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Losing the American Dream: Immigrant family from Holland being forced out of the country!

Please Call your Congressman now and tell them to cosponsor the E2 Visa Improvement Act, HR 2124 to help the Mulder's and other families in this situation!  The Mulder family immigrated legally to the United States from Holland in 2001 on an E2 Investor Visa to achieve their dream of owning and operating a family dairy. They have been here ever since and have created a wonderful life. They are a hardworking, honest family, have supported the surrounding rural communities in many ways, pay taxes, provide jobs, have many friends and are productive citizens. They were even MN Farm Family of the Year in 2013. Now that their sons are turning 21, they are being forced to make a decision. A decision that just isn't fair. Garion, their oldest had to leave last summer and now Kelsey, their youngest must leave this summer when he turns 21. The type of visa they came here with does not allow a clear path to citizenship and forces the children out through a process known as “aging out”. Garion and Kelsey have been here since they were 3 & 2 years old. They had only briefly visited Holland since coming here and consider the United States as their country. They attended school, formed life-long friendships, worked on the family dairy and love the rural life. Now, because their children will have to leave it no longer makes sense for their parents to stay. They built the dairy farm in the hopes of a better life and a dream of passing it on to their children someday. But because of a little-known clause in the E2 visa, one which they have worked with immigration lawyers on for many years trying to resolve, that dream will likely die without intervention. This petition is drawing attention to the problem and we need to continue to fight to resolve the issues with the E2 Investment Visa. Provide a clear path to citizenship and protect the children from the “aging out” process. There are so many families, not just the Mulder’s, affected by the problems with the E2 Investment Visa and there are others working on this issue. There is another petition out there titled “Improve the Dream” and it answers the issues with the E2 Investment Visa through legislation. This legislation will help all of the children who are legally here by adding them to the Dream Act and the DACA program. They already meet the criteria and we need to make that happen! To make this happen we need to keep these petitions going so that our government hears us and legislation happens! Please sign our petition and then go to the second petition and read the information they provide and listen to the wonderful video and sign their petition. I have included the link for that petition below. This family and many others deserve to stay in America. Let's fight for them! Please click on the red SIGN THE PETITION button to sign our petition. Then come back and click on the link below to sign the other petition. Here is the link to the other petition “Improve the Dream” Please consider signing it:  For more information on the E2 Visa and immigration reform efforts to help the families like the Mulder’s you can check out the following websites:  News links on the Mulder Family so far: Local News Paper – The Western Guard KARE11 News Part 1: Part 2: WCCO News (2010): MN Farm Family of the Year 2013: Holland Newspaper Articles: Garion Mulder Holland TV Interview: Kor Mulder Holland Radio Interviews: A candidate for U.S. Senator in Maine calls for President Trump to help the Mulder's in his announcement speech (Starts around the 3:21 mark)[0]=68.ARAXexg6Y0uDQsVAbwYvWEx1nSzcVhT79dmYtlYkH-kaLoMJ-9xmoQM1cAPdMC5y88FjupqtPAQuWgo89ttD1RLSHRCSucjXfkpzadlaQDH4GkAoZRw6gCss3pG0iHn2_dddSV0nurEM2Wjf16NxDfraM_qE4cV_2_p10Sku4Q_aElNjGLDGm7ZmBnJvyT_YhoeutLcPbxo1olm1_XmkxrMQN8eKK-X10VZXBPYio86vDfYTtjP5dLw6pjY97_Y-6wwDUurFxp-wA0SH8OTw2KT7VhAKGgyFSIg57ArzVj2VDJx7syi8rtb7Gk9LQVxPiCDTKCYO5cyPI6nFvlnKD5SOpmz4ReAICBN9

Judy Kriese
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Que le devuelvan la Hacienda Santa Monica a los niños pobres de Panamá.

