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Ban cat declawing in the state of Colorado

In the state of Colorado it is legal to declaw your cat. Not only is this inhumane, but it is very harmful to the health of your cat. Essentially, you are cutting the top knuckle off of your cats paw. People often mistakenly believe that declawing your cat will stop them from scratching, but in reality all you're doing is making it less likely that your cat will use the litter box and more likely to start biting instead of scratching. The method of removing the claw is quite horrifying. To do this, they amputate with a scalpel or with guillotine clippers, then the wounds are closed with stitches or surgical glue, and then the feet are bandaged. There are many drawbacks to declawing your cat as well, such as: pain in the paw, infection, tissue necrosis (tissue death), lameness, and back pain. When you remove your cats claws it changes the way their feet touch the ground, feeling like the equivalent of wearing an uncomfortable set of shoes. So please, let's put a stop to this!

Krystalin Bodine
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Petitioning FOX News, Viacom, NBC, ABC, Mercury Radio Arts, Glenn Beck, Tomi Lahren

Removing Tomi Lahren From TheBlaze

Everyone has a voice and an opinion.  However, when the wrong voice is given a platform and is allowed to influence an audience of millions by perpetuating derogatory ideology toward select groups of individuals, this is where the injustice lies.  Tomi Lahren (although her words are laden with passion and emotion) lacks the knowledge and experience to effectively communicate and facilitate.  As a millennial in these "progressive" times, Tomi Lahren should be allowing safe spaces for all audiences.  Instead, she attacks minority groups, fabricates historical "facts", and is grossly misinformed on political topics.  Being a millennial, she has been given the opportunity to be a positive and influential voice of our generation yet she instead chooses the path of least resistance and becomes a carbon copy of the Fox network.  Should a biased, misinformed, 23-year-old with no background in law, law degree, life experience, or experience in Government be the political voice of a generation that will change this nation?   So the purpose of this petition is to let Fox News know that our generation will no longer allow an individual to use their platform for nefarious purposes.  Tom Lahren's hate speech against minority groups will no longer be tolerated.  She will learn that although we have freedom of speech, there is no freedom from consequences.  This may not solve the main issue; however, great things have small beginnings.  I know that this petition will be the ember that ignites change so that one day we demand that our media and news outlets will value integrity.   *UPDATE* 7-9-2016 Let me clarify my petition because there are people who are still clearly unware of the multiple purposes. I am aware that TheBlaze is an independent from Fox.. However.. You CANNOT deny Tomi has an affiliation with Fox/ CNN considering her relationship with Glenn Beck and her frequent appearances on Fox news. The purpose of this petition is to not only show the complete disgust that the public has with Tomi Lahren, but to also demand INTEGRITY from all of our news and media outlets... It is apparent that she is trying to get a position with a major news outlet with her radical and racist views.  We are letting Fox, CNN, etc know that where ever she may end up WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT EITHER. 

Cameron Tendaji
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Petitioning Democratic National Convention


We the people will never vote for Hillary Clinton. We are not afraid of Donald Trump. Include Jill Stein in the presidential debates. Please share this petition with over 7 Facebook groups every day and as much as you can on social media sites so we can reach all Bernie Sanders supporters and Jill Stein supporters.

Linden Baptiste
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Petitioning FOX News

FOX News remove Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is a news person with an agenda. Instead of reporting the news, she attempts to distort and manipulate facts to support her own agenda. Her latest victim is Donald Trump. A news source should not be trying to influence the American Voter. FOX professes to be fair and balance but Kelly loads her panels with those that support her views. This has become a typical FOX News ploy during these elections. Kelly needs to be removed from her position until she has learned the mantra "The facts, ma'am, just the facts."

Neville Aitken
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Petitioning NFL, Roger Goodell, FOX News, FOX Broadcasting Company

Get Troy Aikman and Joe Buck banned from announcing Green Bay Packer's games

This is a petition to get Joe Buck and Troy Aikman banned from announcing/commentating on the Green Bay Packers.  On behalf of the Green Bay Packers fans across the world, we would like action taken to prohibit them from giving their constant negative input about our team. We are sick of the biased announcing always coming from them.

