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Companies: Stop advertising on Fox News

“The most effective thing Americans can do is boycott companies that advertise on Fox. They bankroll the poison that goes from the studio into Trump’s head. The second is vote.” – Financial Times’ U.S. National Editor Fox News is propaganda disguising itself as news. It peddles conspiracy theories, hate speech, and ignorance. Its announcers parrot white nationalist talking points and frequently push racist narratives. Fox News lowers the level of our public discourse, and is a key route for fringe views to make their way into the mainstream. Fox News encourages polarization, fear and hatred. Like any other media organization, Fox News is made possible by its advertisers. Major companies bankroll Fox News with their advertising purchases. The signers of this petition ask Fox New’s top advertisers to stop advertising there. Until they stop advertising on Fox News, we will boycott their products. This spreadsheet includes detailed contact information for the companies listed in this petition. In addition to signing and sharing this petition, please contact them to tell them what you think of their supporting one of the most negative influences in American society today.  

Boycott NRA Partners
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Boycott companies "Boycotting" YouTube's advertisment program

We vow to boycott the purchasing of any products from any company boycotting YouTube's Adsense program on supposed "moral" grounds.  This will take effect immediately until your YouTube ad revenue is turned on.  We also request a statement from your company expressing allegiance to the spirit of our Bill of Rights and Constitution specifically the 1st Amendment.  And an acknowledgement that like every citizen of this great country your company has a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to honor the 1st Amendment and Bill of Rights. Simply stated we believe that this move to "demonetize" content creators is thinly veiled CENSORSHIP.  As your companies "supposed moral stance" on "racist rhetoric" or "violent content" is not reflected in "mainstream media advertising" where countless movies, television shows, news casts, music etc display images, concepts, acts and verbiage dealing in racism, sexism, materialism, greed,  violence, profane language, explicit sex acts, innuendos of pedophilia, endorsements of war and countless other hideous, insidious, profane and immoral acts. Furthermore the companies mentioned have histories of engaging in scandals and illegal activities themselves.  HSBC for example laundering money for drug cartels and terrorists groups.  GSK China bribery scandal.  AT&T spying scandal and the 100 million dollar fine it paid for "misleading consumers"  These are but a few examples in a LONG LIST OF CORRUPT AND IMMORAL activities engaged in by said companies.    The hypocrisy is palpable. The timing questionable.  The and the end result is an ANTI AMERICAN, anti freedom, anti free market, anti human result.  We see this as nothing more then "globalist, fascist" power grab.  With the intention of quashing the ever growing independent media and entertainment complex.  As you companies political, social and economic interests lie in the preservation of the "Corporate Media Establishment" aka "State sponsored media" We request that the following companies reinstate their Revenues to Youtube in order to lift out "peoples boycott" on your products.  Simple steps can be taken in order to reduce ads being displayed next to "unethical" content.  This does not have to include punishing whole segments of the YouTube community and CENSORING unpopular opinions.  ArgosAudiAvivaHavas Group UK froze all of its spend. The agency manages major brands including Dominos Pizza, O2, Royal Mail, BBC, and Hyundai Kia.HeinzHondaHSBCITVL'OrealLloyd's BankMarks & SpencerMcDonald'sRBSSainsbury'sTescoThe GuardianToyotaTransport for LondonUK GovernmentVolkswagenIn the United States: AT&TBeam Suntory Inc.Dish NetworkEnterpriseFX NetworksGeneral MotorsGSKJohnson & JohnsonPepisCoStarbucksVerizonWalmart

ryan burlingame
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Bring the Electric Car to GM Lordstown

The Lordstown Assembly Plant has been a key part of the General Motors family for more than 50 years. The plant has made a quality standard of living possible for countless families in Northeast Ohio. Much of the Youngstown/Warren economy relies on the plant for its survival. This is evident by the high rate of ownership of GM vehicles in the area, a strong driver of profits. Not only does the plant do an excellent job in building the Chevrolet Cruze, it is in a strategic location along Route 80, providing it with easy access to materials and shipping. General Motors has recently announced that it will produce 20 electrified automobile models by 2023. Given the importance of the Lordstown plant to Northeast Ohio, GM should make the decision to build at least one of these models at Lordstown. This will save our local economy and continue to provide jobs, and loyal customers, to GM long into the future.

Travis Watson
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GM, Sell Holden & Related Assets!

