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Catharine M. "Cathy" Young is an American legislator who is currently a New York State Senator. Since May 2005, Young has represented New York State's 57th Senate district

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Urge U.S. schools educate on sexual misconduct, bullying & violence to combat epidemic.

Sexual harassment, sexual assault, violence, and bullying. These issues, or epidemics of which you could call them, are very vital issues that resonate our entire society. They are issues that are so pervasive, not only here in the United States, but across the entire globe. It happens in the workplace, in families, at school, at home and all over the world, while victimizing our fellow citizens, neighbors, friends, co-workers and family members. These are women, men, children; all ages and genders fall victim to it. In the United States, 1 in 5 women and 1 in 33 men will fall victim to sexual harassment or assault at some point in their lifetime, over 3.2 million students fall victim to bullying each year, and on average 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner. These are only numbers of which have been reported. What we so often see time after time all across our globe is a culture where these issues are hidden deep within the darkest of shadows, whether that be due to consternation, power of authority, and so on. This must end, this issue is rampant and it is crucial that we combat these issues of which cripple society daily, and that we try to reduce these numbers we see in our statistics if at all possible, in any way we possibly can. We must not stand by and remain silent. Enough is enough. One major way in which we can accomplish reducing these numbers in our statistics is by providing proper education through programs, courses, discussions and assemblies on these topics in schools across our nation. I believe if we work on providing education on these topics, and educate students when they are younger, that they will learn proper manners and behaviors, and within our future generations we will see a significant decrease of sexual harassment, sexual assault, violence, and bullying within our statistics. This will change the culture. Through these programs, we can establish and arrange curriculum that educates students on how to prevent these issues from taking place, how to intervene and handle the situations when they hear about or see them happening, educate them about consent, and teach them how to defend themselves if they find themselves in one of these uncomfortable, harassing or violent situations; self defense should be a required course in schools. It is essential we seek change and educate both boys and girls more thoroughly on the basis of what behaviors are right and wrong, on what’s acceptable and what isn’t, that this type of obscene behavior towards others is unacceptable, and can be detrimental to ones health. We must teach students to keep their hands to themselves, to not touch someone else unless that touch is welcomed, to be kind, compassionate and respectful to others, and to know that when someone confides in them, telling them that they have witnessed or experienced something, that they must listen and never silence a victim. There is evidence that providing education on these topics within schools reduces the numbers in statistics. In Nairobi, Kenya, consent and self-defense classes have been taught to students in schools; in these classes, girls are taught how to defend themselves and how to say no, while boys are taught to stand up for women, intervene when they see a problem, among many other things as well. Before the classes were being taught, boys said it was justifiable to rape a girl who wears mini skirts, are taken on expensive dates, are out alone at night, etcetera; however in only six classes their thoughts towards the issue changed, that behavior significantly shifted. The success seen since teaching these classes is truly remarkable. The numbers of rape and violence in Nairobi have shifted lower dramatically. In areas where these classes are taught, rape has reduced by 50%, and 74% of the time boys successfully intervened when witnessing an assault. These classes are hosted by 'No Means No Worldwide' and the will soon be taught in every high school in Nairobi, Kenya. You can read more about No Means No Worldwide here: If we can establish and bring courses and programs like that into our schools here in the United States, the numbers we see in our statistics of sexual harassment, sexual assault, violence and bullying will likely shift downward drastically. Society must step up; we owe at least this to future generations, we bear the responsibility in changing the culture that has enabled sexual harassment, sexual assault, violence and bullying to continue on this long. It’s on us, we must all work together to reduce these horrific numbers we continually see daily. Let's speak up, and shout, “NO MORE!”. Let's see if there is a way to provide education on these topics in schools across our nation. I'm not sure if this would be considered, and I realize I may be up for a big battle, but it’s worth it. Please join me in letting those in power know if there is a way they can establish something like this, that we want it and believe it's needed as a step to combat this epidemic. I am asking you to please sign and share this petition in effort to at least try and make this happen, and raise awareness on these issues. Thank you.

