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Petitioning Gladys Berejiklian, Daniel Andrews, Mark McGowan

#BanTheBag in NSW, Victoria and WA

UPDATE: Thanks to your support, Victoria and Western Australia have announced that they will ban single-use plastic bags! Only NSW is yet to act - keep up the pressure! Encourage Premier Gladys Berejiklian today to #BanTheBag! The Project has teamed up with Clean Up Australia to call on NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, and WA Premier Mark McGowan to #BanTheBag. These three great Australians could see single-use non-biodegradable plastic bags banned across Australia, thanks to existing bans in South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, the ACT, and an impending ban in Queensland. Support for existing bans is overwhelming. In South Australia, 81% of the consumers strongly support the ban. As do 73% of Territorians, and 70% of Australians living in the ACT. Currently, Australians use an estimated four to six billion plastic bags each year. That’s 10 million bags every day. Every minute, we send 7,150 plastic bags to landfill. But 80 million plastic bags never make it to landfill, and instead end up in our litter stream, killing 100,000 birds and marine life every year. On average, it’s estimated we use a single-use plastic bag (like you’d find at Coles and Woolies) for just 12 minutes. And that same bag could take up to 1,000 years to break down. A plastic bag you use today will share this planet with your great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren. Many countries around the world, from China to Italy, Papua New Guinea to France, Taiwan to The Netherlands, have already banned plastic bags. But despite supporting in spirit, the banning of plastic bags, the Premiers of NSW, Victoria, and Western Australia are yet to lead on the issue. We want them to #BanTheBag so that Australia is not left behind as the rest of the world addresses this serious and avoidable environmental disaster. So who will lead the way. NSW, Victoria or Western Australia?  Who will ban the bag first? Gladys Berejiklian, Daniel Andrews or Mark McGowan? Whose name will our great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren read in their history books? Once you’ve signed, contact these great Australians directly and encourage them to lead the way and #BanTheBag! GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN NSW PREMIER EMAIL: PHONE: 02 8574 5000 FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

The Project
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews

No Bail For Repeat Violent Offenders

Surely society needs to rethink the way Magistrates look at bail applications. The recent Melbourne atrocity could have been avoided if the perpetrator had remained in custody, either in jail or in a facility for those with a mental illness. Here was an offender well known to police with an extensive history of violence presented to the courts regarding another assault claim and he is granted bail to continue his out of control life. This is sheer lunacy and can't continue. If one decent thing happens out of this madness it has to be a tighter system around letting habitual criminals back on the street pending their court hearings. May those who have lost their lives rest peacefully, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those involved. Please share so those in government make the appropriate changes to the law to ensure repeat violent offenders are not given bail prior to their day in court. #nobailforrepeaters

Michael Wilson
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End soft sentencing for child abuse and domestic violence

End the judicial system's sympathetic attitudes and questionable soft sentencing of child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence perpetrators. In the most recent Australian case, Matthew Lee Williamson was given just nine years for the murdering Kyhesha-Lee his three year old daughter. He could be out on parole in just seven years.  "Your treatment of your daughter was occasionally loving but mostly cruel and callous,” Justice Atkinson said. “You should have put her welfare above all else.” Kyhesha-Lee HAD MEDICALLY VERIFIED SEXUAL ABUSE INJURIES IDENTIFIED AT HER AUTOPSY…  and her short life was characterised by repeated violence and sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is not loving and not the behaviour of anyone who should have access to children, even if the children are their own. Matthew’s behaviour towards his daughter was abhorrent and Judges must be called to account and dismissed for their soft sentencing on all forms of child abuse and domestic violence.  One punch legislation has a mandatory minimum sentence for violent assaults fuelled by drugs and alcohol of eight years, with a max. of 25 years. Legislation must be changed to address the overwhelming levels of violence in homes and towards children. Kyhesha-Lee was delivered one fatal punch. One fatal punch from her own father, along with a life of sexual abuse. Violence to children, especially by the their parents or family members is not okay.  Legislative changes must be brought in to protect and address the epidemic crisis of domestic, child and sexual violence in our country.  Innocent children and vulnerable people deserve our support as a community. Perpetrators need to know the community is outraged and will no longer tolerate domestic violence.  Send the message loud and clear to politicians, violence against children and vulnerable people is not okay. Our judicial system is not reflective of community attitudes.  Swift legislative change is demanded by your constituents to correct the judicial system in criminal AND family courts to ensure every officer, judge and member of the legal system recognise that child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence are fundamental breaches of humanity that should be taken seriously and punished harshly. Your action is required now.

