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Force Comcast to stop gathering info of their customers when they access the internet

Due to the reversal of FCC regulations and laws under U.S. President Donald Trump, as of May 1, 2017, broadband internet service suppliers, such as cable and telecommunications companies, can track and sell a customer’s online information. This means that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) right now can track location, internet usage, financial records, and history. On top of the provocative changes already made, ISPs no longer have to alert one if a hacker has gained access to this data, so you never know who has control of your information thanks to the internet. Our goal is to stop and spread awareness of the potential safety hazards that it produces, as well as provide a solution. In order to target and solve this problem we urge Comcast, the largest ISP, to become a leader and example of good ISP practices by stopping the tracking or selling any and all consumer data. We believe that the change in policy government has initiated is a breach of privacy, and not just or legal under the 14th amendment of the constitution. As for some it is near impossible to switch ISP’s, not to mention inability function without the internet in today’s world. According to Slate however, what makes it worse is the lack of protection the ISP’s put on our information once they have it, leaving it vulnerable to hackers and others who wish to use that information to harm us. As you can imagine, lack of protection of financial information as well as location and browsing history can lead to many unfortunate situations, the primary of which is blackmail. According to NPR, with this information now in the hands of the ISP’s there is very little we can do to protect ourselves. The natural question is then, what can we do? Seeing as this just passed congress, and given the current look of congress we believe there is no hope in fixing this on the federal level. So we must convince the ISP’s to not use the power they now have. We are specifically targeting Comcast, the current largest provider in the U.S. If we can convince the largest ISP that as consumers we will not stand for all of our information being tracked and sold, then we can create a market where choices are reasonable, and we will not be forced to worry about safety, privacy or security. However, just signing a petition is not enough, we are ask you to vote with your wallet and boycott Comcast until they agree to no longer track our information. This will start a world where we can all have our privacy and feel secure using the things we have to for work, school, and leisure.

Grant Liberman
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Comcast: Stop Funding Accused Child Molester Roy Moore

Tell Comcast to stop funding the RNC so long as it supports accused child molester Roy Moore. Comcast has given at least $100,000 this year to the Republican National Committee -- which is now funding Roy Moore's Senate campaign. This means that Comcast's money is being used to help elect an accused child sex abuser. Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore has been accused of child sex assault by multiple credible sources. On Wednesday, December 6, news surfaced that the RNC had just poured an additional $170,000 into Moore's campaign. Join me in calling on Comcast and its subsidiary, NBCUniversal, to stop funding the RNC unless it permanently withdraws its support from Roy Moore's campaign. So long as the leaders of Comcast / NBCUniversal continue to fund the RNC, they are complicit in trying to elect Roy Moore to the United States Senate.  If Comcast stops funding the RNC, other companies will follow suit. Join the call for Comcast / NBC Universal to stop funneling money through the RNC to elect a person accused of child sex assault. (Here's a source documenting Comcast's contributions.)

Charlotte Hill
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Petitioning Federal communications, Federal Communications Commission, President of the United States, AT&T, Comcast

