratcliffe Daniela Tejada-Venegas, wife of Matthew Hedges Yemisrach Hailemariam, wife of Andargachew (Andy) Tsege Gurpreet Singh Johal, brother of Jagtar (Jaggi) Singh Johal Yvonne Irving, wife of Billy Irving Founders of British Rights Abroad Group (BRAG)  Follow us on Twitter @UKRightsAbroad #BRAG #BritishRightsAbroadGroup #BritishRightsAbroad *If you or a loved one have been affected by lacking or inappropriate consular assistance by the British Government and would like to join our campaign, please get in touch with us on 

British Rights Abroad Group BRAG
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Save our students. Make Mental Health First Aid a compulsory part of teacher training

Hi, my name's Ben and in January 2018, I lost my younger brother, Sam, to suicide. He was just 15. That year he was one of 1,866 men under the age of 35 to die from suicide in the UK [Papyrus]. No one should ever have to experience the loss and confusion of losing someone to suicide and I hope that, with your help, this petition can save at least one family the awful pain I've had to and continue to face. In the UK, the most likely cause of death for a boy in a classroom is suicide. We spend a large amount of time at school as young people and I believe that teachers must be trained to be able to spot the signs of someone struggling and know how to help them get the support they need. Currently, the Government runs an initiative which selects a small number of staff members to take time out of their day to attend a course. Their aim is to achieve one 'mental health first aid trained' teacher per school. When I posed this to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, he agreed with me that this was not sustainable or effective. In response to my point that this training should be a mandatory part of teacher training he said it was “vital”. You can watch the conversation here. Since going to Downing Street to deliver the petition personally to the Prime Minister we have not seen any change. Following the Coronavirus Pandemic, mental health support is going to be more important than ever before. That's why I'm calling on the government to commit to their promise of introducing legislation to create a new teacher training standard which requires teachers to have a knowledge of mental health. If you believe we need to do more to prevent young people losing their lives to suicide, please sign and share this petition. People have often referred to my generation as snowflakes. Well, if we’re snowflakes, then let this be the avalanche. You can find out more on Instagram: @iambenwest

Ben West
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Let Touring Musicians Travel: Support Musicians Working in the EU Post-Brexit

The Musicians’ Union is calling on Government and Parliament to back a Musicians' Passport for musicians working in the EU post-Brexit. Please sign the petition to show your support. The Musicians' Passport must:  Last a minimum of two years Be free or cheap Cover all EU member states Get rid of the need for carnets and other permits Cover road crew, technicians and other staff necessary for musicians to do their job Most musicians and performers rely on touring and performing in the European Union to make a living.   Musicians, and other creative and cultural workers, are a distinct workforce with specific needs. Visa and customs rules post-Brexit need to account for that.  The Musicians' Passport must be affordable, multi-entry and admin-light.    Placing costly and resource heavy barriers to that could have a severe impact on working and aspiring musicians – as well as the broader UK music industry. Musicians already have experience with difficult visa systems. It can cost thousands to take a band to the United States, and the cost of fast-track visa processing fees have just gone up 15%. Musicians have voiced their fears that something similar might happen with the European Union, to devastating effect. The Musicians' Passport should cover all EU member states.    Musicians visit multiple countries on tour, often jumping across borders on a daily basis, often with very little notice.   If every musician has to get a visa and carnet for every country they visit, it will make any work in Europe impossible to schedule regardless of whether they are an emerging band or a world-renowned orchestra.  The lack of clarity on the future of musicians working in the EU is already having an impact.   MU members are already moving to Europe because they are worried about their future work; to get jobs, to make sure they can get work later, to travel, and to collaborate.  It’s also about who we are    “Music and the performing arts rely on exchange of ideas and interaction between performers of different nationalities. We love working in the EU and we love artists coming over here. If musicians can't travel easily both ways, our reputation as a country that embraces all arts and culture will be severely damaged. Our members' ability to earn a living will also be severely affected” – Horace Trubridge, MU General Secretary and founder member of Darts Let touring musicians travel Protect the music you love. Sign the petition for a Musicians' Passport.  

Musicians' Union
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Halt Brexit For Public Inquiry: Did Politicians Know About Illegalities Before Article50?

