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Stop up-charging for women's plus-sized clothing

Every woman knows how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans:  a pair that is the right fit at the right price. That’s why I was shocked when, during a recent visit to Old Navy’s website, I noticed that they were charging $12-$15 more for plus-sized womens jeans -- but not upcharging jeans for “big” men. If they are charging plus-sized women more to cover the cost of the fabric being used, then why aren’t they doing the same for men? I was fine paying the extra money as a plus-sized woman, because, you know, more fabric equals higher cost of manufacture. However, selling jeans to larger-sized men at the same cost as they sell to smaller men not only negates the cost of manufacture argument, but indicates that Old Navy is participating in both sexism and sizeism, directed only at women. For example: Old Navy’s Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans cost $27 in a size 6. The same jeans in a size 26 cost $40. Alternatively, the men’s Slim-Fit Jean costs $25--no matter the size. Old Navy even takes it one-step further, by separating out “Women’s Plus” clothes into a completely different section of the website, but keeping all of the mens clothes together. I don’t understand why me and women like me are being singled out and forced to pay more by Old Navy, when our male counterparts are not. This is entirely unfair and offensive on many levels. For a company like Old Navy, who claims to be inclusive and strives to provide affordable clothing for everyone, this practice completely undermines their mission.Please join me in calling on Old Navy to take a stand as a leader in their industry, and tell them to stop their discriminatory pricing practices and offer products at a fair cost to ALL people of size, not just men.

Renee Posey
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Garment Workers on Hunger Strike in India!

We are workers at Avery Dennison India Pvt. Ltd in, and also members of Garment and Textile workers Union (GATWU) Bangalore, India, and we are now on a hunger strike to protest the inhumane behavior of our management, and also violation of various Indian labour laws!! It's a multimillion dollar operation which produces products for brand giants such as H&M, Adidas, Zara, Levi's, Gap, Marks & Spencer, Nike, and many others. For many years, Avery Dennison has been paying us differing wages for the same amount of work, through subcontracting out some of us but not others. They have used this as an excuse to pay UNDER the already-low minimum wage for the work we do! Several of our colleagues have been forced to work back-to-back short-term contracts for the same amount of work, with no stoppage, just like permanent employees, but with none of the benefits, some for over 10 years. This is completely unacceptable; we have the right to provide for our families just like any other worker. When we see the CEOs and owners of some of these firms making the list of richest billionaires in the world, we know that it is our labor that creates their profits, yet our factory refuses to respect our basic rights or the rule of law. This is why we decided to form a union. With the support of Garment and Textile Workers' Union, we organized to tell our employer that we deserve our basic rights. The employer, instead of respectfully negotiating with us, decided to retaliate. They illegally dismissed 44 of our colleagues for daring to stand up for our rights and to scare us into submission. But we will not be intimidated! We are now on our 5th day of our hunger strike to demand that they: Reinstate ALL terminated workers Make contract workers permanent Provide equal pay for equal work Stop worker discrimination Stop union busting! Join us to demand that Avery Dennison, and the brands that work with them, do the right thing!  Signed,  Avery Dennison Pvt. Ltd. Workers Bangalore, India

International Union League for Brand Responsibility
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Petitioning Gap Inc.

