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We implore you to call for a worldwide ban against one of the most horrifying atrocities known as the dog and cat meat trade in Asia. Receiving global condemnation, one of the largest petitions ever recorded in history was that against this trade, as millions of Asian citizens scream for outside help. An estimated 30 million dogs and 10 million cats (mainly STOLEN PETS) are taken and purposefully, sadistically and mercilessly TORTURED prior to being barbarically killed by means of being blow-torched, skinned and boiled ALIVE for human consumption every year. It is based off a misguided belief that the more and longer you torture them, the more adrenaline rushes through their bodies therefore, making the meat tastier and increasing men’s virility. The footage will bring you to your knees. As these animals are filmed screaming in unfathomable, incomprehensible pain, they are mocked, laughed at and even urinated on as they writhe in agony. On 9/12/18, the USA had taken a stand against this trade with the passing of both; H.R.6720 - Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2018 - A federal bill that prohibits the slaughter of dogs and cats for human consumption in the United States.                                   H.Res.401- A global resolution which urges all nations to outlaw the dog and cat meat trade and to enforce existing laws against such trade. Though every continent upon this earth rejoiced over this news, sadly, that is where it ended. The USA unfortunately did not follow through (utilizing these legislations) to in fact "urge" anyone. Now we have the Coronavirus to deal with which, is only the beginning of numerous infectious diseases that could potentially spread when you have lawless, unrestricted nations in regards to animal protection, their slaughter and consumption. Like the wildlife trade and live markets, the dog and cat meat trade is unregulated, violates every food and safety regulation and is associated with various transmittable diseases such as Rabies (killing 39,000 people in Asia annually), E. Coli, Salmonella, Anthrax, Brucellosis, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Cholera, Trichinellosis, putting us all at risk heading straight towards catastrophe.  The time is now, to call upon China and the rest of the world to ban the consumption of not only wild but domesticated animals too. To act solely upon one, without the other, permits only the next global pandemic to take root. The dog and cat meat trade is not about culture. It is not about eating meat. It's about prolonged, systematic torture. This brutality committed upon the innocent is so vile, so unconscionable, so shocking, it's an outright abhorrent abomination to millions of people,  to humanity and to God. Please call for a worldwide ban and the enactment of animal welfare laws. After all, they only put the entire world into jeopardy.    Thank you In Memory Of The Honorable Alcee Hastings 

Amy Alexander
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I am the girlfriend to RASHAD CUNNINGHAM who was recently killed by the police in Gary IN in-front of our home while being dropped off after a night out .. There was no “ traffic stop” the car was parked in our parking spot.. the officer drove past, reversed & shinned the spot light on them... INSTANTLY STARTED QUESTIONING THEM, Rashad knew his rights.... he was explaining to the officer, he is sitting outside of the house, returning home.. NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG the officer questioned them for their IDS (him, his best-friend & my step brother were in the presence) the officer walked up to rashad seen he had a CLEAN/LICENSED TO CARRY HAND GUN in his lap. the officer opened fire on Rashad with no hesitation. Not a chance to give his ID . Didn't even ask my baby did he have a gun license, just shot him in cold blood 5/6 times.. that is OVER KILL. I am here to speak out for him because he is no longer able to fight for himself & he would do the same for ANYBODY ELSE.. i will not let them get away with this. THIS WILL NOT GO UNNOTICED. The police are hiding everything “claiming” they gave the case to LAKE COUNTY.. NOT A NAME OF THE OFFICER, NOT A PIECE OF A STORY TO GIVE OUR FAMILY SOME TYPE OF INFORMATION . Any type of clarification.  Its been more than 24 hours with NOTHING.. I’ve e reached out to many reporters & news channels. Our people need everybody to gather together & FIGHT FOR THE JUSTICE of my sons father... He was a father who cherished every moment he had with his children, he loved his family. He was a father, son, cousin, brother, uncle etc & he was gruesomely ripped away from us for no reason while sitting outside of his own home. Please please please just take the time to share this & get his story out.  RASHAD NEEDS JUSTICE & IT WILL BE SERVED . The police can not keep getting away with this!!!!!!!!! He was wrongfully killed!!!!! 

Heather Fox
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Tell Gray Television to grant a co-copyright to help me fight YouTube and Facebook.

