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Losing the American Dream: Immigrant family from Holland being forced out of the country!

Please Call your Congressman now and tell them to cosponsor the E2 Visa Improvement Act, HR 2124 to help the Mulder's and other families in this situation!  The Mulder family immigrated legally to the United States from Holland in 2001 on an E2 Investor Visa to achieve their dream of owning and operating a family dairy. They have been here ever since and have created a wonderful life. They are a hardworking, honest family, have supported the surrounding rural communities in many ways, pay taxes, provide jobs, have many friends and are productive citizens. They were even MN Farm Family of the Year in 2013. Now that their sons are turning 21, they are being forced to make a decision. A decision that just isn't fair. Garion, their oldest had to leave last summer and now Kelsey, their youngest must leave this summer when he turns 21. The type of visa they came here with does not allow a clear path to citizenship and forces the children out through a process known as “aging out”. Garion and Kelsey have been here since they were 3 & 2 years old. They had only briefly visited Holland since coming here and consider the United States as their country. They attended school, formed life-long friendships, worked on the family dairy and love the rural life. Now, because their children will have to leave it no longer makes sense for their parents to stay. They built the dairy farm in the hopes of a better life and a dream of passing it on to their children someday. But because of a little-known clause in the E2 visa, one which they have worked with immigration lawyers on for many years trying to resolve, that dream will likely die without intervention. This petition is drawing attention to the problem and we need to continue to fight to resolve the issues with the E2 Investment Visa. Provide a clear path to citizenship and protect the children from the “aging out” process. There are so many families, not just the Mulder’s, affected by the problems with the E2 Investment Visa and there are others working on this issue. There is another petition out there titled “Improve the Dream” and it answers the issues with the E2 Investment Visa through legislation. This legislation will help all of the children who are legally here by adding them to the Dream Act and the DACA program. They already meet the criteria and we need to make that happen! To make this happen we need to keep these petitions going so that our government hears us and legislation happens! Please sign our petition and then go to the second petition and read the information they provide and listen to the wonderful video and sign their petition. I have included the link for that petition below. This family and many others deserve to stay in America. Let's fight for them! Please click on the red SIGN THE PETITION button to sign our petition. Then come back and click on the link below to sign the other petition. Here is the link to the other petition “Improve the Dream” Please consider signing it:  For more information on the E2 Visa and immigration reform efforts to help the families like the Mulder’s you can check out the following websites:  News links on the Mulder Family so far: Local News Paper – The Western Guard KARE11 News Part 1: Part 2: WCCO News (2010): MN Farm Family of the Year 2013: Holland Newspaper Articles: Garion Mulder Holland TV Interview: Kor Mulder Holland Radio Interviews: A candidate for U.S. Senator in Maine calls for President Trump to help the Mulder's in his announcement speech (Starts around the 3:21 mark)[0]=68.ARAXexg6Y0uDQsVAbwYvWEx1nSzcVhT79dmYtlYkH-kaLoMJ-9xmoQM1cAPdMC5y88FjupqtPAQuWgo89ttD1RLSHRCSucjXfkpzadlaQDH4GkAoZRw6gCss3pG0iHn2_dddSV0nurEM2Wjf16NxDfraM_qE4cV_2_p10Sku4Q_aElNjGLDGm7ZmBnJvyT_YhoeutLcPbxo1olm1_XmkxrMQN8eKK-X10VZXBPYio86vDfYTtjP5dLw6pjY97_Y-6wwDUurFxp-wA0SH8OTw2KT7VhAKGgyFSIg57ArzVj2VDJx7syi8rtb7Gk9LQVxPiCDTKCYO5cyPI6nFvlnKD5SOpmz4ReAICBN9

Judy Kriese
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Que le devuelvan la Hacienda Santa Monica a los niños pobres de Panamá.

En Panamá hay medio millón de niños pobres, 200,000 niños viven en extrema pobreza. Muchos de estos niños solo tienen una madre que sirve como Madre y Padre a la vez. Estas guerreras Panameñas se levantan todos los días a las 4am con una sonrisa en cara para tomar un pésimo sistema de transporte y llegar a un trabajo donde les pagan mal. Ese es el Panamá que vivimos, el Panamá de dos países, el Panamá de los que tienen dinero y el Panamá de los que no tienen. Se acabo la clase media. Se acabo la justicia, y se acabo la solidaridad. Vivimos en un país donde las leyes se aplican para los pobres y no para los ricos. Pero de vez en cuando llega a Panamá un hombre rico, con un corazón grande. Esa es la historia del Sr. Charles Lucom, un hombre Norte Americano que hizo su plata con mucho esfuerzo y sudor en Panamá. Y cuando murió, decidió dejarle en su testamento a los Niños Pobres de Panamá un regalo. Les regaló la Hacienda Santa Mónica. La Hacienda Santa Mónica queda en Antón y colinda con Buenaventura y Juan Hombrón. La Hacienda tiene alrededor de 700 hectáreas de terreno (que valen más de $800 millones) y se le fue regalada a los niños pobres de Panamá por el Sr Lucom como dice su testamento. Como los niños pobres de Panamá no cuentan con un representante legal, el Sr Alberto Vallarino y su pandilla de abogados deciden asaltar a los 500,000 niños pobres de Panamá y robarles la Hacienda Santa Mónica. El Sr Vallarino con sus secuaces utilizaron el corrupto sistema Judicial Panameño y cambiaron el Testamento del Sr. Lucom y se quedaron con Hacienda Santa Mónica.  Queremos que se haga justicia y le devuelvan la Hacienda Santa Mónica a los niños pobres de Panamá como lo quiso el Sr. Lucom en su testamento. Gracias, Los niños pobres de Panamá.