En Panamá hay medio millón de niños pobres, 200,000 niños viven en extrema pobreza. Muchos de estos niños solo tienen una madre que sirve como Madre y Padre a la vez. Estas guerreras Panameñas se levantan todos los días a las 4am con una sonrisa en cara para tomar un pésimo sistema de transporte y llegar a un trabajo donde les pagan mal. Ese es el Panamá que vivimos, el Panamá de dos países, el Panamá de los que tienen dinero y el Panamá de los que no tienen. Se acabo la clase media. Se acabo la justicia, y se acabo la solidaridad. Vivimos en un país donde las leyes se aplican para los pobres y no para los ricos. Pero de vez en cuando llega a Panamá un hombre rico, con un corazón grande. Esa es la historia del Sr. Charles Lucom, un hombre Norte Americano que hizo su plata con mucho esfuerzo y sudor en Panamá. Y cuando murió, decidió dejarle en su testamento a los Niños Pobres de Panamá un regalo. Les regaló la Hacienda Santa Mónica. La Hacienda Santa Mónica queda en Antón y colinda con Buenaventura y Juan Hombrón. La Hacienda tiene alrededor de 700 hectáreas de terreno (que valen más de $800 millones) y se le fue regalada a los niños pobres de Panamá por el Sr Lucom como dice su testamento. Como los niños pobres de Panamá no cuentan con un representante legal, el Sr Alberto Vallarino y su pandilla de abogados deciden asaltar a los 500,000 niños pobres de Panamá y robarles la Hacienda Santa Mónica. El Sr Vallarino con sus secuaces utilizaron el corrupto sistema Judicial Panameño y cambiaron el Testamento del Sr. Lucom y se quedaron con Hacienda Santa Mónica.  Queremos que se haga justicia y le devuelvan la Hacienda Santa Mónica a los niños pobres de Panamá como lo quiso el Sr. Lucom en su testamento. Gracias, Los niños pobres de Panamá.

Niños pobres De Panamá
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International recognition and mediation for Catalonia.

español más abajo The nation of Catalonia is claiming its place and statehood. The purpose of this letter is to condemn the violation of human rights, the denial of freedom of expression and of the right of assembly and self-governance by the Spanish state in Catalonia. Catalonia is one of the nations with the oldest parliament in the world (Generalitat 1359), with its own language (Catalan) derived from Latin which nowadays is spoken by 10 million people. Catalonia has seen the birth of celebrities as Dalí, Miró, Ramon Llull, Pau Casals, Albéniz, Granados, Joan Maragall, Miquel Martí i Pol, Manuel de Pedrolo, Vicent Ferrer, Neus Català, Ferran Adrià, Joan Roca and the admired Antoni Gaudí. Catalonia is a European and peaceful nation, its capital is Barcelona. This city is the European Union’s 4th largest metropolitan area. In Catalonia, more than 161 different nationalities coexist, with more than 264 languages spoken. The Catalan people hold this diversity very dear, to the point that it is in Barcelona that the largest demonstration in Europe... has taken place: the demonstration Casa nostra, casa vostra, which brought to the streets 500,000 people. Solidarity is another fundamental value in Catalonia: "La Marató de TV3", an annual social fundraising event, has raised 164,000,000 euros in total from 1992 to the present to increase public awareness and boost biomedical research on different diseases. During the 20th century, Catalonia was bombarded by the Spanish nationalist forces in collaboration with German and Italian fascism. Thousands of Catalans were killed or exiled for political and cultural reasons. The Catalan language was forbidden, Catalan institutions were abolished and the democratically elected president of Catalonia (Lluís Companys) was condemned by Spanish dictatorship and executed. Since the late 19th century most Catalan presidents have been executed, jailed or banned from office by Spanish legislators. When Franco died, Catalans decided to be forward looking. Forty years of massive crimes and repression were never judged. Catalans vouched for a plurinational Spanish state that cherished its own diversity, Catalans have since then contributed to making of Spain a modern and European state; Catalonia being one of the economic engines of Spain, In spite of this, the claim of Catalans as a nation has always been ignored. Furthermore, Spanish nationalists never wanted to recognise Catalonia as a nation. Catalonia's financial deficit is of 18,500,000 euros (2012) per year due to the tax distribution system in Spain (2,5 more times that the richest Länder in Germany), which is being used to centralise the Spanish economy into Madrid. The Spanish government continues to invest to convert Spain into a centralised country. Spanish government invests 8,2% of its