Help rabbits and foxes slaughtered for fur at Piperlime stores

I was so upset when I saw an ad on Facebook advertising real fur at Piperlime! I did some research and found this women's fashion company, owned by Gap Inc, is selling several products made from dead foxes and rabbits. These innocent creatures are beaten, electrocuted, or have their heads and necks stepped on. Animals killed for the fur industry are often skinned alive! How can Piperlime justify such cruelty for a fashion statement? Please sign my petition to demand Piperlime to stop selling fur. Animals on fur factory farms live in small, dirty cages with very little room to move and exhibit their natural behaviors. They are forced to suffer through extreme heat and cold. Due to poor veterinary care and almost nonexistent animal welfare laws, animals must often live with broken limbs or in cages with other dead animals prior to meeting their horrific deaths. When I reached out to Piperlime's parent company, Gap Inc., they said: "We prohibit the use of angora and real fur in products designed by or manufactured for Gap Inc. brands." But they then went on to say other designers' products sold at their Piperlime stores "follow their own policies," and they don't seem to have any problem with that. What kind of illogical corporate PR statement in that? To make matters worse, it appears they are unlawfully selling this fur because it's labeled as "real" fur, but does not list the country of origin. The Fur Products Labeling Act considers this false and deceptive advertising because it "does not show the name of the country of origin of any imported furs or those contained in a fur product." It is appalling that retailers like Piperlime are willing to capitalize on the needless suffering of innocent creatures just to make a profit. I am normally a big fan of Gap, but if Gap Inc and Piperlime think they can get away with selling these products of misery, they are wrong. Please tell Piperlime that their willingness to promote fur items in their Fall line is cruel, ignorant, and entirely unacceptable.  photo: Jo-Anne McArthur for Animal Equality

Sarah Maddux
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Train point of sale employees to ask customers "Would you like a bag?"

I understand the problem of single use plastic bags.  I also understand that sometimes they are necessary.  This petition is advocating for the use of small, inexpensive steps to reduce their use in commerce by training point of sale employees to simply ask customers, "Would you like a bag?"  This would prompt the consumer to check other options.  I often have a reusable tote in my purse that I forget about until bagging has begun.  If the item is small, I may just want to throw it into my purse.  If I'm already carrying several shopping bags, I may just combine it into another bag.  And if none of these options are available, I can say "sure, I'd like a bag today."  If people were hearing this question at every retailer, it may create a shift in their thinking regarding bag use; it goes from "of course I'm getting a bag" to "do I really need one?" or "should I bring my own today?" It could make employees more aware of bag use and less on "autopilot" when bagging.  I sometimes find that employees are annoyed when I say I have my own because it throws off their bagging process.  If they've already bagged something, they will just take the item out of the bag and THROW THE BAG INTO THE TRASH rather than try to use it with the next customer.  I understand that once the bag is off the dispenser, it becomes more difficult to work with, so by simply asking a customer first if they need a bag, rather than assuming, they could save themselves this hassle. As leaders in the retail field, I hope you'll seriously consider this proposition.  It requires minor retraining of your employees on your part, but may ultimately lead to your company saving on plastic bags, while positioning you as a responsive leader in the area of environmental concerns.  Thank you for reading and sharing.

Angie Wegner
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Criminal Investigation Looks into Historical Child Sexual Abuse Involving RCMP member.

