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Bank Of America: Offer a disabled vet and his family an opportunity to stay in their home

My husband, William, was diagnosed with end stage kidney disease in 2010. He lost his job and health care coverage shortly afterwards. Facing increased health costs and lower income, we fell behind in our mortgage payments. My husband never missed a single payment until his prescriptions, doctor appointments, hospitalizations, lab tests, etc overtook everything. Now that we are in a position to continue to make regular mortgage payments, Bank of America has told us that they won't work with us unless we can come up with $15,000 at once. The bank is now planning to sell the home we live in with three of our six sons this coming May. My husband served with the United States Air Force from 1979 through 1990. His Military Occupational Specialty was combat control and he saw action in El Salvador as a young recruit. William was severely injured in a parachuting accident in the late 80s and received an honorable discharge from the US Air Force when it became clear he would not be able to jump again.  My husband sacrificed a lot for this country and our family has been through a lot. We're ready to continue our mortgage payments, but we need Bank of America to work with us to help us stay in our home. Please join me in asking Bank of America to stop the foreclosure on our house and offer a disabled vet the opportunity to save his home.

Kathryn Jones
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Banks, stop financing assault weapons manufacturers!

If you’re a customer of Chase, Wells Fargo, or any of more than a dozen other banks, your deposits could be helping finance the production of assault weapons – the weapons used in Parkland and many other mass shootings. This report from Think Progress shares the details. Sixteen banks are financing Remington Outdoor, Smith & Wesson, Sturm Ruger, Sig Sauer, and Vista Outdoor, the makers of the assault weapons used in Parkland, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, at a church in Texas, and in countless other tragedies. It’s time to tell these banks that it’s no longer socially acceptable to be financing these merchants of death. Banks love to tell us how they are community-minded, but helping fuel gun violence is the opposite of community-minded! Please sign this petition to tell banks to stop financing assault weapons manufacturers. And in addition to signing and sharing this petition, please look at our Google document which lists all of the banks and contact information for them, and consider also reaching out to them directly to show your displeasure. Bank of America has announced that it will stop financing assault weapons manufactuers. These other banks need to follow their lead.

Boycott NRA Partners
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Tell the Big Banks to Stop Funding Climate Change

$115 billion. That’s how much the world’s biggest banks pumped into “extreme fossil fuel” projects in 2017 alone.* Here’s the kicker: those are your dollars directly fueling climate change. Big Banks finance fossil fuel companies through loans and investments using the money we trust them to hold—projects like the Dakota Pipeline (DAPL) or offshore/Arctic drilling couldn’t happen without it. The list of top offenders includes Chase, Citi, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo. Any of those names sound familiar? We can and must do better! Let’s commit to break that destructive cycle by voting with our feet—we’ll move our money to green banking and investing options. Today we’re asking you to take the #MovetoGreen pledge:  I commit to start moving my money into fossil fuel-free banking and investments that are sustainable—so my money will help, not hurt, the planet and people. Imagine: together, we will get 1 million Americans to commit to move to green banking and investment by Earth Day 2019—ourselves, our friends, our families—and we will make a real difference in the fight against climate change this year. There is a growing movement toward moving money away from fossil fuels, including steps taken by cities like Kansas City and New York City, organizations like the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Funds, and colleges across the country. We can’t wait any longer. Since 2001, we’ve seen 17 of the 18 hottest years on record. Doing nothing is no longer an option.   Now it’s time for all of us to step up and join the green revolution in banking and investing. Sign the pledge and share it widely, because tomorrow’s planet depends on what we do today. We do have the power to change things. Together we can finally take on the fossil fuel industry, and win.   *"Banking on Climate Change: Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card," March 28, 2018

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Stop BofA's Foreclosure on Vera Johnson's Home & Business

