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CVS Pharmacy is the second largest pharmacy chain after Walgreens in the United States, with more than 7,600 stores, and is the second largest US pharmacy based on total prescription revenue.

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Tell CVS to Donate, Don't Dump

For about a year, I’ve walked up and down the streets of New York City in the evenings to save perfectly good food and other items from CVS’s trash, which I then gift to friends, family, and people in need. I find it ridiculous - and frankly disrespectful - to see how much CVS wastes when millions of people, including CVS’s own employees, struggle to put food on the table. CVS, as a policy, throws out excess, slightly damaged, or about-to-expire merchandise. In CVS's trash in New York I've found unopened toothpaste, bars of soap, tissues, and shelf-stable food like Oreos and oatmeal (which safely can be eaten months after the best by date*). All of this should have been donated. Over the course of several months I've emailed CVS's CEO Larry Merlo about this multiple times, and as direct result have spoken to regional management about this multiple times. They've promised to donate more, but nothing has changed. I'm hoping this petition can pressure CVS to make donation their default. Tell CVS to #donatedontdump Donate to a local shelter, food pantry, or church. CVS has a national partnership with Feeding America, but still a lot of food and usable merchandise is thrown out. CVS should not only allow regional managers to form partnerships with local charities, but should reward them for doing so (make it part of their performance appraisal, for example). If donation is not a possibility, allow employees to take home food and other usable items that would otherwise be thrown out. Employees, most of whom make minimum wage, are forbidden from taking home or donating excess merchandise to those in need, and might be fired for doing so. CVS should allow employees to take home items that would otherwise be thrown out. Thank you for your help! I hope you'll sign and share this petition. -Anna *Legally, only baby formula needs to have a best by date. Best by dates on all other products are voluntarily put there by manufacturers and often only indicate product quality, not product safety. If anyone were to get sick from donated food, CVS would be protected from legal liability under the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act. In addition, there have been no recorded lawsuits related to food donation.

Anna Sacks
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Petitioning CVS Pharmacy

Winthrop Management and CVS Pharmacies: Know this--I will not shop at a CVS in the Nantucket Historic District!

Nantucket is a unique place. Beautiful, historic, and populated by a proud people. Living on an island 30 miles out to see makes it ever so important that we support each other. You see, for 200 years, we have had no choice but to SHOP LOCAL. For Winthrop Management to decide to replace THE downtown grocery store with a CVS shows that they do not know this town.They must not realize how that would alter life in town and on island, being left with one grocery store, outside of town. One that was already hard to get in and out of in the summer when our population explodes to over 50,000. One that will not be easily accessible to people staying at the Boat Basin and in town (without vehicles). One that is already a leading earner for its franchise because of the lack of competition. They do not know Nantucket. They must not care about local businesses and, therefore, island residents. Bringing in a CVS could be devastating to the three local pharmacies, including one in town that has been there forever, with soda fountain and lunch counter. But the threat wouldn't stop there. CVS stores also sell beer and wine, books, magazines, toys, seasonal items, and even medical care. Many local merchants would feel the pinch. They do not know Nantucket. They must think that we are weak and will not stand up to defend our No Chain Store bylaw. We passed this in 2006, but exempted grocery stores. In even considering a move to town, this must be the loophole they hope to exploit. They must think that we, as a town, will not have the will or the resources to defend their challenge. They do not know Nantucket. They must not know Nantucket. Else they simply do not care.We will NOT shop at a CVS on Nantucket. We hope you will keep this in mind.

Greg Hinson
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Train point of sale employees to ask customers "Would you like a bag?"

I understand the problem of single use plastic bags.  I also understand that sometimes they are necessary.  This petition is advocating for the use of small, inexpensive steps to reduce their use in commerce by training point of sale employees to simply ask customers, "Would you like a bag?"  This would prompt the consumer to check other options.  I often have a reusable tote in my purse that I forget about until bagging has begun.  If the item is small, I may just want to throw it into my purse.  If I'm already carrying several shopping bags, I may just combine it into another bag.  And if none of these options are available, I can say "sure, I'd like a bag today."  If people were hearing this question at every retailer, it may create a shift in their thinking regarding bag use; it goes from "of course I'm getting a bag" to "do I really need one?" or "should I bring my own today?" It could make employees more aware of bag use and less on "autopilot" when bagging.  I sometimes find that employees are annoyed when I say I have my own because it throws off their bagging process.  If they've already bagged something, they will just take the item out of the bag and THROW THE BAG INTO THE TRASH rather than try to use it with the next customer.  I understand that once the bag is off the dispenser, it becomes more difficult to work with, so by simply asking a customer first if they need a bag, rather than assuming, they could save themselves this hassle. As leaders in the retail field, I hope you'll seriously consider this proposition.  It requires minor retraining of your employees on your part, but may ultimately lead to your company saving on plastic bags, while positioning you as a responsive leader in the area of environmental concerns.  Thank you for reading and sharing.

