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Governments £370M given to National Lottery NOT for Animal Charities!

PLEASE HELP PACT ANIMAL SANCTUARY & ALL OTHER UK ANIMAL RESCUES BY SIGNING THE PETITION..... Petition the Government to ensure the money they give to charities goes to ALL charities including animal charities. YET AGAIN ANIMALS ARE DEEMED NOT WORTHY OF HELP, EVEN THOUGH THE GOVERNMENT PROMISED TO HELP STRUGGLING CHARITIES, BUT THE NATIONAL LOTTERY HANDING OUT THE MONEY ON THEIR BEHALF HAVE SAID NO.....ANIMAL CHARITIES NEED HELP TOO !!!! PACT Animal Sanctuary not only rescues, rehabilitated, rehome animals and release wildlife back into their natural habitat but it also works closely with special needs groups, vulnerable adults, special needs schools, as well as offers work experience to students and those trying to rejoin the work force BUT the National Lottery doesnt recognise this valuable work we do and still refuses to allow us to apply to the Governments promised help for charity.... This is so wrong animals and these community groups will suffer if we dont get the promised help! At last we have it officially, the lottery does not give to animal welfare even though it is the tax payers £370 million they are giving away for the government. What can be done about it? something must change, 30% of the population support animals and its their money being used.So many of our animal rescuers will go to the wall if they are not helped. write to your MP/Papers/media. READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH> Good morning George,Thank you for applying to National Lottery Community Fund. After consideration and review by the London and South East funding team I am sorry to inform you that your proposal has not been successful. We appreciate the time and energy required to develop your proposal and I know that our final decision will be disappointing to you. Competition for National Lottery Community funding is high, and as demand is always in excess of the funding available, our decision making panel had to choose between a number of good projects.Unfortunately we are unable to support animal charities and therefore your project is ineligible for funding. We would like to wish you every success in securing alternative funding for your project.Yours sincerely,Matt YorkSenior Grant Making Manager

su leske
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Que le devuelvan la Hacienda Santa Monica a los niños pobres de Panamá.

En Panamá hay medio millón de niños pobres, 200,000 niños viven en extrema pobreza. Muchos de estos niños solo tienen una madre que sirve como Madre y Padre a la vez. Estas guerreras Panameñas se levantan todos los días a las 4am con una sonrisa en cara para tomar un pésimo sistema de transporte y llegar a un trabajo donde les pagan mal. Ese es el Panamá que vivimos, el Panamá de dos países, el Panamá de los que tienen dinero y el Panamá de los que no tienen. Se acabo la clase media. Se acabo la justicia, y se acabo la solidaridad. Vivimos en un país donde las leyes se aplican para los pobres y no para los ricos. Pero de vez en cuando llega a Panamá un hombre rico, con un corazón grande. Esa es la historia del Sr. Charles Lucom, un hombre Norte Americano que hizo su plata con mucho esfuerzo y sudor en Panamá. Y cuando murió, decidió dejarle en su testamento a los Niños Pobres de Panamá un regalo. Les regaló la Hacienda Santa Mónica. La Hacienda Santa Mónica queda en Antón y colinda con Buenaventura y Juan Hombrón. La Hacienda tiene alrededor de 700 hectáreas de terreno (que valen más de $800 millones) y se le fue regalada a los niños pobres de Panamá por el Sr Lucom como dice su testamento. Como los niños pobres de Panamá no cuentan con un representante legal, el Sr Alberto Vallarino y su pandilla de abogados deciden asaltar a los 500,000 niños pobres de Panamá y robarles la Hacienda Santa Mónica. El Sr Vallarino con sus secuaces utilizaron el corrupto sistema Judicial Panameño y cambiaron el Testamento del Sr. Lucom y se quedaron con Hacienda Santa Mónica.  Queremos que se haga justicia y le devuelvan la Hacienda Santa Mónica a los niños pobres de Panamá como lo quiso el Sr. Lucom en su testamento. Gracias, Los niños pobres de Panamá.

Niños pobres De Panamá
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Allow pet owners to say goodbye in the last moments