Jane A
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Victorian Law Reform Commission, Lisa Neville MP

Rape victims like me are being failed in Victoria - please act now!

My name is Lena*. On the 19th of March last year, I was raped by a family member of a former senior police officer. But after months of failures in the police system and lack of support— my rapist was never prosecuted and my life fell apart.  After reporting it to police, I was told to consider the effect my allegations would have on my rapist’s future and that they "usually deal with more serious cases". After failing to collect critical evidence properly, and pressuring me to retract my statement, they dropped the case.   I live with panic attacks, PTSD, exhaustion from battling the police system and the huge financial cost of counselling. My hopes of finishing university were crushed. Over a year ago I applied for assistance from the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal. I am still waiting for them to complete processing my application. And, despite informing the tribunal of the risks to my safety, they have decided to inform my rapist of my application. I have been left in limbo. I’m asking the Victorian Government and the Victorian Law Reform Commission to: Ensure Victims of Crime applications are processed within 3 months End the process of informing perpetrators of applications by victims of crime to receive assistance Allow crimes to be reported to, and investigated by, any Victorian police station, particularly where there is likely to be bias or conflict of interest. In order to prevent corruption, it should be made an offence for Police to use equipment to collect evidence without knowing how to use the equipment. Fund trained social work professionals at all police stations to guide women through the legal processes, to support them, and to provide information and crisis counselling. Many countries have this model and I believe it would also help to ensure police respond appropriately to sexual assault as there would be a witness to the conduct of the police. Allow hospitals to collect forensic evidence, with consent, without victims being forced to first make a formal police report. I believe in the UK, this is the process. Victims should not feel pressured to make huge legal decisions while in shock and immediately after significant trauma. Please don’t let the hell I have been through be in vain. Please sign my petition demanding a system that no longer fails rape victims. *Whilst I would have preferred to use my real name, I have been advised to use an alternative name for legal reasons. 

lena M
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Petitioning The Hon Martin Pakula MP, Malcolm Turnbull, Daniel Andrews, Department of Education, Bill Shorten

Stop this pervert opening a child care centre

I'm both a mum and a Family Day Care Educator,  and I cannot tell you how absolutely disgusted I am to be an Australian right now.  The fact that the Victorian Tribunal can put all of our children in danger for the mere sake of giving someone a second chance,  just shows how unattached from protecting society they really are.  DXP was found guilty of wilfully and obscenely exposing himself on five separate occasions between 1982 and 1997, the most recent offence masturbating in front of two 16-year-old schoolgirls after stopping alongside them in a car. He drove past the girls before doing a U-turn, then called out to them as they walked away: “Did you enjoy that? Did you have a good look, girls?” The Department of Justice and Regulation in 2014 rejected DXP’s application for a Working With Children permit so he could begin a childcare business and conduct door-to-door religious activities. It would have been better had the matter gone no further, but VCAT has seen fit to once again go against mainstream public opinion, particularly where children are involved. The tribunal has been swayed by evidence from DXP’s treating psychiatrist that he was not a threat to children and was taking medication to deal with his anxiety and depression. If the assessment of the psychiatrist and the tribunal proves to be wrong and DXP does reoffend, the damage that may be caused goes far beyond consideration for a pervert, who admitted at an earlier sex offender program that he had a pattern of indecently exposing himself to women. While it could be considered that young mothers taking their children to his childcare centre might be exposed to the very same pattern, the VCAT judge said she accepted any threat to children was “low’’. We want to stop this convicted sex pervert from opening a child care centre.  He's been given the all clear in Victoria as it is "unlikely" he will reoffend.  This is absolutely disgusting and appalling on the government's behalf to put any child in danger like that.  He should never be allowed to work with children.  Government really need to take a hard look at what the hell they're allowing!! 

