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Justice For T.Nhaveen And For All Bullied Victims

T. Nhaveen a 19 year old guy from Penang, Malaysia was assaulted and sodomised with a foreign object by five youths and now is declared brain dead and on life support at Penang Hospital. Bullying has gotten far worst and recently has taken many lives not only in our country but worldwide. Nhaveen was said to be soft spoken and was teased by this bunch of irresponsible youths by calling him sissy. When Nhaveen pleaded them to stop teasing him, those youths reacted by assaulting Nhaveen and also his friend T.Previin who was accompanying him. His friend escaped with bruises but sadly Nhaveen paid the price.  We want justice for T.Nhaveen where the offenders cannot be spared. They should be given a punishment they deserve because what they did tantamount to murder. Brain dead can be considered dead and now only a miracle can save him where his family members are praying for him. Our prayers are all with him and we want justice be done.  It was also said in an article that bullying is not something new for Nhaveen as he was bullied during his schooling days but he did not take it seriously and walk away from it. Friends, bullying in whatever situation or in what form is a subject that we cannot ignore. Anyone who bullies should undergo counselling to find out the root cause and  be given a  punishment accordingly so that he/she will not repeat the act again. Bullying should not be allowed to happen in the first place. Parents/Guardians on the other hand should look further into this matter if their children ever get bullied or their children are culprits. By merely saying "Don't care about them" does not help the children.  Schools should tighten their securities and promote positive values that should allow no rooms for bullying. The bullies must be sent for counselling since expelling them would not do any good but only raise the number of dropouts and they may eventually resort to gangsterism. We urge the authority and educational institutions for institutional education reform to promote positive values such as non-violence and non-discrimination. We should create a campus and society where the learning and living environment are conducive, safe and filled with hope, kindness and peace. Students on the other hand should not be afraid of standing up against this bullies by reporting this sort of incidents to appropriate authority. If bullying is non-existed, Nhaveen would not have lost his life.  Nhaveen’s mother is a single parents working hard for her children and now can you even imagine the pain and despair she is feeling. Where are the parents of the offenders? What are they even doing? We hope they would approach the victim family and offer all the help they could. But yet none shows up. All I hope is our nation should serve justice immediately and take appropriate precaution and remedy and never ever to let this happen again. I hope the sentence 'death by bullying' should never even be uttered again. I want bullying to be demolished completely. No more second Nhaveen.  #saynotobullying #justicefornhaveen  

Mukhesh Ravi
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Help Ruperta, the Elephant. She is starving in Venezuela, in a Caricuao Zoo.

Please, let's unite together as a one major world force for the peace and welfare of people and animals in Venezuela. Venezuela, my country is going through a major political, social, and economical crisis that is not fully disclosed to the media, and international forces due to a socialist dictatorship model that is affecting the entire country. Animals, and most people in Venezuela are being neglected due to the shortage of food and medicine.  Ruperta, just like any other animals in Venezuela is starving to death. We need your help to survive her, other animals, and many starving and ill people in Venezuela. Please, sign my petition to reach out to the major national/international animal & human rights organizations that can help put a stop to the ongoing neglect of animals and people in Venezuela.

Webb Daulis
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Cancel Carlos Celdran's Petition Against Duterte For Trolling

Duterte took the role of an alpha male leader. Real leaders have real brains over emotions. You need people like him (Duterte) so that you can point your dirty fingers and say "he's the bad guy." We need a real honest leader to deal people who can't handle the truth, bigotry, and for those who are afraid to have a big change. Give a second chance. It's too early to resign Duterte. Give him a trial and see how he can handle Philippines. One thing, hating Duterte is like Carlos hating against the government and he'll cost him dearly. Law is a law. Respect! No to propaganda. Period. It is against the government to blame Duterte like this, just as Carlos Celdran did. There is a proper process by the law to handle such violators.

