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Protect New Jersey kids from dangerous anti-gay conversion therapy

My name is Jacob Rudolph, and the video above is me coming out to my school as openly LGBT. I chose to come out in such a public way because LGBT youth need to know they are not alone. Now, I am asking for your help to encourage New Jersey’s governor, Chris Christie, to support a bill that would protect kids who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender from a dangerous practice. Currently, the New Jersey state legislature is considering a bill that would protect minors from the harmful, discredited practice of gay conversion therapy, which subjects teens to psychologically damaging “treatment” by so-called psychology counselors who falsely claim they can “fix” the sexual orientation of children who identify as being LGBT. Unfortunately, Governor Chris Christie has not yet said he will support this crucial legislation. Gov. Christie must be made to understand how critical such legislation is to protecting the thousands of teens like me from the dangers of gay conversion therapy. Major psychological, psychiatric, and counseling associations have found this ineffective and scientifically unsound practice to be harmful for young people. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association has concluded that a great risk of depression, anxiety and self-destructive behavior result from anti-gay conversion therapy. According to the CDC and the Trevor Project, lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) youth are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers. And, that number doubles to 8 times more likely if LGB youth come from families that reject the child's sexual orientation. Together, we can raise Gov. Christie’s awareness of these issues and obtain his support for the legislation that would ban gay conversion therapy. Together we can urge the governor to protect LGBT teens by endorsing the bill. By enacting the proposed statute, New Jersey has an opportunity not just to protect kids from the emotional damage of dangerous anti-gay conversion therapy, but to save lives as well. I'm incredibly lucky to have parents who love me just the way I am, which is why it hurts me to know that, every single day, kids across the state are forced to lie or feel shame about who they really are, for fear of being rejected by their families and friends or forced to be subjected to harmful “therapy” intended to fix what is not broken. Please sign my petition today urging Governor Chris Christie to protect New Jersey’s LGBT kids and to support state senate bill S2278. Thank you,Jacob RudolphSenior, Parsippany High School

Jacob Rudolph
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Petitioning Chris Christie

Grant me a pardon, a mistake shouldn't ruin my future.

NRA NEWS INTERVIEW HERE I was an armored guard, with plans to be a police officer until I got a felony conviction for having my legally owned service weapon in my glove box. Now my dreams of being a cop and providing for my family have been dashed. The only way I can get my life back on track is if Governor Christie grants me a pardon. Please help me tell the governor that an honest mistake shouldn’t ruin my entire future. My name is Steffon Josey-Davis. I am a 24-year-old from New Jersey. As an armored car driver, I am legally permitted to own a weapon.  On September 20th, 2013,  I was getting ready for work in the morning, I was in the garage trying to disarm my firearm when my 6-year-old sister walked in and surprised me. I have always tried to keep my firearm away from my younger siblings as to not spark their curiosity, so I quickly shoved it into my glove compartment before picking her up and taking her back inside the house. Later that day, having been distracted by a chain of events, I got in my car, with my gun still in my glove compartment.  I was pulled over shortly after for a routine traffic stop. Immediately I realized my mistake; in NJ a loaded weapon must be carried in a locked trunk. I alerted the officers that I had a weapon in the car. They confiscated and told me I would be able to pick it up later that week, and I thought that was the end of it. When I arrived at the police department, I was informed that I had been charged with weapons possession,  a second-degree felony. Instantly my life changed. I was facing a ten year prison sentence for trying to keep a firearm away from a child. I was horrified by the thought of spending ten years in prison, away from my family, my girlfriend and the dreams that I hoped to one day achieve, so on my lawyer’s recommendation I took a plea of one year probation. But I am still a convicted felon. Now I can't vote, am disqualified from most jobs, and my future has been derailed. I am a law abiding citizen, with hopes of one day becoming a law enforcement officer myself. Yet, because of my felony conviction I may never be able to become the person I had wanted to be. I am asking you, from the bottom of my heart, to please support me and ask Governor Christie to grant me a pardon so that I can continue to follow my dreams.   Full Story Here Please Donate to help Steffon Overturn his wrongful conviction by HIRING Evan Nappen NJ FireArm Attorney. Anything helps! Click HERE To Donate  To learn more about my story please click here and here.

