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Give Blood Drive A Second Season!

On 9/6/17 the season one finale of SyFy's Blood Drive was aired.  Immediately after, the series creator, James Roland, posted on his blog that SyFy cancelled his show.  While the ratings were never the "highest," the fan base was always rabid, demanding, and deserving of a second season. Over 25,000 tweets using the #RenewBloodDrive hashtag flooded twitter in recent weeks - only to be ignored by the executives at SyFy / NBC Universal.   Blood Drive is not only one-of-a-kind, it was ground breaking cable television. In a genre all its own - It made TV history almost on a weekly basis with all the creativity and carnage it created.  A show of this magnitude (and ultimate brilliance) deserves life.  It deserves multiple seasons.  For this reason - We, The Bleeders, ask for one of the following:  SyFy/NBC Universal - Reconsider your decision.  Allow another season of Blood Drive to prove its worth.  Or... Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, FX, El Rey or any other network that is BOLD enough in their endeavors - Pick up Blood Drive and give it the life it so dearly deserves We will not be ignored.  Our show must not end.  This atrocious decision should be reversed or allow another network to take the reins and give this show its due. We, The Bleeders, implore you to make the right decision. The right decision is a second season of our cult classic - Blood Drive. 

Jay McClenahan
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Petitioning HBO

Game of Thrones Fans, Put your Money where your Mouth is!!

Many GOT fans are outraged with the way season 8 came out and rightfully so. Lets be real, HBO IS NOT OBLIGED  to make a remake of Season 8. They already gave us 7 seasons of pure magic and one of the, if not THE greatest show of all time.   So back to the title of this petition. As true fans of this epic show, a REAL MEANINGFUL offer has to be made on our part. We the fans can’t sound like entitled little brats. Again, HBO owes us nothing  because without them, we wouldn’t have been introduced to this story  in THIS  MAJESTIC way. Kudos HBO  for the past 7 seasons, but this one although good, yet not on GOT standards, so here is the offer.   Fans around the world already pay 60-$70 for a 3 hour fighting event  and $100 for top of the top events like the Mayweather/Pacquiao boxing match. You get where I’m going with this?   Bare with me,   GOT is the most pirated show of all time so if the fans are truthful about their season 8 frustration then the most realistic approach, is  a meaningful proposition,  not  an entitled childish demand. The other GOT petition is nearly reaching a million votes. Now if you- the fans- are really serious  about a remake, then are you willing to pay $100?   Talk is cheap, pay up or shut up.   Should this petition reach over a million votes then my proposition is for HBO  to create a preorder link on their official website or on Kickstarter with a LIVE TRACKER. If the orders reach 1 million then thats $100 million from the fans, and HBO  has to decide whether to  add another $100 million+ of their own and create the highly anticipated remake consisting of 10 episodes instead of 6 within 2 years only, or simply issue a full refund or drop the whole initiative  all together.   Dear HBO, We the fans are willing to pay $100 million and wait 2 years for a WORTHY finale remake, what will be your response to your fans?   Lastly, no response, is a BIG response.   $100 million to go, 1 million fans needed, Who’s with me?

Khalifa Ali
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Petitioning HBO, Bill Maher

Bill Maher to apologize for the "New Rule: Trump Addict's" HBO Real Time episode.

We at “The Addict’s Mom” are appalled at HBO and Bill Maher for choosing to air this unacceptable rant that attempts to connect the Presidential election results with the great tragedy of drug addiction that is destroying American families. Those of us who are living with the nightmare that is addiction do not find the commentary acceptable or appropriate, no matter which political party with whom we affiliate. Nor do we wish to encourage people to laugh at what is a deadly problem. Every single day in our country, 144 people die from a drug overdose. We number 80,000 dedicated and desperate parents who are actively engaged in a battle for the lives of our beloved children suffering from the disease of addiction. Many of us have buried our child, some have children in jail, children who are homeless, children whose whereabouts are unknown, or children who are struggling to recover. Some of us are raising our own grandchildren due to the death of our children. The disease of addiction has stolen our family stability, finances, peace of mind, and health. Our nation is in the grip of the deadliest drug epidemic in history. Our group has spent the last decade educating, supporting, and advocating for reform in the field of addiction. We are heavily awarded, nationally recognized, and the former director of the White House Office On National Drug Control Policy, Michael Botticelli, is a member of our group. President Obama awarded us with the White House Champion of Change in 2016. We are deadly serious (pun intended) about the topic of addiction. We are determined to change the misperceptions of society regarding our addicted children. Our members are from every social class, income level, education level, race, and religion. Addiction does not discriminate; it devastates and destroys not only the unfortunates who succumb to the disease but their loving family members. We parents of addicted children live in a world of grief, despair, and heartache. Imagine how we felt when Bill Maher chose to make light of our situation and the very serious subject of drug addiction. Our members are outraged, disappointed with HBO, and very concerned that the subject of drug addiction is fodder for comedy, satire, and ridicule.

The Addict's Mom
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