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Petitioning Amber Rudd MP, home office

Help Jennifer stay in the UK with her family and continue doing valuable research

Dr Jennifer Wexler has worked at the British Museum as a Bronze Age archaeologist for four years and is married to my colleague Dr Sam Nixon. He excavates on some of the most exciting sites in Africa. The Home Office have said Jennifer must leave the UK and I’m calling for her to be allowed to stay. Jennifer is originally from the USA and the Home Office say that her application to remain has been rejected because she has spent too much time abroad. This time though was principally for her archaeological research, which was approved by the Home Office via a series of highly-skilled visas. By leaving, she would be separated from her husband of 3 years. The Home Office suggest that he also leaves the country with her, even though Sam is a British citizen, with no work permit for the US. The UK has been Jennifer’s home for over 11 years. Not only has her Indefinite Leave to Remain been rejected but so has her appeal. Her lawyer said she was “bewildered” by the Home Office’s refusal. And Jeremy Corbyn is also supporting Jennifer’s case by writing to the Home Office, saying the decision puts UK’s research reputation at risk. He said: “Dr Wexler is an obvious asset to the UK due to her expertise and education” and “This is far from a one-off case: there are many academics who have to travel overseas to properly conduct their research and the Home Office should be more flexible.” Archaeologists around the world are shocked and appalled that Jennifer and Sam are both being asked to leave the UK. We would end up losing two highly valuable members of the UK research and academic community, who contribute to UK society in entirely positive ways. Please sign and share this petition, so that the Home Office can see how many people consider Jennifer, and her British husband Sam, valued members of the United Kingdom and help keep them in the UK. Thank you! #KeepJenniferinUK Guardian article on Jennifer’s case: BBC London News coverage:

Andrew Wilson
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Petitioning Department for Communities and Local Government, Theresa May MP, Alok Sharma, home office, Sadiq Khan

Stop risking lives: bring in crucial fire safety regs now; make the UK's tower blocks safe

As someone who lives on one of London's many estates, I recognise those who died in Grenfell as extended neighbours.  I happen to work right next to Grenfell, and was haunted by the burnt out tower this morning on my way to a meeting.  We cannot let this happen again. And yet, this is not the first time.  A tragic fire at Lakanal House, Camberwell, on 3rd July 2009 cost us six lives.  An inquest was held and its findings given in 2013, but only to a limited few, who have sat on the results all this time. Following the critical findings of the coroner's 2013 report on the earlier Lakanal fire, which highlighted issues that could have prevented Grenfell, we are asking for the immediate implementation of recommendations from that report. Some recommendations from the report's coroner include: use of fire resistant materials regular fire assessments providing residents with full instructions about what to do in the event of a fire At Lakanal, exterior panels that were not fire resistant were found to have caused the blaze to spread far quicker.  It is becoming apparent that a similar issue may have caused the Grenfell tragedy. I will never forget the image of that hollowed-out building, now a skeleton on the skyline.  Or the wreckage in the nearby children's play area, which I had passed so many times before. Grenfell is a place like so many across London, full of our neighbours, friends and families.  We must demand more of the authorities, to protect us, and not let other people's interests, and financial considerations, cost lives. 

John Tyson
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Petitioning home office, Theresa May MP, Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn MP, David Cameron MP, David Lammy, Emma Dent MP

Get Grenfell Tower victim's parents to the UK

After the horrific inferno fire that engulfed the residents of Grenfell Tower Mohammad Alhajali passed away by choking to death from the smoke. I have started this petition on behalf of Omar Alhajali as I am their family friend and would like to reunite them with their family.  Mohammed al-Haj Ali was trapped inside London flat for two hours after being separated from his brother during the inferno. His brother Omar was taken to hospital after escaping and remained in contact with Mohammed, who was still trapped inside the flat.  "The smoke is getting in, the smoke is getting in, we are going to die, we are going to die," were Mohammed's last words to his brother.  Friends who were close to Mohammed told Middle East Eye that he was in contact with them till 5am.  Before dying, Ali asked his friends to tell his family in Damascus that he loves them.  After leaving Syria, he had not seen his family for five years and was forced to limit communication to ensure their safety amid the crackdown against the opposition. His parents are currently applying for an emergency visa to visit Omar their son in hospital and attend their son Mohammad's funeral. We need to get  their voices heard to the Home Office so that we can persuade an acceptance of the visa. Please help us collect as many signatures as possible to get them to the UK

Mirna Ayoubi
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Petitioning home office, Amber Rudd MP, Theresa May MP

URGENT: Stop Deportation of Reza Maghsoudi (age 26)

