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Petitioning Gladys Berejiklian, Daniel Andrews, Mark McGowan

#BanTheBag in NSW, Victoria and WA

UPDATE: Thanks to your support, Victoria and Western Australia have announced that they will ban single-use plastic bags! Only NSW is yet to act - keep up the pressure! Encourage Premier Gladys Berejiklian today to #BanTheBag! The Project has teamed up with Clean Up Australia to call on NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, and WA Premier Mark McGowan to #BanTheBag. These three great Australians could see single-use non-biodegradable plastic bags banned across Australia, thanks to existing bans in South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, the ACT, and an impending ban in Queensland. Support for existing bans is overwhelming. In South Australia, 81% of the consumers strongly support the ban. As do 73% of Territorians, and 70% of Australians living in the ACT. Currently, Australians use an estimated four to six billion plastic bags each year. That’s 10 million bags every day. Every minute, we send 7,150 plastic bags to landfill. But 80 million plastic bags never make it to landfill, and instead end up in our litter stream, killing 100,000 birds and marine life every year. On average, it’s estimated we use a single-use plastic bag (like you’d find at Coles and Woolies) for just 12 minutes. And that same bag could take up to 1,000 years to break down. A plastic bag you use today will share this planet with your great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren. Many countries around the world, from China to Italy, Papua New Guinea to France, Taiwan to The Netherlands, have already banned plastic bags. But despite supporting in spirit, the banning of plastic bags, the Premiers of NSW, Victoria, and Western Australia are yet to lead on the issue. We want them to #BanTheBag so that Australia is not left behind as the rest of the world addresses this serious and avoidable environmental disaster. So who will lead the way. NSW, Victoria or Western Australia?  Who will ban the bag first? Gladys Berejiklian, Daniel Andrews or Mark McGowan? Whose name will our great great great great great great great great great great great great grandchildren read in their history books? Once you’ve signed, contact these great Australians directly and encourage them to lead the way and #BanTheBag! GLADYS BEREJIKLIAN NSW PREMIER EMAIL: PHONE: 02 8574 5000 FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

The Project
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Save Federation Square's Yarra Building

"Federation Square's southern building will be demolished and replaced with a flagship store for tech giant Apple, which will bring an extra 2 million visitors to the square every year, according to the Victorian Government."Source: Neither the government nor Apple have revealed how much the construction will cost, but it should be clear to all that the loss of this important building for the sake of corporate business is a perversion of what Federation Square and Melbourne stands for.

Fergus Oliver
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Petitioning Luke Foley, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Michael Keenan, Michaelia Cash, Alan Tudge, Jenny Macklin, Linda Burney, Clare O'Neil, Terri Butler, Derryn Hinch, Gladys Berejiklian, Luke Foley, Daniel...

End soft sentencing for child abuse and domestic violence

End the judicial system's sympathetic attitudes and questionable soft sentencing of child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence perpetrators. In the most recent Australian case, Matthew Lee Williamson was given just nine years for the murdering Kyhesha-Lee his three year old daughter. He could be out on parole in just seven years.  "Your treatment of your daughter was occasionally loving but mostly cruel and callous,” Justice Atkinson said. “You should have put her welfare above all else.” Kyhesha-Lee HAD MEDICALLY VERIFIED SEXUAL ABUSE INJURIES IDENTIFIED AT HER AUTOPSY…  and her short life was characterised by repeated violence and sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is not loving and not the behaviour of anyone who should have access to children, even if the children are their own. Matthew’s behaviour towards his daughter was abhorrent and Judges must be called to account and dismissed for their soft sentencing on all forms of child abuse and domestic violence.  One punch legislation has a mandatory minimum sentence for violent assaults fuelled by drugs and alcohol of eight years, with a max. of 25 years. Legislation must be changed to address the overwhelming levels of violence in homes and towards children. Kyhesha-Lee was delivered one fatal punch. One fatal punch from her own father, along with a life of sexual abuse. Violence to children, especially by the their parents or family members is not okay.  Legislative changes must be brought in to protect and address the epidemic crisis of domestic, child and sexual violence in our country.  Innocent children and vulnerable people deserve our support as a community. Perpetrators need to know the community is outraged and will no longer tolerate domestic violence.  Send the message loud and clear to politicians, violence against children and vulnerable people is not okay. Our judicial system is not reflective of community attitudes.  Swift legislative change is demanded by your constituents to correct the judicial system in criminal AND family courts to ensure every officer, judge and member of the legal system recognise that child abuse, child sexual abuse and domestic violence are fundamental breaches of humanity that should be taken seriously and punished harshly. Your action is required now.