Provided Below is My Statement:     Before I open my heart up to this, I need to make sure that it will be for a good reason.  This isn’t easy for me to talk about, so there might be a lot of crying and times where I can’t speak at all.  Please just give me time to work through those emotions and feelings so I can continue on with what I need to say.  I cannot go through these memories unless I know you are going to do your best to help me. The thing is, other than my memories, I have no physical evidence of what happened to me.  The most I can provide are testimonies from several people who witnessed the transfers to visit my father. I know that there were pictures of the bruises my father left on me and they were reported to my doctor, but I am not sure if my family still has them or not.  I am not sure what other evidence I can provide, but I will do my best to share as much as I can with you if it means that I can finally move forward with my life.      My father, Is an extremely intelligent man.  He is funny, charismatic, outgoing, and social. When people meet him, they usually like his personality.  He makes jokes and can dance like he was born to do it. What people don’t see is his abusive, manipulative, predatory, evil side.  My father knows how to put on a charade. He knows how to suck empathy and emotions from people to use at his advantage. I have not come to the police because he himself is a police officer.  I know that there are good and decent police people. I like to think most of them are. I have a hard time knowing who to trust because of what my father did to me and my family. I’m including an article I found on classic grooming.  This article explains how abusers groom the people around them.  Please read:     As long as I can remember, I have been afraid of my father.  I am going to refer to him as *** from this point on, because he is not and never was a father to me.  I have blank spots in my memory and sometimes my memories are fuzzy, but I can remember enough to know what happened to me.  My earliest memory of *** is of him physically violating me by penetrating me with his fingers when I was three-years-old in a bathtub.  Around that same time, I remember getting a bladder infection and he made me bite into a piece of chocolate while he watched me pee and touched my vagina.  Some people think that three is too young to remember, but I can assure you, this is not something I will ever forget. I have flashbacks and nightmares of this event.  Every time I get into a bathtub, I freeze for a minute and have to consciously remember I am an adult now and he has no power over me. I cannot remember the exact times and dates of when these things happened to me, but I need it to be known that they did happen.       *** is a violent man with a bad temper.  He knows how to hide it well to the public. I remember how he used to hurt my mom when they were still married. They got divorced when I was five-years-old. I remember that he used to hit her a lot. He would hit her until she bled.  He shook her; hard. He pulled her hair until clumps of it fell out. I remember he threw things when he was angry. He even kicked my puppy Simba down two flights of stairs in one of his many rages.  *** threw my mother against walls to the point where she couldn’t get up. He was aggressive with my little sister and I as well. I remember seeing him hit my little sister when she was still in diapers for no reason.  He would have us all terrified at his mood-swings. There would be many times where I would get my little sister to hide under the table with me and play games with her until his rage stopped. It would usually stop with my mom laying on the floor beaten up by him.  When I was five-years-old, I remember telling my mom “It’s time to go now mommy.” My mother realized my father would never change and she needed to protect her babies from the escalating violence. She didn’t want my little sister and I getting hurt. I remember when we left him.  My little sister and I saw *** throw our mom up against a wall and we ran out of the house screaming for help.       This all happened before the age of six.  I remember hating him with everything I had in me.  I knew who he was and I didn’t want to be anywhere near him.  I remember refusing to go with him for a while. He took my little sister alone many times because she was too little to speak up for herself.  She was aware of what was happening. It is a big fat joke that children don’t get a say in their futures. The court system failed my sister and I.  We were forced to see him. We didn’t have any choice. Multiple counsellors said we should not be forced to see him or it would cause permanent psychological damage to us.  Obviously, that was disregarded in court. He literally dragged me out of my house by my feet and by whatever means necessary. I did not go willingly. He would grab my arms and shake so hard that I had bruises the size of a bread slice on both of my arms.  He would yell and scream and force me into his vehicle. I remember hiding and running away from him any chance I could. There were times when he would get police officers in police vehicles to pick my little sister and I up. He liked to use his badge to get away with a lot of things.     Hiding doesn’t work when you’re in a predator’s lair.  *** did not let me contact my mom when I was at his house, though I asked many, many times.  He eventually started to get angry when I asked to speak to my mom and I became too scared to ask, so I stopped asking.  He took my voice away. *** did not spend much time with us when we were with him. He would often be playing video games.  Most of the time, my little sister and I were left to fend for ourselves when we were young children. I remember not having food in his house except for Vector cereal, Mr. noodles, and chips.  My mom started sending food with us in our suitcases to make sure we wouldn’t be hungry and had nutrition. I remember he would refuse to give us medicine when we were sick and would get angry if we asked.  I had to sneak out of our room in the middle of the night, terrified that he might hear me, to get my little sister some cough medicine. She frequently got bronchitis as a child, as did I. When *** did pay attention to us, it was not wanted and it was usually inappropriate.  He would massage our bodies and touch our butts. I remember feeling dirty and that I didn’t have a choice so I had to let him or he would hurt us. I remember one time when my little sister and I were playing, I found a toy that I liked, but since we were siblings, of course me and her had a disagreement over who had the toy first.  