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Brad Hazzard

  • NSW Minister for Health and Medical Research

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Don’t let me die waiting for cancer surgery - I’m begging you Health Minister, act now

I’m not ready to die. My husband and I have 6 beautiful children, a fabulous loving blended family - our tribe. But I’m terrified — if the Health Minister doesn’t urgently intervene I’ll die waiting for asbestos cancer surgery. I don’t have time - it’s already been 11 weeks since my surgeon told me I urgently need a life saving operation. I’m battling a deadly cancer (peritoneal mesothelioma) and now more cysts are growing on my liver. But he can’t operate. The waiting lists are dangerously long and the government won’t fund more surgery places. It’s a death sentence. Wait lists are so long that patients’ cancers are becoming inoperable - and highly likely they’ll die. I’m desperate to not get to this point - I have my gorgeous kids, family, dogs, and love of the outdoors to live for. Two years ago mum of 5 Nicole Perko fought to stay alive. Nicole had a similarly deadly cancer, and needed the very same surgeon, Professor Morris, to do the identical operation to save her life as I need. A petition was started, thousands of people signed on to support and pressure the Health Minister to urgently fund this mum’s surgery - and it won. I’ve signed many petitions since - but now it’s me that needs help. Please, don’t let me die because of political inaction. I need Jillian Skinner to immediately fund more theatre time and ICU beds for Professor Morris’s team so myself and the other desperate sufferers on the waiting list don’t die. 

Galy O'Connor
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Save Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick

SAVE SYDNEY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL RANDWICK Cooper was 10 days old when we brought him to hospital with a viral illness. Transferred to Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH) Randwick, it was unknown that his heart was suffering from myocarditis. Soon after arrival, he went into cardiac arrest needing CPR for 26minutes. If not for the presence of the SCH Cardiac Surgical Team, Cooper would not have survived. Cardiac Surgical services at SCH are essential for the safety of all children being cared for at Randwick. SCH has provided safe cardiac surgery for decades. The State Government is proposing to close the SCH cardiac surgical service. Critically ill babies and children will face life threatening delays in receiving treatment if our service closes. Cooper would not have survived waiting for a Westmead Team to mobilise & travel 43 km down the M4 to Randwick. SCH provides comprehensive health care to 40% of the children of NSW, and receives 75% of state-wideemergency retrievals of critically ill children. Complex surgeries and treatments, including comprehensive cancer care, required by children at SCH need on-site cardiac surgery for support. Please sign our petition to instruct the NSW State Government to maintain an appropriately funded cardiac surgical program at SCH Randwick.

Peter Low
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Petitioning Brad Hazzard, Local Health District Board Managers

End Birth Restrictions

I am starting this petition today as a woman, a mother, a birth worker and a concerned and disturbed member of society. The current restrictions on birthing people in NSW and specifically in Sydney during this current lockdown period are unfair, unjust and unacceptable. Over the last week I have been speaking to a wide array of women who are being affected by the current restrictions hospitals in Sydney are placing on them. Women who are afraid to continue with their plans to birth in hospital, women who are showing up to hospital in labour only to have their partners, husbands and support people turned away, women who are reporting to hospitals with abnormal bleeding in pregnancy are sitting in rooms alone while their partners and support people are refused entry, women who are afraid to fall pregnant at this time due to the restrictions hospitals are placing on labouring women throughout Sydney. The restrictions that are currently in place are inconsistent across hospitals throughout Sydney and are damaging women. Women are stressed, anxious, worried and fearful about what may happen if they have to go in to birth their babies with no support people. It is no secret that our hospital system is failing women already, the system is hard to navigate under normal circumstances, now it is nearly impossible. As a concerned member of society I am requesting the following: * That all women attending hospital for regular antenatal appointments be permitted to have their children and one chosen support person with them at all times. This will reduce the logistical burden on mother’s during times where they are in lockdown and have no options for childcare/support. * That all women are permitted to have, at minimum, one chosen support person (partner or otherwise) with them throughout their entire labour and birth whilst in hospital with no need to apply for an exemption. * That all women birthing in hospital are permitted to have one chosen support person with them for a minimum of five hours a day after they have given birth. Remove the restrictions placed on ‘support people’ for women in the postpartum wards. This would ensure all women who have given birth are adequately supported in their postpartum period and would also reduce the burden on staff. * That all women are informed of the restrictions before attending the hospital for their appointments/to give birth. * That a blanket guideline be put in place for all hospitals in the Sydney region to follow the above requests. No more inconsistent advice and incorrect information being handed out. Please hear our calls. Please effect positive change in this domain. Please put women first. Petition created on behalf of Sarah Fowler, who works tirelessly and passionately to ensure all voices are heard, but especially for those who feel they can't use theirs. A true fighter. If you feel you can do more to help, please visit:

Linda Gejakly
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Reopen BreastScreen NSW under COVIDSafe arrangements