Niños pobres De Panamá
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We want to make September 11th, Patriots' Day, a federal holiday.

The purpose of this petition is to get the United States government to recognize September 11th, Patriots' Day, as a federal holiday.  A moment of silence does not do justice to the 3,000 people that were slaughtered on September 11th and then the military service members and government workers who died in the wars since September 11th. It should be a day to spend with friends and family, celebrating our freedom and life here in this wonderful country. We hold a minute of silence and lose the significance of the day as we do our usual work. Friends and family, especially those who lost people on September 11th or in the wars, should be able to spend the time together, to remember and celebrate the lives of those that have died. It should be a federal holiday for everyone to take time off to recognize the significance of that day. I served 9 years in the army prior to September 11th, fighting in one war and 3 deployments. My oldest son fought as a Marine in 3/5 Marines for 4 years, serving as a machine gunner in Afghanistan. He came home alive but many of his friends didn't and we've lost people every year since September 11th.   That day is the most significant day in the history of this country in the 21st century. Not since the attack on Pearl Harbor have we seen our country attacked on our own land. This should be a day to celebrate all of us, but particularly the 3,000 that died on September 11th, 2001. 3,000 innocent people that were working at their jobs or taking a flight, killed mercilessly.   We celebrate life and heal the wounds that we, as a country, have suffered and it helps in reinforcing the fortitude needed by Americans to continue our battle to bring peace about.  

Bill Hancock
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Revoke Their Legal Status

I am starting this petition on behalf of the Cuban Community in this country who are tried of seeing people of our nationality taking advantage of our laws. We are petitioning that The President of the United States and U.S Government carefully review the immigration documents filled out by all Cubans when they became legal residents or citizens. If they became legal residents or citizens by claiming Political Asylum and they’re in this country Defending that communist country and mistreating Cuban Immigrants at the border then they lied in their application and their Green Card/Citizenships should be revoked.  Also, to all those Cubans who have come into this country and have become residents/citizens and have gone back to Cuba afterwards to repatriate themselves, their legal status should be revoked as well. Those Cubans have made the conscious decision to repatriate themselves so that they can invest in property and business in Cuba with the ease of U.S American Dollar, and that should not be tolerated.  These people come here claiming Political Asylum, and all other nonsense, and yet are in this country defending the very thing they claim to be running away from. They also come into this country and the moment they have the ability to fly back they do it, 5-6 a year to invest our money and are helping that government stay in power. They are taking thousands of dollars over there, buying houses, cars, and building business.  At the end of the day, people like the ones mentioned above should not be the ones benefiting from THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY OF OURS.   REVOKE THE LEGAL STATUS IMMEDIATELY     

Eymy Morejon
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2020 Candidates Should Commit to a Youth Town Hall

I know first-hand that young people have the power to reach the highest leaders in our country. When I was 8 years old, I wrote a letter to then President Obama about the Flint Water Crisis, asking him to come to my hometown and see directly how this water crisis was affecting young people like me. President Obama not only responded, he traveled to Flint and drew the eyes of the world on my town. From the students at Parkland to those on the frontlines of the climate movement, to kids volunteering to fight homelessness to youth in my own hometown of Flint, Michigan speaking out about our water crisis, young people in America are fighting to make this country better and to create a better tomorrow. That’s why I’m asking for your support in calling on all 2020 Presidential candidates to do what’s never been done before in an American election: to hold a “Youth Town Hall” to meet and get questions from young people in America.  As young people, we have so much riding on the 2020 election. Whoever wins will create laws and policies that directly affect young people in America for years and years to come. And it’s time for these candidates to meet with and hear questions from young people like me. Already several 2020 candidates have committed to a Youth Town Hall. Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Beto O’Rourke, Tim Ryan, Marianne Williamson, Michael Bennet, Seth Moulton, Joe Sestak, and Mike Gravel have all said they would participate. But there are still more than a dozen other candidates who have yet to respond, and I want them to hear directly from those who want to see the first “Presidential Candidate Youth Town Hall”.  Young people have a voice, and they can make a difference. Right now we have a political system that is broken and dysfunctional.  My generation can and will fix this, and I want the next potential President to hear directly from us via a Youth Town Hall. Will you support this effort, and help ensure the first-ever Presidential Candidate Youth Town Hall?

Mari Copeny (and her mom LuLu)
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Marijuana Legalization Must Be A Serious Issue In The 2020 Election

We believe that the topic of repealing the Federal Prohibition on Marijuana is being ignored by the Democratic Party and we want proper representation and our issues debated and discussed. During the last televised debate, 9/12/19, the topic of the Legalization of Marijuana was never discussed. Even during the segment discussing mass incarcerations and the disproportionate rate of incarcerations towards People of Color, the Legalization of Marijuana was not discussed. It is time that we stop sweeping this topic under the rug and we take the lead as a party and start the discussion on Marijuana reform. Your constitutes need you to provide representation on a topic that was completely ignored in the 2016 election and continues to be ignored. An issue whose ramifications are felt across this nation, that hurts the lives of millions of Americans each year. A topic that is being debated at the state level daily. This is one of the major debates raging across this Country and it's seems almost intentional that this topic and the opinions of millions of Americans are being ignored. With so much discussion on the federal level about the National Debt and Tax reform, it seems only logical and common sense to have the discussion of the Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana. This is the time for leadership and not a time to look away on the Legalization of Marijuana a topic most Americans agree with.

Representation for Legalization
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