PLEASE ALSO SEE  P.S.  BELOW Brexit must be put on hold, or stopped, until we know the truth:  The UK's departure from the European Union looms, but still massive questions remain in the UK about the legitimacy of the EU Referendum.   It is now clear that significant and illegal over-spending occurred in the last few days before the Referendum. The Prime Minister decided when to trigger Article 50, thereby setting the date (29 March 2019) for Britain to leave the European Union, but did she know - as now seems likely - about any illegalities in the conduct of the Referendum before Article 50 was signed and delivered? A Public Inquiry is required as soon as humanly possible. The Public Inquiry must determine as a matter of urgency whether Ministers and/or any other MPs knew about the EURef irregularities before Article 50 was triggered.  What assessment (before Article 50 was triggered or subsequently) was made - and by whom? - of any impacts illegal spending had on the outcome of the EURef? These are matters vital to the democratic process and public confidence in British politics.  Until they are resolved Brexit must be deferred. We insist that a high-level and open Public Inquiry be established immediately to ascertain the truth about what was known, by whom and when, about any and all illegalities in the conduct of the EU Referendum. Only then will we be sure whether the UK's departure from the EU can legitimately, or even should, proceed. #StopBrexit   #PublicInquiry  #Article50 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PS You may also like to support these petitions: * For UK Residents and Citizens: Halt Brexit For a Public Inquiry: >> * For everyone: Jeremy Corbyn: Please #StopBrexit now. >>  

Hilary Burrage
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NOBEL PEACE PRIZE FOR CATALONIA under the Spanish Government's repression.

