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Stop Aerosol Spraying Immediately and Disclose its Purposes

For more than twenty years Americans as well as people from all over the world have been subjected to continuous spraying of "chemtrails." This aerosol spray contains aluminum, barium, fungus, bacteria, nanoparticles, and a myriad of other pathogens that are destroying our water, our earth, and our health. Millions of people believe that this is a program of depopulation and artificial intelligence posing as a a component of a geoengineering solution to alleged "global warming science." If we do not stop aerosol spraying our planet is at stake, and our future as human beings is in jeopardy.

Philip Melnick
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Exclude Chronic Pain Patients From The Stronghold Of The CDC Guidelines

Everyone knows about the opioid crisis that currently exists in the United States.  It is no secret that the government is cracking down on doctors who write prescriptions for pain medication for their patients if they do so without good cause.  I don’t think that there is one single citizen who would disagree with the decision to tighten the guidelines for doctors who carelessly write prescriptions for pain medications that aren’t warranted.  But when it comes down to a patient being diagnosed with a chronic illness, such as CRPS, Sarcoidosis, Osteoarthritis, Arachnoiditis, Lupus, or Fibromyalgia (just to name a few), I think it is reasonable to say that a doctor should be able to use their judgment, evaluate a patient for symptoms related to their illness, and prescribe medications accordingly, even if those medications are narcotics. We now live in a society where a drug addict can walk into a police station or hospital, say that they are an addict and that they want help, and they are given what? METHADONE!  What is methadone??  It’s another drug!  And after countless hours of research, I can’t find ANY evidence of how this has improved the opioid situation on the streets.  However, you have people that hold jobs, pay bills, have been diagnosed with legitimate illnesses, and they can’t get the medications they need to control their pain because of the guidelines set forth by the CDC.  There are so many possible solutions that may lead to progress on both ends of the spectrum, but nobody is putting forth any effort for the pain patients – they’re only looking at the death rate of the abusers who either use illegal drugs, or use synthetic or stolen medications to satisfy their habits. I suffer from two autoimmune diseases (and have to be tested for a third).  The two confirmed diseases are tag teaming my joints, and making it very painful for me to function with any type of normality.  It’s gotten to the point where I am in pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Where is my assistance?  How am I supposed to pick myself up off the floor when my husband isn’t there to help me, because he works to support his family?  Who is going to pay my bills when I have to miss work because I’m in such an incredible amount of pain that I can’t get out of my bed?  What will happen when I reach a level where I will have to depend on medications to quell my pain?  I’ll tell you exactly what is going to happen – I will not be able to get my medication because of irresponsible individuals who made the decision to pick up a needle and spoon, a straw, a joint, a pill, a handful of pills, or whatever their poison of CHOICE was.  Where is this okay?  Two words – it’s not. Where is it okay for insurance companies to deny testing for people that have obvious signs of illness?  Where is it okay for a cancer patient to be denied his chemotherapy…or for a patient complaining of pain to be denied a simple MRI?  And when they have to fight like hell to get the tests they so deserve to determine that they DO have an illness, where is it okay for them to be denied the medications they need to ease their pain?  Where is it okay that our Veterans are being put in the same situation, after they incur injury or illness after they gave of themselves to protect our country and our freedom?  Another two words – it’s not. How many people have been killed by drunk drivers, yet alcohol is still legal? Where is the difference??  According to the CDC and the FDA in a recently published article, the biggest culprits responsible for opioid-related overdoses and fatalities are listed as follows, in order of those that are mostly responsible: Heroin 8,412Cocaine 5,836Oxycodone 5,417Alprazolam 4,217Fentanyl 4,200Morphine 4,022Methamphetamine 3,728Methadone 3,495Hydrocodone 3,274Diazepam 1,729 Also, between the years of 2010 and 2014, 3/4 of the fatalities that involved oxycodone and hydrocodone involved other substances - aka MULTIPLE drugs, and 15% of those fatalities involved alcohol. Please – eliminate legitimately ill patients from the CDC guidelines – find a way to identify them as chronically ill patients, and start enforcing the laws for people who illegally abuse any type of drug, no matter the drug.  To make people suffer for no other reason than another person’s irresponsible choices is just cruel and inhumane!  There is a distinct difference between abuse, addiction, and dependency.  And people who are truly ill DEPEND on their medications to live and function!  For once in your lives, do the right thing and come up with a solution that will benefit everyone!

