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Prevent Oil and Gas Drilling Near The Great Sand Dunes National Park

The Great Sand Dunes of Colorado are some of the most unexpected and glorious natural features in the West. Protected within a 150,000 acre national park, the sand dunes roll and swerve in fantastic changing patterns and are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Now this incredible park is under attack. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning to auction off the mineral rights of thousands of acres of land just outside the park to the oil and gas industry. Please sign our petition to protect this natural wonder from destruction. Oil and gas developments can contaminate our water and air, destroy native plants, and harm or displace wildlife -- all of which are crucial to this fragile ecosystem. In addition, the park’s tourist industry is dependent on a healthy and protected ecosystem. The BLM has argued that the mountain ranges around the park will protect it from pollutants and have dismissed concerns about water contamination by saying the rain water flows to basins outside the park. But this is not a good enough answer. You can’t hide environmental dangers behind a mountain range. No matter how small or insignificant such developments seem, they still exact a price on the environment. Let's stop putting profit before the planet. Sign this petition to demand the Huerfano County Parcels 8080-8090 NOT be approved for auction!

Brendan Monogue
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We demand more security measures and mental health education at every school in Colorado!

There are so many gun laws that have already been put in place to deter these tragedies... which one worked? Which new one is going to work? How long should we wait for a solution? How many more of OUR sons, brothers, daughters, or sisters have to die before true action is taken to protect OUR children? WE cannot continue to do nothing. The children are pleading for us to step up since Congress cannot figure it out. The creators of this petition have children and the shootings scare US and OUR children. We don't want to send our kids to school and we're not alone! Any gun control measures in place today has not stopped it, more gun control wont stop it... Kids walked out of their peers vigil because politicians showed up pushing agendas. Sadly, a few days or weeks from now no one will be talking about the shooting in Highlands Ranch not until the next shooting and nothing will have been done. Even if there was some magical gun law that would work that did not infringe upon peoples beliefs and rights, it would take time to pass... time that the next victim DOES NOT have. It's time to secure our childrens schools and protect our kids. We do it for court houses and capitol buildings and police stations. WHY NOT do it for our kids? Are their lives not worth it to the state representatives who are protected by armed security? We call on the leaders whom we have elected in the State of Colorado to protect and serve OUR children. This isn't about right or left, gun control or no gun control.. THIS is about the safety of our children and no matter what side of the fence you are on we ALL share this all to common fear. Thoughts and prayers are always welcome and appreciated in times of tragedy and times of grief, but they're not stopping this madness. It is time to act and protect our children, teachers, and schools. It's time to implement more security measures. Some of the schools have SRO's but they are not there all of the time and many times they are assigned to several schools. A police officer needs to be assigned to each school. Every school door needs an alarm. Every teacher should have a panic button. Every school body (students) should have the right to vote within their schools if they want metal detectors. We NEED closed campuses. Once, we secure our children and make school safe again we need to continue to work together to figure out a long term solution. We need to heal our children. We DEMAND that more mental health resources and mental health education be made available immediately! They are pleading for parents to step up. LETS STAND WITH THEM, LETS GIVE THEM A VOICE!  Show your support by signing and show support by donating because if they won't get it done we have got to! Petition written on by Stacy Ravenscroft   

stacy ravenscroft
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Congress: Let all children of U.S. military service members unite with their families!