Steffon Josey
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Petitioning Donald Norcross 2

Require 911 Direct Dial in NJ Hotels, Schools and Businesses

On December 1, 2013 a tragic event took place when Kari Rene Hunt was murdered in Marshall, Texas. The murder took place in a hotel room at the Baymont Inn and Suites. One of the most tragic elements of this horrible event is the fact that the attack on Ms. Hunt was witnessed by her children. Seeing her mother in grave danger, Kari’s eldest, age 9,  did exactly as she had been instructed to do--she grabbed the telephone in the hotel room, and dialed 9-1-1, yet no one answered that desperate call for help. In fact, she dialed 9-1-1 a total of 4 times, and each call was met with what she described as ‘static’. The National Emergency Number Association, representing more than 7000 members dedicated to saving lives, promotes the simple concept of “One Number, Any Device, Anywhere.”  This phrase, however, is far more than a tagline. The fact is that while this instructional message is accurate with personal communications devices like mobile phones and our home landlines, this is not always the case for telephones serviced by multiline telephone systems (MLTS/PBX), such as those that exist in hotels, hospitals, schools and many other large commercial buildings. Multiline systems often require a special access code (in most cases a dialed “9”) that is necessary for the caller to reach an outside line. Because of the need for the extra digit to be dialed, in many cases, an individual who is situated “behind” an MLTS/PBX is required to dial 9 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency, and may not be aware that the extra digit is necessary, especially when in a panicked state. According to the Hunt family, this is precisely what happened in Marshall, Texas in December 2013. There are three simple steps, if addressed from a legislation perspective that will go a long way to remediate this problem to ensure that the number of tragedies such as the one that took the life of Kari Hunt will be significantly diminished if not entirely eliminated. 9-1-1 dialing from any telephone device, without the need for an access code While dialing an access code (such as 9-9-1-1) should also be recognized, a requirement should be in place so that the dialed digits of 9-1-1 are recognized and properly routed to emergency services.  Immediate routing to 9-1-1 The interception of a 9-1-1 call event, and local answering by non-certified and/or untrained on-site personnel has become a dangerous and alarming trend. This practice jeopardizes the safety of callers with emergencies by allowing untrained individuals to answer emergency calls. This delays the response by trained and appropriate public safety officials at a point in time where seconds count in an emergency. This sub-optimal practice must be curtailed and rectified.  On-site notification or alerting that an emergency call has been initiated Access to large buildings and facilities can be complicated. Internally- trained responders can be of great assistance to public safety officials in an emergency. On-site notification can ensure those in-house personnel that "need to know" have the appropriate information to both expedite an internal response and be prepared for first responders when they arrive at the building. The cost of technology is NOT the issue. In fact, the lack of technology is NOT the issue. It has been clearly proven time and time again that it is simply the awareness and legislative requirement that is missing from most states laws, including New Jersey.  THEREFORE, In the absence of regulatory action and guidance from the Federal Communications Commission, and given the critical need for decisive direction for MLTS owners and operators, this petition asks the State of New Jersey  to move forward as expeditiously as possible with the adoption of legislation requiring access to 9-1-1 on MLTS PBX systems, both with and without an access code, a method of on-site alerting or notification when a 9-1-1 call is placed, and the direct termination, without interception or interference of the call to the designated 9-1-1 center serving that MLTS PBX, under the designation of Kari’s Law in memory and honor of Kari Renee Hunt (February 9, 1982 – December 1, 2013).  

Mark Fletcher, ENP
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Petitioning President of the United States, Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Charlie Baker

Mr. President SIGN THE DECLARATION declaring the opioid crisis is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY

Mr. President, recently you announced that the opioid crisis is a national emergency. You also stated that "we're going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of money on the opioid crisis", none of which can begin until you sign the declaration.   Time is of the essence here!! 142 people are dying every day!! Since you announced this national  emergency two weeks ago 1,988 people have died here in America. I don't have to tell you more people have died in this epidemic than in the Vietnam war. Or more people are dying now more than from guns or car accidents. Or every 3 weeks people are dying equivalent to 9/11. I don't have to tell you this. You already know.  What I can tell you is I am one of those parents who've lost a child in this epidemic and sadly have many friends who have lost a child as well.  We can no longer fight for our child, but we can fight for others so that they may get the opportunity to recovery in which our child did not have. So I beg you Mr. President, choose!! Sign this national emergency declaration under either the Public Health Service Act or the Stafford Act. Or both!! But please choose and  sign that declaration. We need you Mr. President to save our children, now. 

