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CVS Pharmacy is the second largest pharmacy chain after Walgreens in the United States, with more than 7,600 stores, and is the second largest US pharmacy based on total prescription revenue.

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Petitioning CVS Pharmacy

Tell CVS to Donate Their Surplus Food, Not Compost It

ProblemGlobally, 40% of food is lost or wasted and in America, 1 in 8 people are food insecure. SolutionWe can feed hungry people by rescuing food from farms, grocery stores and other food outlets and bringing it to local food banks and food pantries. CVS has recently made the decision to send surplus, damaged and out-of-date products back to corporate for composting. This is a waste of food, resources and labor. Instead, let's keep that food in the community to fight hunger. Please tell CVS to donate, don't compost it!

Erin Meyer
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Pharmacies: Start recycling and reusing pill bottles

I’ve been consistently struck by something when I visit a pharmacy. Every time a prescription is filled, a new pill bottle is provided even if there’s only four pills in it. Once the pill bottles are empty, they are often tossed in the trash, while others attempt to recycle them. That is, if their curbside pick-up recycles Polypropylene plastic #5. Every year, 4 billion prescriptions are written, which means 4 billion different forms of plastic pill bottles are manufactured and either sent to the landfill or possibly recycled. The amount of plastic waste is completely unnecessary. That’s why I’m asking CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid to either provide a recycling bin for old pill bottles or sanitize and reuse them to ensure they aren’t sent to the landfill. This is easy to do. Pharmacies can provide bins at each one of their stores, collect pill bottles and recycle them or they can partner with an organization in need of pill bottles (Malawi Project, Gimme 5, local veterinary clinics, etc.). Ideally, the plastic bottles would be reused after sterilization via autoclave, which is safe for Polypropylene containers. In addition to the creation of trash, creating new pill bottles is an unnecessary expense as well as an irresponsible use of many resources. According to the pharmacies statements below, they are all looking for ways to be stewards of the environment. If this is truly the case, then they should all step up and implement this program to align with their business goals. CVS As a pharmacy innovation company with thousands of retail pharmacies, an expanding footprint as a result of recent acquisitions and a growing supply chain, CVS Health is committed to assessing and reducing our direct and indirect environmental impacts. Our enterprise programs are designed to ensure that environmental sustainability is embedded in our approach to business operations and product development. Walgreens With more than 7,700 stores across the country, Walgreens is always looking for ways to be stewards of the environment. Rite Aid At Rite Aid, we believe adopting green business principles is a conscientious decision for our business, our community, and the environment. Please sign this petition if you would like CVS, Walgreens and Rite Aid to protect the environment and stop wasting resources.  

Kelly Camunez
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Protect women at Fox News by pulling ads from Bill O'Reilly show The O'Reilly Factor

The New York Times reported that five women were harassed and these victims had to agree not to file lawsuits or speak publicly about allegations. The revelations were the latest after cable network’s CEO and chairman Roger Ailes stepped down amidst similar claims. For the last 20 years, Bill O'Reilly's show The O'Reilly Factor has been Fox News's top show which generates billions of dollars in revenue for 21st Century Fox. Fox News has repeatedly stood by as he has sexual harassed and inappropriately behaved around several victims. We are asking these companies that belive in family values to pull their advertising from the show.

Donald Conway
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Petitioning CVS Pharmacy

Winthrop Management and CVS Pharmacies: Know this--I will not shop at a CVS in the Nantucket Historic District!

Nantucket is a unique place. Beautiful, historic, and populated by a proud people. Living on an island 30 miles out to see makes it ever so important that we support each other. You see, for 200 years, we have had no choice but to SHOP LOCAL. For Winthrop Management to decide to replace THE downtown grocery store with a CVS shows that they do not know this town.They must not realize how that would alter life in town and on island, being left with one grocery store, outside of town. One that was already hard to get in and out of in the summer when our population explodes to over 50,000. One that will not be easily accessible to people staying at the Boat Basin and in town (without vehicles). One that is already a leading earner for its franchise because of the lack of competition. They do not know Nantucket. They must not care about local businesses and, therefore, island residents. Bringing in a CVS could be devastating to the three local pharmacies, including one in town that has been there forever, with soda fountain and lunch counter. But the threat wouldn't stop there. CVS stores also sell beer and wine, books, magazines, toys, seasonal items, and even medical care. Many local merchants would feel the pinch. They do not know Nantucket. They must think that we are weak and will not stand up to defend our No Chain Store bylaw. We passed this in 2006, but exempted grocery stores. In even considering a move to town, this must be the loophole they hope to exploit. They must think that we, as a town, will not have the will or the resources to defend their challenge. They do not know Nantucket. They must not know Nantucket. Else they simply do not care.We will NOT shop at a CVS on Nantucket. We hope you will keep this in mind.