Reza is a shy young man, who at the age of Thirteen (13) escaped the War in Afghanistan, trekked across Iran, Turkey and through Europe to England; where he arrived alone and with nothing but a handful of photographs.  He’s built a life here but has been forced into a detention centre and could be deported to Afghanistan at any time. I have come to know Reza through the wide circle of friends he has built in Salisbury who were distressed at his treatment and his threatened deportation.   Reza was born in 1990 in Afghanistan, close to the border with Iran.  His family were of the Hazara ethnic group - a group that has been systematically oppressed and massacred by the Taliban. From this place of persecution and murder Reza escaped alone for the hope of freedom and life in England. Despite having no family to return to in Afghanistan, and despite having been in the UK since he was a child, and despite being a Hazara Shia Muslim at risk of murder by the Taliban, he has been refused asylum, been placed in detention and could be deported without your help! Now 26 years old, he has friends in England. He went to college, in Croydon, studying Mathematics and English, and was apprenticing voluntarily as a Tailor in Salisbury (Wiltshire) at no cost burden to the state, before he was arrested at a scheduled case meeting for deportation. I met with him this week in Tinsley House (Immigration Removal Centre), and had a really good conversation and took him some personal items; including some books by American author George R. R. Martin, which he had been reading. Due to the hard work of his friends, new solicitors, MPs who have taken up his cause, and signees of this petition, Reza’s deportation flight on Saturday 4th November, was cancelled in lieu of a Judicial Review.  He is still at risk and we really need your help, so please keep up the pressure and spread the petition among your family and friends. Please sign this petition to change the decision to deport Reza and have him granted asylum. Reza’s Case ID: 014978534

D Thomas-Bennett
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Petitioning home office, Amber Rudd MP

Please, let Ahmed finish his PhD in the UK

My name is Alvin and I am asking you to help me. My colleague and friend Ahmed is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Sheffield.  After completing a Masters at the same University he started his doctorate but he is now in a position where he might not be allowed to continue his studies Ahmed is from Mosul, Iraq, a city torn apart by the presence of ISIS, he has lost his dad and his family has been greatly affected by the occupation. He was detained for ten days by the Home Office, treated like a criminal, with limited facilities. His case is still not certain - and we still fear he may be deported. Ahmed applied for an PhD extension but before the University could finish processing this request he was detained by the Home Office... He is facing deportation at any time. All his friends and colleagues know him for the kind-hearted person he is, a selfless friend who has always been there for everyone, in any circumstance.   Let's support him by asking Amber Rudd and the Home office to reconsider his case and allow him to complete his studies. 

Alvin Pastore
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Petitioning home office

Home Office: Grant this visa to save a young mum’s life

The girl in the picture above is May Brown. She’s 23 years old, married to a British ex soldier, she’s the mum of two-year old year old Selina May, and she’s spent the last year and a half battling Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.Doctors have said May’s only chance of survival is to receive a stem cell transplant from someone with a matching tissue type to her. Her Nigerian sister Martha is amazingly a 10 out of 10 match - but now the Home Office are refusing to give Martha a visa so she can come to the UK and give her sister the transplant she needs.The whole trip from Nigeria to the UK will be paid for by May but the Home Office are still saying “I am also aware [sic] your sponsor proposes to finance your proposed trip, but I must take into account your personal and economic circumstances in Nigeria when coming to my decision.” The visa refusal letter ends with “Given the above I am not satisfied that you are a genuine visitor and will leave the UK at the end of your visit or that you have sufficient funds available to cover your costs whilst in the UK without working or accessing public funds.” According to immigration rules it appears May’s sister Martha is too poor to visit England, and if she comes here she won’t leave.Martha has no intention of staying in the UK, her whole life is in Nigeria - she has two little kids who will be looked after by their Grandma whilst she is in the UK donating her bone marrow. All she wants to do here is save her sister’s life.I work for a blood cancer charity, the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust, and for the last 9 months we have been working with May. Doctors at May’s hospital have said they are “running out of time” to perform the transplant. Finding a 10 out of 10 stem cell match is incredibly rare, and having her sister come and do the transplant now is her only chance to ever get out of hospital and back home with her daughter.It is heartbreaking to see unfair bureaucratic red tape being put in the way of saving a young mum’s life.In hospital May said to me “Only a six hour journey will help save my life. My two year old daughter Selina needs me... To know my life isn't important to those who have the power to help me is deeply upsetting.”I have seen campaigns, like the one for Andrea Gada and Isaac Aganozor get the Home Office and UK Visa and Immigration to issue visas on compassionate grounds before. I know that with enough public pressure and support for this petition we can convince them to show compassion now.So please sign this petition and help us to get the decision by UK Visa and Immigration overturned. Please help us save May's life.