Cheryl Juaire
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Petitioning Chris Christie

Make NJ a No-Kill State

We are 6 10, 11, and 12 year old students from Mount Olive, New Jersey and here is what we have to say about "Making New Jersey a No Kill State." About 1.2 million dogs are killed each year because the maximum capacity of dogs in shelters and adoption centers are exceeded. Some of them are abused, thrown out of a house like garbage. Runaways that starve to death, some owners don't even have the time to train or take care of them. People bring them to pounds or shelters and they look for hope that these animals are adopted in time. Many of them that do not get placed in an adoption agency or with a good family and have been there for more than 7 days are killed/euthanized. It is totally a cruel act to kill these voiceless beings. That’s why, we need to stand up and raise awareness for these innocent souls. Our plan is to get 20,000 signatures by late June. When we reach this goal, we will contact the New Jersey’s lawmakers and Governor Christie and ask them to recognize and consider putting the problem on a ballot. The ballot will then be on the next voting section. We are positive, that we will win the vote. Our next plan is to be involved in making the law and have provisions that help us exceed the limits of dogs in the adoption centers and shelters and ensure some of our tax money is sent to  adoption centers around New Jersey. This money will provide dogs to be spayed and neutered. Along with any shots needed. Do to these tremendous amounts of dogs, we need to have forced laws on trained breeders that are allowed to breed. Please vote to make NJ as a NO KILL state and save these innocent souls! Dont forget to spread the word on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Musically. Use the hashtag #MakeNjANoKillState

Team 869 Mount Olive Robotics Team Lego My Eggo
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Petitioning Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Chris Christie

Call on President-Elect Trump to Condemn Hate Crimes Done in His Name

On November 9th, 2016 Shaun King began documenting the hate crimes and hate speech that are direct results of the 2016 election decision. These assaults are dangerous, divisive, violent, illegal and un-American. You can read about them here (trigger warning to survivors):  As our new President-elect, we are calling on Donald J Trump to personally and publicly condemn all physical and verbal assaults committed in his name or as a reaction to his victory. 

Whitney Anderson
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Petitioning Chris Christie