I had to have my beautiful dog of almost 13yrs put to sleep yesterday. Now for anyone, that would be traumatic enough. Now what if i said, i had to say my goodbyes, hand him over in the veterinary practice carpark and not allowed to be with him in those final moments and instead have to watch him being carried off, wide awake strapped to a stretcher, with him not knowing that THAT'S the very last time he saw me? You'd think I'd done something wrong or my dog had done something wrong for him to be destroyed wouldn't you? Nope, not at all! Bruno (a german shepherd) had been my baby for almost 13yrs. Apart from my kids, he was my everything. I suffer quite badly with anxiety and depression, so he was almost like my assistance dog in a way. When my anxiety would rise up, the first thing I'd do was grab the lead and off we'd go, on our wanders. We'd go everywhere together, everyone knew us and knew how much i loved him. A few months after i had him i caught for my son, so he went through my pregnancy with me, he'd put his head on my bump and get kicked then grunt but he secretly loved it. Then i had my son and he went into protective mode and they were as thick as thieves all their life. Where one was, there was the other and it stayed that way for years. All the while, he was with me through all my bad times too....broken relationships, miscarriages, my mam dying and being cut off from my dad by my sister �. He was also there for the good son learning to walk, ride his bike, walking to primary and junior school with us for the first and last time, all the kids at school knew him and would always give him a hug or pet him as they passed and everyone we passed would say what a gorgeous, good natured dog he was. He also went through the pregnancy and birth of my grandson ❤ he's been right by our side through everything. That same protectiveness also applied the other way, I was right by his side through everything with him....tumours, sickness and old age. Everything except death! On sunday morning, i woke to find my handsome baby had taken a turn for the worse overnight and his back end had completely collapsed. He'd wet himself, soiled himself and couldn't get up � I felt like my world had just fallen apart in that very moment. Because of his age and this being something that had been happening for a while, i knew what needed to be done. Now for anyone who thinks i made this decision lightly, let me assure you, this was not done at the click of my fingers. I was physically sick at what i was about to do to the only real best friend I had (I mean that as no offense to my friends at all, if they're my friends, they'll know what I mean). So i rang the vets and explained that financially (being a sunday) i couldn't afford the fees (it was over £500 on the sunday and £300 the next day. I'm not working and already had to borrow the £300 from a good friend of mine) so would make him as comfortable as i possibly could, then bring him in the next day for him to cross the rainbow bridge. And that's where it went very wrong..... I made the appointment and I assumed that, due to the nature of the visit (COVID19 aware) i would be allowed to be with my baby in his final moments. How wrong was I! No, i had to say my final goodbyes in the practice carpark, with people arriving and leaving with their pets, while I'm sobbing on the grass, saying my goodbyes to my dog! Bare in mind, my dog was lame too, so its not as if he could do much either bless him. Then when I'd said my final goodbyes, i couldn't even carry him inside myself (i had a covid mask and was even willing to scrub up and wear scrubs if i had to). I had to watch my baby getting put on a stretcher and carried inside for the last time, knowing that he didn't know it would the last time he ever saw me. He was probably terrified. I was given the option of paying an extra £60 so they could sedate him so he wasn't aware that he was being carried away from me to his death, an option that was financially out of my reach. To me that felt like emotional £60 so he doesn't know what you're about to do to him when we take him away or he'll be awake. I absolutely broke my heart! I will never get that image out of my head...EVER!! OK, so here's what I'm hoping to achieve. I want all pet owners to be allowed to be with their pets, or for some provision to be put in place so that when a pet has to be put to sleep, the owner can be with them in their final moment. I never want what happened to me to happen to someone else. I know some practices allow for long line leads so the injection can be given at an acceptable social distance. However this is still only SOME practices, that's not enough, it should be all practices when it comes to final goodbyes. So i want a provision in place, that during this time where we have to social distance because of COVID19, owners should be allowed with their pets during those final moments when they're crossing the rainbow bridge. These animals may be just an income to a vet, but to us their family. So please, sign and share this as far as you can so nobody has to go through what i did when i said my final goodbyes. RIP Bruno, you'll never be forgotten ❤❤   

Natalie Jones
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Free and safeguard the liberal Saudi Raif Badawy, NO 1000 LASHES!!

Update4: (13.01.2015) Raif has been lashed last Friday 50 times, the same is planned for the next 19 Fridays for the other 950 lashes!!Update3 Raif Badawi has been sentenced to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison! Help him!Update2: (30.12.2013): Raif Badawi may face death penalty for apostasyUpdate1: 600 LASHES and 7 years prison for Raif Badawi, we have to stop implementing this court decision!! Raef Badawi, a Saudi who is one of the establishers of the "Liberal Saudi Network", which angered Ultra-orthodox clerics of Saudi Arabia and has been sentenced to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison. Originally, he was expected to be sentenced to death for apostasy, for instance, as published by AFP: “A Saudi court on Monday referred a rights activist to a higher court for alleged apostasy, a charge that could lead to the death penalty in the ultra-conservative kingdom, activists said. A judge at a lower court referred Raef Badawi to a higher court, declaring that he "could not give a verdict in a case of apostasy," a rights activist told AFP. Apostasy means renunciation of a religious faith. Badawi, who was arrested a June in the Red Sea city of Jeddah for unknown reasons, is a co-founder of the Saudi Liberal Network with female rights activist Suad al-Shammari and others.” Recent news links: German: The sentence was 600 lashes and 7 years in prison,  then increased to 1000 lashes and 10 years, the appeal was refused and the sentence has been confirmed. We demand that Saudi Arabia free and safeguard Raef Badawy and stop threatening people merely for expressing nonorthodox views on Islam or religion in general, because without freedom of speech, one can not counter the dangerous beliefs of extremist Islam that leads ultimately to terrorism and threatens the safety of all people around the world.