If Net Neutrality is Repealed, I Will Boycott Internet Services

In an American era where the values of free speech, progress, and innovation are increasingly threatened, the free and equal internet serves as a haven for ingenuity, discovery, and cultural conversation. Media monopolies finally have a figurehead seated at the helm of the FCC. Their current move to 'deregulate' the free and equal internet is a move to hand the internet over to the same corporate powers that have been taking over our government. Underground and smaller-scale artists, writers, activists, and entrepreneurs will be silenced; Political discourse can be orchestrated behind the scenes; The ears and eyes, hearts, minds and wallets of the American public will be sold to the highest bidder. We've all heard remarks that the loss of a free and equal internet could be a call to simpler times. Many of us have learned helplessness in the face of threats to our basic freedoms, where efforts to mobilize in an attempt to save things as basic as freedom of speech and clean water are being squashed by the Oligarchy. With an internet that continues to be consumed, but is controlled by big money and devoid of the true voices of the people, we will be moving into an era of information monopoly, control, and censorship. In the case that protections for a free and equal internet are revoked: The only way to ensure that we will retain a sense of efficacy as consumers, and perhaps the only way to make these soul-less corporations feel our distain, is to promptly cancel at least one of our subscriptions to the 'services' they are selling us, if not all, at least temporarily (if not permanently). So much of the American population has grown accustomed to being 'plugged-in' on a 24-hour basis. While those who suffer from an addiction to social media may not be willing to take such drastic action, those of us who lived at least part of our adult lives without forums, selfies, and non-stop social simulation could wield a powerful force to influence a future in which truth and freedom will continue to be harbored and accessible in American media. WE, THE PEOPLE, WILL SEVER SUBSCRIPTIONS, PAYMENTS, AND TIES TO SERVICE PROVIDERS IN THE CASE THAT NET NEUTRALITY IS REPEALED. In 2015, the average subscription pay-TV customer paid $123 per month for pay-TV ( That same year, figures for monthly internet service averaged $50 per month, I'm currently billed at about $60 for home service and an additional $15 for mobile internet. If the internet becomes infiltrated by corporate interest and content geared toward funneling sales and political power, it will become one giant algorithmic salesman, generating desires and problems in order to tout solutions in the guise of choice. Many will go about their daily lives oblivious, responding to the online assault in predictable ways, by making purchases and forming beliefs they will not even be aware of. I refuse to pay someone to come into my home and try to influence my mind, my actions, and how I choose to waste my time and money. I would rather give that money over to a few DVD rentals, lunch with a group of concerned citizens, a night out at the movies, and the independent media outlet of my choosing. Though many of us may not have fallen prey to the addictive nature of social media, we continue to consume entertainment via the internet, we have uploaded vast stores of our own personal media (photos, video, music, cloud storage) to the internet, and we connect with friends both near and far. To put it bluntly, they think they have us by the balls. It's time to put our money where our minds are, out of the control of those who seek to control us.  Join me in vowing to cancel all subscriptions to internet and cable services in the unfortunate event that our free and equal internet is handed over to American monopolies. You can commit to end subscriptions for a month, a year, or indefinitely. When you sign your name, decide how long you will disconnect and share your commitment with your circle of friends. If protections are repealed, those who vow to hit these monsters where it hurts will immediately cease payments and subscriptions. We will announce our departures and then share some of the cool things we're doing in lieu of daily internet engagement from a seat at the local Mom and Pop shop once or twice a week. Where we have will, we will find or make a way. Imagine $60-$100 per person committing to cancel their services, per month! This is the only way to get the greediest of the greedy to listen the voice of the people. 

Troubled Girl
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Please add Shalom World, faith based entertainment network, to my local cable network.

Shalom World TV, the new HD Faith Based Family Entertainment Channel, is not available on my local cable network. The signal for this channel is available for FREE in North America on AMC 18 satellite. This channel has been broadcasting amazing programs for the past two years. I request all the cable networks in North America to add this channel to their basic channel lineup.  Please sign this petition!   

Shalom World
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Petitioning Bridget Lepore, Brianna Riggi, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Federal Communications Commission

The Battle for Net Neutrality

Do you want start paying for Internet access, emails, text messages, and so much more? Most people like how the internet is now without paying for it so why change it? We don't have to pay for internet now because of Net Neutrality. Net Neutrality is the principle that internet service providers allow us to view whatever we want on the internet without having anything blocked. It keeps our right of Freedom of speech and allows us not to pay extra to use certain websites. Without net Neutrality service providers can block websites they don't want us to see. Our Kean University critical reading class feels it's important to save net neutrality because we all use the internet freely on a daily basis. We would like to raise awareness to stop companies from restricting and putting a price on the internet because we believe it would negatively effect our community. We plan on raising awareness outside of Kean to our friends and family by sharing this petition and doing other activities on campus. We care about Net Neutrality because it directly effects our generation. We grew up using the internet and using it whenever we chose for free. If we were forced to pay for using certain apps and websites we wouldn't use the internet that much anymore. Think about what the future would be like if we had to pay for the internet and its necessities instead of using the internet how we use it now. 