Sarah Marie West
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Require School Buses To Have Proper Safety Equipment

Lets keep our children safe and let’s start from enforcing stricter laws on people obliviously passing the school bus red lights, stop signs. More then 50,000 people in New York State pass school buses that are loading or unloading students each day. We want all our kids to come home safely and alive from school as many of us “parents” have work and need to find private transportation for them to school and from school and the only way we can make a change is by showing the government on how important our kids life’s are and how much we love them. As a school bus driver I see many drivers not only passing my school bus signs but speeding though them we need this to stop  especially for a City like New York itself. IF YOU LOVE AND CARE FOR YOUR CHILD YOU WOULD NOT HESITATE TO SIGN THIS PETITION AND FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDRENS SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING.  For The decision makers, • Traffic cameras on all SCHOOL BUSES like citi buses have.                         • GPS on all school buses• more law enforcement agencies looking out for our children.• Drivers having direct communication with 911 in case of a tragedy like this happens they don’t have to pick up a phone dial 911 explain the situation give their location because by that time that child will be deceased. All buses work with students. MAKE IT SAFE.

Antoni Parys
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Give Me and Other Families the Power to Save Our Children's Lives, Pass Casey's Law in NYS

I am writing to you as a voter, a counselor in both mental health and addiction treatment services and a parent  concerned with the prescription pill opiate / heroin health crisis epidemic that has been sweeping  across our nation and in New York State. With the current system in place thousands of addicted loved ones across New York State do not meet the criteria set forth by their insurance companies either to be eligible for inpatient treatment or allow the needed length of time to address opiate addiction and how it restructures the brain. Families have no recourse if their loved ones are adults so many go without proper treatment and continue the deadly cycle of abuse. Every day an addicted loved one goes without proper treatment they can die. Many die while waiting to receive treatment and there are countless roadblocks, dead ends and revolving doors in the process of someone reaching out for help. The Matthew Casey Wethington Act for Substance Abuse intervention provides a means of intervening with someone who is unable to recognize his or her need for treatment due to their substance abuse impairment and many have co-occurring disorders. This law will allow parents, relatives and/or friends to petition the court for treatment on behalf of the substance abuse-impaired person. Denial and distorted thinking impedes a person's ability to make a rational decision. The “bottom” for many is death. Addiction is a progressive, life-threatening disease and the best hope of survival for a person who is substance abuse impaired is intervention. Casey’s Law has already been passed in Kentucky and there are similar laws in Florida (Marchman Act) and Ohio (Ohio Senate Bill 117). Studies show that involuntary treatment can be just as successful as voluntary treatment. Most individuals who are substance abuse-impaired receive court-ordered treatment only after they have become arrested for a crime while under the influence of a substance. Drugs and crime often go hand-in-hand because people who are substance abuse impaired are forced by their disease to resort to any means necessary to procure their drug and not become sick. Court-ordered treatment can be effective regardless of who initiates it. Not all people who are substance abuse impaired are arrested or, in the event that they are, may not receive the necessary treatment. Please help me to help my child and so many other families in need of this law. My son Nicholas, an all-American boy, became dependent on painkillers. His dependence was partly due to a combination of a leg injury and dealing with depression from losing a classmate. He began using prescription pain pills and it soon got the better of him. Now he struggles with addiction. There’s little one can do for their loved ones when they become substance abuse impaired in order to advocate in getting into treatment. The current system doesn’t allow me to intervene on his behalf since he’s over 18. So I am forced to stand idly by as my brave, smart son turns into someone I barely recognize. Casey’s Law would give me the power to help my son and others live and be involved in active recovery. Casey’s Law, which already exists in Kentucky and Ohio, allows the loved ones of an addict to help petition the court to mandate treatment. Instead of feeling helpless, the parent, relative, or friend can take action, and help an addict get control of his life. Even as a counselor and working in the field of addiction treatment there were many obstacles to face in getting immediate treatment. Casey’s Law has been proven to keep families together and serve as an invaluable tool for families to intervene on the substance abuse disorder of a loved one regardless of age and without criminal charges. I am asking the New York Senate and House to help save thousands of families by passing Casey’s Law in New York.    My name is Rachel Bruzee. For years, I’ve worked in different arenas of crisis intervention and, human service programs. My work is important to me and I have continued my education to better serve in the work I have a passion for in helping people. I know I am helping people in their darkest hour. But I never thought this darkness would strike my own son. Since age three, Nicholas wanted to be a fireman. At 16, he became one of the youngest volunteer firemen in the Seneca County, New York. And in 2008, he responded to more fire calls than there are days in the year, risking his life to rescue others. But now it’s he, and substance-impaired individuals like him, that needs to be rescued. This law is prudent, and humane, and loved ones of addicts across the country are raising their voices to get it passed. Alabama, California, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Washington are all currently trying to enact versions of Casey’s Law. I am a petrified parent trying to save her son. But I am also speaking out for the many parents and relatives of addicts who are unable to speak for themselves. Please join me in asking the New York State Congress and Senate to pass Casey’s Law and help keep families intact.

