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Governor Greg Abbott: Suspend Rent, Mortgage & Utility Payments During Coronavirus Crisis

 To Governor Greg Abbott, The Texas House of Representatives, The Texas Senate and all of the Lone Star State's Senators, Congressman, Mayors and other elected officials. COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) has been classified as a global pandemic. As of March 15th, there are 68 known cases of the virus here in Texas. The CDC has recommended that gathers of more than 50 people be canceleld for the next 8 weeks. Many states have also closed down bars, restaurants, movie theaters and other establishments. State and federal officials are encouraging people who feel sick to stay home, but many workers already struggle to make rent or mortgage payments. The choice to skip work for the sake of community health could leave them and their families unsheltered. In order to protect the health and housing security of our community we call on Governor Abbott and our government to act now so workers won't have to make that choice. Specifically, we call for a suspension of all rent, mortgage, and utility payments for 2 full months to allow people to do what they need to in order to take care of themselves, their loved ones, and the community. The legacy of every public official currently serving will be determined in the next few months. Across the world, Texans are known for taking care of Texans. It's time to act now and protect the community you are sworn to serve.

Peter Nicholas
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Citizens against de-funding Austin Police Department.

Please sign to show your SUPPORT of Austin Police Department funding.The silent majority of citizens support Austin Police Department, this is the way to show your support. Sign to show you are against Austin City Council vote to de-fund APD in any way. Austin City Council members are planning to vote for de-funding APD, and to stop of hiring new police officers for the future. Sign to show your support of both of these. Side note: currently Officers have been assigned to patrol city council member houses. They are voting to de-fund APD, but want to be protected by APD. Austin Mayor Adler who voted to de-fund APD also has his own APD executive protection unit who is with him 24/7. Garza, Casar, Flannigan, and Renteria want to de-fund APD. Here is their contact info:  Natasha Madison512-978-2101 Delia Garza512-978-2102 Sabino "Pio" Renteria512-978-2103 Greg Casar                                        512-978-2104 Ann Kitchen512-978-2105 Jimmy Flannigan512-978-2106 Leslie Pool512-978-2107 Paige Ellis512-978-2108 Kathie Tovo512-978-2109 Mayor Steve Adler                           512-978-2100

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Justice For Michael Hickson

Michael Hickson was a 46 year old disabled Black man who contracted COVID-19 from a staff member in his nursing home, developed pneumonia and was hospitalized. He was then REFUSED FOOD AND TREATMENT for 6 days before he died on June 11th at St. David’s Hospital. The hospital and (temporary appointed guardian) Family Eldercare agreed on the action to withhold treatment, nutrition and hydration from Michael. He had a wife and 5 children. “Who gets to make that decision whether somebody’s quality of life, if they have a disability that their quality of life is not good?” Melissa, Michael’s wife asks his doctor. “So as of right now, his quality of life — he doesn’t have much of one,” the doctor replied. “Will it improve his quality of life and the answer is no... At this point, we are going to do what we feel is best for him along with the state and this is what we decided,” he tells her. “Because he’s quadriplegic and has a brain injury?” She asks. “Correct.” He answers. Michael’s life was worth trying to save. He was worth getting care, food and water even if the treatment didn’t end up saving him. He still deserved an equal chance as any able-bodied young person. He deserves justice. And this needs to stop happening. SIGN THIS PETITION AND ASK THE STATE OF TEXAS TO RIGHT THE WRONG THAT HAS HAPPENED TO MICHAEL. AND to do something to ensure this doesn’t keep happening to more and more disabled people.  One of the many, many Black disabled people being MURDERED... yes I am using that word because that’s what it is... by medics (sometimes being ordered by the state) who are refusing to treat disabled people with COVID. This is because they think disabled lives aren’t worth living, especially if they’re not white. That there’s no value in lives with disabilities, and the more intersections of marginalization - the less they’re worth. These eugenics haven’t just been going on during COVID by the way. This goes on all the time, you just never hear about it. You’re barely hearing about the rapidly increasing amount of ones happening right now.  The only reason this one was publicized is because the dialogue between his wife and doctor was recorded so there’s proof of it and it can’t be buried. Cops aren’t the only one murdering Black disabled people. So are doctors. The medical industrial system is messed up too.

