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Restore The Floral Hall at Belfast Zoo

We the undersigned are calling on Belfast City Council to Save the Floral Hall at Belfast Zoo from any further damage from the weather and to take urgent steps to make the building waterproof.  We urge Belfast City Council to take forward plans to remove the asbestos from this famous Belfast landmark and to take steps to implement plans  leading to the restoration and reuse of this beautiful Art Deco Building. We are appealing for Belfast City Council to seek out all available funding sources and to restore this magnificent Art Deco building for future generations to enjoy. The Ballroom of Romance as it is affectionately known, is loved by many people across all divides in Northern Ireland and beyond.  It stands just inside the entrance of Belfast Zoo a sad relic of the troubles that sounded its demise.  The Floral Hall was born before an age of political divides and we urge ALL Belfast City Councillor’s to have this conversation with your voters and ask if you have their support to take this restoration plan forward. We want this building to be restored to celebrate and retain it's Art Deco design and for it to be made into a functional, multi-purpose and enjoyable space so as not to cause any burden to the rate payer. We the people want this building to be enjoyed for dances, as a wedding venue, tearooms, restaurant, function rooms and an educational centre for Zoo visitors.  The Floral Hall has been left to rot for far too long and we the undersigned are calling for Belfast City Council to take up its responsibilities and preserve this building before it is too late.  The lovely Floral Hall, situated within the grounds of Belfast Zoo overlooking Cavehill has been closed to the public since 2nd April 1972 and now stands neglected and empty. In it's heyday it once was a beautiful 1930's 'art-deco' ballroom which held popular dances with our famous showbands. Pink Floyd, Roy Orbison and The Small Faces played here, it was also popular for roller skating in the 1960's - 1970's.  It was built by J & R. W. Taggart Building Contractors and opened on 4th May 1936 and was surrounded by the beautiful Bellevue Gardens. The Floral Hall Campaign Group 

Heather Henderson
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Petitioning Belfast City Council, Department for Infrastructure, Translink

Belfast loves its new pedestrian core and play streets - DON'T hand it all back to traffic

The Bank Buildings fire ripped the heart out of Belfast in 2018. Livelihoods were put at risk as footfall dropped due to the safety cordon which closed Castle Place. The situation was bleak. Then the city pulled together. Pedestrian access was restored. Buses were rerouted. City life slowly recovered. Businesses reopened. The newly pedestrianised core encouraged shopper dwell, with the Belfast Telegraph reporting "pre-Christmas footfall around city shops up by almost 20%" on the previous year.  In a magic move, Belfast City Council coordinated the establishment of temporary play parks, pedestrian seating, artificial grass and planters - in short, making the city fun, more attractive as a destination, and wonderfully family-friendly. All the while there was no traffic noise, fumes or danger. And the city still works around the core - buses still move, cars still park, deliveries get made. Now Belfast City Council has announced the end to the temporary parks and signalled that the pedestrianised streets will be reopened to traffic, wiping this all away. This is wrong, unnecessary and wasteful.  Belfast has had a working example of the kind of liveable, traffic-free city core that many other cities around the world are actively creating - and we're about to return to clogging the city up with vehicles, ploughing hundreds of buses through shopping and leisure streets that are now thriving without them.  Halt this rush to hand back our streets to vehicles. Evaluate how Metro services are coping with the diversions. Make these streets permanently traffic-free, while ensuring reasonable access for loading and servicing vehicles at strictly limited times, and prioritising the provision of disabled parking bays on the approaches. We're lucky to have seen and experienced how amazing our city centre could be - now let's make it permanent! #KeepBelfastFun

Northern Ireland Greenways
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Petitioning Belfast City Council, Belfast Harbour, Department for Infrastructure, Ards and North Down Borough Council, Translink, Belfast City Airport