Rachel Bruzee
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Local Marine Mammal Contingency Plan

We propose the "Local Marine Mammal Contingency Plan" to be written into law.Giving local authorities or properly trained citizens to the right supersede the Federal government and gain the legal right to provide needed rescue efforts when these federally protected mammals become stranded or beached within locally regulated waters. This week's events in Moriches bay on Long Island have proven that waiting on the Federal government (NOAA) cannot be the only course of action for these animals. It also proved that our Local Agencies, the NYS DEC and the Riverhead Foundation are unprepared for a handling a situation like this. NOAA, and their affiliate lacked any physical efforts to aid the whale, instead continually stating that they were "carefully monitoring and assessing" the situation. By the time NOAA had vets on-site, it was determined that the whale "looked sick" and needed to be killed. It is common knowledge that a beached marine mammal must to be kept wet with either towels, buckets or hoses when beached to prevent sunburn, blistering of the skin and damage from gulls. NOAA's lack of presence and lack of delegation of actions clearly indicates their pre-determined decision that the whale would be "euthanized"The unnecessary death of this humpback has not gone unnoticed by thousands of Long Islanders and many others from around the Country and World. NOAA delayed any attempts of rescue only to bring a vet in four (4) days later to kill it via injection. Officials claimed they were monitoring the whale since it arrived into the bay, but lacked critical information about what lead up to the whale becoming beached.Federal officials claimed the whale was sick and that whales often beach due to illness - - however eyewitness accounts indicate the whale was previously healthy and may have made a mistake in navigating the shallow bay. The results of the necropsy will surely show evidence the whale was in "poor health", however that is to be expected after four (4) days of stranding.The entire community agrees that the whale could have been saved by if actions were immediately taken to assist the animal. Local organizations, citizens and local government agencies rallied together and rounded up a dedicated crew of 7 boats with pumps and hoses, to 20+ divers and even a barge with the capability to dredge a path to free the whale without physically interacting with the whale. These dedicated citizens were in place to begin a rescue attempt when the federal government told them to stand down and threatened fines and arrests.The desired Plan would not permit anyone to act on their own to save a protected species. Rather, it would facilitate a "task-force" comprised local authorities, Fire Departments, foundations and organized groups to be able to handle these situations without needing to wait for NOAA to arrive on-site at their convenience. We must take action to make change the response system for protected species that find themselves in trouble without relying on a federal agency located hundreds of miles away.

Local's Only
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Bullies need to be held accountable on a criminal level for their actions

I am so exhausted with seeing bullies terrorize their victims to the point that they harm themselves and the bullies are free to just move on to the next victim. This has affected me very personally through myself, family and friends. I'm beyond sick and tired of seeing people I care about fall prey to these thoughtless cowards. I believe these people should be held accountable on a criminal level. I believe there should be a Bullying Offender Registry and the community deserves to know who these people are . Also, I believe that victims should have the right to record on a mobile device each incident they report. Also, I believe that if the authority figure with whom which they placed the complaint fails to follow up and handle it accordingly, that they should be charged with negligence. I believe there should be a national database created in which each report is filed. Also, there should be a confidentiality clause, so that those who truly fear for their lives may report in confidence. And, if this confidentiality is breached and the offender makes any attempts at contact with the victim, whether failed or successful: the person who breached should also receive criminal charges.I fully believe that with a system as such in place, victims will become less afraid to the point where they will no longer be afraid. My hopes are that one day bullying will become but a bad memory.   