Uboa San
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Petitioning Human Rights Campaign, Air Asia

บทลงโทษ Manager ทั้ง 3 และ ผู้โดยสาร #แอร์กราบ

หลังจากที่ทางผู้บริหารของ Airasia ได้ออกมาแถลงการณ์กรณีที่ผู้โดยสารและเมเนเจอร์ 3 คน บังคับให้แอร์ฯ กราบเท้าเด็กพิเศษเพื่อเป็นการขอโทษเนื่องจากทางผู้โดยสารกล่าวหาแอร์ฯ ว่าดูหมิ่นศักดิ์ศรี หยามศักดิ์ของเด็กพิเศษ เพียงแค่ถามว่า "น้องเป็นอะไรคะ" เท่านั้น และจากการแถลงการณ์ของผู้บริหารได้บิดเบือนไปจากความเป็นจริงตามที่หลายๆคนทราบกันจากเว็ปไซด์ต่างๆ ที่มีการเผยภาพการสนทนาระหว่างคุณ จ. กับเพื่อนของเธอบนสื่อประเภทหนึ่ง อีกทั้งผู้บริหารคนนั้นก็ไม่มีการลงโทษใดๆกับเมนเจอร์ทั้ง 3 และก็ไม่มีมาตรการในการควบคุมผู้โดยสารประเภทนี้เลย จากเหตุการณ์นี้เชื่อว่าหลายคนคงต้องการให้มีบทลงโทษกับเมเนเจอร์ในเรื่องของการบังคับ ข่มขืนจิตใจของแอร์ และป้า จ. ที่นำชื่อและรูปของแอร์ไปลงตามสื่อต่างๆซึ่งเท่ากับเป็นการดูหมิ่น และประจานแอร์คนนั้น เราจึงต้องการให้มีการร่วมลงชื่อเพื่อให้มีการลงโทษบุคคลที่ทำให้น้องแอร์นั้นเสื่อมเสีย และอับอาย  

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Petitioning Theresa May MP, Human Rights Campaign, Sadiq Khan

A PETITION for An apology to the oldest old gay men still alive

Dear Prime Minister, In 1974, as a Senior Commissioner in the Boy Scout Association, running camps for severely physically disabled boys from six southern counties in the UK, I was forced to resign. As a consequence of the Gross Indecency Law, I was arrested and charged enthusiastically by homophobic police, assisted by provocateurs and informers. If one was born only able to be “in love” with another man, one was automatically presumed guilty. I, and 49,000 others, still have criminal convictions. I am therefore partitioning for an apology from this government on the part of their predecessors. Some of those past legislators are still alive, often asleep in the House of Lords on £300 per day, many of them refusing to accept the fact that being homosexual is NOT a choice. I agree that any indecency of a sexual nature IN PUBLIC should still be an offence but our “offences” were often “committed” in private. We don’t seek pardons, for that admits guilt (eg; Alan Turing), we believe that these convictions should be quashed. PLEASE Madam Prime Minister, may we have an apology before I die? George Montague, aged 93 and author of “The Oldest Gay in the Village” email:   Twitter:  @GeorgeMontague2 FB  This petition will be delivered to Prime Minister Theresa May at 10 Downing Street. (I was in BBC's Britain's Greatest Generation, watch here: )

George Montague
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Petitioning Human Rights Campaign, Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Birmingham City Council

