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PRESIDENTA DE LA COMUNIDAD DE MADRID, Presidente del Gobierno de España, María Neira González, Consejo General de Enfermería, Colegio Oficial de Enfermería de Madrid, Pedro Sánchez, Casa de Su Maje...
Ruego que haya suministro diario suficiente de gafas, batas impermeables, mascarillas FFP2 y FFP3. Ya que el personal sanitario está en primera línea de combate frente al coronavirus. Cuídennos por favor, cuídennos. I request Personal Protective Equipment. Healthcare personnel are definitely in the front line of combat against Coronavirus. Without PPE transmission does not stop.Take care of us please take care of us.Read more

Carmen BEspaña
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We would like to strongly condemn the actions taken by all the clubs that decided to join the European Super League including: AC Milan, Arsenal FC, Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea FC, FC Barcelona, FC Internazionale Milano, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid CF and Tottenham Hotspur.  Football is for everyone, no matter the poor or rich. Football is for everyone, no matter the young or old. Football is for everyone, no matter their race, religion or where they are from. Football is NOT a money grab for the rich people, it should be for EVERYONE. This is a disgrace to the football community and a disgusting act from the clubs that support or participate in this. Football is not about supporting the big teams just because they win, it is about the spirit of the game.  We would like all the clubs mentioned above to withdraw from the European Super League and condemn the actions taken by the other clubs who have joined or support the European Super League.  We also hope the players especially those who are affected. Speak up if they can and condemn the actions taken by their club or other clubs. “Created by the poor, stolen by the rich” #football4all #nototheESL Read more

DeltaHow 07Hong Kong
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Los aficionados al fútbol, independientemente de nuestro equipo (incluidos los aficionados de los equipos involucrados en esta Competición), estamos EN CONTRA de la Superliga Europea. Queremos que se replanteen esta Competición que nos parece que está en contra de los valores del Deporte (competición basada en el rendimiento, solidaridad con los equipos pequeños, políticas de cantera global y no sólo de los equipos grandes). Por favor negocien acuerdos con la UEFA para una nueva versión de la Champions League mejorada pero no RESTRINGIDA a un número de equipos que siempre tengan plaza sin ganarlo en las competiciones domésticas.   "Football fans, regardless of our team (including fans of the teams involved in this Competition), we are AGAINST the European Super League. We want this Competition to be rethought, which seems to us to be against the values ​​of Sport (competition based on performance, solidarity with small teams, global youth policies and not just big teams).   Please negotiate agreements with UEFA for a new version of the Champions League improved but not RESTRICTED to a number of teams that always have a place without winning it in domestic competitions."Read more

Pablo BozalEspaña
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Dirigida a la UEFA Champions League, Barcelonistas, todo el mundo! REPETICIÓN DE LA FINAL DE CHAMPIONS REAL MADRID-ATLÉTICO DE MADRID 2016 Hola a todos soy el señor Tío Faja quiero o deseo pedir la repetición de la final de Champions 2016 entre el Real Madrid y el Atlético por los siguientes motivos: INCIDENCIAS que perjudicaron gravemente al Atlético como el gol en fuera de juego de Sergio Ramos.  Read more

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Gender Equality is one of the UN global goals ( Number five. ) It is based on Gender stereotypes and Gender inequality. Many companies have been working on this problem for many years. However, there has been little change. And since COVID-19 their progress has gone backwards. The UN will not give up, but they need help. You can help this problem. You can take action. If you can, please. Help the United nations. Our future depends on us. And by us, I mean not me and the UN. I mean you, the UN, everyone who is reading this right now, this minute. Your actions change the way you live, but our actions change the way we will live, and the way the next generation will too. We can change the lives of young kids being introduced to the world and we can make this world a better and fairer place but not just for us.  For everyone in this world. This is all I ask, to please sign the petition and we can make a difference.   To find out more about what the UN is doing and how you can help click this link below   Thank you and we hope you will help to make the world a better and fairer place so everyone can enjoy the rest of their life happily and peacefully.   Tallulah Damodaran and Laura YangRead more

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Atlético de Madrid
So we all know the official Atletico Social Media platforms need some spicing up and we all know atleticodememes on instagram is the answer to that! So this is a petition for atleticodememes to take over @atletienglish on twitter and help with the official instagram page!Read more

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In 1863, football was founded.  On 18th April 2021, a dozen European clubs are attempting to kill the identity of the sport and all the values it stands for.  By forming an exclusive, limited league across the European continent, with 15 regular teams and 5 interchangeable spots, not only do these teams disrupt the whole system of domestic league football and European tournaments where you actually have to qualify to earn a spot. They also create a ridiculous unfair, economical advantage for themselves, seeing as this joke of a league will be sponsored by the huge, American bank JP Morgan, with “solidarity payments” of €3.5 billion being paid out to the founding clubs. Simply put, they are putting the whole sport at jeopardy and the hopes of a somewhat level playing field even more out of reach than it already has gotten. Football has for almost one and a half century served as the biggest source of entertainment, joy, sorrow, hopes, delights and disappointments this world has ever seen. It has brought cities and communities together. It has made kids dream and adults cry. No matter how your week has been, you have always had match day to look forward to in the weekend. And then, after seeing your team play an awful, boring goalless 90 minutes you will never get back, you’d shrug your shoulders and say “Well, at least we got a point.” By forming the European Super League, these Clubs are not only proving once and for all what we’ve all been thinking for the last couple of decades: Money rules the world of football. They also prove to all of us that the selfishness and greed of these billionaire owners, in this case mainly Americans, will trump anything us supporters live and breathe for. We simply don’t get a say - it’s their world... or so they think. It’s time us football fans stand up and say a big, collective, resounding NO to the creation of the European Super League.  There’s a few billion of us out there. We’re all pretty loud and we know what to demand from our teams. This is the biggest battle we’ll face. If we all stand together and BOYCOTT the European Super League, the revenue they think they are going to generate will quickly prove otherwise. After all, if no-one is watching, who will bother broadcasting, covering or even playing in these games. Football belongs to the fans. Always did and always will do. I never thought we would have to fight against this kind of stupidity in order to just keep our sport but it has come to this. Let’s all boycott the European Super League and hey, while we’re at it: Leave the UEFA Champions League format alone!Read more

Oskar FalkenbergOslo, Norway