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Biodegradable packaging

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Too much toxic non-biodegradable rubbish especially plastic packaging is ending in the oceans. Please pass laws to make it illegal to use toxic or non-biodegradable packaging.

Packaging should have a similar life time as the product it is covering and completely degrades into non-toxic natural waste shortly after it has passed it useful life.

Could you also put pressure on other members of the common wealth to do the same.

A big P.S.

The problem is not restricted to just packaging. It also includes phone casings and games consoles & other electrical goods that end up on rubbish tips.

There are lots of instances of this problem of toxic or non-biodegradable structural items that need to survive a long time but must disappear completely after use in a natural way. All these systems need fixing.

Do not link these changes into one bill otherwise it will take too long. Please, prioritize these environmental problems into the simplest changes that have the largest effect first and pass laws in that order.

Some of the other issues

Any packaging used to protect new electrical equipment or flatbed furniture should not use polystyrene but card board almost all of which is biodegradable.

Drinks bottles, especially for mineral water, need to last a long time. Using glass bottles which last longer and form sand if they get into the seas, seems reasonable. With a small refundable charge for the glass bottle so that they can be returned washed and reused.

Cling film and other temporary packaging needs to be biodegradable or made of a metal that is not toxic and will rust, falling to pieces in salt water.

Aluminium is toxic in large quantities and can effect people. Aluminium oxide causes loss of coordination, loss of memory, and problems with balance. Air born Aluminium oxide powder can also cause asthma. Aluminium oxide will sink. So this a bottom feader problem. Lithium and other heavy metals are also toxic, with different symptoms.

The insulation of underground cables should last several decades. Replace plastics with flexible non-toxic fibre glass that only breaks down due to physical movement and So will break up and reform the sand it was made of if they end up in the seas and oceans. While staying effective indefinitely as underground insulators unless physically disturbed, which is probably the same for plastic cables anyway.

Electrical cables in the house and office are more difficult because the insulator must outlive the functioning electrics otherwise there is a chance of electrocution, although plastics made of straw have been tried and are biodegradable.

The list goes on...

There are many aspects to this but as with anything, the sooner we can make as much rubbish biodegradable and non-toxic the better.

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