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Petitioning Mark Siegel

CEO of AT&T: Urge the Boy Scouts to Drop Ban on Gay Leaders and Troops

My name is Jennifer Tyrrell, and in April 2012, I was removed as the den leader of my seven-year-old son’s Cub Scout pack, all because I’m gay. Despite the fact that I was a good den leader and parents in the community supported me and urged me to take on the role, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) now say that I do not “meet the high standards of membership” that the BSA seeks, and will no longer allow me to participate in scouting. This news was heartbreaking -- both for me, but also for my son, who wonders why the BSA won’t let his mother participate in scouting. But as heartbreaking as this news was, there’s a ray of hope -- hundreds of thousands of people took action and put pressure on the Boy Scouts of America to end their long-held policy that bars gay scout leaders and gay troops. And now, after delivering hundreds of thousands of signatures to the Boy Scouts of America’s National Annual Meeting, the Boy Scouts have publicly revealed -- for the first time in history -- that a resolution is before their national board that would allow local chartering organizations to welcome gay troops and gay scout leaders. This is historic. With thousands of current scouts, former scouts, and scout leaders around the country urging the Boy Scouts of America to end their policy prohibiting gay troops and leaders, the time for the Boy Scouts’ board to act is now. And who better to act than a business leader who is not only on the board of the Boy Scouts, but who also leads a company with a near perfect record on gay rights: Randall Stephenson of AT&T. AT&T has a 100% ranking on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, and has been honored as a top place to work for LGBT employees. In addition, AT&T has active LGBT employee groups. If Randall Stephenson has been so successful at leading a company committed to LGBT rights, he can use his power as a board member of the Boy Scouts of America to help change a discriminatory policy that prevents families like mine from being involved in scouts. The Boy Scouts offer so much to young people like my son. But by continuing to prevent gay Americans from participating as leaders or troops, the Boy Scouts are sending a damaging message to kids that discrimination is acceptable, and that families like mine aren’t welcome at their table. Randall Stephenson has the unique position of being able to challenge this policy from within, and join the hundreds of thousands of supporters who’ve urged the Boy Scouts to end their ban on gay troops and leaders. Please urge corporate leaders to take their leadership on diversity issues within the workplace, and extend it to their role as board members of the Boy Scouts of America.

Jennifer Tyrrell
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Petitioning Cellphone companies, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Have the national suicide lifeline pre-programmed on all cellphones; just like 911.

Suicide rates have been on the increase since 1999.  Suicide rates have increase in every state and as a result almost 45,000 people died by suicide in 2016 according to the CDC.  What we will not know is if those people had the opportunity to speak to someone immediately.  The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has a number where anyone can call when one is in distress but, what if you don’t know the 800 number? What if your situation will prevent you from searching the number? I am proposing that a three digit number like 911 be created and become a default number on all cellphones. Perhaps, a number that is easy to remember and everyone get to know it. Hopefully in that manner, instead for searching or trying to remember the number, one picks up a phone, dials for help and the only difference is that when the number is dialed, a person is immediately connected to someone that is prepared to listen not someone asking “what is your emergency”.  

Consuelo Rivera
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Petitioning USA Gymnastics, Procter & Gamble, United States Olympic Committee, AT&T, Under Armour, The Hershey Company, NBC

Change USA Gymnastics Leadership in Wake of Sex Abuse Scandal

Please sign our petition to protect children from sexual abuse. In March of 2017 we appeared on CBS 60 Minutes and told the nation our very personal stories of physical, emotional and sexual abuse inflicted upon us by USA Gymnastics and their former National Team Doctor Larry Nassar. Since then more than 140 girls and women have come forward to report alleged incidents of sexual abuse that are strikingly similar to ours. The current leadership of USA Gymnastics failed in its responsibility to protect child athletes from sexual predators and failed to alert authorities to reports of sexual abuse as required by law. Olympic level gymnastics has become a big business funded by some of America’s largest corporations and overseen by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). Change is being made in the leadership in major companies when sex abuse survivors step forward and say, “#Metoo,” but this hasn’t happened yet in USA Gymnastics. USA Gymnastics Chairman Paul Parilla, Vice Chairman Jay Binder and Treasurer Bitsy Kelley have focused their attention on money and medals while USA Gymnastics is attempting to cover up the largest child sex abuse scandal in the history of sports. They must be replaced by people who will put the health and safety of athletes first. Please sign this petition now. Demand a leadership change at USA Gymnastics. Jamie Dantzscher - 2000 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Artistic Gymnastic Jessica Howard - 3 Time National Champion, Rhythmic Gymnastics Jeanette Antolin - Former USA National Team Member, Artistic Gymnastics This petition will be delivered to: United States Olympic Committee USA Gymnastics Procter & Gamble AT&T Under Armour Hershey’s NBC Sports United Airlines

