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Petitioning eBay, Devin Wenig

Fentanyl is killing our kids and eBay is contributing by selling the products to do it.

The increasing number of overdose deaths is greatly attributed to Fentanyl. Already we have had over 20 thousand deaths this year. Fentanyl is being shipped from China and Mexico to the states and then sold alone as powder or laced into other drugs. Fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin and can kill within minutes with a dose as small as two grains of salt. Fentanyl is being used to make counterfiet pills. Dealers are getting rich and we are losing a generation of kids. And eBay is making it easy for dealers to do so, by selling pill presses, powder base and die stamps to mark the counterfeit pills. With these tools anyone can make Xanax, Percocet, Oxy and more. These pills are then presented as the real thing to those suffering from an addiction to opioid medications. Kids are dying. At least, 174 people die everyday from an opioid overdose. That number rose from 129 a day in 2015.  "More Americans die from opioid drugs than gun fatalities or vehicle-related deaths. A staggering new report shows that opioids killed more Americans in 2016 than the entire 19-year Vietnam War and the AIDS crisis" "Latest figures by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that deaths from synthetic opioids such as fentanyl rose by over 72 percent since last year." We have to stop eBay from making a profit and contributing to an already raging epidemic. No one needs a pill press...NO ONE! Nor the stamps to mark them as pharmaceutical medication.

Fentanyl Legislation Nationwide
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Petitioning Gumtree, Simon Crookall, Michael Pennington, eBay, Devin Wenig

Gumtree - prohibit ALL ads selling and/or rehoming pets

Gumtree is a classified ad site owned by eBay wherein pet owners alike can sell and/or rehome animals. Since August 2018, anyone wishing to advertise a pet online will have to pay a fee of £2.99. While Gumtree currently complies with all 18 minimum standards for rehoming pets set out by the Pet Advertising Advisory Group (PAAG), they are still falling short of ensuring proper animal welfare and the fee is not even a minor inconvenience for irresponsible pet owners set on selling their animals.While PAAG requires Gumtree to remove ads that feature 'blacklisted' words or terms such as banned breeds and requires the minimum basic information about the pet (i.e. age) to be displayed on the ad. This allows many hundreds of animals who have underlying health or behavioural issues to be mis-sold and/or fall into the wrong hands.Gumtree is required to ban adverts offering shipment of animals, animals for hunting purposes or as food for other animals, or to 'rent' or 'loan' animals in season. Although what is arranged through private messages is completely unmonitored.There have been many horror stories of purchasing pets through Gumtree. A Scots man buys a dog on Gumtree (2015) to then re-advertise it after the dog bites him, only for the dog to then go on to savage an unsuspecting buyer who came to visit the dog after responding to the ad. The RSCPA respond to thousands of calls each year regarding puppy farms and dogs being bought and sold through the black market using sites like Gumtree. Gumtree themselves reported that advertisements for rehoming dogs have increased 785% over the last decade. Reports come flooding in every year as animals are being bought through Gumtree for dog baiting all over the UK. The Sun also reported an increase in barbaric dogfighting in 2016. These dogs often have teeth removed or have their legs taped together and are often starved and chained up for long periods of time. These are stories that we hear all too often but assume that it down to cruel individuals with dog specifically bred to fight. However, these people will snap up dogs of any breed and age to use as bait and to torture for their own amusement. This industry is driven by a network of often unqualified breeders, transporters and dealers who put the welfare of the animal last. Gumtree makes selling animals quick and easy, yet so many people abuse the website for their own gain. Why buy a pet from a breeder that you don't know is certified or has done a full health check on the pet; when you could adopt for half the price from a reputable charity, organisation or foster where the animals are well cared for, health checked and microchipped? Breeders just want to sell you the smallest, cutest and eligibly easiest pet to take care of. They do not and are not required, by law or by Gumtree's standards, to disclose ill-health or behavioural issues.Gumtree needs to ban ALL ads selling or rehoming animals and instead encourage people to use shelters or certified animal fosterers and rehomers. It is not enough to simply state that if you feel uncomfortable buying or selling animals on Gumtree, to use another service. Gumtree allows for lazy pet ownership and for people to buy and sell pets infinitely without considering the consequences or the wellbeing of the pet. Animals are sentient beings that should never be treated as if trading in a second-hand car for a newer model.  I started this petition because…I have had many small animals as pets over the years. I was searching for accessories for my Guinea pigs on Gumtree when I came across an influx of sellers advertising pets that looked terrified or underweight/overweight and often came with cages and accessories that were unsuitable. One ad, in particular, advertised a 'large' rabbit cage which could not have been more than 2 square foot. The minimum cage requirements for rabbits in the UK is 12 square feet. But this is the MINIMUM! Imagine being confined to a tiny cage for your entire life. However, these guidelines exist to help advise pet owners and they should be enforced by everyone, including Gumtree. Gumtree currently does not have any filters in place wherein cage/enclosure dimensions have to be accurately displayed in the ad and a list of animals that are suitable for the cage according to the minimum standards required. Pet shop cages are often grossly unsuitable, yet Gumtree allows anyone to sell cages advertised for the wrong animal, to unsuspecting pet owners.