I’m Jenifer Bass, a U.S. Navy veteran, who served for 10 years, one-third in the Asia-Pacific region. It was due to my travel between ports in countries like Japan and Thailand that I first encountered amerasian children, and descendants, of U.S. service members and civilian contractors previously stationed overseas. Filipino Amerasians are abandoned and neglected biracial children of Filipino mothers and American fathers (mostly members of the US armed forces). In the Philippines alone, more than 52,000-plus children were born and left behind after the U.S. Navy withdrew the last of its military personnel in 1992. Right now, the U.S. government won’t legally recognize them as U.S. citizens, despite having been born to an American parent. The Philippine Embassy won't help them either. As a former US colony between 1898 and 1946, the Philippines was home to millions of US soldiers and their dependents, even after its independence. Until 1992, the country hosted two of the largest US military facilities outside the US – Clark Air Base and Subic Naval Base, which played major roles during the Vietnam and first Gulf wars. In 1982 US Public Law 97-359, or the Amerasian Act of 1982, allowed children from Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Kampuchea, or Thailand to move to the US and eventually become American citizens, but those who were from the Philippines were excluded from the law, an exclusion which was upheld by the US Senate on the basis that many Filipino Amerasians were “conceived from illicit affairs and prostitution”, and were born during peacetime. Today, there are estimated to be more than 250,000-plus children. Many amerasians are caught in a no-man’s land of discrimination and poverty -- most left behind by U.S. service members who are unaware that they’ve fathered children overseas. My friend John Haines is one of these sailors. In 2011, John discovered he was the father of a half-Filipino daughter, Jannette. He attempted to unite with her through the American Homecoming Act -- but was frustrated to learn that the Act did not apply to Filipino children of U.S. service members. Today, all John wants is to be united with his daughter and grandchildren. He, like so many other veterans are living with a “hole in their hearts” as they search for ways to unite with their children. There is hope. The Uniting Families Act of 2018, HR 1520, creates a specialized visa allowing military veterans and eligible civilian contractors to sponsor their children and grandchildren for U.S. citizenship. Currently, blood relationship must be proven by DNA test and the total number of visas granted will be capped at 5,000 each year. The issue takes on more urgency as so many of our veterans from our wars in Southeast Asia are getting older and dying each day -- without the chance to connect, or in some cases, reconnect with their own children. John’s daughter Jannette has already undertaken the DNA testing process, conclusively proving her relationship to her American father. All she’s waiting for is the opportunity to permanently unite with her father. There is a PBS documentary, "Left by the Ship" (2010), documenting a day in the life and the personal struggles as a Filipino amerasian on the never ending search for identity and their struggles to connect to their American military families. Please sign this petition to tell Congress that these families cannot wait another day. Pass the Uniting Families Act of 2017, HR 1520, now!

Jenifer Bass
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Petitioning Governor Jared Polis, Colorado State Senate, Colorado State House

Veto the recently passed 114 bill in Colorado

Two days after Election Day, Colorado passed proposition 114 with less than 1% standing between yes and no. The proposition reintroduced grey wolves to Colorado West of continental divide by 2023. Our elk and Deer herd populations are already suffering from current predators in the state, directly from CPW “CPW’s population objective for mule deer is approximately 560,000 statewide; the latest estimate puts the statewide population at under 450,000. CPW is not suggesting that the removal of predators is the solution to increasing statewide deer numbers to 560,000. These two research projects are designed to evaluate the extent to which predation is limiting deer population size in the two specific study areas”. We as conservationists understand that in a thriving and overbearing elk and deer environment wolves play a key role in the ecosystem. That is simply not the case for Colorado. Not forgetting the huge strain this would put on our wildlife, we need to remember our farm and ranching community as well, one of the largest in the nation calls Western Colorado home. A study done by David Bohnert, beef extension specialist and ruminant nutritionist at Oregon State University “After wolf introduction into Wyoming and Idaho, and expanding wolf population into Washington and Oregon, there was a growing perception and anecdotal reports by beef producers that the damages they were seeing went far beyond actual death losses”. Wolves affect ranchers' profit even if they never kill a calf. The bigger losses of disrupted grazing, lower pregnancy rates and weight loss are harder to measure than dead calves.  These are key factors that needed to be remembered in this vote, and it wasn't. This was a measure that had no business being on the ballot. As listed above many of Colorado's neighboring states are home to wolves, which are migration animals, they already are moving in to Colorado on their own. Shawn Martini, spokesperson for Coloradans for Protecting Wildlife, which opposes the initiative, says state biologists have previously declined to introduce wolves. “This is the first time that any species would be introduced via the ballot box, and there's a reason it's never been done before—direct democracy certainly has its limits,” he says. This is clearly not something that should have been voted on. Too many variables take place and the people voting have too little knowledge. The Eastern slope and suburban areas of the state had no business voting on something to only effect the western side of the state. This is a petition that tho barely won, needs to be reevaluated and over turned immediately. The signatures from the people will show support of that movement.

Kiffanie Davidson
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The Earth has been around for almost 5 billion years, with us modern humans evolving only about 200,000 years ago. In the 0.004% of our planet's total lifetime that we have been around for, we have managed to rip up around 46% of the trees worldwide in our luscious forests, pollute our majestic oceans and the almost-extinct coral reefs, and drive countless species to extinction. In fact, before the evolution of humans, less than 1 species per million went extinct annually; today, a devastating rate of 100-1,000 species per million are lost every year. We are destroying our planet faster than we can process the changes. These deaths are directly linked to habitat destruction by the hands of humans and climate change. According to the International Panel on Climate Change, "To keep the rise in global temperatures below 1.5C this century, emissions of carbon dioxide would have to be cut by 45% by 2030." Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, founder of the Potsdam Climate Institute, states that the climate may become irreparable if we don't reduce carbon dioxide emmisions in the next 18 months. We must act now, if we have any hope of preserving this planet for future generations to come. Our climate is in a crisis. The U.S. federal government, one of the largest and most influential democratic governments in the world, must declare a climate crisis IMMEDIATELY. Chief executive of the World Wildlife Fund, Tanya Steele puts it clearly: "We are the first generation to know we are destroying our planet and the last one that can do anything about it." Sign this petition to stand alongside us, and our planet. We are the ones who must save our Earth. The time is now!     Cover photo by NASA