Tanya Raner
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Ask Congress to Vote NO on Legislation Restricting Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies

The citizens of the United States of America request that Congress stop attempting to legislate away individual freedom with regards to healthcare.  Those of us that choose to utilize natural forms of medicine instead of pharmaceuticals have that right as sovereign entities.  Congress shall not impede upon this by forcing pharmaceutical drugs on citizens that wish to refrain. As adults, we have the right to choose what enters our bodies, and do not want Congress to ban Kratom, or many other herbal remedies that we utilize within our private homes.  Please urge your colleagues to respect this. Please vote no against any bill criminalizing natural remedies for pain, cancer, asthma, allergies, etc.  Some Americans have chosen alternative therapies, and we have a right to continue to do so.  Do not allow them to strip anymore freedom from our private homes.  We no longer wish to be forced into America's pharmaceutical epidemic.  Please sign the FDA's letter encouraging that Kratom remain a legal substance available to all Americans.      You can also text " resist" 50409 and it will walk you through how to contact and send a letter to your reps   PRESERVE CONSUMER ACCESS AND SCIENTIFIC RESERCH INTO INNOVATIVETREATMENTS FOR OPIOID ADDICTION AND PREVENT DRUG ENFORCEMENTAGENCY OVERREACHJoin Reps. Mark Pocan and Frank LoBiondo in Urging the Drug Enforcement Agency to Utilize AllAvailable Scientific Evidence When Making Final Scheduling Decisions on KratomDear Colleague:I invite you to join us in sending a bipartisan letter to the Drug Enforcement Agency to encourage them to employall the available scientific information on kratom before making any final decisions on the scheduling of this naturalproduct under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).Last year, the DEA attempted to expedite scheduling of kratom as a Schedule I substance without any publiccomment or input. A group of 50 bipartisan Members of Congress urged them to halt the expedited process toensure that the public and scientists were able to provide comment and input before this significant decision wasmade. Ultimately, the DEA heard Congress’ concerns and pulled the expedited schedule.Now, the DEA has used the formal process to analyze whether kratom should be on listed under the ControlledSubstances Act (CSA). Kratom is not an opioid, it is a natural supplement made from the leaves of a tropical treenative to Southeast Asia and a relative of the coffee plant. Kratom leaves are often brewed like a tea, or crushed andmixed with water. In the U.S., kratom has been used as an herbal supplement by consumers for managing theirpersonal health and well-being. Numerous scientific studies, including studies funded by the NIH, have shown theaddiction potential for kratom is substantially lower than that of “narcotic-like opioids” and it does not produce thedeadly respiratory depressant effects that is the primary cause of opioid overdose deaths.1 2As our country continues to deal with the damage and pain the opioid crisis is causing our communities, it isimportant to consider all scientific research that has been conducted on the use and safety of kratom. To date, theFDA public health advisory of kratom encouraged the public to “conduct the research that will help us betterunderstand kratom’s risk and benefit profile.”3 However, should the DEA schedule kratom through the CSA, it willgreatly reduce the public’s ability to conduct this important research. We remain concerned that any scheduling ofkratom would likely “create a substantial illicit market” where consumers would be put at significant safety risks, ordrive consumers to the dangerously addictive and potentially deadly use of opioids.Please join us in this effort to ensure the DEA takes into all available scientific evidence regarding the safety andefficacy of kratom. We need to continue to conduct research and find innovative treatments for individuals sufferingfrom opioid and other addictions—a significant public health threat. If you have questions or would like to sign onto the letters, please contact Leslie Zelenko in Rep. Mark Pocan’s office at 202-225-2906 or Eric Arndt in Rep.Frank LoBiondo’s office at 202-225-6572.Sincerely,Mark Pocan Frank A. LoBiondo 1 Kruegel AC and Grundmann O. The medicinal chemistry and neuropharmacology of kratom: A preliminarydiscussion of a promising medicinal plant and analysis of its potential for abuse. Neuropharmacology. 