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The Iceland/Greenpeace ad has struck a chord with many people in the UK and beyond as is clear from the number of signatures on this petition. It carries an important message and communicates it in a compelling way. We recognise that over 700,000 people have signed this petition and that, like Mark Topps, they believe that this is an important issue and would like the ad to be seen on television. However, the large number of signatures on the petition unfortunately does not change the legal position. Under broadcasting law, Clearcast and the broadcasters need to establish Greenpeace is not a political advertiser before we clear the ad. As you would expect, we don’t make arbitrary decisions on that and rely on advertisers to provide the information we need to help us make the decision. We haven’t received this from Greenpeace, and until we do, and are sure that Greenpeace does not count as a political organisation, we will be unable to clear the ad. We have cleared a number of ads for environmental organisations. For example, most recently the World Wide Fund For Nature’s “For your world” campaign but also Friends of the Earth, RSPCA and RSPB. All of these organisations have gone through the same process and demonstrated to us that they are not political advertisers under the definitions of the code. Clearcast’s full response to the Iceland ad petition can be found on our website below.Read more

5 years ago
ClearCast, Ofcom , Greenpeace UK
Iceland released a Christmas advert today highlighting the devastation caused by palm oil products. It was a beautiful and important message. But the tv regulators have banned the advert, for being too political! Palm oil is a product that can be found in everything from shampoos and detergents to sandwiches and biscuits.. It’s one of the most environmentally-damaging industries, and each day 25 orangutans are killed. It’s production wipes out rainforests and wildlife, driving animals like the orangutan into extinction. As a father of three who thinks this ad would help educate people about how their products are killing orangutans and their homes, I feel banning this advert is an injustice. The body that stopped the advert being broadcasted, Clearcast, say that the ad breaches it’s political rules. The ad holds an important message - one that is emotional, touching and helps to spread a message about saving the environment and so must be broadcasted. If you haven’t watched it, you can find it here. It’s so powerful. Please sign this petition if you too believe the ban should be overturned so that this ad can be on TV screens at Christmas. #NoPalmOilChristmas#SaveTheOrangutans  Thank you for supporting the campaign! Mark @_mark_topps   Campaign Features: The Independent: The Guardian:   The Mirror: This Insider: CNN: Manchester Evening News:  The Metro: Sky News:  The Daily Mail: LBC: Good Housekeeping: OK Magazine: The Sun: Express: The Times:  And so so so many more!Read more

Mark ToppsChelmsford, United Kingdom
ClearCast, ClearCast
Iceland’s advert displays such an important message of saving the environment, in particular the orangutans. Clearcast have banned the advert for being ‘too political’ but the advert is not forcing anyone in to doing anything, just simply raising awareness of a matter that should not be kept in the dark. If messages like this continue to be banned, no change will be seen in the world and things can only get worse. Please sign and share to save the orangutans!Read more

Beth LanglandsDundee, United Kingdom
ClearCast, Clearcast
This Advert brings awareness to an issue that everyone should know about, as consumers were are responsible for the impact of the products we purchase. People need to know about the large-scale destruction that takes place every day for a substance that is so easily replaced and is so unsustainable. Palm oil is in so many things we buy on such a tiny scale that it is completely unnecessary, especially considering the disastrous effects the cultivation of it has, particularly on the lives of Orangutangs. Certain species of Orangutangs are likely to be extinct within 10 years with the others following shortly after that. Iceland's pledge to remove palm oil from all their own brands is the first step to becoming totally palm oil free, an example that should be closely followed by all major supermarket chains.Read more

Aysha BurtonLondon, ENG, United Kingdom
Advertising Standards Authority, Clearcast
You can watch Iceland's Christmas 2018 Advert here. "You won’t see our Christmas advert on TV this year, because it was banned. But we want to share Rang-tan’s story with you this Christmas. Will you help us tell the story?" Iceland released an advert to their social medias, including Facebook, on focusing on the disastrous effects Palm Oil has on our forests and those who inhabit them. Advertising regulators deemed the advert to be too "political" in nature, and was not allowed to be broadcast on television. This advert focused on a very important topic in this day and age where we are trying to tackle various difficulties such as plastics, deforestation and many other tragic subjects that so many of us are unaware of. Adverts such as these help to shine a light on scenarios that many are not aware of.Unban Iceland's Christmas 2018 advert so that people may make a decision for themselves. Here is a statement from Iceland regarding this advert."The advert wasn’t approved by advertising regulators as it was seen to be in support of a political issue. The production and widespread usage of palm oil is a complex and sometimes controversial matter. However, it was never our intention to use our Christmas advert to support a political campaign – rather to raise awareness and solidify our position on not using palm oil in food production." #NoPalmOilChristmasRead more