Our Climate Crisis
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Protect the Public from Permanent Injury due to “Dry Needling” by Inadequately Trained PTs

Colorado State Senators and House Representatives:  Protect the Public from Permanent Injury due to “Dry Needling” by Inadequately Trained Physical Therapists in Colorado Do you know what “dry-needling” is?   It is acupuncture.   The American Medical Association (AMA) confirms it.  But, physical therapists in Colorado are using the term “dry needling” to practice acupuncture without having to meet state-required education and training standards for it.  Do you know that Colorado has the highest percentage of serious dry-needling injuries caused by physical therapists in the United States?  At least 34 serious “dry needling” injuries caused by non-acupuncturists have occurred in the United States in recent years.  The number jumped exponentially from 1 injury between the years of 2005-2009 to at least 21 injuries during 2010-2014.  At least 6 documented injuries, up to 20% have occurred in Colorado. What kinds of injuries?  Collapsed lungs (requiring surgery and hospitalization), permanent bowel dysfunction (such as incessant diarrhea), permanent partial paralysis, permanent loss of limb function, permanent nerve damage, and more. A physical therapist, with no training whatsoever in the insertion of acupuncture needles, can walk into weekend course on Friday and start inserting acupuncture needles up to half-a-foot long (6 inches) into patients on Monday morning.  There are NO national education standards, training standards, certification exams, accredited programs or schools for dry needling.  None.  That is why we are seeing these injuries.  Here are few examples of recent serious dry needling injuries: ●     In Colorado in November 2013, 17-year-old professional freeskier Torin Yater-Wallace suffered a penetrating right lung injury caused by a physical therapist performing dry needling. The injury resulted in a traumatic pneumothorax (a collapsed lung). He was treated for the traumatic pneumothorax at the emergency department of the St. Anthony Summit Medical Center in Frisco, Colorado, and was admitted to that hospital on the same day. The traumatic pneumothorax required medical and surgical intervention. He was hospitalized for five days. Colorado resident 17-yr-old Torin Yater-Wallace hospitalized after dry needling by an inadequately trained physical therapist ●     In Boulder, Colorado on April 30, 2015, a woman’s left lung was punctured by a physical therapist.  After experiencing pain and vomiting, she went to the emergency room at Good Samaritan hospital.  Multiple tests were conducted and imaging scans showed a collapsed left lung.  She required surgery and three days of hospitalization, plus four days of bed rest.  She lost five days of work and had to cancel a trip to Hawaii among other birthday plans.  Her physical therapist denied any responsibility for the event. ●     In Colorado in June 2015, 41-year-old clinical social worker Lisa Kerscher suffered a penetrating lung injury caused by a physical therapist performing dry needling. The lung injury resulted in a collapsed lung. She was treated at the emergency department of the Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado. ●     In February 2016 in Ohio, 47-year-old Anong Pipatjarasgit suffered a penetrating thoracic spinal cord injury caused by a physical therapist performing dry needling. The injury resulted in a traumatic spinal epidural hematoma (an accumulation of blood in the spinal epidural space). She was treated for the spinal hematoma at the emergency department of the ProMedica Toledo Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, and was admitted to that hospital on the same day, requiring medical and surgical intervention.  After recovering from emergency surgical decompression and evacuation of the hematoma, she underwent extensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation. She now has permanent severe neurologic problems, including paraparesis (partial paralysis of the lower limbs), sensory deficits, bowel dysfunction, and persistent severe back pain. ●     In Colorado, Duane Fenton, PA-C at Western Orthopaedics in Denver had to surgically remove an acupuncture needle from a patient’s shoulder after a physical therapist broke the needle off in the patient’s bone. ●     In January 2018, a case study documented permanent radial nerve injury to a 27-year-old female receptionist by a physiotherapist practicing dry needling in Ireland.  Despite intensive rehabilitation, she remains permanently unable to flex or lift her left wrist.  Are we really going to do nothing and wait for this to happen to one of our own Colorado citizens, a working mother who will no longer be able to lift her toddler? 27-yr-old woman with permanent nerve damage due to dry needling by an inadequately trained physiotherapist (physical therapist) With proper education and training, these injuries are preventable.  Because of the inherent risks of acupuncture needles, acupuncturists in Colorado are required to have over 1,905 hours of training, including a minimum of 705 hours of acupuncture-specific education (during which acupuncturists learn needle insertion angle, needle length, indications, and warnings for each of thousands of points), and a minimum of 660 hours of clinical needling observation and supervised needling internship.  (These numbers are in addition to the medical courses acupuncturists share with other doctorate-level medical colleagues, such as anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry.)  The mere 23 hours of training the Physical Therapy Board requires before physical therapists start inserting acupuncture needles into the public is a significant risk to public safety. Again, the above-listed hours are the minimum standards and should be upheld as such.  Most acupuncturists actually have nearly double the aforementioned amount of education.  Many graduate with 3500-4500 hours of doctoral-level training and hold doctorate degrees.  All of that education and training is relevant to the safe and effective practice of acupuncture. Education and training standards exist for public safety. Do electrician license requirements unfairly limit plumbers from doing electrical wiring in an innocent person’s home?  Of course not. Plumbers who want to do electrical wiring simply need to get their electrical license.  Professional medical standards protect the public.  This issue is about holding medical professionals to their pledge to:  “Do no harm.”  This issue is about putting innocent people before quick profits.  This issue is about making sure health professionals are adequately trained in how to use specialized tools and perform acupuncture before they permanently damage unsuspecting Colorado citizens. Dry needling IS acupuncture.  It is an acupuncture needle inserted into an acupuncture point.  We want the Colorado legislature to remove amendment L.001, the “Dry Needling Amendment” from HB18-1155, the Physical Therapy Practice Act renewal bill.  This would remove all “dry needling” language from the Bill.  It would not change the current practice of Physical Therapy in Colorado.  There is one final very important consideration:  Amendment L.001 and the other amendments that add "dry needling" language attempt to circumvent the civil right to appeal. There is currently a judicial appeal regarding the insufficient training required for physical therapists practicing acupuncture (i.e., dry needling) in Colorado. This last minute attempt to add "dry needling" to scope of practice is an attempt to circumvent the judicial process. Removing Amendment L.001 and all other amendments with "dry needling" language from HB18-1155 honors the right to civil appeal before the courts and will let the courts decide this issue. With this petition, we ask our Colorado State House Representatives and Senators to please remove Amendment L.001 and all other amendments with "dry needling" language from HB18-1155 in the interest of public safety, and out of respect for the civil right to appeal before the courts.