(Catala/ Espanol/ English) . Si hi ha un poble que es mereixi el Premi Nobel de la Pau aquests dies aquest es Catalunya.                                                                                         . Si hay un pueblo que se merece el Premio Nobel de la Paz en estos dias es Cataluna .Catalunya, aquesta terra amb la seva identitat propia, terra triomfant, rica i plena..Catalunya, esa tierra con una identidad propia, tierra triunfante, rica y llena. .Catalunya, que ha tingut el valor d'alcar-se contra l'autoritarisme de l'Estat Espanyol..Catalunya, que ha tenido el valor de alzarse contra el autoritarismo del Estado Espanol. .Catalunya, aquell poble que ha votat pels seus Drets de Llibertat, d'opinio, pero sempre li ha estat denegat, sempre demanant a traves de les manifestacions mes pacifiques de la Historia d'Europa, amb els seus bracos en alca, bracos oberts....Catalunya, ese pueblo que ha votado por sus Derechos de Libertad, de opinion, pero les ha sido siempre denegado. Y siempre pidiendo a traves de las manifestaciones mas pacificas en la historia de Europa, con sus brazos en alca, brazos abiertos... .Catalunya, un gran exemple de dignitat perque sent oprimida una i altra vegada, encara ofereix dialogar, arribar a un enteniment amb aquest Govern Espanyol sense cor..Catalunya, un gran ejemplo de dignidad porque aun siendo machacada una y otra vez, ofrece dialogar, llegar a un entendimiento con este Gobierno Espanol sin corazon. .Catalunya, poble castigat per l'Article 155, que ha prohibit tots els Drets fonamentals de Democracia i que no escolta cap voluntat dels Catalans. Aquest Govern Espanyol que tanca i persegueix persones pacifiques per les seves propies idees, que prohibeix la llengua propia del poble.. Pero Catalunya, encara resisteix pacificament.. amb els seus bracos en alca, bracos oberts....Catalunya, pueblo castigado por el Articulo 155, que ha prohibido todos los Derechos fundamentales de Democracia y que no escucha ninguna voluntad de los Catalanes. Este Gobierno Espanol que cierra y persigue personas pacificas por sus propias ideas, que prohibe la lengua propia del pueblo.. Pero Catalunya, todavia resiste pacificamente...con sus brazos en alza, brazos abiertos... .Catalunya, terra solidaria, de diferentes cultures i ideologies. Terra exemplar d'amor a la seva propia gent i als altres tambe, terra d'acollida, de bracos oberts....Catalunya, tierra solidaria, de diferentes culturas e ideologias. Tierra ejemplar de amor a su propia gente y al projimo, tierra de acogida, de brazos abiertos... .Catalunya, colpejada, insultada, odiada, empresonada, prohibida, exil.liada..Catalunya, golpeada, insultada, odiada, encarcelada, prohibida, exiliada. .Pero Catalunya... no discuteix, dialoga; no odia, perdona. Sempre disposada a escoltar. I alla esta ella, amb els seus bracos en alca, en contra de la violencia... en mostra de Pau. Aquells bracos oberts..Pero Catalunya... no discute, dialoga; no odia, perdona. Siempre dispuesta a escuchar. Y ahi sigue ella, con sus brazos en alza, en contra de la violencia...en muestra de Paz. Esos brazos abiertos. .Aquesta terra, Catalunya, tan castigada, hauria de ser HONORADA per ser el poble mes pacific en resposta a una crueltat tan gran i tan injusta..Esta tierra, Catalunya, tan castigada, deberia estar HONORADA por ser el pueblo mas pacifico en respuesta a una crueldad tan grande y tan injusta. .No hi ha poble que bategui amb tant d'amor per la seva terra tot i els cops de punys rebuts per defensar-la.                                                                               .No hay pueblo que lata con tanto amor por su tierra a pesar de los golpes recibidos por defenderla. .Catalunya, el seu lema "Som gent de Pau!"..Catalunya, su lema "!Somos gente de Paz!"..Catalunya, un exemple clar de Humanitat per tota la Humanitat..Catalunya, un claro ejemplo de Humanidad para toda la Humanidad. ...................................................  (English)  ....................................................... . If there's people that deserves the Nobel Peace Prize nowadays that is Catalonia. .Catalonia, land with its very own identity, triumphant land, rich and bountiful..Catalonia, has had the courage to stand up against the authoritarianism of the Spanish State. .Catalonia, the people that have voted for their Rights of Freedom of opinion but they have always being denied to her. And always asking through the most peaceful protests in the history of Europe, with their arms on the rise, arms wide open... .Catalonia, an example of Dignity because being crushed over and over, it still offers dialogue to reach an understanding with this heartless Spanish Government. .Catalonia, punished by the Article 155 which prohibits all basic Rights of Democracy and it does not listen to the will of the Catalan people. This Spanish Government that jail and hunt down peaceful people for their own ideas, and forbid the very own language of the culture, of the people.. But Catalonia, still endure peacefully...with their arms on rise, open arms... .Catalonia, people of solidarity built up through different cultures and ideologies. Exemplary land of love to its own people and to others, land of welcome, with arms wide open.... .Catalonia, beaten, insulted, hated, imprisoned, forbidden, exiled. .But Catalonia...does not argue, it speaks; it does not hate, it forgives. Always willing to listen. And there she is... with its arms raised against a sign of Peace. Those arms wide open. .This land, Catalonia, so punished, should be HONOURED for being the most peaceful people in response to such an unfair and enormous cruelty. .There's not people that can beat with so much love for its land despite the blows received to defend it. .Catalonia, its motto "Som gent de Pau!", "We are Peace people!".Catalonia, a clear example of Humanity for all Humanity.

Montse George
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Save our students. Make Mental Health First Aid a compulsory part of teacher training

Mental health is one of the most important public health issues in Scotland today. That’s why, in government, the SNP has made improving mental health services a priority – appointing the UK’s first dedicated Minister for Mental Health. While introducing mandatory mental health training for pre-graduate teachers would be a matter for universities and educators in the profession - the SNP has taken steps to Make sure that children and young people have the support they need at the earliest possible stage. We have recruited 430 new school, college and university counsellors to help prevent mental ill-health amongst children and young people. We will ensure that every secondary school has counselling services. And more than 80 additional counsellors will be provided in Further and Higher Education over the next four years too.

2 years ago
Axe #TamponTax now that we have left the EU!

SNP MPs will hold the UK government to a commitment to remove VAT from sanitary products. Until VAT is removed from sanitary products, the SNP will call for Scotland’s population share of the Tampon Tax Fund to be transferred to the Scottish Government so that a fair and proportionate amount can be distributed to organisations working with and for women across Scotland. Sanitary protection products are not an optional luxury, instead they are an essential product for over half the population. It is absurd that while men’s razors, children’s nappies and even products like Jaffa Cakes, exotic meats and edible cake decorations are free from VAT women are still having to pay additional costs on what is already an expensive yet vital product.

2 years ago