My beautiful daughter Alison, a journalist for WDBJ7 in Roanoke, VA was murdered on live television in 2015.  For years now, I have been fighting Google to remove the video of her murder from YouTube.  Google, along with Facebook and Instagram are protected from any liability thanks to a law called Section 230 for which the only exception is for copyright violation.  I appeared on 60 Minutes on January 3rd and described how my life has been affected by Google's ongoing injurious practice.  As I said in my interview, Google's original motto was "Don't be evil".  Now, they are the personification of just that. Equally as immoral is Gray Television, a media conglomerate with major network affiliates across the country.  In late 2015 Gray purchased WDBJ and now owns the copyright to that infamous video.  My legal team at Georgetown University Law has asked Gray repeatedly for co-copyright use that would enable us to sue Google for damages.  A co-copyright agreement would in no way subject Gray to any legal liability.  We cannot legally compelled them, only ask that they do the right thing.  Until 230 is repealed, it's our only recourse to hold Google accountable.   Sadly, Gray repeatedly either refuses or ignores our pleas to grant this request, cynically offering only a worthless usage license--useful only if we wanted to re-broadcast Alison's murder.  As pernicious as Google and Facebook are, Gray is worse.  I seek your help and ask that you beseech Gray to do the decent thing and provide me the means to bring a modicum of justice to these sociopaths who endanger lives and democracy while monetizing murder videos.   Thanks for your help!   Andy Parker

Andy Parker
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Get Mainstream News Coverage Of National Elderly Asian American Assaults

DISCLAIMER: We'd like to clarify to those signing that when you are donating to this petition the money is going towards's network to keep amplifying these petitions. The money will not be donated to us to filter to charities (sadly we just figured this out as this is our first time making a petition). Please be mindful of that before donating! Thank you. Over the course of the past year, the unfortunate inflation of racist rhetoric associated with the origin and spread of the Coronavirus has resulted in an uptick of deadly hate crimes against Asian Americans. In the past week we've seen murders and hateful assaults skyrocket across America but have noticeably felt ZERO pressure to cover from America's mainstream news sources. Why is it that in the eyes of American media, Asian lives do not matter? President Biden very recently signed an Executive Order to help combat hate crimes toward the Asian American community. He even outlined his agenda on the campaign trail for the AAPI Community. By the way, our VP is from an AAPI bloodline. So why is it that every mainstream outlet hasn't given these mounting assaults, the time of day? Because Asian Americans still have not been given a voice in mainstream America and it's time they covered OUR struggles, fights and needs. We are Americans and deserve to live without constant fear, or the fear of our elders being senselessly murdered.  Recent elderly Asian American assaults + murders: Vicha Ratanapakdee  Yik Oi Huang Mauricio Gesmundo Sr Noel Quintana 91 Year Old In Oakland (Jacob Azevedo began a GoFundMe in the community to help arm more Asian seniors to defend themselves, you can donate HERE.)  64-Year Old Grandmother  ...and the list goes on. Never forget Vincent Chin. We're asking for the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS, WASHPOST, LA TIMES, NYT) to step up and give this national issue some visibility and coverage. We cannot keep this to the AAPI community only, we need this to be a movement and issue ALL Americans are aware of to help prevent these crimes. PLEASE SIGN TO HELP UP KEEP THE PRESSURE ON MEDIA.

Asian American Collective
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Stop illegal street racing in Burbank, CA

On Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at approximately 11:50PM. A horrific traffic accident occurred taking the lives of three young adults. This was due to two cars traveling at a high rate of speed in a residential neighborhood (Street Racing). The Four innocent victims were simply traveling to their destination, but unfortunately crossed paths with the alleged "street racers". As they were making a left turn at the intersection of Glenoaks Blvd and Andover drive (Burbank,CA). they were struck violently by one of the cars speeding.  Although the accident investigation is still ongoing, many neighbors and city residents took the time to share their concerns and complaints about the long history of illegal street racing in the area. Most say that this has been an issue in the community for more than a decade. Long time residents are dissatisfied in the lack of results from their complaints. There has been countless incidents over the years but nothing to this magnitude.  Unfortunately the lives of Cerain Baker (21), Jaiden Johnson (20) and Natalee Mohgaddam (19) were tragically cut short due to the city not taking appropriate measures on the issue. We demand the city takes responsibility, and criminal charges are filed for all alleged "Street Racers" involved.     I am proposing: 1) Increasing police presence/patrols in the area in the late evening (9pm-3am). 2) Red light cameras and unmanned vehicles with radars/cameras inside. 3) Speed limit signs that flash when you are over the speed limit. 4) Speed bumps, and other speeding deterrents 5) Traffic lights need to alternate signals more often between (9pm-3am This needs to be done now. No one else should feel this pain that we are going through.

Karla Mendez
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