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Evitar cierre del Circuito de la Ribera

Sentimos comunicaros que el Ayuntamiento de Guadassuar nos ha cerrado las instalaciones por unos motivos DESPROPORCIONADOS. Un motivo es el desvío de la linea aérea de media tensión (Alegan que no hemos terminado las obras y es un condicionante) Y NO ES CONDICIONANTE , PORQUE DECIDIMOS QUITARLA POR NOSOTROS, NINGÚN ORGANISMO NOS HA CONDICIONADO A QUITAR LA LÍNEA , ES UNA MEJORA NUESTRA.El otro motivo es el aforo de los locales de pública concurrencia (confundiendo , según informe de la Consellería, locales de pública concurrencia con los boxes de uso privativo)El Circuit de la Ribera ha presentado un contencioso administrativo contra el Ayuntamiento. Desde que entró este último alcalde nos hemos sentido perseguidos, ha sido un continuo acoso y derribo , cada día alegándonos temas diferentes con continuos cambios de criterio.El alcalde dice que defiende la legalidad y la imparcialidad, creemos que será para algunos. El alcalde hace más caso a unas señoras con viviendas ilegales y ejerciendo actividades fuera de la ley ( alquilando sus viviendas por las redes ) que a un circuito totalmente legal.Con todo expuesto cabe destacar que el equipo del Circuit de la Ribera está trabajando más duro que nunca para poder abrir cuanto antes, tenemos varias vías positivas para conseguirlo en breve.Disculpen las molestias y agradecemos su comprensión

Ruben Catalá
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Help Grant get a handicapped minivan in 2018!!

In early 2014 I was stricken with the H1N1 bird flu. It quickly turned into severe double pneumonia. After 2 days at our local hospital I was flown by Medivac to a larger teaching hospital for intensive care. I was placed in a coma for 3 weeks as my body battled for my life, as my organs started to shut down from sepsis. I survived but with some serious life altering changes. The sepsis had destroyed my kidneys, and has left me with permanent nerve damage to my legs and arms. I now have to have dialysis 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. I have been wheelchair bound from the nerve damage and passing out if I stand for more than 15 seconds or so. Because of this I have the need of a mini van or SUV with a ramp or lift so I can take my power wheelchair out of my home and go places most people take for granted, like the grocery store or church. I want to take some of the burden off of my wife and son who take care of me.  This petition is to bring attention to my plight, and get these manufacturers to donate a vehicle with a wheelchair  ramp or lift. It need not be new, and I have no preference to make or model. I would give anything to make this dream a reality!! If a company wanted to advertise with the van like putting signs on it, that would be great. I just really need this to happen.  If you would like to make a small donation to help fund my dream, you can go here... Thank you and God bless you for signing my petition and showing these manufacturers that you're watching to see what they do. 

Lowell Cassity
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Bring Back the Astro Van

A Proposition of Astronomical Proportions to General Motors: In 1985, you provided a macro-response to the minivan. With 182 cubic feet of cabin space, the do-everything Astro van can carry enough groceries to outlast winter. And if your local supermarket happened to be on top of a mountain peak, you gave us an all-wheel-drive workhorse that could climb that rocky road. Two glorious decades and 3.2 million Astro vans followed before the last one rolled off the line at Baltimore Assembly in 2005. The van you no longer sell continues to respond to the times. Fifteen years later, a growing community continues to recognize and discover what an Astro can do on the terrain of road and the ride of life. Generations of enthusiasts program Google Alerts and scour Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace in search for one of these well-cared for rigs. We share our stories, pictures designs and building hacks in social media groups. Your versatile van of the past offers an untethered future. It gives the gift of creative adventure through non-traditional travel and lodging. But only if we can keep it running. And we have gone great lengths to do so. To many, your first entry into the minivan market was our first dive into #vanlife. Our escapades in your Astro van have shown us a world of adventure lies beyond its Dutch double doors. We implore you to take a gander. For we are a growing group who are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to discuss buying a new Chevy Astro van with one of your salespersons. We want to buy. We want you to #bringbacktheastro, General Motors. And since we’re here, let’s do it with more accessible sparkplugs and universally sized drink holders, please.www.bringbacktheastro.comInstagram: @bringbacktheastro

Django Greenblatt-Seay
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Boycott companies "Boycotting" YouTube's advertisment program