Tracy Kimmel
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America's firefighters have been on the front line of PFOA/PFOS exposure since 1983 while using it in AFFF, being sprayed in our eyes, mouth, nose, wading in it, having it adhere to our PPE/personal protection ensembles/turnout gear, and exposing our families to this toxin after bringing home contaminated gear.  We were not aware how toxic this substance was.    We have just recently learned our turnout gear, or PPE has been impregnated with PFOA since 1999 (at least) to make our gear water repellent so that it meets the NFPA 1971 water resistance standards for firefighting.   We were not made aware. We do not know how much. Only the chemical giants have that information.  We sweat in this gear, our body temperature rises and our skin absorbs these toxins.  We start our careers in our child bearing years.  PFOA and PFOS are designated by California Prop65 as causing 'reproductive cancers'.    In 2006 the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) notified the chemical giants that they would be restricting PFOA in 'textiles'.  One of those textiles is firefighter PPE.  By 2012 PFOA was designated Substance of Very High Concern by the ECHA.     Turnout gear manufacturers were made aware of the decision to restrict the amount of PFOA in turnout gear to 25ppb and 'precursors' to 1ppm.   As of today, January 18, 2018,  they have not advised the US of this issue formally. While the manufacturers are discussing and teaching about  the issue in Europe, they have not mentioned it here.  They have only minimized the issue when it came up recently by way of a firefighting article here in the US. We are in a particularly high risk exposure setting as our gear has been degrading in our fire stations where we work, eat, sleep, since 1999.  The coating on our gear degrades in UV lighting, in many stations our gear is stored in open lighting next to the engines and trucks in our bays.  There may be as many as 30 sets of gear in a station in one week.  The gear is designed to be used for 5 years and 30 washings.  Over the course of 20 years we have had  thousands of sets of gear in our stations releasing particles of PFOA into our 'home'.   As of this date, there has not been a PFAS dust study done in our stations. Yet, biomonitoring has shown firefighters PFOA serum tested in ranges from 243 ng/mL to 423 ng/mL from a 'yet unknown source'.   The 'DuPont Water Works' plant workers were high at 32 ng/mL.    Adding to this IDLH issue is the October 2, 2017 NH DES letter to every fire station in NH that of 6 of 7 New Hampshire fire stations water wells tested at 'elevated' levels of PFAS. Since September 5, 2017,  Environmental Attorney Robert Bilott, along with C8 Science panel member Dr Paul A Brooks, and Fire Chief Jeffrey Hermes have demanded testing and studies of the EPA, CDC/ATSDR, and US Attorney General on behalf of all responders in the US due to their exposure from these areas.  See letter here: On January 16, 2018 Attorney Bilott did receive a reply from Patrick Breysee PhD CIH Dir ATSDR indicating the monies Attorney Bilott requested (7,000,000) from the recently found funds available, was not yet designated for FIREFIGHTERS.              We seek immediate support and decisiveness that these funds are designated for the front line, who while already at a very high risk for cancer., was unaware of the toxin in our PPE and the extent of the toxicity of PFAS in the AFFF.    The manufacturers were well awaare of the extent and danger of this toxin, yet chose to not issue the hazard in warning labels in our gear.  They actually belong to a group called Fire and Emergency Manufacturers Association (FEMSA) THAT FOUGHT FOR, AND WON THE RIGHT,  TO NOT PUT WARNING LABELS IN OUR GEAR.  