Dean Ridente
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Petitioning Comcast Corporation

Stop the inhumane killing of baby birds that are in nesting in cable boxes

Comcast needs to ensure that birds cannot nest in cable wire/ outlet boxes that are mounted on the sides of many apartment,condo buildings and some homes. If they do find that birds have nested, they should use caution in removing the nests and birds if need be by setting them down in a safe place near a tree or bush. They should also let the local wildlife association know their whereabouts if possible. Ideally, Comcast would make sure older boxes are sealed or replaced with newer animal proof boxes. Recently, there has been an onslaught of killings of baby birds in the Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. Comcast workers have been witnessed flinging the nests out of the boxes onto the streets, and also stepping on and squashing the birds as if they are garbage. Several of these birds have been attempted to be rescued by good Samaritans, or brought into the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation Center which is a non-for-profit rescue that relies on donations to care for the injured birds or humanly euthanize them if need be. Just today, dozens of apartment buildings in the Downtown Arlington Heights area were raided by the Comcast Technicians. Two workers were witness flinging an almost full grown baby bird to the ground from high placed cable box. The bird was injured and terrified. The workers did the same to all the nests in the buildings and killed several starlings - tossing them to the ground, stepping on them and squashing these nearly full grown baby birds. The poor baby birds were only days away from being able to fly. Several residents have been rescuing the birds, by placing wooden nesting houses in the trees and relocating the surviving starlings. Unfortunately, Comcast continues to kill and hurt the birds - and only a lucky few have survived. Comcast needs to find a solution to this problem and stop workers from harming these defenseless animals. Comcast is a huge company, and a very profitable one as well. They need to take care of this ASAP!! SPREAD THE WORD!!

Crystal Grace
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Petitioning MSNBC, Comcast, Phil Griffin, NBC

Remove Morning Joe

Joe Scarborough is dishonest, a bully and even edits interviews so the Democrats won't be shown in a good light. Today he edited someone debunking the entire email "scandal" of Hillary Clinton. He is misleading the public.He should not be on a news show, here's the proof of today

jacqui smith
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Petitioning Comcast, AT&T

The Lie of Comcast Data Caps

In an increasingly cloud connected and IoT world, we are faced with a conundrum. Many of the population of the U.S.A live in an area where the is either a functional duopoly or monopoly on internet connections or has limited access to internet at all. In my area in West Michigan we have two choices, AT&T (which is VERY slow ~15mbps AND has data caps) or Comcast (which has data caps). So Comcast is the only real option for a true high-speed connection. In a world where games no longer come on disks, but are available ONLY as downloads, this 1024 GB usage limit is a reverse in modernization of our ISPs and a clear money grab by a company that does NOT care about the customer, but only their bottom line. To put 1024 GB into perspective, Gears of War 4, has a download size of over 100GB, so you could use up 10% of your available data on ONE game. When the rest of your family is streaming music, Netflix in 4K, Youtube, Hulu, downloading/uploading images, or as a photography professional, uploading RAW images which could range in 30-50MB EACH, you can see where this begins to be a problem.  To be clear, I am 100% pro capitalism, but this is how capitalism works, they have a choice to make ridiculous and anti-consumer decisions in their policies, and we have a choice to fight it or leave. In this case there is no real option to leave, so we will have to fight it! Comcast claims, arbitrarily, "A terabyte of data is enough to power 12,000 hours of online gaming in a month." This is a vast overstatement, and a total misdirection for the average consumer. This data is a number that THEY came up with, does not include voice chat over services like Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord, etc, and does not include streaming to Twitch. It also does not include ANY other use of the internet, including updating those games that you are playing, which require frequent updates to even start up, or any other usage or streaming on the internet by anyone else in the house. Another claim by Comcast is that this is about "fairness" and that "you use more, you'll pay more, you use less, you'll pay less" but again, this is at best a misdirection, and at worst a total lie. Those who use less are not paying less, they are paying the same that we all already have been paying, and are only increasing the cost for those of us who utilize their internet connections everyday. Also, the amount of data you are using does not affect Comcast in anyway and does not increase costs to Comcast at all. This is completely and unequivocally a money grab. In conclusion, as more and more things become internet connected, video becomes higher quality, games get larger, and more people have more than 1 device connected at a time, this data cap sets a dangerous precedent for everyone, and not just "the 1% of users use more than 1TB of data" as our worlds become increasingly connected. This can turn into what the cellphone industry turned into, paying for different amount of data access, and no one wants that, except money hungry Comcast!  