"Autumn's Law" - Hold Abusive/Neglectful Parents Partially Accountable

My daughter, Autumn Pasquale was a typical all-American 12-year-old girl.  Autumn loved BMX bike riding, skateboarding, playing soccer, cheerleading and art.  She possessed so much promise for a bright future. She was a straight “A” student, was accepted into the gifted & talented program at her middle school and was involved in many extracurricular activities. She was the light of my life.  But on October 20 2012 all that ended.  Forever.  And so did Autumn’s life. Why? I truly believe it is because Autumn believed all children were well-adjusted and innocent, just like her. On that fateful day, Autumn was lured to the home of acquaintances/brothers 15-year-old Justin Robinson and 17 year-old Dante Robinson under the pretense that one or both boys wanted to trade bike parts with her.  My innocent daughter left my home that Saturday afternoon NEVER TO RETURN.  Prior to this event, I did not know the Robinson family.  Watch Media confirm Autumn’s was lured to trade bike parts here: Watch Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean Dalton’s statement regarding the arrests/charges that were initially filed against the Robinson brothers here: It took several law enforcement agencies two harrowing days to find my Autumn and when they did, it was a scene from a horror film.  Autumn had been beaten, strangled to death and stuffed in a trashcan. Justin Robinson later accepted a plea deal and received a 17-year prison sentence.  He could be out of prison as early as his 30th birthday…possibly before. His brother Dante was freed. The reason for the plea deal and Dante’s release came as a result of a lack of DNA evidence.  *****I BELIEVE THAT MINOR CHILDREN ARE RARELY IF EVER BORN MURDERERS.  MOST ARE CULTIVATED  AND IN AUTUMN’S CASE, I BELIEVE HER MURDERER WAS NO EXCEPTION.  HERE ARE A FEW OF THE FACTS TO PROVE THAT CLAIM*****   Justin Robinson suffered from a neurodevelopmental disorder.  This was confirmed by Robinson’s own attorney and stated in open court during his sentencing hearing. At Robinson’s sentencing hearing his own attorney stated in open court that his actions against Autumn were a “learned behavior.” She added that Robinson had witnessed his own father choke his mother (possibly on more than one occasion).  These parents, knowing their child(ren) already had serious mental disorders, exposed them to violence in the home. It is no coincidence that my daughter’s cause of death was strangulation.  The most influential person in Robinson’s life, his same sex parent, taught him that. Various neighbors of Robinson’s gave statements to the media indicating they were aware that Robinson brothers were known to engage in criminal activity and were “always in trouble.”  In fact, their own father admitted to the media that his boys were known for stealing bikes.  A Clear sign of lack of respect for authority and the law. In May 2017, a now 21 year old Dante Robinson is charged with a home invasion:    See admissions from community members and Robinson’s father here:   One of my best friends witnessed Justin Robinson running from police and pulling off his hat and shirt while in stride (presumably to disguise his appearance) just days before he murdered my daughter. At the time of Autumn’s murder, Robinson’s biological father, Alonzo Robinson admitted to the media that he had not seen his sons for a year (and possibly up to 7 years).  Alonzo Robinson completely abandoned his parental responsibilities, all while knowing his sons suffered from serious mental disorders and were known to engage in crimes.  Police told Mr. Robinson they found bike parts stockpiled in the basement of the Robinson’s home. Robinson told reporters one of the boys had been previously charged with theft.  See Alonzo Robinson’s admissions here:   6.   Autumn was murdered in the home in which the Robinson boys resided with their mother Anita Robinson. The home is approximately800 square feet in size. Investigators believe Autumn’s time of death to be approximately 3:30 p.m..  They also believe Autumn’s body was not moved to the trash can until late that Saturday night or early Sunday morning.  Yet Anita Robinson had no idea a murder took place in her home and that my child’s body and all of her belongings including her bike were laying in her home for several hours.              See prosecutor’s statement regarding investigator’s timeline here:   Justin Robinson was not only able to murder my child in his home, but was able to clean up her murder scene, tamper with evidence, hide all the evidence, hide Autumn’s body and all of her belongings including her BMX bike and move her dead body (while rigor mortis had to have set in) to a trash can. Again Anita Robinson saw and heard nothing.    Parents/guardians who neglect, abuse, abandon or ignore the warning signs of their children’s propensity toward violence are direct contributors to their minor children’s murders. If the minor who murdered my daughter was properly treated, parented, disciplined and supervised my daughter would probably be alive today.    Accordingly, I and everyone who signs this petition are asking for consideration of “Autumn’s Law.” A law that would make abusive and/or neglectful parents/guardians who have custody of their children CRIMINALLY responsible for murders committed by their minor children, when they know or should have known the propensity toward violence existed.    When a parent/guardian knows or should have known that their child may pose a threat to third persons, it is the parents/guardian’s responsibility to minimize that risk.  A child’s issues are not the responsibility of his/her school, state, teacher, counselor, law enforcement, community, neighbors or church, but instead, the primary responsibility of the child’s parents/guardians.    When the parents/guardians of a minor murderer are proven to have failed in their parental responsibilities by ignoring warning signs, failing to treat their children’s mental/emotional/behavioral issues and by fail to ensure proper supervision of their child, the parents/guardians actions/lack of actions becomes a contributing factor to the loss of life and lifelong devastation inflicted on their victims and their victims’ families. As such, they should be held criminally responsible.    WE ARE ASKING OUR GOVERNOR & STATE LEGISLATORS TO CONSIDER “AUTUMN’S LAW.” A LAW THAT WOULD MAKE NEGLECTFUL AND/OR ABUSIVE PARENTS/GUARDIANS WHO FAIL TO TREAT, CONTROL AND SUPERVISE THEIR MINOR  CHILDREN, HELD CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE WHEN THEIR CHILDREN MURDER      Thank you, Anthony Pasquale          

Anthony Pasquale
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Petitioning Chris Christie, Catherine McCabe, Scott Pruitt, New Jersey Governor, President of the United States, New Jersey State Senate, New Jersey State House, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Rob...

Stop DuPont Chemical from Poisoning New Jersey Families

From 1902 to 1994, the DuPont Chemical company dumped chemicals into New Jersey’s Pompton Lakes. While the company abandoned the explosives site years ago, it has yet to clean up the mess it left behind. The closed work site is still owned by DuPont.For decades, families like mine have been suffering from the toxic pollution left in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey by DuPont Chemical. Hundreds of families suffer from poisonous gases in the soil that migrate up into our basements. The air we breathe inside our homes is filled with cancer-causing TCE, and the full extent of all this pollution in our community is still not fully understood.DuPont Chemical, the company responsible for this pollution, has had years to clean up their mess--but they have failed. It's time the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) declare Pompton Lakes a Superfund site and take over the clean-up once and for all. Two years ago, the New Jersey Department of Human Health and Senior Services released a shocking report with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. It found a "significantly elevated" cancer rate in the region potentially linked to contamination from the Pompton Lakes DuPont explosives site. DuPont Chemical has proposed a five-year cleanup plan--but that plan will not make our community safe. DuPont's plan does not address the high levels of mercury, lead, and other toxic chemicals that they left in our creeks and lakes.It’s clear that DuPont doesn’t care about the Pompton Lakes community, so it’s up to the USEPA to take a stand and protect our health. The USEPA must list this site on the federal Superfund National Priorities list. Cleanup cannot be left in the hands of DuPont Chemical.

