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Stop Norman Bettison publishing his hillsborough

Stop Norman bettison publishing his disgusting lies about hillsbourgh in his new book A former South Yorkshire Police officer who has lied for 27 years and continued to lie at the Hillsborough inquests earlier this year about his role earlier this year and participated in the coverup of the disaster  now he has decided to right a book about the distasteful and the 96 this man needs to be stopped he should really be behind bars now and immediatly stripped of his knighthood instead of making money on the 96 victims and publicity  just before the IPCC is concluding on the same subject. Haven't the Famlies been though enough  JFT96 YNWA 

josh christian
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Stop forced adoption

My baby boy was snatched almost instantly at birth / he has a loving family and parents ! Social workers have repeatedly bullied and tourtured me and my family by dangling my own baby in front of me to upset me all the while secretly planning to adopt him out . I'm only lucky that I've had the support of my partners parents through this horrific and heart breaking ordeal , giving me the strength to pull through for my sons sake ! Sandly baby else was not so fortunate . My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time . Please help save my first and only child from this potential gut renching fate before it's to late . Laura Leo 

laura cassidy
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Raxaul(bihar-India)people in trouble due to N.H. ROAD DAMAGE since 2011

Please  I need your help to raise my voice to more and more people My area{east champaran-bihar(India)} is really backward. Champaran is an important contributor to the independence of India, at that time the champaran people were shouting from the British horror  terrorism, but despite the freedom from the British, till today, Champaran is unable to get out of that problem.The condition of Gandhi's karmasthali road still reminds of the twentieth century, the total length of NH 28A is 65 kms. The process of forming that NH 2011 began in 2011, from 2011 to 2014, 39% of the work was done in almost 2 years ( After the UPA rule, then our progressive Prime Minister came to the government. From June 2014 till now 14% work is done. To prove this, I have  official  letter of  BJP MP Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal ji and some pictures of the condition of the road.  Sign IT , SHARE IT AND COMMENT ON IT because of many reasons  Major Accidents are happening daily . State govt is not taking action. The distance of the RAXAUL city(India) from our district headquarters(MOTIHARI) is only 50 kilometers, which takes 3 to 4 hours on the road to travel, sometimes it takes 12 to 24 hours. Slowly and gradually now the products are unavailable to the market due to long traffic jam . Product prices becoming costly due to long traffic in damaged road This N.H. road  has been underconstructed since 2011.

Surbhi Tekriwal
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Justice for My Pet Dog Brownie, Sonia's Motu and Others like wise.

Brownie was a healthy friendly dog living peacefully with his pet parent Anupama till one day he fell victim to the taste buds of some people who ruthlessly slaughtered and ate him. There is a confessional statement from the person and a video which clearly proves the crime. Brownie is not alone, there are many dogs in Gurugram who are falling victim to this and the even more horrifying practice of being slaughtered for becoming food for us. Yes most of the Non vegetarian delicacies we eat, have got a large portion of dog meat in it. Be it Momos, Mutton Biryani Kababs etc. This is not about any religion or race but about law being broken by whosoever is doing it. This is also all about our right to defend our voiceless pets and street animals. We want #justiceforbrownie and we #believeingurugrampolice to get it. 

Anupama Srivastava
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WE DEMAND JUSTICE for the two CHILDREN of Joy McIntosh, who both were brutalised by police