Claire Fitzpatrick
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Malcolm Turnbull, Disability

People in wheelchairs should be able to get concert tickets online

I am confined to a wheelchair. EVERY time a  band/artist comes to Australia that i like, i have to ring the "special needs number" at either Ticketek or Ticketmaster and be on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes or not even be able to get through to them. This is 2017, why cant there be a section on those websites that has the capability of catering for people who require wheelchair seats  

Chris Hall
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SAVE AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS/MARINE LIFE IN DANGER. Revise harmful Invasive Animal Legislations

  To the Australian Politicians, Main Issue 1 a Your Environmental control systems are fragmented. See the big picture and have you ever witnessed so many animals get killed all over this country Australia! by Invasive Animals Australia. Is it not obvious that each territory is running a killing havoc with our precious animals and marine life.Its completely unnecessary and abnormal in forms of addressing these issues for farmers and their natural surroundings. Farmers can capture these animals in more humane ways, using traps then rangers taking these animals to zoos and sanctuaries, animal carers & WIRES. Main Issue 1 b. Can you please tidy up a reckless situation which includes MP Barnaby Joyce in the National Party for Australian Agriculture, KIAA. Kangaroo Industry, Primary Industry, Shooters Party, NPWS, NPWS rangers and shooters, OEH, Bio security legislations and Invasive animal legislation involving animal cruelty Marine life cruelty, Australians like their animals and marine life.These people have use excuses to protect farmers, but in reality, they are killing for a meat industry, skin sports industry. What is this NSW Environment, climate change & water ?, what is this National Parks? your 'Handbook for Kangaroo Harvesters'. (YourHandbook for Kangaroo Harvesters - · PDF file)4 Handbook for Kangaroo Harvesters Introduction DECCW has prepared this handbook to help kangaroo harvesters meet the NSW Government’s requirements Primary Industry cannot label all these animals as invasive species then use that as an excuse to market their dead meat for selling commercially. How dare your government mass murder our Native kangaroo species to grind into PET FOODS, fox baits, wild dog baits, export human consumption to 70 countries. This is downright wrong, its virtually stealing and robbing our wildlife native animals that belong to this COUNTRY ' AUSTRALIA'. These animals do not belong to politicians, or shooters, or pet food suppliers! Absolutely NOT! and this True Native Kangaroo Wildlife is not for export for 70 countries on your target list including Russia, Korea, China, USA, human consumption, skins for sporting accessories, you virtually stole WILDLIFE, you downgraded these special animals so you can treat them as invasive! then KILL! PROFIT. Main Issue 1c. Have politicians tried to listen to comments made by Australians & an international community about animal cruelty. Politicians were voted in to represent all, not just Primary Industry, Bio-security and Invasive Animals Australia, using unending excuses to slaughter our animals. The Greens Party and National Parks NPWS, have also used unending excuses for vegetation damage and labelled all these animals including Brumbies (wild horses) FERAL! taking advantage of government grants/funding to eradicate Australian animals. This is so corrupt it needs an internal review. It was these same groups that oppose hunting when previous NSW Liberal Premier Barry O'Ferral reversed the conservation policies to allow hunting inside National Parks and Conservation Parks, Weirdly these groups have since joined INVASIVE ANIMALS AUSTRALIA to eradicate most of the animals by NPWS rangers and shooters. ALL EXTREMELY HYPOCRITICAL! Game hunting inside National Parks should be banned. As well as pouring poisonous chemicals into rivers!. Do you understand how bad the government has behaved by allowing mining in the nearby reefs! Knowing the Great Barrier corals are dying and climate change action is needed.The Governments supporting this mine reflects how desperate politicians are to cash in and prepared to destroy Australia's most famous REEF! Affecting tourism and marine life! As much as you use tax payer funds to do your government jobs, there are many more ways to resolve this form of culling other then downright murdering our animals, birdlife and murdering our marine life. 1. Rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD), also known as rabbit calicivirus disease (RCD) or viral haemorrhagic disease (VHD), is a highly infectious and often fatal disease that affects wild and domestic rabbits of the species Oryctolagus cuniculus. The infectious agent responsible for the disease is rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV), or rabbit calicivirus (RCV), genus Lagovirus of the family Caliciviridae. Do you accept there will be lawsuits should pet rabbits die from politicians delegating to bio-security for allowing these viral disease