I’m a single mother of two kids and a proud Seattle business owner. When our family fell on hard times, I asked the bank for a loan modification that, under law, I am qualified to receive. Now, Bank of America is trying to kick my family out of our home and foreclose on my business. But with your support, I’m fighting back.  I have been trying for 17 months to get a loan modification with Bank of America, providing endless copies of paperwork and being told repeatedly to resubmit lost or misplaced paperwork. A Seattle reporter verified the bank’s carelessness in dealing with my case, in a story here.Bank of America even went so far as to “block” my account to prevent any payments to make sure my account went into late payment so as to “help jump start the loan modification action,” as they put it! Is that legal?As a small business owner and well-respected member of the community, I am ready to make my story public. This is my home as well as my job. I am a divorced, single mother of two. I was recently awarded the house and property, as this is where I work. I own and operate the home-based business Perennial Nursery and educational center in a very culturally diverse community. This business hosts many classes for our community, including planting, permaculture, sustainability and composting. We host schools and camps for classes and educational tours.  We also work with the South Seattle Community College by proving internships and training programs. I regularly work with many schools in the area, local non-profits, and South Seattle Community College and strive to bring my community together by collaborating with other business owners in the White Center/Seattle area.  It's time for homeowners and business owners to stand up together. We deserve a fair, reasonable process for pursuing loan modification. 

vera johnson
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Stop The Dakota Access Pipeline By Pressuring The Investing Banks to Pull Their Money Out!

We ask that all banks and institutions that are currently providing the money to Energy Transfer Partners to make the Dakota Access Pipeline happen, IMMEDIATELY withdraw and terminate their investment and funds from this project. Complete list of banks found at We ask that these banks re-invest these funds into renewable and sustainable energy research, development, and installations that do not impact the environment in destructive ways. We the people are now taking action to close our accounts, mortgages, car loans, business loans, etc, with your banks and campaigning to get others to join in this movement. At Standing Rock, we have seen those that are gathering peaceably and prayerfully being met with unprecedented violence. Unarmed people including elders and children are being maced, beaten, shot, arrested, strip-searched and left unclothed in kennels meant for animals. To us that is elder and child abuse. As spiritual people we cannot sit and watch as those who claim to be upholding the law, repeatedly violate their own man-made laws. These contemptible actions must stop along with this Nations’ addiction to oil. The path to life and a healthy future requires this addiction to end. You can make a difference if you as an individual/business have accounts with a bank that is invested in this Dakota Access Pipeline project, we ask that you close your accounts, loans, mortgages, and find a more local credit union or bank that is investing directly back into the community you are in. This pipeline will contaminate the drinking water for millions of people as well as already desecrating the native indigenous peoples' sacred burial grounds, other sacred sites and cultural ways. This project and construction breaks the treaties that the United States made with indigenous peoples in 1868. We can make a major impact in this movement by pulling our money out of banks, sending emails and letters to the owners of these banks, organizing peaceful demonstrations at these banks to make locals aware, take ads out in your local newspaper, write a press release and distribute to your local media, get on the radio, get on TV, make yard signs and install throughout your area, print flyers and distribute at large events - parked cars are very receptive to flyers :  ), the possibilities are endless.... By signing this petition, you are committing to take action to Defund DAPL. You are committing to close your accounts if you have them with any of these banks and to spread the word to whatever extreme you feel most comfortable. List of Involved Banks: Chase BankBank of AmericaWells FargoCitibankUS BankPNC BankGoldman SachsMorgan StanleyTD SecuritiesRoyal Bank of Canada...and many others. Check out the full list on our website:

Defund DAPL
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Petitioning Bank of America and M&T Bank

To consolidate my loans so that I can refinance my home.