Black youth in London are increasingly subject to disproportionate and violent arrests at the hands of the Metropolitan Police. Such was the case this weekend where a video of the violent arrest by Metropolitan Police officers, of a16-year-old black girl at Dalston Junction, went viral, attracting strong criticism of police force that appears out of control. TfL is a case in point. Now lets consider the case of 16 year old, London black college student, and daughter of Mum Joy McIntosh, who on Friday 1st December was travelling on the bus 149 around 6pm heading toward Dalston Junction. Let's call her A. While on the bus A was approached by a couple of TfL ticket inspectors, what then followed seemed to be a huge misunderstanding. As a result TfL ticket inspectors then, followed her off the bus and began physically restraining her. A is just 4 ft.11 and weighs around seven stones. By this time a crowd had gathered concerned at the apparent treatment of this tiny black schoolgirl being aggressively manhandled. Increasingly intimidated by a gathering crowd who were appalled at the disproportionately violent treatment of A, the TfL inspectors called for police back up. Meanwhile the growing crowds became increasing angry and hostile. The inspectors then bizarrely began shouting ‘stop resisting’ as they violently restrained A. This is, of course, an age-old police tactic of attempting to create a public impression of a suspect resisting arrest or restraint, whilst violently attacking said suspect. A, was then kneed in the stomach by one of the Inspectors and started to cry out for help. As the crowd started to react, one of the Inspectors then inexplicably escalated this situation and violently secured A in a head lock – all the time shouting ‘stop resisting’ A was frightened, terrified and distraught. The police then arrived and placed her in handcuffs forcing her hands way up her back and placing her in a police van. Throughout the time she was being assaulted, by the police officers and TfL inspector’s, the crowd were filming and becoming increasingly agitated. A solitary white woman who witnessed the police violence (black people, particularly black men, please take note) tried to intervene. She was violently abused and pushed by a police officer, who then placed her in a headlock and repeatedly punched her. She was subsequently arrested and charged with police assault. At this point even more people had gathered and A was calling out for some one to call her mother. Someone in the did so and told her mother “Hello, hello ?... I've been ask to ring you urgently, I'm here at Dalston Junction and the police are assaulting your daughter.” When A’s mother, 36-year-old Joy McIntosh and her 18 yr old son arrived on the scene, she was confronted with utter chaos. Joy reports seeing massive angry crowds and tens of police officers, all shouting and milling around. When Joy, a woman of strong faith, saw her distraught daughter in the back of a police van, she sought to approach and comfort her, but was immediately pushed back by police officers. Joy was then kettled by officers who refused her access to her daughter or her son When her son protested at the treatment of his mum, the 18yr old was pinned to the ground by police and violently arrested, aggravating the crowd even more.   “The level of violence I saw from the police officers at the scene shocked me to the core. It was unbelievable. I was so frightened for his life that although surrounded by police I just kept shouting “keep calm son, stay alive” repeatedly.”  Both her children were taken to Stoke Newington Police Station, where A says she was denied her rights as a juvenile and subjected to bullying and intimidation by police officers. She demanded her mother be present as an appropriate adult, whilst she was being interviewed, the police refused, and instead brought in a preferred social worker and a local stranger from the boroughs appropriate adult scheme, and this despite her mother being in attendance at Stoke Newington Police station at all times. A was arrested on Friday evening around 6pm, interviewed around 11pm, kept in a cell overnight and finally released on bail on Saturday around 6pm. Her brother was released later that day and both were given bail conditions not to stay at their mother’s house and subjected to a nightly curfew from 3am to 7pm. They are both due to return in two weeks time.  Each month thousands of London's black communities find themselves experiencing disproportionate violence, when being arrested at the hands of Metropolitan Police Force. As a mother Joy McIntosh is at a point where she feels alone. We need to petition what is happening and get justice for what has happened to both of her children. There is also a video of this incident. No mother should have to whiteness such abuse happening to their child, and also it isn’t right nor humane to be abused by a service that is supposed to protect. Please help joy to take this where it needs to go. Unfortunately none of her children can be named due to court proceedings. But they need YOU to make a CHANGE together.  