to be spread by mosquitoes, fleas, flies? Our cities do not need these viruses RHDVK5, contain it in your farms! Provide an adequate vaccine by vets for the defence of these human spread viruses now. 2. Snowy Mountain Brumbies, How many horses are slaughtered! Why is the entire control especially Primary Industry NSW run by the Shooters Party? Their scientists are all game hunters! There is no fair votes inside these organizations! Hundreds of wild horses slaughtered in abattoirs! Shame again on Invasive Animals Australia, for passing policies that allow them to label wild brumbies as pests!. Have you politicians wondered it could be more financially viable to build dams or ponds for these Brumbies to drink water from, There are endless reserves to relocate these Brumbies. Public land belongs to all taxpayers! Public land is not owned by politicians! Australian regional landholders with adequate fencing can seriously help adopt Brumbies Australia wide. Information is provided here how to adopt your Brumbies The Australian Brumby Alliance has registered members country wide that are volunteer groups rehoming these beautiful animals. Save a brumby, adopt a brumby, sponsor a brumby 3. How many Koalas are still being culled, (they culled over 900 Koalas in Victoria under Liberals, now under Labour, they stated they would continue to cull). Have they planted more eucalyptus trees to feed the Koala population? Reference to Great Ocean Road in Victoria, previously under Greg Hunt as the Federal Environment MP. Currently approved in NSW, Why are you politicians from NSW Liberal party allowing the Koala Habitat clearance to make way for the NSW RMS project when there were alternate routes?. Currently approved in NSW, why are you Liberal politicians allowing the logging in Port Macquarie?. You are harming most Koalas inside these habitats. Currently there is an emergency volunteer Koala hospital and a volunteer Koala Ambulance in Port Macquarie from the destruction and harm. 4.  Is Eco tourism important to politicians?,  Australian Primary Industry is now making Australia FAMOUS for SLAUGHTERING AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS, MARINE LIFE, BIRDLIFE.  Read the petition comments from a world wide audience please. Your Environmental policies which labelled most animals feral, invasive, pests is wiping out this sector. Governments policies are not only harmful, many Territory and State government policies in this category are damaging to the extremes. Governments are ever changing and each will alter policies and whilst in government, why not make a difference to a healthy environment! History will always be around to remind. What is the responsibility/role of an 'Environment Minister' and 'Tourism Minister'?  Some Australian MP's are given two, three portfolios with conflicting cases which has become counter productive in its planning. (Example: Environment & Energy, Tourism and Trade, Environment, Planning, gaming). Q. What is eco tourism? A. Tourism directed towards exotic natural environments, intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife. Encouraging these activities does provide endless jobs for the communities. (Wildlife Science graduates coordinating research programs, wildlife educational activities for visitors and school children, the list is endless). 5. Should Australia be well known for slaughtering animals, birdlife and marine life? Animals/marine life/birdlife are part and parcel to our environment. 6. Australia has endless raging bushfires yearly during the summers, these native animals they label PESTS to be slaughtered inside our National parks using excuses for vegetation damage is false! The raging bushfires are from overgrown vegetation and these animals help trim the overgrown vegetation. Its time you politicians see the advantages of having animals inside National Parks and conservation Parks. Stop labelling animals PESTS so your partner political parties have access to shoot them dead! or poison them DEAD! 7. The Great Barrier Reef is Australia's most important natural asset and you all turned a blind eye to the problems facing this asset. Instead of saving it, you allow mining in this nearby reef. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS A SADISTIC INHUMANE CRUEL ACT OF IGNORANCE! THE GREEDY POLITICIANS QLD LABOUR PARTY NEED TO RISE ABOVE YOUR ILL MISTAKES AND REVERSE THE DAMAGE IMMEDIATELY and DO NOT ALLOW MINING NEARBY THE GREAT BARRIER REEF!  ITS AN UGLY HOLE, UGLY EYESORE OF A PROJECT THAT SHOULD NEVER EVEN HAVE BEEN GIVEN APPROVAL! THIS IS CORRUPT. 8. STOP POURING POISONOUS CHEMICALS INTO THE RIVERS! BARNABY JOYCE FROM THE NATIONALS PARTY WANTS TO MASS MURDER CARPS  Why don't you make way FOR FRIENDLIER ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE THAT DOES CARE for Australia's natural assets, animal, marine life & birdlife, natural land/marine environments without polluting it further with poison chemicals! 