Jane A
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews

Ban Duck Shooting

Each year in Victoria the tranquility of our wetlands is destroyed by a State sanctioned massacre. After the opening weekend on Saturday the 17 March 2018 gun shots will ring out in the pre-dawn darkness for the next three months. Duck numbers are still recovering after low water levels in recent years and protected species and other waterbirds often fall victim to duck hunters. In addition to this our native water birds will be under attack from thousands of shooters, who are often inexperienced and reckless. Many birds will be shot but not killed outright and will be left to die slow torturous deaths or will drown, unable to swim or fly any further due to painful injuries. Duck shooting has been banned in Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales and according to a 2007 Morgan Poll, an overwhelming 87% of Victorians support a ban on duck shooting, including many who live locally to wetlands where duck shooting takes place. It seems undeniable that the Victorian Government’s policies on this issue are lagging behind the current values and beliefs of our society.   Our native water birds have the right to live unharmed and in peace in their natural home. Please help to end this barbarism, tell our Premier the killing must end now!

Animal Liberation Victoria
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Petitioning Luke Donnellan, Daniel Andrews, James Merlino

Hit and Run drivers should lose their Licence automatically.

In October 2017 our son Tyler was taken from us by the actions of a Hit and Run driver whilst he was out riding his bike with a friend. Thankfully the driver was caught, but was just as quickly let out on bail with no conditions. Most astonishingly, he did not have his licence suspended until the outcome of his court case, as there is currently no legislation in place to allow this.  Overall, a person can be ten feet from pulling into their driveway and be pulled over. If they have been speeding excessively or had a few too many drinks they automatically lose their licence after miraculously making it home safely. This is a good thing, BUT, you can kill someone with your car, drive off and leave your innocent victims broken, dead or dying body laying by the side of the road and you get to walk away, live your life, have a child, celebrate birthdays and Christmases for up to, or over, a year whilst the courts process the case. The amount of Hit and Runs over the last few years has increased and the penalty needs to increase with it. It is a cowards crime and the victims families deserve to see that the law takes it seriously from the very first day. The drivers are entitled to bail but they have lost the right to drive a car when they have shown so little respect for others lives. Its hard enough that we have to live without our beautiful son but our pain is so much worse when we see the Driver nonchalantly living his life in our small town, whilst we have lost so much.  Please, change the legislation in honour of Tyler Dean and all the other innocent victims of Hit and Run drivers. For the ones who lived, and the beautiful angels who didn't. Thank you

Jeynelle Dean
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Victorian Law Reform Commission, Lisa Neville MP

Rape victims like me are being failed in Victoria - please act now!

My name is Lena*. I was raped by a family member of a former senior member of Victoria Police. But after months of failures in the police system and lack of support— my rapist was never prosecuted and my life fell apart.  After reporting it to police, I was told to consider the effect my allegations would have on my rapist’s future and that they "usually deal with more serious cases". After failing to collect critical evidence properly, and pressuring me to retract my statement, they dropped the case.   I live with panic attacks, PTSD, exhaustion from battling the police system and the huge financial cost of counselling. My hopes of finishing university were crushed. It took approximately 16 months for the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal to complete processing my application for assistance, and so, I was left in limbo, unable to access the support I needed and move on with my life. Additionally, despite appealing the Tribunal's request to inform my rapist of my application, as I believe it posed a risk to my safety, they decided to inform my rapist of my application for assistance. I’m asking the Victorian Government and the Victorian Law Reform Commission to: Ensure Victims of Crime applications are processed within 3 months End the process of informing perpetrators of applications by victims of crime to receive assistance Allow crimes to be reported to, and investigated by, any Victorian police station, particularly where there is likely to be bias or conflict of interest. In order to prevent corruption, it should be made an offence for Police to use equipment to collect evidence without knowing how to use the equipment. Police failure to collect critical evidence, or "losing" evidence, should be automatically and immediately investigated by an independent anti-corruption body Fund trained social work professionals at all police stations to guide women through the legal processes, to support them, and to provide information and crisis counselling. Many countries have this model and I believe it would also help to ensure police respond appropriately to sexual assault as there would be a witness to the conduct of the police. Allow hospitals to collect forensic evidence, with consent, without victims being forced to first make a formal police report. I believe in the UK, this is the process. Victims should not feel pressured to make huge legal decisions while in shock and immediately after significant trauma. Please don’t let the hell I have been through be in vain. Please sign my petition demanding a system that no longer fails rape victims. *Whilst I would have preferred to use my real name, I have been advised to use an alternative name for legal reasons. 

lena M
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Petitioning Luke Donnellan, Daniel Andrews, Peter Todd, RSPCA Victoria

Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages from Victorian Roads

On a hot afternoon in mid-February 2018, Melbourne Australia, locals and visitors were forced to again face just one of the many shocking and cruel realities of what it means to use horses as vehicles for so-called 'entertainment'. Two horses used to pull carriages lay helpless and injured on the side of the road, and a trail of blood was evident. Authorities remain ill-equipped as to how to respond appropriately and yet again the concerned public are unable to get solid information as to the injuries sustained and the current state of these poor horses. This is all due to VicRoads and the State Labor Government failing to act and ban horse-drawn carriages from Victorian roads. In 2018 there remain horses used to pull carriages on the busy roads of Melbourne and surrounds. The risks to human and horse safety have been widely documented by the media and Melbourne Against Horse-Drawn Carriages over 4 years. Incidents of horse and human injury, violent and aggressive operators, breaches of local laws and state road safety laws are commonplace, yet the state government continues to refuse to take action! The situation is so out of control that after the ongoing high volume of complaints (making HDV's the most complained about issue for the City of Melbourne), serious incidents of horse and human injury, and wide public consultation, the City of Melbourne had no other choice but to remove the street-trading permits of the operators effective as of July 1, 2017. The Lord Mayor at the time, Robert Doyle, stating "Horse-drawn vehicles, modern traffic, a busy city, a million people a day — they just don't mix," and admitting the permits introduced several years ago to regulate the industry had been "ineffective". However, it has been made very clear 8 months on that the removal of the street-trading permits was not enough and VicRoads and the State Government needs to step in. In the short time that MAHDC have been campaigning against this trade, the horses, and the public has had to witness or directly experience... - a horse being steered into and smashed in the head by a tram (on at least one occasion that we know of)- spooked horses bolting through the city completely out of control of the drivers- drivers being catapulted, injured and rushed to the hospital- cyclists crashing and being injured due to horses being steered in their direction- horses intentionally used as weapons against cyclists and pedestrians- horses collapsed and injured on the street- the ongoing illegal use of bike lanes forcing cyclists into traffic- the illegal use of mobile phones whilst operating a carriage- skittish horses being punched in the head by operators in attempts to move them from the tram tracks in peak hour- constant illegal u-turns- constant running of red lights- the illegal travel through tram super-stops and now since the street-trading permits and prime position parking zones have been removed - the illegal street-trading and illegal parking of carriage operators all day every day throughout the CBD and surrounds. It couldn't be made clearer that these operators have no intention of abiding by local laws and state road safety laws. Even if they did, this would not address the fact that 1. horses are flight animals and it has been proven no amount of training can ensure horses do not react to the inherent sounds and movements of the modern city and 2. horses being used as vehicles is well and truly out of step with the current and always evolving expectations on the ways in which animals should be treated. The horses' well-being is completely compromised in this industry, making the daily suffering these horses are forced to endure unacceptable to both regular city users and interstate and overseas visitors. Using horses as objects to pull carriages is an archaic and socially unacceptable practice that must come to an end. Under VicRoads law, horses are considered mere vehicles. We the public must demand this law be amended by doing what is needed and banning the use of horses to pull carriages on Victorian roads. Horses deserve to be recognised as the sentient, aware and complex individuals that they are and their well-being and that of the general public be made paramount. Horse-drawn vehicles are an ongoing serious risk to both the horses and the humans around them. These animals and the public should not continue to be put at unnecessary risk while authorities choose to ignore their suffering and the dangers and mayhem they continue to cause (by no choice of their own) in Melbourne's CBD. Simply judging by the high number of incidents in recent years, and what has occurred around the world, a human or horse fatality is only a matter of time. We must pressure the State Government and VicRoads to act now!  Melbourne and the world demand these operators stop being treated to be above the law and horse-drawn vehicles be banned from Victorian roads entirely.  

Melbourne Against Horse-Drawn Carriages
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Petitioning The Hon Martin Pakula MP, Malcolm Turnbull, Daniel Andrews, Department of Education, Bill Shorten

Stop this pervert opening a child care centre

I'm both a mum and a Family Day Care Educator,  and I cannot tell you how absolutely disgusted I am to be an Australian right now.  The fact that the Victorian Tribunal can put all of our children in danger for the mere sake of giving someone a second chance,  just shows how unattached from protecting society they really are.  DXP was found guilty of wilfully and obscenely exposing himself on five separate occasions between 1982 and 1997, the most recent offence masturbating in front of two 16-year-old schoolgirls after stopping alongside them in a car. He drove past the girls before doing a U-turn, then called out to them as they walked away: “Did you enjoy that? Did you have a good look, girls?” The Department of Justice and Regulation in 2014 rejected DXP’s application for a Working With Children permit so he could begin a childcare business and conduct door-to-door religious activities. It would have been better had the matter gone no further, but VCAT has seen fit to once again go against mainstream public opinion, particularly where children are involved. The tribunal has been swayed by evidence from DXP’s treating psychiatrist that he was not a threat to children and was taking medication to deal with his anxiety and depression. If the assessment of the psychiatrist and the tribunal proves to be wrong and DXP does reoffend, the damage that may be caused goes far beyond consideration for a pervert, who admitted at an earlier sex offender program that he had a pattern of indecently exposing himself to women. While it could be considered that young mothers taking their children to his childcare centre might be exposed to the very same pattern, the VCAT judge said she accepted any threat to children was “low’’. We want to stop this convicted sex pervert from opening a child care centre.  He's been given the all clear in Victoria as it is "unlikely" he will reoffend.  This is absolutely disgusting and appalling on the government's behalf to put any child in danger like that.  He should never be allowed to work with children.  Government really need to take a hard look at what the hell they're allowing!! 