Executive Summary: In late 2013, General Motors announced it will close Holden manufacturing and engineering. Without this, Holden isn't really Holden. GM, it is time for you to SAVE or SELL Holden and your Australian assets. Give our beloved brand a real future! Introduction: Holden has been manufacturing in Australia for over 60 years and in the end of 2017, that will all come to an end as Holden's parent company, General Motors, has decided to call it quits on Australian manufacturing and engineering too. Holden has been a valuable asset for GM. It is there only brand in Australia and New Zealand and despite failed attempts to add brands to Australia, Holden has always been strong and kept its significant market share - which will drop rapidly when Australian manufacturing and engineering is gone. Holden has been producing world class cars that the world soughts after and will continue to do that right up until the end in 2017. Sadly, GM thinks nothing of this and expect us to buy foreign made replacements for our iconic cars. Not only are they made overseas but they won't be made to suit our roads as Holden engineering is going out the door along with manufacturing. It is time for Australians and Holden enthusiasts to stick by the brand that has stuck by us, we are calling for GM to sell Holden, the manufacturing plants, engineering proving ground and the design facilities. Why we should petition: Holden has been Australian icon and a leader in the automotive industry for decades. Holden is special becuase it holds a place deep in Australia's culture and history. Holden has produced iconic cars that rival the world's best and today Holden cars have continued to do this. A Holden Commodore Calais-V costs half the price of a Mercedes-Benz E250 and has more features and leg room. Without Australian manufacturing and engineering, we are set to lose this incredible value for money. Despite what GM and Ford say, it is still viable to manufacture in Australia and it is certainly viable to engineer cars in Australia. The economies of scale that is needed to manufacture here at a profit can easily be generated if Holden was allowed to go global and export our world class cars to the world that is desperate for them. It is time GM hand over Holden and its Australian assets to a new owner who will give Holden a real future, instead of slapping a badge on a foreign car and claiming it is still the Commodore or RWD sedan that Australians want to buy. Without Australian manufacturing and engineering, we will lose $20 billion from our economy, hundreds of thousands of jobs will subsquently be lost and we will lose the Australian car. Why GM should sell Holden and Australian assets: General Motors, here are reasons why you should give Holden a real future: Turn a large loss into a smaller loss or even a profit. Avoid significant poor reputation. Please many enthusiasts. Decrease GM's brand portfolio and reduces inter-brand competition. Allows GM to try again with Opel or launch Chevrolet. No need to pay out employee contracts. Gives a well known, trusted and supported brand a real future. Opens up a possible business relationship with the buyer. Won't have to deal with the consequences of closing Holden manufacturing and engineering. Won't have to take responsibility for Holden's future. You're set to lose a significant amount of market share, more than what you may think. How it could be done: General Motors, you should find a buyer or buyers to take over Holden's Australian manufacturing, engineering and designing for a period of time. During this time, you can sell your products under the Holden name until Holden is able to replace each product with their own developed under the new Holden, seperate from GM. As each product is replaced, you can then launch Chevrolet and sell the products under the Chevrolet brand. This gives you time to set up Chevrolet's marketing, supply chain, dealerships etc. and gives Holden time to establish itself as an independant brand from GM. This could be called a "demerging" phase. What we want in the sale of Holden: For Holden to be sold to a buyer who intends to continue Australian designing, engineering and manufacturing of Holden vehicles For the buyer to have a genuine interest in saving Holden and expanding Holden to be a global competitor For the buyer to be able to provide Holden with the neccessary items needed to be a competitive automotive compan either provided by automotive experience/relations or through the ability to provide adequate funding For Holden to be able to continue producing the world class cars it is known for For the administrators of this petition and the facebook team that supports it to have positions on a/the board overseeing the transition of Holden from GM and representing Australians and Holden enthusiasts on an board of directors or business commitee or consortium of owners who run the future operations of Holden. Recommended/Suggested buyers: - Tata Motors (Own Jaguar and Land Rover) - Geely (Own Volvo) - Fiat (Own Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Lancia) - Dick Smith (Dick Smith Foods, supporter of Australian products) - James Packer (Crown Casino, succesful Australian businessman) - Australian Governments (Federal, Victoria, South Australia) - Click here to visit our facebook page -

Petition To Save Holden Manufacturing
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Fix the Chevy Bolt's front seats.

Hundreds of new Chevy Bolt owners have found that the front seats are poorly made, are very narrow, and don't have enough padding. This problem isn't apparent during the initial test drive but after an hour of driving it has caused severe pain for several owners. The pain is often from the seat frame poking through the thin padding and results in legs going numb, sore hips, and a sore back. The pain seems to affect people of various body shapes and sizes. There seems to be an inconsistent build quality of the seats with some seats having more padding than others. Owners have removed the seat covers to find that the foam is very thin and inadequate. Chevy was trying to produce a thin and light seats to reduce vehicle weight and maximize interior room but this was at the expense of comfort. We want Chevy to fix the seats by adding additional padding to them. This means issuing a recall for all currently owned Bolts where the owners are having this problem.