Build the Sydenham Greenway in Belfast

Between the Connswater Greenway at the Victoria Park underpass and the start of the North Down Coastal Path at Kinnegar there is a 4km gap with no traffic-free route. It's time to change that and open up new active travel options in this part of Belfast with the Sydenham Greenway. This proposal would link Belfast's excellent greenway network with a pathway to Holywood and on to Bangor, but the connections within the new 4km greenway which are just as exciting. Hundreds of workers at George Best Belfast City Airport, IKEA, Holywood Exchange and the north end of the Harbour Estate would be able to viably switch from car to bicycle for commuting. Big retailers like IKEA could begin to provide cargobike hire and delivery services across Belfast, as happens in other cities in Europe. Right now the Holywood Exchange site is almost exclusively served by motor vehicles. The Department for Infrastructure are planning a 500+ space park and ride facility right beside the proposed route of this greenway. Backing and building this greenway would enable "park and cycle" journeys to and from Belfast, especially if a linked expansion of the Belfast Bikes system stretched as far as Tillysburn and the City Airport. This idea requires public support to show the key stakeholders - Belfast City Council, the Department for Infrastructure, Belfast Harbour, Ards and North Down Borough Council, Translink and George Best Belfast City Airport - how a greenway would revolutionise travel options for commuting, leisure, shopping and onward travel via the airport. Read more about the proposal, see maps and images and find an in-depth article on the Northern Ireland Greenways website.

Northern Ireland Greenways
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Petitioning Department of Infrastructure, Newry, Mourne and Down District Council, Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council, Ards and North Down Borough Council, Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Cou...

Save Our Sports Road Events in Northern Ireland

#KEEPOURSPORTEVENTS Please sign and support this petition to help save our sports events on Northern Irelands roads. We ask all runners, walkers, cyclist and triathletes that we have a voice that needs heard to all our politicians .We need action as many of our events will be lost due to the new legislation. Please also share on facebook ........  Dozens of amateur sports events have been cancelled due to new legislation . This will have a massive effect on amateur running , cycling and triathlon events throughout Northern Ireland. We will see a massive impact on our sports  that help the well being of many. The sporting communities have thousands of sports men and women taking part  in the many events taking place all over Northern Ireland each week who take part or volunteer. Our sports of running, cycling ,triathlon and walking make a large impact financially to the places that we visit with  accommodation,  restaurants, cafes ,bars etc and also looking after businesses that do chip timing ,medals and items needed for thousands of events each year.  Our sporting communities are one of the largest fundraisers in Northern Ireland with many of the events supporting the many charities that count on the money raised each year , many events will be lost as an effect of the new  legislation ,we ask all MLA's to please look at a proposal to amend or revoke the legislation as it would  require the approval of a minister of the NI Executive. We need you back to the NI Executive to help our sports ,our charities and our businesses. Until then we ask all councils / councilors in Northern Ireland to look at ways to help our many sporting events before they are lost for good.  We hope you support and join our campaign! Find us on Facebook  for more information.

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Petitioning Belfast City Council

Petition Belfast City Council to remove bonfire material from new greenway.

The new Connswater Community Greenway is newly constructed and opened a short time ago at a cost of £40 million. It has come to light that tires, wooden pallets and other refuse material is being dumped there for use in the 11th night bonfire this July.  Belfast City Council have the power to remove this material and considering the cost of the newly opened greenway and the health and environmental risks posed by the accumilation and eventual burning of this material, they have a legal if not moral duty to do so.  Essentially this is fly tipping on a massive scale, punishable by a fine and possible court action. Belfast City Council need to enforce their authority and remove this material immediately.  This petition is not political in nature and it is the opinion of the original poster that the council should allocate specific areas for bonfires; areas that do not ruin the aesthetics of our city or place communities and the environment in potential danger.  The issue of bonfires within Northern Ireland is a hotly discussed debate and whilst those in favour of them will cite tradition as their mainstay argument; the environmental costs cannot be ignored. Nor can the opinion of those who view them as unsightly, dangerous and hostile.  As a city that is supposed to be looking and moving forward; destroying our public spaces and exuding division and aggression through burning tons of hazardous material stands contrary to this aim. 

Gerard Quinn
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