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Danny Alexander MP

  • Chief secretary to the UK Treasury

Danny Alexander is the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, having been elected as MP for Inverness, Nairn and Badenoch & Strathspey in 2005.

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Urgently reverse existing, proposed, and further cuts to RBG Kew’s annual operating grant in aid

Thank you for petitioning me about the Royal Botanical Gardens. You can be assured that I and the other members of the Liberal Democrat team in Government are fully aware of their unique status and importance. They are a great national and international scientific resource. That’s why the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced earlier this year that, even though we are in challenging financial times, we had found the money to keep government funding for Kew Gardens at existing levels until at least April 2015. This move will help protect their specialist jobs and help secure their vital scientific research. Can you help us identify other sites of importance by taking this short survey? Thanks, Danny

5 years ago