Cariad O'Brien
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Petitioning Devin Wenig

eBay- Stop Sales of Endangered Shark Parts

eBay is openly allowing the traffic of endangered shark parts, namely sawfish rostrum and shark jaws protected under the Endangered Species Act, and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).  A recent review shows eBay also lists shark fin products. The demand for shark fin is causing countless shark populations to crash, sending many to extinction. The sale and trade of shark fin is putting the nail of the coffin, and eBay is holding the hammer.  The National Oceanic and Oceanographic Administration lists the narrow sawfish (Anoxypristis cuspidata), dwarf sawfish (Pristis clavata), largetooth sawfish (collectively Pristis pristis; formerly Pristis pristis, Pristis microdon, and Pristis perotteti), green sawfish (Pristis zijsron), and the non-U.S. DPS of smalltooth sawfish (Pristis pectinata)—at risk of extinction throughout all of their ranges and should be considered an endangered species. All species of sawfish in the family Pristidae are listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). In 2007 CITES delegates agreed to add sawfish to its Appendix 1, which "includes species threatened with extinction". Their distribution was presumably once continuous in suitable habitat, but is now severely fragmented with many populations extirpated from large parts of their former ranges and with remaining populations seriously depleted. Additionally mako jaws (Isurus oxyrinchus), listed as Endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and white shark jaws (Carcharodon carcharias) listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN, are both protected under CITES Appendix II. Scores of jaws have been documented for sale on eBay as of May 4, 2020.  Appendix I includes species threatened with extinction. Trade in specimens of these species is permitted only in exceptional circumstances. Appendix II includes species not necessarily threatened with extinction, but in which trade must be controlled in order to avoid utilization incompatible with their survival. A 2004 study of eBay sales of sawfish snouts found about 20 transactions a month. Prices averaged $119 a snout but went as high as $1,242. In 2006 eBay vowed to ban sales of smalltooth sawfish. Today sawfish rostra are selling for over $1400.00 and white shark jaws over $5000.00. It appears that eBay is allowing sellers loopholes by calling these rostra "antique" and placing the onus of CITES documentation and permitting onto the buyer, thereby violating their own policy on wildlife.   All of the aforementioned species are listed by the IUCN as declining and some have been greatly reduced throughout their range and are at risk of extinction. We call on eBay to strengthen and enforce its wildlife policy to block all sales of endangered and protected species including jaws, rostra and shark fin products.

Shark Stewards
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Petitioning Devin Wenig

Ebay, Drop FedEx until they stop shipping live cetaceans & sharkfins

Fedex ships live cetaceans for the captive entertainment industry and most recently assisted Dolphinaris Arizona in transporting live dolphins to their facility for a life of captivity, swim-with-the-dolphin programs and to be groped and pawed at by the public. Captivity for cetaceans is inherently cruel. They have evolved to be far ranging and deep diving, they have superior intelligence, self-awareness and are capable of empathy and compassion. Dolphins have not evolved to live in a tank void of anything natural. Even if they were born in captivity, a tank can never adequately provide for their needs. Fedex is also a willing participant in the shark finning industry, the cruel and barbaric and many times, illegal practice of catching sharks, slicing off their fins while they still live and discarding the body to sink to the bottom of sea and suffocate slowly or be eaten. An estimated 100 million sharks are killed each year Fedex cannot tell if the fins they transport are legal, if the fins are from endangered or protected species but they transport them thereby contribute to this cruel practice. Just because captivity and in some case, shark finning is legal, doesn't mean it is morally right or that we should do it. We are asking that Ebay, the largest online auction world wide stop offering Federal Express as a shipping option until they stop shipping live cetaceans for entertainment purposes and shark fins.

Haze Sommer
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