I told *** “Dad, [little sister] took my toy.” I wish I had never told him that because he began hitting her. I feel so disgusted and sad that because I told him that she took my toy, she got hurt.       *** was abusive in every way possible.  He had and probably still has a girlfriend named ###.  ### was always around when we were forced to visit him. He would frequently hurt her and fight with her in front of my little sister and I.  She didn’t care how many times he hurt her or how it scared us. I’m pretty sure she has Stockholm Syndrome. She knew everything he was doing to us, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was in on it herself.  I have nightmares about both *** and ###. My counsellor told me that my brain is not lying to me and that I need to believe myself in order to move forward. So, in my heart, I know ### was part of the abuse that happened to my little sister and I.  I remember waking up under the age of ten with wet underwear and feeling extremely groggy. Sometimes the last thing I would remember is being given a glass of vanilla milk before bed. Vanilla milk was a treat my mom used to give my little sister and I, and we told *** about it.  *** perverted something that was meant to comfort my sister and I. *** began giving us the vanilla milk before bed quite often. I remember it made me feel really weird and unnaturally sleepy. I cannot say for sure if the milk was drugged, but I have a hunch. During the times that he didn’t give us the milk, he would force us to give him kisses before bed.  If we refused, he would lay on top of us and wouldn’t get off even when we asked him to. My little sister and I shared a room. I remember her saying “Personal space, Dad!” and he replied, “There is no such thing as personal space between a father and daughter.” He told us that there were cameras in every room of the house and in our closet. He told us he was always watching us.  He never let us have any privacy. When I needed to use the toilet, and I made sure to lock the door, he would often get mad and open the door with a toothpick. He would say that we could never have the door locked. Another thing I remember about when I was little was he would make me sit on the toilet for hours folding toilet paper. He wouldn’t let me off of the toilet until I folded it “Properly.”  He would say that word a lot. “Do it properly.” One thing I learned that if you didn’t get it right, he would be very upset and violently angry. *** would not let my little sister and I have baths on our own. He said he was afraid we would drown if he wasn’t there watching us. I had been swimming since I was only a few months old, so drowning was not a realistic excuse to watch us have baths well past puberty and after I had developed breasts.       When my little sister and I were at ***’s mother’s house, we discovered she had a puppy mill.  My little sister and I went over to her house quite a few times, but we only saw the basement once. That one time we saw the basement was horrific.  Hundreds of dogs in cages so small they couldn’t turn around in. The whole house reeked of rotten feces and urine. My little sister also witnessed him beating his police dog with a metal bowl.  He is abusing his power and abusing animals, children, women, and probably many more people. These poor dogs had many health issues.  I remember *** gave a puppy to our half sister, ~~~~ and the puppy had a hole in its heart and died. You could tell these dogs were sick and under fed by looking at them.  *** realized my little sister and I were in the basement and quickly rushed us up stairs. I remember making trips to different cities with cages of puppies in his vehicle. He would help with the puppy mill’s operation.  Another scam he involved my little sister and I in was going around town collecting free kittens. He would go to people’s houses who had advertised that they were giving away kittens and he would show the people us, his daughters to assure them we would give them a good home.  I remember he told us that we weren’t going to keep them beforehand, so I was confused and said in front of the people “Too bad we can’t keep them.” After I said that he put us in his vehicle. When he rounded up around thirty kittens, he would make a trip to Vancouver with us.  ### would always be there too. Once we got there, he would sell the kittens to a man in the Metrotown mall. I remember crying because I got attached to the kittens on the ride down even though he told us not to. I remember wanting to feed them and give them water, but he said no.  I remember travelling at night a lot. From what I can remember, he left the kittens in his vehicle overnight and we went to the mall the next morning. I remember being very little and *** rented two hotel rooms, one for him and ###, and one for me and my little sister. I don’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was under ten.  The rooms weren’t even on the same floor. I remember getting lost in the parkade because I was trying to find their room. I also remember during long road trips, he wouldn’t let us stop for bathroom breaks. My little sister and I both got bladder infections from holding it so long.  I remember a trip he took to Alberta and made us sleep in a truck for the night and hold our pee until it hurt so badly. During the trips between Quesnel and Williams Lake, I remember with crystal clear clarity, *** vigorously rubbing ###’s crotch in front of my little sister and I.   We would be sitting in the backseat and they would be in the front.  I often distracted my little sister with funny things on my old flip phone so she wouldn’t see. Another thing I cannot forget to tell you is that my little sister witnessed him and ### having sex. One of the times that I was not with them, he had rented a hotel room for them all. My little sister was in one bed and ### and *** were in the other. She can confirm this. She saw ### on top of him when my little sister woke up the next morning. She heard ### say “Come on, get it up!” to him.  She quickly made it known she was awake. *** told her to go into the bathroom for a little while and he would tell her when to come out. This was to finish what they started I assume.       *** is a very disturbed man.  I remember he used to take pictures of My little sister and I bending over and say it was a fun game.  He told us it was a joke. I realize now that it wasn’t. Quite often I would wake up and my little sister would be gone from her bed.  