We vow to boycott the purchasing of any products from any company boycotting YouTube's Adsense program on supposed "moral" grounds.  This will take effect immediately until your YouTube ad revenue is turned on.  We also request a statement from your company expressing allegiance to the spirit of our Bill of Rights and Constitution specifically the 1st Amendment.  And an acknowledgement that like every citizen of this great country your company has a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to honor the 1st Amendment and Bill of Rights. Simply stated we believe that this move to "demonetize" content creators is thinly veiled CENSORSHIP.  As your companies "supposed moral stance" on "racist rhetoric" or "violent content" is not reflected in "mainstream media advertising" where countless movies, television shows, news casts, music etc display images, concepts, acts and verbiage dealing in racism, sexism, materialism, greed,  violence, profane language, explicit sex acts, innuendos of pedophilia, endorsements of war and countless other hideous, insidious, profane and immoral acts. Furthermore the companies mentioned have histories of engaging in scandals and illegal activities themselves.  HSBC for example laundering money for drug cartels and terrorists groups.  GSK China bribery scandal.  AT&T spying scandal and the 100 million dollar fine it paid for "misleading consumers"  These are but a few examples in a LONG LIST OF CORRUPT AND IMMORAL activities engaged in by said companies.    The hypocrisy is palpable. The timing questionable.  The and the end result is an ANTI AMERICAN, anti freedom, anti free market, anti human result.  We see this as nothing more then "globalist, fascist" power grab.  With the intention of quashing the ever growing independent media and entertainment complex.  As you companies political, social and economic interests lie in the preservation of the "Corporate Media Establishment" aka "State sponsored media" We request that the following companies reinstate their Revenues to Youtube in order to lift out "peoples boycott" on your products.  Simple steps can be taken in order to reduce ads being displayed next to "unethical" content.  This does not have to include punishing whole segments of the YouTube community and CENSORING unpopular opinions.  ArgosAudiAvivaHavas Group UK froze all of its spend. The agency manages major brands including Dominos Pizza, O2, Royal Mail, BBC, and Hyundai Kia.HeinzHondaHSBCITVL'OrealLloyd's BankMarks & SpencerMcDonald'sRBSSainsbury'sTescoThe GuardianToyotaTransport for LondonUK GovernmentVolkswagenIn the United States: AT&TBeam Suntory Inc.Dish NetworkEnterpriseFX NetworksGeneral MotorsGSKJohnson & JohnsonPepisCoStarbucksVerizonWalmart

ryan burlingame
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Tell GM to end racial intimidation in the workplace, create anti-harassment policies

*We need a passionate signer like you to take ownership of this petition. Fill out this form to learn more.* Physical threats of violence, racial slurs and intimidation - this isn’t a safe workplace. For African American supervisors and workers at the General Motors (GM) Powertrain plant in Toledo, Ohio, this was their workday - everyday. After 14-months of violent racist threats, an African American supervisor had to leave his job. He and eight other African American current and former employees at the GM Toledo Powertrain plant have filed a lawsuit. They filed the suit after they reported these incidents of racism, and GM did nothing. Tell GM to end their culture of racial intimidation and implement policies that protect all workers - no one should fear for their life at their job. An atmosphere of violent racial hatred made them fear for their lives. One employee found a noose in their locker with the words ‘whites only’ graffitied. An African American supervisor found gun and ammo magazines on his desk, after he received death threats from white employees. Some of those threats went so far as to threaten assault with factory equipment. In one instance, a white co-worker told his black supervisor that ‘back in the day, a person like [him] would have been buried with a shovel’. He reported the incident and his co-worker even admitted to it, but he was told to push it to the side. The threats only got worse. Send the message to GM, workplaces shouldn’t be places of racial terrorism. End racial intimidation in the workplace and put in place policies that protect workers from harassment. After some of these events, employees filed police reports, others filed complaints with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. The Commission enforces laws against discrimination, and conducted a 9-month long investigation into this GM plant. They found that GM allowed a racially hostile environment to flourish. Toledo Powertrain may not be the only GM plant where this is the norm. Tell GM to create company-wide policies that protect workers from harassment. Those policies could include: diversity training, creating a clear process for complaints, installing cameras, increasing security, or penalizing workers who create an environment of racial hostility. GM shouldn’t be allowing racial hatred and intimidation to go unnoticed. Tell GM to protect workers from harassment. 

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