Jon Wilson
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Improve the quality of the paint on the 2014 Corvette Stingray

Far too many 2014 Corvette Stingray owners have noticed a less than desirable finish on their new Corvettes.  While a minimal amount of orange peel is expected, there are many that have an excessive level of orange peel.  Some new Corvettes are even being delivered with paint runs and thin paint in various areas.  The Corvette community expects the paint on each Stingray to be consistent and of the highest quality.

Jeremy Welborn
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Opel / Vauxhall Intellilink radares/speed cameras compatible

Los conductores de Opel / Vauxhall, pedimos que se habilite la posibilidad de hacer uso de bases de datos externas para recibir avisos de radares y puntos negros en el sistema de navegación Navi 900 Intellilink, tal como era posible en versiones anteriores (Navi 900/600). We, the Opel / Vauxhall drivers, claim to have back the possibility of getting speed cameras and black spots alerts, by means of external POIs databases, in the new Navi 900 Intellilink navigation system. This was possible in older navigation systems from this car maker (Navi 900 / 600).

Oscar Barguilla
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Chevrolet, autos para personas con discapacidad

Me presento, soy Fernando Adalberto Tomasini y presento una discapacidad auditiva por la cual debo utilizar un audífono que me permite comunicarme con los demás.  En esta ocasión vengo a todos ustedes a pedirle me acompañen en este petitorio que pongo a vuestra consideración a los efectos de lograr un trato equitativo ente General Motor (automotriz fabricante de Chevrolet) y mi persona para la adquisición del auto que estoy pagando y que por la falta de información de los vendedores que intervinieron ahora Chevrolet hace caso omiso a mi pedido. A continuación, paso a comentarles cómo fue que se inició el problema que hoy pido a ustedes me acompañen con su firma:   En el transcurso del 2.015 comencé a ver cómo era el tema de la compra de un 0KM tomando en cuenta mi discapacidad que se encuentra acreditada por medio de su correspondiente certificado, en ese ínterin y vía Internet comencé a contactarme con distintos vendedores de las automotrices Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, Renault entre las marcas de mi interés y siendo Chevrolet una de las preferidas por mí se pusieron en contacto conmigo desde Forest Car de Capital Federal entre otras marcas.  Desde el primer momento a todos los vendedores que se contactaron conmigo les informe sobre mi discapacidad y la intención de acceder al auto teniéndose en cuenta el problema de discapacidad, a lo cual en general los vendedores retaceaban la información correspondiente para poder acceder teniéndose en cuenta que una persona con discapacidad al adquirir un 0KM lo hace con ventajas económicas hasta donde llega mi conocimiento que hacen que el valor del automóvil que se adquiera se reduzca considerablemente.  Esto último, la reducción en el valor de la adquisición es lo que no opera en mi caso, ya sea por la desinformación o el desinterés del vendedor (imagino que debe perder un porcentaje grande de la comisión por la venta) no es lo mismo vender un auto cuyo valor de mercado es de $250.000 a un 40% menos por la discapacidad que indique padezco. En todo el proceso de búsqueda de información por parte de los vendedores de Chevrolet de Forest Car y que llegaba a mi persona era por demás extremadamente confusa al punto de no poder comprenderse realmente que ventaja me aportaba la compra del vehículo.  Ante esto recurrí al único concesionario de Chevrolet que conocía y por la cercanía a mi domicilio (se encuentra a 350 km de mi residencia) me apersoné buscando dicha información en Yacopini.  El vendedor de Yacopini al igual que el de Forest Car tiene una información extremadamente vaga sobre el tema al punto de que solo proponen la venta en mi caso como si fuera un cliente normal y corriente, habiendo tenido que acceder a dicho plan en Yacopini que fue posteriormente rechazado por incumplimiento en lo pactado en referencia a la entrega de la 2 cuota que prácticamente no llego nunca. A todo esto, Volkswagen me ofreció ingresar a un plan en donde solo se me ofrecía por la discapacidad dejarme sin cargo el patentamiento, no aceptando por la preferencia que tengo por Chevrolet.  Procedí a comunicarme nuevamente con Forest Car para conocer si tenían mejor clarificada la idea de la compra de un 0KM y me indicaron que me suscribiera y enviara el certificado de discapacidad con todos los papeles firmados para posteriormente si poder acceder al beneficio.   Comencé a abonar el plan con un descuento en la cuota importante y al llegar al pago de la cuota 22 me encuentro con que la misma sube un 70% aproximadamente a lo cual procedí a comunicarme vía internet con Chevrolet e informándole el tema a la operadora que me atendió, indicándome esta que nada podía hacer y que debía ir a la agencia que me lo había vendido.  A todo esto, por el chat de Chevrolet la operadora me indico que la compra no había sido mediante discapacidad sino con financiación del 100% indicándole que no era lo que busque a lo cual le pregunte porque motivo me habían pedido el certificado de discapacidad desde Forest Car si para Chevrolet la venta se había realizado a un cliente convencional? A lo cual la operadora de chat me informa que nada podía hacer ella o Chevrolet y que debía dirigirme a la concesionaria que hoy tenia los papeles de la adquisición mía y que se encontraban en AMSAT a pedido mío y por haber solicitado tiempo atrás el cambio de concesionario.   Ante esto me apersono en AMSAT sin haber encontrado una respuesta satisfactoria.  Pregunto: ¿si el contrato establece que se firma entre el suscribiente y la automotriz en este caso Chevrolet porque motivo Chevrolet lo desconoce cuándo le conviene y me mandaron al concesionario?   ¿Porque motivo desde las automotrices no ponen coto al desinterés por parte de los concesionarios a vender a los discapacitados mediante los planes dedicados a ellos exclusivamente? Deseo el auto por el cual hoy estoy pagando y no renunciare al plan, lo que solicito a la automotriz Chevrolet no es un trato preferencial sino que contemple lo aquí expresado y me brinde una solución que sea satisfactoria tanto para Chevrolet como para mí,  por este motivo pido a ustedes me acompañen en este petitorio con el fin de que Chevrolet se comunique conmigo y poder con el dialogo lograrse un entendimiento y no como hizo por medio de su operadora desentenderse del tema cuando contractualmente tiene responsabilidades que cumplir.

