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Save Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick

SAVE SYDNEY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL RANDWICK Cooper was 10 days old when we brought him to hospital with a viral illness. Transferred to Sydney Children’s Hospital (SCH) Randwick, it was unknown that his heart was suffering from myocarditis. Soon after arrival, he went into cardiac arrest needing CPR for 26minutes. If not for the presence of the SCH Cardiac Surgical Team, Cooper would not have survived. Cardiac Surgical services at SCH are essential for the safety of all children being cared for at Randwick. SCH has provided safe cardiac surgery for decades. The State Government is proposing to close the SCH cardiac surgical service. Critically ill babies and children will face life threatening delays in receiving treatment if our service closes. Cooper would not have survived waiting for a Westmead Team to mobilise & travel 43 km down the M4 to Randwick. SCH provides comprehensive health care to 40% of the children of NSW, and receives 75% of state-wideemergency retrievals of critically ill children. Complex surgeries and treatments, including comprehensive cancer care, required by children at SCH need on-site cardiac surgery for support. Please sign our petition to instruct the NSW State Government to maintain an appropriately funded cardiac surgical program at SCH Randwick.

Peter Low
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Petitioning The Honourable Speaker and the Members of the House of Representatives, The Honorable Greg Hunt, The Hon Jenny Mikakos MLC, Dr Michael Brydon, The Hon Brad Hazzard MP, The Hon Tanya Davies MP

Say NO to Starving our teens: Stop The Fast Track Trial

The "Fast Track To Health" study is about to kick off in Sydney & Melbourne. The research team have a $1.2 million grant from the NH&MRC, and these funds are being used to put teenagers through a gruelling and prolonged semi starvation experiment. Teens aged 13-17 are facing a horrifying experience: for an entire month they will be allowed just 800 calories a day. After that, for an entire YEAR of their lives, the kids will be starved for 3 days of the week, allowed only 600-700 calories a day. I have blogged in detail about this study, check these out here and here. This is less than the daily nutritional needs for a baby, let alone a growing teen! Teenagers have a lot of growing to do, and they also need to go to school, to learn, to run around and play. These normal teenage activities are just not possible if you are STARVING. There is overwhelming scientific evidence (Level A, the highest level of evidence we can achieve according to the NH&MRC) to show that in the long term, dieting doesn't work. On diets, people lose a little bit of weight initially, but then put it back on again. Over time, dieting is a risk factor for weight gain, not loss. All we are teaching kids by putting them on diets like this is how to endure a lifetime of weight cycling and misery. Starving teenagers is much more likely to result in them developing deadly eating disorders rather than becoming thinner or healthier. There is overwhelming research evidence that points to dieting being the NUMBER ONE risk factor for developing an eating disorder. And the riskiest time for humans to diet is adolescence: the very age of the kids being targeted in this trial. Eating disorders have the HIGHEST MORTALITY RATE of any mental disorder. They are difficult to treat and ruin lives. The Australian government is investing more money into the treatment of eating disorders, as rates are exploding all over the country. Why would we spend research money creating future eating disorder problems? There has already been a complaint sent to the Fast Track research team co-signed by 30 health professionals and organisations pleading for this research to stop, but this has been overruled! Apparently the team think that putting teens at risk of eating disorders is worth it for the perceived 'benefits' of temporary weight loss. Please help to raise your voice in protest against this trial! There are many less harmful ways we can help our larger teens to look after their health and wellbeing. We are calling on the Minister for Health, our MP's and the CEO's of Sydney Childrens Hospital and Monash Childrens Hopspital to put a stop to this trial.

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Petitioning NSW HEALTH MINISTER, Brad Hazzard

Retaining nurses rights to inject clients without a Doctor on site at a clinic

Cosmetic Injectors jobs are at stake. Our livelihood, our training and our education is all at risk due to our  NSW health minister, Brad Hazzard and a group of doctors who are campaigning to have all drugs used in S4 cosmetic medicine treatments, reclassified so that  Cosmetic Nurses will be  stopped from  injecting clients without a doctor on site.  The main argument for stopping Cosmetic Nurses is based on client safety. As yet, these claims are unfounded. To date,  Cosmetic Nurses have excellent training, are extremely professional, always show a high duty of care and always practice within our scope. They are suggesting that a GP or doctor from any form of medicine with perhaps little to no amount of training, may be more qualified to inject clients then a Cosmetic Nurse Injector who has gone through a complete training program.  The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia and Mr Hazzard [the NSW health minister] are attempting to make an amendment to the Bill to: “amend the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 to impose requirements in respect of certain substances and goods that may be used for cosmetic and other purposes”. We, a nationwide group of Cosmetic Nurses will be affected greatly if these changes take place. We, as a group, are small business owners who work extremely hard to make sure that we do the best by our clients. We support our families and our communities. This change to the bill will mean that non-surgical cosmetic procedures will become far more difficult to receive. All treatments will be from Doctors or on a doctors premises only with perhaps little to no training which will compromise the safety of clients. There also will be less suppliers to provide these services, which will mean that there will be an increase in costs as well.  This bill also sets a precedent for other Nurses to have restrictions in the future which undermines their role as a group. Cosmetic nurses work with their doctors to give their patients the safest treatments and should not be prohibited from doing what they are trained to do.  If we don’t have your support and this bill goes ahead, Cosmetic Nurses will no longer be able to continue practicing cosmetic injectables. Please sign this petition to fight for all our rights.    