9. STOP THE KANGAROO CULL AUSTRALIA WIDE and Canberra by SHOOTERS and territory government councils,  STOP IMMEDIATELY, you people that shoot innocent animals are so disgustingly barbaric its out of control in NSW, Canberra, OLD, WA, VIC. STOP IMMEDIATELY! The reasons for this slaughter in not justified! its a dated program that should be immediately terminated. These KANGAROOS are not on private pastures, its public land and they are living innocently in their own habitats. These animals belong to Australia, they belong to our natural environment, Primary Industry and Invasive animals Australia do not own our animals! Therefore have no right to do as they please towards our animals! 10. Why is Tasmania culling Wombats, issuing culling licences to kill these animals! Has this COUNTRY GONE ABSOLUTELY MAD? STOP LISTEN to the PEOPLE! 11. Looking for more animals to kill, NPWS,  Invasive Animals Australia, Invasive Animals NSW, next review is the DEER on their pest list pushed by the GREENS!, sweet innocent harmless DEERS Yes BAMBI, they now want to murder our DEERS! Shooters and farmers don't listen to INVASIVE ANIMALS AUSTRALIA! Shooters and farmers, don't listen to the GREENS PARTY! (Under Greens party, over 50,000 Deers are eradicated, culled by hunters in Victoria), using excuses of trampling, the road dirt trampling's are from your four wheel drives digging into the mud, yet blaming the innocent Deers. Update: Primary Industry NSW has decided to not label Deers Invasive leaving it to be hunted for game shooters in NSW, GREENS PARTY ARE ANGRY because they want 'Deer' to be labelled PEST! what is right with you people? sick?, Humans have become the pest in society wanting to label every animal a pest, shameful humans, shameful politicians. 12. Mass shootings by the Shooters Party in conjunction with Victorian Labour Party, how dare you wipe out waterbirds and wild ducks in your full weekend of shooting in the wetlands!. You destroyed beautiful natural wildlife to the extremes leaving thousands of birds mass buried. UGLY sight!       Farms need to build safer greenhouses for their crops and seedlings. In Bio-diversity every animal co-exist. Foxes attack their cattle if the rabbit population is non existent. Farmers can protect their private farms! Why bring viruses into the city park reserves, we don't breed herds in the city to feed the population. Brumbies are part of the Snowy Mountains environment, they have been living there well over 180 years. Its turning into a Wild Horse Meat Industry by Primary Industry. Primary Industry should support farmers by subsidizing adequate fencing for predators instead of pouring a constant amount of their tax paid funds into repetitive pesticides and poisons. What are you doing for farmers?     Koalas were brought into Great Ocean Road to become a tourist hotspot, then its all very hypocritical to cull them using excuses of starvation. Why have the rangers and environmental conservationists not replant eucalyptus trees for these Koalas! Why have you allowed the RMS to clear massive native vegetation to make way for the Pacific Hwy Road Extension when there were alternate routes available that doesn't require logging of eucalyptus tree habitats! Did you sell the timber from all this logging ? The public needs all the details! its public environment!.  25th June 2017, In Australia Wide ABC with Yasmin, Phillipa McDonald reported the NSW government is logging in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour. You should not be harming the Koalas in Port Macquarie. You are logging right in the Koala Territory. STOP THIS HABITAT DESTRUCTION NOW!. This is contradictory to your protection policy for Koalas. Due to Koalas endangered status, you allow the habitat destruction and place new plans to allocate millions of dollars funding to map new Koala habitats for conservation therefore why destroy in the first place.    Government run agencies, NPWS, Invasive Animals Australia call themselves environmentalists, scientists, their excuses about saving bio diversity: save mosses, native plants, cattle pasture competing with tiny rabbits eating few pieces of grass!  What are you doing to the environment! Your actions are hypocritical! These agencies should retreat and make way for new agencies/councils that co-ordinate Australia wide re-homing of animals that farmers trap, remove humanely, transfer alive to local zoos, wildlife carers, wildlife organisations.    National parks NPWS, can't even tidy up the overgrown shrubs inside their reserves, its the tiny rabbits, deers and native animals that are helping them lawn their overgrown national park reserve shrub, weeds!.     Its a national disgrace! 'Dead bunny rabbits', 'Dead Waterbirds & dead Wild Ducks',  'murdered Kangaroos', 'murdered Brumbies', 'murdered Koalas', 'murdered Wombats', 'murdered Ponies', 'murdered Donkeys', Deer slaughters and other affected wildlife/birdlife/marine life poisoning and blowflies spreading RHDVK5, spreading Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 into lakes and rivers. Mining pollution from future mining operations near the Great Barrier Reef!. STOP clearing Habitats destroying all the trees, Koalas are hanging on roads and fences, birds have no more flight paths to land they are flying on road highways.                           The country is going backwards in 2017.                       The World is watching and they are alarmed!                                       ENOUGH IS ENOUGH    