These same manufacturers sit at our NFPA standards committees deciding everything from the balance of a helmet to the width of reflective tape on our gear.  Not once did they disclose this danger to us. These are very complicated drawn out committees, at any time a manufacturer could have provided a 'notice of concern'. They did not. We cannot wait one more day for money to be found while we don gear that is coated in PFAS and use AFFF that may or may not be safe.  We have sacrificed enough, we have given enough of ourselves, we expect immediate action from each and every individual on this petition.  We deserve nothing less.  We have been kicked down the road long enough in this ruse of deception and omission of the toxic hazards of PFAS from the manufactures that  provide our PPE and AFFF.  Charge this back on them if need be. The PPE industry alone in the USA is over 5 billion dollars. On August 11, 2017, we received the test results of  NEW, NEVER WORN 2004 turnout gear.  We had it tested to determine if there could still be PFOA in the gear after 13 years.  The testing was performed by Professor of Physics, Graham Peaslee, Notre Dame, IN.  Here are his results: Dear Diane, Sorry for the slow response, but we ran your samples earlier this week (on Tuesday), and I have just looked through the results for four samples: Left Under Arm firefighting suit FF-LUAMoisture Barrier firefighting suit FF-MBTLRight Sleeve by Cuff firefighting suit FF-RSCTail firefighting suit FF-T The Moisture Barrier sample actually had two parts to it, a thin underlining fabric and the thicker outer layer. We labeled the thin fabric as MBTL2. The results are pretty unambiguous...Everything except that thin underlining fabric was heavily fluorinated: Sample counts/uC error ppm F Percent FFF-LUA 24682 2472 10555 1.62FF-MBTL 57530 5756 24603 3.77FF-MTBL2 485 98 207 0.06FF-RSC 20691 2073 8849 1.36FF-T 18212 1826 7789 1.19840 ppm F std 1964 128 We typically measure in parts-per-million, but these fabrics are so heavily fluorinated, they are better measured in percent fluorine content...each of the pieces contained between ~1 and ~4% fluorine (last column on right). This would typically indicate a very heavy treatment in PFAS chemicals to impart water and flame resistance to the fabric. We have seen values like this before, but typically only on fire-resistant fabrics. We also looked at these fabrics yesterday with an X-ray Fluorescence unit, just to test for the presence of other flame retardants in the material, and we did not see any chlorinated nor brominated compounds nor heavy metals, so it looks like the flame-resistant properties of these materials are being given by fluorinated compounds alone... I hope this information is useful to you. If you want to know which specific PFAS compounds are present in the fabrics (it can often be a mixture), then you would have to perform a chemical measurement using an instrument called Liquid-Chromotrography - Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). There are commercial companies that make these measurements (TestAmerica, for example), but they are complicated measurements and they typically charge several hundred dollars for a single analysis. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide for you.... GRAHAM  ************************************************************* We need water testing in our stations, dust studies in our stations, new technology that does not require PFAS and precursors for coatings that will form PFOA to meet our NFPA Standards, we need serum testing to follow us thorough our careers.      We sacrifice enough.  Please act.   Respectfully, Diane Cotter  Fireman's Wife     