Nicole Schmid-Sanele
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Petitioning Brad Hazzard MP

Special Needs training for health workers and first responders

I've started this petition in the hopes of creating awareness of one of the small hardships faced by people who have invisible disabilities. My son is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). He has had a few trips to hospital, he had open heart surgery at age 5, and just recently he fell and fractured his wrist. Both times we have had some amazing hospital staff that will go the extra mile for our little man, but we have also had staff that wont listen when we try to explain that his treatment isn't going to be by the book. We've had nurses tell us that there's nothing wrong with him, that we baby him and encourage unwanted behaviour. I've had a nurse in the waiting room interrupt his stimming because she wanted him to sit on a chair, then give me filthy looks and a lecture when I allowed him to sit on the floor and stim. I've had a nurse try and take him out of my arms because she believed I didn't need to carry him no matter how much my Mother In Law and I tried to explain. Through our experiences, and the experiences of others, it seems that a lot of people who work with the general public have either no clue, or a very misguided concept of what ASD actually involves. Some interactions with these people can be very damaging to those with this disorder. While these interactions may seem to be very fleeting for most of us, the same cannot be said for those with ASD, who can suffer after these interactions, sometimes for days. A person who is autistic and overwhelmed will not respond to stressful situations in what we assume to be a 'normal' fashion. Sometimes they can appear to be aggressive when all they are doing is struggling to cope. I firmly believe anyone who works closely with the general public in areas such as heath, schools, and first responders should have some sort of formal training in dealing with those with invisible disabilities. If you sign this petition, you are joining me in asking Troy Grant MP (Minister for Justice and Police, Minister for Emergency Services), Raymond Williams MP (Minister for Disability Services), and Brad Hazzard (Minister for Health) that people who may come into close contact and interact with people with an invisible disability, such as ASD, attend some type of formal training on people with disabilities. Knowledge is power, and if they have the knowledge of what the traits of these disorders are, the have the power to assist them better. Its only a small gesture to you, but one that can mean more than you could imagine to someone else.

nikki beard
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Increase Mental Health Support for Patients with Cystic Fibrosis to Meet Standards of Care

