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Petitioning Health Minister Sussan Ley

Keep pap smears and pathology services free!

To Health Minister Sussan Ley, We demand pap smears and pathology services remain free of charge. It is disgusting that your government is cutting bulk billing incentives for pap smears, MRI's, urine/blood tests, X-rays and ultrasounds. According to the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia president Michael Harrison, the cuts will force patients to pay at least $30 for a pap smear, urine or blood test. The Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association claims people could pay up to $173 for an MRI scan. These cuts are unfair to the average Australian, but will especially hurt women. Free and accessible pathology tests are key to ensuring early detection of cervical cancer, STI's, UTI's and pregnancy. Late detection will lead to MORE cost to the taxpayer in the long run. These essential services are a backbone of our world class healthcare system. This is yet another attack by a Liberal government on Australia's already cash-starved Medicare system. Sussan Ley, stop trying to distance yourself from the inevitable outcome - by your cutting subsidies for practitioners and pathology companies, they’re forced to charge a fee to make up for the loss, which will fall unfairly on patients across the country. We won't stand for it. We demand the Liberal government scrap this policy and ensure that pap smears and pathology services remain free. Come along to a rally in your city on 20th February. Check specific Facebook event for details:Sydney event: event: event: event: event: event: event: Sources:

Brigitte G
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Petitioning Nick Xenophon

Stop payments for non-currently serving Politicians

You and I are not paid for jobs that we no longer carry out, make this the same for ALL Australians.  Stop ALL entitlements, payments, allowances, including travel allowances for politicians who are no longer currently serving the Australian public. The only way to change things is to make it happen for ourselves, this is something the politicians will NOT make happen, we have to insist on this happening.

Michelle Pedersen
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Petitioning Malcolm Turnbull

Charlotte's Law - Tougher Cyber Bullying Legislation

  The world lost a beautiful soul on February 22nd 2014. A soul that could light up an empty room, a soul that dreamed of the best.    Charlotte Dawson, 47, took her own life. The circumstances surrounding her death are not yet known, however it was publicly known Charlotte had a long battle with depression and bullying.    Charlotte fought hard for a reform into cyber bullying; she campaigned so hard for something so simple - a better world.   In life Charlotte dreamed of eradicating negativity off social media, in death we will continue fighting for her and make her proud of our continuing battle. Charlotte's death can not be in vain.   We ask that the Australian and State Governments introduce cyber-bullying laws to tackle serious online abuse – not just for kids, but for adults too. The police also need the resources to be able to enforce them, and act against those who relentlessly harass others online. Social media companies like Twitter must also take a more active role in the prevention of cyber bullying. We ask that together we unite to change the cyber bullying platform.  There are many people who loved and admired you dearly.  You will be missed Charlotte.      #CharlottesLaw - Em Mastronardi (@EmMastronardi) & Lara Harwood (@LaraH67)   Please follow our official Facebook and Twitter (@Charlottes_Law)  for any news and  updates. Twitter Australia need to act on this issue - by finally signing up to the government's children cyber-bullying process like Facebook have. Tweet to ask them to sign up at @twitterau.     If you need support, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 

Em Mastronardi
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Petitioning Prime Minister, Nick Xenophon, Bill Shorten

An online predator murdered my 15yr old daughter - introduce Carly's Law now

My 15yr old daughter was the first child murdered by an online predator in Australia – after a paedophile spent 18 months grooming her. But it’s still not a crime for monsters like this to pretend to be a minor online in Australia. Carly's killer masqueraded as a teenage boy before luring her to a secluded beach - he bashed and suffocated her face, then threw her into the water to drown. I could barely listen when I was read the court reports. This predator had 200 fake online identities to groom teenage girls for sex. My daughter had such a big heart and a bright future. She was so robbed of her life. It's a disgrace that Senators voted against a law to fix this in the past. I’m sickened by our legal system’s failure to recognise this crime, as well as the appallingly weak sentencing for child sex offenders. I’m calling on Malcolm Turnbull & Bill Shorten to immediately commit to ‘Carly’s Law’ – a law that would make it illegal for adults to misrepresent their age to minors online for the purpose of grooming with the intent to meet that child.