budget to Catalonia, but only 71% is executed (2015). Because of this deficit Catalans had to cut back in social aid, education and health services. The important policies cannot be controlled from the Catalan government. A new statute of autonomy was agreed with the Spanish socialist government of 2006. It recognised Catalonia as a nation with more financial and policy-making powers. Despite being approved by a referendum, and observing all the legal procedures, the Spanish government filed objection to the constitutional court and edited most of the text. Acting against the democratic will of the Catalans as expressed in the Referendum de l'Estatut on the premise of very narrow and partial interpretations of the Constitution of 1978. Over the past decade, the Catalan Parliament has unanimously approved laws to protect the most vulnerable citizens, a law seeking gender equality, a nuclear energy tax, a law to prevent evictions, the decree on taxation on banks, the law on social security, the law against fracking, the law to fund cultural production, all of them repealed by Spanish constitutional court at the request of Rajoy's government. As alledged violations of the Constitution. As many as 25 essential laws for the welfare of citizens have been repealed. From 2011 the Partido Popular (Conservatives) is ruling Spain, being the most corrupted party in Europe. Between 2010 and 2016 a total of 11,500 people have been investigated or detained in the context of corruption-related cases. In global figures, corruption costs Spaniards 87,000 million euros per year, according to a joint report by several universities and the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC). Spanish Police and Spanish politicians created an operation against Catalonia, making up false evidence, with the goal to destroy pro-independence politicians. The political colour of the Spanish Government has proved irrelevant over the years to find a dialog. Millions of citizens demonstrate every year to claim the independence of Catalonia. One of the largest in the modern history of Europe mobilized 1.600.000 people holding hands and making a 400km human chain (2013). For years, Catalans have held some of the largest demonstrations in Europe, consecutively (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). The response from the Spanish government was to ignore them for 7 years in a row. Today the 2 leaders of social organizations that organised those peaceful organisations are in jail accused of sedition: Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart. Claims of the successive Catalan Governments for a finantial treatment similar to those enjoyed by the Basque Country and Navarra (sole regions that dispose of their own taxes) have always been ignored and declined on the grounds of a supposed inequality that such deal would generate amongst the different Spanish regions, inequality which is already present in the same differential treatment enjoyed by the Basque Country and Navarra. Such mistreatment brought Catalans to move forward from the requirement of better finantial treatment to the celebration of a referendum (2017) of self-determination like in Scotland, and several times the answer was no. In the face of the indifference of the Spanish government, the Catalan Government moved forward in the organization of a referendum, despite the will of the Spanish government, 10,000 Spanish police forces were deployed in Catalonia, hundreds of websites were closed, media offices raided, high ranking officials arrested and millions of ballots were seized in a desperate attempt to stop Catalans from voting. Of a total of 700 Catalan mayors have been called by the public prosecutor's office for signing a decree of political support to the referendum. Yet at dawn of October 1st 2017, somehow Catalans had skipped Spanish intelligence agencies and distributed 10,000 ballot boxes in more than 2,315 polling stations across Catalonia for citizens to vote. At 9am Spanish police charged against voters all across Catalonia, causing 1065 injured, 106 of them older than 65 years old. Yet more than 2,266,498 citizens managed to vote, in fear of Spanish police, with 2,044,038 voting yes, 770,000 votes were confiscated by the Spanish police. Instead of allowing a peaceful population to practise the self-determination right, Catalans have been denied their say at every turn. So Catalonia chose the only path that remains, to declare independence, backed by the citizens and approved by the majority of the democratically elected parliament the 10th november 2017. Two days after the independence declaration, half of the Catalan government were locked jail judged by irregular