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Force Comcast to stop gathering info of their customers when they access the internet

Due to the reversal of FCC regulations and laws under U.S. President Donald Trump, as of May 1, 2017, broadband internet service suppliers, such as cable and telecommunications companies, can track and sell a customer’s online information. This means that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) right now can track location, internet usage, financial records, and history. On top of the provocative changes already made, ISPs no longer have to alert one if a hacker has gained access to this data, so you never know who has control of your information thanks to the internet. Our goal is to stop and spread awareness of the potential safety hazards that it produces, as well as provide a solution. In order to target and solve this problem we urge Comcast, the largest ISP, to become a leader and example of good ISP practices by stopping the tracking or selling any and all consumer data. We believe that the change in policy government has initiated is a breach of privacy, and not just or legal under the 14th amendment of the constitution. As for some it is near impossible to switch ISP’s, not to mention inability function without the internet in today’s world. According to Slate however, what makes it worse is the lack of protection the ISP’s put on our information once they have it, leaving it vulnerable to hackers and others who wish to use that information to harm us. As you can imagine, lack of protection of financial information as well as location and browsing history can lead to many unfortunate situations, the primary of which is blackmail. According to NPR, with this information now in the hands of the ISP’s there is very little we can do to protect ourselves. The natural question is then, what can we do? Seeing as this just passed congress, and given the current look of congress we believe there is no hope in fixing this on the federal level. So we must convince the ISP’s to not use the power they now have. We are specifically targeting Comcast, the current largest provider in the U.S. If we can convince the largest ISP that as consumers we will not stand for all of our information being tracked and sold, then we can create a market where choices are reasonable, and we will not be forced to worry about safety, privacy or security. However, just signing a petition is not enough, we are ask you to vote with your wallet and boycott Comcast until they agree to no longer track our information. This will start a world where we can all have our privacy and feel secure using the things we have to for work, school, and leisure.

Grant Liberman
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Project Blue Book - Save the award winning Mystery Drama TV Series

Save Project Blue Book #SaveBlueBook History Channel has regrettably cancelled the series in May 2020 after two seasons as the company is pursuing mini-series only from now on. According to executive producers David O´Leary (creator) and Sean Jablonski (showrunner) as well as leading actor Michael Malarkey who portrays 'Captain Michael Quinn' season 3 is ready to go as it has already been fleshed out in early 2020! We need every fan to make a clear statement and to have the series picked up by another studio or channel to let the investigations continue!  The series revolves around the real-life Project Blue Book, a secret series of investigations into supposed UFO encounters and unexplained phenomena undertaken by the United States Air Force with skeptical astrophysics professor Dr. J. Allen Hynek in the 1950’s and 1960’s. With his partner, Air Force veteran Captain Michael Quinn, they investigate sightings across the U.S., and Dr. Hynek discovers that not everything can be explained by science. The series has been created by David O'Leary starring Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones), Michael Malarkey (The Vampire Diaries), Laura Mennell (Van Helsing), Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl), Michael Harney (Orange is the new black) and Neal McDonough (Band of Brothers, Desperate Housewives). Executive producers are Robert Zemeckis, David O'Leary and Sean Jablonski. Production companies were A&E Studios, History, Compari Entertainment and ImageMovers. There are so many cases based on true events Project Blue Book has to offer after 2 seasons! The series tells true history which makes it even more special and important .  2.5 million weekly viewers in the U.S. can't be wrong. The series has aired quite all over the world in 165 countries and is set to be The X-Files of today's generation. 137 countries are supporting the petition already. Please support Project Blue Book and the talented people involved creating this masterpiece by signing the petition so it get's the attention it deserves and will be continued from another home in the near future!  Please share the petition on social media by using the hashtag #SaveBlueBook on Instagram and Twitter. Thank you! 

Carsten Krikorka
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If Net Neutrality is Repealed, I Will Boycott Internet Services

