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Ed Gonzalez

  • Houston City Council, District H

Mayor Pro-Tem Ed Gonzalez was first elected to serve on Houston City Council in 2009. A life-long resident of the City of Houston, Ed is dedicated to making his hometown the leading global city of the 21st century.

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Petitioning Mayor Sylvester Turner, Ed Gonzalez, Houston

clarification of Houston curfew

We hope this matter doesn't take up too much of your time, as we understand that your resources are already spread thin. We just want to draw a little attention to a small, but often overlooked economic engine within our city.  We are requesting that you change and/or clarify some of the specifics of the current curfew. After Hurricane Ike, when as much as 90% of the city was without power, and looting was a genuine concern, Mayor Bill White imposed a curfew, but excluded night businesses, and made it clear that the suspension of some civil liberties was strictly to help law enforcement and first responders better protect us. We believe that our businesses and our employees are hemorrhaging money at a time when Houston actually needs the sense of community and escape that the hospitality industry provides. Please exempt night business employees from your curfew. Please direct law enforcement away from closing these businesses.  Please make it clear to the public, that people will be pulled over. They may be questioned, and if there is no cause for further concern, they will be allowed to go on their way. Please be specific.  Make public that if people are found to be breaking other laws, or that they are intoxicated or a danger to our community, then they will face the full weight of the law. We believe that there are owner's, managers, bartenders, servers, support staff and drivers who are eager to get back to work . Thank you, and we think you're doing a great job!

shaun sharma
2,076 supporters
Petitioning Ed Gonzalez, Houston City Counsel

Add turning medians to Ella Blvd. and 34th St. into 33 and 1/3

As of right now, there is no turning lane going South Bound on Ella Blvd. to our plaza 33 and 1/3 that sits on the corner southeast corner of W. 34th St. and Ella Blvd. It is dangerous to stop and make the U-turn to go northbound to enter the plaza. The same issue lies on the east side of Ella on 34th. There is no turn median southbound on 34th St. into the plaza. Dangerous activities have happened to try to turn into the plaza. We have seen people drive down the wrong side of the road, run over the curb, and even hit the signage poles due to the lack of space for U-turning. Traffic backs up on Ella Blvd. every day as well as 34th St. It would also be ramping up local businesses in the Houston area. All the businesses at 33 and 1/3 are all local Houston owned and operated businesses that will help provide jobs as well as an active lifestyle to Houstonians. The businesses here will also help build community and economically be finaicall beneficial to the area. So for the safety and the pure ease of patrons visiting the plaza, please add these turn medians. Currently, there are 2 esplanades full of grass that does not allow cars to turn left or right. If we were to add these turning lanes to both the south side of 34th St. and turning east into the plaza on Ella we would have smoother traffic on Ella Blvd. Please help the cause in bringing a happy new community to the Houston area and help Local Houston Businesses thrive by not restricting access to the 33 and 1/3. Thank you for your time, we look forward to seeing the turning lanes added soon!

Loanvy Nguyen
63 supporters