Finn Newton
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Petitioning City of Austin, Texas, Texas State House, Texas State Senate

Stop Animal Abuse on Factory Farms

Did you know that currently we have ZERO federal laws governing the conditions of which farm animals are raised in? Thanks to the lack of laws and enforcement, animals currently suffer through horrible conditions on factory farms.  Animals are often given so little space and kept in severely cramped areas. Hens, for example, are kept in small cages, chickens and pigs are kept in jam-packed sheds, and cows are kept in crowded and filthy conditions. Antibiotics are used to make animals grow faster and to keep them alive in the otherwise unsurvivable conditions. Research shows that factory farms’ widespread use of antibiotics can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can potentially be very dangerous to humans. Majority of factory-farmed animals have been genetically altered to grow larger or to produce more milk or eggs than they naturally would, until it drastically affects their health. Some chickens are made to grow so large that their legs cannot support their bodies; they suffer from starvation or dehydration when they can’t walk to reach food and water as a result. When they’ve grown large enough to slaughter or their bodies have been worn out from producing milk or eggs, animals raised for food are crowded onto trucks and transported for miles through all weather extremes, typically without food or water. At the slaughterhouse, those who survived the transport will have their throats slit, often while they’re still conscious. Or, they’re plunged into the scalding-hot water for defeathering or hair-removal tanks or while their bodies are being skinned or hacked apart. The quantity of milk that dairy cows produce decreases substantially around 10 months after giving birth due to the fact that the cows only produce milk to feed their babies.  In order to continue and maximize milk production, cows are annually impregnated which increases stress, and the likelihood of sickness and premature death. Each cow is genetically manipulated to produce up to 100 pounds of milk per day – ten times more than they would produce naturally. Dairy cows commonly suffer from a variety of illnesses because intensive milk production, including widespread lameness and mastitis, a painful and often fatal infection of the udder. Pharmaceutical products that are used to infections often have bad side effects. Dairy cows produce an average of 729 days of milk, which amounts to 2.4 lactations, before they are considered “spent”, and sent to slaughter. 3 million young dairy cows are slaughtered each year in the U.S. Dairy cows are typically killed between 2 to 5 years of age despite the fact that they can live up to 25 years. Newborn calves are permanently separated from their mothers, usually within 1-3 days, since the mother/calf bond intensifies over time and delayed separation can cause even worse emotional distress for the calf and mother. Nearly 100% of calves born to dairy cows in the U.S. are removed from their mothers within the first 12 hours of birth.  As a result, dairy calves separated from their mothers are denied their mother’s milk, which contains all the essential nutrients and antibodies the calf needs.Calves are typically fed milk substitutes, often from a dried powder base, and raised without a mother to care for them. Mothers and calves form deep bonds, much like humans, which makes it inhumane to separate one from the other. In natural herds, the mother-calf bond is the strongest bond in a cow’s life. With the production of dairy also comes the production of veal. Veal only exists to help farmers make money from male calves born to dairy cows; they would otherwise be considered useless as they can’t produce milk.  As a result, they are slaughtered and sold for veal at a few months of age. The corporations that run current factory farms are full of greed and driven by solely by money. Factory farms have become the leading method of food production in America. The U.S. meat industry is a multi-billion dollar per year industry and feeds millions of people around the world. In 2014, the U.S. meat industry, which processes cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, and turkeys, sold 186 billion dollars worth of meat. With the ability to gain great profits, factory farm corporations are motivated to get meat to domestic and international consumers as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. Today, only a handful of giant factory farm companies control meat production in the United States, all of which are wealthy, politically powerful, and take in no consideration of the animals at all. These companies provide cheap meat for people around the world and are only interested in keeping their high-production, low-cost. Why do nothing and let these animals suffer? How much longer before we take a stand and actually enforce change? If you care about all the innocent lives being tortured every day as factory farms inherit more and more money at their expense, then please sign this petition.  My proposal to our state government is as follows: All Ag-Gag laws in Texas (which criminalize whistleblowers on farms) should be lifted. Surveillance around factory farms should be allowed and enforced. HB 1643, the act which makes it illegal to use a drone to take photos over a concentrated animal feeding operation, should be revoked.        The 28 Hour law, which requires vehicles transporting animals for slaughter to stop every 28 hours to allow animals exercise, food, and water, should be modified to 14 hours and include poultry species as well. Animals on factory farms should not be genetically manipulated to produce unhealthy amounts of eggs, milk, etc to the point of which it affects their health. Killing and selling the young of any animal (especially veal) should become illegal, due to the fact that it is inhumane.   Sign this petition and possibly save the lives of many animals who currently suffer under the hands of factory farms. Take a stand, and together we can make change,    

Anonymous Activist
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