Diane Cotter
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Make Chronic Pain Patients exempt from CDC Guidelines

The CDC guidelines are causing doctors to leave pain management practice all over the US, for fear of DEA malicious prosecution if they exceed an arbitrary and unscientific “one size fits all” policy while trying to treat their patients effectively and as individuals. Patients are being deserted by their doctors, in some cases without assistance in drug withdrawal,  after they have used opioids as directed, safely and effectively for years to maintain the quality of their lives. Almost certainly some patients have already died and more will commit suicide as a result. Our government is aware of this problem, but chooses to do nothing. The guidelines are also being embedded in State laws that reinforce restrictions on opioids. Major areas of several US States are now without pain management centers, and remaining specialists are seeing ever-heavier patient loads and higher risk of prosecution. The best predictors for people falling into addiction are their age (teens are particularly vulnerable), and their status as unemployed or poor. Restriction of opioid medications to pain patients won’t solve these problems. If anything, we should anticipate increases in deaths due to street drugs, as desperate people are forced to seek them out against their own wishes, just to maintain a marginal quality of life. The CDC needs to withdraw its unscientific and damaging opioid guidelines. Revisions should acknowledge that at the present state of medical knowledge, opioids are an indispensable part of managing agonizing pain, and trained doctors are the best decision makers on how much is needed to relieve pain in each individual patient. Standards of practice and doctor training are needed. But the present CDC guidelines are a poor basis for such standards. Re-writing should be accomplished by professionals who actually understand chronic pain and its management, and not by addiction specialists who have a financial self-interest in diverting limited government resources away from proven pain treatments. For the longer term, the US National Institutes for Health needs to allocate far more research and resources to the study and treatment of chronic pain. At present, less than 1% of NIH research funds are directed to chronic pain – for one quarter of the US population. The percentage of chronic pain patients who abuse their medication is less than 1%. There are well over 100 million people in the US suffering from some for of chronic pain. The only "epidemic" in this country is heroin and illicit fentanyl coming in from China and Mexico. Addicts are being catered to while the chronic pain community is suffering, turning to illicit drugs or committing suicide. It is time to STOP THE WAR AGAINST PAIN PATIENTS! We have rights too!

Erika Meshbesher
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Lyme Disease is a devastating disease that wreaks havoc on nearly every internal body system. It's often mis-diagnosed leaving many people without knowledge of these organisms living in their bodies. These people may so kindly donate blood because they are unaware of any such disease. The blood collection centers do test for certain diseases like, Hepatitis B, C, West Nile and AIDS. However there are no protocols in place to test the blood donations for the presence of Borrelia Burgdorferi or the 300+ co-infections. According to studies by NIH and the CDC, it is confirmed that Borrelia Burgdorferi can survive being stored in a blood bag. It has also been proven in a laboratory using mice that the Lyme bacteria can successfully be transmitted via transfusion. This is a HUGE PROBLEM!!!!!! Please sign this petition to protect our recipients of blood donations and STOP the spread of Lyme Disease. With this petition we ask three things: 1. Check the entire Nations current blood supply for contamination and dispose of any unsafe supply.  2. Add Lyme testing to the protocol when receiving donated blood.   3. Investigate the CDC, as their Lyme guidelines are seriously outdated.  Borrelia Burdorferi and it's co-infections are blood borne infectious diseases!  This needs immediate attention before one more person becomes infected. There have already been documented cases of Babesia transmission via transfusion back in 2012, however the CDC, nor any other agencies turned their so called concern into change.    Lyme Disease is a world wide Pandemic.  

Kristie Penn
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Stop the Reduction of Opioid Supply in 2017