procedure. After being called by judges, they only had 24h to prepare the defence. Specialists in criminal and constitutional law have reported the charges as a political persecution, showing the political and not juridical nor legally nature of this judgement. The other half of Catalan government with president Carles Puigdemont is in exile reporting that the Spanish democracy is over and that Catalonia needs international recognition and mediation. Catalonia needs to have its democratically elected government back. Democracy is being violated, and human rights are too. Europe was born as a union for peace, foundational value which this physical and judicial violence most certainly violate. Historically Catalonia has tried to become a state on several occasions but has always been repressed with the use of violence. Please sign in and share the request for recognition and mediation of the international community for Catalonia. Get involved for democracy and freedom. Marc Pérez and Collective -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Reconocimiento y mediación internacional para Cataluña. La nación catalana está reivindicando su lugar, su condición de Estado y su autogobierno. El objetivo de esta carta es condenar la violación de los derechos humanos, la negación de la libertad de expresión y el derecho de reunión por parte del Estado español contra Cataluña. Cataluña es una de las naciones con el parlamento más antiguo del mundo (la Generalitat, 1359), con su propio idioma (el catalán) derivado del latín que hoy en día es hablado por 10 millones de personas. Cataluña ha visto nacer celebridades como Dalí, Miró, Ramón Llull, Pau Casals, Albéniz, Granados, Joan Maragall, Miquel Martí i Pol, Manuel de Pedrolo, Vicents Ferrer, Neus Català, Ferran Adrià, Joan Roca y el admirado Antoni Gaudí. Cataluña es una nación europea y pacífica cuya capital es Barcelona. La ciudad condal es la cuarta área metropolitana más grande de la Unión Europea. En Cataluña, coexisten más de 161 nacionalidades y 264 idiomas hablados. Esta diversidad es un valor para la cultura catalana. Barcelona celebró la manifestación más grande de Europa reivindicando el derecho a emigrar y al asilo con 500,000 personas (Casa nostra, casa vostra). La solidaridad es otro valor fundamental de Cataluña: "La Marató de TV3", un evento anual de recaudación de fondos sociales,  ha recaudado desde su creación 164 millones de euros para aumentar la conciencia pública y fomentar la investigación biomédica de las enfermedades. Durante el siglo XX, Cataluña fue bombardeada por las fuerzas nacionalistas españolas en colaboración con el fascismo alemán e italiano. Miles de catalanes fueron asesinados o exiliados por razones políticas y culturales. La lengua catalana fue prohibida, las instituciones catalanas fueron abolidas y el presidente de Cataluña elegido democráticamente (Lluís Companys) fue condenado por la dictadura española y ejecutado. Desde finales del siglo XIX, la mayoría de los presidentes catalanes han sido ejecutados, encarcelados o prohibidos por los legisladores españoles. Cuando Franco murió, los catalanes decidieron mirar hacia adelante. Cuarenta años de crímenes masivos y represión nunca fueron juzgados. Los catalanes creyeron en un estado plurinacional español que apreciaba su diversidad, los catalanes contribuyeron a hacer de España un estado moderno y europeo; Cataluña ha sido uno de los motores económico de España, sin embargo, el reclamo de los catalanes como nación siempre ha sido ignorado. Además, ningún gobierno español quiso reconocer a Cataluña como una nación. Cataluña tiene un déficit fiscal de 18.500.000.000 euros (2012) por año debido al systema de dsitribución economico español (2,5 veces más que los Länder más ricos de Alemania), que se está utilizando para centralizar la economía española en Madrid. El gobierno español continúa invirtiendo para convertir a España en un país centralizado. El gobierno español invierte el 8,2% de su presupuesto en Cataluña, pero solo el 71% se ejecuta (2015). Debido a este déficit, los catalanes tuvieron que recortar los servicios de asistencia social, educación y salud. Las deciciones políticas mas importantes no pueden ser controladas por el gobierno catalán. Se acordó un nuevo estatuto de autonomía con el gobierno socialista español de 2006. Reconociendo a Cataluña como una nación con más poderes financieros y políticos. A pesar de ser aprobado por un referéndum y observar todos los procedimientos legales, el gobierno español presentó una objeción al tribunal constitucional y recortó la mayor parte del texto. El Parlamento catalán aprobó por unanimidad leyes para proteger a los ciudadanos más vulnerables como