Atheer Taha Alani
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In my country many children with SMA1 due to sanctions of USA can't get access to treatmen

Hi, I am living in Iran. It is several years that my country is facing with the sanctions that USA is approved for my country. During this time nation of Iran unfairly was the main victim of USA. They first requested to close Nuclear energy and centrifuges of Iran with this excuse that Iran is a threat for west and then other various issues. Anyway our nation with their honor faced with this hard game of USA and didn't feel hopeless for one second from help of God but as you know during 2018 currency of Iran value decreased 4 to 5 times which was really terrible it means the bread that u was buying with 1 euro ,you must pay 4 or 5 euro for it and the salaries was fixed as really employers were unable to pay multiple times salary. Anyway the subject which I want talk about it is not politic or economic or any other thing. I just want say most of our drugs which are about traetmtre of special diseases like Cancer,etc were importing from western countries like Germany but now people really don't have abbililty to buy them special about some rare genetic diseases even government doesn't give budget because policy is caring majority instead of minority and it is understandable as economic condition is not so much good that they think to all. But I want say why for dirty politics USA is playing with life of our children ???is it fare that the drugs which a patient must buy 5 times in months ,he buy just once and continue his life with pain. You know there are some skin diseases that causes injuries in whole of body and if you don't put suitable panseman it will convert to infection and price of its sticks is so high .do you know during last week we lost a nice girl for it? Are you familiar with SMA1 diseas and do you know it's treatment cost???in Iran many children have it and only treatment way is applying for foreign hospitals and getting its cure. In 2018 many children died for it and for poverty which caused their parents be unable to purchase its treatment. How a new couples can supply hundred thousand euro !!!how they can say to their baby that please tolerate please breath with equipments and get ready for death as we don't have money it is very hard.and I was knew one of them from near and was witness of his death. I was so sad until now because I did every work to collect money but it was impossible to collect it as even people didn't have such ability to afford such huge money. I just request please do some work for patients.please help them as how you can. Remember Charlie the same baby from UK remember how much his parents were sad from his death while they did everything for him. We have many Charlie s too.please help them

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Stoppen Sie die 1000 Peitschenhiebe - Befreien und schützen Sie Raif Badawi!

Raef Badawi ist ein saudi-arabischer Blogger und Initiator des „Liberal Saudi Networks”. Ultra-orthodoxe Geistliche nahmen die Veröffentlichung einiger kritischer Artikel als Provokation wahr. Deshalb wurde er nun zu 1.000 Peitschenhieben und 10 Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt.  Eigentlich hatte er schon fest mit der Todesstrafe wegen Abtrünnigkeit gerechnet. So schrieb beispielsweise die Nachrichten-Agentur AFP:„Ein saudisches Gericht hatte am Montag den Fall eines Menschenrechtsaktivisten mit dem Vorwurf der Abtrünnigkeit an ein höheres Gericht verwiesen. Dieser Vorgang könnte nun dazu führen, dass ihm in dem ultra-konservativen Königreich die Todesstrafe droht. Ein Richter hatte den Fall in erster Instanz an ein höheres Gericht weitergegeben, da er „im Falle von Abtrünnigkeit kein Urteil sprechen“ könne, wie Menschenrechtsaktivisten gegenüber AFP mitteilten. Abtrünnigkeit beschreibt die Abkehr von einem religiösen Glauben. Badawi, der im Juni in der Stadt Jiddah am Roten Meer festgenommen wurde, ist Mitgründer des „Liberal Saudi Networks“, das er gemeinsam mit der Frauenrechtlerin Suad al-Shammari und anderen Aktivisten ins Leben gerufen hatte.“ Quelle: Links:ünglich lautete das Urteil: 600 Peitschenhiebe und 7 Jahre Gefängnis. Es wurde jetzt aber auf 10 Jahre und 1.000 Peitschenhiebe angehoben. Eine Berufung wurde abgeleht und das Urteil wurde bestätigt.Wir fordern von Saudi-Arabien Freilassung und Schutz für Raif Badawi. Stoppen Sie die Bedrohung von Menschen, die eine nicht-orthodoxe Sichtweise auf den Islam oder Religionen im Allgemeinen haben. Denn ohne Meinungsfreiheit kann sich kaum jemand den gefährlichen extremistischen Ansichten von Islamisten widersetzen, die letztlich zu Terrorismus führen. Dieser Terror bedroht die Sicherheit von Menschen überall auf der Welt.Update 4 (13.01.2015): Raif hat am vergangenen Freitag die ersten 50 Peitschenhiebe bekommen. Er wird für die restlichen 950 Hiebe an jedem der nächsten 19 Freitage ausgepeitscht.Update 3: Raifs Strafe wurde auf 1.000 Peitschenhiebe und 10 Jahre Gefängnis angehoben. Bitte helfen Sie ihm!Update 2 (30.12.2014): Raif Badawi droht die Todesstrafe wegen Abtrünnigkeit.Update 1: 600 Peitschenhiebe und 7 Jahre Gefängnis für Raif Badawi. Wir müssen dieses Gerichtsurteil stoppen!

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