I am 27 and I am a chronic pain sufferer, I know chronic pain sufferers of all ages. We all depend on our opioid medications to function. We are not addicts, however addicts also suffer from lack of compassion and resources to HELP with their illness. It seems that chronic pain whatever the cause is being overlooked and under-treated. At the rate prescribed our medications are barely treating the pain we have but we have taken what we could get without complaint. Why? Because the moment we complain that our dosage is too low we are black labeled by the media, the DEA, CDC and sometimes, saddest of all, our doctors. The doctors who are being pressured to lower or even cut off our medication supply by the DEA. Pain Management doctors who are supposed treat and manage pain, yet they can't do their job when being bullied by people in administrative positions, who don't have the training needed to understand Chronic Pain or the many illnesses that go along with it. You wouldn't deny insulin to a diabetic, or chemo to a cancer patient. This is life or death for millions of Chronic Pain sufferers. Without these medications we cannot, spend time with family, eat meals, shower, have sex, have any hope of getting out of bed at all. Instead we are confined to our beds day in and day out with the pain so loud nothing can penetrate it. We lose relationships, we lose hope, we stop wishing for cures, we stop wishing for tomorrow and unfortunately without these medications some do stop tomorrow from coming.   Please stand with the 100 Million Chronic Pain sufferers in the US alone and tell the DEA and the CDC that this is NOT OKAY! We must not let them take Millions of lives by restricting and/or taking away our medication!   #ReducePainNotMedication   DEA Cutting Opioid Supply in 2017 October 04, 2016By Pat Anson, Editor It’s going to get even harder for chronic pain patients in the United States to get prescriptions refilled for hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine and other opioids classified as Schedule II controlled substances. The Drug Enforcement Administration has announced plans to reduce the amount of almost every Schedule II opioid pain medication manufactured in the U.S. by 25 percent or more. The 2017 quota for hydrocodone, which is sold under brand names like Vicodin, Lortab and Lorcet, is being reduced by a third. The DEA’s order, which is being published in the Federal Register, comes just seven months after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidelines that discourage primary care physicians from prescribing opioids from chronic pain. The guidelines have had a chilling effect on many patients and their doctors, who have reduced opioid doses or stopped prescribing them altogether.Opioid prescribing was falling years before the CDC and DEA acted. According to IMS Health, hydrocodone prescriptions in the U.S. plunged by 22 percent from nearly 120 million in 2014 to 93.5 million in 2015. The “established quota” for hydrocodone in 2017 is being reduced to 58.4 million prescriptions under the DEA order. “The purpose of quotas are to provide for the adequate and uninterrupted supply for legitimate medical need of the types of schedule I and II controlled substances that have a potential for abuse, while limiting the amounts available to prevent diversion,” the DEA said in a press release. “Once the aggregate quota is set, DEA allocates individual manufacturing and procurement quotas to those companies that apply for it.  DEA may revise a company’s quota at any time during the year if change is warranted due to increased sales or exports; new manufacturers entering the market; new product development; or product recalls.” The DEA has been under growing political pressure to reduce the supply of opioids. A group of U.S. senators sent a letter to the agency this summer demanding that opioid quotas be reduced. “We urge DEA to utilize its existing quota setting authority, to the fullest extent possible, to combat this epidemic,” said the letter from Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Edward Markey (D-MA), Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Angus King (I-ME), and Joe Manchin (D-WV). “Fourteen billion opioid pills are now dispensed annually in the United States – enough for every adult American to have a bottle of pills. Certainly, the pharmaceutical industry is at fault for decades of misleading information about their products and the medical community bears responsibility for its role in over-prescribing these dangerous and addictive drugs, but we remain deeply troubled by the sheer volume of opioids available – volumes that are approved by DEA.” Although opioid pain medication is routinely blamed by politicians, federal agencies and the media for the nation’s so-called opioid epidemic, recent studies in several states have found that most drug overdoses are actually caused by illegal opioids such as heroin and bootleg fentanyl. There are also increasing signs that pain patients unable to get opioids legally are turning to pain medication sold on the streets, some of it counterfeit and laced with fentanyl. Efforts to restrict the supply of opioids may only be making things worse. Law enforcement agencies in West Virginia recently said a federal crackdown on opioids – dubbed the Bluefield Pill Initiative -- may have contributed to a recent spike in heroin cases, according to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. “We are seeing an increase in heroin because pills are in fewer quantity,” said Sgt. J.S. McCarty, who heads a local crime task force. “Without pills an opioid addict’s only choice is heroin.”  

Chronic Pain Sufferers for Relief
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Don't Allow the CDC to Forcibly Detain & Force Vaccinations

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has proposed a "rule" giving them the power to apprehend and detain anyone, anywhere, at any time, without Due Process or any right of appeal, and to hold that person in quarantine for as long as the CDC wants -- and no one can refuse them.  The CDC's claimed power follows these Stages: You (or your city) are declared "precommunicable" Apprehension and Detention [A&D]Order of Isolation, Quarantine, or Conditional Release Sources-  

Sara Buckner
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Operation FoxSquad to obtain a working vaccine for all foxes

