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Protect sacred Djab Wurrung birthing trees from expansion of the Western Hwy by Vicroads.

Sacred Djab Wurrung birthing trees are due to be cut down by VicRoads any time now. Some of these trees are over 800 years old and have birthed more than 10,000 Djab Wurrung babies. A blockade and embassy to protect this sacred cultural heritage has been set up to stop the planned removal of 3000 trees, including 260 large old growth trees. These trees are irreplaceable, not only for the Djab Wuurung people, but also as important habitat for Australia's growing number of threatened species (please see attached article below). A road however, can be redirected. We ask that this impending destruction by MRPV/the Roads Corporation  be halted immediately, more appropriate respect for the concerns of the Djab Wuurung community be taken into consideration, and that the trees and the site are protected. Elders have asked that imagery of the sacred trees not be used online. I ask that this request be respected. EditI previously stated that these trees are important habitat for the endangered South Eastern Red Tailed Black Cockatoo. I have since been informed that these particular birds are the subject of a government funded project to protect remaining habitat around Casterton, where there is a colony of approximately 1500 birds roosting and nesting. However, habitat loss is of very serious concern for a growing number of Australian native wildlife. Australia is the world leader in biodiversity loss, with more than 1300 flora species and 450 fauna species currently threatened with extinction. Please see this article to learn more: Image: Funereal Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus funereus) illustrated by Elizabeth Gould (1804–1841) for John Gould’s (1804-1881) Birds of Australia Please go to the Djab Wurrung Embassy website for directions to camp information centring on the environmental catastrophe developing in this cultural precinct is available here

Kate Gane
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Ingrid Stitt, Matthew Jackson, Tanya Plibersek

Stop Shooting Australia's Heritage Brumbies

Australians are strenuously opposed to Brumbies being shot. We seek Legislation at a Commonwealth level and non-lethal management plans that will protect sustainably managed mobs for all future generations. Brumbies hold significant cultural and social value for most Australians. Today’s wild-living Brumbies are bloodline descendants of War horses.  Brumbies have featured in books and film. Who hasn’t read The Silver Brumby or The Man From Snowy River or seen the film? The Australian wild living horse, the Brumby has become Iconic. The Heritage and iconic value of the Australian Brumby has been recognized internationally in film and books, with many statues and commemorations erected in their honour in Australia Australian Brumbies supported soldiers in the Boer War and World War 1.   Australia's Light Horsemen are legendary, a part of our Commonwealth War Effort, and 'Bill the Bastard' was “one of the bravest steeds”.  Brumbies living in the Bogong High Plains have been tested and recognized as having Waler DNA, the same as their forebear the brave War horses who supported our soldiers at Beersheba.  Brumbies are bloodline descendants of those War horses and live today in the Bogong High Plains, the Eastern Alps and in other parts of the Australian Alpine National Park. The Bogong and Alpine Park Brumbies hold unique Heritage value to the Commonwealth of Australia and all Australians, being bloodline descendants of War horses that played a role in the Commonwealth of Australia War efforts, and descendants of the army remounts Light Horsemen rode. 136,000 horses, predominantly Brumbies were mustered and trapped from the Great Alpine Park, and followed Australian soldiers to war. Only one returned to Australia. Link to and 88 entries about Light Horsemen and War Horses Despite  there being significant constituent demand for protection and conservation of wild-living Brumbies, including from  indigenous Australians, State Governments in both New South Wales, Victoria and Canberra, continue to engage in barbaric and cruel shooting sprees of wild living Brumbies  based upon “inconclusive” or any evidence that Brumbies harm the environment and native wildlife they have evolved with, symbiotically,  for over two centuries. These shooting sprees, have been nothing less than barbaric, leaving many Brumbies with non-lethal single shots to the gut, neck and other parts of the body, dying in a cruel and barbaric manner. The shooting sprees fail to support Standard Operating Procedures or comply with Best Practice for management of wild horses. The treatment of Brumbies in this country in each State has caused and continues to cause community hostility and unhappiness due to the nature of its cruelty and inhumane treatment. It is asserted, wild-living Brumbies must be given special consideration notwithstanding they are an introduced species, based upon the cultural/ historical link, the contribution made by the forebear of today’s wild-living Brumbies to the Commonwealth War efforts and the nature of the special bond between Light Horsemen and Light Horses, the forebear of wild-living Brumbies, and their cultural and social history in this country. We must find ways to protect and respectfully conserve surviving wild-living mobs of Brumbies, failing which we will tear down not only innocent sentient creatures but the connection  our Light Horsemen had and continue to have with Brumbies, their children and their grand-children,  immortalized in bronze statues across Australia,  the most famous Brumbies that carried our soldiers into war in Bersheeba and the Boer War, and recreated in social demonstrations of ridden and led mounts at Anzac Day ceremonies across Australia every year, at the opening of football events and ceremonies. Brumbies are part of our cultural history BRUMBY ACTION GROUP Photo Credit: Paul McIver    