Let my son be with his family

Where to begin. First and foremost Birmingham Children's Services have themselves stated my son has NEVER come to ANY harm in the care of his mother/myself. My son was placed on a child protection register at birth due to me having convictions for violence 4 years previous, he was kept on child protection aged 3 months due to the fact he was "a very advanced baby" and this "may have led his mother to expect to much of him which might cause significant emotional harm". From July 2014-September 2014 my son , his mother and myself lived a happy peaceful life the days were spent loving,nurturing and enjoying our cheery,happy perfect baby ,however we made the grave error of reporting the fact social worker NADINE REDSHAW was turning up clearly intoxicated and had pictures on her Facebook of her friends babies drinking cans of carling, after that Children's Services embarked upon a smear campaign with the aim of stealing our son for adoption. We were branded "bizarre and paranoid" for refusing to strip our son naked in front of a room full of 10/12 strangers, his mother was labelled as "having a learning difficulty she struggled with" - she has genius level IQ (Children's services declined her offer to take an IQ test), we were branded "tremendously defiant" for refusing to sign our son over to my abusive mother , his mother simply asking for the law to be adhered to meant she had "personality difficulties" and quiet unbelievably our next door neighbours were asked to sign a statement "telling a little white lie" - the "little white lie" being that my son's mother had gone out and left our son in the house unsupervised. Back in December 2014 my son was illegally and viciously seperated from his mother by Birmingham Children's Services and my own mother who has a history of abusing children. 2 days before Christmas his mother went to collect him only to have my own mother refuse to hand him over whilst screaming PPO (police protection order) at my son's mother so his mother rung the police to retrieve our son only for the social worker SYEDA TAHERAH AHMED to lie to the police and claim my mother had custody. The reason Social Services gave for so brazenly breaking the law was "the child may be harmed" due to the fact that his mother and myself had had a verbal disagreement when our son wasnt in our care. His mother wanted to take our son to her fathers home in a different city without me. She kept trying to get our son back for the same thing to keep happening until we were taken to court. My mother made up a pack of lies to try and keep our son for herself. Social Services advocated for her relentlessly and the courts put our son in the care of this woman despite the fact at the time she was under police investigation for serious child abuse allegations perpetrated against her own children (me). Thankfully an independent social worker highlighted what a danger this woman was and my son was removed. Me and his mother PASSED a parenting assessment, we proved all allegations against us to be lies and his mother offered to take our son upon him being returned to her care to live at her fathers home away from myself (the "problem"). However Children's services decided to press for adoption due to facts we are still unsure of. At the Final Hearing the social worker was proven to have lied repeatedly about his mother and so had the guardian ELAINE BENNETT. After a 5 day hearing and a 2 week wait we were told our son would be placed for adoption due to the fact his mother had "drawn a malicious picture" of the social worker and because his mother had asked the social worker SYEDA TAHERAH AHMED and manager RUTH EVELYN HILL to apologise for the fact she had been told she could not care for him as a vunerable single parent. Barbara Carter of Barbara Carter Solicitors was the judge behind this scandalous decision she made findings on things his mother was not even questioned about,falsely claimed my sons mother accepted threshold and felt it appropriate to describe him as 'a very attractive baby to adopters' (one of the reasons the order was given according to Barbara Carter). Legal Aid solicitors CARTWRIGHT KING and BLAIR ALLISON colluded with BCS to remove our son for 'potential risk of emotional harm'. My son has until March to be rescued from the clutches of strangers, strangers who follow a completely different religion to him, strangers who are ripping a child from a loving mother to help fill a void in there own lives. My son is not your baby to have, He has a family who love and want him, he is the centre of the whole family and without him it is pointless. His mother says her home feels like someone has died without him in it. He doesn't deserve to be punished for my actions, his mother doesn't deserve to be punished because of my actions and he definitely doesn't need ripping from his family until he is 18 for things his mother "may or may not do" based on MY past. His mother due to Birmingham Family Courts decision to refuse to process her appeals for some unknown reason now has to wait to oppose the adoption order. Enough signatures will get my son's voice heard and just maybe if his voice is heard loud enough he might just might be returned to where he belongs and the courts might stop ignoring applications put before them and see justice done. If the family courts weren't secret he would have NEVER been removed. I quote Paul Pennington-Wilson (independent social worker) : "The parents present as loving parents who's lives revolve around their son" and finally i quote judge Barbara Carter "the mother is clearly a very bright,intelligent,engaging and fiesty young woman with much to offer those around her including her son." Tom Latimer

Tom Latimer
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Respect International Student Community Of Canada

Few days ago, a video got viral on Facebook in which "Gaunda Punjab" radio was broadcasting a live interview during which a lady and a host Joginder Bassi from Torronto made very poor comments on the students. all the claims he mentioned were without any proof and were made for whole community which they call student community. they guys were totally been racial toward students. just want the government to have a look and take required actions to ensure the respect and status of international students. Support to make it your voice. Sign it for you and from your friends and family.