la ley que busca la igualdad de género, un impuesto sobre la energía nuclear, una ley para evitar desalojos, el decreto sobre los impuestos a los bancos, la ley de seguridad social, la ley contra el fracking... todas ellas derogadas por el Tribunal Constitucional español a petición del gobierno de Rajoy. Se derogaron hasta 25 leyes esenciales para el bienestar de los ciudadanos. Independientemente del color político del gobierno español, el diálogo ha resultado ser casi imposible. Desde 2011, el Partido Popular (conservadores) está gobernando España, siendo el partido más corrupto de Europa. Entre 2010 y 2016, un total de 11.500 personas han sido investigadas o detenidas en el contexto de casos relacionados con la corrupción. En cifras globales, la corrupción cuesta a los españoles 87.000 millones de euros anuales, según un informe conjunto de varias universidades y la Comisión Nacional de Mercados y Competencia (CNMC). La policía española y los políticos españoles crearon una operación contra Cataluña, inventando pruebas falsas, con el objetivo de destruir a los políticos independentistas. Millones de ciudadanos se manifiestan cada año para reclamar la independencia de Cataluña. Una de las más grandes en la historia moderna de Europa movilizó a 1,600,000 personas formando una cadena humana de 400km (2013). Durante años, los catalanes han celebrado las mayores manifestaciones en Europa, de forma consecutiva (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017). La respuesta del gobierno español ha sido siempre la ignorancia. Hoy los 2 líderes de las organizaciones sociales que organizaron esas manifestaciones pacíficas están en la cárcel acusados ​​de sedición: Jordi Sànchez y Jordi Cuixart. Los catalanes han intentado negociar un acuerdo fiscal como el del País Vasco y Navarra. El gobierno español siempre se negó a hablar de eso. Los catalanes pidieron en 2017 la celebración de un referéndum acordado sobre la autodeterminación como en Escocia o el Quebec, en todas las ocasiones la respuesta fue siempre que no. Entonces, cuando el gobierno catalán decidió seguir adelante y organizar el voto a pesar de la voluntad del gobierno español, se desplegaron 10.000 policías españoles en Cataluña, se cerraron cientos de sitios web, se registraron oficinas de medios de comunicación, se arrestaron a altos funcionarios y se incautaron millones de votos, en un intento desesperado por evitar que los catalanes votaran. 700 alcaldes catalanes fueron citados por la fiscalía para firmar un decreto de apoyo político al referéndum. Sin embargo, en la madrugada del 1 de octubre de 2017, los catalanes lograron esquivar la inteligencia española y distribuyeron 10.000 urnas en más de 2.315 colegios electorales en toda Cataluña para que los ciudadanos pudieran votar. A las 9 de la mañana, la policía española cargó contra los votantes de toda Cataluña  causando 1065 heridos, 106 de ellos mayores de 65 años. Sin embargo, más de 2.266.498 ciudadanos lograron votar con 2.044.038 de votos a favor del sí. 770.000 votos fueros requisados. En lugar de permitir que una población pacífica usara el derecho de autodeterminación, el gobierno español y el Tribunal constitucional bloquearon y negaron en todo momento las opciones catalanas. Entonces, Cataluña eligió el único camino que quedaba para declarar la independencia, respaldado por los ciudadanos y aprobado por la mayoría del parlamento democráticamente elegido. Dos días después de la declaración de independencia, la mitad del gobierno catalán fue encerrado en la cárcel con un procedimiento irregular. Después de ser llamados por la fiscalía, solo tuvieron 24 horas para preparar la defensa. Especialistas en derecho penal y constitucional han denunciado los cargos como una persecución política, mostrando la naturaleza política y no jurídica y legal de este juicio. La otra mitad del gobierno catalán con el presidente Carles Puigdemont están en el exilio denunciando el fin de la democracia española y que Cataluña necesita reconocimiento internacional y mediación. Cataluña necesita recuperar su gobierno elegido democráticamente. Se está violando la democracia y los derechos humanos. Europa nació con la voluntad de pacificar y esta violencia física y judicial viola sus valores fundamentales. Históricamente, Cataluña ha tratado de erigirse en estado en varias ocasiones, pero siempre ha sido reprimida con el uso de la violencia. Por favor firmen y compartan la petición de reconocimiento y mediación de la comunidad internacional para Cataluña. Involúcrense por la democracia y la libertad. Marc Pérez y Colectivo

Marc Perez
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Donna Brazile Must Go. Tulsi Gabbard For DNC Chair.