Sonya Ryan
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Petitioning Malcom Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Richard Di Natale, Pauline HANSON

Stop selling off our country, 99 year leases maximum instead

For too long now successive governments have failed to secure our sovereignty by literally selling off the farm, a notable current property up for sale is "Anna Creek" which is over 1% of Australia's land mass. At this stage it looks like we may win this one and keep the farm in our hands, however as more go up for sale can the same be said for them all? Our collective proposition to the political parties of Australia, is to limit foreign ownership to a maximum 99 year lease; so that at some point into the future our sovereignty returns to us, just as Hong Kong did to the Chinese back in 1997. There are many reasons to do this, such as ensuring investment and growth now that gets returned to us down the track; the maintenance of our autonomous governance without too much pressure from foreign governments/corporations and ending up at war with a country that owns plenty of our land. Can you imagine renting a commercial property in Australia, that belongs to a communist government? Not too far fetched. Maybe they should be renting from us! Please limit short term gains and ensure our country remains ours into the future.

Adrian Dowell
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Petitioning Bill Shorten

Malcolm Turnbull: my ex invited men to rape me in my own home, introduce revenge porn laws

For four years I’ve lived in fear. I didn’t know that my ex was impersonating me online - inviting strangers to my home to ‘rape me’, ‘humiliate me’ and ‘torture me’. But Australia’s lack of revenge porn laws means this brutal act of cyber rape is not illegal. Over 50 strangers have appeared at my family home demanding sex - I still freeze with fear every time the doorbell rings. Images of me are online somewhere without my permission. Even the police admitted there was nothing they could do to help me - they can’t prevent or punish this behaviour unless it is a crime. Revenge porn is a modern day crime. Australian laws need to keep up with the speed with the online world to protect women across Australia - currently left powerless from these online attacks. The UK, USA, Canada and Japan have all introduced specific legislation to protect revenge porn victims - it’s time for Australia to urgently follow their lead. Please help share my story. Malcolm Turnbull must introduce revenge porn laws to protect Australian women from cyber rape

Robyn Night
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Petitioning Sussan Ley, Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten, Catherine King


Stop the Freeze on Medicare Rebates. It was announced in the budget last night that the freeze on Medicare rebates, commenced in 2012, will be continued until 2020.   This means the rebate your GP receives when they choose to bulk bill you has not increased in four years and will not increase for four more.  In that time, just like everywhere, their costs have increased.  They still have to pay their nurses, their receptionists, their phone bills and the rents for their offices.   Medicare is YOUR universal health insurance.  It is YOUR rebate.  Do not let the government destroy it.  By freezing the medicare rebate the government is directly attacking those services that care for the disadvantaged which rely solely on the Medicare rebate - such as aboriginal health services and those that care for the poor.   Affordable primary health care is essential for all Australians.  Help save it.  #youvebeentargeted #nomedicarefreeze    

Gillian Riley
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Petitioning Malcolm Turnbull

Marriage Equality NOW

Marriage equality is possible in this parliament. Aussies have waited long enough, it’s time to stop the delay. Call on parliament to hold a free vote and pass marriage equality now!Around the country, LGBTI Aussies are denied the ability to marry the person the love, just because of who they are. Parliament could hold a free vote on this straightforward reform when it parliament next sits and it would pass. The only blocker is political will. Two thirds of Aussies, the majority of parliamentarians and the leaders of all major parties support marriage equality. But we haven’t won yet, it’ll take all of our voices to make it a reality. Everyone deserves a fair go for a life of love and commitment. Join the urgent call now to win marriage equality in this parliament and together we’ll build the national campaign needed to win!

The Equality Campaign
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Petitioning The Australian Government, Education Queensland, The Department of Education and Training, Malcolm Turnbull MP, Queensland State Government, Annastacia Palaszczuk MP, Minister for education and tra...

Qualified Childhood Counsellors, NOT Chaplains in Public Schools

Currently the Australian Government has committed $243.8 million over four years from 2014-15 to 2017-18 to 'assist' approximately 2900 schools engage the services of a school chaplain. Consistent with the Government’s election commitment the new National School Chaplaincy Programme (NSCP) will focus on the delivery of pastoral care through school chaplains. I feel like this is completely unacceptable in modern Australia. Religion has no place in public schools and I would like to see this money be used instead to hire a qualified childhood counsellor who is not pushing some sort of backdoor religious agenda onto the children. My 7 year old daughter is being excluded from lunchtime activities because we have asked that no religion be forced onto her. She is not able to participate in games and awards for being kind at assembly, as well as many other activities because they are run by the school chaplain. This is a Public Independent School. Not a Private or Religious school. I would like to see all chaplains replaced with qualified childhood counsellors who specialise in childhood development instead of having biased, untrained, and Religious individuals in charge of such matters.   Public funds should NOT be used to further the reach of any religion into our classrooms. They should be for the further development and education of ALL CHILDREN.