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Petitioning Tim Pallas, Daniel Andrews, Jill Hennessy, Lisa Neville, Jenny Mikakos, Joanne Ryan, Wyndham Residents

Let's Say NO to Youth Detention Centre in Wyndham

Dear Wyndham Residents, As a Wyndham resident, I would like to voice my disapproval of plans to build a Youth Detention Centre in Werribee South. News sourceHerald SunStar WeeklyABC News Many residents of Point Cook, Williams Landing, Werribee and surrounding suburbs are vehemently opposed to such a facility as we have concerns about our safety and security. Recent events at nearby youth correctional facilities have done little to put our minds at ease. We are not convinced that authorities in charge of this detention facility would be able to guarantee an effective response if inmates were to riot or break out. The Victorian police were not able to capture 15 youths from Malmsbury soon after their escape, so why should we have any support for a larger facility in our community? We also oppose the establishment of a youth detention facility in our Wyndham city due to aesthetic and social concerns. We already have three large correctional facilities located in the western suburbs close to Williams Landing - Port Philip Prison, Metropolitan Remand Centre and Dame Phyllis Frost Centre. Barwon Prison and Margoneet Correctional Centre are located only 30 minutes from Werribee. Why should there be such a large concentration of prison facilities in our area? We already have many of Victoria's major chemical and manufacturing plants in and around Laverton and Altona, is it not enough that we should have nearly all of Melbourne's prisons and correctional facilities? We totally understand that building a correctional facility in any suburb of Victoria's will be a struggling decision to make. Wyndham is not only a beautiful city we all love, but also has one of the fastest growing population in Australia. It is on the trend to become the pearl of Melbourne's west, given the project of East Werribee Employment Precinct. We are strongly against any plans to build a correctional facility in this high-population-density place.  My dear Wyndham fellows, we really need your support to voice up and try our best to stop this plan (as been officially announced on 6th Feb) of building this supermax youth prison. Let's action by giving your supportive signature.   Much Appreciated!Gary (Resident of Wyndham)  

Gary @Wyndham
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews

Save Australia's largest timber building, the iconic Mount Buffalo Chalet.

Australia’s largest timber building, the 1910 government owned and heritage-listed Mount Buffalo Chalet has been vacant for almost a decade and needs immediate, genuine government commitment and funding for its survival and restoration.  Currently there are token works on the facade and ‘core’ section of the building. These works need to extend across the entire building before it’s lost to ‘demolition by neglect.’  Without the government providing sufficient funding to help restore the Chalet appropriately for its long term survival, the majority of the building will be facing demolition imminently due to the harsh Alpine environment combined with the already critical state the Chalet is currently in.  It’s time Premier Andrews and his government stepped up to help save this extraordinary heritage-listed building so it can be restored to its former glory, opened again as a hotel/function venue and continue to hold the title of ‘Australia’s largest timber building.’  If saved, the Chalet would again become one of Victoria’s most iconic and historic tourist destinations, bringing substantial economic benefit and tourism to the North East and Victoria while also being able to compete with similar historic hotels across the world. Built in 1910, the same year as Flinders St Station and also run by the Victorian Railways, the Chalet is Australia’s oldest surviving purpose-built Alpine resort.  Built on the edge of one of Australia’s most stunning locations, the Mount Buffalo Gorge, the 97 guestroom Chalet ran as a hotel for nearly a century before it was closed down and left to suffer state approved ‘demolition by neglect’ while successive governments investigated viable plans that were never funded.  The building hasn’t received a coat of paint in over a decade and routinely leaks internally, rapidly destroying the 106 year old timber Chalet. While the Victorian government is showing their outrage regarding the recent demolition of the privately owned heritage-listed Corkman Inn, "Wilful and illegal destruction of our heritage will not be tolerated” Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne, the governments own heritage-listed Mount Buffalo Chalet is suffering the same fate and is receiving no outrage or media attention from our Ministers.   More now than ever after the State government’s recent $9.7 billion dollar windfall, Daniel Andrew’s has the power to help restore Australia’s largest timber building, the iconic Mount Buffalo Chalet to its former glory and he needs to exercise that power to save this extraordinary heritage-listed building for future generations.  “The Mount Buffalo Chalet, known to many as, 'the jewel in the crown’ is Australia's largest timber building, built in 1910. This charming heritage-listed building, situated in one of the most breathtaking landscapes in Australia is world class. The Chalet has the potential to become the highlight of the North East Region. Its location high in the mountains on the edge of the spectacular gorge offers a unique and memorable experience as favourably remembered by past holiday makers and many successive generations.  We need to offer this opportunity to future generations by returning the Chalet to its former glory.” - Lindal Page, Bright. Please sign my petition to let Daniel Andrew’s know he needs to commit to saving Victoria’s heritage and Australia’s largest timber building.  The iconic, Mount Buffalo Chalet.  