It's abundantly clear the Democratic Party is in immediate need of a new and permanent party chair. The Democratic Party's two most recent chairs -- Representative Deborah Wasserman-Schultz and Interim Chair Donna Brazile -- have been embroiled in corruption scandals in regards to the Democratic presidential primary between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders; both Representative Wasserman-Schultz and Interim Chair Donna Brazile worked to provide the Clinton campaign with unfair advantages over the Sanders campaign. We believe Representative Tulsi Gabbard can and should be the DNC Chair. In addition to her military and Congressional experience, Representative Gabbard was previously the Democratic Party's Vice Chair. Perhaps more importantly, she has demonstrated an understanding that a fair primary can only take place when the party apparatus is impartial. When Representative Wasserman-Schultz concluded that she had a preferred candidate and wanted to assist them in the Democratic presidential primaries, she stayed on as DNC Chair and worked in secret to give her preferred candidate an edge over the competition. When Representative Gabbard concluded the same, she resigned as DNC Vice Chair to go on the campaign trail and publicly make the case for her candidate. Representative Gabbard, Democratic voters need you. Will you help us?

The Political Revolution
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Improve The Dream Act: Protect the Children of Long-term Visa Holders who Age-out

All future Dream Acts and legislation addressing DACA should remove the *requirement* that applicants be undocumented. Current legislation to help over two million dreamers leaves out thousands of deserving children who were brought to the United States under legal nonimmigrant visas (often as a child dependent of investor or high-skilled E, H, or L visas), have known no other home, and could be subject to deportation upon turning 21 or losing their temporary visa statuses.  When President Obama enacted DACA in 2012, the rationale was that children under this program were brought by their parents at a young age, and the only home that they knew was the United States. Based on this premise, ALL children who met the date and age requirements set forth would have received protection or a path to citizenship via the Dream Act. Unfortunately, this premise does not hold true with the way the legislation is being written. Both DACA and the current version of the Dream and Promise Act of 2019 *require* children to be undocumented, thereby excluding the children of legal visa holders, who are often in the same exact situation. These "legal" dreamers exist due to flaws in the legal immigration system which can prevent a path to citizenship for children who grew up in the United States and be forced to leave the only country they know. During the 115th Congress, four Republican DACA bills (H.R. 1468, HR 6137, S. 2199, and S. 1937) included some of these "legal dreamers," indicating that there is bipartisan support. The belief is simple: It should not matter what the "status" of a child was when they were brought here. They were children. All of us are dreamers with similar life experiences. If a child meets the age and year criteria set forth, they should receive the path to dream. It certainly should not be a *requirement* to be undocumented to apply for a potential Dream Act pathway to citizenship. Both the current DACA population and the "legal" Dreamers are equals and simply young aspiring Americans.  Let's protect ALL children who grew up in the United States by making a small easy change to the Dream Act. These aspiring Americans will only make America stronger!  Visit for more information. Please sign this petition to show your support and to tell Congress to Improve The Dream Act!

Improve The Dream
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