Ronke Oke
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Petitioning home office

Home Office refuses spouse visa for mother of two British toddlers

On the 1st September 2017 we were devastated to receive notice from the Home Office that my wife’s visa application for leave to remain in the UK was refused. I am a British citizen born in North Devon and our children are British citizens also. The refusal of Glenda’s visa poses harsh consequences on our emotional well-being and family stability as the Home Office neglects our right to live as a family as dictated by Article 8 of the 1998 Human Rights Act. The refusal letter came with an unimaginable ultimatum of either leaving the country within 14 days from the decision date, or appealing to the decision by which an immigration lawyer will cost around £4000. The stress of borrowing the money on top of facing having our family split apart is unbearable, in which the outcome could leave our children to struggle growing up in a broken family thousands of miles apart from their mother. The appeal was made and we wait anxiously to present our evidence in court on the 19th January 2018. We can hardly sleep at night all huddled together in the same bed embracing each memory as a family unit like they are the last. Knowing that the impending decision may force us apart or out of our ‘home’ country and back to an uncertain, unstable, and threatened future in my wife’s birthplace Guatemala where extreme violence has escalated over the past few decades to such that the United Nations have identified it as having the third highest murder rate on the entire planet. In the UK we live as a stable and loving family; we are settled, I work and have met the spouse minimum wage requirement, our boys are going to nursery and registered with the education and health systems, and they have their family, friends, lives and futures here.To watch them develop in a safe environment, happy and free, without the threat of drugs cartels and extreme gang violence threatening their lives on a daily basis is what any parent would desire for their children, and the opportunities they have here in their home country is their right and what they deserve, as well as being able to grow up with both parents. This Home Office decision brings dread to all of our family knowing that we face being forcibly split apart, and neither of us can bear the thought of living without each other or away from our children. They are only toddlers and have no idea what is happening to us, but they are the main victims in this ordeal whose lives may be affected on such a large and negative scale. We have a facebook page with more details of our story, and we have set up this online petition to help gain public support of our appeal. So please click on the links and help us revoke the decision and allow Glenda to remain in the UK where our children and I need her, as part of our family, united, strong, and a loving unit to support each other throughout our lives.

Scott Handy
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Petitioning home office

Stop the unfair deportation of a brilliant and committed NHS doctor.

  Dear all, I am petitioning on behalf of a close friend, mentor and colleague of mine who is a doctor in the NHS. She is facing enforced removal from the UK in 7 days as a result of what is an extremely unjust decision by the Home Office. She is originally from Malaysia. She graduated from Manchester Medical School and has been working as a doctor here since. She completed two years of Foundation training and a further two years of Core Medical Training and has since fully qualified as a medical registrar. Following this, she applied for a Specialty Doctor job at a hospital in Liverpool. Unfortunately, her working visa was rejected two days ago on the basis that her application did not meet the requirements of the 'Resident Labour Market Test'. This is a process whereby a job has to be offered to a British/EU citizen before it can be offered to a migrant worker. Her visa was refused despite being able to provide evidence that the requirements were met. Her job had been vacant for many months and advertised more than once, but yet she was not allowed to fill a post which now remains vacant. As a result, her passport has been seized and she will be liable to enforced removal from the country from 19 Oct 2017. The minimal timeframe given is almost impossible to sort out a new job or application despite her best efforts. She is a dedicated and hardworking doctor and has spent the last 4 years of her life contributing to the NHS. Along the way, she has helped to train other junior doctors like myself. As her colleagues, we can tell how much she loves her job. She has built her life here and her house and fiancé are here. The NHS is already suffering from a national shortage of doctors, yet she is being forcibly removed from the country where she can contribute. This story may sound familiar as sadly, her case is not unique. Just two days ago, a Malaysian doctor with the exact same circumstances also had her visa refused on similar grounds. Her campaign is here and has gathered more than 18000 signatures. Fortunately, her decision was overturned following an outpouring of public support and intervention from her local MP. There is no common sense in deporting a highly-skilled and dedicated doctor when this is what the NHS so desperately needs. There is no justice in a dedicated doctor losing everything that she's worked so hard. I urge all of those that disagree with this inexplicable decision and unfair treatment of a dedicated NHS doctor to sign this petition. I will be sending this petition to the Home Office and her local MP in the hope that this decision will be overturned. Please share it a widely as you can as we need all the support we can get. Thank you very much for your help.  

Halima Choonara
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Petitioning Amber Rudd MP, home office, Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, UK Parliament