Loveleen Singh
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Petitioning Human Rights Campaign

Jutice for Craig Help him get his adaptation grant so he can have some dignity and respect

For those of you that don't know about Craig's story here it is . Craig is 24years old and has severe and profound learning difficulties an Autism. He is non verbal and requires 24HOUR CARE he needs help with feeding,dresing,showering, he is doubley incontinent and has behavioural issuies x Going back to 2008 Craig was 15years young . I applied to the city council for an Adaptation Grant to have a ground floor extension put on consisting of a bed room and wet room to help make it easier for us as a family to care for Craig to impove his quailty of life give him some dignity. In 2009 all the assessments were done and the OT recommended that he needs a bedroom, seperate wet room with bench area to make it easier for us to change Craigs nappiess as of to this day im still changing Craig on my kitchen floor ..She recommended it to be all ground floor access. In 2009 the grant was approved and work was anticipation to be carried out in 2010.2010 we were told that funding was not avaible.2015 I got a call to say they have the funding to go ahead with the extention. The same OT came out to access Craig and her recommendations changed dramatically no wet room, no bench area to change Craig and no ground floor extention Bear in mind his needs have gotten greater .She carried out this assessment without Craig been present . The  city council claim the work is going to cost 100,000e and they say they can only get funding for 75,000 at a push :-( . I offered to fundraise to get the extra 25,000e and i was told im not allowed to do that as its the councils housing stock .then they told me  even if they did get the 100,000e the OT now wont sign off on it as the extention will not meet Craigs needs .They have offered us a transfer to a different property but a change like that would be tramatic to Craig with his autism plus the house is on main road which isnt safe for Craig in case he were to wonder out .We currently live in a Cul De Sac and our neighbours all know about Craig and are absolutely fantastic to Craig. We are very happy in our home and all I want to do is imorove Craigs quality of life at home give him some dignity and I want to be able to look after Craig at home for as long as i can so he dosent have to go into residential care x This would break my heart .��� Craig currently share his bedroom with his 10yrs old sister which is causing behavioural issues for Craig .The council have said if we dont take the transfer they are looking to close Craigs file .Im sure there are more families in the same suitation as us ���

Vickie Thompson
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The Attention of Justice Loving People Towards Human Rights Violations In Kashmir