Angie Wegner
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Petitioning CVS Pharmacy

Stop CVS’s expansion into Mount Pleasant, DC! Detengamos la Expansion de CVS!

Mount Pleasant neighbors and friends,  Let's unite with our signatures to stop the proposed CVS Pharmacy on Mount Pleasant Street, NW (3178 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington DC).  Mount Pleasant is a small, historic urban village that has a long-standing history as one of the most ethnically and economically diverse neighborhoods in Washington, DC.  Mount Pleasant Street, Mount Pleasant’s four block-long shopping area, reflects this diversity and features small, locally-owned and independent businesses that strive to serve the needs of the community.  CVS Pharmacy has recently expressed an interest in moving to 3178 Mount Pleasant Street location, which is currently occupied by Best World, Don Juan’s Restaurant, and Subway.  This 7,000 square-foot (up to 12,000 square-foot) CVS would be an eyesore and completely out of scale with the small, neighborhood-serving retail that is part of the character and charm of Mount Pleasant Street. The arrival of CVS would eliminate our largest neighborhood grocery store (BestWorld) and largest outdoor dining space (Don Juan’s). In addition, a chain store like CVS would put at risk other locally-owned businesses, like the Mt. Pleasant pharmacy and convenience stores. It would disrupt the street scale, potentially clog the street with congestion, and attract other national chain stores to replace local and unique businesses.  Additionally, a long-term lease with a store like CVS would preclude any future development or use of that space that is better suited to the needs and vision of our neighborhood. We, the undersigned, firmly oppose CVS and any big-box chain store that would be built at this location and encourage our family and friends to do the same.  We also intend to support at the voting booth local elected officials that support local businesses. Thus, we take a stand against this CVS project. Together, in solidarity, we are determined to support local and small businesses in Mount Pleasant and continue the neighborhood’s evolution as a uniquely diverse village in the city. DETENGAMOS LA EXPANSION DE CVS A MOUNT PLEASANT, DC! Vecinos y amigos de Mount Pleasant, unámonos con nuestras firmas para detener la farmacia CVS propuesta en Mount Pleasant Street, NW (3178 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington DC). Mount Pleasant es una villa urbana pequeña e histórica, con una larga tradición de ser uno de los vecindarios con mayor diversidad étnica y económica en Washington, DC. La calle Mount Pleasant, 4 cuadras de shopping, refleja esta diversidad y cuenta con negocios pequeños, locales, e independientes, que se esfuerzan por satisfacer las necesidades de la comunidad. La farmacia CVS ha expresado recientemente su interés en mudarse a la ubicación 3178 de Mount Pleasant Street, que actualmente está ocupada por Best World, Don Juan's Restaurant y Subway. Este CVS de 7,000 pies cuadrados (hasta 12,000 pies cuadrados) sería una monstruosidad y completamente fuera de escala con este pequeño sector de ventas al por menor del vecindario, que es parte del carácter y el encanto de la calle Mount Pleasant. La llegada de CVS eliminaría nuestro mercado más grande del vecindario (BestWorld) y el espacio para comer al aire libre más grande (Don Juan's). Además, una cadena de tiendas como CVS pondría en riesgo otros negocios locales, como la farmacia Mount Pleasant y otras tiendas de conveniencia. Interrumpiría la escala de la calle, podría obstruir la calle con la congestión y atraer otras cadenas de tiendas nacionales para reemplazar negocios locales y únicos. Además, un contrato de arrendamiento a largo plazo con una tienda como CVS excluiría cualquier desarrollo o uso futuro de ese espacio que se adapte mejor a las necesidades y la visión de nuestro vecindario. Nosotros, los firmantes, nos oponemos firmemente a CVS y a cualquier cadena de grandes tiendas que se construiría en este lugar, y alentamos a nuestros familiares y amigos a hacer lo mismo. También tenemos la intención de apoyar en elecciones a los funcionarios electos locales que apoyan a los negocios pequeños. Por tanto, tomamos una posición en contra de este proyecto de CVS. Juntos, en solidaridad, estamos decididos a apoyar a los negocios locales y pequeños en Mount Pleasant, y continuar la evolución del vecindario como una villa únicamente diversa en la ciudad.  

Mount Pleasant Initiative Neighborhood Strategy Council
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