Andrew Dorff
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Petitioning FOX News

Protest Fox News' airing of racist anti-Asian Watters' World: Chinatown segment

On Monday, October 3, 2016, Fox News' 'O'Reilly Factor' aired the 5-minute Watters' World: Chinatown video segment featuring correspondent Jesse Watters. The segment has been widely criticized as appallingly anti-Asian and racist.  The video contained a flurry of anti-Asian stereotypes, and showed Watters accosting Chinatown residents -- including many English-language limited speakers -- to mock them as foreign, bizarre, and ignorant. After the man-on-the-street portion, Watters and O'Reilly perpetuated Model Minority stereotypes to conclude that the video was "in gentle fun." There is no humor in unabashed racism. The Asian American Journalists' Association said the segment is "rife with stereotypes." APIAVote calls the segment "racist and derogatory." The National Council for Asian Pacific Americans said, "no person should be used as a prop in such a heartless manner."  "The segment does nothing more than play up every offensive stereotype of Asian Americans that the community has fought against for decades," said Asian Americans Advancing Justice. Several elected officials including NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Senator Daniel Squadron, Congresswoman Grace Meng, Assemblymember Ron Kim, and NYC City Council Member Margaret Chin have also spoken out against the segment. ***This petition calls on Fox News to:1. Issue an immediate apology and retraction for the Watters' World: Chinatown segment. 2. Cancel "Watters' World" segments and/or scheduled specials from future broadcast. 3. Agree to a meeting between representatives of the Asian American community and Fox News executives, 'O'Reilly Factor' producers, 'O'Reilly Factor' host Bill O'Reilly and correspondent Jesse Watters to discuss the impact of on-air racism on viewers, as well as to consider next steps to address this issue as well as the broader underrepresentation and misrepresentation of the Asian American community at Fox News. This meeting must take place within 90 days of the segment's original air date (October 3, 2016).

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Petitioning NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX News

Third Party Debates 2016

Step # 1 - Unite as many Americans who pledge to vote third party as possible on this page (send the world a strong message that we mean business about finding a better candidate than Trump or Clinton). Step # 2 - Demand at least one debate between candidates that the majority of Americans do not actually dislike or distrust, namely Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Darrell Castle, Evan McMullin, and any other candidate that starts gaining traction. Step # 3 - Vote our conscience and make the best candidate the next president of the United States.

Third Party Debates 2016
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Petitioning Tennessee Governor, Beth Harwell

we are petitioning for the release of Timothy batts

A good father who has changed his life for the positive is being judged by past crimes. A freak accident lead to his daughters death and he is being charged like a murderer. He loved his three daughters dearly and was a great father figure in her life. We ask that he is able to attend his daughter funeral service and have a lowered bond. His bond is 1 million dollars and that's insane for a accident we need Timothy batts home for his grieving family please sign this petition so "us" the ones that know Timothy can show and prove he would never intentionally hurt his family and to get him home. We are also signing for the equality of punishments being handed out by our judicial system. Same crimes are being committed but blacks are handed 20% longer jail sentences then whites.

Greedy Gettinoff
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Petitioning FOX News, Fox Business

Put Rand Paul on the main debate!

The media (Fox News) continuously tries to TELL US who to support. No one supports their sheep Bush, and no one supports the RINO Kasich. We. Want. Rand. Rand won the last debate, Rand has growing numbers, better numbers than Kasich atleast! We the people want Rand in the main debate, we want him to have a chance to show early primary states what he has to offer. This is why we the people believe that Rand should be on the main debate instead of the kiddie debate!

Devin Minniear
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Petitioning Rahul Chopra Storyful CEO

Meat Rabbit Breeder Pulls Heartstrings Using a Crippled Baby Bunny to Receive Donations

This video may appear as a heartwarming rescue story however; rabbits on this farm live a short life and are slaughtered for food or sold.  As this video spreads giving the impression of rescue, in reality this baby's family and cute little friends are or will be slaughtered and most of the 6 litters born - froze to death due to inappropriate housing and insufficient protection of the young which resulted in Wheels back/spine injury and him also being found half frozen.  

Linda Sue
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