Manly, Stewart & Finaldi
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Petitioning Federal communications, Federal Communications Commission, President of the United States, AT&T, Comcast

If Net Neutrality is Repealed, I Will Boycott Internet Services

In an American era where the values of free speech, progress, and innovation are increasingly threatened, the free and equal internet serves as a haven for ingenuity, discovery, and cultural conversation. Media monopolies finally have a figurehead seated at the helm of the FCC. Their current move to 'deregulate' the free and equal internet is a move to hand the internet over to the same corporate powers that have been taking over our government. Underground and smaller-scale artists, writers, activists, and entrepreneurs will be silenced; Political discourse can be orchestrated behind the scenes; The ears and eyes, hearts, minds and wallets of the American public will be sold to the highest bidder. We've all heard remarks that the loss of a free and equal internet could be a call to simpler times. Many of us have learned helplessness in the face of threats to our basic freedoms, where efforts to mobilize in an attempt to save things as basic as freedom of speech and clean water are being squashed by the Oligarchy. With an internet that continues to be consumed, but is controlled by big money and devoid of the true voices of the people, we will be moving into an era of information monopoly, control, and censorship. In the case that protections for a free and equal internet are revoked: The only way to ensure that we will retain a sense of efficacy as consumers, and perhaps the only way to make these soul-less corporations feel our distain, is to promptly cancel at least one of our subscriptions to the 'services' they are selling us, if not all, at least temporarily (if not permanently). So much of the American population has grown accustomed to being 'plugged-in' on a 24-hour basis. While those who suffer from an addiction to social media may not be willing to take such drastic action, those of us who lived at least part of our adult lives without forums, selfies, and non-stop social simulation could wield a powerful force to influence a future in which truth and freedom will continue to be harbored and accessible in American media. WE, THE PEOPLE, WILL SEVER SUBSCRIPTIONS, PAYMENTS, AND TIES TO SERVICE PROVIDERS IN THE CASE THAT NET NEUTRALITY IS REPEALED. In 2015, the average subscription pay-TV customer paid $123 per month for pay-TV ( That same year, figures for monthly internet service averaged $50 per month, I'm currently billed at about $60 for home service and an additional $15 for mobile internet. If the internet becomes infiltrated by corporate interest and content geared toward funneling sales and political power, it will become one giant algorithmic salesman, generating desires and problems in order to tout solutions in the guise of choice. Many will go about their daily lives oblivious, responding to the online assault in predictable ways, by making purchases and forming beliefs they will not even be aware of. I refuse to pay someone to come into my home and try to influence my mind, my actions, and how I choose to waste my time and money. I would rather give that money over to a few DVD rentals, lunch with a group of concerned citizens, a night out at the movies, and the independent media outlet of my choosing. Though many of us may not have fallen prey to the addictive nature of social media, we continue to consume entertainment via the internet, we have uploaded vast stores of our own personal media (photos, video, music, cloud storage) to the internet, and we connect with friends both near and far. To put it bluntly, they think they have us by the balls. It's time to put our money where our minds are, out of the control of those who seek to control us.  Join me in vowing to cancel all subscriptions to internet and cable services in the unfortunate event that our free and equal internet is handed over to American monopolies. You can commit to end subscriptions for a month, a year, or indefinitely. When you sign your name, decide how long you will disconnect and share your commitment with your circle of friends. If protections are repealed, those who vow to hit these monsters where it hurts will immediately cease payments and subscriptions. We will announce our departures and then share some of the cool things we're doing in lieu of daily internet engagement from a seat at the local Mom and Pop shop once or twice a week. Where we have will, we will find or make a way. Imagine $60-$100 per person committing to cancel their services, per month! This is the only way to get the greediest of the greedy to listen the voice of the people. 