Greg Hinson
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Pharmacy Technicians Need a Raise

Let's talk about reality for a moment. The pharmacy technician is the most intergral part of the pharmacy community. They are the spirit and the heart of the pharmacy. The pharmacy technician is the center of the community pharmacy, and yet, they are lucky to be paid just slightly over minimum wage.  The average wage of a pharmacy technician is $12.68 per hour. The time has come for community pharmacy to reevaluate their pay scale for pharmacy technicians. The time is now to discuss wage increses for technicians. Enough with the "freezes" and "ceilings."

Michael Carl Jude
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Petitioning CVS Pharmacy

Stop CVS’s expansion into Mount Pleasant, DC! Detengamos la Expansion de CVS!

Mount Pleasant neighbors and friends,  Let's unite with our signatures to stop the proposed CVS Pharmacy on Mount Pleasant Street, NW (3178 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington DC).  Mount Pleasant is a small, historic urban village that has a long-standing history as one of the most ethnically and economically diverse neighborhoods in Washington, DC.  Mount Pleasant Street, Mount Pleasant’s four block-long shopping area, reflects this diversity and features small, locally-owned and independent businesses that strive to serve the needs of the community.  CVS Pharmacy has recently expressed an interest in moving to 3178 Mount Pleasant Street location, which is currently occupied by Best World, Don Juan’s Restaurant, and Subway.  This 7,000 square-foot (up to 12,000 square-foot) CVS would be an eyesore and completely out of scale with the small, neighborhood-serving retail that is part of the character and charm of Mount Pleasant Street. The arrival of CVS would eliminate our largest neighborhood grocery store (BestWorld) and largest outdoor dining space (Don Juan’s). In addition, a chain store like CVS would put at risk other locally-owned businesses, like the Mt. Pleasant pharmacy and convenience stores. It would disrupt the street scale, potentially clog the street with congestion, and attract other national chain stores to replace local and unique businesses.  Additionally, a long-term lease with a store like CVS would preclude any future development or use of that space that is better suited to the needs and vision of our neighborhood. We, the undersigned, firmly oppose CVS and any big-box chain store that would be built at this location and encourage our family and friends to do the same.  We also intend to support at the voting booth local elected officials that support local businesses. Thus, we take a stand against this CVS project. Together, in solidarity, we are determined to support local and small businesses in Mount Pleasant and continue the neighborhood’s evolution as a uniquely diverse village in the city. DETENGAMOS LA EXPANSION DE CVS A MOUNT PLEASANT, DC! Vecinos y amigos de Mount Pleasant, unámonos con nuestras firmas para detener la farmacia CVS propuesta en Mount Pleasant Street, NW (3178 Mt Pleasant St NW, Washington DC). Mount Pleasant es una villa urbana pequeña e histórica, con una larga tradición de ser uno de los vecindarios con mayor diversidad étnica y económica en Washington, DC. La calle Mount Pleasant, 4 cuadras de shopping, refleja esta diversidad y cuenta con negocios pequeños, locales, e independientes, que se esfuerzan por satisfacer las necesidades de la comunidad. La farmacia CVS ha expresado recientemente su interés en mudarse a la ubicación 3178 de Mount Pleasant Street, que actualmente está ocupada por Best World, Don Juan's Restaurant y Subway. Este CVS de 7,000 pies cuadrados (hasta 12,000 pies cuadrados) sería una monstruosidad y completamente fuera de escala con este pequeño sector de ventas al por menor del vecindario, que es parte del carácter y el encanto de la calle Mount Pleasant. La llegada de CVS eliminaría nuestro mercado más grande del vecindario (BestWorld) y el espacio para comer al aire libre más grande (Don Juan's). Además, una cadena de tiendas como CVS pondría en riesgo otros negocios locales, como la farmacia Mount Pleasant y otras tiendas de conveniencia. Interrumpiría la escala de la calle, podría obstruir la calle con la congestión y atraer otras cadenas de tiendas nacionales para reemplazar negocios locales y únicos. Además, un contrato de arrendamiento a largo plazo con una tienda como CVS excluiría cualquier desarrollo o uso futuro de ese espacio que se adapte mejor a las necesidades y la visión de nuestro vecindario. Nosotros, los firmantes, nos oponemos firmemente a CVS y a cualquier cadena de grandes tiendas que se construiría en este lugar, y alentamos a nuestros familiares y amigos a hacer lo mismo. También tenemos la intención de apoyar en elecciones a los funcionarios electos locales que apoyan a los negocios pequeños. Por tanto, tomamos una posición en contra de este proyecto de CVS. Juntos, en solidaridad, estamos decididos a apoyar a los negocios locales y pequeños en Mount Pleasant, y continuar la evolución del vecindario como una villa únicamente diversa en la ciudad.  

Mount Pleasant Initiative Neighborhood Strategy Council
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Stop the Deforestation of Endangered Species' Habitats by Banning Unsustainable Palm-Oil.