Petition on behalf of the People of Jammu & KashmirBeforeMember states of United Nations, International Organizations, Human Rights Defenders and Human Rights bodies and  Persons believing in Justice and Equality all over the globe. We the People of Kashmir through this petition bring to your notice the grave situation of atrocities and abuse of Human Rights of the people of Jammu & Kashmir at the hands of Indian armed forces. The people of Kashmir for the past seven decades have been struggling for the exercise of their right to self-determination accrued to them under United Nations Charter and the resolutions passed by UN Security Council on Kashmir Dispute and they have given huge sacrifices in terms of life, property and what not for the achievement of this right. However, to deny them their legitimate right, Kashmir is being ruled by the dint of military power by the Indian state apparatus, the aspirations of the people are being trampled under the jack-boots and their rights usurped by the state’s coercive machinery by using all possible means of suppression and coercion. Over the last seventy years more than one lakh kashmiris have been killed by the Indian forces, more than twenty thousand enforced disappearances have taken place ,hundreds of fake encounters in which civilians have been murdered are recorded. Rape as a war weapon has been used and the dignity of the women of an entire village of Kunanposhpora compromised upon by the armed forces. Search and cordon operations are the order of the day here. Damaging and destroying property of civilians a deliberate plan of revenge upon them. Thousands are languishing in the various jails and detentions centers across India ,many without trial for years together. Draconian laws like The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA)that gives complete immunity to the forces from all accountability is in vogue for the last 27 years wrecking havoc upon the civilian population. Other acts like PSA ,Disturbed Areas Act,are all in  place to keep people subjugated. It is a known fact  that the Government of India has waged a war against the un-armed civilian population of Jammu & Kashmir. Senior Ministers and Army Generals of India including the chief of Army staff have openly admitted that Kashmir is a “war zone” where they are fighting a “dirty war” (of course with the un-armed population of Kashmir!)   Astonishingly this comment of the Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin came while defending Army Major Gogoi who had tied a civilian Farooq Ahmad Dar in front of an Army vehicle as a human shield on April 09, 2017 in district Budgam during the so called by- electioneering to Indian Parliament and when the video about this incident got viral on the internet. The Army Chief while defending his Major termed this gross human rights violation as “innovative method”. This statement was not only endorsed by the Ministers including the Defence Minister in the Government of India but the erring Major was also awarded by the Army. This incident clearly indicates the intentions and actions of the government of India towards an unarmed population of Kashmir for demanding their legitimate rights and pursuing a peaceful struggle for the achievement of their rights. Besides use of brutal force on the protestors in the streets, incarceration of political leaders and activists, repeated house arrest of resistance leadership, destruction of property, repeated imposition of curfew and severe restrictions imposed by the authorities on the movement of the people has become a routine in Kashmir now. During the popular uprising of 2016, more than 150 Civilians were brutally killed , 16000 seriously injured many among them maimed for life. While most of the injuries took place in rural Kashmir, thousands injured were admitted in peripheral sub-district and district hospitals outside Srinagar 1178 injured had been hit by pellets in one or both eyes .More than 50 of them are blinded for life and around 230 face the prospect of partial or complete blindness for the rest of their lives. 7136 persons received extra-ocular pellet injuries (injuries in body parts other than eyes) during this uprising. pellet victims were  as young as 4 years and as old as 68. Four-year-old Zuhra Majeed was hit by pellets in her legs and abdomen after her family was targeted by police outside their home on the outskirts of Srinagar‟s Qamarwari on July 10, 2016. Around 18000 persons were arrested by police during the unrest and around 640 were booked under the infamous lawless law the draconian PSA (Public Safety Act), besides registering as many as 10,030 FIRs in different police stations of the Valley. During 2017, till this date – 55 Civilians have been killed and dozens injured by bullets and pellets on the streets of Kashmir. Religious freedom and rights of the people have also  not been spared too by the ruling regime. Most central mosques including the Historic Jama-Masjid (Grand Mosque) of Srinagar are repeatedly locked on Fridays to prevent devotees from offering obligatoryfriday prayers there. Since the Dogra regime of  early last century Friday prayer were not allowed at Jamia-Masjid Srinagar on three out of the four Fridays of Holy month of recent Ramadan and the restriction on Friday prayers continues till date. The Government of India is continuously refusing  to accept the ground reality in Kashmir and recognize the importance of a peaceful resolution to this decades old dispute, instead, it is using the methods of coercion, suppression and arm-twisting tactics to deny the people of Jammu & Kashmir their legitimate right of self-determination. It is using all unprincipled means to malign the just and legitimate movement of Kashmiris through a false and irresponsible discourse, the Government of India is trying to delegitimize the struggle of Kashmiris by equating it with terrorism. In the post 9/11 Islam-phobic environment there appears to them a possibility in it to serve their purpose because Kashmir happens to be a Muslim majority territory and the Government of India is using it as a pretext to demonize Kashmiris as terrorists and miscreants. The Issue of Kashmir is primarily about the people of Kashmir and their right to self-determination. Our struggle is rooted in a quest for justice and dignity. We are victims of sustained aggression from a state which declares itself as democratic but which uses primarily un-democratic ways to extinguish our right to self-determination. We, therefore, appeal all Member states of United Nations, other International Organizations, Human Rights Defenders and Human Rights bodies and the persons believing in Justice and Equality all over the globe to come forward at this crucial juncture of our history and act in a meaningful way in order to save the people of Jammu & Kashmir from the extreme atrocities and gross human rights violations committed on us by the Indian state apparatus. We also appeal them to play their role in ensuring a peaceful and just resolution of decades old Kashmir dispute. The non-resolution of the dispute has become the main reason of enormous suffering of the people of Kashmir and the flagrant violation of the basic human rights by the Government forces. This has also become the main impediment in realizing the full-potential of socio-economic progress of the entire South-Asian region. The non-resolution of this dispute has also raised tensions between Pakistan and India, and has now become a nuclear flash point after the nuclearization of South Asia.     Syed Ali Geelani       Mirwaiz Umar Farooq       Mohammad Yasin Malik