Troubled Girl
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Petitioning Apple, Samsung, Google, Inc, Google,, AT&T, SONY

Add a breastfeeding emoji to keyboards

Take a second and look at your emoji keyboard. It provides you with an emoji for a baby and a bottle. This covers the idea of feeding a baby, but it also contributes to the denormalization of breastfeeding. I believe that it is time to start empowering and supporting women in the decisions they make as mothers instead of criticizing and shaming them. Part of that is normalizing breastfeeding and integrating it back into our everyday social lives. I know what your thinking, how can an emoji be an important step to breastfeeding becoming a cultural standard?! Well, it may seem insignificant but putting an image of breastfeeding in a place where most people will see it frequently will help make it a normal part of life. Having major companies recognize and support breastfeeding in this way is always great too! Let's allow our Mothers to feel good about the way they choose to nourish their children! The best news is, an Emoji for breastfeeding already exists! 

Carlyn Lawatsch
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Petitioning AT&T

Please make calls to Nepal free for the next few days!

Any help counts!  Nepal is going through a rough time after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and numerous aftershocks.  Please make calls to Nepal free from US numbers so that we can be in constant touch with our loved ones.

Nepali Nagrik
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Petitioning Wells Blue Bunny, AT&T, American Podiatric Association, College Loan Corp, American Bankers Association

Stop funding Steve King

Rep. Steve King's racist and white supremacist statements do not represent the people of Iowa.  His ineffective leadership and disturbing statements show it is time for someone else to represent Iowa in Washington, DC.  Please do not continue to give to his election campaigns.

Cathie Gebhart
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Petitioning Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, DIRECTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable

Please add Shalom World, faith based entertainment network, to my local cable network.

Shalom World TV, the new HD Faith Based Family Entertainment Channel, is not available on my local cable network. The signal for this channel is available for FREE in North America on AMC 18 satellite. This channel has been broadcasting amazing programs for the past two years. I request all the cable networks in North America to add this channel to their basic channel lineup.  Please sign this petition!   

Shalom World
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Petitioning JCPenney, President of the United States, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Greg Abbott, United Nations, Louie Gohmert, U.S. House of Representatives, California State House,...

Ataxia Awareness for Research

Ataxia is a rare neuro-muscular degenerative condition that does not stop at a stage but continues to increase. Ataxia mainly affects limbs, movements and slowly it captures the whole body and becomes totally dependent. The other problems associated with the progress of ataxia are slurred speech, involuntary eye movements, vision problem, swallowing problems, cardiomyopathy, diabetes; etc Ataxia patients are mentally sound but will become physically dependent. The sufferer clearly knows and experiences the darkening future but cannot do anything because there is no cure of ataxia. This is extremely miserable situation which leads most to sufferer in deep frustration, anxiety and depression.  So it is very necessary to take steps to bring them out of this frustration and depression. Ataxia is not a common disease and the society is not well aware about ataxia. Therefore, ataxia patients are often misguided. Ataxia patients have formed self help groups and gathered many patients through Internet. These self help groups tried to spread awareness through different camps and put patient views in international conferences. But these efforts are not enough. We need support from society. There are different types of ataxia. Out of which Freidreich’s Ataxia (FA), Cerebellar Ataxia (CA), Spinocerebellar Ataxia (SCA) are some most common . The type of ataxia can be known through DNA test or it can be acquired (after birth). The condition of ataxia can be diagnosed by clumsiness, loss of coordination in arms or legs, unsteady or swaying gait, slurred speech, jerky limb movements.  All these are clinical symptoms by which a doctor can say that person has ataxia. But these symptoms are not enough to know the type of ataxia. We are trying so hard so others will have better options that are diagnosed later.  So that you (it does wait to show signs sometimes), our children or grandchildren do not have to suffer as much or perhaps not at all!  All we are asking for here is your signature to allow the research to be funded by the right source(s).   Unfortunately, we are finding out that somehow via (accidents [head injury],  stroke, brain tumors and other head trauma affecting Cerebellum) also sometimes Ataxia appears.  Although obviously non-genetic the exact same symptoms occur and some are even progressive. If you need more information or wish to make a personal contribution please visit The National Ataxia Foundation here:(NAF)   I ask on behalf of many of my Ataxian friends! Thank you in advance, we appreciate your concern and time!