My name is Desi Shelby and I am a disabled Veteran. I live off of my VA benefits and my Social Security Disability benefits. I worked for more than twenty three years of my life. I did not stop working until my doctors said I was doing harm to my body by working. I need some help and support from everyone that is willing to tell Bank of America and M&T bank to do their job and not pass the cost on to me. Several years ago, I refinanced my home with Country Wide mortgages. During the time that my paper work for refinancing was in process, Bank of America purchased Country Wide. When Bank of America purchased my loan from Country Wide, they failed to file the title properly with Dutchess County NY. They also failed to consolidate the first and second mortgage. After years of paying my mortgage on time, Bank of America decided to sell my loan to M&T Bank. Me and my husband decided to refinance into a lower rate. We can't because Bank of America and M&T will not consolidate the first and second mortgages and file the proper paper work with Dutchess County NY. M&T has asked me to pay to have the loans consolidated. They want me to pay between $1,200 and $1,500 to do this. They have said that none of this is our fault and that it is something that happens to lots of people. I feel that sense it is not our fault, we should not have to pay to get this matter resolved. There are thousands of home owners in the same position and the banks are taking money from them in order to fix a problem that has nothing to do with the home owner. I need people to sign this petition so that the banks will know that a few thousand dollars mean a lot to working class people. I need people to make it clear that we, the American people, bailed them out once and we should not have to pay to fix any mistakes they made while they were messing up the entire mortgage industry and causing people to lose their life savings. Enough is enough! Please sign this petition and help me as well as others that are being asked to pay fees to clear up the banks error. Thank you for your support. Desi A. Shelby

Citizens for a fair election Fair
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2020: Programme d'URGENCE CLIMATIQUE et décisions politiques internationales