2017 Aug 19.2 Kruegel AC, Gassaway MM, Kapoor A, Váradi A, Majumdar S, Filizola M, Javitch JA, Sames D. Synthetic andreceptor signaling explorations of the mitragyna alkaloids: Mitragynine as an atypical molecular framework foropioid receptor modulators. J Am Chem Soc. 2016 Jun 1;138(21):6754-64.3 Federal Drug Administration. “Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. on FDA advisory aboutdeadly risks associated with kratom” November 14, 2017. of Congress Member of CongressThe Honorable Robert PattersonAdministrator (Acting)Drug Enforcement AdministrationU.S. Department of Justice8701 Morrissette DriveSpringfield, VA 22152December X, 2017Dear Acting Administrator Patterson:Recent reports indicate the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has sent over their Eight Factor Analysis(8FA) of mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, more commonly known as kratom. As you review theanalysis, we urge you to take all the available scientific information on kratom into consideration beforemaking any final decisions on the scheduling of kratom under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).As you are aware, the CSA sets specific and intentionally restrictive standards for scheduling ofsubstances in Schedule I, including conclusive scientific and legally defensible proof that the substancehas (1) a high abuse potential; and (2) there is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or othersubstance under medical supervision.Kratom is not an opioid, it is a natural supplement made from the leaves of a tropical tree native toSoutheast Asia and a relative of the coffee plant. Kratom leaves are often brewed like a tea, or crushedand mixed with water. In the U.S., kratom has been used as an herbal supplement by consumers formanaging their personal health and well-being. Numerous scientific studies, including studies funded bythe NIH, have shown the addiction potential for kratom is substantially lower than that of “narcotic-likeopioids” and it does not produce the deadly respiratory depressant effects that is the primary cause ofopioid overdose deaths.4 5We additionally ask that you fully review the 8FA on kratom authored by a leading independent authorityon addiction and safety of substances, Jack E. Henningfield, that was submitted to the DEA inconjunction with a previous review of kratom.6 The conclusions of Dr. Henningfield’s 8FA, that mirroredthe CSA requirements both the FDA and DEA should use in scheduling recommendations, document that“placement of kratom in the CSA is not warranted from a public health perspective, and is likely to causepublic health problems that do not currently exist.”Equally important, Dr. Henningfield’s research directly contradicts claims being made about deathsallegedly caused by kratom; that kratom is dangerously addictive; and that kratom has the same opioidlikeeffects in depressing the respiratory system. The fact that kratom may be mixed or blended with othertoxic doses of prescription drugs or other illegal substances is not an appropriate basis for scheduling 4 Kruegel AC and Grundmann O. The medicinal chemistry and neuropharmacology of kratom: A preliminarydiscussion of a promising medicinal plant and analysis of its potential for abuse. Neuropharmacology. 2017 Aug 19.5 Kruegel AC, Gassaway MM, Kapoor A, Váradi A, Majumdar S, Filizola M, Javitch JA, Sames D. Synthetic andreceptor signaling explorations of the mitragyna alkaloids: Mitragynine as an atypical molecular framework foropioid receptor modulators. J Am Chem Soc. 2016 Jun 1;138(21):6754-64.6 Pinney Associates (Henningfield JE and Fant RV, principal authors) (2016) Assessment of Kratom under the CSAEight Factors and Scheduling Recommendation. In Hogan Lovells US LLP Comment on FR Doc #2016-24659. or the statute. The FDA and DEA have sufficient statutory authority to interdict such illegalcompounding, and we support the aggressive use of these powers to interdict those responsible for suchadulteration and contamination of kratom products.As our country continues to deal with the damage and pain the opioid crisis is causing our communities, itis important to consider all scientific research that has been conducted on the use and safety of kratom. Todate, the FDA public health advisory of kratom encouraged the public to “conduct the research that willhelp us better understand kratom’s risk and benefit profile.”7 However, should the DEA schedule kratomthrough the CSA, it will greatly reduce the public’s ability to conduct this important research. We remainconcerned that any scheduling of kratom would likely “create a substantial illicit market” whereconsumers would be put at significant safety risks, or drive consumers to the dangerously addictive andpotentially deadly use of opioids.The DEA has a limited amount of resources, and we feel taxpayer dollars should be prioritized to preventthe sale of illegal substances like heroin and fentanyl. These substances are causing the deaths of up to 90Americans each day. Resources must be focused on preventing access to these most dangeroussubstances. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has the authority to create a balanced regulatoryscheme for kratom, as a dietary supplement, to ensure consumer safety and quality.Again, we strongly encourage the DEA to use all available scientific evidence on kratom when making afinal decision about whether to place the plant on the CSA list or not. We look forward to your timelyresponse.Sincerely, 7 Federal Drug Administration. “Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. on FDA advisory aboutdeadly risks associated with kratom” November 14, 2017.