Anthony Punt
382 supporters
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Fox Free Cable Package

Create a completely Fox Free cable package option. Viewers shouldn't have to pay for News Corp to spread its mistruths. People talk about how divided America has become, and I believe that Fox News has had a major part in this.  Fox News has convinced its viewers that it, and only it, covers the news fairly.  They do it for profit, to keep a captive audience.  But in doing so, they distort reality for their captive viewers. Reality:  Sexual molestation is bad.  Fox News: It was locker room talk. Reality: Russia interfering in our election is bad.  Fox News: It wasn't illegal. Reality: Separating children from their family is really bad.  Fox News: The Democrats are the ones doing it. Obviously they can say what they want.  But when you think about it, if you get Fox News, you're paying Fox News.  And I promise you I will never intentionally pay News Corp a single penny ever again.  So I cut cable.  But here's the problem.  I still want Sportscenter.  Weather Channel.   NFL channel.  SEC Network.  Normal stuff.  So here's my request: Create a completely Fox Free cable package where not a single penny of my money goes to News Corp. I hope this isn't a huge ask, mainly cause there's lots of cable providers.  And the first one to do it gets my money for life cause I'm too lazy to switch!

Matt Joseph
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Louisa County deserves more high-speed Internet options!

In December 2016, Canada declared high-speed internet a "basic telecommunications service that every citizen should be able to access" (Vincent, The Verge).  There is little doubt that convenient access to high-speed Internet is becoming essential to daily life.  Why, then, in 2017, is it still absolutely impossible to access something as basic as high-speed Internet in some parts of the U.S.?   For example, as a recent college graduate, I would love to be able to return to work in my hometown of Louisa County, but I have severe concerns that the lack of Internet options at my home in the county, where there are currently NO high-speed options, would really hinder my success.  I am sure I am not the only one in Louisa who feels limited in their personal and/ or professional lives by the absolute lack of access to reliable Internet.   We may have satellite options in most places, but let's consider a cost and speed comparison: Satellite:HughesNet: $69.99/mo (first 12 mos.) for 50 GB plan at 25 Mbps down/ 3 Mbps upExcede: $100/ mo. for 50 GB plan at 12 Mbps down/ 3 up Cable/FiOs:Comcast Xfinity: $59.99/ mo. (first 12 months) for unlimited access up to 200 Mbps downVerizon Fios: $39.99/ mo. (first 12 months) for unlimited access 50 Mbps up/down Comcast and Verizon also have bundles which can include TV and phone as well.  As you can see, there is really no comparison between satellite and cable/ fiber internet options.  Satellite internet is limiting, overpriced, unreliable, and outdated.  For the same price (or less!) that you're limited with Exede or HughesNet by a data cap and low speeds, Comcast and Verizon offer unlimited plans with MUCH faster speeds.  It is 2017, and rural areas deserve access to reliable internet! If this county had more widespread access to high-speed data connections, I believe it could attract more young professionals and college graduates (like myself), which could equal more money, new job opportunities, etc.  Not only could it attract a new demographic, but it would provide convenience and open up job opportunities for current citizens.  In the two days that this petition has been live, it has received almost 200 signatures.  Many citizens comment that they have had to turn down jobs, wish they could move somewhere with reliable Internet for better work, etc.  It truly does make a difference.  Students are often expected to use the Internet at home for assignments, because teachers are supposed to stay up-to-date on technology in the classroom.  Without reliable Internet access, Louisa county as a whole suffers.  Its current citizens suffer, its children suffer, and the county suffers because it does not attract new talent to move here!  I do not mean to say that Louisa County should become a booming city; its small-town personality is what people love.  However, its citizens deserve access to reliable internet to be able to keep up with the demands of a tech-savvy environment.        Your signature on this petition will represent to Internet providers and local government that you agree it is time for consistent, reliable high-speed (NON-SATELLITE) Internet options in Louisa County!  If you already have high-speed Internet in the county, consider yourself privileged, but I also encourage you to sign this petition in support of those who do not (Cuckoo, Bumpass, Jackson, etc.).  Furthermore, signing this petition represents that, if available, you would be willing to become a high-speed Internet customer. Again, even if you already have Internet access please consider signing this petition as a supporter.  If you don't live in the county, same thing.  Please consider showing your support!  Thank you.   

Meagan Lawrence
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