2020: Voici la deadline à ne pas franchir, voici l'appel du 12 Septembre 2018. Nous rentrons progressivement dans une phase de déclin de notre espèce, la situation est celle-ci et elle est urgente: Une espèce repose uniquement sur 3 choses: Reproduction Succès de l'espèce Extension du territoire Aujourd'hui, nous rentrons dans un point de bascule entre l'environnement et notre espèce. Nous avons cru depuis la révolution industrielle que nous pouvions user des ressources terrestres et marines sans qu'il n'y ait d'impact, ce mode de pensée est aujourd'hui archaïque et dangereux car persistant dans la conscience collective. Le jour de dépassement arrive de plus en plus tôt chaque année, la consommation mondiale s'emballe, la pauvreté explose, les maladies comme Ebola deviennent persistantes, les migrations dues aux guerres et au changement climatique deviennent exponentielles... mais nous continuons toujours à : - Mettre en place les mêmes personnes - Voter pour les mêmes politiques - Acheter les mêmes produits et toujours acheter plus - Enrichir un système pensés par les lobbies pour les lobbies (pétroliers, alimentaires, énergétiques ect...) - Prêter de l'attention à des choses futiles, aux coups d'éclats (buzz) Citoyens de la Terre, nous ne voulons pas que les générations futures nous regardent en nous disant "Vous aviez plus urgent à faire non?, vous aviez les clés pour changer réellement les choses, faire en sorte que nous ne nous retrouvions pas dans cette situation, vous avez cédé..." Le secrétaire des Nations Unis, Monsieur António Guterres a fait un discours sonnant comme le glas de notre civilisation face aux enjeux environnementaux : "Si nous ne changeons pas d’orientation d’ici 2020, nous risquons des conséquences désastreuses pour les humains et les systèmes naturels qui nous soutiennent" Aujourd'hui, la Terre décide petit à petit de sortir de son silence mais l'humain, l'espèce la plus développée ne comprend pas que ses actions à court terme ont un impact sur sa survie à long terme. Nous sommes aujourd'hui à un tournant de notre civilisation, la machine est enclenchée. Nous, peuple de le Terre demandons à nos dirigeants politiques à l'horizon 2020 de réaliser ces 20 mesures en deux ans: Des mesures environnementales concrètes, coercitives et menées de front avec la totalité des pays en faisant abstraction des problèmes des religions, des problèmes économiques, nous savons qu'il y a de l'argent, il faut juste bien l'investir. Créer un chantier international regroupant toutes les actions prioritaires à menées pour la sauvegarde de l'environnement par chaque état pour 2020, ces actions découlant d'un rapport unique par état scindé en 5 parties : Faune terrestre/marine - Flore terrestre/marine et aménagement du territoire pour l'humain rédigé par la communauté scientifique. Créer un fond international pour l'urgence climatique, dirigée par l'ONU et alimenté par la totalité des états à hauteur de 2 Milliards d'euros par jour (c'est à dire la moitié des dépenses journalières mondiales gouvernementales liées à l'armée) afin de financer de la recherche océanographique, la recherche technologique dans l'énergie et le transport, la production de bio-masse, les alternatives aux pesticides, l'éducation environnementale, la défense armée des eaux territoriales afin de stopper la pêche illégale, le braconnage sur terre et en mer et la pêche des cétacés, le ramassage des déchets sur terre et en mer, la préservation par la culture de coraux de la grande barrière de corail. Créer une antenne dans chaque pays du fond international d'urgence climatique, en relation avec les ONG, associations afin de concrétiser les actions pour chaque état. Remettre en application le principe de consigne à l'échelle mondiale sur des contenants verres afin de faire disparaître la production de plastiques liés à la consommation d'ici 2020 et fabriquer des usines locales de création et de collecte de contenants en verre afin de ré-employer le personnel impacté. Interdire la production de produits jetables plastiques, emballages plastiques afin de développer des moyens alternatifs éco-responsables, la conversion d'entreprise matériaux plastiques étant soutenue par le fond international d'urgence climatique. D'obliger les industriels de tout les secteurs d'activités de contribuer au fond international d'urgence climatique sur le principe d'une participation: cette participation étant proportionnelle à la taille de l'entreprise mais aussi en fonction du secteur d'activité dans laquelle elle se trouve et/ou du montant total des dividendes de l'année n-1 qu'elle a reversé à ses actionnaires. De marquer dans les lois internationales, l'obligation des grandes surfaces de proposer 50% de leur aire de vente à des produits sans emballages, en vrac et de ne pas proposer des produits n'étant pas de saison dans le pays (ex en France de tomates au mois de Décembre) afin de ré-investir dans les circuits courts et d'être en phase avec la nature. D'inciter, par le biais de réduction de taxe sur le ramassage d'ordures ménagères, les citoyens à tendre vers le "Zéro-déchets", ceci pouvant se faire localement par les collectivités. De développer une taxe carbone internationale « en aval » sur les biens et les services, calculée pour chaque produit à partir de son contenu CO2, c'est-à-dire en fonction des émissions de CO2 que sa production et sa distribution engendrent afin d'orienter le consommateurs sur les produits qu'il achète, cette taxe internationale alimentera le fond d'urgence climatique. De rendre obligatoire par la mise en place d'une loi internationale et avec un critère d'évaluation annuel par une police climatique, le développement (par les industriels de l'automobile avec l'aide de leur R&D) de moteurs thermiques à injection à eau, de moteurs à énergie bio-masse, électriques.... De dimensionner le nombre de prises électriques de rechargement de véhicules et de créer des grands travaux d'infrastructures afin de faire des stations électriques sur les autoroutes, routes et villes. De mettre dans le domaine public la totalité des brevets apportant des avancées majeures en terme de lutte contre l'émission de C02 dans tout les secteurs d'activités. Développer des mécanismes de compensation carbone ou d'émission négative par la plantation d'arbres au plan international. D'interdire la vente de bois classés et d'espèces à partir de vulnérable dans la liste de l'IUCN. Interdire la pêche au chalutage profond ainsi que la technique de pêche électrique (prônée par le gouvernement des Pays Bas). Interdire toute vente d'espèces protégées par les États et particuliers afin de financer des chasses aux trophées légales. Interdire toute nouvelle prospection pétrolière afin d'inciter l'économie mondiale à se débarrasser de l'énergie fossile et fixer un prix fixe mondial du baril afin d'éviter toute inflation. De créer un tribunal international climatique afin d'instituer au niveau mondial des normes contraignantes et permettant de faire représenter les populations victimes des dérèglements du climat. La mise en place par l'ONU d'une police climatique (éco-garde) qui intervient aux côtés des états afin de faire appliquer ces orientations. Nous n'avons que trop attendu, prenons compte de l'importance des changements à effectuer en 2 ans... ce n'est pas une utopie, il faut que les citoyens aillent dans la rue, qu'ils fassent des actions citoyennes et reprennent le pouvoir par leur consommation! Nous avons deux atouts : - La carte d'électeur - La carte de crédit Julien T - Citoyen de la Terre  

Julien T
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