Krystal Schulze
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Petitioning, Greenpeace USA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Animal Planet, International Animal Rescue, AT&T, Bank Of America, Animal lovers and wildlife rescuers, The Home Depo...

Construction de Corrales para Tortugas.

Due to the lack of resources and volunteers to manage the arrival of the turtles to the coast, we have lost many turtles to predators and dangers that they face since they hatch, the possibility of changing life in a being is wonderful. the work we do every day rescuing collecting, relocating and conserving natural areas is an enormous task which requires the impulse and the contribution of all to be able to achieve it, in the last year of operations 2016, we where able to release 3,416 new baby turtles , on 2017 a wheater incident (Turbonada) torn the Nesting Corral where we protected the eggs ... no possibility of helping that year ...... but this year, the community is coming together to help raise, build, and protect the 3 different turtle species we get in our coastline. For this we need your help, any amount of money helps, we have costs about  13,000 MXN on medical supplies every 3 months, plusyou plan for this next season includes: 3 turtle camps (one of this camps will be on a remote area between chuburna and Sisal15 safety checkpoints Chicxulub to Chuburnapatrol teamsGathering of evidence for Sanctuary declaration.Carboneras Turtle Handling certificationsTurtle releaseCleaning Campaigns The Saturday's Fundraiser was able to pay for the medical supply such as: ETHICAL ALCOHOL 96 ° DESNATURALIZED TEC. 20L 1 $ 1,150.00 OXYGENATED WATER 3% (10 VOLS.) TEC. 18L 1 $ 705.00 IODE FOAMING ANTISEPTIC SOLUTION BOTTLE OF 20LTS 1 $ 1,719.83LATEX GLOVES SIZE (ANY SIZE) AMBIDIESTRO NON STERILE 1 $ 186.67LATEX GLOVES SIZE (ANY SIZE) AMBIDIESTRO STERILES 1 $ 253.33MANGO DE BISTURI NUMERO 4 5 $ 360.00BISTURI LEAVES # 24 BOX WITH 100PZ 2 $ 370.00DISTANCE CLAMP OF 30CM WITHOUT TEETH 2 $ 394.00FINE CLAMP KIT 4 PIECE PACKAGE 2 $ 720.00 (STRAIGHT, CURVE, FLAT AND FINE TIP)PICETA INTEGRAL DE 500ML 20 $ 1,300.00INTEGRAL PICETA 250ML 20 $ 1,100.0013 PIECE DISEASE CASE 1 $ 650.00 DB Vacutainer tube with Heparin green cap 6ml box with 100 pieces 1 $ 627.95DB Tube Vacutainer Citrate blue cap box with 100pz of 2.7ml 1 $ 468.64 Vacutainer tube holder for blood collection box with 10pz 1 $ 115.00 Needle BD Vacutainer Multiple. box with100pz green color of 21gx38mm 1 $ 419.29                                                                                                                             16% VAT (sale Tax)   $ 1,686.35                                                                                                                                                             TOTAL $ 12,323.05**** Prices are plus 16% VAT VAT 16%**** Quotation period of 15 days Curation and Aiding supply (3 Months) 12,323.05  we need to drench 4 tanks for housing turtles 400 USD  We need to rent a backhoe to dig 4 holes 2 x 2 x 1.5 mts for housing tanks. Also, need to be sealed and drain system installed directly from the sealed properly before installing.We need to build 3 Turtle Corrales which will hold the relocated nest, each corral cost 420 USD.need 4,000 USD for a 5-month remote turtle camp in which we need: boat and motorhousing tentswooden platforms medical supplyfoodwaterelectricitylamps, battery chargersmore.....    this would better the chance of survival to a much higher % Turtles survival  please check this video where you can have an idea of what turtles go trough before being  an adult. we help to double the % survival  rate by interfering.  please help us  do this!!!   

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