Sean Hallam
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews

The Victorian people demand the security and safety you took away from us returned.

The above photo shows a CCTV still shot of a violent carjacking occurring in Victoria. The carjacking was conducted by youths armed with machetes. The victim was badly slashed across his face, arms, shoulders, back and chest.   ---------------------------------------------------------------- Once, in Victoria, we were safe and secure. This is no longer the case because:   1. The current Victorian government's 'soft on crime laws.' The Victorian government will NOT deal effectively with youth gangs who continually conduct violent home invasions, carjackings, and muggings, knowing full well they face little or no penalty if caught. 2. The Victorian judicial system does not consider 'community expectations' when granting bail to offenders time and time and time again. These offenders often conduct a similar crime while on bail.    3.  The Victorian Police Force tries to protect the Victorian people however, it is shackled by the Victorian government's 'soft on crime' policies and a senior Police leadership who are 'yes' people for the government.    Because of the above, we are frightened in our own homes. Many of us sleep with weapons in easy reach so as we can attempt to defend our families. Too, many of us have had to spend thousands of dollars on upgrading our home security.  

Protect Victoria
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No Bail For Repeat Violent Offenders

It’s our job to take the frustration, anger and the deep sadness that Victorians feel after the Bourke Street tragedy and to make sure that’s put into reform and change. It is very clear that our bail system needs a major shake-up and we are getting the best expert advice to make sure we get this right. The Andrews Labor Government has today announced that it will establish a Night Court for magistrates to hear bail requests over weekends and after hours as part of a major shake up of Victoria’s bail system, following the Bourke Street tragedy on Friday. Under the changes, the Government will ensure magistrates are available after hours to consider bail applications for people charged with violent offences where police oppose bail. This will mean more matters are heard by magistrates, rather than bail justices. The Government has already begun working with the Magistrates’ Court to implement a model for an after hours’ bail and remand court. The Government has also asked former Supreme Court Judge and Director of Public Prosecutions, Justice the Honourable Paul Coghlan, to provide urgent advice to the Government about additional changes to Victoria’s bail system that will best manage risk and maximise community safety. In providing this advice, Justice Coghlan will consider a range of matters, including: • How the necessary balance between protection of the community and the presumption of innocence should be best reflected in the Bail Act 1977 • The appropriateness of the current tests of exceptional circumstances, show cause and unacceptable risk • Whether additional offences should be added to show cause or exceptional circumstances categories • The way in which other relevant circumstances (for example, a history of prior offending or offences committed while on bail), are considered • The conduct of bail applications out of hours, including the role of bail justices The Labor Government has already taken steps to toughen bail laws, with amendments to the Bail Act 1977 reversing the presumption of bail for people who have been charged with serious offences and have convictions for failing to appear on bail in the past five years. The changes also doubled the sentence for people who fail to appear on bail and there is now a presumption against bail if the accused is charged with aggravated carjacking, home invasion or aggravated home invasion. Justice Coghlan will provide his advice on practical legislative reform by Monday, 3 April 2017, and on any other relevant matters by Monday, 1 May 2017. Click here to see the official Victorian State Government media release -

11 months ago