Instead of my sister in her bed, it would be ###. I didn’t know where my little sister was. My little sister told me she remembers waking up in his bed a lot.  I have flashbacks of him doing the same thing. I remember being in his room with a lamp on under the covers while I couldn’t move. I remember looking at his brown dresser and feeling half-awake and almost paralyzed.  I remember him putting something or himself inside me. *** used to make my little sister and I sit at the kitchen table for hours with only one light on. ### would be sitting there too. He would be standing up and he would make us sit down.  He questioned us about what we did when we weren’t with him and many other questions I cannot remember. One thing I remember very clearly was him saying “Your mother doesn’t love you like I do!” “Your mother and grandma are trying to poison you against me!” He would repeat these things over and over.        As I started getting older, *** would invite random men over that I had never met before and tell me to put on outfits and come upstairs.  This was after he moved to Prince George from Quesnel. He would comment on how good my body looked in front of these men and got me to spin for them.  Again, I have no idea what he did to us as we slept. I remember being hypersexual at a very young age and I was very aware of my body. I hit puberty at age ten.  This common thing to happen to sexual abuse victims is going through puberty at a young age. He would give me uncomfortable massages under my bra and in my shirt. I felt too scared to say anything or even move.  I would tense up, but I was so scared of him. I remember having violent nightmares whenever I got home after seeing him. I remember having the compulsion to wash my hands every time I touched something for a long time.  I kicked holes in the wall in my sleep and to this day I still have nightmares and flashbacks of the abuse. I scream in my sleep and wake up crying remembering the horrible dream. Sometimes I wake up not knowing what’s real.  I wonder if I’m really here, safe, or if I’m back in his clutches again. My little sister and I stopped seeing him when I was fourteen-years-old, the Father’s Day before I turned fifteen. It ended with a phone call saying we did not want to see him anymore and that we remember what he did to us.  We told him that we were done. I remember being so scared, but it had to be done. My little sister was finally twelve, which was how old we had to be before we were allowed to make the decision of who we wanted to live with. She was able to be the strong one for me at that time. I was crying the whole time. I’ve had to drop out of my university studies due to a couple mental breakdowns where I have almost wanted to take my life.  My sister tried to take her life in 2017.  I thank God everyday she is still here. I wouldn’t be able to do this without her.   The second mental breakdown was this year.  My dog Grizz died a few months ago. This criminal investigation has been going on since August 2018. Grizz died August 2019.  Almost exactly a year later. He was my heart and soul. I feel the loss of him very deeply and feel heartbroken.  Grizz was the only reason *** would ever give me the passcode to get out of the house because he didn’t want him peeing or messing on the floor.  Grizz became my emotional protection.  He knew the difference between good and bad people.  It’s like he could smell the evil inside of certain people. He was the reason I survived from an adolescent and into my 20’s.   *** is the one who found a post I made on Facebook in April 2018.  He said I claimed I wrote the post after he served my mom for family court.  He sent her a text saying “Happy Anniversary” from his old number the day he filed for court.   He reported the Facebook post I made back in April 2018, and I’m guessing he’s claiming that I used this as a way to make him look bad. Which is impossible, because I wrote the post in April of 2018. He filed for court August 2018. 6 months after I made the post.  I’m guessing a relative of ours reported the post to him.  I unfortunately had to remove them off of Facebook at that time.  I did reach out when I heard my Aunty was sick, but they did not answer me.  I also tried to talk to my cousin about the abuse years ago. Way before the post I made about my story on my Carly L profile in April 2018.  They seem to have shut me out of their lives forever now.  I also added my half-sister on Facebook a few years ago and she never reached out or said anything to me.  I didn’t really know how to explain what had happened to me because she only sees the good side of him. I didn’t even know about her until I was 10 years old.  *** denied she was his to my mom when I was little. That side of my family doesn’t truly see him for what he is. A monster. I feel like I’m at the end of my rope because it feels like the justice system is just going to let us down again.  My family is absolutely broke from lawyer fees.  Our lawyer has been doing his best to defend us, but he has become very expensive and we don’t think we can afford to fight *** any longer.   I wish that my the good people on that side of the family will be able to see that I’m telling the truth.  I miss my cousins. I heard my father’s brother was actually a very kind and caring man.  I didn’t know him very long because he died of stomach cancer when he was in his 30s.  I believe that good people are still yet in that family.  I don’t want to bring anyone not guilty down.  I wish that they would be able to see this.  My half sister’s mom once told my mom that *** shoved her against lockers when they were in high school.  Right around when my half-sister was conceived.       When I turned eighteen, I began to have flashbacks.  I had nightmares and still continue to have nightmares, but the flashbacks started when I was eighteen.  I remember being raped. I remember him physically forcing me down and raping me. I was unable to move or speak.  I was terrified. I think I was about eight maybe seven when this happened. I know it happened more than once. Flashbacks should be considered a real source.  I know what happened to me. I feel it in my bones. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder.  I am currently seeing a psychiatrist that has helped me so much and a counsellor that specializes in sexual abuse and trauma counselling.     I know that I have probably forgotten to mention things in this, but this is a general overview of what happened to me and my sister.  I want justice.  I want peace.  I want to heal. This is my statement Written by: Carly Rojas