Stop creating Hostile Enviornment for Immigrants - - EU or Non -EU

We have been reading, hearing a lot about "Hostile enviornment" for "illegal immigrants" but the truth is under the current government it is Hostile enviornment for Legal immigrants! Those immigrants who were mainly on a highly skilled programme in the UK, working in respectable industries and positions are going thru almost inhumane conditions and there is no way they are able to get it to the main light media because there is always a hush hush about immigration; immigrants which generally carries the bad image! The government instead of formalising the immigration policies ;they are making conditions for legal immigrants worst which potentially makes them leave and the government wins because the immigration number reduces. One of the things which is happening at this end which a lot of you are unaware about is - that the applications for a lot of non - eu migrants for indefinite leave are held for over 10 months ! Some even reaching to 15 - 17 months. Which basically means they have no travel document to travel back in any given circumstance! No official form of ID if they dont have a licence.  Some of these people have lost their loved ones back home ; ageing parents ; family problems ; mid - life crises; jobs ; careers everything is at stake for these people. Immigrants have the same problems a we all do ! We are no different. We also saw the introduction of new restrictions on access to privately rented accommodation, driving licences, bank accounts and the introduction of an NHS surcharge and deport first appeal later rules , which are very discriminatory. The most damaging section of the Immigration Act 2014 removed the right of appeal from most migrants. It restricted the right of appeal to those appealing human rights decisions and decisions related to grants of asylum and removal of refugee status. Others were doomed to use an internal review system known as ‘Administrative Review’ whereby the Home Office had to review their own decisions rather than scrutiny by an independent adjudicator.  Under the new Bill the Secretary of State will have the power to certify ‘human rights’ claims.This will effectively require appellants to leave the UK before they can exercise a right of appeal on human rights grounds. Only where an individual can meet a very high threshold of ‘serious and irreversible harm’ would they be able to remain in the UK during the appeal process. This will see family members of British Citizens, children, seriously ill persons and those who may not have left the UK for many years, and who may have lost all ties with their country of origin, having to uproot their lives in order to challenge a Home Office decision, which statistically has a 50/50 chance of being successful. Some of these migrants are being referred to a threat to the country just because they might have filled their tax late or had to maybe even amend their taxes which is acceptable by HMRC. And most of these migrants have been in the country for almost a decade; can you really call them a threat/cheat because of the above ?  We want the UKVI to start processing the applications within the service standard times at the least - which is 6 months !  Secretary of State to re- consider late paid taxes or amendments, does not make some one a threat (that too just because they are an immigrant) and it does not mean all of these migrants businesses are ingenuine. Most of them are specialised in there own fields and roles they perform, they might not have technical details or answers about taxation , business plans etc . Non - EU migrants had always been in the lime light and now in the course of this Brexit our EU migrants could see a similar situation. Stop the Secretary of State to make hostile enviornment for us immigrants.   This affects my family ; your family; our neighbours; your colleagues, our nurses , doctors and every 3rd person who touch mine and your soul! Lets make our community that our children would remember! Lets bring unity in our diversity 

Aditi B
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Petitioning home office, Amber Rudd MP, Theresa May MP

Return Irene Clennell to her husband in the UK and restore her Indefinite Leave to Remain!

Irene is a Grandmother and was forcibly deported to Singapore on Sunday, 26th February 2017. That’s why I’m calling on the Home Office to reverse their decision to impose a 10-year ban on Irene from re-entering the UK to be with her family. She married her husband John a British Citizen in 1990. She was then granted Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the UK.  But now the Home Office won’t allow her to stay because she spent time in Singapore. Irene returned to Singapore in 1992 to provide care and support to her sick mother. As a daughter, it was only natural that Irene wanted to care for her mother. Her husband relocated then to Singapore and together had 2 children.  John returned to the UK with the children in 1998 in the hope that Irene would join too. After her mother’s death in 1999, Irene returned and made at least 3 applications to renew her ILR but applications were rejected on the basis that she had used incorrect forms.  She returned to the UK for family visits and lived with her family in the UK between 2003 to 2005. Irene attempted to return to the UK in 2007 but was refused entry at the airport immigration checkpoint and led to believe that she was banned from returning to the UK for 5 years. Irene’s father was diagnosed with cancer and she stayed in Singapore to care for her father until he passed away in 2008.  Irene then made her application for permission to return to the UK. The Singapore British Embassy rejected Irene’s application off hand after the interview as she was unable to produce the evidence of all contact made with her husband and children through Yahoo messenger and telephone calls. Irene returned to the UK in 2013 and was advised by a member of an immigration staff that she should immediately apply for ILR. Irene did exactly as advised and submitted both FL(R) and FL(O) forms but her applications were again rejected. The Home Office rejected her latest application in 2016 claiming that her Visa was exhausted in 2014 and she must leave the country.  Irene is now exhausted both mentally and financially by the immigration system. All she wants is to be with her family in the UK. She no longer has family in Singapore. As a fellow Singaporean who spoke with Irene’s family about their own experience and my own, I know the despair they feel. Irene is currently deported to Singapore and living in forced exile from her husband. John is now suffering from ill health and he needs her to be with him at this time. We call on the Home Office and the Government to return Irene Clennell to the UK and grant her indefinite leave to remain in the UK so that she is able to spend quality time with her beloved husband, John and her children (and grandchild). Please sign and share! Also, if you are able to help contribute some money (no matter how little) towards her legal fees to challenge the Home Office, please click on the link below. Thank you. 

Li Goh-Piper
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