Lisa Riggiola
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Petitioning Chris Christie

New Jersey Office of The Attorney General/Division of Criminal Justice: Justice for Baby Nikolas Chavez III - My Nikolas' case is stil a cold case therefore it is still opened!!

* * * There is no statute of limitations for murder * * * THE FOLLOWING ARE VERY IMPORTANT FACTS IN MY SON NIKOLAS' CASE:   I am Nick Chavez II the father of Nikolas Chavez III who was brutally beaten to death at the age of 3. My son was broken in half backwards and all belly innards were ruptured. During both trials the jurors were not sequestered! Was my son's homicide not deemed worthy of a jury to be sequestered?There was left out rock solid taped evidence and witnesses of this monster's sociopathic character were not called to take the stand. My constitutional rights were severely abused. There was one very blatant count of racism! "What are you anyway?" in reference to what race me and my family belong was asked by the state prosecutor of the first trial. That question has/had no relevance to my son's homicide which occurred Wednesday November 30th 2005. That question was also asked in a behind the doors meeting with only my mother, sister and myself. Previous to that most offensive question we were also asked if we had any recording devices. The same state prosecutor who asked us "What are you anyway?" stated quite clearly and out of the blue "I'm a women's advocate!". When we asked "Where's the child's advocate?" there was no response. Both my family and I were treated as second rate citizens at best. None of our more than valid input was used or even considered. Both the state and the defenses forensic experts agreed my son's death was a homicide or as the defenses expert pronounced it verbatim "A homocide". This merely scratches the surface of this most unjust case. It's a slap in the face of what America calls justice. This is more than a qualified reason for my son's case to be reopened. Mind you, my son's case is still a cold case, yet I see no detectives racing out to find the person/monster who really murdered my son. The reason why is the monster who did this got a slap on the wrist for child endangerment! He was released as of November 2012 without any prior warning from the state of New Jersey. We actually have the momentum needed to get this case reopened and get both the baby killing beast caged again and killer by her lies "mommy" in prison for what she let happen to her son. She's merely Nikolas' "mother" biologically mind you. Let's finish this!! * * * There is no statute of limitations for murder * * * THIS IS FAR FROM OVER, THIS I PROMISE YOU SON!! - A childless father making right the severely wronged,                                                                         Nick Chavez II (Dad)

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Petitioning Chris Christie

Public School Water Inspection

Hello, we are seventh grade students from Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School in Springfield New Jersey. We have created a policy to help the issue of unsafe drinking water in New Jersey. Please support our policy by signing our petition to help protect everyone in the state of New Jersey from dangerous chemicals in their water. Our policy is (YPSWI) The Yearly Public School Water Inspection. This policy insures that all public schools will have clean water, and a water test would be conducted annually. Some disadvantages are that it would cost a lot of money, and this policy is only regulated for public schools and tax-supported charter schools in the state in New Jersey. The advantages are that it would protect students from harmful chemicals at schools, no matter what the town’s financial stance is. The level of government responsible for carrying out this law is State government.  State government is responsible because it is supporting all of the tax-funded schools in New Jersey. We would ask Senator Kean to represent New Jersey and propose this policy in the state Senate. If that law gets passed through the General Assembly and gets to Governor Christie and he signs it into law, it would then be up to Kimberly Harrington; Commissioner of Education; and Bob Martin; Commissioner of Natural resources; to enforce this policy in the state. As said in the New Jersey Constitution, “All political power is inherent in the people.  Government is instituted for the protection, security, and benefit of the people, and they have the right at all times to alter or reform the same, whenever the public good may require it.” Everyone should be entitled to the benefit of clean drinking water and it is up to our government to protect this natural resource. Clean drinking water is something that the public needs. Thank you for signing our petition to help the children drink clean water at school.

FMG Project Citizen
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