Carly Rojas
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Stop up-charging for women's plus-sized clothing

To Renee Posey and our valued Old Navy customers: Recently, important questions were raised about Old Navy’s women’s plus size line, which has given us an opportunity to hear invaluable feedback from our customers. What we’ve heard from you has inspired us. We’d like to keep the conversation going. There’s a lot of room for improvement in the way plus-size clothes are designed and marketed throughout the industry-at-large. At Old Navy, a significant amount of work is invested in making sure plus-size women feel beautiful and on-trend at a price they can afford when they wear our label. Not many apparel brands can say that they’ve had a dedicated plus size line for as long as we have (since 1994). But, we always want to learn and see how we can improve. Today, it starts with doing more. We will do a better job communicating the value we provide to plus-size customers and begin forging a stronger relationship with customers. As a result of customer feedback, we are updating our policy to allow in-store returns of women’s plus size clothes, starting December 5. We also hear loud and clear that Old Navy needs to be better about engaging with our plus size customers. To that end, Old Navy will be forming a new customer panel to gather insights that will further enhance our plus size collections. This group, which will kick off in January, will focus on discussion, fashion brainstorming and product feedback directly to the Old Navy design and marketing teams. Meeting four times a year, they will test drive new Old Navy women’s plus designs and serve as a sounding board for the Plus Design team. We are excited about the ways in which their input will enhance the Old Navy customer experience. Some of our customers have pointed out that our women’s plus line is priced differently than our men’s extended sizes line and they're right – it is. It’s priced differently because it is different. We invest more in our product, and we’re proud of what we deliver. Looking back, we have not done enough to celebrate what is unique and special about Old Navy’s plus line. Thanks to the work of a dedicated plus design team – a rarity among our competitors -- we create patterns specifically for our women’s plus size line to ensure the best fit and experience. The reality is that while our men’s line is meant to provide affordable, fashion-forward options for various shapes, sizes and heights, men have different needs when it comes to fashion. Our men’s line embraces the same values of fun, fashion and family, but our extended-size menswear is the exact same design and therefore the exact same price. We plan to continue to offer women's plus fashion essentials at accessible prices. Clothes are meant to be empowering, flattering and a way to express your personal style. Old Navy is proud of the clothes that we create for fashion-forward women of all sizes. Sincerely, Edie Kissko, Old Navy spokesperson

5 years ago