Yet again Hundreds of animals' homes are being destroyed in order for companies to reap a profit. Orangutans, Sumatran Elephants, Bornean Pygmy Elephants, Sumatran Rhinos, and Sumatran Tigers are all listed endangered or critically endangered according to the World Wildlife Foundation. This is because of the deforestation of their habitats for companies to obtain unsustainable palm oil- the world's most popular vegetable oil. It is possible for Palm Oil to be sustainable but current production methods are wreaking havoc upon species that have no say in what is happening to the only homes they know. Large companies such as, but not limited to, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Dominos, Wendy's, Walgreen's, Target, Clorox have little to no commitment to use deforestation-free palm oil according to the Union of Concerned Scientists.  On the other hand, there are companies that are committed to alternative methods to obtain sustainable palm oil for their products such as, but not limited to, Dunkin brands, Safeway, Nestle, Kelloggs, Pepsico, General Mills, and Loreal. It is up to us, the people, to make informed decisions about the products we buy each and every day. Support the companies that are willing to use sustainable palm oil. Elect government officials that are willing to fight for the rights that are being ripped away from these endangered species. We need to come together to ensure that future generations won't have to Google pictures of Orangutans because they are extinct due to company's greed and our apathy. Let's make the right choice by speaking out for those that don't have a voice.

Kyla Kelly
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Petitioning CVS Pharmacy

CVS Caremark: My daughter deserves an alternative to opioid pills.

I've reached out to as many executives as possible to resolve this issue but it's larger than just my daughter. If my child at 18, yes I have power or attorney is being given opiates, opiates and more opiates and alternatives are being denied by CVS Caremark how many others is this happening to on a nationwide scale? Janon can't help she has had to endure 38 surgeries. Janon can't help she has chronic lung disease and needs oxygen to fly to medical providers out of state or when she simply cannot breathe. Janon cannot help she needs a ventilator at night. Janon cannot help she is a VACTERL and VEPTR patient. These are facts.  Her pain doctor who has followed her for two years prescribed a topical pain cream, insurance will cover the pills but not the cream. He prescribed to reduce the amount of pills she has to take. 14 pills in total a day.  Not all opiates but 5 prescriptions are schedule three.   It makes no sense to pump her with opiates and cover them without blinking an eye but not cover a cream that may be useful and can possibly lessen the amount of pills she has to take.  As a VEPTR patient there are lung issues. Significant ones, she has chronic lung disease and if you go off of numbers is in lung failure on the left but let's give her more opiates and depress her breathing more. That makes sense. No it doesn't it sounds as idiotic as the actions are.  Now we are seeing renal issues due to all these medications when that's never been an issue as far as renal function.  As a parent it to me seems denying a simple cream that can help her is being complicit in keeping her on opiates and addicted to them. It's putting her life in danger as if her life doesn't matter. It matters to me. I love her dearly. I've seen her at her worst and now have to watch this when it's not necessary.  Absolutely not, I will fight. I will win this fight and anyone who is experiencing insurance denials that keep you or your child on opiates please share your story.  #Opiatecrisis #JanonsJourney

Anekka Thomas
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Petitioning CVS Pharmacy

Reinstate Vikki Patterson

Keep up with the cause, Support for Vikki on Facebook and @SupportForVikki on Twitter Vikki Patterson worked for CVS for 17 years, starting off when it was still Longs Drugs. She had been a dedicated and faithful employee, working whenever needed without complaint. Vikki loved her employees, many of them were known as her "work kids" and went to her for all kinds of help. She loved her customers, became invested in their lives over the years and they in hers. She worked in that store on Placer St in Redding, CA since that shopping center was built. On Thursday October 13 2016 there were two suspicious customers in the store, one woman had filled her purse up with nearly 300 dollars worth of merchandise (and hundreds more in the cart that she didn't have time to shove in her purse). She was swearing at Vikki and the other employee working and as the employee went to lock the door to call the police the shoplifter rushed the employee. Vikki ran to protect her "work kid" with her keys in one hand and cell phone in the other. She was forced outside with the suspect and her keys got caught in the woman's hair. The suspect ended up punching Vikki multiple times, splitting her lip open and scratching her all over. She tried to steal her phone in the tussle while Vikki was calling 911. Once Vikki was able to free her keys from the woman's hair, she ran off and got into a car with the other woman she was with in the store. Redding police spotted their vehicle while responding to CVS and pulled them over. They recovered all the merchandise as well as merchandise from other stores. The suspect was arrested for theft and battery. CVS was notified of the situation and asked Vikki to write up her statement. The morning they received it, she was suspended without pay. Today, they terminated her employment. Vikki has been the caregiver for her husband Rob for years. Using all her vacation time to take him to/from doctors appointments and surgeries. This job was their main income, and her insurance was what saved Rob multiple times. Through a heart attack, triple bypass, seizures, strokes, dialysis, kidney and pancreas transplant, and countless other medical emergencies over the last 5 years. Vikki and Rob are friends of many, they are caring people and involved in the community. This whole situation sends the wrong message, it tells thieves that it's ok to steal hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise and assault innocent people because it's not them who will be punished.

Amanda Patterson
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