In an American era where the values of free speech, progress, and innovation are increasingly threatened, the free and equal internet serves as a haven for ingenuity, discovery, and cultural conversation. Media monopolies finally have a figurehead seated at the helm of the FCC. Their current move to 'deregulate' the free and equal internet is a move to hand the internet over to the same corporate powers that have been taking over our government. Underground and smaller-scale artists, writers, activists, and entrepreneurs will be silenced; Political discourse can be orchestrated behind the scenes; The ears and eyes, hearts, minds and wallets of the American public will be sold to the highest bidder. We've all heard remarks that the loss of a free and equal internet could be a call to simpler times. Many of us have learned helplessness in the face of threats to our basic freedoms, where efforts to mobilize in an attempt to save things as basic as freedom of speech and clean water are being squashed by the Oligarchy. With an internet that continues to be consumed, but is controlled by big money and devoid of the true voices of the people, we will be moving into an era of information monopoly, control, and censorship. In the case that protections for a free and equal internet are revoked: The only way to ensure that we will retain a sense of efficacy as consumers, and perhaps the only way to make these soul-less corporations feel our distain, is to promptly cancel at least one of our subscriptions to the 'services' they are selling us, if not all, at least temporarily (if not permanently). So much of the American population has grown accustomed to being 'plugged-in' on a 24-hour basis. While those who suffer from an addiction to social media may not be willing to take such drastic action, those of us who lived at least part of our adult lives without forums, selfies, and non-stop social simulation could wield a powerful force to influence a future in which truth and freedom will continue to be harbored and accessible in American media. WE, THE PEOPLE, WILL SEVER SUBSCRIPTIONS, PAYMENTS, AND TIES TO SERVICE PROVIDERS IN THE CASE THAT NET NEUTRALITY IS REPEALED. In 2015, the average subscription pay-TV customer paid $123 per month for pay-TV ( That same year, figures for monthly internet service averaged $50 per month, I'm currently billed at about $60 for home service and an additional $15 for mobile internet. If the internet becomes infiltrated by corporate interest and content geared toward funneling sales and political power, it will become one giant algorithmic salesman, generating desires and problems in order to tout solutions in the guise of choice. Many will go about their daily lives oblivious, responding to the online assault in predictable ways, by making purchases and forming beliefs they will not even be aware of. I refuse to pay someone to come into my home and try to influence my mind, my actions, and how I choose to waste my time and money. I would rather give that money over to a few DVD rentals, lunch with a group of concerned citizens, a night out at the movies, and the independent media outlet of my choosing. Though many of us may not have fallen prey to the addictive nature of social media, we continue to consume entertainment via the internet, we have uploaded vast stores of our own personal media (photos, video, music, cloud storage) to the internet, and we connect with friends both near and far. To put it bluntly, they think they have us by the balls. It's time to put our money where our minds are, out of the control of those who seek to control us.  Join me in vowing to cancel all subscriptions to internet and cable services in the unfortunate event that our free and equal internet is handed over to American monopolies. You can commit to end subscriptions for a month, a year, or indefinitely. When you sign your name, decide how long you will disconnect and share your commitment with your circle of friends. If protections are repealed, those who vow to hit these monsters where it hurts will immediately cease payments and subscriptions. We will announce our departures and then share some of the cool things we're doing in lieu of daily internet engagement from a seat at the local Mom and Pop shop once or twice a week. Where we have will, we will find or make a way. Imagine $60-$100 per person committing to cancel their services, per month! This is the only way to get the greediest of the greedy to listen the voice of the people. 