Angela Ryder
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Petitioning Australian War Memorial, Nigel Scullion, Shayne Neumann MP, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Brendan Nelson, Andrew Barr - ACT Chief Minister, Bill Shorten

Australian War memorial Acknowledge the Indigenous Frontier Massacres during Colonisation

Each year Ancestors of the Original Australians march to remember the uncounted thousands whom were massacred during the British colonial invasion of the land now known as Australia. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy is demanding the honour, respect and dignity be afforded to those Sovereign Tribal Original People whom were slaughtered during the colonisation of Australia to be acknowledged in a National Day of Remembrance for the Frontier Massacres and that a monument be erected on ANZAC Parade infront of the War Memorial in Canberra. Previous attempts by descendants of the Original Australian People to honour their dead in the official ANZAC day march have been handed the greatest indignity by event organisers and police who physically block the procession and prevent living descendants from honoring their fallen Ancestors at the Australian War Memorial on April 25th. The Aboriginal Tent Embassy wishes to take the protest out of ANZAC day and honor our ancestors on a separate national day of remembrance. watch the video here We ask that the Australian Government initiate an official enquiry into the exact nature and details of the Frontier Massacres of Sovereign Tribal Original People from 1788 until the present day and produce a proper report into the matter. We also ask for an Official National Day of Remembrance to occur every year for the Frontier Massacre of the Original people in Australia from 1788 onwards. This Day of remembrance is to occur on a signifigant date during colonisation, not ANZAC day, as this is a separate issue. We also ask that a proper memorial be constructed on ANZAC Parade infront of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to honour our Ancestors whom were slaughtered during the colonisation of Australia. The furthering of proceedings in relation to this issue must be decided at a NATIONAL SUMMIT MEETING to be held in Canberra MARCH 18-20 of this year at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. National Summit Facebook Event ;   Please Support our crowdfunding of this event! Vital financial support is needed !   We invite all Sovereign Tribal Original People, supporters and those affected by or with knowledge of the massacres and those wishing to learn more to come forward at the national meeting. follow this link to RSVP your attendace at the national Frontier Massacres Conference in Canberra this MARCH to help lay to rest this national indignity. RSVP at the National Summit website : Sincerely Patrick Norman Lock, Son Of A Ngunnawal Woman Custodian of the land of Canberra Aboriginal Tent Embassy  Connect with the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on facebook contact ;   Massacre Details ; The 'Frontier Wars' were undeclared yet resulted in the destruction of entire tribes and nations, We will never know for certain the exact figure. The documentation needed to determine an exact figure is scarce - be it 100,000 or more ? A proper enquiry has never been comissioned, but absolutely must occur to determine the true nature of the colonisation of Australia. Two historians, Raymond Evans and Robert Ørsted-Jensen, have concluded that in Queensland alone - the epicentre of frontier war in the mid-19th century Australia - at least 65,180 Aboriginal Australians were killed from the 1820s until the early 1900s. Considering that their research focuses on Queensland alone, their findings are freighted with a disturbing implication about the number of Indigenous Australians killed continent-wide. Australian deaths in world war one would pale in comparison. "Certainly the stories of massacres of Indigenous Australians are everywhere in the archives of the major cultural institutions of Australia and Great Britain. The diaries, letters, journals and memoirs of colonial and postcolonial officials, troops, police, farmers, frontiersmen and women are replete with accounts of fights against - and massacres of - the "marauding blacks". - Sovereign Union Incomplete List of massacres of Indigenous Australians Unfortunately the list of massacres is much longer than this but here is an annotated version of the full list ; Tasmania Risdon CoveCape Grim, Tasmania Victoria1. Portland, Victoria2. Broken River at Benalla3. Wangaratta on the Ovens River, at Murchison4. Campaspe Creek, Central Victoria5. Camperdown, Victoria6. Hamilton, Victoria7. Warrigal Creek8. Cape Otway.9. Hospital Creek in Brewarrina10. Butchers Tree near Brewarrina, 11. along the Barwon River, near Brewarrina, 12. on the Narran River near Brewarrina, 13. Orbost – Snowy River Mouth14. Wyendonable, Yerring Station15. 1840 - Nuntin16. Boney Point 17. Butchers Creek EAST GIPPSLAND - Maffra 19. Skull Creek 20. Bruthen Creek21. Warrigal Creek22. Maffra 23. South Gippsland24. Central Gippsland 25. East Gippsland 26. 1Murrindal27. Brodribb River Western Australia1. Fremantle 2. Pinjarra Western Australia: 3. Lake Minimup in Western Australia4. La Grange Bay in the Kimberley region5. Mowla Bluff Kimberley region6. Dampier Archipelago7. Halls Creek.8. Derby, 9. Fitzroy Crossing 10. Margaret River 11. Warmun/Turkey Creek12. Canning Stock Route Kimberly13. Bedford Downs Station14. Forrest River in the East Kimberleys15. Flying Foam Passage, WA16. Alligator Creek, Mackay, Queensland 17. Coconarup about 20 km west of Ravensthorpe South AustraliaWaterloo BayMount Gambier region Queensland1. Brisbane valley Whiteside 2. Kilcoy Station owned by MacKenzie3. Upper Burnett River4. Balonne River5. Condamine River of Queensland6. Paddy Island in the Burnett River.7. Hornet Bank Station in the Dawson River Basin in Queensland 8. "Water view", North Bundaberg,9. 1861. Central Highlands what was then known as the Medway10. Goulbolba Hill St Helens Station Central Queensland:11. Bowen district Port Denison 12. Skull Hole on the head of Mistake Creek, 13. Bladensburg station (near Winton) Central Queensland.14. from the Endeavour River to the Palmer river The Battle Camp collision, Far North Queensland15. Blackfellow's Creek, Far North Queensland16. Cook district in Far North Queensland17. Selwyn Range, North-West Queensland18. Cape Bedford, Cook district Far North Queensland:19. Mount Isa, Queensland20. near Durrie on the Diamantina21. Speewah, Far North Queensland22. Bentinck Island: Part of the Mornington Island group,23. Yurrkuru waterhole, 20 km west of the Coniston homestead24. Cullin-La-Ringo Northern TerritoryBarrow CreekArnhem Land Florida Station. NSW 1. Sydney Cove2. Botany Bay3. Appin Cataract River, a tributary of the Nepean River (south of Sydney4. Cataract Gorge5. Bathurst6. Waterloo Creek7. Myall Creek near Inverell, New South Wales8. Gwydir River9. confluence of the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers in New South Wales.10. WIRADJERI around the Murrumbidgee.11. The Rufus River12. Evans Head13. north of present-day Nyngan14. Broken Hill, New South Wales, 15. The conjunction of the Hastings and Maria River near Port Macquarie. (Birpai)16. At Red Rock north of Coffs Harbour. (Gumbainggirr)17. At Tyndale on the Clarence about 2km from where we live. (Yaegl)At North Ballina. (Bandjalung) ACTLake Burley Griffin   See you at the National Summit meeting March 18-20 in Canberra !  

Aboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra
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Keep pap smears and pathology services free!

Thank you for making your voice heard on this important issue. A Shorten Labor Government will reverse Malcolm Turnbull's cuts to bulk billing incentives for pathology and diagnostic imaging, to make sure all Australians have access to affordable and universal healthcare. Pathology and diagnostic imaging are integral parts of our health system. The Liberals' $650m cuts will mean new out-of-pocket costs for x-rays, blood tests, pap smears. These are the scans for vulnerable Australians: $100 for a mammogram; $300 in diagnosis costs for a woman fighting breast cancer; over $1000 for an Aussie dealing with melanoma. Labor will oppose Mr Turnbull’s cuts to Medicare which will reduce bulk billing and make pap smears, CAT scans, Xrays and medicines cost​ more. Mr Turnbull's cut came in spite of the overwhelming evidence that the former Labor Government’s incentives are achieving their aim of maintaining or increasing bulk billing. In diagnostic imaging, for example, bulk billing rates rose 10 points in just six years thanks to Labor's measure. Labor's measure gives pathologists and radiologists a specific incentive to bulk bill. Without it, bulk billing will fall, co-payments will rise, and the cost of tests and scans will go up. I'm worried some patients will end up skipping them altogether. This would mean worse health outcomes for patients and higher costs to our health system. It is vital that patients are not turned away from care because of their ability to pay. A Labor Government will reverse them, so vote Labor on July 2 to protect Medicare. Thank you, Bill Shorten MP

7 months ago