armarni babb
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Prosecution or sectioning of two mentally ill stalkers, abusers, attempted child kidnap Please click the links above to witness for yourself the abuse, stalking and actual violence towards numerous victims.  Two well known ladies (mother and daughter) from  crouch End London N4, are harassing, stalking families, creating lies and vicious rumours about people saying they are stealing their children, and they will do anything to get their children back.  They are using violence and social media. THESE ARE NOT THEIR CHILDREN.   Not only accusing people of child theft but are stealing photos of other people's children, and adding these innocent families into grooming and abuse groups. They are posting personal details of children, like date of births and full names, which is incredibly dangerous. They know way to much about people's person details, including mine, even including my new born son.  The ladies names are vivenne France-Stewart (Vivienne murdoch on facebook) and her daughter tyga jean johnson.  They have recently attacked gemma fox with crazy accusations as above. Vivenne has groomed her daughter into working with her and they are both, complete stalkers and dangerous fictitious liars, causing many people distress, harm, and disorder.  Facebook has been contacted hundreds of times and all the people who have reported not only the profile but the posts are shocked and stunned that facebook will do nothing, saying it doesn't break the guidelines. ???  Since posting what has happened to me and my family I have been contacted by another 6 families who have been attacked, accused.  A lady has come forward (N) wants to keep secret, and said Vivienne has done this to her and claimed she had stolen her son. Vivenne then found where the family lived and came to the house booting the family door, and screaming for her son which is lot hers. The police came and they only have her a warning.  Happened again and they said they would issue her with a "merlyn" warning which is to be sectioned but this never happened. The police, I'm sorry to say really let this family down. The family have had to move.  Last night, 3 weeks after this petition was made (amended today 10th July) the lady above was seen in her car with her daughter by vivenne and Vivienne attacked the car and the lady and tried to take and assault the child. The husband tried to help his family yet he has been arrested??? If the police had done their job numerous time or even 3 weeks ago, this would never have happened.  Another lady came forward,  and said they also done it to her and also accused her son of rape, ans the police were involved for the false accusations of her son, but again, nothing was done to these women and the police done nothing. Posters have been posted around crouch end warning people of these two people, and how dangerous they are and to call the police.  Now they doing it to me and my family and they are threatening to take my children, and I'm scared for my daughter and new born son. They are slandering my name, defimation of character and threats, child theft, abuse and harassment.  What do they want my children for? Any of our children for? Abuse? Sexual exploitation?  I really need, as many names as possible to support us and the previous victims and future  victims before something serious happens and a child is hurt or abducted, or someone is, even them, as they have affected way to many people's lives in a serious way.  Justice MUST be done.  I have contacted not only the police numerous times and have a list of crime reference numbers, I have also contacted camden, islington, haringey and hackney adult services and mental health teams who offered no support or help, disgusting  I am now rounding up all victims and we are coming together and making a large point around this, I am waiting to hear back from Keir Stermer local MP from St Pancras, and have contacted the sun newspaper who I have sent this petition to advising of the lack of support from authorities, who are endangering our lives and our children.  They both pose a high risk to the public and ans children and themselves. They clearly need to be sectioned and prosecuted.   The police have done nothing for the previous victims, who have had to move, as well as the other victims, and are currently not supporting me as much as I think they should. I will not let this carry on.  I am disgusted that so many people on facebook have reported them, and I have been screen the proof and facebook has done. Itching. Disgusting disrespect for dangerous situations.  Another young girl was followed to and from work at Waitrose in crouch end and now has been put in sick leave by the company as she is to scared to go to work. Waitrose have banned these two women from the store  Another victims family put up posters in crouch end warning the public to not approach these two women and to call police,  Enough is enough. Get the two women, sectioned and prosecuted NOW.   The authorities are failing us, the public massively and we must act together before someone or a child gets taken or seriously hurt.  please share and sign and stop these abusers  I will be streaming live on facebook when I get the chance to be interviewed by police 

Gem Fox
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Stop Crimes Against Animals- All laws have to be imposed and new laws needs to be added

Dear all,I would like to use this platform to raise one grave concern i have and to draw your kind attention towards a menace that has been taking place in India and here in delhi.I am an animal lover and want to be their voice infront of you and want justice.We have many animal protection laws in India but i am afraid to say not more than 10% of laws would be followed by us indians.And these days new cases are arising....Few are raping bitches and goats.I have only one request to all of them and ammend the animal protection laws we have in india and no rapist should be left. Rape is a rape be it is done with humans or with animals ,so punishment has to be same atleast when we have proof.Recent case has been reported in delhi where a pregnent bitch was tortured to death in ncr and where a goat was raped and then was tortured to death..cctv footage is there to prove him me to bring him behind the bars.Hoping for a positve support from you all and from all indians and from entire world..ThanksAnimal lover

Ritika Kaul
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Bleeding NH-8 alongwith Kherki Daula Gurgaon Toll Plaza robbing passengers everyday

We want to address 2 critical issues with this petition. 1. It’s very common to observe pedestrians  jumping from divider fencing and crossing highway every day. It causes a lot of casualties and economic loss to the passengers of NH-8. There are lack of pedestrian arrangements across the stretch of Manesar Toll. It’s called highway but we can hardly find any Patrolling Vehicle, which could stop pedestrians from jumping fence. We are paying toll taxes for the maintenance and road safety. But it’s not being utilized for the same purpose. We are using this highway at our own risk.   2. Kherki Daula Gurgaon Toll is mandatory to reach companies in IMT Manesar using NH-8 from Gurgaon. There are 3 dedicated lane of Passtag / Fastag, which are always choked due to lack of systematic approach and poor use of technology. Whereas CASH lane is always moving, but time taken to pass Tag lanes is much longer. Instead of improving the system of these lanes, we could observe the increase in number of goons in Toll uniform, who misbehave and threaten us every time, we pass this toll plaza. We have heard many times, that this toll is going to be shifted from present location. But it seems that it is just a news, without any action taken on the same. Request the Toll users to support this petition, so that our daily pain can be reduced and we feel safe while passing from NH-8.