Troubled Girl
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A few days ago, DNC Chairman Tom Perez and the DNC Democratic National Committee released their 2020 Milwaukee DNC Convention committee appointments which read like a veritable Who's Who of corporate thugs, lobbyists, neoliberal conservatives, and CROOKS. These appointments were made UNDEMOCRATICALLY and solely by Chairman Perez with no votes by the larger 450+ member DNC body. Autocratic, undemocratic behavior. After the exposed rigging of the 2016 Democratic presidential nominating process and convention in favor of Hillary Clinton, the DNC, largely due to pressure by the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and larger grassroots movement, instituted a DNC Unity Reform Commission comprised of progressive grassroots Sanders supporters alongside neoliberal corporatist Clinton supporters, and came up with a "truce" in the form of some changes to DNC nomination rules, including the agreed upon compromise to remove the ability of "superdelegates" to vote on the first nomination ballot at the convention (a compromise since the Sanders coalition of the Unity Reform Commission pushed heavily for complete abolition of superdelegates), amongst other important agreements reached in the 2016 Democratic Party Platform. Chairman Perez has violated this "truce" and the spirit of the Reform Unity Commission's important and challenging work, and continues on the path of intentionally violating the trust of grassroots progressive voters and supporters of Bernie Sanders in this 2020 election. It appears that not only are the DNC and Chairman Perez AGAIN putting their "thumb on the scale" in this nomination process, but putting an ELEPHANT on the scale to favor non-progressive aka conservative presidential candidates such as Joe Biden. This REEKS of corruption and crookedness. Just like 2016, if not EVEN WORSE AND MORE BLATANT. Just when we voters thought the DNC couldn't possibly show more corruption and bias, Chairman Perez was also exposed a few days later in a private scheme to pay himself and his DNC deputies special "exit" bonuses, should they be fired or replaced by a new Democratic President (likely to happen perhaps should Sanders become the party nominee and/or President). INCREDIBLE. Even DNC members are aghast at this level of corruption and crooked self enrichment behind the curtains at the DNC by Chairman Perez. In 2016, then DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was embarrassingly asked to resign in shame over her exposed rigging of the 2016 presidential nomination process and convention. So bad was it that incoming interim replacement chairwoman, Donna Brazile, wrote a book about the rigging, and apologized publicly to Senator Sanders and his supporters. In response to this now proven DNC rigging and corruption recurring again now in 2020, we the people and voters of America, DEMAND that : Chairman Perez and his 2 deputies resign effective immediately from the DNC and their positions the DNC replace Chairman Perez IMMEDIATELY with an interim chairperson that is agreeable to both sides or factions of the party, progressive Sanders/Warren and conservative corporatists, such as Larry Cohen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Nina Turner, Congresswomen Tlaib or Omar, Dr Cornel West or other. the committee appointments by Chairman Perez be immediately rescinded or withdrawn and that the DNC democratically ELECT (not appoint) replacements that offer 50% of appointments to progressive Sanders/Warren supporters and the other 50% to more traditional corporatist Clinton Obama types, and that no committee have a single chairperson, but rather that each convention committee, and most importantly the convention RULES COMMITTEE, have 2 co-equal co-chairs (one progressive Sanders and the other traditional CLinton/Obama) to prevent ANY autocratic behaviors or decisions from any convention committee that could bias the process or outcomes of the presidential nominating or platform processes. IT IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE for the DNC and its chairperson or members to engage in intentional bias, rigging, or tipping of the scales in the presidential nomination process or outcomes. We also implore both the Sanders and Warren presidential campaigns and their grassroots supporters to apply the most amount of public and private pressure possible on Chairman Perez and the DNC to IMMEDIATELY rectify this untenable rigging situation and that the DNC issue an immediate public statement to the media and the public admitting its recurring bias and rigging, and how it is being corrected. AMERICAN VOTERS (both traditional Democrats as well as even more important in number INDEPENDENTS) CHOOSE THE DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE, NOT THE DNC OR ITS CHAIRPERSON OR COMMITTEES. The lawsuit against the DNC for rigging the 2016 nomination has now gone to the United States SUPREME COURT. Does the DNC **really** want to rig another nomination while they are being sued in federal court with a case against them for similar past egregious illegal behavior in 2016? The hubris of Chairman Perez and the DNC seems unbelievable. We the People and voters will simply no longer allow this to occur and then hear apologies afterwards. It must be prevented and stopped PROACTIVELY before the convention and nomination. Any further attempts by Chairman Perez, the DNC, its members and corporate lobbyists and donors, to rig this election will be met with EXTREME but perfectly legal and non-violent, peaceful countermeasures. The DNC is a corporation, incorporated in 1848 at that year's national convention. Corporations can be bankrupted and put out of business through perfectly legal means. We also call upon Senator Sanders, who seems to be the presumptive nominee and likely next President, to immediately FIRE all 450+ members of the DNC, and replace them with honest, transparent, non-corporate grassroots Democrats who will act in the interest of the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, and not be in servitude to the 1%, corporations, and evidently intent on destroying the planet in light of the Climate Change EMERGENCY CRISIS we are in worldwide. Chairman Perez and exit bonus corruption: Chairman Perez DNC Convention rigged committee appointments: Chairman Perez PROMISED NO MORE RIGGING after his election as chairman: Signed, OUTRAGED American Voters    

Reform The DNC NOW
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Bring Back Sliders