Adam SklarSandhurst, ENG, United Kingdom
ClearCast , Theresa May MP
It’s the time of year where Christmas adverts have suddenly inundated our TVs and everyone is excited about what it will be. A trampolining dog or a cute cartoon?  Well this year Iceland have taken a different route and shown some real world problems. The advert shows an orangutan that has made home in a little girls bedroom because his rainforest home is being destroyed to make palm oil in everyday products like food and shampoo.  The advert is not graphic in anyway but has been deemed ‘too political’. It’s not political, it’s accurate of something that is happening everyday, damaging our environment in almost irreparable ways. The world is going to loose entire species if we do not stop this, but people cannot make a decision if they are not informed. Be educated and let’s get this advert shown on TV. Read more

Lucy BristowNorwich, ENG, United Kingdom
This year's Christmas advert from Iceland has been banned from broadcast for being 'too political'. The animation, originally created by Greenpeace, features an Orangutan explaining to a little girl the effects of deforestation and use of unethically sourced Palm Oil on its habitat. The message contained within the advert is a positive and powerful one; promoting awareness of a very real problem that impacts critically-endangered Orangutans and their habitats. Banning this advert on the grounds of its links to Greenpeace is nonsensical and petty. In a sea of festive adverts, all vying to tug on our heartstrings in an attempt to get us to spend money we don't have on things we don't need, at least Iceland's advert has integrity and a moral message at the heart of it. Why ban an advert that embraces exactly what Christmas should be (i.e. thinking of others, making choices that are not destructive to other living creatures, caring about the planet we live on)?! Is that so political?!  Please sign this petition so that Clearcast can review their stance on this, lift the ban, and in so doing realise that the message the advert is trying to convey is much more important than their issues with the politics of Greenpeace.  Read more

Bob JenkinsGlasgow, SCT, Vereinigtes Königreich
ProblemIceland recently released their annual Christmas advert showing how a little Orangutan has been affected by production of palm oil which resulted in it being banned before it even reached our screens! Palm oil is a product that can be found in nearly all items from food to toiletries but large amounts of forests are cut and burned down to do this killing hundreds of Orangutans in the process. SolutionIceland is one of the few shopping chains that do not use palm oil in their products in an attempt to conserve the Orangutan species and others need to follow this. The advert is showing us the affects palm oil has on animals through a moving poem and an animation to accompany it which is a message people of all ages need to receive, therefore should be allowed to be seen through television. Palm oil doesn't affect the foods we eat but rather the brands we buy. Signing the petition will help spread the awareness to protect the planet. Personal storyAs Animal Care Students at Grimsby Institute, we believe strongly in the conservation of all species and want to bring this moving advert to our screens to show everyone this message! Our goal is to bring back this advert and show you all the heart breaking information that we learn about. Please sign and share this petition and watch the advert as it is a very empowering animation!Read more

Lacey RobinsonCleethorpes, ENG, United Kingdom
ProblemThis advert raising the issues of the rainforest being destroyed and taking orangutans and other wildlife’s habitats. SolutionWe can help to save the orangutans by buying sustainable palm oil products and Iceland is helping by removing unsustainable palm oil and promoting this issue. The reason I feel so strongly about this issue to protect the planet for the next generation as I have just had a baby boy and the way deforestation is going he will not see the beauty of the world as I have. He will not know what wild orangutans are there will be none when he grows up. I feel this advert should be aired to reach a big audience and to raise the issue even further. It’s amazing that Iceland has done by removing palm oil from their own brand products and we need all retailer and manufacturers to stand up and make a difference by following suit. This is the best Christmas advert I have every seen and want it to reach far and wide so we can all deal with the issue and make a change. Thank you for standing with me and making a change.    #NoPalmOilChristmas #SaveTheOrangutansRead more

amy doDunfermline, SCT, United Kingdom
Chris Mundy, ClearCast
Quoted from the guardian; In the fight against palm oil, money has been the clear winner so far. This is exactly why arguments against the human destruction of the planet shouldn’t be silenced, and why Iceland’s animated film of a friendly orangutan shouldn’t be banned for being too political. What’s really political in this scenario is the banning of a video containing facts that are in the interest of viewers, and apparently against the interests of some politicians.Read more

theresa freemanPlymouth, ENG, United Kingdom
The recent Iceland Christmas Advert depicting the deforestation caused by the demand for palm oil has been banned for being too political. However, this advert has no political connotations but rather is simply bringing to light an incredibly important environmental issue we should all be aware of. Clearcast, the organisation who check adverts before they air, have taken the decision to stop this advert being run on TV. If you agree that this campaign is politically neutral and deserves to be shown this Christmas, then please do sign and we can try and raise awareness of the environmental damage our consumption of palm oil has by changing this decision. And who knows, maybe we can also persuade other companies to join the likes of Iceland and stop using palm oil in the production of their products! Read more

Lauren ShuteHigh Wycombe, ENG, United Kingdom