Fernando Adalberto Tomasini
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Protect Babies & Children Left in Automobiles

Every so often, we hear about a tragic tragic loss of life when innocent children & Pets  are forgotten, in Automobiles.   Most of the times it happens because the driver forgot, or was rushed, and sometimes just overlooked the child !! Recently we heard that a Grandmother thought she had left the child at the daycare but actually had forgotten, this can happen to the best of us. I am sure this can be prevented !!  In this age of Apple phones and fit bits, and so Many electronic devices, we can invent a device that will help prevent this !!. I am requesting, the Major Automakers and the scientific community to develop an audio device that will sound an alarm, either via siren, or electronic email/ phone alert system,  to call local police dial 911 and alert the family of the situation. Surely the Child & the Pets will move, and Cry if left in the Hot or Freezing car, Solution : if we program a Microphone to pick up on the sounds and sensor to pickup on the  movements, once the car, say,  has been parked for 15 minutes ... If the triggers are activated, then the device will sound an alarm, and alert programmed authorities and family members, and we could, hopefully prevent loss of innocent lives... Needless to say .If we could save even One Child it would be worth so so much. The Temperatures in a Closed Automobile can soar to a suffocation levels, with in 30 minutes, and fall to freezing levels in a short time.  Please Sign my Petition  to the law-makers and Automobile manufacturers to invest in this device and make the cars safer for innocent  Babies, children and Pets. It is a shame to loose a young life that has barely begun !!   Thank you.

Kamal Najhawan
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Help Grant get a handicapped minivan in 2018!!

In early 2014 I was stricken with the H1N1 bird flu. It quickly turned into severe double pneumonia. After 2 days at our local hospital I was flown by Medivac to a larger teaching hospital for intensive care. I was placed in a coma for 3 weeks as my body battled for my life, as my organs started to shut down from sepsis. I survived but with some serious life altering changes. The sepsis had destroyed my kidneys, and has left me with permanent nerve damage to my legs and arms. I now have to have dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. I have been wheelchair bound from the nerve damage and passing out if I stand for more than 15 seconds or so. Because of this I have the need of a mini van or SUV with a ramp or lift so I can take my power wheelchair out of my home and go places most people take for granted, like the grocery store or church. I want to take some of the burden off of my wife and son who take care of me.  This petition is to bring attention to my plight, and get these manufacturers to donate a vehicle with a wheelchair  ramp or lift. It need not be new, and I have no preference to make or model. I would give anything to make this dream a reality!! If a company wanted to advertise with the van like putting signs on it, that would be great. I just really need this to happen.  If you would like to make a small donation to help fund my dream, you can go here... Thank you and God bless you for signing my petition and showing these manufacturers that you're watching to see what they do. 

Lowell Cassity
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