THERE IS NO HEALTH WITHOUT MENTAL HEALTH My name is Morgan Gollan, and I am a patient of the John Hunter Cystic Fibrosis Adult Specialist Centre. Currently we have a social worker 2 days a week, and no psychologist. Within the last few years there has been a high turnover and long periods without a social worker at all so it would seem the current model of funding isn't working for whatever reason. The current situation does not address continuity of care, nor does it form the basis for a young child/adult with CF to form a trusting relationship with a health professional. Personally the last 6 months have been difficult after being diagnosed with depression and loosing one of my best friends to Cystic Fibrosis. The need for the social worker and psychologist was imperative to my health, my journey and helping me. I'm so grateful for the help I received and the experience highlighted to me the value and importance of these health professionals in CF care. They should be an essential team member that every patient can access not just at crisis point. We should be proactive about mental and psychosocial health not reactive.  As a patient I think our voice is important and often reflects needs of a community well. And as such I feel, along with many others, that the needs of more then 200 adults and kids with Cystic Fibrosis in terms of their mental, psychosocial health and general wellbeing are not being met, in fact are being ignored by the local area health service. We can be doing better. On any Cystic Fibrosis Specialist Centre team, 1 FTE social worker and 1 FTE psychologist for every 75-150 patients should be appointed, to meet the Cystic Fibrosis Standards of Care, Australia 2008.  These positions are vital to ensure a standard level of care for all patients with Cystic Fibrosis and I would welcome the NSW Ministry for Health to address the issue of funding for a permanent social worker and psychologist for the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at John Hunter Hospital. To address why the mental and psychosocial health of 119 chronically ill patients doesn't matter.  Additionally I would like to ensure that all patients with Cystic Fibrosis across Australia have access to the appropriate care on their team regardless of the clinic they attend. To ensure the proper funding for social workers and psychologists in order to achieve continuity of care, better patient outcomes and mental and emotional wellbeing.  If there is no change then what will the ministry say:  * To the Newly diagnosed family accepting a life long, life limiting illness and the daunting nature of this. * To the patients and families navigating preschool, school, university and having to advocate for them/ themselves * To the patients being discriminated against at work due to illness and disability * To the patients struggling to access NDIS/centrelink * To the patients struggling to afford medication/food and living week to week * To the patients just struggling * To the child who just lost their first CF friend. And they realise they could be next. They realise their own mortality. * The family that looses someone with CF * The patient in palliative care as a young adult * The patient told they are ineligible for transplant. That they will die. * The patient who doesn't want a transplant * The family/carer/partner having to go to work while their loved one lives out their last days/weeks waiting for a transplant because they centrelink won't grant them carers allowance despite needing 24 hour care. This shouldn't happen and social workers can often influence the centrelink process. Patients should be surrounded by loved ones during this time not a centrelink battle. * The patient who would rather drive off a highway into oncoming traffic or jump of a cliff then face another day with CF * The patient who just can't handle the physical/mental/emotional pain of CF anymore * The patient who sees death as a better alternative then fighting CF * The patient who feels consumed by CF and doesn't know a way out * The patient who can't have children * The patient who looses their wife/husband/partner/friends/ because they can't deal with CF One in five Australians experience mental health concerns at some point in their lives. In Patients with a chronic, life threatening condition such as Cystic Fibrosis rates of anxiety and depression have shown to increase by 25% in adolescents compared to the normal population and 35% in carers. This highlights how essential it is for both paediatric and adult patients to have access to a multi disciplinary team that includes a social worker and psychologist in order to achieve optimum health in the long term.  As a patient living with the complexity of Cystic Fibrosis I can only ask you to help by signing this petition to help increase funding of these services for patients. As I know first hand the benefits of being able to access these health professionals.  Thank you  Morgan Gollan   

Morgan Gollan
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Petitioning Greg Hunt MP, Hon Michael Ferguson, Hon Jenny Mikakos, Hon Brad Hazzard, Hon Meegan Fitzharris, Hon Roger Cook, Hon Stephen Wade, Hon Natasha Fyles, Dr Michael Gannon, Steven Miles

Stand for change Army Against Stillbirth

Every day in Australia 6 babies are dying. We do not see it, these deaths are hidden, these deaths are silent – these babies are stillborn. Stillbirth is not inevitable, rather it can often be prevented. Yet rates have not changed in 20 years. Stillbirth is the number one cause of death among infants in Australia. This is not ok – we want change. The Army Against Stillbirth is community standing united against stillbirth. A monthly silent vigil, a peaceful protest for change. The 6th of September 2017 marks the start of this silent protest Australia wide. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) need to take action and make change. The government need to step in. Obstetricians, clinicians and antenatal carers need to step up. Stillbirth is the number 1 cause of death among infants in Australia and yet we shy away from talking about it. That is not ok. 6 babies every day, 42 babies every week, 182 babies every month, 2200 babies every year! It’s time to stand up for what’s right. These babies cannot speak for themselves so Still Aware are leading a silent vigil in their honour. A silent protest towards change. Everyone is invited to join the Army Against Stillbirth and proudly stand together and sign this petition for these babies, in hopes that this visual can help guide the change further. ____________ When Claire went to hospital after nine months of waiting, it was excitement and anticipation she felt at the thought of meeting her new baby girl. She had everything ready, the nursery was set up, tiny baby clothes ironed, soft toys carefully placed on the shelves, baby bath and massage oils, even the car seat was installed ready to bring her daughter home. The world came crashing down for the entire family with three little words “there’s no heartbeat”. Incomprehensible. Impossible. Nothing prepared her for what was next. She laboured for 24 hours, utter agony but no physical pain, she birthed her perfect little girl in deafening silence. Her daughter Alfie was stillborn. With no illness or abnormality, she was born, but without breath. The moments, hours, days and weeks that followed were filled with isolation and utter agony of what ifs. Why had no one told her stillbirth was a possibility? Had they, Alfie would be here. Claire knew her little girl so well and instinctively knew something didn’t feel right. Yet she wasn't given the tools to keep her baby safe. She didn’t know that 5 words, “my baby’s movements have changed” could have prevented those 3 painful words forever echoing in her mind, “there’s no heartbeat”. Was it a lack of communication that killed her baby? Don’t we deserve better? ________________ We are asking for: 1. Mandated policy2. Verbal Autopsy3. Access to information for all Please sign this petition and join the force driving change and raising awareness of stillbirth and preventable measures. Your signature can help save babies lives - 50% of stillbirths are preventable. Together, we can create change!

Still Aware
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