Ladies and gentlemen,   I have been doing research on the efficacy of the rabies vaccination in domesticated silver and red foxes and I haven't found very much on the subject matter. I do know that the imrab3 rabies vaccine has been given to foxes successfully without negative side effects/outcomes at 6 months of age and that the rabies vaccine has been given to domesticated silver and red foxes since the beginning of the program in Russia almost 60 years ago. There have been studies as well with wild red foxes and one study called "Effectiveness of SAG1 oral vaccine for the long-term protection of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) against rabies" which had garnered mostly positive outcomes. But the Indiana Department of Natural Resources claims there isn't any proof or evidence to the efficacy of ANY rabies vaccine in Foxes and that if a domesticated pet fox so much as licks someone and they get a complaint the animal must be euthanized; all because of this lack of critical information that should have been documented long ago. I am petitioning for the studies to be done for this. There is no reason for these animals to be euthanized because a pharmaceutical company with the means to do a study on the subject and provide the proof of the efficacy and hasn't done so in the nearly 60 years in which foxes have been domesticated. I find all of the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the lack of scientific research on this subject. It is completely negligent; but the situation can still be rectified by documenting the proper protocols on the eradication of rabies in domesticated foxes by creating a working vaccine.  Sincerely, All owners and lovers of foxes

Fox Hardy
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Stop Taking Away Needed Meds For Chronic Pain Patients

Pain. You have felt it at some point in your life resulting from various reasons. Usually the pain is quick to fade and it is forgotten about. Acute pain is pain that lasts a maximum of three to six months. Where as chronic pain is pain that lasts for an unspecified amount of time that lasts longer than three months. This petition will be focusing on chronic pain as it is the pain that affects patients the longest, it has the most impact on the patient's life, and it is now the pain that is being majorly undertreated leading to consequences that can't be reversed.  Chronic pain is more often than not a pain that over the counter NSAID's like motrin or tylenol do not help whatsoever. A doctor is then sought out to see what the problem is and what can be done to help improve the quality of life. One really big problem is when doctors are afraid to prescribe the medication that the patient needs to help gain back some quality of life and to help relieve some of the pain. It is understood that if possible, nonmedication therapies are tried first and then if that fails the doctor will go up the scale from the absolute weakest and at the lowest theraputic dose to try to help the patient regain function or quality of life. The problem really starts to affect patients when alternative therapies cannot be used due to the disease. Many doctors are either incorrectly taught about many rare diseases such as Tarlov Cyst Disease and Adhesive Arachnoiditis so the patient is put between a rock and a hard spot.  I have tarlov cyst disease and I also have adhesive arachnoiditis. I had surgery for the tarlov cyst, which failed less than 3 months later, and also ended up with adhesive arachnoiditis due to the surgery and I wasn't warned about it being a risk for the surgery. I am now disabled at 22 and unable to complete my degree for biology. I am bed bound because sitting, standing, and walking majorly increase the pain to levels that are hard to comprehend even for myself. The pain is there 24/7, it is both entire legs as well as my lower legs. It feels like molten solder encases all of that area. Can you imagine living with that 24/7 and not knowing if you will ever get one pain free day ever again? My arms hurt when I have a flare up, which is when the pain is 1.5 times worse than before. I even have numbness in my right hand that has been there for a month and I can't feel anything on the numb spots because it is dead numb but still has a pulse. My other hand has been trying to do the same. I have daily migraines and problems with my vision as well as problems with my bowel and bladder thanks to nerve dammage that affects them. I use heating pads and electric blankets on my legs and hips like the neurosurgeon told me to do to try to help the pain and now have second degree burns on my legs and hips and lower back as well as significant scarring in those areas as well. I have tried the meds for nerve pain, chronic pain, as well as many others! I am allergic to many topical meds, oral meds, and many other things dont work or metabolize like they should thanks to my genetics. I am now going through even more pain thanks to a decrease in my meds due to the clinic I use being audited by the DEA. I am in so much pain that I have 3 heating pads on high, 2 electric blankets on top of that, two gel lidocaine patches, as well as using bluegoo to try to help and binaural beats and meditation. I have had doctors try to force epidurals on me telling me they were safe and that its fine for arachnoiditis patients despite the papers I had in my hands from the lead researcher for arachnoiditis saying otherwise. That doctor then told me I was going to kill myself and that he wasn't willing to risk his license for me to get relief. Why am I getting punished for having not just one but two rare diseases that I have no control over? The tarlov cyst was misdiagnosed multiple times and I ended up diagnosing it and sending myself to a specialist to get it confirmed. It eroded my sacrum to the point where it is transparent. The cyst was filled with spinal fluid and over 4 cm at the time of surgery. I was continuously put down by doctors, told it was my weight, told it was my fault, even told that I was too young to have back pain! The pain is very real and has gotten to the point where it has paralyzed me at times.  This system needs to change. Stop punishing chronic patients that follow the rules! Stop punishing patients for a problem that was not started by us! Stop giving excuses for why the recommendations should stay in place! Stop treating us like criminals! Give us back a quality of life! Stop the increase of chronic pain patient suicide due to LACK of PROPER PAIN RELIEF! Put rules in place that PROTECT chronic pain patients! Want to help prevent accidental overdoses? Make it mandatory that all narcotic prescriptions have a built in lid timer that count up from the time it was last taken. Keeping track of the last dose is hard when the med is wearing off and the pain is raging. Make the public more aware of the difference between addiction (behavior based) and dependence (chemical based, no cravings).  I have talked patients down from comitting suicide and have seen the pain commu nity mourn when a beloved member takes their life because the pain became too much to handle.  Don't wait until this affects you as well! Help speak up for patients nationwide that need YOUR help to tell our government that they NEED to let the DOCTORS do their job, they went to school to do just that. Chances are, someone you know or love has been affected by this and you may not even know. Help advocate for the patients that need your help and change a life and you may just save a life!