Sarah Firebaugh
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Save Lives by Requiring Crisis Intervention Training for All Police Officers

At the moment, Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) is considered optional for our police officers. This life-saving program teaches officers how to better interact with mentally ill citizens, whether it be for a wellness check or a reported disturbance. This sort of training is crucial, as 1 in 5 Americans suffers from a mental illness (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Sadly, however, we can see the apparent shortage of Crisis Intervention Training as those with mental illness are 16 times more likely to be killed during a police encounter than other citizens (Democracy Now). When a person calls the police to perform a welfare check on a loved one, the goal is to make sure they're alive and ok. Too frequently, these checks escalate, due to a lack of training, and their loved one is killed. Through CIT, officers can learn from those living with mental illness by participating in an interactive panel where civilians share their own experiences and answer officers' questions. With Crisis Intervention Training our police officers can be better prepared to provide the help that is necessary.  This training not only protects civilians, but officers as well - forces that utilize Crisis Intervention Training have reported an 80% decrease in officer injuries (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Assistant Attorney General of Ohio, Christie Limbert, called CIT ,"the best investment law enforcement and a community can make in responding to individuals with mental health issues. The fact is, CIT saves lives, including law enforcement officers’ lives." Research is overwhelmingly in favor of Crisis Intervention Training as its benefits have been proven time and time again. It is not too much to ask that our police force is adept to handle the needs of ALL civilians. Proper training starts here. Ohio Attorney General - Crisis Intervention Training  

Lindsay Durham
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Send Helicopter Aid to Puerto Rico to save lives NOW!

Supplies getting to Puerto Rico have been bottlenecked. They are sitting in warehouses in Puerto Rico and are not being distributed to the people on the island that are in desperate need.  People are living without access to food and water.  Because of the Jones act the island is unable to receive aid from anywhere but the USA unless the USA decides to waive this (which as of 9/26 they have not).  We also have failing infrastructure throughout the island due to the overwhelming amount of debt we hold and an unyielding attitude to allow us to restructure the debt or have access to bankruptcy court.  PROMESA was nothing but broken promises to our people.  We have still seen no debt relief in any form since the passing of the bill.  We demand respect and dignity as people who have been continuously exploited by the USA despite the immense sacrifices we have made for this country economically and militarily.  We demand the following: 1. Suspend the Jones Act just as was done for FL & TX & allow foreign relief vessels into Puerto Rico. EEUU controls air and marine frontiers in Puerto Rico. They need to be open NOW for any and all international help. The Jones Act needs to be waived for hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.2. Send immediate and massive aid to Puerto Rico beginning with helicopters to distribute donations and rescue people in areas that are cut off & including cell towers to aid in communications for residents & relief workers.3. Pass bankruptcy relief legislation & negotiate public debt relief immediately.4. Pass a major reconstruction bill that includes solar energy & other sustainable technology that will save millions in the long run.

Jesse Cosme
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