Claire Fitzpatrick
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Graham Ashton Victorian Police Commissioner, Martin Pakula Attorney General of Victoria, Lisa Neville Minister for Police of Victoria

Victorian Government Act Now To Stop Melbourne Becoming A Lawless Land

In recent many months Victorians have seen many below 18 thugs terrorising law abiding citizens who are just trying to live a normal life without bothering anyone. We saw destruction of a community facility in Tarneit where residents of Ecoville contributed over $4 million of their hard earned money. It then became a place for fostering crime: Then we saw police officers being attacked in Werribee where we saw no arrests were made: We saw Victoria Police who shall protect us actually fearing for their own safety: We saw a police officer being attacked by a young thug who was a repeat offender and on bail. No wonder he was released on bail again: Then we saw Melbourne turning into a lawless land on January 4 night: There are countless stories and now Victorians feel it is enough before Melbourne turns into a lawless land. Irrespective of race, age or background, strict actions must be taken to protect innocent Victorians. Current system seems to be facilitating rise of crime showing no respect to victims of these crimes. We have had enough and this must change.   We now hear that Victorian government has no intention to change bail laws until July 1, 2018. This is both shocking and shameful. Please sign this petition and share to ask the government for the following:   1. More powers be given to police immediately to control violent thugs 2. Hold courts and justice system accountable for crime if repeat offenders offend again who were released on bail 3. Immediately change bail laws before this state becomes lawless. We cannot afford to wait till July 1, 2018 4. If current elected government is not capable of doing its job then they must leave.

Arnav Sati
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Petitioning Daniel Andrews, Malcolm Turnbull, Disability

People in wheelchairs should be able to get concert tickets online

I am confined to a wheelchair. EVERY time a  band/artist comes to Australia that i like, i have to ring the "special needs number" at either Ticketek or Ticketmaster and be on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes or not even be able to get through to them. This is 2017, why cant there be a section on those websites that has the capability of catering for people who require wheelchair seats  

Chris Hall
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No Bail For Repeat Violent Offenders

It’s our job to take the frustration, anger and the deep sadness that Victorians feel after the Bourke Street tragedy and to make sure that’s put into reform and change. It is very clear that our bail system needs a major shake-up and we are getting the best expert advice to make sure we get this right. The Andrews Labor Government has today announced that it will establish a Night Court for magistrates to hear bail requests over weekends and after hours as part of a major shake up of Victoria’s bail system, following the Bourke Street tragedy on Friday. Under the changes, the Government will ensure magistrates are available after hours to consider bail applications for people charged with violent offences where police oppose bail. This will mean more matters are heard by magistrates, rather than bail justices. The Government has already begun working with the Magistrates’ Court to implement a model for an after hours’ bail and remand court. The Government has also asked former Supreme Court Judge and Director of Public Prosecutions, Justice the Honourable Paul Coghlan, to provide urgent advice to the Government about additional changes to Victoria’s bail system that will best manage risk and maximise community safety. In providing this advice, Justice Coghlan will consider a range of matters, including: • How the necessary balance between protection of the community and the presumption of innocence should be best reflected in the Bail Act 1977 • The appropriateness of the current tests of exceptional circumstances, show cause and unacceptable risk • Whether additional offences should be added to show cause or exceptional circumstances categories • The way in which other relevant circumstances (for example, a history of prior offending or offences committed while on bail), are considered • The conduct of bail applications out of hours, including the role of bail justices The Labor Government has already taken steps to toughen bail laws, with amendments to the Bail Act 1977 reversing the presumption of bail for people who have been charged with serious offences and have convictions for failing to appear on bail in the past five years. The changes also doubled the sentence for people who fail to appear on bail and there is now a presumption against bail if the accused is charged with aggravated carjacking, home invasion or aggravated home invasion. Justice Coghlan will provide his advice on practical legislative reform by Monday, 3 April 2017, and on any other relevant matters by Monday, 1 May 2017. Click here to see the official Victorian State Government media release -

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