Hurriyat Conference
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I am a Macedonian!

“There is no name dispute”! Macedonia has no problem with its own name, a historical name that belongs to the Macedonian people and has been with them for over three millenniums. It is Greece that has a problem! So, it is not a dispute between Macedonia and Greece but a one way dispute… Why is Greece disputing Macedonia’s name? DECLARATION In response to Greek misrepresentations claiming the ancient Macedonians were Greek, we as concerned Macedonians declare the following: We, the indigenous people of Macedonia who have lived in Macedonia for centuries:- Were present in Macedonia before the Ottoman Turks invaded the Balkan Peninsula,- Existed as a people before the Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian states were formed,- Opposed the forcible occupation and illegal partition of Macedonia by Greeks, Bulgarians and Serbs, in 1913 by the Treaty of Bucharest and,- Witnessed the mass expulsion of Macedonians and the subsequent resettling of foreign people into our homeland, We further declare that:1. By virtue of our distinct language and customs and by our efforts to liberate Macedonia during the Ilinden uprising of 1903, our national character is different from that of Greeks, Bulgarians and Serbs.2. As the indigenous people of Macedonia we have a separate national identity. As such, we have the right to identify ourselves as we feel, to declare our own ancestry and to ascribe our own history.3. Being indigenous to Macedonia and having lived in the region for centuries, it is only reasonable that we have the right to call ourselves Macedonians, our language Macedonian and our nation Macedonia.4. We, as a distinct people, have the right to assert ourselves and be awarded recognition as Macedonians by all states and peoples who respect universally accepted human rights treaties and laws.5. Prior to the invasion and partition of Macedonia in 1912-1913, the unique national character of the indigenous people of Macedonia was misrepresented by Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. After Macedonia’s partition the Macedonian people witnessed the destruction of our ancestral villages and churches, suffered under brutal assimilation practices, ethnic cleansing, confiscation of property, population transplantations, torture, rape, murder, humiliation and systemic state discrimination.6. To this day Greece and Bulgaria still refuse to recognize a distinct Macedonian nation within their borders. We, the indigenous people of Macedonia, call on the Greek and Bulgarian States to acknowledge us and grant those of us living within their borders status as a national minority with full rights and privileges in accordance with international norms.7. We, the indigenous people of Macedonia, demand an apology from the Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian governments for our past and present maltreatment. We, the indigenous people of Macedonia, also demand that: a) All Macedonians born in Greece and Bulgaria, who were forcibly expelled because they were of Macedonian ethnic heritage, be re-instated as citizens in their respective countries and compensated for their suffering and material losses.b) All confiscated properties be returned to their rightful owners or their heirs.c) All perpetrators who have committed internationally recognized criminal acts against the Macedonian people be brought to justice. .

Jim Stefanovski
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