Sandeep Kumar
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Let all the girls be happy !

Today it has become a fear to many of the girls to go alone. And parents are threatened to give birth to a girl child. To overcome these fears there should be violent action taken on the rapists. When this is done, a fear will be created among all the men which leads to the decrease in rape cases. Innocent girls are being sedated,raped and killed. This is unfair. Just for the sake of a man's 'lust' a girl's life is being effected. Killing all those rapists creates awareness among all the men. So do please punish the guilty violently which creates a change in the society. How long are going to face all these ? Let us be the change. I'm signing this petition just to be one of those responsible citizens who wants to change the society and also as a girl, I want to live with freedom but not fear.

Madhavi Varma
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Heights of cheating in Hospitality Industry - Journeys By Jukaso

Dear Citizens, I want to tell you a small story about how are sentiments and trust is being cheated by service industry by fraud companies sitting in heart of Gurgaon. (Please take out some time and read it for a while) I was given an offer for 10 yrs. membership by Jukaso by Journeys a Gurgaon based holiday clubs membership company. Which even I was looking for quite sometime. Me and my wife went to their hotel they gave us a warm welcome explained the entire product properly, showed us the list of owned and tied up properties with benefits of free trip of 5 days 6 nights on any property in India along with free air tickets and another complementary trip for 2 days at Jukaso properties. The entire proposal sounds pretty convincing and after checking the rates of hotels shown by then on other sites we were totally convinced. And made immediate payment of 1,15,000/-. Post this there team was giving us calls every now and then the moment we received our kit suddenly everything was stopped we also got occupied in our daily life. After a month and half we tried contacting them but their numbers were not reachable when finally after trying to contact them multiple times we finally got chance to connect with their team. When we again asked for the property list for planning our vacation all destinations and hotels are changed now what we are witnessing are real tieup properties which are as good as normal lodges. Then when we tried contacting one property from Jim Corbett that is Bikampur Lodge they told us that they have closed booking because of weather condition. Again after a month we contacted for same property but now they said its under construction wend searched on Trip Advisor we easily got booking and when discussed with Hotel officials we got to know that they don't have any tie up with Journeys By Jukaso.  When we went to there office the team were not interested listening to our issue and slowly all their commitments turned out to be bogus and fraud. When we asked for our refund they simply said we have our return policy of refund within 10 days and now we have to surrender 60% even we have not used any of their services. When we asked for filing complain they simply said already they have few 100 complains running if we want to complain we can also file in consumer court. I request all of you guys to support me for and sign petition for closure of such fraud companies who are meant for only cheating customers.  

shakti singh
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Regarding this incident a complaint was received by the Gurgaon Police on 30 May 2015 itself. In accordance with law, a criminal investigation was set into motion and an FIR was recorded on 31 May 2015. Upon finding credible evidence the accused Shailender Chauhan was arrested the very next day itself and produced before the judicial magistrate which sent him to jail. The accused filed a bail application before the court and he was granted bail by the court on 5 Jun 2015 after spending five days in jail. Although certain facts of the case could not find mention in the FIR, these were subsequently recorded in the supplementary statement of the complainant and legally it has the equivalent evidentiary value as that of an FIR. There is no provision in law to amend the FIR once registered. The police would soon be filing a charge sheet against the accused under the following sections of Indian Penal Code: a. 323 - Causing Hurt, b. 506 - Criminal Intimidation, c. 354 - Use of Criminal force to outrage the modesty of a women; and d. 354D - Stalking Suitable departmental action was taken against the officer who did not file the FIR upon receiving the compalint on 30 May 2015 itself and he was suspended for this negligence the very next day. The accused and his family members have been strongly advised by Gurgaon Police not to approach the victim in any manner in future otherwise strict legal action may be initiated against him. A lady police officer is also in touch with the victim on a regular basis to ensure her well bring and safety. Gurgaon Police has the highest regard an compassion for women safety in Gurgaon. Gurgaon Police also have specially appointed a Nodal Officer of the rank of Deputy Commissioner of Police to look into matters relating to North East origin people in Gurgaon. Gurgaon Police has taken all possible legal action in the matter and is also continuously in touch with the victim to ensure that there is no untoward incident with her in future.

3 years ago