BreastScreen NSW clinics around the state have been closed due to Covid 19. There is no timeline for when they will reopen. BreastScreen NSW clinics offer free breast screening for women aged 40+. ‘A screening mammogram is the best way to detect breast cancer early, before any symptoms are noticed. When breast cancer is picked up early, most women will recover and can quickly get back to normal life.’ (BreastScreen NSW). Between March and May 2020, BreastScreen appointments were cancelled across the country due to the initial Covid outbreak. Between January and June 2020, about 145,000 fewer screening mammograms were conducted compared to 2018. In Victoria, the impact of these closures is evident, with more women presenting with later-stage breast cancer disease. My breast cancer was picked up following a routine mammogram at a BreastScreen clinic last year. It was my first. I had no signs or symptoms, and no family history. I received my cancer diagnosis on 24 August 2020 at age 41 and 4 weeks pregnant with my second child. It was quite large and aggressive, but it was found early. My specialist did not want to delay surgery, which I had one month later. I can’t help but think about what might have been had BreastScreen clinics been closed this time last year. And I fear for the women who may face my unthinkable thoughts as their reality. I never intended to share my experience so publicly. But I cannot sit by and do nothing.  Of all the things we are permitted to do during lockdown, this one must be on the list. Covid is going to be with us for some time yet. Breast cancer won’t wait. It must be a priority to develop and implement COVIDSafe operating guidelines and procedures to allow breast screening clinics to reopen ASAP.

Christina Bullivant
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Allow internationally qualified nurses to support Australians through the pandemic.

We are a group of internationally qualified nurses living in Australia desperate to serve our communities, but our clinical examination keeps getting delayed due to COVID-19 lockdowns. We have years of experience in critical care and other essential areas but we are helpless, unable to work due to an inflexible licensing system. We are calling on AHPRA, the Federal Health Minister and state Health Ministers to urgently find a temporary alternative to the objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) so we can support hospitals in the pandemic.  Every day we read about nurses in hospitals across different states being overworked and hospitals overwhelmed. It pains us to wait and watch when we could be out there serving the community. I urge our leaders to help us help Australians.  Most of us have had our exam postponed twice or thrice because of the border closures and lockdowns. We are struggling to take care of our families and hospitals are struggling to cope with the load - it’s a win-win for everyone.  Many essential services such as breast screening are being paused because nurses have to be deployed to COVID-19 clinics. We can help ease the burden if we are given a chance. Right now, candidates can only take OSCE in a facility in South Australia (Adelaide Health Simulation) which can accept only a limited number of applicants. Since 2020, only 2-3 exams have been conducted with just 40 students at a time. There are more than a thousand of us ready to take the exam and begin working. We call on AHPRA and relevant ministers to re-assess the current assessment model. We need temporary alternatives such as clinical placements or other exam equivalents to OSCE which can be implemented soon to meet the demand. 

kabita karki
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Petitioning The Honourable Speaker and the Members of the House of Representatives, The Honorable Greg Hunt, The Hon Jenny Mikakos MLC, Dr Michael Brydon, The Hon Brad Hazzard MP, The Hon Tanya Davies MP

Say NO to Starving our teens: Stop The Fast Track Trial

The "Fast Track To Health" study is about to kick off in Sydney & Melbourne. The research team have a $1.2 million grant from the NH&MRC, and these funds are being used to put teenagers through a gruelling and prolonged semi starvation experiment. Teens aged 13-17 are facing a horrifying experience: for an entire month they will be allowed just 800 calories a day. After that, for an entire YEAR of their lives, the kids will be starved for 3 days of the week, allowed only 600-700 calories a day. I have blogged in detail about this study, check these out here and here. This is less than the daily nutritional needs for a baby, let alone a growing teen! Teenagers have a lot of growing to do, and they also need to go to school, to learn, to run around and play. These normal teenage activities are just not possible if you are STARVING. There is overwhelming scientific evidence (Level A, the highest level of evidence we can achieve according to the NH&MRC) to show that in the long term, dieting doesn't work. On diets, people lose a little bit of weight initially, but then put it back on again. Over time, dieting is a risk factor for weight gain, not loss. All we are teaching kids by putting them on diets like this is how to endure a lifetime of weight cycling and misery. Starving teenagers is much more likely to result in them developing deadly eating disorders rather than becoming thinner or healthier. There is overwhelming research evidence that points to dieting being the NUMBER ONE risk factor for developing an eating disorder. And the riskiest time for humans to diet is adolescence: the very age of the kids being targeted in this trial. Eating disorders have the HIGHEST MORTALITY RATE of any mental disorder. They are difficult to treat and ruin lives. The Australian government is investing more money into the treatment of eating disorders, as rates are exploding all over the country. Why would we spend research money creating future eating disorder problems? There has already been a complaint sent to the Fast Track research team co-signed by 30 health professionals and organisations pleading for this research to stop, but this has been overruled! Apparently the team think that putting teens at risk of eating disorders is worth it for the perceived 'benefits' of temporary weight loss. Please help to raise your voice in protest against this trial! There are many less harmful ways we can help our larger teens to look after their health and wellbeing. We are calling on the Minister for Health, our MP's and the CEO's of Sydney Childrens Hospital and Monash Childrens Hopspital to put a stop to this trial.

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