It's been years since the finale of the scifi series Sliders. But a new beginning could close the book to a job unfinished. Those first two seasons had the perfect blend of adventure, fiction and comedy. It was the 90s, it was a time where things were indeed more simple and less complicated. There’s no question that it was the golden era for science fiction on television. Any and every 90s show seems to be getting the nod for a reboot. Whether it be Full House, or the X-Files there’s something missing and it’s Sliders. There’s one supreme advantage that Sliders has over these other shows. It’s the literal unlimited possibilities writers could create for parallel worlds. And I’m afraid that your studio, Universal Studios, fails to see this as an advantage. Jerry O’Connell once said that’s why he loves Sliders so much because “its not like other televisions shows where you’re stuck in a emergency room every episode or you’re stuck in police precinct. It’s a different show every week.” The possibilities are indeed endless with different dimensions. The man to get the job done for a miniseries would be Sliders co-creator Tracy Tormé who has won the hearts and minds of a cult scifi generation. When Slidecage interviewed Jerry O’Connell and talked about a possible reprise he mentioned that Tormé is the boss. And rightly so. He would be the one who has seen what has worked and what hasn’t in his time working on Sliders. His experience with writing and negotiating in a day and age where the parallel universe concept is becoming more widely known is key to success. If you’re truly connected to a story and characters of a science fiction medium you want to know the whole story, not a new one. What would “Back to the Future” be without Michael J. Fox? Or “Indiana Jones” without Harrison Ford? There are many fans here and abroad waiting, hoping, believing that a return will happen. That’s not to say a series reinvention is out of the question, but capping off a cliffhanger story is more important. Obviously it wouldn’t be an easy feat to explain a resolution to the chaos that ensued over two and a half seasons. Trying to tell a new story to new viewers and old diehard fans would require a delicate and precise balancing act.  A theatrical movie would be out of the question. The average movie length is two hours which would likely not give enough time to wrap up the past and give us more action beyond that. A continuation with a new season six could end up in disaster with cast changes or even cancellation without a resolution yet again. It would seem the only viable option is a miniseries that could not only give enough screen time but allow a set finale that would leave everyone happy. Finally at that point, a reinvention or next generation would seem appropriate. Sliders went through a lot in five seasons. Actors left the show, plots drastically changed at times, and the series ended on a cliffhanger. Nevertheless Sliders still had very high ratings and kept continuity in it’s fifth and final season. Many would call the Sliders story a train wreck that could never be put back together. If Universal Studios leaves it a mess, its essentially a cheap shot to it’s fans. Let me explain. Co-Creator Tracy Tormé saw the need for viewers to be “in the know” about cliffhangers from one season to the next. The season one finale told the story about Quinn getting shot and the FOX Network felt no explantation was needed to show Quinn on his feet in the season two premiere episode. Essentially as Tormé puts it FOX wanted to “alienate the audience” and tell them you don’t matter, nor does the story. We do matter and we’re here to tell you that. Most of us would be delighted to see the original fantastic four return. Jerry O’Connell would definitely be interested with Tormé at the helm and I can’t help but feel Cleavant Derricks would be on board, especially after outlasting every other original cast member through its five year run. Obviously John Rhys-Davies and Sabrina Lloyd may be in question. Rhys-Davies had a difficult departure from the series to say the least, and Lloyd is overseas. Deep down Quinn, Rembrandt, Wade and the Professor are the bread and butter. And everyone knows it. Sliders doesn’t need to grow mature. Growing up in the 90s, Sliders was a relatively moral television series. Whether it be the violence of “The Walking Dead” or the sexual obsession in “Game of Thrones”, television shows today are pushing violent and sexual boundaries to the extreme. Sliders is something that was fun, comedic and adventurous in a wholesome way. If you have a good story there’s really no need for sexualizing and creating graphic violent scenes. Networks have really taken what was sparsely seen in the 90s and used it exponentially today for ratings. It’d be great to see the kids growing up today to experience such a show as we did in the 90s. Adventurous. Fun. Clean. Yet smart. Time is of essence. The prolific actor John Rhys-Davies is getting up in age along with the Tony Award winner Cleavant Derricks. Why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to bring back a show with John Rhys-Davies? The man has been a staple in blockbuster movie franchises such as “Indiana Jones”, “Lord of the Rings” and even “007”. It would only take time to tie up a loose end that co-creator Tracy Tormé was never able to finish and thats the wrong Arturo who slid with the Sliders after the episode “Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome”.  The existence of countless Sliders fan websites, fan fiction, it’s success on Netflix and presence in pop culture is still strong. Reviving the show to it’s roots with the original actors would be a television success with Tracy Tormé. It only takes a bit of research to discover how embedded Sliders is in the hearts and minds of TV fanatics. We haven’t forgotten. Take a look. ‘Haven’t you seen? Heard? Haven’t you looked around? Hasn’t any of this affected you at all? The universe has no conscience. So we have to.’ Don’t blow it. Thomas Birchfield,

Thomas Birchfield
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