Jessica Thompson
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GBS testing for babies born to GBS positive Mothers

I am Sharing my story for all expectant mothers who have tested positive for GBS. Group B Strep is a bacteria naturally found in the urinary bladder, rectum, or vagina. Women in Canada are routinely tested to determine whether or not they are GBS Positive.  When a mother tests positive for GBS not enough information is provided by health care practitioners about the signs/symptoms, and possible effects on the baby.  IV antibiotics is the recommended treatment for Early onset GBS which occurs within one week after birth.  Late Onset can occur within three months after birth.  Here is my son's experience with GBS. When i found out I had GBS I was told by our hospital that it was normal and 4 hours of antibiotics would keep my baby safe. I trusted what the doctor had said and this is my story. I gave birth October 5th to a beautiful 9 pound 4 ounce baby boy. I was told during my pregnancy that I had group B Strep and that while I went into labour I would have to take antibiotics in order to not pass the infection onto my baby. I did just that I waited four hours of having antibiotics before I pushed and delivered. Three weeks later, with no signs or symptoms that my baby boy was sick; he fell so incredibly ill. At 6 p.m. on Tuesday night we were feeding him his bottle and noticed he was cranky. As most parents would think it was gas pains. We then gave my little one a bath to try to alleviate his gas and noticed he was pale. He then began having breathing problems. This all happened between 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. when I called the ambulance because his breathing was so scary. An hour later of being in the emergency department he began having seizures and stopped breathing on his own. He was put on life support. The next day after a spinal tap and blood work was done we found out that our son had Group B Strep Meningitis. He was airlifted to the IWK and he was treated with antibiotics and many pain medications to keep him comfortable. The infection made it to his blood and the outside of his brain. While we prayed for good results over the next 3 days the antibiotics finally stopped the growth of the infection. We were told from day one that my son only had a 50/50 chance and that he may come out of it with brain damage nothing was ever certain.... After 4 long days we found out the effects of GBS meningitis. It caused so much brain damage my son would have never been able to eat on his own, feed himself, breathe for himself, walk, talk, remember, or learn. He died from this horrible infection. At three weeks old I had to bury my son. GBS can be fatal and lead to devestating life-long disabilities.  The symptoms are extremely hard to recognize and they hit hard and fast. I wish the hospitals could have done a blood test or monitored my son more to watch for signs of GBS instead of thinking everything was OK because I received antibiotics during labor. Please fight to have your child tested after birth regardless of the fact you had antibiotics before delivery.

Angielee Snodgrass
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