Acupuncture Assocation of Colorado
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Petition: National Public Registry for Domestic Violence Perpetrators and Abusers

This petition was started to break the silence and stigma, bring awareness, impact and validation to the epidemic of Domestic Violence and Abuse happening all over the United States, but especially in Colorado. In Pueblo, Colorado early into 2020 two young women were victims of Domestic Violence and both victims tragically and needlessly lost their lives due to Domestic Violence, their names were Nicole Stephenson and Grace Jackson. These two beautiful, amazing young women were mothers, they had bright futures, and were both exceptional people who are loved by so many and their tragic deaths have effected many more; they were just two of the latest victims of Domestic Violence. This petition is to begin a publicly accessible registry for Domestic Violence abusers, specifically abusers who have multiple offences and convictions of Domestic Violence and Abuse. This registry would give validation and a voice to survivors and victims, deter the perpetrators and predators of Domestic Violence and Abuse, of whom are both men and women because Domestic Violence is non exclusive to any gender, and prevent future victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse.  Each year in the US between 960,000 to 3,000,000 Domestic Violence incidents are reported, while many more go unreported for many reasons, most include lack of resources, fear, intimidation, or the inability to get away from an abuser.    As many are aware the Violence Against Women Act expired on December 21, 2018. It was temporarily reinstated via a short-term spending bill on January 25, 2019, but expired again on February 15, 2019. As we have seen this has been a year of many changes; it's been trying, heartbreaking, catastrophic, devistating, and yet at the same time, people from all over the world have come together in solidarity to bring the voices of those silenced into the light and heard loud and clear. This is an epidemic, it is on the rise, and it is time to speak out against this issue and bring awareness to it. I have found that it is easier to ask who has not been effected by Domestic Violence and Abuse than to ask who has. If this petition can save even one person from becoming a victim, it is worth it. I ask you to please sign this petition, which will be forwarded to every Colorado lawmaker and legislator, The Colorado Governor, Colorado members of Congress, Colorado members of City Council and Colorado members at the city and state level, ACOVA and ultimately all of the U.S Senate and members of Congress.   It is time for change and this subject is no different, it needs to be addressed, things need to change and this movement needs your voices and support. Please sign and share this petition to give a voice to those being silenced, those who can no longer speak, those who have and still are being effected, and to those who have survived this. Sincerely, Kate Ferguson and Gabrielle Skubal

Kate Ferguson
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