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Petitioning Gladys Berejiklian, Daniel Andrews, Mark McGowan

#BanTheBag in NSW, Victoria and WA

UPDATE: Thanks to your support, Victoria and Western Australia have announced that they will ban single-use plastic bags! Only NSW is yet to act - keep up the pressure! Encourage Premier Gladys Berejiklian today to #BanTheBag! The Project has teamed up with Clean Up Australia to call on NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, and WA Premier Mark McGowan to #BanTheBag. These three great Australians could see single-use non-biodegradable plastic bags banned across Australia, thanks to existing bans in South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, the ACT, and an impending ban in Queensland. Support for existing bans is overwhelming. In South Australia, 81% of the consumers strongly support the ban. As do 73% of Territorians, and 70% of Australians living in the ACT. Currently, Australians use an estimated four to six billion plastic bags each year. That’s 10 million bags every day. Every minute, we send 7,150 plastic bags to landfill. But 80 million plastic bags never make it to landfill, and instead end up in our litter stream, killing 100,000 birds and marine life every year. On average, it’s estimated we use a single-use plastic bag (like you’d find at Coles and Woolies) for just 12 minutes. And that same bag could take up to 1,000 years to break down. A plastic bag you use today will share this planet with your great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren. Many countries around the world, from China to Italy, Papua New Guinea to France, Taiwan to The Netherlands, have already banned plastic bags. But despite supporting in spirit, the banning of plastic bags, the Premiers of NSW, Victoria, and Western Australia are yet to lead on the issue. We want them to #BanTheBag so that Australia is not left behind as the rest of the world addresses this serious and avoidable environmental disaster. So who will lead the way. NSW, Victoria or Western Australia?  Who will ban the bag first? Gladys Berejiklian, Daniel Andrews or Mark McGowan? Whose name will our great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren read in their history books? Once you’ve signed, contact these great Australians directly and encourage them to lead the way and #BanTheBag! GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN NSW PREMIER EMAIL: PHONE: 02 8574 5000 FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

The Project
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Scott Morrison, Martin Foley - Minister for Health, VARTA varta@varta​.​org​.​au, Greg Hunt, James Merlino, David Coleman, Georgie Crozier MP

Reinstate Fertility/IVF treatments in Victoria - an essential service for many

COVID19 continues to wreak havoc on the lives of many. For 2 years now, Victorians have been in and out of lockdown with major events cancelled and being forced to isolate away from family and friends. During these 2 years, infertility treatments have been threatened to stop and many peoples cycles have been cancelled. This is a devastating blow to the many people out there experiencing infertility and turning to treatment as a last (or only) resort in order to have a family.  On 6/1/22, it was again announced that IVF treatments will be cancelled ‘to free up more health resources.’ Experiencing infertility is considered as stressful as a cancer diagnosis, loss of a family member or going through a divorce. It increases anxiety and depression, childless women are at higher risk of suicide and 13% of women going through IVF experience suicidal ideation. This recent decision is likely to create a mental health crisis among the infertile, who are already dealing with copious amount of synthetic hormones running through their systems and the incredible financial strain placed on them by requiring treatment.  For those of us who have experienced infertility and pregnancy loss, every day we live without a baby in our arms is hard. And now the added stress of not knowing when treatments will be reinstated. IVF is NOT a choice. Politicians should NOT be allowed to decide on the timing of anyones reproduction.  Women in their late 30s/early 40s (or those with low ovarian reserve) do NOT have time to wait to start their family, as their egg quality declines with each passing cycle. The decision is potentially taking away peoples chances of ever having a family and totally changing the trajectory of their lives. This isn’t just about missing out on having a baby, it’s potentially never seeing your toddler walk, never doing a school drop off, having no one to have Christmas lunch with, no one to visit you in the retirement village when you’re grey and old. For many, IVF is the ONLY option to have a family, so expecting people to ‘just try naturally’ during this time is misinformed and offensive.  As detailed in a petition from 2020 when this is exact situation arose - “Treating a pregnant woman is not the same as treating a COVID19 patient.  The resources used are not shared.  IVF should not be put in the same category as those with elective surgery.  There are many private clinics which can continue to practice IVF without any stress or strain placed on medical resources and in fact will continue to keep our economy and spirits alive. Our fertility specialists should be empowered to act and continue IVF treatments at their discretion.” - IVFGOTTHIS By signing this petition, you’re helping to remind the Authorities that we IVF warriors are many. Show them that we will not sit by and allow this to put a pause on achieving something we’ve worked so hard for. 

Kate Ellery
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Richard Wynne MP, Lily D'Ambrosio MP, Martin Pakula MP, Greg Hunt MP, Sussan Ley MP, The Ross Trust

Say NO to a massive new quarry on Arthurs Seat.

Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula is sending an SOS.  Some of our last remaining pristine remnant bushland, which provides vital habitat and a biolink for our native animals, koalas, birds, small mammals and plants, is at risk of being destroyed by a massive new open pit quarry. The Ross Trust, who own and operate Hillview Quarries, has applied to bulldoze, blast and mine between two sections of the Arthurs Seat State Park.  If approved this monstrous quarry could see 93 acres of remnant bushland and native habitat bulldozed to open a 107 acre, 190 metre pit. The area they want to destroy is about the same size as Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. The size of the pit would be roughly the same as 21 MCGs. They intend on mining the area for 70 years.  They will cleave Arthurs Seat State Park in two, destroying the biolink for our koalas and other Australian animals. All to extract and crush granite that the State’s own research shows is more readily available elsewhere.  The mine will create dust, noise and truck traffic on an unprecedented scale. That’s unthinkable in a prized tourist region. It will also be about 800 metres from the boundary of a primary school and child care centre. Our children deserve much better. What makes this quarry untenable is that the Ross Trust is a philanthropic charity that has a mission to protect and preserve native flora and fauna. Destroying some of our last wild spaces on the Mornington Peninsula is fundamentally incompatible with the Trust’s own mission. Please - will you answer our SOS and help us #SaveArthursSeat By signing this petition, you will be sending a strong message to the Ross Trust that this new mega-quarry is unacceptable and that they should withdraw their application. You will also be telling our State and Federal politicians that the public will not stand for the destruction of Arthurs Seat. We are a grassroots community group up against a powerful and well-resourced mining developer. The only way we will win this fight is if we can demonstrate a groundswell of opposition to this massive new quarry. Please add your signature and share as widely as possible with family and friends. We will keep providing updates. For more information:    

Mark Fancett
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“Praying the Gay Away” nearly killed me - outlaw ‘LGBTQA+ Conversion’ practices now!

Dear petitioners, I’m Dan Andrews, Premier of Victoria. I’m writing to personally let you know that, in an Australian first, the Victorian Government will introduce new legislation to make so-called ‘conversion therapy’ against the law. These activities claim to be able to change someone’s sexuality or gender identity. In truth, they’re a most personal form of torture. A cruelty that perpetuates the idea that LGBTI people are in some way broken. But let me be clear: Gay, bi and trans people don’t need to be ‘fixed’ – because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. I know that. You know that. And it’s about time our laws reflected that too. By prohibiting conversion therapy, we’ll drag this bigoted quackery from the dark ages and into the brightest of lights. 
 We’ll put an end to the suffering and help the healing begin. And we’ll send the clearest message of all: Here in Victoria, not only are you good enough – you’re worth celebrating. To Chris and every other survivor who has been subjected to this evil practice, thank you. Thank you for speaking out, and standing up. Thank you for your bravery, your resilience, and for never giving up. This belongs to you. In solidarity, Dan

4 years ago
No Bail For Repeat Violent Offenders

It’s our job to take the frustration, anger and the deep sadness that Victorians feel after the Bourke Street tragedy and to make sure that’s put into reform and change. It is very clear that our bail system needs a major shake-up and we are getting the best expert advice to make sure we get this right. The Andrews Labor Government has today announced that it will establish a Night Court for magistrates to hear bail requests over weekends and after hours as part of a major shake up of Victoria’s bail system, following the Bourke Street tragedy on Friday. Under the changes, the Government will ensure magistrates are available after hours to consider bail applications for people charged with violent offences where police oppose bail. This will mean more matters are heard by magistrates, rather than bail justices. The Government has already begun working with the Magistrates’ Court to implement a model for an after hours’ bail and remand court. The Government has also asked former Supreme Court Judge and Director of Public Prosecutions, Justice the Honourable Paul Coghlan, to provide urgent advice to the Government about additional changes to Victoria’s bail system that will best manage risk and maximise community safety. In providing this advice, Justice Coghlan will consider a range of matters, including: • How the necessary balance between protection of the community and the presumption of innocence should be best reflected in the Bail Act 1977 • The appropriateness of the current tests of exceptional circumstances, show cause and unacceptable risk • Whether additional offences should be added to show cause or exceptional circumstances categories • The way in which other relevant circumstances (for example, a history of prior offending or offences committed while on bail), are considered • The conduct of bail applications out of hours, including the role of bail justices The Labor Government has already taken steps to toughen bail laws, with amendments to the Bail Act 1977 reversing the presumption of bail for people who have been charged with serious offences and have convictions for failing to appear on bail in the past five years. The changes also doubled the sentence for people who fail to appear on bail and there is now a presumption against bail if the accused is charged with aggravated carjacking, home invasion or aggravated home invasion. Justice Coghlan will provide his advice on practical legislative reform by Monday, 3 April 2017, and on any other relevant matters by Monday, 1 May 2017. Click here to see the official Victorian State Government media release -

6 years ago